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Pokemon - Unsorted:
    Oh, christ, I didn't want to go there, but this image of Dawn (I'm just going to use their US names) was pretty enough to make me cave.
    Omg would you look how adorable this is?
    More cute little squirrel pokemon that are just super adorable.
    Pikachu image that's super cute again.
    Beautiful image of Giratina that's just epic in full view.
    Ash in the forest with tons of pokemon around him.
    This one is really nice, even if I forget the dude's and the pokemon's names.
    Snow and fire is a pretty mix here.
    I really love the cute style and pretty pastels of this image.
    BABY POKEMON SO CUTE, that's pretty much all I ever say anymore, isn't it? orz
    Pokemon girls adorableness.
    Pretty image of Cynthia.
    Beautiful poster-style image of the various steel pokemon that I love. *__*
    Pokemon in a cave that's super adorable.
    Various Eevee evolutions in a pile that's adorable.
    Pokemon group image that's very cute again.
    Very pretty Glaceon image, I love the softness of it.
    More super pretty Eevee evolutions that I really liked.
    I am super weak to light, glowing colors like on this Jirachi image.
    More adorable pokemon, shut up, I know my descriptions are lame. :|
    Another pretty group image with the pokemon.
    Oh, this group of water pokemon looks awesome together.
    Pretty Shinx evolutions, I have a great fondness for this one.
    Umbreon vs one of those little plant ones (Roserade maybe? idk yet) while Espeon is like D: in the background. So cute.
    Baby Shinx is so adorable.
    More pretty Eevee evolutions, I really like the colors.
    Pokemon sprites! Yes.
    The glowing colors of this group of four pokemon are really lovely.
    Another lovely Glaceon image surrounded by ice.
    Aww! Little baby Leafeon!
    Leafeon and Glaceon, I love this one.
    Loads of pokemon in the forest, super cute.
    Cute cotton candy style Umbreon and Espeon.
    Pokemon and Trainer in a cave, this is really nicely done.
    The glowing colors on this image of Ash and Pokemon are amazing.
    Serious faced Ash holding up a pokeball.
    Another gorgeous one of Ash and... Ninetails, maybe?
    The background of this image is just stunning.
    More cute Eevee evolutions.
    Nicely done Vapreon image.
    D/P/P Rival and a Snorlax, also very nicely done, I even love the tons of yellow in this.
    Ash and Pikachu that's beautifully done.
    Also nicely done is this Flareon image.
    Cute Togekiss image.
    Ash and pokemon that's really pretty, too.
    Ash and baby Eevee with various stones, very pretty.
    Ash surrounded by the Pokemon girls, which is really kinda pretty.
    Super cute water pokemon group image.
    I love the cg style of this pretty Espeon image.
    Dawn and Pachirisu that's got pretty, bright colors.
    Super cute and very pretty colors on this Jirachi image.
    Very pretty colors on this Espeon and Eevee image.
    Leafeon and Vapreon image that's really cute.
    Another brightly colored and super cute group of pokemon.
    Umbreon and Eevee in a basket, super cute.
    Jirachi image in space and trailing stars, I love the colors of this.
    A group of pokemon and Dawn that is just darling.
    Dawn and Piplup done in poster style and it looks amazing.
    Omg, really cute and pretty Vapreon with baby Eevee curled up on it, while they're in the water.
    Cynthia/Dawn image that's very nicely done, clean and slick lines and colors. I'm just ignoring the text.
    Pichu and Pikachu adorableness, awww.
    Flareon and baby Eevee lighting a stick on fire, SUPER cute.
    Another beautifully done image of Riley and his Lucario.
    Gorgeous image of Cynthia and her Milotic and Gabite.
    Beautifully colored Vapreon image again.
    Cynthia in the snow that's really pretty.
    Dawn handing Cynthia flowers, which is adorable.
    More super cute Jirachi.
    Kinda awesome Riley and Lucario image.
    Awesome image of Cynthia and her Gabite.
    Very nice Lucario, the lines are clean and mooth again.
    Super adorable Jirachi again.
    Pretty image of a Milotic and Lucario.
    Another cute Dawn and Cynthia image.
    Really pretty Cynthia and Riley, who both have their Lucarios.
    Brightly colored circle of pokemon.
    Cute image of Dawn and her rival.
    Adorable group of pokemon in a field.
    Awesome image of Riley and a group of pokemon.
    Another beautiful image of Riley and his Lucario leaning against him.
    Lovely Cynthia image again.
    Nicely done electric pokemon and trainers.
    Pretty image of Riley and his Lucario surrounded by flowers.
    More pretty with this Lucas and Dawn image.
    The colors on this image of the Pokemon girls are lovely and vivid.
    Volkner and a baby Shinx clinging to his leg, which is super adorable.
    Holy shit, this image of Giratina and Dawn is amazing.
    Lookit the pokemon all curled up around the kotatsu and how they keep it warm! XD
    Hee, a Torterra with a Christmas tree that's kind of seriously great.
    The various evolutions of Evee combined with super pretty jewel-like colors? Yes plz.
    Volkner and a Shinx.
    Really beautiful image of a Leafeon.
    Actually kind of awesome image of a Swampert.
    Solidly done image of a Gabite.
    Trainer and a group of pokemon that looks really cool.
    Another pixiv trainer and a group of pokemon.
    Beautiful image of a Milotic and a Gardevoir traveling in a boat at night.
    Cute image of a Milotic agian.
    There are some nice, clean lines on this Milotic underwater image.
    Cute image of Cynthia and a Milotic.
    Oh, another really lovely image of a Milotic.
    Adorable image of Cynthia and her pokemon.
    Lovely image of trainers a some of the larger pokemon.
    You can kind of tell I hit up the Milotic tag, but this undersea image was worth it.
    Cynything and her pokemon ready to battle is pretty again.
    Okay, wow, this is seriously my new favorite human version of a pokemon (Milotic), it's really beautiful.
    I think I could spend hours just looking up pretty art of Cynthia and her Pokemon.
    Cynthia and her Milotic again.
    Several pokemon playing in the ocean, which is really pretty.
    This image is really sweet, of a Milotic and
    Lovely image of a Lukario, Driftloon, and Milotic.
    Milotic weaving through ice shards about to attack.
    Adorable (and really pretty) image of Dawn with a Pachirisu and Piplup.
    A pile of Pokemon cutenes. XD
    Just about every Dawn pairing possible. XD
    Oh, this image of Swampert and trainer looks fantastic.
    Awesome image of Flint and Dawn.
    Volkner and Flint that's nicely done.
    Dawn and a whole bunch of various pokemon that's really nice.
    Eee, Dawn and a Luxray, my favorite combination! <3
    Cute image of the rival and a Turtwig.
    ....oh, shit, I might have to ship Volkner/Dawn a little just for this image of both of them with a Luxray. *__*
    Little baby Shinx and Lukario hiding in the grass, aw.
    Dawn, Flint, and Volkner tickling cuteness.
    Volkner, Dawn, and a Luxray again.
    Volkner and Flint with various pokemon again.
    Ahahaha, two pokemon remind Dawn of some people. XD
    Dawn and the rival meeting Volkner and Flint at the battle arena.
    Sketches of the evolution of Ralts to Kirlia to Gardvoir that I really liked.
    Oh, this shiny image of a Gardevoir is really nice.
    Leafeon and Glaceon that's beautiful.
    Halloween pokemon that are so cute!
    Pretty image of a Gardevoir... with a gun? Well, it's pretty anyway.
    Cute domesticness with a Gardevoir and kid.
    Pretty image of a Gardevoir dancing on water.
    Beautiful image of three pokemon.
    Long and elegent lines on this image of Leafeon, Umbreon, and Glaceon are lovely.
    There are some bright, pretty colors on this Luxray.
    I really kind of liked this artist's Glameow.
    Oh, beautiful image of a big and little Espeon.
    Leafeon comforting Glaceon. XD
    Cute Dawn image, too.
    The clean lines and colors on this image of a Leafeon are wonderful.
    Human version of a Glaceon is... surprising, yes. XD
    Espeon, Glaceon, and pixiv trainer, very cute.
    Lovely image of the evolution up to Gardevoir again.
    Flint meeting the kids outside the battle frontier, I believe?
    Dawn and Volkner cuteness, I think?
    Very cute image of Dawn and a giant Houndoom.
    Adorable sketches of several Pokemon again.
    Kinda awesome image of Luccario in battle.
    Brightly colored cast image, one of those with them each in their own little square.
    Dawn and Piplup with soft, hazy colors that I really liked.
    Gorgeous coloring on this one of the evolution of Eevees, wow.
    Awesome (and kind of scary) looking Luxor.
    Pretty soft, colors here that are almost like a painting.
    Cynthia getting a ride on a pokemon that's really kinda sweet.
    Both the characters and the Pokemon look fantastic here.
    Team Rocket scribble looks cool.
    Cynthia being carried princess-style.
    Flint with Cynthian in a fireman's carry, not a pairing I ship, but I liked this image.
    The various evolutions of Eevee are still some of my favorites.
    These Pokemon look great, too.
