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    Really beautiful Gwendolyn
    Gorgeous Velvet running through the forest
    Mercedes sprite!!
    Beautifully creepy Ingway and Darkova
    Adorable Mercedes
    Oswald and Cornelius being adorable, awww.
    Eeeeee, Mercedes and the frog!
    Not quite Odin Sphere, but Lillet and dragon! (And, oh, hey, GrimGrimoire tag!)
    Bright and pretty Ingway/Mercedes
    More Ingway/Mercedes, snuggled together against a tree
    Nicely done Cornelius
    The prettiest Odin Sphere fanart EVER.
    Gwendolyn falling
    Pretty Mercedes and another one, you can tell I'm weak to Mercedes kind of a lot.
    Same for Ingway/Mercedes art, I suspect they might just be my favorites.
    But I also love all three couples
    Nice Ingway image and again.
    a;sdflkjas;lkdjalkj is that Pooka!Odette? Awesome. XD
    And, finally, pretty Velvet.
    ....okay, not finally. Gorgeous Gwendolyn image.
    Bright, pretty CG-style coloring for Mercedes and froggy.
    More pretty Velvet and again.
    Mercedes and frog with pretty pastels and an interesting perspective.
    More Gwendolyn that's beautiful but also kickass.
    Gwendolyn and Mercedes.
    One more of Mercedes because I seriously couldn't resist that one. *__*
    Another cute Mercedes and froggy.
    Ingway and Mercedes, I'm rather fond of the CG style of this. And it looks twice as good in full view!
    The colors of this Gwendolyn fanart are just incredible.
    Cute Mercedes curled up at the foot of the world tree.
    Chibi Ingway/Mercedes seriously makes me want to start keyboard mashing again omg.
    Beautiful Gwendolyn and bird, the softness of it is lovely.
    I really love the utterly vivid reds of this Velvet image.
    I'd like to pull Mercedes' shoulder back up, but otherwise this image is really nice.
    Cute Gwendolyn, the colors are really nice.
    Stylized chibi-esque Velvet that I really liked. Gwendolyn to go along with.
    Pookah style Cornelius and Velvet, the detail is really strong on this one.
    The three main female characters that I really liked.
    Mercedes image that has some really pretty, light, airy colors and some nice detail.
    Adorable Mercedes with bright, vivid colors that match the game well.
    Mercedes and Ingway, very pretty cg style.
    Cute image of the three main couples again.
    Pretty Gwendolyn image with soft, faded colors.
    There are some amazing shades of blue on this Gwendolyn image.
    Cute Mercedes image,
    Cornelius and Velvet chibis with soft, pretty pastel colors.
    Super adorable Mercedes image with mulberry tart.
    Mercedes and froggy trying to kiss her.
    Pretty Mercedes image.
    Mercedes and KERORO, AWESOME.
    Beautiful group image with more pretty, vivid colors.
    There's some really bright, vivid colors on this Mercedes image.
    I love the soft, gentle colors of this image of Mercedes and froggy.
    Beautiful colors of this Gwendolyn image.
    I really love the cg style of this Ingway/Mercedes image.
    Pretty colored sketch of Mercedes and froggy.
    There are some beautiful reds in this Velvet image.
    Brightly colored Mercedes image even if I want to pull her sleeve back up. It looks amazing in full view, though.
    Another Mercedes and froggy against a soft pink background.
    Gwendolyn image with some pretty blue colors again.
    Super adorable chibi Cornelius eating egg on toast.
    Oh, I really was charmed by the soft, soft, light and airy colors on this Gwendolyn image with that pretty skirt of hers.
    Another Gwendolyn image with light, airy colors and a cool mid-action pose.
    Pretty b&w doodle of Gwendolyn.
    Beautifully colored Gwendolyn barefoot in the grass, the background is fantastic, too.
    I really like the way the artist made Mercedes' wings look like they were glowing.
    I just kind of really liked this one of Mercedes in the forest, especially in full view.
