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    Awesome Kakashi with a Chidori and Iruka in the background.
    Beautiful Kakashi and Iruka almost kiss.
    Kakashi/Iruka snow kiss.
    Kitty Iruka lounging on the floor probably shouldn't be something I admit to liking this much, but it's so pretty! *__*
    Heian period Kakashi/Iruka that's just stunning.
    Kakashi and Iruka laying on the floor and half out of their kimono and it's really lovely.
    ANBU style kiss.
    I'm a sucker for pretty grey and white designs over a Kakashi/Iruka kiss like this one.
    I really love the black-vs-white almost yin and yang symbol look to this Kakashi and Iruka image, it's beautiful.
    Super adorable and really pretty Ino, Sakura, and Hinata image.
    Really cute ANBU Hinata.
    Beautifully colored Ino and Sakura image.
    More Ino and Sakura cuteness.
    Ino and Sakura with knives and fans, very nice.
    Lee and Tenten and bandaging wounds cuteness.
    I really love the pretty, soft colors of this Kakashi and Naruto image.
    Really gorgeous colors on this Kakashi with the chidori.
    Kakashi in mid-action pose, nicely done.
    Pre-timeskip and post-timeskip Sakuras back to back.
    Awesome kidlet Kakashi in mid-attack that's gorgeously done.
    Ino and Sakura Christmas-themed cuteness.
    Team Seven cuteness.
    Super cute Tenten image with bright colors.
    Naruto and Sasuke, fox and kitty.
    Gorgeous ANBU Sasuke image.
    I love the watercolor like style of this team 7 image.
    The red of Sasuke's eyes here is really nice.
    Nice colors on this SasuNaru kiss image.
    Sai image that's nicely done.
    This image of Sasuke looks fantastic in full view.
    Really super hot Sasuke image.
    Another gorgeously done Sasuke image with Itachi in the background.
    ANBU Itachi crouching on telephone pole.
    Itachi and Sasuke both in mid-fight that looks great.
    Some really sharp lines on this b&w Sasuke image.
    Team Yondaime with the kids being adorable.
    Naruto walking with his parents as a toddler, super adorable!
    Sasuke image with his snakes.
    Super cute image of younger Kakashi and Iruka in a field.
    ANBU Itachi leaping through the trees.
    Oh, I am totally weak to the kind of detail and bright colors that are on this Kakashi/Iruka image.
    I really like this b&w image of Sasori and his puppets.
    Awesome image of Iruka petting Kakashi's dogs, it has a great anime-cel-style quality.
    Gorgeous ANBU Kakashi with a spattering of blood and some amazingly sharp lines.
    Itachi and crows that looks fantastic.
    Awesome and adorable team Gai image for Neji's birthday.
    Amazing and beautiful image of the legendary sannin with amazingly draped clothes.
    Really pretty ANBU Iruka, I never get tired of this kind of thing, no matter how many times I see it.
    I really love the intense blue of Naruto's eyes here.
    Awesome Lee vs Neji image.
    Team Gai in the rain omg, that is adorable.
    Itachi birthday image with Sasuke. And birthday cake. :D
    The perils of being popular. XD
    Gorgeous as hell Naruto fanart.
    Another amazing Sasuke image.
    Really nicely done Sasuke with a sword.
    Sasuke and Naruto crouched in the grass, aww.
    Really kinda gorgeous kidlet Kakashi being all serious business.
    Really hot Jiraiya/Tsunade kiss.
    Gorgeous Kakashi - Obito - Rin team that looks amazing.
    The original Sannin when they were younger, beautifully done and such pretty colors.
    Ino and Sakura as ninja together, which is kind of darling and also kind of awesome.
    Beautifully colored ShikaIno which I can never bring myself to not ship somehow.
    Naruto girls at the beach in their bikinis.
    This Sakura illustration has some beautiful and bright colors.
    Ino doing Sakura's hair is totally cute.
    Cute image of Naruto, Sakura, Ino, and Shikamaru, it's like the artist is inside my head.
    Asuma, Shikamaru, Choji, and Ino all piled onto the grass together for a nap.