    Gorgeous Vapreon image, I love the beautiful shades of blue here.
    Lovely image of a Glaceon this time.
    Cool-looking Jolteon image.
    Some nicely done Pokemon sketches collection.
    Another pretty Vapreon image that I liked.
    Luccario image that looks great.
    Awesome image of Volkner, who might be one of my favorite characters, I'm starting to fear.
    Volkner smoking image, which still looks cool, dammit.
    Beautiful image of the Pokemon against a miniature pond, I love the detail and colors.
    It's this image's fault that I was like, well, that's certainly pretty. Man, Green is pretty. And the red string is pretty. Man, I kinda want to ship that. .....wait, what? ....shit. orz
    More Green/Red, with a kiss meme response which is really kind of amazingly pretty.
    The various evolutions of Eevee all crawling along a crescent moon--so adorable!
    The various evolutions of Eevee all in a pile this time and it's SO CUTE.
    Green/Red hug at sunset which is kind of beautifully drawn.
    Two-part image of Green taking his shirt off while Red grabs the bedsheets and it's moooostly worksafe but is still kind of hot. Shit.
    Flying Pokemon! Giving a ride to a bunch of others!
    Red this time, and he's just as pretty, with the red string wrapped around his finger and the green necklace on him.
    Red falling onto Green where they both look surprised. And pretty.
    Beautiful image of Pokemon in the snow--along with Red. (P.S. That fight destroyed me the first time I tried. Jfc, he's ridiculous.)
    Red grabbing onto Green's shirt and, dammit, I think I'm starting to actively ship it now.
    Red getting glomped by his Pokemon which is really kind of adorable.
    A Team Rocket (I think?) grunt with an Arbok which is a really fantastic little sketch.
    Ghostly Pokemon on a shrine which looks beautiful.
    Promotional poster-style image from HGSS and, boy, is it fantastic.
    Another poster-style image of HGSS and DPP characters.
    Several Pokemon doodles in a collage that's also really lovely.
    A bunch of those crow Pokemon in various evolutions sitting in a tree together.
    Various Pokemon trainers in an awesome collection of bookmark-like images together.
    Oh, lord, these two images from HGSS are just... they're beautiful.
    The HGSS kids curled up on Pokemon and their trainer while they sleep, aww.
    Ethan and Lyra curled up on Red while they make adorable little scared faces and asl;dfjkaslkj my heart.
    Man, Red's kind of hot especially when he's drawn like this.
    Awesome image of Red and his Pokemon with some really vibrant, fantastic colors.
    Red vs Green with their Pokemon standing behind them.
    Green yanking on Red's cap as he grins into Red's face, which is cute.
    Red and Green playing video games together is a surefire way to... idk, I guess I already ship it, so... now I want fic? Shit. orz
    A selection of various trainers that all look awesome and kinda badass.
    Green/Red makeouts and kitty ears and then some other Trainers cuteness!
    A collage of various Reds which has that shiny, almost hazy look I like so much.
    Red wrapping around Green from behind in another glossy, almost glowy image.
    Cute image of Red looking younger with his hat in his hand.
    I can't say I shipped it before but the Ethan/Lyra adorableness here? So, so tempting.
    Totally cute image of Dawn and her two little Pokemon.
    Morty and Lyra in pretty fall colors and asd;lkfjaslkj shit that's nicely done.
    Green's arm draped over Red's shoulder as they both lean forwards is a nicely done image.
    Almost like a card style of Morty, this image looks amazing.
    Another image of Red wrapping arms around Green in a hug from behind that's pretty.
    Red up against a red wall with red splatters on it and the different shades of the color look nice.
    Green and Red with their biggest Pokemon in a neat dual-bookmark-like image.
    Morty surrounded by his ghost Pokemon is kind of a neat image, too.
    This one of Ethan and a Sneasel definitely made me smile.
    Fantastic group image made up of four smaller images of various games' protagonists.
    Matching Green against a green wall with green splatters behind him that use the same solid coloring.
    Cute image of Lyra and Ethan done in poster style for HGSS.
    I really like the atmosphere of this one of Morty with him surrounded by a ghostly aura.
    Lovely image of Dawn with snow falling around her.
    A series of Red and Green sketches that are hilarious and adorable, especially the school uniforms.
    Red and Green with their burny Pokemon is kind of an awesome image, too.
    Cute image of Red looking thoughtful with the words "Have you ever been in love?" written on it.
    HGSS kotatsu hilarity especially with... well, all of them, really.
    Adorable image of Lyra dashing off with a Cyndaquil.
    Awesome image of Green and that bigass bird of his, wow.
    A Green, Red and Lyra cover caught my attention, but the extra sketch is hilarious.
    Red looking all :/ in the foreground with Green all u__u in the background? Adorable.
    More of Green, Red, and Lyra and it's... not precisely an OT3, but it's the selection of characters I'm most interested in right now, so this is great.
    Red and Green and the HGSS kids, more of exactly what I want right now! AND it's adorable!
    ....oh for the love of christ why does Japan have to draw such cute Green/Red stuff?
    Red dressed like a Pikachu with an actual Pikachu as they much on candy while Green goes "....!"? Also adorable.
    Awesome image of Dawn and her Pokemon and I'm kind of adoring the hell out of this artist.
    Red and Green running along with their Pokemon which is another really cute, fun image.
    I love Ethan and Lyra's terrified faces with Red and Green in the background there.
    The HGSS kids tucking a giant egg in is totally adorable, too, aww.
    I can't say I ship Gold and Silver either but man this image makes it kind of tempting.
    This one makes it even more tempting to ship Gold (Ethan) and Silver, I have to admit.
    Green yelling at Red as they're both a little scuffed from a fight.
    Green with really vibrant green eyes is one of my favorite things about fanart.
    I don't know if I like the Pokemon in the background or the Trainers in the foreground the best here.
    Epic Trainers and Pokemon VS battle fanart is one of my favorite things in this fandom.
    Really neat image of Morty (Matsuda) here again and I love how looong his legs look in this one.
    Lyra sitting in Ethan's lap and as;ldfkjalskj I wish Pixiv would stop making me weak to all these different ships.
    Green hugging Red from behind as he pulls Red into his lap.
    Morty in an autumn leafed path with his ghost Pokemon surrounding him.
    Chibi-esque Green glomping onto chibi-esque Red along with sparkly, glossy colors? Yes.
    Green wrapping Red up into a rather desperate hug and it's kind of right about here that I realize just how far I'm gone. Sigh.
    A collage of three Reds, each with a different giantass Pokemon, in a beautiful image.
    A Green/Red kiss artistically blocked by Pikachu's tail in just the right place.
    DPP protagonist and rival art is really cute here.
    The various Pokemon girls look fantastic in this image, I love all of them.
    Red leaning over to kiss Green while Green sticks a hand on his Eevee's head to turn its head away.
    Adorable image of an Eevee with warm, almost sepia tones.
    Morty leaning down to talk with that one giant ghost Pokemon of his.
    Green/Red multi-panel comic strip that's a little sketchy but has some fantastic lines.
    Ooh, pretty, pretty image of Morty with a great design for a fanart of him.
    Silver with his batch of six Pokemon who are all darling while he makes "my life is so hard" faces. XD
    Green sharing his coat with Red on a cold, wintery day. By wrapping it around and leaning against Red's back.
    Awesome and epic image of a Lugia in the middle of an amazing attack.
    Fantastic battle-ready Morty image with him gently pressing a pokeball to his lips and having legs a mile long again.
    Red with Pikachu trying to climb onto his knee and Red's hat dumped on its adorable little head.
    Awesome collage of Green and Red in different poses and outfits, all ready to battle.
    Red walking by Lucas and Dawn in another really pretty image by this artist.
    Red with several of his Pokemon... well, and an Eevee.
    Neat image of Morty and Eusine as they're scuffed from a battle and walking away together.
    Red and Green in black suits and, hiiiiii, yes, thank you, Pixiv.
    Chibi-esque Green walking along with his cute little Eevee.
    Chibi-esque Green and Red this time, each of them with their usual Pokemon, done in glossy, shiny colors.
    The Red - Green - Blue characters are kind of adorable together here.
    Falkner with his bird Pokemon and, man, they are both beautifully drawn.
    Chibi-esque Morty patting the head of his Gengar.
    Lyra is a girl after my own heart, dressing Red up in a Pikachu costume like this.
    Red with glasses is one more clichekink to check off the list then. :9
    Cute image of Falkner as he's brushing his bird Pokemon's feathers.
    Silver trying undress Lyra from her Team Rocket outfit and, boy, did I lol at this one.
    Another lovely take on Morty in a sort of manga-esque style.
    Another great image of the trio with their Pokemon in the background behind them.
    Cute, happy, smiley Morty with this ghost Pokemon surrounding him.
    Awesome image of Morty's head in Falkner's lap as they're on an autumn leaf-strewn pathway.
    Red with a Pikachu as they gently touch cheeks, which is really cute.
    Ethan holding his usual Pokemon (Marill and Cyndaquil) and looking really cute.
    Lyra gently touching Morty's face and asl;dfkjals;kjs dammit this, too, is really cute.
