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One Piece - Unsorted:
    Beautifully colored Luffy + villains illuatration that I love.
    Luffy and Nami done in nice, solid colors. And also snuggling. My fangirl heart loves that.
    I ALSO never get tired of Luffy and Nami wedding fanart. :D
    Luffy grinning like crazy and wearing a king's coat and tattoosssss.
    There are some gorgeously soft colors with this Sanji and Luffy image.
    Luffy leaning into Nami.
    Sniper!Usopp looks fantastic!
    Luffy and Nami on the deck.
    Awesome group image oekaki, the details are amazing.
    Another awesome group image that captures Oda's style really well.
    Sanji being hot like he does.
    Group image with all the Strawhats in a line, which looks awesome.
    Luffy and Nami on a waverider! o/ So much fun and adorable!
    Luffy and Ace walking down a street together.
    Group image of Luffy, Chopper, Usopp, and Franky that looks awesome.
    Back to back Zoro and Robin on the deck of the ship with gorgeous colors and, shit, I think I still kind of quietly semi-ship it, don't judge me. :|
    Awesome Luffy and Ace poster-style image.
    Luffy in pirate king clothes.
    Zoro and Robin again, sitting on a porch in the summer.
    Sanji and Usopp laughing merrily.
    Sanji drawn in traditional pirate attire is kind of hot.
    Strawhats at the beach!
    Sanji, Franky, and Chopper swimming in the sea! <3
    Another awesome group image of the Strawhats.
    Happy and smiley Luffy!
    Luffy, Ace, and Shanks lying around in the grass.
    Zoro and Robin dancing in formal clothes, you can all shut it.
    Really nicely done Sogeking image.
    Sanji, Robin, and Zoro! My favorite trio!
    Cute group image of the Strawhats at a restaurant.
    The Strawhats in kimono.
    More pretty Zoro/Robin.
    Group image that's nicely reminscent of Oda's style.
    Zoro and Sanji, on Skypiea, I think?
    Awesome group image of the Strawhats all in a pile.
    Nicely done Shanks art.
    Another Shanks illustration that I liked.
    Epic Shanks pose again.
    Cute Robin and Nami.
    Franky, Robin, and Chopper cuteness again.
    Zoro and Sanji swimming with a shark.
    Pretty image of Robin and Brooke.
    Zoro and Robin iceskating which shouldn't be this pretty and yet.
    Sanji done in blues and grays that's very nice.
    Super awesome group image, I really like the solid colors on everyone.
    Really awesome Sanji and the Baratie group image.
    Oh, man, this is an AWESOME group image of the One Piece villains.
    Sanji and Luffy at the piano, this is delightful and fun.
    Ace and Luffy grabbing their food and running, which is just so completely like them.
    Awesome group image in the background with Luffy in the foreground.
    SUPER HOT Ace image, the fire around him looks amazing!
    Happy, smiley Luffy image that really nails Oda's style, but with some really great, sharp colors.
    Zoro and Sanji back to back that looks really cool.
    You know what cracks me up? ZORO'S GUN LOL.
    Nami making Zoro carry her stuff as they go shopping will never not be hilarious.
    Luffy/Nami closeness with Boa behind them, nicely slick lines and colors.
    Nami tying Luffy's tie as they're in a more modern setting.
    Luffy glomping onto Nami, sort of almost sepia colors (or just a hint of it) that looked nice.
    Zoro with Perona on his lap is noce a piece of art I expected to find. It's cute anyway.
    "Love and Piece" cast image that I really liked.
    Luffy in the pink snow during the Drum Island arc, very cute.
    Beautiful image of Zoro and Perona again.
    Ace looks amazing in this one.
    Boa looking lovely in Luffy's hat.
    Awesome as hell Buggy and Shanks wearing formal suits, that's kinda... hot.
    Shanks, Luffy, and Ace all playing-slash-wrestling together.
    Luffy wrapping himself around Ace, very pretty.
    Hotass Shanks is hotass.
    Luffy and Brook in formal suits, Luffy wearing his top hat.
    Kidlet Luffy in Shanks' lap and it's so happy and cute!
    Enero with lightning in his hand that looks awesome.
    Beautiful image of Luffy and Boa together.
    Kinda awesome-looking Crocodile.
    Boa in soft pastels that look really nice on her.
    Zoro and Sanji in the spirit of the manga's style.
    Adorable group image of chibis that is so cute I can hardly stand it.
    Chibi cast members in various costumes, once again so cute I feel like I could explode.
    The OP boys, funk-style which was kinda cool.
    Alabasta arc group image that looked really kinda nice.
    Chopper and Luffy fishing on a dock together, so adorable and bright.
    Luffy and Nami on the wave rider while they leave everyone else behind.
    Water 7 arc group image that I kinda liked.
    Zoro with his hand up Sanji's shirt in bright colors is very nice.
    Another nicely done group image.
    Awesome cast image with some really cool details.
    Chibi Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji with a moon and stars strung up over them.
    OP cast in kimono that I liked the style of.
    Franky giving rides at the beach, whether he wants to or not.
    Chibi members of the cast in a beach in a box and it's adorable, so so adorable.
    Luffy and Crocodile that's very nicely done.

One Piece - General/other:
    JUMP style chibis! Not just OP, but also Bleach, Naruto, KHR, etc.
    Ace with his head on fire with Whitebeard, very amusing.
    Very nice image of Perona.
    Little froggy Sanji reading a book on little froggy Zoro's head.
    Robin and Chopper picnic at an aquarium, very cute.
    Nami in a skimpy t-shirt with the Strawhats' design on it is nice.
    One Piece boys at the beach which I liked the sunset pastels for.
    Zoro, Luffy, and Sanji being kinda badass.
    Dramatic Luffy with his coat billowing behind him.
    Luffy leaning over Nami.
    AWESEOME group image with all the Strawhats done bookmark style. This is gorgeous.
    Luffy's parents and baby, I think? OMG IT IS SO BEAUTIFULLY DONE.