    Mercedes with crossbow and it's super cute.
    Mercedes image that's lightly colored with delicate lineart that I really like.
    A microwave in the Pooka restaurant? Lolz. XD
    Dot dot dot, Japan. Brigan in Gwendolyn's outfit? ....and yet it's really kinda nicely done.
    This Gwendolyn image looks almost simply done, but the details and soft colors are really lovely, it's kinda gorgeous.
    Semi-chibi Mercedes that has gorgeous colors and is super cute as she eats a napple.
    Gwendoly and Alice, almost poster-style and cool looking.
    Cute Alice sketch, even if it's messy, somehow it works for me.
    Pretty b&w sketch of Velvet.
    Cute Mercedes eating mulberries with some nice details.
    Nicely done Velvet with her chains swirling around her.
    Another cute one of Mercedes eating a napple.
    Lovely b&w Gwendolyn image and the feathers and her weapon look great.
    Mercedes falling towards Ingway, there's some lovely vivid colors here.
    There's some amazing details on this Gwendolyn image.
    Another beautiful Gwendolyn image and pretty pretty colors.
    There's something about this b&w Gwendolyn image that was really pretty to me.
    It's the colors of this Gwendolyn image that really impressed me.
    Gorgeous image of Gwendolyn falling down to earth.
    Velvet and Gwendolyn eating food and it's cute at first, but it looks really cool in full view, I think.
    I really liked both Gwendolyn's costume and the Nebulopolis background here.
    Oh, the style of this Gwendolyn image is pretty, the highlights of color and the fine lines are fantastic.
    Cute semi-chibi Oswald and Gwendolyn.
    Kinda awesome b&w Gwendolyn sketch.
    Mercedes and her crossbow, which is just a tad bigger than usual.
    It's interesting to see different styles once in awhile, like this CG style Gwendolyn.
    Very cute stylized Gwendolyn, if a bit dark.
    Velvet's face is beautiful here.
    Another pretty Velvet image.
    The colors on this Gwendolyn profile image are really beautiful, the pinks and blues go well together.
    Not quite a stylized Gwendolyn, but still really neat.
    There's some nice detail to this Mercedes cg-style image.
    Pretty Oswald image.
    Beautiful Oswald, Gwendolyn, and Odin image, the poster-style quality is really cool.
    Mercedes and froggy Ingway, very bright and cheerful.
    Another Velvet image with a cool perspective and pretty reds that looks even better in full view.
    Pretty cg colors on this Gwendolyn image.
    I just really liked this one of Gwendolyn in her dress, the feathers in her hair are nice.
    More cute Mercedes art.
    I'm just charmed by how much little stuff they crammed into this group image.
    The feathers on Gwendolyn's costume are beautiful again.
    Poster style group image that is soft and very pretty, almost with a hint of sepia tons that surprisingly work.
    Nicely done kneeling Velvet.
    Oswald sketch that's nice.
    I hadn't expected to like this b&w Oswald/Gwendolyn sketch, but it looks good in full view.
    Really beautiful crying Velvet holding Ingway, everything about this image is pretty.
    Pretty Gwendolyn reaching upwards.
    I'm just a sucker for strong details and beautiful colors.
    Cornelius on Wagner, I think, and the colors are beautiful again.
    Ingway kneeling in horror.
    Watercolor style Mercedes and Ingway lounging on a lily pad.
    I just kinda liked this one of Gwendolyn despite that it's a completely different style than I'm used to seeing.
    The way Velvet's eyes and psypher glow red here is really nice.
    Super cute Mercedes with froggy on her head as they lean against her crossbow.
    Cornelius before and after the transformation, nicely done.
    Gwedolyn floating over a moonlit lake, which is beautiful.
    Gwendolyn kneeling and it's kind of a dark image, but the colors of her costume are lovely.
    More awesome details on Gwendolyn's costume.
    B&w image of Gwendolyn that's really cool.