    This image of Red and Silver is really nicely done as well.
    Green, Red, Gold, and Silver with their auras matching their names.
    I still don't know where Morty/Falkner comes from but that's not going to stop me from enjoying the pretty art.
    Gorgeous image of Red and his Pokemon in a dark cave and looking badass as all get out.
    Green pulling Red close while they sleep, smiling quite happily about it. Pikachu's dream bubble totally makes the image, though.
    Red desperately leaning into Green, who puts a gentle hand on the back of his head.
    Awesome image of Brock with his Pokemon--well, I think it's Brock. I already know a horrifying amount of the characters' names.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous image of a Growlithe and, man, now I want one again.
    Red with an adorable little Vulpix and awwwww I already miss mine.
    Red and Red with some nice lineart is an interesting image to see.
    Red with his group of Pokemon again as they wait in another dramatically lit cave.
    Man, this Green/Red doujinshi has a pretty cover and sample pages.
    Pretty image of Green, Red, and Gold and I really like all of their eyes.
    Green falling asleep at his desk while his Eevee watches him.
    Cynthia and her Umbreon are both gorgeous and I love how well the colors/designs match.
    More of Red and Green ready to battle with their usual Pokemon of Pikachu and Eevee.
    Green and Red in black suits and glasses with both their Pokemon adding to the badass effect. XD
    Red with a Pikachu on his shoulder is a simple and straightforward image, but still nice.
    Amazing image of SO MANY POKEMON along with the protagonists from HGSS.
    Gorgeous image of a Quagsire with a Natu sitting on its head.
    Red with that giant bird Pokemon that's sitting on his shoulder, with some gorgeous colors.
    Red's Pokemon loev him, apparently quite a lot. I approve.
    Ethan with a bunch of cute Pokemon as they all collect on him.
    Awesome image of Misty and Milotic, which is still one of my favorite Pokemon.
    Red leaning back against his giant Pokemon with some bright, sunshiney colors.
    Ethan and a Cyndaquil is a really neat little image.
    Green and an Espeon is adorable, as it cuddles up to him.
    Totally cute image of Barry and Dawn as rock stars and in totally adorable outfits.
    Red and Lyra comic strip which is really kind of adorable, shut up.
    An immense collage of Pokemon for the 10th Anniversary.
    Cute image of Ethan and Lyra dressed up in Team Rocket outfits.
    Barry leaning over to kiss Dawn in this warm pink and orange colored image.
    Two versions of Red back to back as they link arms together.
    Another interesting take on two Reds as they both hold a cute little Pokemon.
    Red and his giant Venusaur waiting at the top of Mt. Silver.
    Barry and Dawn wearing glasses and I never get tired of art like this.
    Red waiting on the snowy mountain with a Pikachu perched on his shoulder.
    Green and a giant Growlithe that's snuggling up to him, aww.
    Red cleaning up a scratch on his Pikachu which is super adorable, aww.
    Lyra and Ethan image with the pokegear, which is really cute.
    Ethan with a Cyndaquil again and I really like the style of this one.
    Ethan and Silver, each with an Eevee evolution, an Espeon and an Umbreon.
    Dawn and Barry swimming underwater with a bunch of Pokemon, which is more total cuteness.
    The three main characters of HGSS with the three main starter Pokemon in the background.
    Silver and Ethan from HGSS with the starter and legendary Pokemon surrounding them.
    Ethan going out of the cave to see Red and Green on the top of Mt. Silver, I believe?
    Dawn hanging onto Barry as they're surrounded by adorable Pokemon.
    The Red - Green - Blue trio with their awesome burny Pokemon ready to battle.
    Awww, Red and Pikachu curled up under a blanket while sleeping on a Snorlax.
    A bunch of cute Pokemon and, with all the shipping I've been doing lately, I've almost forgotten how much I like the cute little critters.
    The Red - Green - Blue trio again, this time lounging together in a beautiful autumn forest.
    Lucas and and Uxie which is a really cute little image.
    Ethan and a Cyndaquil watching Ho-Oh fly past at sunset, in a gorgeous image.
    Riley and Lucario image that looks kind of seriously fantastic!
    Ethan being protected by his Pokemon has a neat painting-like style to it.
    Red waiting on Mt. Silver with a pokeball in his hand at the ready.
    Barry with Azelf which is really kind of a cute image.
    Silver taking his Pokemon to be healed and noticing a noisy group of people is kind of hilarious.
    Green with a giant Growlithe again and it continues to make me want one a lot.
    Barry and a Snorlax done in bright, sunshiney colors that are really vivid.
    Barry's arm slung over Dawn's shoulder as they walk away together.
    Ethan with Ho-Oh in another really nicely done image. ....I want one.
    Green licking Red as he picks him up to carry him. ....yeah, you all can shut up now.
    Barry and Dawn smiling happily together and, jeez, I think Pixiv is starting to make me ship it. But, then, I'd ship Dawn with pretty much anyone.
    Green looking down at Red on Mt. Silver with their Pokemon surrounding the two of them.

Pokemon - the kids and their Pokemon:
    Green and that adlkfjasljk dragon type Pokemon that gave me so much trouble in HGSS.
    Red with his collection of Pokemon that all look awesome again.
    Silver with a Lugia in kind of an awesome little image... which may be because I'm fond of both of them.
    Lyra curled up against a giant Growlithe or whatever their evolved forms are. (I can't look up any more Pokemon names today.)
    Lyra and a Meganium done in bright, adorable colors.
    Ethan riding on Ho-Oh in another really beautiful image.
    Lyra in an office full of Team Rocket members is kind of an awesome little image.
    Lyra swimming along with a Feraligator is really kind of awesome looking.
    Portrait of Green done in a slick, clean cg style that makes him look a little older and hotter.
    Gorgeous image of Silver in a forest with his Pokemon and their vividly glowing eyes.
    Lucas being cute with a Growlithe as he plunks his hat on its head.
    Silver and the two Pokemon around him are kind of really adorable right here.
    Lyra sitting out in the rain with her Pokemon, which is kind of adorable.
    Ethan walking along with his Pokemon, including some of my favorites.
    Fantastic image of Red with his Pokemon (a Pikachu and a Growlithe) as they catch lovely autumn-colored leaves.
    Silver with his Pokemon glomping onto him and I'm all for Silver getting glomped on, like, forever.
    Ethan with his Pokemon with a nicely done orange hazey filter over it.
    Awesome image of Silver and his Pokemon as they're all praying at a shrine.
    Bright, sunshiney cg image of Lyra is really, really pretty.
    Red looking thoughtful in the snow and it's a simple sketch, but nice.
    Really beautiful image of Dawn holding an umbrella and flowers in her hair.
    Lyra sitting on a rocky cliff with a Growlithe playing behind her at twilight.
    Fantastic image of Red with a Pikachu curled around his neck and a serious look on his face.
    Another gorgeous image of Red with Pikachu perched on his shoulder and a serious look on his face.
    Lyra and the three starter Pokemon as they try to get Totodile to stop crying.
    Hello, gorgeous image of Red as he's laying backwards, shirt riding up, wallet chain floating around his hip, and a Pokeball in hand. Such a fantastic image!
    Red with his cute little Pokemon as they all climb up onto him.
    Beautiful sketch image of Red with really vivid shades of red.
    Another Red portrait with his eyes a really great shade of red and I like the unreadable look on his face.
    Portraight of Green with some nice detail and part of a series from this artist.
    Red being a bit more smiley and happy as he sits and drinks from his cup.
    Red in flat colors except for his eyes that are a shade of red that almost glows.
    Green in a white lab coat and glasses and bright green eyes.
    Green and his Arcanine which is lovely and adorable at the same time.
    Red and his badass team of Pokemon as they're ready to battle.
    Red leaning back with his phone while his Pikachu sits on his lap.
    Awesome image of Red and his Charizard that has some fantastic detail.
    Ethan with his Pokemon in a really well-done image for tegaki!
    Red draped across his dragon Pokemon as it, him, and his Pikachu are scuffed from battle.
    Sketch of Red with his Pikachu that's leaping at him and clearly loves him a lot, aww.
    Red with a floral print scarf that actually looks nicely detailed.
    Red without his usual hat, but wearing a scarf on a snowy day, with a hint of tears in his eyes and a stunned look.
    Green in the white lab coat of a researcher is becoming one of my favorite things about Pixiv.
    Adorable image of Lyra with these great uses of darker blues/reds mixed with a bright green background.
    There are moments I have sometimes, when looking at fanart of Red on Pixiv, where I just have to stop and go, jfc, they draw him super hot. Because, wow.
    You know who else I have those moments with, because Pixiv draws him super hot in kendo outfits? Green omg. *__*
    Red with a Pikachu perched on his shoulder and the artist continues to draw beautifully, mm.
    Silver with the shadow of Ho-Oh over him (I think?) while he's out in a grassy field next to the ocean.
    Satoshi sitting in the grass, which is really kinda cute.
    Green with his hand shielding his eyes and the uses of green shades in this are lovely.
    Red with his Pikachu is another super well done image for him.