One Piece - Group images:
    Crocodile, Luffy, and Buggy image that looks amazing.
    Nami, Luffy, and Boa Hancock all squished together cutely.
    Luffy and Nami in a high school AU with Zoro and Sanji in the background? ....I'd think very hard about reading that fic.
    Whitebeard, Marco, Ace, and Luffy is one hell of an epic team.
    Epic collage of the Shichibukai that's even more amazing in full view.
    I did not expect to find awesome art for the characters of Impel Down, but I do not object!
    Eleven of the major characters in the One Piece world, in terms of strength.
    Bookmark style images of the Shichibukai that look really cool.
    The cast of Impel Down which is a little cutesy in style, but still really cool.
    Gorgeously colored group image of the Impel Down gang.
    Holy shit, this OnePaton image is, like, the most epically awesome thing just about ever.
    Crocodile, Luffy, and Buggy is kind of a hilarious image.
    Ahahaha, the Monkey family (and Ace, of course) all asleep at the table.
    Garp scolding Luffy and Ace and oh my god I want more flashbacks like you wouldn't believe.
    Awesome collage-style poster of the epic pirates, like Luffy and Ace and Whitebeard and Garp and Rayleigh.
    Sanji, Zoro, and Luffy in basketball outfits.
    Another Strongworld image with Zoro, Luffy, and Sanji in black suits.
    The Strawhats all packed in together in the back of a pickup for a New Year's image.
    AWESOME image of the cast as they drop down towards the ground from the Strongworld movie.
    A new year's group image that's really fantastic.
    Awesome as hell image of Frankie, Chopper, and Sanji swimming--both the details and the colors are gorgeous.
    Little kidlet Sanji on the Baratie with the rest of the chefs, which is just darling!
    Gorgeous image of the Strawhats in a high school AU setting.
    Gorgeously colored three-panel image of Sanji, Luffy, and Zoro from Strongworld.
    The Strawhats painting on each other and it's just so cute and fun.
    A lovely image with pretty colors of Hancock and her sisters.
    School-time One Piece AU is, like, the best thing I have ever seen in my life.
    Garp, Ace, and Luffy having a picnic outside and stuffing their faces. I seriously am tempted to make a "MONKEY FAMILY IDIOTS" section for my site.
    Garp, Dragon, and Luffy all eating like hell together. ONCE AGAIN MY HEART.
    One Piece babies and kidlets are seriously so cute I can hardly stand it.
    More One Piece kidlets that threaten to steal my heart away forever.
    One more image with the kidlets and asdl;fkjas;lkjasljk oh god I love it so much.
    The colors in this awesome collage are also fantastic and so vivid.
    Hancock vs Crocodile with Mihawk in the background is pretty great, too.
    Hina and the Marines and OMG HINA ART! <3
    The Impel Down gang in chibi form shouldn't be this cute and yet!
    The Strawhats falling through the sky again during the Strongworld movie, very cute.
    Genderswitched OP (well, at least the male side) is never not hilariously great.
    Awesome as hell poster for the Strongworld movie and it looks even more amazing in full view.
    Holy crap, this image is awesome of a genderswapped Strawhats crew and every one of them is crazy badass.
    Shanks, Luffy, and Ace when they were all a little younger and, god, my heart.
    Shanks, Luffy, and Ace is something I seriously want more of pretty much forever.
    Luffy and Ace piling onto Garp when they were kids and, god, it's so cute.
    Ace and Luffy fighting over food while the rest of the cast looks annoyed in the background.
    Giant smiles from these three again, Garp, Luffy, and Ace.
    The Whitebeard pirates (including Ace, of course) sitting around with food.
    Luffy clinging to Ace while Sanji watches and Luffy struggles to get the food in Ace's hand. GOD I WANT IT.
    The Strawhats in traditional clothes looks pretty great, too.
    More kidlets crawling all over Garp and omgggg my heart!
    The Impel Down gang (well, the ones helping Luffy) in chibi form.
    Whitebeard pirates this time in chibi form are also really darn cute.
    The Spade pirates with Ace sitting front and center and looking awesome.
    Several of the awesomest characters from OP, including Shanks and Ace and Rayleigh and Garp.
    Lineup of several Shichibukai (Doflamingo, Mihawk, Kuma, and Crocodile) in modern clothes is kinda cool.
    Roger and the notable pirates from his ship, which includes Rayleigh, Shanks, and Buggy.
    Another really pretty Roger's pirates image with the four of them walking along together.
    Epic generation of pirates never gets old, nope.
    Rayleigh, Shanks, and Buggy illustration that looks awesome and totally epic, too.
    Cool looking image of the Marines, which includes Hina! \o/
    Ahahaha, this image is great, it's Shanks, Ace, and Luffy playing a game with Whitebeard vs Garp.
    Several of the Strawhats being their usual dork selves. <3
    The Whitebeard pirates are always awesome, this is no exception.
    Whitebeard pirates wanted poster is really cool, too!
    Interesting style on these three, Ace, Garp, and Luffy.
    Robin, Nami, and Chopper all sitting together on the grass. Well, or lying back peacefully.
    Christ, this Strongworld image of the male Strawhats is awesome as hell.
    Ahahaha, Nami vs Hancock in a volleyball match and, god, I can't wait for them to meet in canon.
    Another school AU image where Nami and Hancock are fighting over Luffy.
    Wonderful image of all the Strawhats together in the kitchen, being their usual selves.
    Christmas image that's wonderful and so very in the spirit of Oda's awesome splash pages.
    This nine-paged AU comic with Sanji, Zoro, and even a little bit of Ace, in black suits and looking hot? Yes plz.
    Various members of the D families all being idiots and awesome together!
    Awesome sketch of a poster-style image with Ace and Luffy in the center and a massive cast fanning out beside them.
    Ahahaha, the Strawhats at the beach is just as much fun as the premise sounds like.
    Poster-style image for Strongworld with Luffy and the rest of the cast, which look really awesome in full view.
    Doodles of Ace, Sanji, Zoro, and Luffy which are really well done for rakugaki chat.
    Same for this illustration of pieces of Shanks, whasshisname, Roger, and Rayleigh, it looks really cool.
    The OP characters in a really batshit race in the style of Oda's splash pages.
    Okay, this one's been a little jossed by now, but Makino and Ben watching over a sleeping Shanks as Luffy and Ace lounge all over him in their sleep? Awesome.
    Ahahaha, oh, I hope it goes just like this when Hancock and Nami meet for the right time, right down to Robin putting hands over Luffy's eyes.
    Luffy and two of the other Supernovas in an awesome image.
    Every time I see this image of Shanks kicking Ace away from Luffy, while Ace is ticked about it, I crack up.
    Bon-Clay, Buggy, and Luffy making their way down the steps of Impel Down.
    Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji in a series of images as their normal selves and then genderswitched, which looks awesome.
    Ace and Luffy ganging up together on poor Sanji. Not that it's not hot.
    God, I love fandom's genderswap thing especially when Sanji is being deflowered by male versions of Nami and Robin.
    Shanks, Luffy, and Ace chibis are so adorably cute!
    Really cool group image of the Strawhats in this interesting mix between cg and watercolor styles.
    Ace and Luffy collage image with several of the prominent pirates in the background behind them.
    Various scenes and characters from different parts of the One Piece cast.
    Ace, Shanks, and Luffy collage here where they each look pretty great.
    Zoro, Luffy, and Sanji again in their Strongworld outfits.
    Awesome cast poster-style image of the characters in normal and Strongworld clothes.
    Another cast lineup of the characters in their Strongworld clothes.
    Luffy, Ace, and Shanks all lying in the grass together in a neat image.
    Skeches of various OP characters and I really like the look of all of them here.
    Sometimes Zoro and Robin really are the only adults in the Strawhats.
    Sanji, Luffy, and Zoro from Strongworld again and asd;lfkjasljk wow this image looks awesome.
    Two images of hugs with Luffy, one with Ace on the left, one with Hancock on the right.
    This cast image in full view looks really cool and long as hell and the normal and genderswapped characters make it even more fun.
    Chopper, Luffy, and Usopp against the bright, bright blue sky behind them.
    Cast image from Strongworld that's just happy and smiling and joyful.
    Ace and his pirates is a pretty cool image, too.
    Snapshot of Garp and his grandsons and I can seriously hardly stand the cute of it, omg.
    Chibis from Strongworld are also really freaking cute, too!
    More of the Strawhat crew as they all walk along together.
    Robin reading a story to the Strawhats who've all fallen asleep in one big pile, d'aww.
    The Strawhats all in a pile is really freaking adorable, too.
    This is a really cool image of the Supernovas in collage style.
    Collage style image of the Marines that are recurring characters.
    Cute batch of chibis in a collage from Strongworld and, seriously, I needed something cute after recent events.
    Drawing on a sleeping Garp's face (and a sleeping Luffy's face) is only the most hilariously great thing I've seen all day.
    Ahahaha, comic of Hancock, Luffy, and Ace and Hancock's powers are no match for Ace's love-based powers when it comes to Luffy.
    Oh, man, these sketches are awesome, all ten of them of Ace or Luffy or Ace and Garp or the brothers as kids, are all just absolutely fabulous. And the last one is really hot.
    Garp, Ace, Dragon, and Luffy amusement done in black & white lineart.
    Several of the OP characters (including baby Ace and Garp) when they were all younger.
    The others diving into the ocean after Luffy in this really gorgeous image. (I do wish it had been a little bigger, though.)
    God, I love the D brothers being idiots while interacting with the Strawhat crew.
    Luffy stuffing his face in front of a series of images of various heavy-hitters. (Mostly.)
    Yeah, I had to laugh here, too, at Crocodile being the outsider of the Shichibukai, all in chibi form.
    Collage of the characters from the recent art and it's an interesting mix of characters.
    Baroque Works group image that's also really nicely done.
    Another odd collection of characters but this artist draws them really well.
    The Shichibukai as juvenile deliquents/yankees and it's kind of an awesome. Also, Hancock is hot.
    Awesome sketches from Strongworld, including an awesome Luffy, some adorable Luffy/Nami, and Robin being super pretty.
    Oh, god, Ace and Luffy as kids and Garp trying to get after them, so they gang up on him and IT IS SO MUCH FUN.
    Brooke and Luffy multi-page comic that really helped me warm up to Brooke's character.
    Oh, man, this image of the Supernovas is really hot, even if I'm not that fond of half of the character designs.
    Whoa, this group image of the Impel Down cast is gorgeous, even if I don't like half of the characters. (They're all fuckers there.)
    Oh, god, Iceburg and Frankie sleeping on Tom, all of them in a pile, and it is so cute that I could explode.
    Nine of the eleven supernovas makes me pouty, despite how cool this image is. Put the other two back in!
    Aw, Brooke's crew from way back when, going on their happy adventures.
    Zoro, Luffy, and Sanji in their black suits from Strongworld as they walk forward together, casting long shadows.
    This cast of characters should not be this cute, especially not such an oddball collection. AND YET.
    Garp with Ace and Luffy as kids and it's so adorable, too.
    Awesome image of a collection of characters in a sort of rough style that has a lot of nice detail.
    A multi-page comic focusing on Roger and the short while before he turned himself in and was executed; it's both nicely drawn and, god, I want more about that time.
    Aahaha, awesome parody of the Durarara!! ED with the Eleven Supernovas and Ace all in a chain together!
    Shanks, Ace, and Luffy all with giant smiles on their faces, which is so much fun to see.
    Garp, Ace, and Luffy going to pick oranges and the sheer FAMILY of it makes me so damn happy.
    Several of the OP characters as adorable little kids, including my new favorite Bonney! And cute little Trafalgar Law!
    I love mock doujinshi covers like this because they are awesome and hilarious.
    Adorable doodle of the Strongworld cast and I love how many people are crammed into it.
    Soft, pretty colors on this group image from Strongworld again look fantastic.
    The original East Blue five laughing and being adorable together.
    Zoro, Luffy, and Sanji in an alleyway based on the Strongworld again and, god, I love these clothes still.
    Shanks and Ace watching kidlet Luffy sleep is seriously so goddamned cute I could explode.
    This pileup of the Strawhats looks so much fun and great, too.
    Really gorgeous poster-style image of the Strawhats and Shiki from Strongworld.
    Strongworld chibis again and man are they ever cute!
    All the Strawhats inside the letters of ONE PIECE.
    Cute image of Ace, Luffy, and Marco in chibi form all dressed up for Halloween.
    One Piece movie cast image that I thought was really cutely done.
    Shanks and crew back when Luffy was just a kidlet getting his hair ruffled by them.
    The Supernovas all together all walking towards the same place, which is kinda cool.
    The Strawhats in chibi form for Halloween as they're in costumes and in amongst normal sized food and it's an awesome image.
    Cute little image of them playing house and I kind of love Ace snoring away at the table there.
    OMG, little kidlet Sanji being held in Zeff's arms as he sleeps with the rest of the Baratie behind them and IT IS SO CUTE.
    Man, there are some images like this where the genderswapped cast of the Strawhats are really just damn gorgeous.
    Laughing really hard at this image because Ace didn't have his hat and because of what he lost in it.
    The colors on these panels are lovely and I love the close-ups on the Strawhats' faces from Strongworld.
    Luffy carrying Nami princess style while Sanji tries to dive after them while Zoro holds the moron back. All in chibi form. This artist loves me.
    Luffy, Zoro, and Usopp ready for a fight--I love the mix of characters here that I don't usually see together.
    Poster-style image of the cast from Strongworld and everything looks so cute, plus the colors are pretty!
    The CP9 as kids really shouldn't be this adorable and, yet, somehow it really is.
    The Strawhats in the winter Olympics being their usual insane selves, heh.
    Genderwapped Nami with her girls (Luffy and Sanji) is really kind of hot and looks great in full view.
    Genderswapped cast again in this comic with girl!Luffy just laying across male!Nami's lap and I had to laugh.
    Luffy and Ace crossing arms behind Garp's broad back and, god, I love their family.
    A bunch of sketches of the various cast in various situations and poses, all of which are nicely done.
    Postage-stamp style closeups of all the Strawhats, done with beautiful colors.
    Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji in a series of images by the artist, which all are very nicely done.
    Garp with both grandkids, everyone smiling and laughing and tangled up together!
    Awesome as hell image of the Whitebeard pirates in black, red, and white--so cool.
    Garp with Ace and Luffy as kids and, god, it's so damn cute and happy and perfect.
    Luffy, Brook, and Chopper dancing is a really cute as hell image and I'm growing on this artist's style.
    Luffy and Marco insanity makes poor Ace's life difficult and I couldn't resist the hilarity of this.
    You know, I wouldn't mind this threesome, with Ace, Luffy, and Nami, since I kind of ship two sides of it already.
    Cute cast image with the Strawhats and I only wish it'd been a little bigger.
    Adorable sketch of the Strawhats as a group, all laying together in sort of a semi-circle.
    The Strawhats as a group being a bunch of silly idiots and playing around, which is adorable.
    A neat group illustration styled after Oda's splash pages that I really like.
    Oh, man, huggy wintertime group image with the Alabasta-era group.
    Christmas with the Strawhats in a really cute red, white, and black image of them all in Santa clothes.
    Set of One Piece bookmarks that is really pretty, too; I love the glossy, shiny colors.
    Awesome group image of all the Strawhats from Strongworld and it LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN.
    Another awesome group illustration of the gang facing off against Shiki.
    Really cool poster-meets-splash-page-style image of the Strawhats in their Strongworld outfits.
    Poster image for the Whitebeard War arc that looks super awesome; I only wish it had some color to it.
    Bookmark style images of the Supernovas, which looks really cool.
    Strawhats vs Arlong's gang and it's a cool poster-style image.
    Cute postage-stamp style images of the Strawhats that look nice in full detail.
    Nami and Nojiko as kids while they're both sitting on Bellemere's lap.
    More adventuring group image with the cast in their cute Strongworld clothes again.
    Strawhat chibis in Brook's hair which are all really adorable!
    Garp with both his grandsons as he hoists them onto his shoulders--so cute!
    Ahahaha, this is kind of adorable where Luffy and Trafalgar Law are asleep together while the others are like "....ugh" about it.
    A series of Ace sketches with various characters like Marco and Luffy.
    I'm just a sucker for art like this of all the major Ds in this family that we've met. (Except Rouge. I demand more Rouge!)
    Ace and Luffy and Garp are seriously some of my favorite images ever in this fandom.
    Luffy and Ace fighting over food with Garp in the background and, oh, my favorite family dynamic!
    The Strawhats as a group in their Strongworld outfits, which look awesome together.
    Three photos from the OP world and the various characters and their histories.
    Strongworld chibis are really damn cute again.
    Pirates in Shabondy which is a really cool-looking image.
    Really interesting and cool group image of the Strawhats after Alabasta.
    Sanji sketches for Halloween with a different Strawhat each time and omg this was so adorable and fun!
    Birthday image for Zoro with the rest of the Strawhats in postage stamp style images around him.
    Sanji, Usopp, Luffy, and Zoro group image that's pretty cute, too.
    Sanji, Nami, Robin, and Luffy all sitting or standing around and reading books--really cute!
    Sanji, Luffy, Usopp, and Zoro as restaurant workers in a really cute image here!
    Sanji serving tea to Robin while Chopper is adorable next to them.
    Ahahaha, fantastic little image of the Whitebeard pirates climbing a flagpole.
    Even more fun image of the Whitebeard pirates all loping along together.
    Oh, I like the style of this group image of the Strawhats in casual clothes and laughing together.
    Omg, this is another of my new favorites now because it's the Strawhats in the various environments that Kuma sent them off to! I LOVE THEM ALL.
    Another cute little image of the Strawhats as a group from Strongworld.
    The Strawhats on floaters out in the ocean in a OP-style image that's great fun.
    Black & white group image of the Strawhats lounging around and being adorable together.
    Fantastic image of the Strawhats inside of the ONE PIECE lettering on this image; the colors are really bright and vivid.
    Another cute Strawhats image of them all in a wobbly totem pole as they pile together.
    I am really weak to group antics, especially in chibi form and them all trying to climb on clouds.
    All the Strawhats (including Vivi) giving peace signs and drawn with clean, bright colors that are really nice.
    The Strawhats getting up to their usual antics in this really adorable oekaki that just captures the spirit of these characters.
    Bunches of doodles of the main characters, especially a lot of Luffy, which I always love to see.
    Cute image of Sanji baking with Lufy and Chopper in the background.
    Another fantastic lineup illustration of the Strawhats in their Strongworld outfits.
    Collage of the Strongworld outfits with some really pretty, shiny colors going on with it.
    Another Strongworld image with the Strawhats laying in a circle around Nami.
    Robin and Zoro approaching Sanji who's standing outside the well-lit kitchen and a;dlskjfasljk omg my ot3. *__*
    Ace, Luffy, and Chopper are all SO CUTE and I really like this artist's bright, shiny colors.
    Poster style illustration of Ace with all the important Ds in the background.
    Very nicely drawn comic strip of Ace, Luffy, and a couple of the other Supernovas.
    Ace telling Marco about Luffy's wanted poster and then a family sketch and then a random one of Sadi-chan. They're all very nicely done.
    Garp crying over both his grandsons is one of those images that just gets to me, holy crap.
    Ace and Luffy as kids with some beautiful coloring and a couple of really lovely images of Rouge as well.
    Hancock and Ace both glomping onto Luffy, all of them in chibi form.
    Oh, man, this is so much cute with the Strawhats all floating along on a ballooned up Luffy.
    Chibi-esque versions of the Strawhats all piled onto a sofa together, which is cute.
    I almost skipped over this series of sketches, but there's a handful of them that I really loved--especially the cover and the final one with Luffy, Ace, and Garp.
    I liked the Trafalgar Law images well enough, but the one of Ace and Whitebeard was totally my favorite.
    Kind of hilarious group image of the older OP characters, the ones who were around more in Roger's age.
    Luffy falling asleep on Nami while Sanji has a fit in the background.
    Chopper, Zoro, and Sanji for Christmas and, man, I love this artist's colors and messy lineart.
    Awesome as hell cast image of everyone in a semi-circle in their formal clothes from Strongworld.
    Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp all ready for adventure together.
    A nicely done collage of the various Impel Down characters that Luffy met up with.
    The Strawhats ready for the beach in another gorgeously done image by this artist.
    One of the reasons I love genderswapping that Pixiv does in spades is because boy!Robin + boy!Nami / girl!Sanji is actually kind of hot.
    Collage of the characters from Strongworld and I love all of them, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't zero right in on the Luffy/Nami.
    Another kind of neat image of the characters from Impel Down.
    The three Admirals can all go DIAF but this image is really cute!
    Awesome as hell chain of characters like in the DRRR!! ED with the various Strawhats and Ace.
    What I like about the collection of characters from this collage is that they're all ones that are really fun to look at art of/look good in this artist's style.
    Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kidd, and Luffy all stuffing their faces together in this sketch is kind of great.
    I really like this sketch of the Marines but possibly I am easy for anything with Hina and Smoker in it.
    Shit, I admit I laughed at the "Cat Fight" title for Hina vs Hancock, while Luffy and Smoker just sort of "..." in the background.
    Another nicely done Marines image and I like these characters anyway.
    All the little various chibi Strawhats are just so damn adorable in this dinner time image.
    Gorgeous poster-style collage of the Strongworld movie, wow.
    All the Strawhats piling onto Sanji for his birthday and it's a really cute image.
    Awesome early-series poster style image of the Strawhats, done in the anime style.
    Adorable celebratory group image for Sanji's birthday, all in semi-chibi-esque form.
    Cute little doodles of the Strawhats, along with Ace and Vivi as well.
    Sketches of characters and situations from the last couple of years of OP, all of which look fantastic.
    This series of sketches is a cross between Ace and/or Luffy and Marco/Ace, but I just couldn't help linking it for the D-Kyoudai stuff.
    This is such a cutely stylized image that I can't help this one, either! Plus, Nami yanking on Zoro is fun, too.
    Sanji in the foreground with the silhouttes of the Strawhats behind him as they all make various types of hearts for his birthday.
    Another Sanji birthday image that is just gorgeously colored and so pretty overall.
    Sanji getting presents from the Strawhats one by one, with Zoro as the last one, was wonderful.
    AHHH, Whitebeard and Ace smiling over a laughing Luffy's head is, like, the stuff my dreams are made of! :D I love these characters so much.
    Trafalgar Law and his pirates is a great little image with some pretty, slick coloring.
    It was the image of the Supernovas that really caught my attention in this series of images, but they're all good.
    Crocodile, Luffy, and Jimbei in a really pretty awesome image.
    It's the expression on Kidd's face while Luffy and Trafalgar Law lean on him that makes this image for me.
    This series of images started with bathtime for the Strawhats and then went on to other sketches, including some of Ace, which pleased me a lot.
    All the Battle Fruits in their costumes and asdl;fkjaslkj I love fandom for running with this so often.
    17 pages of awesome sketches that I loved pretty much EVERY SINGLE ONE of them! Especially all the ones of Ace. ♥
    Group image of the Strawhats in black & white from Strongworld.
    Ace laughing himself just about sick at Luffy's sore head after Garp whacked him one.
    Luffy and Zoro back to back with Nami's head in Luffy's lap all of them in formal black clothes.
    Supernovas chibis shouldn't be this cute AND YET.
    Awesome as hell group image of the Strawhats in black and various colors.
    God, I was lolling so hard at this image of various devil's fruit users that mimic the powers of the Fantastic Four. It's hilarious and awesome.
    This series of images has a bunch of cute sketches and I think I have to love the one of Luffy and Chopper the most.
    Snapshots of the Strawhats when they were kids and with their childhood people all pinned on a wall, awww.
    Awesome OP-style image much like Oda's spreads of Ace, Marco, and Thatch all having an adventure together.
    A bunch of kiss meme responses with various people and Trafalgar Law which was nicely done.
    Some cute little doodly sketches of Whitebeard and Ace and Luffy and Marco and etc.
    Zoro sleeping on the couch while Nami and Sanji each reach out a hand. I'm weak since those are two of my favorite pairings.
    Luffy with Nami in his arms while Ace leans over and grins at Luffy, which is like. The epitome of things I'm torn on right now.
    A series of sketches of various characters, all of which are nice, but I totally loved the one of Garp, Ace, and Luffy from when they were younger the most.
    Oh, my god, I love this artist with my whole heart--not only are all the sketches here fantastic (omg the ones of Ace are awesome!) but the final little one-page comic? Of Roger falling asleep at his own meeting while everyone goes ".... >_<" around him? BRB, KIND OF CRYING WITH LAUGHTER. Man, Rayleigh's life. It is so hard.
    A chain of various One Piece characters ala the Durarara!! anime ending, which looks really cool!
    Luffy glomping onto Kid and Law, which is actually kind of a cute image.
    Sketch of the Whitebeard pirates all goofing off together.
    An image for Shanks' birthday with Luffy and Ben along with him.
    Oh, god, the snapshots on Garp's desk of his little grandsons IS THE GREATEST THING EVER.
    Aww, lookit the cute little Torinesia versions of all the Strawhats! Adorable.
    Awesome group image of the Strawhats on the run in their Strongworld outfits.
    Color splash pages style images and, whoa, is that Kuro/Kaya there? The image is awesome all the way around regardless.
    A series of images of various characters (mostly Kid, but a few others we met in Sabaody Archipelago) that are nicely done.
    Semi-chibi-esque group image of some of the more powerful characters from the manga, at least in the earlier chapters.
    Another series of images of various Water 7 characters, though it's mostly Lucci and Spandam.
    This series of images is mostly of the Admirals which are solidly done for sketches, but I mostly liked them for the Garp images.
    Another Durarara!! ED parody and, damn, some of these are just amazing.
    Luffy surrounded by the Strawhats in a simple lineart in black & white.
    Oh, god, Ace finally opening up to the Whitebeard pirates is both hilarious and completely touching.
    Whitebeard, Ace, and Marco and, yup, I'm still weak to these guys.
    Shanks and Ace arguing over kidlet Luffy is still kind of hilarious and adorable.
    Garp and his grandsons as they're all smiling happily--aw, my heart.
    Awesome as all get out group image of all the Whitebeard pirates with some fantastic lineart.
    OMG, THIS IMAGE, I LOVE IT. It's shiny and glossy and pretty! And it's Roger, Rogue, and Ace all with kitty ears. Ace's expression is beautiful.
    A series of images of Trafalgar Law mostly, but also some of the other Hearts Pirates.
    Sketches of various OP characters again, several of them are very nicely done.