    Mercedes sitting on a tree.
    Pretty Gwendolyn image again.
    The book flying open right in front of Alice, the anime cel style of it is really nicely done.
    Again, there's some really nice detail in full view.
    Beautiful use of blacks and purples on this Oswald image as he goes into Shadow Form.
    Velvet collapsed in the snow.
    Oswald and Cornelius eating, so adorable.
    Beautiful Velvet with the ring of Titrel.
    No, really, I never get tired of pretty Gwendolyn art.
    Cornelius in the forest with a gingerbread cookie.
    Gwendolyn surrounded by blue little birds.
    Mercedes and froggy hand in hand, the bright colors work so well for this image.
    Mercedes and butterfly against the World Tree.
    Another Gwendolyn in flight/battle pose with pretty colors.
    Tiny little Mercedes and her big ass crossbow.
    Oswald sitting in the forest which looks kind of like a painting.
    Velvet with her chains draped around her.
    Mercedes and mandragora done in the style of a jigsaw puzzle.
    Gorgeous Alice doing a Mercedes jigsaw puzzle.
    Another beautiful Ingway image, the lines and colors go together so well.
    Alice holding a book outside of a castle with a dragon perched on top of it, beautifully done.
    B&w sketch of Mercedes, Gwendolyn, and Velvet, very nicely done.
    There's some pretty cg coloring on this Oswald image.
    Ingway and Mercedes holding hands while sitting on a riverbank, super adorable and pretty.
    Almost stylized image of Gwendolyn sitting on an apple.
    Pretty Gwendolyn eating an apple.
    Amazing Mercedes vs Odin battle image.
    Oswald and Gwendolyn back to back while sitting on the rubble of a castle.
    Gorgeous version of Odette as a Pooka.
    Surprisingly well detailed and fine lined Velvet and Cornelius.
    I also still love a good set of yellows and greens on Mercedes.
    Cute Cornelius in the forest image.
    Cute Mercedes with an alchemy bottle in hand while she squishes Ingway with the crossbow, lolz.
    Cutesy yet super pretty Ingway playing with Mercedes' hair.
    Pretty Velvet kneeling with chains in her hands.
    More cute Mercedes and froggy surrounded by plants.
    Beautiful image of Velvet in mid-attack pose.
    Super cute Ingway and Mercedes sketch.
    Pretty Gwendolyn dive bomb.
    Gorgeously colored Gwendolyn leaning against her spear.
    Cool Oswald image in mid-transformation to Shadow Form.
    Gwendolyn dashing to catch a mandragora.
    Easily one of the best and most amazingly done Ingway and Mercedes images, the colors are just beautiful.
    Another pretty Gwendolyn in costume image.
    Stylized Gwendolyn in costume image.
    Another surprisingly pretty Velvet in the forest with her psypher image.
    While I could do without the up the skirt feel of this Mercedes image, I do have to admit that it's a really awesome piece of art, too.
    Super cute chibi Gwendolyn!
    Mercedes with crossbow again.
    Cool b&w Oswald with red eyes that manages to feel like ink on paper.
    Pretty lines on this Gwendolyn in costume image.
    Cute Mercedes in the forest with an Onionne and one of those bears in the background.
    Solid details on this Gwendolyn and Oswald back to back image.
    Gwendolyn and a bird about to perch on her hand.
    Pretty colors on this Velvet image.
    Lovely Mercedes and froggy on a flower.
    Mercedes and froggy and mandragoras surrounded by flowers again, very pretty.
    I dunno, I just liked this one of Gwendolyn in costume.
    Same for this one of Gwendolyn in costume.
    Velvet this time, by the same artist as above.
    Mercedes, Gwendolyn, and Velvet put together by the same artist.
    Gorgeously colored and amazingly detailed Alice and Socrates.
    Cute Mercedes and crossbow.
    Amazing poster style image of Gwendolyn in the sky.
    Cool Griselda image.
    Mercedes smiling in a field.