    Red with a pokeball at the ready and some really fantastic uses of red.
    This image of Yellow with a Pikachu is DARLING and I love the colors of it!
    Red gently kissing his Pikachu's head in a sweet 2010 image.
    Red with flowers falling through his hands is kind of a really pretty image.
    Another adorable image of Yellow with a Pikachu (or maybe a Pichu?) giving her a kiss on the cheek.
    Green in his labcoat again, except it's only draped over his shoulders and fluttering around him, while he winks.
    Green with a pokeball at the ready in a nicely done image here as well.
    Sketch of Red and a Ponyta (or Rapidash, either way) that's kind of pretty.
    Red and his Venusaur getting ready for battle that looks awesome.
    Silver looking all broody and emo in a way that just makes me want to squish him forever.
    Red and a little baby Bulbasaur which is just so damn darling.
    Cute sketch of Green with him smiling and happy and nicely done.
    Green with his Eevee as it crawls all over his head, aw.
    Another TOTALLY ADORABLE IMAGE of Green with his Eevee and some really nice lineart.
    Red vs Satoshi, I believe, as Red passes by Satoshi in the forest.
    Ethan with a giant Typhlosion which is really kind of darling.
    Satoshi's crossdressing antics are always the stuff of hilarity.
    Red with all his baby Pokemon that are piled onto his lap or clinging to his shoulder.
    Man, Red's badass face to match his Pokemon and their badass faces is kind of great.
    Simple, but nicely done sketch of Green as he lifts a Pokeball up with a smirk.
    A series of images of Green from when he was first born to when he's 14 years old.
    Chibi-esque Red holding a Pikachu with some really pretty jewel-like colors to the image.
    Hibiki surfing along with a Lapras and a bunch more Pokemon in his lap.
    More awesome coloring on an image of Red that's in chibi-esque form as Pikachu runs along with him.
    Green with his Pokemon almost in a watercolor like style.
    Matching image of Red with his Pokemon as he waits in the snow.
    Ooh, an image of Green with a Glaceon as they walk through the snow, I kind of love this idea.
    Pretty sketch of Leaf and I kind of love her outfit a lot.
    Red eating a quick snack is a pretty image with nice highlighted color.
    Colored pencil-like image of Green as he sits against an Arcanine.
    Green in his labcoat and with his clipboard and as;dlfkjaslkj I have such a thing for art like this.
    Simple, but completely lovely image of Lyra with her Marill as they walk along together.
    Another version of Green against a green background that's gorgeous.
    Red with his team of badass (and mostly giant) Pokemon as they're ready for a battle.
    Another version of Red against a red background that's gorgeous, too.
    Green with an awesome as all get-out batch of Pokemon that looks kind of fantastic in full view.
    Lyra dressed in Red's clothes is kind of hot, I can't lie.
    Silver and his Pokemon and, god, his expressions never get any less hilarious.
    Red and his Pokemon all working together is seriously one of the cutest, sweetest things just about ever.
    Adorable little image of Lyra with her bag and Pokemon.
    Cute image of Dawn/Hikari/Platinum in some bright, cheerful colors.
    Green with a giant bird Pokemon that looks really kind of epic.
    Ethan with a Pokemon perched in his lap is simple but also very nicely done with shiny, glossy colors.
    Little chibi version of Red checking his map with a couple of Pokemon at his feet.
    Red pulling his cap down over his eyes while he and a Pikachu look off into the distance.
    The gorgeous coloring on this image of Red with a Pikachu perched on his shoulder is very nice.
    A crying Red hugging a wounded Pikachu after a battle together, awww.
    Another very nicely colored image of Green (with fantastic green eyes) and an Eevee on his shoulder.
    Red and a Pikachu waiting in the snow while the Pikachu is cheerfully wearing Red's cap, aww!
    A Pikachu putting one little paw on Red as he's collapsed backwards on the ground, awww.
    Adorable mockup of a DS cover with chibi Red and pretty coloring.
    Chibi Red again with two Pikachu hanging off of each of his arms.
    Red at sunset with a Pokeball in hand has some really nice colors in full view.
    Chibi-esque Red ready to battle is also a great little image.
    Totally cute sketch of Lyra as she's walking along with her bag.
    I love that Silver blushes constantly in fanart, even when it's just his own Pokemon snuggling up to him.
    Totally adorable image of Lyra as she holds her Marill cutely.
    Gorgeous image of Red with his Pikachu when they're on Mt. Silver, with fantastic colors.
    Darling image of Silver and his starter Pokemon as it gives him a flower, awww.
    Red sitting on a Charizard as it happily licks his face and asd;lfkjasl;kj this is so cute.
    Red at different ages with a Pikachu (or some incarnation thereof) always perched on his shoulder.
    A matching image of Green at different ages, who also always has an Eevee on hand.
    A series of sketches of Green are all pretty cute to see.
    Red x Red image of the two different versions/outfits on him.
    Matching Green x Green image of the two different versions/outfits on him as well.
    Red roasting a sweet potato on Charizard's tail again, which is still amusing.
    Another fantastic image of Red as he's waiting at the top of Mt. Silver.
    Cute image of Green that has some very nice highlights and beautiful eyes.
    Red with a determined look on his face as he holds a Pokeball up in front of him.
    Red looking back over his shoulder with Pikachu perched on the other one, Pokeball in hand.
    Red with glasses falling off his face and I shouldn't be that fan about this image and yet. :|
    Red being backed up against the wall (by Green, but he's not really in the image) that I liked.
    Matsuba style on the HGSS characters, each of them with different colored scarves, which is lovely.
    Red surrounded by lions and a smirk on his face is kind of hot with this artist's coloring.
    Red with Pikachu perched on his head and I never, ever get tired of art like this yet.
    Green holding out a Pokeball in front of himself in a really nicely done image, especially because he looks a little older.
    Red pulling his cap down with a smirk and some really nicely done colors.
    Red in a collage of various sketches and different situation doodles.
    Gorgeous image of Kotone with Giratina holding her bag and I really like this artist a lot.
    Yellow holding a bouquet of flowers as the wind blows her hat off her head, which is adorable.
    Green surrounded by his Pokemon and smiling happily, aw.
    Hibiki looking kind of badass and I have to admit that I thought it was really cute.
    Red and his lineup of Pokemon from Mt. Silver being kind of really awesome.
    The two different versions of Red as they sit/stand back to back in these two images.
    Red and a couple of lions is also kind of awesome and I like the light feel to the style.
    Two of Green's different outfits, the one of his as a Rival, the other his white labcoat.
    A group of three different Greens as different ages/in different outfits.
    Soft, pastel sunset colors with Green leaning against a wall.
    Red with a popsicle is kind of really NSFW, but pretty.
    Very pretty image of Ruby as he leans back against a Mudkips.
    Gorgeous image of Green and his epic Pokemon with him, wow.
    Gorgeous image of the two versions of Red with wings sprouting from their backs--so pretty!
    Red and a Pikachu touching foreheads in a really cute image.
    Cute image of Red as he takes his hat off, with nicely warm colors.

Pokemon - the Trainers and their Pokemon:
    Morty with his ghost Pokemon with glossy, slick colors that look great.
    Morty in his yukata with his ghost Pokemon walking along with him.
    Another neat image of Riley and a Lucario and I love how slick and badass they always seem to look.
    Morty chasing after his ghost Pokemon as they steal away with his scarf, all in chibi-esque form.
    Pretty image of Morty with soft, glowing colors and, man, he's kind of seriously hot.
    Silver with his Pokemon again and I like his little serious face.
    Red with Pikachu clinging to his back as he's waiting on Mt. Silver and his eyes are a beautiful shade of red.
    Morty and his Pokemon with some nicely done light purples.
    Falkner and a few Pokemonin a cute little image.
    Little bitty Morty with his Pokemon are all soooo cute omg.
    Morty licking jam off his palm while his other hand holds a piece of toast.
    A series of images (mostly) of Volkner with the artist's nicely done clean cg colors.
    Morty and one of his Pokemon again and I can hardly complain about the amount of art on him if they're all going to be this interesting.
    Really kind of beautiful image of Morty sleeping while Ho-Oh looks over him.
    I still hate Lance for how freaking hard he was the first time I played Silver. Him and his fucking dragons.
    Morty and one of his ghost Pokemon and I'm not going to look up the name of it. I'm not.
    Cute image of Satoshi that has some nice colors to his eyes especially.
    Super adorable image of Green with his Eevee in his lap.
    Ethan following a Pokemon into a lovely green forest, done in painting style.
    Riley and a Lucario that's also nicely done with some good blue shades.
    Riley and his Lucario again with more fantastic shades of blue that I liked.
    Morty looking thoughtful as autumn-style leaves fall around him.
    Volkner holding a pokeball and I really like the combation of the sketch style and the strong colors used here.
    Sketches of Volkner in various situations with some bright, shiny colors is nice.
    Older and younger Volkner with their Pokemon and pokeball is another really nice one from this artist.
    Volker in mid-air with his Pokemon all around him.
    One of the sailors and his Staryu, done in light, airy colors.