One Piece - Luffy:
    Luffy hugging the giant bird again, which is so damn adorable.
    Gorgeous image of Luffy laying back, the red of his shirt is amazing.
    Luffy lounging on a mountain of treasure, which looks really cool.
    Strongworld Luffy is the same totally observant dude as ever.
    A much messier image of Luffy but with that intensity he gets when he's serious.
    Luffy wiping blood off his face and looking damned determined.
    Luffy with his serious face on.
    Anime-style Luffy looking pissed and in the middle of a fight.
    Luffy in more modern clothes but still with his pirate logo on them.
    Another gorgeously colored image of Luffy from the Strongworld movie.
    Luffy surfing is kind of hilarious in a way.
    Luffy with that big, happy grin is seriously one of my favorite things ever.
    Luffy being awesome by riding that bird in Strongworld.
    Luffy's determined face from Strongworld is intense as all get out.
    Luffy riding a giant tiger is also pretty awesome.
    Flying through the sky again and just so free and happy, I love stuff like this.
    Different outfits on Luffy from different points in the story; it's cute.
    Luffy in his Strongworld suit and lounging on a chair is seriously hot.
    Happy go lucky Luffy with his giant smile still makes my heart warm.
    Luffy going into gear second looks really awesome here, too.
    Luffy in the battle fruits outfit and asleep on the chair, which is darling.
    Another Strongworld image of Luffy ready to whip his coat off dramatically.
    Awesome Luffy image again in the usual dramatic Strongworld clothes.
    Glowing Luffy means business and it's also a really pretty image.
    Luffy plopping Ace's hat right on top of his own, IT IS SO CUTE IN CHIBI FORM OMG.
    Darling kidlet Luffy with a crown and flower on his head.
    Luffy sleeping outside under a tree, which is a nice, peaceful image.
    Hello, gorgeously done Luffy image from Strongworld in that black and red outfit I love so much.
    More of Luffy from Strongworld, this time with his serious face on, and looking really good.
    Strongworld Luffy looking awesome in this almost sepia-colored image again.
    Luffy in Chopper's hat with a wide as hell grin is SO CUTE.
    Happy, bouncy Luffy from Strongworld in his adventure-spirited clothes is really cute again.
    Luffy in red and black and ready to seriously punch the hell out of something, that grin is awesome.
    Another of Luffy in red and black and I really love that outfit still.
    A Luffy illustration that's done nicely in Oda's style, I'm always weak to that.
    Luffy leaping through the air dragging rainbow colors along, off his fingers.
    Luffy with a tattoo is actually really pretty awesome-looking.
    Luffy from Strongworld with a serious, pissed off look on his face.
    Another serious faced Luffy from Strongworld and he looks really awesome here.
    Luffy in the middle of smoking debris in his Strongworld clothes and, damn, this is a really pretty image.
    The two outfits for Luffy from Strongworld as he's back to back with himself.
    A bunch of Luffys in a pile and the sketched lines of it look really good.
    A Luffy illustration that has two different coloring styles, both look fantastic against the really good lines of the image.
    Luffy stuffing his face again in a really cute little doodle.
    Luffy in his Strongworld clothes with some nice detail to them again.
    Sketch of Luffy in his Strongworld suit and tie.
    Luffy going into gear second is really cool, especially with the serious expression on his face.
    Strongworld suit and tie on Luffy is still really neat and I want it so bad omg.
    Luffy smiley and happy with an awesome tattoo and the pirate king's jacket.
    Luffy in his blue vest and looking pissed while you can see every muscle he's developed as he's ready to fight.
    Luffy as Pirate King has kind of an awesome design.
    Luffy discovering a bug when he was a kid is really freaking adorable.
    Luffy standing on the masthead as he looks off into the windy distance.
    Lounging on the sofa and probably taking a nap, this Luffy image is cute.
    Luffy in Strongworld's jungle which looks really kinda neat, too.
    Really beautifully done image of Luffy with his Strongworld clothes, which, yeah, I still have yet to tire of.
    Straightforward, but nicely done image of Luffy smiling brightly.
    Luffy surfing in the ocean and I just kind of love it for the concept and because it's well done.
    Luffy vs Naruto fight is kind of an awesome image. Yeah, I'm that fan, too.
    Little chibi Luffy scarfing down donuts is really just damned adorable.
    The bright, clean, vivid colors on this image of Luffy are also really nice.
    Luffy lounging in a chair with accessories on him and heavy coat draped around him, pirate king-style.
    Cute image of Luffy in warm, summery colors.
    A slight redesign (or just a new outfit) on Luffy here is really nice.
    Brightly colored Luffy image that's really shiny and cleanly lined.
    Another of Luffy in uniform and looking kind of evil, which is hotter than I'd have thought.

One Piece - Ace:
    Ace portrait with anime cel-style coloring.
    You know who's really super hot (ha ha)? Ace is. Especially with the fire backlighting him this way.
    Fire Fist Ace is still really (ha ha) hot when he's pissed off.
    Ace is also (ha ha) hot when he's smiling and surrounded by fire, too.
    The patterns on Ace's fire look really cool here.
    Ace engulfed in flames again which is always awesome.
    A birthday image for Ace where he looks so smiling and happy! Aw.
    I just really like the colors of this image of Ace.
    Another image of Ace on fire and I will not tire of these for awhile yet, no.
    Ace on fire again and the red/orange/yellow combination is beautifully done here.
    The fire around Ace is a little darker than usual here, but that makes it look cool.
    I like the colorization here on this image of Ace with fire dancing on his fingertip.
    Ace being totally cheerful and not at all an emopants mcemo.
    Happy, smiling Ace with the sky at his back just completely melts my heart.
    Ace on fire. Just a little.
    Both hands on fire as Ace spins around looks really cool.
    Ace ready to kick the shit out of anyone in his way is something I could always use more of, especially like this one.
    Ace in German uniform shouldn't be this hot. And yet.
    More Ace art with the pretty red/orange/yellow colors.
    Ace doesn't need any stupid clothes. I support this idea.
    Sleeping Ace... well, sleeping and drooling Ace. XD
    Riding a tiger for 2010, Ace looks really awesome here omg.
    Ace lineart with colorization in oranges and yellows for his fire, which looks really cool.
    Portrait of Ace that brought out all the usual Ace-related feelings.
    Happy, smiling Ace is also just the best thing.
    Ace running with fire and the sense of motion of this is fantastic.
    Another Ace portrait that I liked with some nice detail on it.
    Surrounded by fire!Ace is still, ha ha, really hot.
    Ace with fire flaming out of his hand is a really cool little image.
    A vivid red background behind Ace highlights the really nicely done lines here.
    Oh, Ace, why are you and your smirk so (ha ha) hot all the time?
    Ace surrounded by flames that are very nicely colored by this artist.
    Ace with his hat in his lap and laughing merrily, which is good to see.
    Oh, another pretty image of Ace with his hand on fire--the soft lines and colors are excellent.
    Ace on fire again and I love the intensity of how dangerous that fire looks.
    Lineup of Ace at different ages and I really like how well done this one is, the lineart is really nice.
    A simple, but nice image of Ace with a serious look on his face.
    A bunch of meme answers with different expressions for Ace, which was really fun.
    Ace brused and battered a little with a serious expression on his face.
    Ace with a heart of fire floating away from him as he cries.
    A mostly black & white Ace with the very red, red fire surrounding him.
    A series of Ace sketches showing him in different poses and situations, each of them really nicely drawn.
    Yeah, that's generally Ace's attitude right there, which made me smile today.
    Happy, smiling Ace sketches make me happy and smiling, too.
    Ace reaching a hand down with the bright, bright blue sky behind him.
    Sketches of Ace and, god, why is he so (ha ha) hot?
    Awesome image of Ace upside down and on fire, with a hell of a grin on his face.
    More of Ace in mid-action and looking so badass and awesome and smirky.
    Ace turned away, his hand on fire and there's something about the body language here that quietly breaks my heart.
    Happy Ace in black & white with a bright blue background and this one helps a little.
    Hello, hotass and gorgeous illustration of Ace and a Basara character surrounded by flames.
    Happy, smiling Ace sitting on the ground and being adorable.
    The perspective on this Ace image is kinda neat and, of course, I like the fire details.
    I'm weak to pretty fire that's whirling around Ace like this.
    Ace illustration that made me kind of fall in love with him all over again.
    An Ace illustration done in Oda's style as well, which I love kind of a whole lot.
    Image of Ace again with fire swirling around him and through his arm, which looked cool.
    Ace portrait that's also nicely done and god I love his smirk.
    Ace doing Hancock's way of looking down on people definitely made me laugh today.
    Ace on fire in the middle of a fire looks pretty great, too.
    Sharply drawn Ace with some nice basic lineart to it, even if I wish it were bigger.
    Ace with his fist full of fire and I thought this was nicely done.
    Portrait of Ace in black & white with glossy lines and finish to it, which looks really nice.
    Kidlet Ace with puppy ears and the sad puppy expression on his face just about melted me with the cute.
    Ace in a suit is very, very nice of this artist to do for me, because mmm.
    Lightly colored Ace sketch of him with a serious expression was nice to see, too.
    Another Ace portrait where his expression is somewhat serious.
    Sketch of a brightly smiling Ace is really sweet, too.
    Ace sketches that really look nice, the artist has a simple but well done style.
    Sketch of Ace on fire that looks really cool, too.
    Another Ace portrait with some really glossy, shiny colors, mmm.
    You know, as much as I love Ace in the Ace/Luffy dynamic, I also really freaking love Ace as a character in his own right. 27 sketches of Ace being awesome or hilarious or badass or totally lovable! I LOVE ACE SO MUCH OMG.
    Ace as a kid getting his head patted and omg I would do the same thing to him foreverrrrr.
    Nicely done portrait of Ace where I liked the colors of it.
    Ace with his arms spread wide and on fire against the bright blue sky.
    Ace with a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day in this really fantastically done image.
    I am weak to colors like this, the really vibrant reds on Ace here.
    Really kind of neat lineart of Ace with his fire along his arms.
    Ace with wings of fire is kind of a really awesome image, too.
    Ace with his fire spiraling around him in a really cool effect.
    Black and red clothes look really good on Ace as well.
    Ace in a black jacket is really kinda nice, too.
    Ace fighting with a sword isn't something I gave much though to before, but I really like this a lot.
    Sketch of Ace that has some nicely done, sharp lineart.
    Meme response with Ace that has some really fun different takes on him.
    Ace walking away and I love the flutter of his white shirt and his hand on his hat.
    Ace on fire and ready to fight, which looks seriously pretty awesome.
    With his fingertips on fire, Ace looks really (ha ha) hot here.
    Another image of Ace that I can't quite put my finger on why I like so much.
    Softly done image of Ace in reddish purple sunet colors.
    Ace watching the sun rise over the ocean.
    Ace smiling happily with his hat in his hand at sunset.
    Ace in a pirate king outfit oh, man, do want this plz!
    More awesome lineart of Ace that's done in black & white.
    The colors on this portrait of Ace are even more incredible in full view, wow. *__*
    Ace in a black jacket looking at a very silly drawing.
    Really pretty illustration of Ace crouching near the ground with a big smile on his face.
    Beautiful image of Ace smiling and done in these warm, glowing oranges and reds and browns.
    Sketch of Ace smiling against the bright blue sky and I really liked this one.
    The back of Ace as his fire flares out from his hands.
    Ace holding up Luffy's wanted poster and with a sharp grin, this is a great little image.
    Happy smiling Ace in a blue shirt, which is a cute sketch.
    Ace on a tiger for the 2010 New Year and, man, I love all the detail on this one.
    Really neat little stylized image of Ace kicking up fire and tipping his hat up.
    Black & white illustration of Ace that's really nicely done.
    Bright, shiny colors in anime-cel-style on this Ace image is really nice.
    Three images of Ace at different points in his life and, god, I love him SO MUCH at all points.
    An armful of Valentine's Day gifts for Ace is a great little image.
    Nicely done Ace sketch and I like how the red background works here, despite that I usually don't like that style.
    Another Ace illustration with these really great solid, firm lines to it.
    Fanbook cover for an Ace anthology looks really pretty awesome!
    Black & white image of Ace as pirate king is just so much incredibly DO WANT, especially with the way he's lounging in that chair.
    Ace against a bright blue sky as he reaches his hand out and smirks.
    I like the semi-fine lineart on this image of Ace with a more serious expression on his face.
    Ace chained up in Impel Down is also pretty solidly done.
    I really kinda like this Ace sketch and how it looks in full view.
    Another Ace closeup with warm oranges and reds, which are nice.
    More shiny, glossy colors on this image of Ace, which looks even better in full view.
    Ace in a red & black suit is a whole lot of Yes Plz Fandom Thx.
    Awesome sketch of Ace in black & white that has some really good lineart.
    Ace sketch in black & white that's solidly done and I like the smile on his face.
    Another illustration of Ace where he's happy and smiling.
    I almost passed by this one as well, but then saw it in full view where it looks fantastic.
    Clean, smooth, glossy colored Ace with Whitebeard's symbol in the background.
    Little kiddie Ace done in color, d'awwww.
    Ace with a bit of a serious look (but also a bit of a smirk) as he holds his hat on his head.
    Ace in modern clothes in a modern-style kitchen? Kind of really delightful here.
    More of Ace with his serious face on, which is a really nicely done black & white image.
    Smiling Ace done in black & white that has some really neat shading going on.
    Brightly colored image of Ace with him holding his hat down onto his head again.
    Ace on fire is really kinda dramatic and pretty in full view.
    Sketch of Ace in black & white, with him ready for adventure.
    Another Ace sketch with a more smirky expression this gime.
    Ace with fire coming off his arms isn't a style I usually gravitate towards, but I liked this one a lot.
    Ace in black & white that has some nicely sharp lineart to it.
    Another cool image of Ace as he's surrounded by flames.
    Yet another image of Ace as he's engulfed in flames and, yeah, I'm going to like these forever, I'm pretty sure.
    More Ace art that I really kind of liked, the use of black&white on him with red in the background is solid.