    Adorable Gwendolyn and Mercedes chibis.
    Beautiful poster-style image of Mercedes against the World Tree.
    Really stunning Gwendolyn with the other Valkyries in the background.
    Cute Alice with a book in her lap as she reads.
    More cute Mercedes and froggy.
    I'm totally charmed by the amazing detail on the wings of Gwendolyn's costume.
    Gwendolyn kneeling with Grisleda back to back with her, really lovely image.
    Mercedes with an oversized leaf as an umbrella and froggy again.
    Cute Alice surrounded by tiny versions of the cast.
    Beautiful and cool-looking details on Gwendolyn's costume and the bird.
    Mercedes with Ingway as he uses his cloak to cover them from the rain.
    Scene in Alice's attic where Cornelius is trapped under Socrates' paw. XD
    Gorgeous Ingway in the ruins of Valentine as a little green butterfly floats by.
    Mercedes happy and smiling.
    Still yet more beautiful colors on Gwendolyn's costume.
    Mercedes and Ingway sitting together on the long branches of a tree.
    Lovely Mercedes and froggy again.
    Alice and friend reading a book, I love the semi-stylized quality.
    And, again, I'm easy for pretty colors on Gwendolyn's costume.
    Lovely Gwendolyn in costume, I'm still not tired of these yet, no.
    Simple yet really cute Gwendolyn in costume.
    Velvet with tons of chains in the background.
    Wonderfully sweet and happy Ingway holding one of Mercedes' braids sketch.
    Beautiful back to back Velvet and Ingway.
    Utterly stunning style and brilliant use of colors with this one of Velvet in the forest.
    Cute Mercedes image.
    More pretty Gwendolyn in costume.
    Beautifully done Ingway and Darkova.
    Cute Mercedes kneeling on leaves while smiling.
    Cute Gwendolyn image again.
    Mercedes not exactly thrilled with froggy Ingway.
    Cute lineart of Velvet and Cornelius.
    This one of Mercedes and froggy looks almost like flash animation, which is kinda cool.
    Another cute Mercedes image.
    This is an interesting style for Gwendolyn in costume.
    Another cute Mercedes image.
    Gwendolyn vs dragon sprite!
    Mandragora spirtes! ♥
    Cute Mercedes and butterfly.
    More adorable as all get out sprites.
    Nicely detailed Gwendolyn in mid-battle pose.
    Same for this one of Mercedes and Gwendolyn.
    I can also never get enough of cute Mercedes art.
    Or pretty Velvet art.
    I kinda like this one of Velvet, too.
    Velvet vs dragon, the dusky sky behind them is very pretty, too.
    Gorgeous dive bombing Gwendolyn.
    This b&w sketch of Gwendolyn looks really good in full view, too.
    Beautiful falling Mercedes with froggy.
    Super cute Mercedes again.
    There are some really strong lines to this Mercedes image.
    Mercedes and froggy on lily pads.
    Ingway and Gwendolyn is not a combination you see often, but this is cute.
    I like the design of Gwendolyn's new dress here.
    Mercedes and butterfly in the forest again.
    I just really like the way the field around Mercedes looks.
    I'm also easy for b&w lineart with highlighted use of color when it looks pretty on Gwendolyn like this.
    Lovely floating Gwendolyn and bird again.
    AMAZING Mercedes, Velvet, and Ingway as the world burns.
    Happy and adorable Mercedes and froggy.
    Cute Mercedes image again.
    Gwendolyn in costume that has some beautiful colors and details.
    Watercolor style Mercedes and froggy sitting on a tree branch.
    Mercedes and froggy flinging their arms into the air, very happy and cute.
    Mercedes with her crossbow and froggy.
    Velvet and Ingway back to back.
    Almost stylized version of Gwendolyn on Mt. Horn.
    Pretty and solidly done Mercedes and froggy again.
    Feathery Gwendolyn in her dress.
    The twilight blues of this Gwendolyn image are lovely.