    Volkner and his electric Pokemon in a really nice image. I love the Pikachu costume on the kid, too.
    Wow, that's a really pretty image of Falkner and his bird Pokemon.
    Another cute image of Volkner and his electric type Pokemon.
    One more of Volkner with his Pokemon because it's so damn cute that I can't resist.
    Morty on the phone with a call that's about as interesting as you're going to get from the game, yeah. XD
    Oh, god, the cuteness of this one of Morty and his ghost Pokemon is just too adorable.
    Another one of Morty with his Pokemon and I feel I should step away from the art at this point and yet. :|
    ....yeah, okay, more art of Morty despite that I don't seek it out, honest. But it's so pretty!
    Morty's Pokemon love him. They kind of love him a lot. Which is adorable.
    Pretty image of Matsuba with his ghost Pokemon as he's on a nighttime autumn road.
    Matsuba and his giant-ass Pokemon in a really kind of badass little image here.
    This image of Matsuba and his Pokemon is kind of giant in full view and looks really good.
    Really kind of gorgeous image of Lance reading his computer with a Pokemon staring over his shoulder.
    Matsuba with his ghost Pokemon in another cute little image.
    Really kind of amazing Flint image where he's surrounded by dozens of Pokemon, wow.

Pokemon - the Pokemon themselves:
    Cute little Pikachu image as it sits near some grasses and bushes.
    A group of three little Pokemon in their original forms as autumn leaves fall around them.
    Omg, lookit how cute these are, I love both of them a lot.
    Meowth riding a Luxray in a cute little sketch.
    Espeon and Umbreon cuddling which is also just totally cute.
    Pokemon covering each other in the rain with giant leaves? SO cute.
    More cute Umbreon and Espeon art and I think they're some of my favorite evolutions.
    A Lapras giving a ride to a bunch of Pokemon across the water.
    Halloween party with a bunch of Pokemon and I love this a lot.
    Flareon curled up in the tails of a Ninetails is a cute image and ahhhh I WANT A NINETAILS SO MUCH.
    A Growlithe curled up in the tail of an Arcanine and I'm totally cooing over shit like this.
    The two HGSS major Pokemon each giving rides to a bunch of little Pokemon.
    Another collage crammed full of Pokemon that're all totally cute.
    A cute, lightly colored group of Pokemon all curled up to watch TV together.
    Gorgeous image of the legendary Pokemon from HGSS where they look totally epic.
    The adorable little small fuzzy animal Pokemon all tumbling around together.
    A bunch of Eevee evolutions all crammed onto a crescent moon.
    The HGSS starter Pokemon all curling up and taking a nap together, awww.
    Holy shit, that's an awesome image of a Venasaur in the middle of a battle.
    Omg, baby version of Ho-Oh WHY IS IT SO CUUUUTE?
    Wow, that's a gorgeous image of Lugia as it swims underneath a beautiful pond.
    Postage stamp sized images in a collage of the artist's favorite Pokemon and aslk;dfja I love a lot of the favorites here, too!
    Wow, the reds on this image are kind of amazingly done.
    That new Pokemon vs a Ninetails is really kind of a beautiful image.
    Pikachu with a huge bowl of food being set down in front of it, which is kind of darling.
    Pileup of adorable little Pokemon and the terrifying part is that I think I could almost name all of them from memory.
    A Flareon and an Eevee cuddling up to each other is so damn cute.
    The different forms of an Eevee all having a party together is fantastic, too.
    A Flareon in a flaming dive attack looks really fantastic here, too.
    Another pileup of Pokemon as they all kind of cuddle together is adorable.
    Oh, man, lookit the cute little grass Pokemon, THEY ARE SO CUTE.
    I love art of the Eevees especially when it's so cute like this.
    Awesome image of Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia that looks amazing.
    An image of the three Starters from BlackWhite is adorable.
    These three baby Pokemon are so freaking cute and I love the bright, pastel colors on the image.

Pokemon - Green/Red:
    Red and Green with their burny Pokemon again and I like the warm colors of it a lot and holding up the leaves for the Pokemon is kind of darling.
    Red leaning back against Green as they both rest in a bean bag chair, a cute Pikachu settled onto Red's chest.
    Red wanting to catch a stuffed Pikachu at a festival while Green puts a hand on his head to drag him away.
    Ahahahaha, Red can't quite get comfortable on the bean bag chair when Green isn't there and thus hilarity ensues.
    Lolling pretty much forever here at Green snowboarding like a sane person and Red... using a Snorlax to do it.
    I love Green's face at seeing Red who's just about frozen over on Mt. Silver.
    Sketches of Green and Red in a series of three, which are all cute.
    Awww, a comic strip of Red leaning over to kiss Green and being totally adorable about it.
    Pokemon 14th Anniversary image with Green and Red standing side by side, which is cute.
    Green grabbing hold of Red and picking him up/hugging him, which is adorable.
    Red just about wrapped around Green in a hug that's kind of super adorable.
    Red desperately hugging Green as their Pokemon tuck into the hug as well.
    Green pressing Red backwards and they're both wearing glasses. *__*
    I think this is more Shigeru and Satoshi rather than Green and Red? Close enough, though.
    Shigeru wrapping arms around Satoshi from behind as he plunks Satoshi onto his lap.
    Green going to see Red while he's waiting/training on the snow-covered Mt. Silver.
    Green and Red ready for battle in a cute little mouseart image.
    Red and Eevee sleeping while Pikachu and Green look at them.
    Green with a kidlet version of Red who's sitting in his lap eating a donut.
    Green and Red leaning against each other with some really fantastic lines to it.
    Shigeru and Satoshi again, I think, calling each other on their phones.
    Red leaning on Green, who has a hand on his head--the extra doodles below also just totally make it.
    Shigeru and Satoshi walking along and holding hands, which is how you know you're gone on a ship--when you coo over art like this.
    More hand-holding and as;ldkfjaslkj shit I'm weak to this pairing.
    Satoshi pressing his face against Shigeru's back while clearly blushing hard.
    Satoshi trying to snatch the present from Shigeru's hand and it's kind of a ridiculously adorable image.
    Shigeru and Satoshi in winter clothes as Shigeru leans over him and quiets him with a grin.
    Animal ears on Green and Red are always welcome as well.
    Red with archery gear and Green with kendo gear and I really like the lines and details of this one.
    Green and Red sharing an umbrella in an image that's also very nicely done. Plus, extra story doodles below it!
    Green and Red sitting side by side in a really cutely done image.
    Cute black & white image of Shigeru grabbing onto Satoshi's arms.
    Sketch of Green and Red as Green leans in to touch the wounds on Red's face. Messy, but still very nicely done.
    Green yanking Red close after they come back from shopping, again with bonus story doodles below!
    Green picking Red up by wrapping arms around his waist, which Red totally saw coming, really.
    A crying Satoshi grabbing Shigeru's sleeve when they were a little younger and it's really cute.
    Crossdressing hijinks with Shigeru and Satoshi are never not hilarious.
    Red sitting in Green's lap as they watch television, with bonus story doodles again.
    Chibi-esque versions of Green and Red with their cute little Pokemon, too.
    Red on his bike, Green on his Arcanine in this really bright, clean image.
    Red and Green again both of them using flying Pokemon to travel around.
    Green and Red walking along in their summer school uniforms, with watermelon and water bottles for the heat. Plus, bonus story doodles again!
    The Green and Red image here has some really nice, bright colors on it that I liked.
    More crossingdressing hijinks with Satoshi and Shigeru.
    Green and Red in school uniforms again with Green's arm wrapped around Red.
    Green wrapping an arm around Red and their clothes are cute, too.
    A bunch of cute Green/Red sketches that are adorable.
    VOCALOID's Magnet-style image with Green and Red.
    A series of sketches and story doodle comics with Red crying on Green as he comforts him. In a Green sort of way.
    This is a messy sketch, but so in my wheelhouse with the wintery scarves and Green tangled up with Red as he leans Red back towards him and has a hand in his hair.
    Another Green/Red sketch as they sit back to back.
    Green and Red sharing a blanket as Red curls up in his lap to sleep.
    Green hugging Red from behind in a cute sketch of them both in black clothes.
    A series of Green/Red comic pages that are really kind of beautifully drawn. *__*
    Green and Red sitting back to back in a grassy field with a Pikachu sitting next ot them.
    Different variations on Green vs Red with them in different outfits (well, mostly Green) which looks really cool.
    This cute little comic with Green/Red has a super pretty cover to it and a;sdlkfjaslkj I love this artist.
    Almost makeouts on the school roof while they're wearing uniforms? This artist really does love me!
    Red glomping onto Green while he's trying to eat is kind of hilarious.
    Green reaching out to touch Red's face as they both have slight smiles on their faces.
    Oh, god, I love Green and Red SO MUCH especially when they are little dicks to each other and then can actually be nice to each other.
    The two of them holding hands as they walk along once again totally ruins any cool I might have had in this fandom.
    Red with a bow around his neck and a kiss from Green, because this artist loves me.
    Red and Green hilarity again in this cute little comic strip--Red's snarly face at the end is great.