    Nicely done image of Naruto post time-skip and I love the cape and the way his eyes look.
    Awesome as hell Kakashi image, I love the dark colors and the sharp lines here.
    Ino and Sakura as cowgirls is kinda hot.
    Stylized Akatsuki characters that look really cool.
    Gai and Lee image that's very nicely done.
    Ino and Sakura leaning back to back as they sleep on each other, aw.
    Neji and Hinata back to back, where I'm just easy for Hinata looking delicate and pretty.
    Shikamaru and Ino making a heart with their hands and Shikamaru looks thrilled about it.
    Strong image of Jiraiya that I liked.
    ShikaIno in a strawberry theme should not be this cute AND YET.
    Naruto girls in modern clothes in a group image that looks really fantastic.
    Itachi/Sasuke almost-kiss that's really well done and kinda hot.
    Sasuke and Naruto reaching towards each other.
    ShikaIno at sunset is really pretty and, sigh, yeah, still shipping them dammit.
    Beautifully done Zabuza/Haku image, the colors are fantastic.
    Naruto girls dressed up for Halloween is super cute and has lovely glowy pastels.
    More Naruto Halloween cuteness.
    KakaIru Halloween crack with Kakashi as a doctor, Iruka as a nurse. Shut up, Japan knows me.
    Nicely done group image with Shikamaru, Naruto, Ino, and Sakura in the center.
    Gaara laying back with some beautiful vibrant reds.
    Sand village biker gang is kind of great.
    Chibi Kakashi and Iruka sitting at a kotetsu, being adorable.
    Sasuke and Naruto doodle of them sitting at a table and working on stuff together, it's cute.
    Stylized chibis of Kakashi and Iruka are pretty cute.
    ANBU Kakashi being serious and, yeah, I'm still weak to that kind of thing.
    B&W sketch of Sasuke holding Itachi who's dying.
    Halloween Kakashi in black&white again.
    Kakashi sliding down a wall with his kunai in hand, a nice action illustration.
    Nicely done "evil" Sasuke image, I take it.
    Chibi Kakashi bringing chibi Iruka flowers should not be this adorable AND YET.
    Iruka asleep across Kakashi's lap is seriously pretty and nicely done here.
    Chibi ANBU Kakashi with some really cute and pretty colors.
    ANBU Kakashi falling backwards through water, it has a light, almost serene feeling to it.
    Naruto in his adorable sleeping hat, aw.
    Naruto sketch of him dripping wet, with some nice use of sunset oranges.
    Team 7 dropping flowers into Kakashi's hair is cute.
    SasuNaru back to back image that's very nicely done, too.
    Doodle of the original Sannin.
    Softly done Kakashi attempting to get his hand down Iruka's pants, very cute.
    ANBU Kakashi surrounded by glowing golden butterflies and somehow it works for me.
    Little bitty Kakashi sketch in b&w again.
    Sasuke and Naruto sitting face to face.
    Oekaki of ANBU Kakashi sitting in a tree--it's small but nicely done.
    Chibi Kakashi and Iruka holding hands in that sketch-like style that I love so much and is SO CUTE.
    Yondaime and kidlet Naruto in his lap, laughing and happy and so cute.
    Chibi Iruka sketch that is so freaking adorable omg.
    Naruto leaning over Gaara, done in those nice, solid CG colors.
    Doodle of the Sand siblings as kids is super adorable, too.
    Itachi poking kidlet Sasuke in the head after getting a little banged up.
    ANBU Kakashi sketch that's almost sort of Halloween-esque in style, which I liked a lot.
    Gorgeous Kakashi and Iruka in scarves and ninja outfits when they're younger.
    Another ANBU Kakashi scribble.
    Itachi image with some gorgeous reds and nicely done detail again.
    Another gorgeous KakaIru image of Kakashi trying to kiss him and, shut up, I love this kind of art if I want to.
    Simple sketch of Kakashi in b&w except for his very red scarf, which I thought worked really well.