    There are some nicely vivid colors on this Velvet image.
    Dive bombing Gwendolyn again.
    Gorgeous Mercedes and froggy sitting on a log.
    Lovely Gwendolyn with her spear.
    Mercedes and froggy in the forest, very vivid cg colors.
    Messy but cute Gwendolyn in costume.
    Another cute and feathery Gwendolyn in costume.
    Cute little Velvet image.
    Awww! Velvet making a chain swing for Cornelius!
    Mercedes vs Onyx, I think, solidly done.
    Gorgeous determined Mercedes as the world burns.
    The cuteness of this group of pairing dynamics is best seen in full view.
    Really lovely Griselda and Gwendolyn.
    Beautiful b&w comic page of Ingway and Mercedes.
    Pretty Velvet in the forest image.
    Super cute little Mercedes chibi.
    This Gwendolyn image looks kind of amazing in full view.
    Amazing Gwendolyn in costume with her hair down and surrounded by her blue and white wings.
    Velvet and red butterfly.
    Dramatic Oswald image.
    Super cute Gwendolyn eating mandragora in the forest.
    And then the version with sparkles in the background.
    Velvet in battle pose again.
    Pretty colored sketch of Mercedes.
    Stunning Gwendolyn in flight with amazing details and a beautiful face.
    This image of Gwendolyn on the bank of a stream and it's incredibly vivid colors were one of the reasons I got hooked on pixiv in the first place.
    Gwendolyn falling away from Levanthan, the details are fantastic.
    I love the brush strokes style of Gwendolyn's wings as she sits on a giant apple.
    Cute cg Mercedes again.
    Another pretty Velvet image.
    Oswaldn and Gwendolyn with soft, pretty colors.
    Mercedes falling through the sky cuteness again.
    Pooka restaurant cuteness.
    Chibi Mercedes with some nice lines and glossy colors.
    Tiny little Mercedes cuteness.
    Chibi Gwendolyn with a bird on her head which is kind of adorable.
    Gorgeously colored Gwendolyn in costume.
    More amazing shades of blue on this Gwendolyn image.
    Alice and Socrates in the attic.
    Pretty and sunshiney Mercedes.
    Beautiful Gwendolyn in costume with her wings spread wide.
    Still yet more vividly colored and beautiful Gwendolyn in costume that looks amazing in full view.
    Pretty Griselda image.
    This Gwendolyn image looks better in full view. Though, I think you can see the colors better without the background.
    Gwendolyn in costume almost in a ballet pose, amazingly detailed and beautiful.
    Lovely Gwendolyn in costume, the white background makes the colors even prettier.
    Tiny little Mercedes and froggy against some pretty plants.
    Gorgeous Velvet with her psypher.
    Gorgeous chibi Gwendolyn in costume, the colors are amazing.
    Cute, happy Mercedes image.
    Very nice cg style Ingway and Mercedes.
    Nicely done Velvet and golden dragon.
    More cute cg style Ingway and Mercedes.
    Lovely and soft Gwendolyn in her dress.
    Pretty Gwendolyn with her head bowed and weapon in hand.
    Cute Mercedes and froggy, another thing I've yet to tire of.
    More cute Mercedes and froggy.
    Super adorable chibi couples image.
    Pretty chibi Gwendolyn image.
    More lovely cg styled Ingway and Mercedes.
    Beautifully colored Velvet image.
    The Odin Sphere girls, very cute.
    Gwendolyn in mid-battle pose.
    Mercedes and Ingway back to back on a log.
    Super cute Mercedes and froggy yet again.
    Brightly colored Ingway and Mercedes surrounded by leaves.
    The three canon couples again.
    Cute Gwendolyn in costume again.
    And another one like that.
    Solidly done image of the Odin Sphere girls.
    Amazingly well done Pooka Cornelius and Velvet.
    Cute Mercedes and crossbow.
    Cute Mercedes tumbling.

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