    Green leaning in to almost kiss Red, who slowly starts tearing up, is actually a really beautifully drawn strip.
    Red trying to read over Green's shoulder or just generally wrapping himself around Green's shoulders.
    Green and Red dressed in Team Rocket uniforms is kind of awesome, especially with their nearly glowing eyes.
    Green vs Red sketch that has a nice manga-like feel to it, almost.
    Green yanking Red close in several separate situations.
    Green trying to sidle up to Red which kind of totally fails until he finally just pounces.
    Oh, hi, this is one of my new favorite series of images as Green presses Red closer for a kiss and the finally starts pushing him down. Not more than PG-13 or so, but I love how pretty they are.
    Another series of images from this artist of Green/Red sketches, including at least one light makeout.
    Different Green/Red couples meet each other and there's cake and upping the ante with makeouts and hilarity all around.
    A Green/Red parody image of the Just Be Friends video from VOCALOIDS, which is really kind of pretty.
    It's strips like these, of Green and Red having an important conversation, where Green finally reaches over to hold him still or kiss him, and it clearly means a lot to both of them, drawn beautifully, that makes the small English fandom worth. (Small game fandom, that is.)
    Green and Red with military accessories and their pokeballs, ready to face battle.
    Green leaning in very close to Red with a great look on his face... and Pikachu totally covering its eyes, lolz.
    This image is a tease because it's not actually a collection of images, it's just the one cover, and it promised me Green/Red doujin. :|
    An almost-kiss with Green and Red as they both gently touch the other's face and lean in.
    Green vs Red for the championship is kind of a great little image.
    Cute sketch of Satoshi and Shigeru I believe--as they're walking along and Shigeru tucks his coat over Satoshi's head.
    Oh, man, Red and Green as little shits when they were kids and out playing in the snow in a fabulous comic strip image.
    More of Red and Green on Mt. Silver and it's never not funny. Especially when Kotone and Hibiki show up.
    Green and Red (and Red?) in a forest as they sit together and lean back against each other.
    Green and Red with their starter Pokemon and Green's >:| face never fails to amuse, ever.
    The carepackage/gift box that Red receives is the most hilariously suggestive thing ever, lolz.
    Sketch of Shigeru pinching Satoshi's face in annoyance and as;ldfkjaslk they're adorable.
    Red's Pokemon crawling all over him so that Green can't even get near him is kind of hilarious.
    Green in a Pikachu costume and pulling Red back towards him with the most hilariously interested-in-Red look? Sometimes fandom loves me.
    Satoshi's crossdressing antics = still funny, especially with Shigeru's expression in the background there.
    Satoshi glomping onto Shigeru and pressing his face between Shigeru's shoulderblades.
    A Green/Red comic strip again with Green pinning Red up against a wall and putting hickeys on his neck and Red hugging him back and just a;sldkfjaslkj I love it.
    One more Green/Red comic strip from this artist because there are more makeouts and hilarious expressions and bonus Kotone hilarity! I ♥ this artist a lot.
    Sketch of Red with Pocky in his mouth and Green's face as he tries to resist.
    A Green/Red comic strip that's cutely sketched and has some great expressions.
    You know what's always funny no matter how many times I see it? When Green starts sliding his hands up Red's shirt, the Pokemon all hide their faces.
    Cute little sketch of Shigeru and Satoshi a moment before they kiss.
    Another thing that's also always funny is when Green goes to kiss Red and Red shoves Pikachu up between them. I will be lolling for quite some time.
    Red and Green meet up in a patch of foliage in a cute colored-pencil/watercolor-like image.
    Green and Red lounging back against their Pokemon in another image by this artist in the same style.
    Red and Green sharing a pair of pjs (Green with the pants, Red with the shirt) and their Pokemon snuggling. I love this one ridiculously. >_>
    Winter coats and various pages from doujinshi and Green/Red almost makeouts? Yeah, I love this one ridiculously, too.
    Green and Red back to back with a Pokemon perched on each of their shoulders.
    Red curled up in Green's lap, then Green lazing in Red's lap and both sides of the image are great.
    Green and Red Christmas time awesomeness and I'm not sure if I love the foreground image or the background image more. XD
    Red and Green in highschool gym outfits and with their Pokemon! I... I love this artist a lot.
    Green vs Red image and I love the little hearts both the characters and the Pokemon are making.
    Another Green vs Red image with the image split in two to show them both facing off.
    Red and Green as kids after a scuffle and ad;lkfjasl;kjslj jfc they are so cute.
    Mostly sketches of Green but with Red occasionally in there, all of them really cute.
    Almost kiss with Green/Red that's done in a watercolor-like style that's nice.
    Red and Green both bundled up in fluffy scarves during the winter, each in the other's color.
    Almost chibi-esque versions of Red and Green as they curl up in bed together.
    Chibi versions of Green and Red again, done in the bright, shiny colors I like so much.
    Green/Red makeouts in a multi-page cute little comic are also nice of Pixiv.
    Gorgeous image of Green and Red right in each other's faces as their Pokemon are perched on their shoulders.
    Red curled up in bed with Green sitting next to him and it's a simple image but a very nice one.
    Green and Red in each other's clothes is kind of fantastic, including an Eevee on Red's lap.
    As if Red asleep on Green wasn't great enough, there's also Green's face and the Pikachu's face, lolz.
    Green and Red sharing candy as they sit on Mt. Silver along with Red's Pikachu.
    Green pulling Red foward into an almost kiss as they're in the middle of the snowfall on Mt. Silver.
    Half undressed Red with Green's hands all over him and implied heavy makeouts? Why, thank you again, Pixiv.
    Green pinning Red to the wall as Red looks at him in surprise is very nicely done.
    Green pressing Red back onto a bed and nearly kissing him, with Red's shirt rucked up halfways.
    Oh, man, my heart at this comic strip with Green approaching Red on Mt. Silver and hugging him and then Red's face--!
    Green vs Red image where they each have an awesome team of Pokemon.
    Red crankily wrapping arms around Green is done in some really pretty, shiny colors.
    Green and Red walking away from each other at sunset, in a very Rivals-esque image.
    Red leaning into Green's arms in a really quietly intimate image.
    Green/Red makeouts in a multi-page comic that's very, very nice of Pixiv to finally give me! (NSFW.)
    Green playing with Red's hair is kind of hilariously cute.
    Green bringing Red a scarf because god forbid Red remember to bring anything with him to Mt. Silver. XD
    Comic strip to go with the above image, with Green bringing Red a scarf on Mt. Silver. And then there are makeouts! \o/
    Heavy kissing is also appreciated when it comes to this artist and her Green/Red makeouts.
    If I were Lyra, I'd totally want that on my phone, too, I have to admit. >_>
    Another comic strip with Red vs Green and it's also beautifully drawn.
    Green watching as Red sleeps with their Pokemon each curled up against them.
    This Green/Red comic is 23 pages of fabulousness, including Lyra hilarity. But mostly the almost makeouts in the snow and the final image of Red draped over Green's lap.
    Lineart of Green and Red curled up together in bed is kind of one of my favorite things ever.
    A series of three Green/Red images all of which are cute or prettily drawn.
    And again more Green/Red images by the same artist, which are all kind of very nice, especially as Green likes to push Red up against walls and stuff.
    Cute one-page comic thing of Green and Red holding hands in the cold weather.
    Red draped over Green's shoulder as Green reads a book and puts one hand in Red's hair.
    Gorgeous image of Red and Green as they're back to back and Green's looking at him over his shoulder.
    Eight-panel comic page cuteness with Green and Red and some great expressions.
    More Green/Red porn from this artist who clearly wants to make me happy. (NSFW.)
    The first image in this series is Red roasting a sweet potato on Charizard's tail, but then it's Green and/or Red sketches and doodles that are all kind of fantastic.
    Comic strip image of a Green/Red hug that kind of melted me all over again.
    Another cute Green vs Red image in a comic strip that's messy and yet really pretty.
    Red straddling Green for a birthday image, which was also nice of this artist! (NSFW.)
    Green and Red with their Pokemon, both big and small.
    Green grabbing hold of Red's wrist as they almost kiss in a nicely done b&w image.
    Pretty comic strip image that shows exactly where the scratches on Green's back are from. Which is exactly what you thought. (NSFW.)
    A series of 27 images/sketches of Red, Green, and Green/Red.
    More Green/Red porn from this artist in a sample doujinshi-like page. (Very NSFW.)
    Green and Red with animal ears and tails and it's porn. That's... that's Pixiv in a nutshell for you. (NSFW.)
    Green, Red, and lazy mornings and curling up in bed together and it's all very sweet.
    Green and Red spinning around and done in bright, summery colors.
    Same image as above but with different coloring and I kind of liked both.
    Green/Red heavy makeouts from another sample doujinshi-like page. (A little NSFW.)
    Red leaning back against Green who has a hand in his hair to pull him back.
    Makeouts and groping and porn with Green/Red because this artist is my new favorite. (NSFW.)
    Another comic strip of Green and Red as they hold hands and glance each other's way.
    Oh, man, the dozen+ sketches of Green/Red on this comic strip image are all fantastic little doodles.