    Beautiful image of Kakashi and Iruka both of them as ANBU.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous image of Iruka as an ANBU, which I never get tired of.
    Cute little almost stylized sort of kidlet Kakashi.
    Gaara surrounded by his sand.
    Sai pushing Naruto up against a all, which is kinda pretty.
    Nicely done Temari image.
    Iruka kissing a surprised Kakashi in doodle-form, but still nice.
    Iruka and Kakashi back to back in their normal outfits and sleepy, which looks beautiful.
    Sai illustration with some nicely done detail.
    ANBU Kakashi holding a sword to Iruka's throat, which is just a cool-looking little image.
    Kakashi summoning his shitload of dogs that just looks really kinda cool.
    SasuNaru modern schoolboys shouldn't be this neat and yet I kind of love it.
    Kakashi, Rin, and Obito that looks great, the strength of it and the details are very cool.
    Interesting style on this ANBU Iruka image.
    Kidlet Naruto and kidlet ANBU Kakashi looks kinda cool.
    ANBU Kakashi sitting in a tree at night, which looks nice.
    Younger Kakashi in action pose and total Serious Face.
    Gorgeously colored KakaIru in yukata and resting on the floor at sunset.
    Lovely image of kidlet ANBU Kakashi in the middle of a Chidori.
    Cool poster-style image of several cast members.
    Oekaki doodle of Yondaime and kidlet Kakashi.
    Flashbacks from the Kakashi Gaiden that's really pretty.
    Intense Kakashi screencap-like image that looks great.
    Beautifully colored ANBU Naruto image, I love how glowy it is.
    Kidlet Naruto and his parents, all happy and eating in a restaurant and so cute.
    Yondaime and kidlet Kakashi perched in trees.
    ANBU Kakashi sitting on the Konoha rooftops, where I really liked the detail of it.
    KakaIru Christmas image is cute and festive and kinda pretty.
    Gorgeously detailed Sai portrait of him posing with his sword, with birds and flowers in the background.
    Sai doing an ink painting of a tiger coming to life, this looks amazing.
    Kakashi and Iruka kitties should not be this cute or this weakening. And yet they are.
    Itachi and Sasuke poster-style image with black birds and feathers all around them.
    Team Seven Christmas image of the main trio, which is very cute.
    ShikaIno winter snuggles shouldn't be this cute, but I'm a sucker for pastel coloring.
    Team 10 in their current outfits and it looks awesome.
    ANBU Kakashi rescuing Iruka who's wounded in the snow. I have my weaknesses.
    Pretty Kakashi/Iruka doujinshi cover with some interesting textures as well.
    The Uchiha brothers in another gorgeous portrait-style image.
    Ino in winter clothes walking in the forest with a deer. I smiled.
    Gorgeously colored KakaIru doujinshi cover and it's got some fantastic detail and it's just. Pretty.
    Younger Kakashi holding his eye, assumably just after he was wounded.
    Shikamaru's arm around Ino as they walk away.
    Ino and Sakura in a poster-style image again.
    Kakashi pulling Iruka in close, very close. I really like the solid, bright cg colors here.
    Kidlet Sasuke sitting next to Itach while they sit under a tree, which is utterly precious.
    Sakura holding a bloody Naruto as she cries over him in a really nicely done image.
    The Naruto girls are all pretty awesome, I really do like them all.
    Cute group image of team 7 + Kakashi + Iruka, back before the time skip.
    Naruto and Sasuke in the forest, with some lovely soft colors.
    Haku playing in the snow and, awww, it's a lovely image.
    Beautiful image of Sasuke with chakra crackling from his outward stretched fingers.
    Sasuke asleep on Itachi and I think I could really get into these two a lot.
    Team 7 Takes It Off, each of them shedding a few layers.
    Itachi illustration with a small, soft smile on his face.
    Beautifully detailed Itachi illustration and, shit, I think I do find myself drawn to his character more and more.
    Itachi laying back with an eagle not far from him, which is a lovely image.
    Younger Sasuke and Itachi with kitty ears as Itachi studies a scroll.
    Yondaime giving kiddy Kakashi a flower and, man, this is kind of actually cute.