One Piece - Zoro:
    Why, hello there, Strongworld Zoro, in that suit and with that gun. *___*
    Sharp lines and clean colors on this Zoro image are really nice, too.
    Zoro from Strongworld again and, god, that suit is so hot on him.
    Zoro in his black suit, even in a simple image like this, is still really hot.
    Zoro is still hot, yes, and I like the sketchy details on this image a lot.
    Zoro illustration that's almost sort of a sketch, but still really a lovely image.
    Zoro in a hat and scarf is kind of ridiculously (ha ha) hot with this artist.
    I just really liked Zoro's clothes and all the detail that went onto them here.
    Really cool little image of Zoro done in green shadings.
    Sketch of Zoro that has some really great lineart to it.
    Zoro covered in scars and wounds pretty much just about as usual.
    Hello, Zoro with a smirk and some really shiny, pretty colors.
    I wish this image had been a bit bigger because lethal!Zoro is intense as hell, wow.
    This sketch of Zoro looks really good in full view.
    Zoro sleeping in a tree is kind of beautifully done.
    Zoro in more modern-ish clothes that have some awesome patterns on them.
    Zoro asleep and dead to the world in a really nicely drawn image with pretty colors.

One Piece - Nami:
    Nami posing illustration by this artist I've grown to really like.
    Nami smiling brightly and it's a really cute image, too.
    Lovely image of Nami in a wedding veil and soft, airy colors.
    Nami in Impel Down prisoner outfit looks kinda hot in full view.
    Nami wearing Luffy's hat and a bikini top and eating an orange.
    Simple, but really lovely image of Nami with Luffy's hat and holding a sunflower.
    Cute little Nami image in her Strongworld outfit.
    Really cute, adorable image of Nami in a reddish-orange dress that looks cute on her.
    Nami lounging on a rock with Luffy's hat on her head.
    Simple but cute image of Nami in a green shirt and tiny underwear.

One Piece - Other characters:
    Trafalgar Law is pretty and I kind of want to know more about him. But I'm not sure how long that'll take. _o_
    Another pretty image of Trafalgar Law and, wow, was it hard not to go through the tag for him.
    Gorgeous image of Vivi, both with the lines and colors, wow.
    Really neat portrait image of Gol D Roger.
    Moria can DIAF but this image of him is still really good.
    A Monkey D Garp image is also not something I expected to find!
    Oh, this image of Perona is lovely as well and I'm starting to really like this artist.
    Alvida image is another rare-ish character from this artist that looks fantastic.
    Ooh, an awesome image of Jimbei who I REALLY WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT.
    One more from this artist, this time a gorgeous image of Boa Hancock.
    Lovely image of Robin in her usual pose to use her powers.
    Magellan and his venom attacks in a gorgeously colored image.
    Idiotic cast antics on Whitebeard's ship, I CAN TOTALLY SEE THAT.
    Luffy hanging off Shanks while Ace looks totally thrilled? This artist loves me.
    Marco gets some seriously awesome art and with stuff like this I can hardly resist.
    Shanks in prison with some seriously vibrant red hair.
    Happy, smiling Shanks and, oh, my heart for this character!
    Hello, sexy Robin in a green and white striped shirt and not much else.
    Hancock lineart in b&w is really pretty, too.
    Sanji in a cook's apron with a blue shirt is really hot.
    Sanji in the rain with a cute little frog with a leaf umbrella, aw!
    This b&w lineart image of Boa Hancock is nicely done, too.
    Nami, Robin, and Chopper is seriously one of my favorite combinations for cute.
    OMG MY NEW FAVORITE THING EVER, little kidlets Luffy and Ace each climbing over their dads. Or trying to get the hell away in Ace's case.
    OMG Garp with the kids, Luffy asleep on his shoulder while putting a bandaid on Ace. MY HEART.
    Sanji kicking that has this really cool feel to it.
    Awesome image of Gol D Roger just before his execution.
    Crocodile licking his hook shouldn't be this pretty, dammit.
    Iceberd fanart, omg! I didn't think it existed!
    This image of Camie is just gorgeous, the colors are amazingly vivid.
    Why is Crocodile art so fascinating to me? I don't even like that dick!
    Beautifully done Margaret image that has great lines and colors.
    Awesome fanart of Paulie with his swinging rope attack.
    Another awesome Shanks image of him looking out towards the sea with a determined expression.
    Shanks lounging in a tree in a really cool style by this artist.
    Bon-Clay being awesome, HELL YES I am so happy about his characterization lately.
    No, seriously, why is he hot and why won't he DIAF already?
    More really awesome looking Crocodile art with glossy coloring.
    And another one; at this rate I might as well just give Crocodile his own section. >_<
    I would much rather give Shanks his own section, especially for art that looks awesome like this.
    Shanks with a sword is pretty damn hot, too, especially with that vibrant red hair.
    Buggy fanart with his hair down actually looks kinda really great, too.
    Shanks illustration that's a little off from Oda's style, but not in a bad way.
    This image of Magellan is seriously really good and al;dkjfaslkj all that poison dripping off him....
    Cool portrait of Rayleigh with some really nice detail on it.
    Crocodile just after losing his hand which is mosaic'd out mostly and the rest of the image is pretty.
    Really cool image of Mihawk with the intensity his character needs.
    Ahahaha, more meme responses with Mihawk in all sorts of poses and outfits.
    Smoker image this time that's also really nicely done.
    Rayleigh illustration done in soft pastels that are really pretty and somehow fit.
    Whitebeard creating a tsunami and as;dlkfjaljkslj god I love him, too.
    This image pretty much inspires one response with me: OMG LOOKIT THE LITTLE BABY REINDEER SO CUUUUUTE.
    Simple portrait of Sanji smoking a cigarette, but it looks really lovely.
    Gorgeously done Sanji image from Strongworld as he is about to bring down one hell of a stomp.
    Really awesome as all get out image of Dragon who looks really intense and dangerous.
    Gorgeous image of Shanks with his sword propping up his hand.
    Another pretty image of Hancock and, man, I really do love her design.
    Pretty cg style image of Hancock with her snake.
    Shanks fighting with his sword and the bright, vivid colors are nice.
    Hancock blushing prettily in a lovely red outfit with ruffles.
    Awesome image of Sadi-chan by this artist who does really strong, glossy colors.
    Hancock with her snake again and the image is just as fantastic as the rest of the artist's work.
    This is actually a really pretty image of Kalifa... in Ayanami Rei's plugsuit. Okay.
    Eustass Kid chibi shouldn't be this cute, dammit!
    Shanks sitting on a ledge overlooking the sea while a bunch of cats curl up next to him.
    Another image of Rayleigh that looks fantastic here.
    Shanks looking off into the ocean at sunset on the beach, which looks fantastic, too.
    Really awesome image of Smoker with his coat flying off and smoke coming off him.
    Hancock wearing Luffy's hat and the expression on her face is actually pretty sweet.
    Sanji as a kid and an adult, the two versions of him side by side are kinda neat.
    Ahahaha, Marco in different outfits from a bunch of different characters.
    Smoker should take his shirt off more often in fanart, if it's going to net images like this.
    A nicely done illustration of Hancock and I'm fond of the almost watercolor like style.
    Oh, god, like everything else wasn't enough, then there's the spirit of Merry gently patting Usopp's head as he cries. Jesus, my heart.
    Gorgeously done image of Hancock looking at her most empress-like.
    Ahahaha, this is actually a really awesome image of Bon-Clay, whom I kind of love now.
    ....yeah, I don't know either but it is really well drawn!
    Crocodile relaxing against his giant crocodile and it's a really nicely done image, too.
    Mihawk image that's nicely done with Buggy peaking down into the corner of the image.
    Another nicely done Mihawk illustration of him in mid-fight.
    Hancock in Mihawk's clothes, especially half-undone like that, is kind of really hot.
    The sharp detail on this Hancock illustration, especially as her snake winds around her, is really nice.
    Really fantastic lineart here on this Iceburg illustration.
    Coby looking up at the blue, blue sky in a really beautiful image here, too.
    I may think Crocodile should DIAF but this image is really gorgeous.
    This image of Eustass Kid is actually pretty cool, even if I suspect I'm going to want him to DIAF, too.
    I have to admit this is pretty hot, watching Trafalgar Law fighting the Zoan user.
    Wow, that is one gorgeous image of Trafalgar Law looking dangerous.
    Beautiful little sketch of Rouge and I liked the soft use of color against the lineart.
    I seriously want this bastard to DIAF, but even I have to admit this image of Akainu is gorgeous.
    Another awesome illustration of Megellan, who I'm finding more interesting thanks to fanart.
    Jimbei, on the other hand, I've loved since we first saw him and I really like fanart of him.
    Arlong fanart which is nice only for the technical details of it--he's still a fucker I hope rots in Impel Down.
    This Smoker illustration has some neat detail on the smoke rising up out of him.
    Another awesome Jimbei image and I really hope he sticks around!
    Garp illustration this time that also looks pretty solidly done!
    Adorable group of the Strawhats all together in a comfortable living room.
    Group image of the original Shichibukai and even if I want half of them dead, this is a pretty rad image.
    Oh, man, Chopper with a 2010 tiger is SO FREAKING ADORABLE.
    Thousand Sunny decked out for Christmas is kind of absolutely awesome. ♥
    Gorgeous image of Vivi in her Alabasta clothes, smiling with the bright blue sky behind her.
    D'awww, looking the cute lil Chopper staring up in wonder at the pink snow!
    Shanks staring up at the wintery trees in a really pretty image here, too.
    Illustration of Laboon and goddamn Oda still manages to make me care about a WHALE of all things!
    A really kinda cool image of Kuro in the middle of his attack, done in b&w with a dark red background.
    Soft, lovely image of Kalifa and I love pretty much everything about the softness of this image.
    Hancock is pretty smoking and I love how nicely done her face is in this image.
    Original Robin and male!Robin and, dammit, OP fandom, stop making me interested in all this genderswapping!
    Another pretty illustration of Hancock with nicely done, glossy colors to it.
    Sanji holding an iced drink and smiling/laughing, while done in these soft, light colors.
    Sanji wrapping arms around himself in an image that uses some pretty blue colors.
    The three main forms of Chopper and, god, I love that reindeer.
    Chopper with angel wings is so freaking cute, too!
    Little bitty Chopper image that's soooo cute.
    Pretty image of Hanock that's almost like a painting.
    Sanji in a school uniform with his matching blue eyes is kind of awesome.
    Okama Sanji makes me lol and lol and lol and lol, especially in chibi form.
    I know I shouldn't find it hot, but Sanji's smoking kind of is.
    Sanji with his devil leg which looks seriously (ha ha) hot.
    Another oekaki of Sadi-chan that looks really good.
    One more doodle of Sadi-chan who really does have an interesting design.
    Sanji dressed like Ace which is actually kinda cool.
    All Blue's fish swimming around Sanji is a neat image.
    Happy, smiling Sanji illustration holding a piece of cake.
    Pretty image of Sanji with bright, sunshiney colors and flowers.
    Okama Sanji still makes me laugh really hard, yup.
    Sanji in various outfits from Strongworld and I really like them all.
    Cowboy Sanji with a gun looks pretty cool, too.
    Another neat image of Sanji doing a backflip and done in blue shades.
    Another image of Sanji that uses light, airy colors that are really pretty.
    Nicely done anime-style image of Sanji sitting and smirking like hell.
    Super freaking cute image of Chopper sitting amongst food and looking so happy!
    Usopp with a sniper's rifle and a guerilla-themed outfit is kind of a really awesome image.
    Usopp tinkering away in a workshop is a really neat image.
    A nicely done illustration of Jewelry Bonney, who I have a real affection for already.
    Sanji in the middle of a high-powered kick as he's wearing a black suit with a red shirt that looks nice on him.
    Sanji illustration in warm golds and jacketless suit with his hair pulled back.
    Another really kinda awesome image of Sanji in his usual suit, with a spirit wrapped around him.
    Sanji in a cowboy hat with bright, vivid, glowing colors.
    Another of Sanji in bright, glowing colors with his shirt unbuttoned and wearing sunglasses and he looks really nice here.
    Oh, jeez, little lion Sanji is seriously freaking cute.
    Sanji holding a gift box is another image that's gorgeously colored.
    Sanji upending himself for another powerful kick, done in pretty whites and blues.
    Shirtless Smoker illustration all surrounded by his smoke, which was awfully nice of the artist.
    Whoa, this is a beautifully done illustration of Brook sitting on a ledge in the dark.
    I shouldn't find this so cute, but c'mon little kidlet Sanji in a strawberry-themed outfit is too cute.
    More adorable sketches of Sanji all with adorable little animal ears, too.
    Yeah, he can still go DIAF, but this sketch of Eneru isn't badly done at all.
    Shiny, glossy colors on this image of Sanji holding out a birthday cake are nice.
    Sanji serving tea is another nicely done image.
    Bonney image that's a little "..." for her blush, but otherwise lovely.
    Same Bonney image as above except with the background filled in this time.
    Sanji covered in birds as he reads a book, all done in anime-cel-style colors, is really nice.
    Hina image!! I didn't think there were hardly any of her!
    Okama!Sanji in warm, pretty colors is never not going to be funny.
    Sanji in a dress shirt and tie, smiling happily with the blue, blue ocean behind him.
    Pretty image of Hancock arcing gracefully through the air with her snake.
    Yeah, okay, girl!Sanji is still pretty hot and I love her outfit so much.
    A chain of Sanji in various clothes ala the Durarara!! ED sequence is really fantastic.
    Lovely image of Sanji kicking while the image uses bright, airy colors.
    Sanji in a prince-style outfit and an interesting style.
    Girl!Crocodile being all blushy never fails to amuse me, shut up.
    Smooth lines and clean colors on this image of Shanks without his shirt were nice.
    Awesome as hell image of Whitebeard that looks AMAZING in full view, wow.
    Black & white image of Crocodile that actually looks really cool.
    I just really love the colors on this Sanji image, they're such pretty watercolor-like colors.
    More of Sanji (there are two of him here) and shiny, glossy colors.
    Brightly colored, anime-cel stylings on this image of Jewelry Bonney where she looks really good.
    More shiny, glossy colors on a Sanji image, where the almost pastels look nice on him.
    Sanji holding a bouquet of flowers and leaping/falling backwards, as another image for his birthday.
    Portrait of Smoker that has a nice style to it, I thought.
    Crocodile reclining on a sofa and, yeah, I still think he can just DIAF, but it's a nicely done image.
    Sanji and girl!Sanji in his lap with their themed black and blue outfits and a;sefkljas;lkj that's kind of seriously hot.
    Sanji in cosplay and I just. ads;lkfjaslkj of course Pixiv would do this.
    Franky doodle that's actually pretty nicely done, too.
    Happy, smiling Sanji is nice to see, as well!
    Sanji walking along the beach is nice for the light, airy colors.
    Whitebeard image this time of him smiling/laughing.
    Really kind of nicely done image of Basil Hawkins, who is semi-intriguing to me.
    This image of Marco with his phoenix wings spread out is really kind of gorgeous.
    Mihawk dressed like Dracula is never not funny, pretty much.
    A series of Crocodile images that are also nicely done.
    Really kind of fantastically done image of Killer curled up with his head on his knees.
    Shanks portrait that's really kind of quietly solidly done.
    Another Garp image that's fantastically done, the emotion on his face is so strong and easy to feel.
    Bright, colorful Chopper is just so darling and somehow the style works for him.
    I really, really want Sakazuki to DIAF but I have to admit that this image of him is really epic.
    Okay, seriously, this image of girl!Usopp is kind of hotter than it should be.
    Sanji with a serious expression in this little image is really nicely done.
    Really gorgeous image of Hancock lounging around on her pet snake.
    Awesome Shanks image with his shirt half open and a smirk on his face.
    Sanji portrait image that's also solidly done.
    Sketch of Shanks where he's smiling brightly as ever, which looks nice.
    A more melancholy-looking Shanks but it's beautifully done.
    More Shanks birthday art done in blue, which I don't see a lot on him, but it's well done.
    A series of Shanks images over time, from when he was younger to the current version.
    Whitebeard ready to fight in a solidly done image here, too.
    Awesome image of Shanks done in black & white where he looks badass.
    Sketches of Sanji, including his time on okama island, which still brings the lolz.
    Trafalgar Law in a giant cupcake--the weird thing about this image is that it doesn't phase me at all anymore.
    Another fantastic image of Whitebeard in the middle of a fight.
    Tiny little Chopper with his adorable little determined face is adorable.
    Sanji running along in some really cute clothes and really solid colors and lines.
    More of Hancock lounging around sans clothes--a little NSFW, btw.
    Buggy missing a few pieces and really not happy about it--lolful and yet beautifully done.