    Smilingly happy Green/Red almost kiss at the top of Mt. Silver yet again.
    Green carrying Red to a bed and tucking him in and then just about kissing him.
    Green and Red with Pokemon ears, of their usually associated Pokemon, that is.
    The artist's sharpness of lines here in this Green/Red comic strip is getting to be really nice.
    Red and Green in street clothes (or possibly school uniforms) as Green grabs Red's hand to drag him along.
    Green and Red and a Staryu done in really cute, pretty colors.
    Green backing Red up against a wall and it's kind of hot, ngl.
    The two of them leaning back to back with their Pokemon sitting on their heads, a Ditto between them.
    Red grabbing Green's jacket with their Pokemon each perched on their shoulders.
    Red trying to steal Green's pocky by basically crawling into his lap and just about kissing him.
    Green and Red in Matsuba style, so a black sweater and a colored scarf, which is a beautiful image.
    Red and Green with animal ears and tails while Green grabs hold of Red's tail and puts a hand in his hair.
    Red with a determined look and Green's chibi head reacting amusingly.
    I loooove glasses on characters, which Green and Red don't get nearly enough of, especially when it's pretty.
    Red and Green in postage-stamp style image in an almost sketch-like style, each with a different Pokemon (or Pokeball) which is lovely.
    Green apparently gets the past packages in the mail just about ever. Red, not so much.
    Green kissing Red who is surprised by it and it's really pretty and shiny.
    Comic strip with Green/Red that contains Green pushing Red down on a bed and making out with him, which is always appreciated.
    Red and Green chibis again and I love Green's smug bastard face so much.
    Green and Red chibis as they sit on a Arcanine for a 2010 New Year's image.
    Green/Red kiss for Valentine's Day where they share chocolate in the middle of it.
    Green/Red makeouts and then porn, which is VERY NSFW. Bless Pixiv's hearts for making them look legal here, too.
    This series of images/comic is a little rougher, but it's much longer and it's my favorite--Green and Red on Mt. Silver!
    Green and Red in an igloo in the middle of a cold winter night.
    I just love the expressions on the Pikachu and the Eevee's faces as Green throws an arm around Red's shoulders.
    Nicely done black & white image of Green and Red outside near a vending machine.
    Green leaning over Red as he lays back on the bed, Green helpfully minus a shirt.
    Green/Red makeouts (and porn) with an image done in different colors, which both look neat.
    Green and Red as chibis in a field with their usual Pokemon (and a Snorlax lazing about behind them) which is totally cute.
    Cute hug with Green and Red with bright, shiny colors.
    Red and Green in black suits with colored shirts underneath and, wow, that's kind of really hot. Also weapons!
    Red in Green's lap as they're both wearing different uniforms and it's kind of fantastic.
    26 page comic of Green and Red as they're soaked and have to huddle for warmth and then other things for warmth. :|b (NSFW.)
    Red in a yukata that's halfway off him while Green nearly kisses the underside of his chin as his head tilts back.
    I know I shouldn't laugh at this, but crossdressing antics and Green's soft smile are just adorable.
    The way this image looks in full view kind of really won me over, with it's detailed cg and shiny colors.
    Green and Red in pretty cg colors with dark clouds roiling behind them.
    Red parked in Green's lap in a kind of hilarious little image.
    Satoshi with a Shigeru!Eevee, who is sticking his tongue out at a Pikachu and just. I love this ship.
    Christmas time with Green and Red in pastel colors and holding hands and I love how they're in each other's colors.
    Green's life is really difficult, especially when Red wraps himself around Green and he has to hold up a bunch of Pokemon.
    Another adorable image that I should probably be ashamed of liking as much as I do.
    Red in Green's arms as he carries him and Red gives him a hug, d'aww.
    Green and Red side by side with a fiery border between the two images.
    More Green and Red chibis as they sit shoulder to shoulder and their hands overlapping.
    Little kidlets crying on each other as they're both scuffed up and asl;dkjfasl so cute!
    Cute image of Red falling onto Green who has to wrap an arm around him.
    Cute four-page comic of Green and Red on Mt. Silver again.
    I really like the bright colors on this image of Green just about yanking Red into his lap.
    Doodle of Red and Green curled up together against an Arcanine with an Eevee on Red's lap.
    Red asleep on a Snorlax with Green leaning back against its side.
    Long comic strip image of Green pushing Red back onto the bed, done with some really nice sharp lines.
    Green giving Red a piggyback ride as he's passed out, a giant leaf also tucked over his shoulder.
    Green looking down Red's shirt with his phone is kind of hilarious..
    Oh, man, I never get tired of comic strips like this with Red and Green hanging out until Green pushes Red down onto the bed and makeouts!
    Various takes on Green and Red, with three of each of them, in street clothes.
    Awesome fifteen-page comic series with all the usual things I love--Green, Red, an Eevee, Mt. Silver adorableness, and pretty art.
    Green and Red chibis in the rain with Pikachu umbrellas and an actual cute little Pikachu.

Pokemon - Other Duos:
    Ethan pinning Silver down on the ground with a simple blue background and white railing behind them.
    Silver and Ethan with their Pokemon in a really great collage.
    Morty and Lyra together and, you know, I could go for that. Maybe.
    Lyra jumping into Morty's lap while the giant and ghost Pokemon smirk a lot.
    Omg, a beautiful image of Silver and Lyra with kind of amazing colors and I-- yeah, I don't mind that at all.
    Silver and Lyra sitting in the grass while he looks seriousfaced and she's smiling brightly and, yeah, I-- I like this one a lot.
    Silver reaching towards Lyra as they both fall through the bright blue sky.
    Lyra sitting on Silver as he blushes like hell, aww.
    Really cute, almost doujinshi-like image of Lyra kissing Silver's forehead as he blushes like hell.
    This multi-page comic/doujinshi of Lyra getting hit on by all the various Trainers you have to fight while Silver goes nuts is both hilarious and very pretty.
    More adorableness with Lyra and Morty as they make v-signs at the camera with varying degrees of enthusiasm.
    Morty and Falkner image again and it's really kind of lovely.
    Chibi-esque Morty and Falkner both with Pokeballs at the ready.
    Lyra and Dawn, I believe? The image is a fantastic one, with the creepy Pokemon behind them looking really cool.
    Another cute one of Silver and Lyra, with him all seriousface in the background and her being all happy-go-lucky in the foreground.
    Lyra trying to get Silver to smile which is a nicely done image, but also hilarious.
    Totally adorable image of Red and Lyra and I could get behind interaction with them.
    Another image of Red and Lyra as she goes to see him on Mt. Silver.
    Ethan in Green's lap and the look on Green's face (that means Ethan should probably run right now) is hilarious.
    Ahahaha, Lyra and Ethan with a giant Cyndaquil and how they interact with it is totally adorable.
    Matching one to the Green/Ethan image, this time it's Lyra in Green's lap, with that same hilarious expression.
    Red and Ethan ready for battle but smiling brightly, the image done in some nice reds and yellows and oranges.
    Lyra hugging Red from behind just for no reason and I can't say I ship it, but it's certainly adorable!
    Cute image of Dawn and Lyra and I would totally go for more interaction with those two.
    Volkner reading Ethan a bedtime story should not be this cute! But the colors are so pretty....
    Red giving Lyra a hug is the kind of thing I'm weak to after playing her in both HG and SS. >_>
    This time it's Green/Lyra and, yeah, I'm weak to that, too, after HGSS.
    The colors on this sketch of Green/Lyra are super pretty and, yeah, I'm still okay with this.
    Falkner/Lyra is not a ship I expected to find and yet... it's pretty and has lovely colors. I'm that easy.
    Lyra snuggling up behind Ethan with their Pokemon curled up next to them, too.
    Lyra vs Ethan, right down to the Pokemon who are even giving each other dirty looks.
    Lyra and Ethan at the beach and she's practically jumping onto his back in surprise and it's really adorable.
    Lyra sitting on Ethan's lap with their Pokemon squished between them!
    This is one of the cutest Sapphire/Ruby images that I've come across and I think I may ship them even before I ever play the game.
    Silver and Kotone sleeping on each other in the most adorable poses and, homg, I am right back to shipping the hell out of them.
    Lyra being pulled into Morty's lap and, yeah, still with the adorable coloring.
    Volkner and Barry playing games as Volkner lounges on the sofa and they're both covered in electric type Pokemon.
    Ethan and Lyra with Pokemon-shaped hats, a Meowth for her, a Psyduck for him.
    Lyra and Ethan in shiny, shiny colors as Lyra looks backwards as they both walk away.
    Ethan leaning back to sleep against Silver with a Cyndaquil perched in his lap.
    Sitting down for tea together while all the Pokemon crowd into the room is kind of great.
    Totally cute image of Lucas and Barry (Diamond and Pearl?) that's very shiny.
    Red vs Gold epic fight that leaves them both kind of blown away.
    Silver pinning Hibiki to a wall to kiss him which isn't how I usually ship it, but I'm easy for pretty art.
    Totally, totally adorable image of Barry/Dawn in these adorable pastel colors that work on them.