    The Chidori crackling around his hand makes this image of Sasuke look even better.
    Sasuke in his Sound Nin clothes only darker and it makes his red eyes burn even more.
    One more image of Sasuke in the middle of a fight and looking awesome.
    No, wait, one more of Sasuke as he carelessly watches a leaf fall towards the ground, which is really well done.
    Ino and Sakura as kids, which is really huge in full view.
    Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji together post-timeskip.
    Cute image of post-timeskip Ino and Shikamaru as she leans on his shoulders.
    Itachi and Sasuke both in Akatsuki cloaks against a very blue sky.
    Sasuke reaching up towards Naruto who's on a short cliff above him.
    Minato carrying baby Naruto and, oh, god, my heart.
    Minato, Kushina, and Naruto family dorkery that is so cute.
    Minato holding a crying Naruto and, man, now I remember how much this series could break my heart.
    Minato carting baby Naruto around and I like the solid anime-cel-style of it.
    Beautiful underwater image of Minato and Kushina as she's a mermaid.
    Team Yondaime image that I really liked, especially Minato's grin and Kakashi's flat look even with the mask.
    Adorable family domesticity with Minato, Kushina, and kiddy Naruto.
    The sad events from the Kakashi Gaiden in a collage/poster-style image.
    The Kakashi Gaiden characters all sprawled out in the grass.
    More of the Kakashi Gaiden characters in semi-chibi form and walking through the grass together.
    Kakashi and Iruka on a porch in yukata in the summer.
    Solid screencap-style closeup of Yondaime that's nicely done.
    Sketch of Minato holding baby Naruto in his arms.
    Another pretty Minato image with Gamabunta in the background.
    The Uzumaki family all building a snowman together in an adorable image.
    Uchiha family cuteness this time with Itachi patting Sasuke's hair and their parents looking happily on.
    Gorgeous image of Kakashi where he's pulling up his hitai-ite to reveal the glowing red eye.
    Wow, a gorgeous illustration of Itachi in his ANBU outfit, with his eyes glowing a vivid red.
    This is one gorgeous image of Temari with fantastic lineart and a nicely done sepia-ish color.
    Shikamaru holding Temari in another pretty sepia-ish colored image from this artist.
    A bunch of SasuNaru snapshots all spilling across the image. (A little NSFW.)
    Awesome Jiraiya image with a rough sketch style that works for it.
    Beautiful image of Neji and Hinata when they're older with really shiny, glossy colors.
    Sasuke/Naruto colored sketch that has a rough edge as well.
    Bittersweet Neji/Hinata image and, yeah, I'm still weak to them.
    Another Neji/Hinata sketch that's bittersweet and adorable.
    Watercolor style Neji/Hinata with his head in her lap and a flower pressed to her lips.
    NejiHina high school AU fanart as;ldkfja;lskjsl omg yes. Especially when it's pretty!
    One more cute NejiHina image of them in their pre-time skip clothes.
    Neji inside the energy bubble of his attack and the colors of this are really vivid.
    Grown up Sakura (and reminscent of Tsunade) on a throne with the adult team 7 guys behind her.
    Sasuke post-time skip in a forest at night.
    Pre-timeskip Sasuke this time doing his chakra attack on the water.
    Sketches of Itachi owning Sasuke when they wrestle and I would so read that post-time-skip fic.
    Really fantastic ANBU!Itachi image with a really good perspective for it.
    Sakura vs Ino fight that's totally epic here.
    More anime-cel-style colors of Naruto in the foreground with Sasuke's face in the background.
    Little kidlet Sasuke approaching his mother and it's a sweet, lovely image.
    Jiraiya and Tsunade back to back in a nicely done image, too.
    Minato catching Kushina in a really lovely, pretty image.
    Itachi, Sasuke, and Naruto ready for a fight with Kakashi way, way in the background, which amused me.
    Itachi, Sasuke, Naruto, and Kakashi again, except they're all in a black & white lineup this time.
    Itachi wrapping arms around Sasuke as they lean in towards each other.

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