One Piece - Luffy/Nami:
    Luffy and Nami holding hands as they lean against each other.
    Adorable Luffy and Nami chibis where he's taking her tangerines and she's pinching his ear.
    Luffy wrapping Nami up in a coat, do want omg.
    Nami kissing Luffy's cheek, which has some really cool highlights in the colors.
    Luffy gives Nami a flying hug, awww.
    Luffy and Nami naked makeouts is very much a Do Want Plz.
    Luffy holding up Nami while she cries in relief.
    Luffy and Nami and that giant bird based on the Strong World thing.
    Fruit-themed Luffy and Nami, in chairs and hats based on apples and tangerines, with Chopper wedged into the corner of the chair.
    Another Strong World Luffy and Nami while riding the giant bird as it flies along.
    Another beautifully colored Luffy/Nami hug image, which just melted my heart.
    Luffy/Nami poster-style image from the Strong World versions.
    Adorable doodle of Luffy and Nami in wedding clothes and being cute.
    Genderswitched Luffy and Nami are kind of awesome, I have to admit.
    Luffy and Nami dancing in another Strongworld-based image.
    Cute image of Luffy pulling a surprised Nami in close.
    Jailbird Luffy and Nami, right down to the black and white striped uniforms.
    Nami in Luffy's lap is something I totally approve of here.
    OMG multi-panel meme responses of Luffy/Nami kisses sketches and I think I just MELTED.
    Nami hoisted onto Luffy's shoulder so she can survey everything better.
    Luffy tangled up in Nami's legs as he leans over her, almost kissing her.
    Cute almost-kiss with Luffy and Nami as he holds her close and she wears his hat.
    Happy and smiling Luffy/Nami in their formal clothes and he puts his hand on her head.
    Luffy and Nami against a bright blue sky and with outfits from Strongworld, I believe.
    Luffy wrapping Nami up with his long, long stretchy arms.
    Poster for Strongworld that's gorgeously colored.
    Nami wraps herself around Luffy while he holds her up, just before they kiss, aw.
    Luffy and Nami adorable hug in soft, pretty pastels.
    High school AU Luffy and Nami in their uniforms is ridiculously adorable.
    Strongworld again with Luffy and Nami back to back and distant from each other.
    I will never tire of Luffy/Nami pirate weddings. Not EVER.
    Luffy protecting Nami and the giant bird, both of them in modern clothes.
    Nami in Luffy's lap and holding a seashell out of his reach.
    Luffy nearly pinning Nami down against the ground, both of them in their mostly black clothes again.
    Luffy and Nami on the wave rider while certain other people object in the background. WAY in the background.
    Luffy holding Nami in his arms while both of them wear black clothing again.
    Nami in Luffy's arms and it's a really cute little doodle.
    Gorgeous image of the two of them riding on the giant bird from Strongworld.
    Nami in Luffy's arms but both of them are ready to fight in this sketch, which is kinda hot.
    Luffy sitting on that high-backed chair and Nami sitting at his side, both of them in their black formal clothes.
    Nami hugging Luffy from behind and, oh, this is a gorgeous image.
    Luffy and Nami from Strongworld as he carries her and she's got his hat on her head.
    This simple Luffy/Nami hug just really gets to me, the emotion of it is lovely.
    D'awww, chibis from Strongworld are so cute, especially when Luffy's put his jacket around Nami.
    More Strongworld chibis of Luffy and Nami back to back being totally darling.
    Chibis in formal clothes with Luffy carrying Nami princess style! SO FREAKING CUTE.
    High school Luffy and Nami with Valentine's Day humor.
    Nami folding into Luffy's arms is a really sweet, lovely image.
    Nami perched on Luffy's shoulder in their Strongworld black and red outfits, which looks kinda awesome.
    Strongworld sketches of various characters but it's mostly a Luffy/Nami image; my favorite is totally the bottom right-hand one.
    Both of them sitting on the ground with Luffy's arms going around Nami, while they're in their Strongworld clothes.
    More sketches of Luffy and Nami in their cute little Strongworld clothes and, oh, man, do want.
    Interestingly styled image of Nami and Luffy's shadow and a circle of skulls.
    Luffy pressing Nami back into the covers, gently kissing her temple, while they're both naked. (Kinda NSFW.)
    Luffy and Nami riding a bike together and it's so happy and cute and fun!
    Luffy sneaking in under Nami's newspaper to give her a hug and, man, is it ever cute.
    Luffy surprising Nami with a kiss and it's so freaking adorable.
    Nami in the background and Luffy with his serious face on, in a Strongworld image.
    Luffy vs Nami fight while they're in their Strongworld clothes and that's an awesome as hell fight, I bet. (Not what the artist meant, but I still started thinking about it anyway.)
    Multi-page comic where Nami is cleaning up and notices Luffy sleeping nearby, so she can't resist kissing his forehead and OH MAN IS IT CUTE.
    This time it's a 19-page comic and the art is just as adorable as the previous one and the artist really crams a lot onto each page and, oh, man, my heart while reading this!
    Luffy with Nami tucked inside his coat and his arms wrapped around her, both of them smiling.
    Nami in just a dress shirt as Luffy tries to give her a piggy back ride and it's darling.
    More Strongworld art with Nami wearing Luffy's coat and their hands overlapping adorably.
    Luffy and Nami chibis are just ridiculously cute omg.
    Oh, hello, epic fanart of Luffy carrying Nami through smoking debris, his hat on her head, and a serious look on his face.
    Really lovely kissing comic and I love the series of images of them being so happy and in love.
    Sketch of Luffy and Nami in their Strongworld clothes and it's just... lovely and sweet.
    Luffy hugging Nami and smiling brightly as she cries softly against his shoulder.
    More cute chibis of these two as Nami gets a ride on Luffy's shoulders and they're both done with lovely colors.
    Luffy and Nami at the beach and he's placing a flower in her hair; I love the colors here.
    A different style for the two of them, but it's really kinda cute and I like Luffy a little older, even if he's not necessarily supposed to.
    Luffy plunking his hat down onto Nami's head with the ocean behind her.
    Luffy slinging an arm around Nami and smiling brightly while she watches him.
    Nami yelling at Luffy and, man, they're cute even when they argue.
    Strongworld versions again, where Luffy is kissing her hand as they're both in formal clothes. Do want.
    Wrapping arms around each other in a happy, laughing hug, this is a lovely image.
    Luffy presenting Nami a hatful of flowers while he's wearing a pirate king jacket and she's wearing a black dress.
    Luffy/Nami Valentine's Day image that really kind of made me laugh a lot.
    Nami in Luffy's lap for a hug as they're both dressed in black and red formal clothes.
    Nami getting a ride on Luffy's shoulders in their Strongworld clothes and this is really cute/fun.
    Another Luffy/Nami hug in summery/beach-type wear.
    Quick little doodle of Luffy glomping onto Nami as he sleeps, which she's totally thrilled with.
    Luffy reaching out to the giant bird as Nami's riding on it, from Strongworld.
    Nami trying to steal Luffy's hat from back in the beginning of the manga.
    I'm a sucker for colors like this, shiny and bright, on an image where Nami is taking Luffy's hat before they almost kiss.
    Nami kissing Luffy's cheek on the deck with their Strongworld formal clothes and shiny, glossy colors.
    Luffy carrying Nami in their clothes from the beginning of the manga and Nami looks really pretty here.
    A bruised and bloody Luffy pulling Nami in for a hug as he looks determined in their Strongworld clothes.
    Cute, light, adorable Luffy/Nami this time, with their faces pressed close together.
    Nami sleeping under a tree while Luffy presses a light kiss to her cheek.
    Simple, but really kinda cute image of Luffy and Nami in not a whole lot of clothing.
    Totally cute image of Nami with a bunch of mini chibi Luffys hanging off her.
    Really cute gothic lolita-esque (well, maybe not quite, but that's the best I can come up with) take on Luffy grabbing Nami and running.

One Piece - Ace/Luffy:
    So, as soon as I finished catching up on the manga, I immediately wanted Ace/Luffy. IF NOT SOONER. This series of images helped with the pining because they are AWESOME. Every single one.
    Poster-style image of Luffy breaking the chains that Ace is holding in the background and, wow, this is an awesome image.
    Little chibi D brothers piled up together under a blanket and god the cute is almost enough to be a physical thing.
    Cute watercolor-like image of Ace and Luffy against a bright sky background.
    Ace and Luffy as kids omg this multi-panel comic just seriously got me during that final panel.
    Luffy trying to steal groceries from Ace's bags, even though he has his own.
    Happy smiling Ace while Luffy runs around in the background! My heart!
    Ace and Luffy switching hats and omg the cute style is so adorable!
    Kidlet Ace giving a piggy back ride to his baby brother, both of them smiling so happily.
    The two brothers in more modern clothes and being so cute.
    Comic strip of Ace and Luffy being adorable idiot brothers that I love.
    Luffy flinging himself at Ace in the happiest, bestest hug, like, ever.
    Ace wrapping arms around Luffy when they're little kidlets in an adorable hug.
    Luffy, Ace, and food... well, and big smiles. All the things they should always have.
    Ace and Luffy and big smiles again.
    Ace and Luffy stealking Frankie's pants and, god, you have no idea how badly I cracked up at this or how much I want Ace with the Strawhats.
    I would so read this fic of Ace and Luffy sharing a place together like this. Also, the details here are FANTASTIC.
    Luffy glomping onto Ace for a hug and they both have such huge smiles on their faces.
    The two brothers ready to fight side by side here.
    The D brothers in silly glasses and I love it when they dork around together.
    Luffy and Ace as kidlets in the bath together and, shit, my heart, it is theirs.
    Neither of them NEEDS a shirt for this hug, okay!
    Luffy kissing Ace on the cheek and, seriously, I need makeouts soon.
    More art of the brothers wrapped up in a happy, grinning hug together.
    Happy and smiling brothers in semi-chibi-esque form.
    Ace in chains while Luffy tackle-glomps him and, god, of course that's something Luffy would do.
    Luffy hugging the hell out of Ace and this one actually looks really nice in full view.
    Christmas time with Luffy and Ace (and Chopper) which is totally adorable.
    Legs wrapped around Ace hugs from Luffy are some of my favorite things ever now.
    A messy, simple sketch of Luffy hugging Ace in chains and, god, my heart.
    Tiger suits for the new year and, god, their expressions are so damn cute!
    Another awesome image of Ace and Luffy, which I wish had been in color, but is still pretty awesome here.
    Luffy flinging himself after Ace and still with a giant smile on my face al;sdkjfasl;jk my heart omg.
    More smiles and hugs with the D brothers and, god, I just want art like this forever.
    Shiny, glossy colors on this image of the two of them as kids! So cute and pretty!
    A hug between the brothers that's as heartwrenching as it is wonderful.
    The two brothers as kids climbing a giant flower plant and falling asleep on it.
    Luffy and Ace walking down an alley towards the bright, bright ocean beyond it.
    Ace and Luffy holding hands as they grin and walk along, the ocean design lovely on their shirts.
    An Ace/Luffy hug that just... it seriously makes me want to make embarrassing fangirl noises over how awesome it is.
    Ahahaha, oh, you know Ace used to do that, keep Luffy's hat away from him like an obonxious older brother.
    Luffy kissing Ace's nose is pretty fucking darling and nicely drawn here.
    Ace and Luffy in modern clothes with McDonald's bags at their feet, which is totally cute.
    Kidlet Luffy going to Ace because he has a giant bump on his head, d'awww!
    WAH, MY HEART, this four-page comic just totally got to me, as Ace watches Luffy fight and thinks of his little brother.
    Ace and Luffy being brothers in this multi-paneled single page comic, so much cute little boys.
    Ace crying on Luffy while still in chains and, god, my heart.
    Ace and Luffy flying along together in the style of promotional art, which is really fun.
    Luffy and Ace in prison uniforms from Impel Down as they're both ready to fight.
    Four doodles in one image of Ace and Luffy sleeping on each other and just. al;sdfjkasljk yes.
    Another series of four doodles on one image of Ace and Luffy glomping onto each other.
    More doodles of Ace and Luffy being idiot brothers and so damn adorable.
    Luffy looking up at Ace in a tree from when they were kids and Ace was Mr. Emopants.
    Ace giving Luffy a piggyback again and the huge grin on his face is adorable.
    Pfftt, a D-Farm with Luffy and Ace made me smile.
    Luffy glomping onto Ace's back and pretty much refusing to let go, it seems.
    Chibis on a giant slice of pie that's piled high with fruit, which is still utterly darling.
    Little kidlet Luffy tugging on younger Ace's sleeve, who does not seem pleased about it.
    Chibis of Ace and Luffy falling through the sky and, oh, the colors of this are lovely.
    God, I love the idiot brothers and this oekaki doodle is hilarious.
    The D Brothers ready to fight side by side.
    The kidlets hanging out in a tree and munching on food and, god, I want so much fic of them as kids.
    Ace plunking his hat on Luffy's head and this image looks nice in full view.
    Sitting side by side, this image of the D Brothers looks nice in full view, too.
    Luffy and Ace both making come here motions and it's beautifully done.
    More of Luffy and Ace fighting side by side and looking like a really great poster.
    Luffy on a throne and Ace sitting in front of him, both with pirate king-style jackets, omg, do want.
    This image of Luffy and Ace, where Luffy is wrapped around him, looks kinda cool in full view.
    Ace and Luffy as kids and goofing around on the sofa together.
    Oh, god, Ace and Luffy as kids where Luffy has gotten into Garp's vice-admiral jacket and THE CUTE IS SO PRECIOUS.
    The brothers in modern winter clothes and the soft, delicate lines of this are very pretty.
    I almost passed by this image as well but went back because it's so damn huge in full view that you can see all the detail that went into it.
    This image is kind of spoilery for recent chapters but oh ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOMENTS EVER.
    Ace and Luffy as kids in two images, one of Luffy in Ace's lap while eating, the other where he's curled up asleep at Ace's side while Ace eats. Adorable.
    As kids, these two must have been holy terrors and gotten into a shitload of trouble for it. I had to laugh.
    Also, you know who are a couple of complete morons--ACE AND LUFFY. MORONS. IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY.
    No, seriously, Ace and Luffy must have been holy terrors as kids, especially if there was any food around.
    I love this artist a lot, especially when she draws the two of them in modern clothes that look awesome.
    Ace and Luffy facing away from each other in an incredibly dramatic moment.
    Arms around each other with the bright sky at their backs, this image of Ace and Luffy just makes me so damn happy.
    Luffy sleeping on Ace who's also sleeping and, oh, god, I am ridiculously warm and fuzzy now.
    Gorgeous black & white lineart of the two of them relaxing in a hammock and I love the way Luffy is wound around Ace.
    This image is simple and almost hard to make out but it's the combination of soft colors and Luffy wrapping himself around Ace that made me love it.
    Ace and Luffy wrapped up in another hug and it's really pretty and sweet.
    Ace giving Luffy a bike ride when they're kids and he can't help loving the little snot somehow.
    Ace tying Luffy's shoes for a new years image in 2010.
    The brothers as younger kids, grinning like hell, against this gorgeous blue sky background.
    Ace and Luffy being such BOYS when they were younger and, god, they were such cute kids.
    I'm weak to art like this, of Ace and Luffy fighting side by side.
    Semi-chibi Ace and Luffy with really bright, sharp colors.
    Ace and Luffy smiling happily as Ace reaches out to Luffy.
    Touching foreheads and smiling like hell, both Luffy and Ace are touching each other's faces, and, god, my heart feels so full.
    A little skinnier than I usually like them, but with Luffy sitting back into Ace's lap, I don't care.
    Another adorable Ace/Luffy hug where they're so happy and cute together.
    Ace and Luffy having switched hats and both of them smiling so happily and brightly.
    Normal sized Luffy holding kidlet Ace and, GOD, THEY ARE SO CUTE.
    Luffy and Ace as kidlets and flowers shouldn't be this damn cute AND YET IT IS.
    Sketch of Luffy and Ace switching hats again, which I have yet to tire of.
    Ace and Luffy ready to fight in this really fantastic sketch of them.
    Ace and Luffy in black & white with their hands pressed together as they sport huge grins.
    Ace and Luffy as kidlets with scarves in the winter and their pirate flag and it's so very cute.
    Luffy flying down onto Ace who still has his hands cuffed behind his back as they fall.
    Black & white sketch of Ace and Luffy when they were younger, Ace's arms wrapped around Luffy from behind, big smiles on both of them.
    Kidlets of Ace and Luffy again with Luffy clinging to Ace in a super adorable happy hug.
    Switching clothes with these two is something I am growing to be super fond of because of art like this.
    Ace and Luffy knocking foreheads together as they smile even through the pain.
    Ace, Luffy, mile-wide grins, and a big chunk of meat, all the things that they should always have.
    The two of them as kidlets and smiling so very happily as Luffy glomps onto Ace and OMG THE CUTENESS.
    Ace ruffling Luffy's hair as they both sport huge grins and laughter; I don't know how anyone could not love them dearly.
    More giant smiles and glomping hugs as both Ace and Luffy fall through the air.
    Luffy and Ace laughing as Ace slings an arm around Luffy's shoulder and points somewhere.
    Ace's hand on Luffy's head as they both laugh happily.
    Ace picking up his hat while Luffy sits in a curled up ball next to him.
    Luffy being a goofy idiot for Valentine's Day, which is super cute.
    An adorable image with the brothers and a dragon mask for spring festival/Valentine's Day.
    Beautifully drawn comic and, god, I love this artist's version of the characters.
    The brothers in modern clothes and Ace ruffling Luffy's hair again, awww.
    Cute sketch of the brothers as kidlets and both stuffing their faces.
    Luffy asleep on Ace when they were both kids and, lord, it is so freaking cute.
    Another hug with the two of them and they both look so happy that it's darling.
    Laying in the grass and curled up together, both of them laughing brightly, and, oh, my heart.
    Ace and Luffy in each other's personal space as they laugh brightly and the blue sky is behind them.
    Beautifully drawn and gorgeously colored image of Ace and Luffy back to back, both of them laughing happily.
    Multi-panel comic with Ace and Luffy where they're being really cute together.
    Ace and Luffy yanking at each other's faces and I'm super weak to cute shit like this.
    Side by side and ready to fight, both Ace and Luffy look really awesome in this image.
    Luffy wrapping himself around Ace who is half on fire and it's an image with beautiful colors and clean lines.
    Ace and Luffy as kidlets walking off into the light with their shadows behind them--simple, but effective.
    Luffy wrapped around Ace in a big hug, a lovely image in black & white.
    Ace with chibi Luffy in his lap and, god, sometimes this fandom threatens to make me explode from cute.
    Luffy and Ace for Valentine's Day and I love both how cute it is, but also how pretty the smooth colors are.
    As kids, they must have been hellions especially around bathtime, god, what I wouldn't do for fic.
    Black & white image of Ace and Luffy wrestling around and it's really nicely done basic lineart.
    Luffy and Ace fighting side by side and I love the wind and fire swirling around them.
    Standing back to back in modern clothes, this one of Ace and Luffy is nice. I'd totally read that fic, too.
    Kidlet Ace trying to cut kidlet Luffy's hair with a knife and, holy shit, this comic is so freaking cute.
    The D brothers bruised and battered and lounging around together.
    Ace pulling Luffy along by the hand as they go sailing through the air.
    Ace glomping onto Luffy this time, pushing him happily down onto the ground as they both laugh, even while battered and bruised.
    The brothers lounging on the couch, Ace reading the paper, while Luffy just about sleeps across his lap.
    Ace and Luffy image again and I think I just really liked the colors and patterns of it.
    Comic strip with several panels of Ace and Luffy being adorable kids together, d'aww.
    I'm definitely a sucker for lineart like this, where it's so slick and polished on both characters.
    Ace and Luffy adventuring together.... while searching for food.
    Chibi-esque Ace and Luffy in these warm yellows and golds and oranges.
    Ace's hand in Luffy's hair as they hug and smile hugely and this is the kind of art I want to look at forever.
    HOLY CRAP, THE CUTE of Ace and Luffy when they were kids and all the sketches of stuff they did together.
    Ace holding Luffy's head to his own as Luffy cries, while they're both semi-chibi-esque. So cute.
    More kidlets of the D brothers with Luffy in Ace's lap as he puts his head on Ace's head.
    Luffy leaning on Ace and I like the clean, flat colors of this one so much.
    D-brothers being goofy and yanking on each other and smiling happily.
    Luffy wrapped around Ace in a simply drawn hug that just. Tugs at my heartstrings something fierce for these brothers.
    Beautifully colorful and happy illustration of Ace and Luffy flying through the air and onto each other.
    More flying through the sky and having a grand time as they grab onto their hats and each other's hand.
    It's a simple sketch of Luffy leaning backwards into Ace, but it's really lovely.
    Simple sketch of Ace giving Luffy a ride but it's so happy and so full of emotion that I love it dearly.
    Kidlets with Ace and Luffy again as they laugh together tucked under a blanket with a candle.
    Luffy and Ace watching the stars and there's just something about this image in full view that I really liked.
    Ace and Luffy riding a huge dragon was just too damn fun not to link.
    There's something about the colors of this one, with Ace's hat on Luffy's head, Luffy sitting on this vivd blue chair, the big grin, all of it is fantastic.
    The glossy colors and glowing airy quality on this image is really fantastic, too.
    Black & white doodle of Ace and Luffy hugging/smiling again is really sweet.
    Luffy flying into Ace's arms in the biggest tackle-glomp hug as they're both wearing clover-themed clothes.
    Between the cute lines of this sketch and the cute coloring job on it, I was weak to it.
    Ace keeping food away from Luffy as they fight with chopsticks vs forks is really cute.
    Crossing arms and touching foreheads, this image of Ace and Luffy is really cute, too.
    Another clover-themed image of Ace and Luffy as kids, which is a really cute sketch.
    Two little kidlets with hoses, ready to make mischief, and god is this cute as hell.
    Ace and Luffy as kids being such little BOYS as Luffy tries to draw in his book!
    A series of three images of Ace and Luffy going on adventures and, oh, my heart for how much I love these two.
    Ace and Luffy as kidlets with Ace holding Luffy's hand as they walk along.
    Ace and Luffy as kids in a vegetable garden picking carrots and it is SO CUTE.
    Luffy plunking himself into Ace's lap when they were kids and both laughing brightly.
    Soft, gentle doodles like this one of Ace and Luffy as kids are such a weakness of mine.
    Doodle of Ace carrying Luffy and, god, it's so cute I can hardly stand it.
    Happy smiley Ace and Luffy hugs are something I would like LOTS AND LOTS MORE OF, OKAY, PIXIV?
    Luffy and Ace in beds back when they were kids and, oh, the cute...!
    Ace and Luffy hug as they're laughing loudly and pulling on each other.
    Ace and Luffy drinking and I love that Luffy is clearly not that fond of it.
    God, I love it when both D brothers are just kind of morons together.
    More laughing Ace and Luffy in those anime-cel style colors that I like so much!
    So this artist has been one of my favorites but then there's this multi-page series of Ace and Luffy as kids in a "perfect day" that is so fucking cute that I just want to explode from it. I LOVE THIS THE MOST OF ALL THE FANART ON PIXIV. Seriously, all the little details of this are just so fucking cute that I squee'd like you wouldn't believe.
    Lineart of Luffy in Ace's lap as they both try not to spill their drinks.
    Ace pushing Luffy's hat down over his eyes and this image has some really beautiful colors to it.
    The two brothers falling through the sky with their hands held tight and both of them laughing.
    Laughing and grinning Ace and Luffy as kids again and they are so adorable!
    Luffy giving Ace a giant squishy hug and I really adored the lineart of this one.
    Ace and Luffy falling side by side and laughing brightly as they tend to do.
    Luffy wearing Ace's hat and smiling brightly, which is really cute.
    OH MAN, Luffy as Ace's backpack when they were kids is only the cutest thing just about ever.
    Ace and Luffy in high school uniforms is kind of a total do want and I don't even know why, I'm not supposed to like high school aus that much!
    Ace ruffling Luffy's hair while they're on the dock at sunset.
    More really nicely done lineart of Ace and Luffy laughing with each other.
    Another of the D brothers being really freaking cute as kids.
    Luffy surprising Ace with a kiss in this little comic is really neat!
    The brothers as kids again with Ace ruffling Luffy's hair as they both grin.
    More of Ace and Luffy flying towards each other as they laugh and fall.
    A chain of characters with Ace and Luffy, ala the Durarara!! ending, which looks fantastic.
    Luffy and Ace as kids getting into scrapes and having adventures and eating meals together and it's SO MUCH CUTE.
    Softly done sketch of Luffy tackle-glomping Ace into a hug from behind.
    Chibis of Ace and Luffy are so damn cute, too.
    Both of them wearing bows and smiling happily and, man, is this freaking cute.
    Ace and Luffy in red and black clothes in the foreground with their usual clothes in the background.
    Ace giving Luffy a piggyback ride when they were both younger and, god, it's cute.
    Luffy in his Strongworld outfit and Ace in the background.
    Doodle in black & white of Ace and Luffy as kids and it's totally adorable, too.
    The brothers falling through the sky in this nicely done black & white image of them.
    Smooth, slick lineart on this image of Ace and Luffy back to back and linking arms is not bad at all.
    Ahahaha, Luffy and Ace in tennis clothes in this image is kind of hilarious.
    Doodle of Ace and Luffy as kids sharing an umbrella as Luffy grabs Ace's arm, omg.
    Another comic strip of the two of them as kids and, wow, is it hilarious and totally adorable.
    Ace giving Luffy a piggyback again and it's a really great b&w image.
    More kidlets and piggyback rides that are really freaking adorable.
    Another comic strip with them as kids and Ace warming up to little Luffy and, god, my heart.
    Ace and Luffy wrestling around in this really nicely done sketch.
    Several pages of sketches of Ace and Luffy wrestling around again and as;ldfkjasl;jk I love them so much.
    God, these doodles of Ace and Luffy as kids are ridiculously cute.
    Ace and Luffy sleeping on a sofa and, man, they're still cute kids.
    I am weak to cute hugs like this one, yes. Shut up.
    More of them as kids and holding hands and smiling hugely.
    Ace squishing Luffy's face is all kinds of fun and cuteness.
    Multi-page comic that is so great, where Luffy dreams of meat and wakes up gnawing on Ace's arm and it only gets more adorable from there.
    Ace and Luffy both in dark red shirts and they both look really good.
    More of Ace and Luffy in red shirts done with glossy, shiny colors.
    Luffy in Ace's lap and biting Ace's shoulder in a nicely done image.
    Kidlet versions of Ace and Luffy with cat ears and more hugging and laughing.
    Luffy in Ace's lap again as they're drinking and laughing and having a good time.
    MORE KITTIES with Ace and Luffy and a;sldfkjasljk Luffy biting Ace's tail in his sleep is adorable.
    Kiddie versions of Ace and Luffy again and their arms around each other and smiling happily.
    Ace and Luffy and bathtime and a ton of different colors, which is all super fun and cute.
    More cat ears on Ace and Luffy, except this time they're more adult and it's more pairing-ish.
    Several sketches of Ace and Luffy as kids that are super adorable again! I never get tired of this kind of thing.
    Another comic strip of them as kids that's totally adorable with them being such brothers.
    Luffy in Ace's lap when they were kids and reading a book together and it's super cute.
    Ace giving a piggyback ride to Luffy who's crying, back when they were both kids.
    Luffy curled up in Ace's lap, while Ace laughs happily, which is sweet.
    Ace and Luffy on the beach with Iva-chan's face imposed on the background.
    Adorable kidlets of Ace and Luffy happy and laughing so freely.
    Shiny, glossy colors on Luffy and Ace as kids and laughing happily at sunset.
    Another series of sketches of Ace and Luffy as kidlets, showing their day from 8am to 10pm and OH MY GOD THE CUTE.
    Luffy wrapping himself around Ace as he gets a piggyback ride at sunset.
    Naked Ace and Luffy lounging around and dying of heat.
    Ace and Luffy as kids smiling happily and the artist doing a terrific job with Oda's style.
    Sketch of Luffy crying on Ace, who smiles at his little brother.
    Ace and Luffy being adorable in this black & white comic strip. Adorable and huggy.
    Luffy biting Ace, Ace smacking Luffy on the head and it's done really well; I love stuff like this.
    Luffy glomping onto Ace in a sharp, clean lineart image.
    Luffy stealing meat from Ace is still funny, yes.
    This artist is quickly turning into one of my favorites for the series of images she does with Ace and Luffy (well, others show up sometimes, too) that are just all kinds of fantastic--like this school days au one that is so much fun, even when I'm not usually that into high school aus. *__*
    Luffy grabbing onto Ace as they're both in slightly more modern clothes.
    Finally! Actual Ace/Luffy makeouts, because Japan has been kind of holding out on me.
    A couple of Ace & Luffy sketches that really nail Oda's style very well! And one image of Marco and Ace, but I think it's more about the D Brothers.
    Both of the brothers in red & black clothes in the style of the Strongworld suits and asd;lfkjaslkj they look really nice.
    Oh, I am weak to this kind of art, the really solid, clean lines and slick, vivid colors are both really fantastic.
    More of the two of them laughing and smiling as they were just really damned adorable kids.
    Ace with an arm slung lover Luffy's shoulders is a gorgeously drawn and colored image.
    Ace with kidlet Luffy sleeping on his chest as he holds Luffy. Awww!
    Awesomely done long fan-comic strip of Ace and Luffy when they were a little younger and out in the forest together.
    Beautifully done Ace/Luffy cover and then a bunch of sample doujinshi pages from Impel Down.
    Ace and Luffy in uniforms shouldn't be this interesting and yet it kind of is.
    More of the brothers as kidlets with Ace holding onto a crying Luffy.
    Ace and Luffy as kids and curled up in bed together at night, awww!
    Luffy glomping onto Ace as he tries to hang the sheets out to dry, very cute.
    Ace and Luffy in black kimono with tiger accents, which looks really nice.
    Chibis fishing together... or, well, Ace is, but Luffy is chewing on the meat on the end of the line.
    The two of them as kids, with Ace talking sternly to a crying Luffy.
    A series of Ace&Luffy sketches that are really nicely done, the lineart looks fantastic, and I love each of the poses/concepts.
    Luffy glomping onto Ace again in a solidly colored image.
    The two brothers lounging on a tree branch in the middle of a beautifully colored forest.
    More sketches in black & white of Ace and Luffy that are really very nicely done.
    Black & white doujinshi-style image of Ace and Luffy pressed close together.
    Ace and Luffy as kids practicing their sparring, even while bruised and battered already.
    It was the third one of this series of sketches, where Luffy was glommed onto Ace in sleep, that totally made me cave on it.
    A cute littel comic strip with Ace and Luffy and Luffy in Ace's lap and an almost kiss and pretty art, all things I like.
    Adorable and hilarious sketch of them sleeping on each other about as brothers do.
    Ace and Luffy in high school uniforms and I shouldn't find that so interesting, I know.
    Lounging around with a Chopper pillow and a map, this image of Ace and Luffy is really adorable.
    Luffy crying on Ace and it's a really nicely done image.
    Ace and Luffy in different clothes which is a fun image to see them a little different.
    The brothers wrapping arms around each other and laughing with each other, which is nice.
    I just like the slick, shiny colors on this image of Ace and Luffy in more modern clothes.

One Piece - Zoro/Sanji:
    Beautifully colored image of the two of them walking along a nighttime skyline in the distance--also, it looks even better in full view. (And big as hell, too!)
    Zoro/Sanji kiss meme responses are also really kinda awesome.
    The two of them arm wrestling and seriously how is that even a contest? XD
    Sanji cooking while Zoro watches and it's an awesome little image.
    Zoro and Sanji AU, I think? Whatever, it's weird and it's pretty, what OP should always be.
    Scenes from an AU with them in black suits and fighting and being hot? Why, thank you, Japan.
    More Strongworld art with them in different from usual clothing that looks awesome.
    Black & white image of Sanji doing up Zoro's tie with them both in black suits, mm.
    Zoro and Sanji looking out a window near a river or canal, in a really lovely image.
    ZoSan makeouts on a sofa was awfully nice of Japan, too.
    28 page comic for Zoro/Sanji, with some extra chibis in an adorable AU fantasty-esque setting, with lovely art and even makeouts? Why, thank you, Japan! ♥
    Sanji sitting on Zoro and sticking his feet in Zoro's face is kind of hilarious.
    Zoro and Sanji celebrating and I really like this artist's Sanji especially.
    Zoro and Sanji on a table is kind of hot, too. (NSFW.)
    Their arms around each other is kind of awesome in this image.
    Shovelling snow with Zoro and Sanji is kind of a really adorable little image!
    The two of them sharing a sofa and it's a cute doodle.
    Zoro and Sanji illustration with some really nice, sharp lines to them.
    Zoro and Sanji and Valentine's Day chocolate and what I like about this image is that it has a certain OP-like feel to it.
    Zoro and Sanji on a couch with Sanji curled up in his lap and you all shut up! I just like the colors!
    The bright, vivid colors on this Zoro and Sanji chibis image are totally shiny.
    Zoro and Sanji in Strongworld clothes and done in light, airy pastel colors that somehow work.
    Mostly sketches of Sanji, but there's a couple of Zoro with him in there, which are all lovely.
    Ready to fight in black suits, Zoro with his sword in his mouth, Sanji dropping the match that lit his cigarette.
    Another little comic with Zoro and Sanji where the sketchy lines and beautiful colors work awesomely together.
    This three-panel comic is kind of awesome just for the looks on their faces, but also for the gorgeous colors.
    More of a poster-style image this time with Sanji holding a bottle and leaning on Zoro.
    Another really pretty comic and I'm still entranced by the colors.
    Zoro and Sanji toweling off and, man, the patterns the artist uses with her vivid colors are great.
    Zoro/Sanji with one complete outfit between them and Zoro looking cranky while Sanji looks freaked.
    Three different outfits/poses of Zoro and Sanji from Strongworld. Big surprise that they're still fighting with each other.
    Wrapping arms around each other and, yeah, I'm still easy for art like this.
    And sometimes I just want makeouts and this image was nice enough to provide that.
    Smiling for once, which is nice to see occasionally.
    Cute little Zoro/Sanji comic that starts out nicely as well, but of course it doesn't last.
    Another doodle where I had to laugh at the expressions on both their faces.
    Sanji in black & red, with Zoro in blue, the both of them in a fight, look beautiful.
    Another beautifully colored comic and it's amusing to see Zoro weirded out sometimes, too.
    Zoro and Sanji's fastball special still makes me laugh, yeah.
    Zoro/Sanji as Shizuo/Izaya from DRRR!! delighted me like you have no idea. I totally laughed.
    More of their Strongworld suits and both of them ready for a fight/just finishing a fight.
    Strongworld clothes again and both of them still ready for a fight.
    It might not work for everyone but I genuinely love this artist's messy sketch style on her mutli-page series here.
    More sketches of Zoro and Sanji, this time with cute little animals, too. I love this artist a lot.
    Nicely done sketches of each of these two.
    Zoro and Sanji lounging around in a really nicely done sketch of them.
    Birthday image for Sanji again, of him and Zoro in more elaborate outfits this time.
    Simple image of Zoro and Sanji both in suits, but I really kinda liked it.

One Piece - Other pairings/duos:
    Amazing as hell Doflamingo vs Crocodile as they're in the middle of fighting each other. Epic.
    Ace and Luffy, the D brothers, being cute together.
    Chopper and Luffy crying their eyes out.
    Perona glomping onto Usopp is kind of ridiculously cute!
    Marco and Ace image that made me laugh because I can totally see that of Ace.
    Doflamingo vs Crocodile in a really damned epic image, wow.
    Ace vs Blackbeard is a really well-done image, too.
    Okay, I'm conflicted about it but the fanart for it? The Luffy/Hancock art is gorgeous.
    I can't lie; this Luffy/Hancock lineart is pretty hot.
    Garp and Sengoku image, which I did not think I'd see much art for, like, ever, either. XD
    Ace and Marco again both in the middle of using their powers, which look awesome.
    Kizaru vs Marco and you know who else can go DIAF? Kizaru.
    I can never decide if I ship these two, but... well, this image of Ben and Shanks is pretty awesome.
    I'm still weak to Zoro/Robin especially when it's awesome Christmas art.
    Zoro and Robin in formal clothes and dancing and omg yes plz.
    Another Zoro/Robin image of them on the porch on a warm summer day.
    Zoro and Robin both beaten up and in tattered clothes, as Zoro carries Robin and she holds his sword.
    Usopp and Luffy lounging under a blanket together is adorable, too.
    Luffy and Hancock meme responses which I love.
    The lineart of this image of Crocodile vs Mihawk is pretty sharp.
    Another sharp and pretty cool image of Mihawk fighting against Crocodile.
    Oh, man, this image is kind awesome because it has two images side by side of Jimbei and Crocodile. (My money is totally on Jimbei.)
    Seriously, OP fandom, why you gotta have so much awesome Crocodile and Doflamingo art?
    Holy crap is that... Helmeppo/Coby R-18 art? I BELIEVE IT IS.
    Gorgeously colored fanart of Frankie and Iceberg. ....yeah, I kind of ship it a little.
    A really nicely done image again, this time of Helmeppo and Coby.
    More Helmeppo/Coby art, this time of the two of them resting under a tree.
    Gin and Sanji in black & white is pretty hot, too, damn.
    One more of Helmeppo and Coby, this time in black & white with the two of them all scruffed up.
    No, wait, I lied, one more of Coby and Helmeppo in black & white with fantastic lineart.
    Shanks and Ace fighting together and, god, you have no idea how much I want more of that.
    Luffy giving Sanji a big hug and it's such a pretty, airy image. And such happy smiles!
    Luffy vs Shiki art is beautifully done, the reds of the image look fantastic.
    Shanks and Buggy are one of those (sort of) friendships that I find fascinating.
    Marco and Ace fighting side by side and, wow, this image looks fantastic.
    Whitebeard laughing at Ace with his head on fire makes me grin like crazy, too.
    Perona taking care of Zoro seriously promises so many lolz.
    Omgggg, Ace sitting on Oz Jr's shoulder is just the best thing ever (again, I know).
    Shanks and Luffy both on the ground and smiling brightly together.
    Why Doflamingo of all people is hugging Kuma, idek, but it's pretty!
    Sadi-chan and Doflamingo is a match made in hell, honestly. And this is hot.
    Doflamingo/Crocodile like this (where Crocodile is blushing) amuses me, so it can stay.
    Adorable as hell doodle of Zoro and Chopper!
    Crocodeil and Doflamingo in a modern AU wearing suits and riding in a car, beautifully done.
    Awesome image of Rayleigh and Shakky both looking totally badass, just sitting on a chair.
    Luffy and Hancock in prisoner outfits and chained together.
    More beautifully done Doflamingo/Crocodile and I'm wondering about fandom again.
    Brb, lolling forever at Whitebeard and tiny little Crocodile.
    Oh, lord, more lolling forever at Doflamingo and Crocodile exchanging outfits.
    Beautifully done image of Mihawk and Crocodile in almost black & white.
    Shanks and kidlet Luffy both with huge grins on their faces and beautiful colors!
    Genderswapped Nami and Robin are both seriously hot.
    Nami and Chopper in festival getup and being so damn cute I can hardly stand it.
    Hancock skins her knee so Luffy gives her a piggyback ride and, wow, this image is lovely in black & white.
    A comic strip with Garp and Ace and just... as;dlfkaslkj oh god I love Garp being a moron about his grandsons, especially when Ace is a baby.
    Chopper riding around on Usopp's head in a really lovely image.
    Ace kissing Shanks' scar and it's not a pairing I would have thought of, but I don't object.
    Oh, man, little kidlet Luffy sitting in Shanks' lap is all kinds of super adorable.
    You know, I wouldn't object to the idea of Inazuma and Ivankov.
    I'm weak to brightly colored art like this, of Alvida and Buggy.
    Luffy and Hancock in a hug with pretty, glossy cg colors.
    Another really pretty image of Luffy and Hancock in beautiful cg colors.
    Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid here is kind of a gorgeous image.
    Hancock and Luffy back to back is pretty nicely done as well.
    Really cool sketch of the Ace vs Blackbeard fight.
    Perona sleeping on Zoro's lap made me laugh kinda hard.
    Really cool depiction of the fight between Ace and Blackbeard.
    Robin and Nami both look really hot in one of their Strongworld outfits.
    Ahaha, Nami making Zoro carrying her bags is seriously endlessly entertaining to me.
    Yeah, okay, I totally cracked up here at this image of Moria and Mihawk. Just. LOL.
    Another of Coby and Helmeppo with really solid coloring that looks professional.
    Stunning image of Zoro and Robin sitting back to back, him napping, her reading, in Oda's style, but with softer colors. Beautiful.
    Really beautiful b&w image of Crocodile and Robin. Especially Robin. *__*
    Christmas image of Luffy and Hancock where she's dressed up in a hot as hell Santa-themed outfit.
    Luffy getting a ride on Trafalgar Law and I... wouldn't disapprove of more interaction with them.
    How Japan comes up with Doflamingo/Sadi-chan I don't even know. But this is pretty.
    Aokiji with kidlet Robin and the simpleness of the image makes it lovely.
    Nami and Nojiko together, laughing and so very happy.
    Sanji and Chopper reading late at night and, god, you would not believe how freaking cute this is.
    Vivi giving Luffy a hug which is both lovely and really sweet.
    Two page-comic of Rouge giving birth to Ace and, god, my heart. I want more of her so badly.
    Zoro and Chopper for Christmas are super adorable. After rereading parts of the manga, I want more friendship with these two!
    More of Zoro and Chopper, this time from Strongworld, and, man, I love their friendship.
    Usopp and Sanji running away at the same time and it's not a big image, but it's an interesting one!
    Zoro and Luffy in the jungle from Strongworld and I love how colorful and nicely detailed this one is.
    Girl versions of Luffy and Usopp and it's one of the ones I really like for both of them.
    I'm weak to nicely drawn sketches, especially when it's a semi-uncommon matchup like Usopp and Sanji.
    Luffy flying onto girl!Usopp and, man, is it pretty here and I'm continuing to grow weak to this kind of thing.
    Luffy clinging to Brook's afro is kind of hilarious and I'm intrigued by this artist's style.
    Rouge with her baby in her arms and this sketch is just so lovely and happy.
    Vivi and Kohza yanking and pulling on each other is kind of ridiculously adorable.
    One more illustration of Vivi and Kohza that was nicely done.
    Vivi leaning on Kohza's shoulder is a really interesting and cool-looking image.
    This image of Zoro and Tashigi is amazingly done in the anime style.
    Wow, there's art of Buggy and Mr 3, though, I suppose I really shouldn't be too surprised by that.
    Ahahaha, more Mr 3/Buggy and... yeah, okay, that's one way to use his wax powers.
    Luffy spraying Chopper with a hose on a warm, summery day.
    Nami vs Kalifa fight complete with even more fanservice and, yeah, I still think it's kinda awesome.
    Gorgeous image of Hancock glomping onto Luffy's lap.
    Luffy and Sanji chibis for Halloween with some really cute, bright pastel colors.
    I'm kind of falling in love with the crack of Doflamingo/Crocodile. It's just so awesomely ridiculous!
    OH GOD THE CUTE IT IS SO STRONG--Garp reading to baby Ace in his arms? ;askldjfl;akjs I would look at art like this forever.
    Garp with baby Ace in a sling and seriously the cute is threatening to overwhelm me.
    Roger vs Shiki is a kind of really cool little image.
    Ace and Whitebeard image and it's too bad there's not more of their dynamic.
    Robin and Sanji in Impel Down uniforms are kind of awesome.
    Ahahaha, I kind of love this for the Sanji & Usopp friendship.
    Nami and Robin being girly in their sleepwear together and I love these two.
    Another Sanji & Usopp friendship sort of image, although this one is much friendlier.
    Vivi and Robin in formal black dresses and, man, they're both so lovely.
    Chopper sitting on Luffy's shoulders from their Strongworld appearance, is so freaking cute.
    Zoro sleeping on a fluffy Chopper is a ridiculously cute doodle, omg.
    Sanji decorating a cake while Robin stands nearby and I liked the perspective on this one.
    Tiny little Chopper climbing all over Sanji is really freaking adorable, too.
    Ace curled up under Whitebeard's massive arm as they both take a nap and, shit, I'm weak, shut up.
    Whitebeard and Ace on a ship this time and drinking and laughing with some really great lineart.
    Heee, Ace and Sanji with facial hair that are like their father figures', which is kind of hilarious.
    Roger and Rouge in a really sweet image as she gently places a hand on her stomach.
    Usopp and Chopper at the beach as they're playing in the sand and having fun.
    Usopp and Zoro fighting back to back is a pretty awesome-looking image, too.
    Zoro and Nami kiss as they're dressed up like traditional pirates, which looks really good.
    Ace and Trafalgar Law facing off and, man, they are both (ha ha) super hot here.
    Luffy wrapped up in Hancock's snakes, along with some really nicely done anime-style colors.
    Sanji and Usopp on the beach with a dozen black birds flying past them.
    No, seriously, Japan, why do you keep making Crocodile and Doflamingo/Crocodile so cute?
    Sanji, kidlet Sanji, and Chopper all together are really adorable and beautifully colored.
    Shanks and Buggy back on Roger's ship, I believe. It's a beautifully done image, though.
    Gorgeously colored, softly done image of Sanji and Chopper sitting on the deck together.
    Girl versions of Sanji and Luffy as Luffyko glomps onto her is kind of neat.
    Garp holding kidlet Ace as they both laugh happily is heartbreakingly sweet.
    Awesome image of Whitebeard done in clean, smooth black & white.
    Messy sketch of Whitebeard and Ace that I really liked, especially as they stand in the shallow water here.
    Sanji taking care of Chopper is so cute, awww!
    Luffy and Usopp friendship is one of my favorite things just about ever.
    Ace and Oars Jr! My heart, you guys.
    Zoro and Perona interaction is one of those things that makes me glad deep in my heart.
    Shiny, glossy colors on this image for Sanji's birthday with him and Luffy are nicely done.
    Sketch of Whitebeard and Ace's backs with the caption of "Family" on it and, aww, my heart.
    More of Ace and Oars Jr, awwww! <3
    Beautifully colored illustration with fantastic basic lineart of Whitebeard and Ace laughing and drinking together.
    Robin goofing off while Chopper catches sight of her.
    Roger smiling at Rouge as she watches the ocean and a;sdlkjfaslkj god I ship them so hard.
    Luffy hugging Chopper is ADORABLE, oh man.
    Even I have to admit that this one of Ace and Marco looks pretty good.
    Marco vs Shanks this time and it's seriously kind of an awesome image.
    Franky and Iceburg as kids are super adorable, man, why'd they have to grow up?
    Big Bad Wolf Sanji and Little Red Riding Hood Usopp as they walk through the forest together is kind of hilarious.
    Doflamingo/Crocodile amuses me because of art like this and Crocodile's life being hard makes me smile.
    Seriously, some of the Doflamingo/Crocodile art that's out there is really kind of gorgeous.
    Lucci/Spandam isn't a pairing I normall go for, but when pretty art pops up, it's still pretty.
    Another Lucci/Spandam image but in color this time and the artist is still really good.
    Mihawk/Crocodile is kind of really pretty and apparently it's my day to find odd pairings art!
    One more of Mihawk/Crocodile because the artist draws them really well.
    Shanks giving kidlet Luffy a ride on his shoulders, which is light, airy, and happy.
    More Doflamingo/Crocodile, in black & white this time, because I can't resist the pretty art.
    Luffy glomping onto Usopp in a nicely done colorized black&white image.
    Really nicely drawn comic strip of that flashback with Whitebeard and Roger.
    Doflamingo and Crocodile lols which I still have yet to tire of, god knows why.
    Smoker and Hancock lolz this time, which I would totally love to see.
    Sanji and Usopp image of the two of them sitting back to back.
    Oh, shit, Zoro and winged!Robin as she floats down into his arms while they're both in chibi form and a;sldkfjaslkj shit that's cute.
    Franky vs Crocodile fight image is really nicely drawn.
    Beautifully colored Hancock/Luffy image of her holding him close to her chest.
    More nicely done art of Shanks and Ben this time.
    Ace and Whitebeard with their backs turned and matching tattoos across them.

[Note: This batch of art is going to be SPOILERY for up to late 570s. Avoid if you don't want to be spoiled because the descriptions will give things away, too.]

One Piece - Group images [SPOILERY]:
    A scene from 571 where Ace is *fwoom*ing Luffy and Mr. 3 back up once the cuffs finally came off him.
    This image of Garp and his grandsons during Ace's execution arc just breaks my heart. It's the bottom panel that really does me in.
    Another series of images that broke my heart, with Ace's goodbye words here being to not be sad, that they were his family, that they gave his life meaning, and thanks for your love. I am this close to fucking crying again, goddammit.
    Oh, god, the sheer amount of adorable with Roger, Rouge, and baby Ace holding both their hands. SO FREAKING CUTE.
    God, you know Roger's a total moron like the rest of the morons in OP. Plus, Roger, Rouge, and baby Ace in cute little outfits? DO WANT.
    A fan's version of 575 and it's really beautifully done. And still hurts like hell.
    This multi-page comic is hard to look at, because it's Ace meeting Roger and Rouge in the afterlife and all the baggage there, but then Marco uses his phoenix abilities to give Ace the chance to come back and it's just so... in the spirit of OP that I want it so damn badly, despite knowing that Marco's Zoan powers won't be able to work like that.
    Gorgeous image of Ace with the cuffs off as he drags Luffy (and Mr. 3) back up and they're surrounded by fire and Whitebeard and Garp in the background, but it hurts so damn bad seeing Ace as the protective big brother here, the invincible older brother who won't die, no matter what. And knowing that's not true.
    Cute little doodle comic based on 574.
    Another comic series based on 574 with flashbacks through Ace's life and the people he cared about, which threatens to make me start tearing up all over again.
    8 pages of various scenes from 574, the potential aftermath in the future (the one with the Strawhats all surrounding Luffy, who's curled in on himself), and then Ace waving with a smile. Jesus christ, my heart.
    Chapter 575 in collage style with Whitebeard destroying the Marine HQ and everyone's reactions to everything going on.
    Roger, Rouge, and baby Ace and I'm just a sucker for the family of those three.
    Jesus, this 20+ page comic is just mean for making me realize just how damn hard I ship Roger/Rouge and making me grin so hard my face hurt over their total adorable and then ripping my heart out with their ending.
    Another comic of Ace seeing Roger and Rouge after his death and a;sdlkjfals;kj god what I wouldn't do for fics like this.

One Piece - Luffy [SPOILERY]:
    WAH, Luffy with Ace's hat and just this... moody look on his face. It hurts my heart.

One Piece - Ace [SPOILERY]:
    Oh, god, I miss Ace, too, and this image of him in a melancholy/moody pose just reminds me of everything he went through.
    Ace burning up, even the tattoo on his back is burning and, god, it still hurts.
    Ace crying while his hands are still tied behind his back and, god, just remembering that part of the storyline still hurts.

One Piece - Ace/Luffy [SPOILERY]:
    Oh, god, this image broke my heart all over again, even when it's just a sketch.
    This image sucker-punched me in the worst way, jesus. It's the final two images on the sofa that just really hurt.
    Ace's hand drops Luffy's hat onto his head and when Luffy looks up, there's no one there. JESUS, MY HEART. IT REALLY HURTS.
    A comic titled "you are my family", showing Luffy and Ace growing up, from the time they were kids to Ace leaving to Ace dying in Luffy's arms (oh, god, Luffy's tears made me cry OVER FANART, I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE) to onwards, each image destroying me over and over again. This artist is brilliant.
    Nearly transparent Ace ruffling Luffy's hair while the text writes, "goodbye my brother" and, shit, I should stop looking at OP fanart like this because too many in a row are making me tear up again.
    Luffy holding Ace's body and crying and asl;dfkjaslkj yeah still broken-hearted over here.
    Okay, totally sobbing again at the soft smile on Ace's face and the tears on Luffy's face and the text over this image.
    Another image of Luffy holding Ace as he dies, it's Ace's hand in Luffy's hair that broke me here, too.
    Coloring of the panel from 574 where Ace thanks Luffy for loving him and, shit, this really hurts.
    This comic, of Luffy turning to see Ace not there just breaks my goddamned heart, because it's so happy... and then not.
    Luffy flying towards Ace even as his hands are still chained behind his back and, god, my heart.
    Switching hats, this two page-comic is heartbreaking with Ace smiling as he holds Luffy's hat and Luffy holding Ace's hat and crying heartbrokenly. God, MY heart hurts.
    Ace dying in Luffy's arms and it's the mix of Ace's peaceful face with Luffy's heartbroken one that just hurts like hell.
    Luffy with Ace's hat around his neck and Ace's phantom hand ruffling his hair and, jesus, after looking at fanart all morning, I just want to cry over the heavy lines of Luffy's frame.
    This two-page comic is brutal. Just looking at the second page, after the first one is so happy and shiny, makes me want to cry for real.
    Luffy wrapping arms around Ace as he's bloody and dying and, god, it's still so painful.
    Comic based off 575 and the ending panel kind of made my heart hurt again with how badly I wanted it.
    Ace dying in Luffy's arms, leaning against his shoulder and just. Jesus, my heart.
    Long comic strip image that's beautifully drawn from 574; both the current scene and the flashbacks of their childhood.
    Luffy being broken over Ace's body and just screaming silently at the sky, which breaks my heart so bad.
    Oh, shit this image hurt like hell. Luffy crying while memories of Ace spill out underneath him and Ace's tattoo on his arm just. Threatens to make me cry all over again.
    Luffy kissing Ace goodbye and it's the soft smile on Ace's face that still gets me every fucking time.
    Another 574-based multi-page comic that just gets to my heart because of all the emotion in it and the flashbacks and saying goodbye.
    Black & white image of Ace as he's coming back up from after being freed and dragging Luffy behind him and fire everywhere.
    After the last few images that I've been looking at on Pixiv and then this one comes along, more chibi flashbacks of Ace and Luffy connecting as kids, I'm really getting close to tearing up again. Dammit.
    Sketch of Luffy holding on to Ace's body after 573/574 and the emotion of it is heartbreaking.
    Multi-panel comic strip that's more flashbacks to Ace and Luffy getting into scrapes as kids and close-ups on their faces as Ace is saying goodbye and it's just fucking heartbreaking.
    The colors are lovely on this image as a dying Ace leans onto Luffy and has his hand in Luffy's hair.
    Jesus, this one breaks my fucking heart as well, with the first one being so cute of Ace holding kidlet Luffy and it's so happy. And then 574 where Luffy is holding a dying Ace and it's just so heartbreaking.
    Luffy screaming while holding Ace's body and it hurts, too.
    More multiple pages of comics of Ace and Luffy as kids... and then you get to the 574 spoiler. T__T
    This just hurts, too, because it's a mirror image of them as kids and adults, when Ace was leaning into Luffy's lap.
    Cute two pages of comics with Luffy glomping onto Ace.
    Ace crying on Luffy as he's dying and, god, my heart all over again.
    Ace and Luffy against the blue, blue sky and I love how vivid this is even as it really hurts.
    Poster-style image done in almost lighter colored sepia and, oh, my heart.

One Piece - Other pairings/duos [SPOILERY]:
    Oh, god, this 14 page comic did a number on me again because it's post-574 with Ace and Roger in the afterlife and it's just. Oh, it's so much of what I wanted that I practically couldn't keep it in my pants over the adorable/pretty art and the dynamic I wanted so damn badly.

[/end One Piece spoilery links]

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