    This one of Morty/Ethan is really pretty, I wouldn't have expected deep, vibrant reds for it, but they really work.
    Ruby and Sapphire trying to cook with their Pokemon milling around = adorable.
    Pokemon Ranger fanart! Now... now I really kind of want to play one of those games. (Except... which one??)
    I kind of love this one of Flint and Volkner a lot just because you can tell Volkner's life is really, really hard.
    Ethan and Silver back to back as they're both ready for a battle.
    Another cute one of Flint and Volkner when they were kids and riding a bike together.
    This one of Ruby and Sapphire is cute as well!
    Red and Lyra back to back in blacks and reds that look really nice.
    Whoa, this one of Green and Blue is kind of really pretty, especially since their eyes and the flowers in their hands are the only colored parts.
    Lyra carrying Ethan as she runs along and he seems fine with it, lolz.
    Lyra handing Ethan a present in a totally cute little chibi-esque image.
    Ethan trying to push Lyra off him as she's trying to glomp him is kind of hilarious.
    The use of reds and golds in this image of Red and Lyra are really pretty, too.
    I can't say I ship it precisely but all this fanart of Lyra glomping onto Red is certainly making me a little weaker.
    More Lyra/Ethan cuteness of them both in mid-air with a cute style.
    Aww, more cute Lyra/Ethan art of them with their arms around each other and smiling brightly.
    Still yet more Red/Lyra cuteness with a bunch of little doodles in various situations.
    Lyra asleep on Morty as she shushes one of his ghost Pokemon.
    More cuteness with Lyra and Ethan as they lounge around together.
    A multi-page comic with Green and Lyra interaction and then Ethan/Lyra interaction and it's all very cute. (Plus, some bonus Green/Red!)
    I still can't resist the Morty/Lyra cuteness especially when she's fallen asleep on him.
    Lyra and Ethan dressed up in Team Rocket outfits are kind of super adorable.
    Oh, HELLO, gorgeous image of Silver and Lyra as they dance together in formal black outfits.
    Red vs Ethan as they meet on top of Mt. Silver.
    asdf;lkjas;l oh man Sapphire and Ruby as he's feeding her Valentine's Day chocolate, I may have melted a little.
    Really kinda cute image of Green and Yellow and I love that, eventually, I'll find art of Green/everyone if I keep looking long enough.
    Oh, I shouldn't laugh at this, but the image of Kotone stepping in a Ditto and getting gunk on her shoe while Hibiki blinks in surprise is kind of hilarious.
    Green putting a light hand on Blue's hat as she looks teary/worried, aw.
    This set of Pearl/Platinum images is really kind of cute, aww.
    A collage of Ruby and Sapphire that I suspect I liked even more than I should have.
    Hibiki just about to kiss Kotone in a lovely, shiny colors image.
    Cute image of Hibiki and Kotone again, with the three Starter Pokemon around them.
    A series of Silver/Kotone sketches in one long image that are all just adorable and lovely.
    Ruby giving Sapphire chocolate for White Day and as;dlfkjas;lkjs so cute!
    I believe I linked this one on devART but it's still just as beautiful a Silver/Kotone almost-kiss as ever.

Pokemon - Groups:
    The Pokemon girls are all really kind of adorable and I'm really fond of them.
    Three hilarious, uh, ships from HGSS in a really beautiful image.
    An image of various protagonists from several different games.
    Awesome group image of the Trainers from Platinum all lounging around together.
    The DPP protagonists and rival all walking along with their Pokemon together.
    Awesome lineup of various protagonists and rivals along with a Pokemon for each of them.
    The DPP protagonists and rivals and trainers and a whole bunch of Pokemon.
    Morty with kidlet versions of Ethan and Lyra who are all draped over him and Pokemon playing around them.
    A Team Rocket photo with Silver peeking in the background and I love how cute Lyra is in her uniform.
    Gorgeous image of the HGSS characters in a sort of Halloween setting.
    The HGSS trio in an autumn forest as they each have a starter Pokemon with them.
    The Green - Red - Blue trio in a cute image that I liked.
    Lyra in the foreground with Ethan and Red in the background behind her.
    Red at the center with a bunch of Trainers around him in a neat poster-style image again.
    Girls vs Boys Trainers is kind of a hilarious image.
    Green and Red in each other's personal space and it's Lyra's expression in the background that's great.
    Cute image of the various Trainers from so many different games, which is nice.
    High school setting, complete with school uniforms, and I would totally read that fic. Ethan and Silver in the background is a total bonus.
    More school time art and asdl;kfjasl;kj school uniformssss. Red staring quietly out the window while Green goes >_> at him is kind of great.
    The HGSS protagonists and their Pokemon with Red in the background with his Pikachu.
    Cute sketches of the HGSS trio with the protagonists and rival.
    Full image of the previous close-up, where Green and Red are in each other's faces while the other kids are all ^__^;; around them.
    A giant pile of protagonists and rivals which is really well drawn but also OMG SO CUTE EEEE inspiring.
    The characters in black suits really shouldn't be this hot.
    Lyra mixed in with the Green/Red hilarity in this comic strip is totally adorable.
    Green/Red plus the HGSS kids in school uniform style clothes, drawn in the artist's gorgeous style.
    Same character group as the above, but wearing more formal clothes and all together on a sofa. Red pretty much in Green's lap and Lyra being super cute pretty much made my day.
    A 2010 New Year's image with the original characters, which is very nicely done.
    Ethan and Lyra each grabbing an arm of Silver's while he's in the middle with the most adorable HELP ME look on his face.
    A great series of 16 sketches and doodles, mostly of the Red/Green/Blue characters, all of which are adorable.
    Another hilarious comic strip with the HGSS characters, with some Green/Red tones to it.
    More adorableness with the HGSS team and Silver in glasses over there is kind of great.
    Green with various other characters in a really pretty strip of images.
    Poster-style image of the Red/Green/Blue trio in suits accented by their colors and it looks awesome.
    Poster-style image of Ethan with gold eyes with Red and Green in the background.
    This image of HGSS' three main characters and the three starter Pokemon is pretty much everything I want from HGSS fandom. Seriously, Kotone and Hibiki each taking one of Silver's arms and telling him, don't cry, smile! instead is perfect.
    The HGSS trio examining everything about Red in a really great little image that's hilarious.
    Kind of awesome image of the villains and their badass Pokemon behind them.
    Green, Red, and Lyra with their Pokemon as they sit together and everyone is so happy and adorable!
    A series of sketches with the HGSS characters that are all really cute and fun.
    Another group image from HGSS and I'm coming to be really, really fond of the artist's colors.
    Everyone fighting over Lyra... except maybe Green who has this hilariously flat look on his face.
    Oh, man, Silver's life is hard especially when he clearly has the world's dumbest crush on a girl.
    A collection of pictures scattered across a pin-up board, mostly of Green and Red, but occassional HGSS characters, too.
    Morty/Ethan + Volkner/Lucas is a nicely done image that even I can't resist.
    The HGSS characters (Kotone, Hibiki, Silver, and Red) all crowding into Green's room. Along with their Pokemon.
    I'd have liked Silver aged up a little here, but everyone sticking their hands somewhere on Silver and yanking clothes off? ....yeah, okay, I'm game.
    The artist got me with the first image after the cover of Green/Red porn, omg. There's some Hibiki/Silver and some solo stuff and one switch, but. Green/Red porns. I've been waiting! (NSFW.)
    Green with Silver and Leaf hanging off his arms is both pretty and kind of hilarious.
    Bookmark-like images in a collage of the original Leaf - Red - Green trio.
    HGSS characters (main trio + Green/Red) as a band together? In an awesome image? That's kind of fantastic.
    Oh, man, this Christmastime image with the HGSS cast (including a lot of the more popular trainers) is kind of beautiful. SILVER'S FACE. XD
    The HGSS trio (Hibiki + Silver + Kotone) as they walk along in cute wintery clothes and each have a Pokemon draped over them.
    A series of over 20 sketches/doodles of Red or Green and/or their Pokemon, all of which are kind of darling.
    This collage of the HGSS characters (main trio + Green/Red) and all the little poses and situations has pretty much every single ship I like from this game!
    Chibi-esque group image of the HGSS characters (plus Green/Red) as they're all wound together with ribbon.
    Another amazing collage from this artist of the HGSS trainers where they all look fantastic.
    Postage-stamp style collage of the major color characters with shiny, glossy colors, which I love a lot!
    This image of the main characters and their giant, badass as hell Pokemon is AMAZING in full view.
    Ooh, this poster-style image of the characters and all their Pokemon is fantastic!
    The main characters and rivals all in school-style clothes is shiny and fantastic, too.
    Silver chasing after Ethan and Lyra is really kind of a fantastic image, too.
    Gold and Silver presenting Crystal a gift is really kind of darling, aw.
    The HGSS trio with a starter Pokemon each in semi-chibi-esque form and they're all so cute!
    A collection of some of the Trainers and I really like this artist's style.
    Team Galactic were the first villains I faced since Platinum was my first game, so I still have a huge soft spot for them.
    Green, Red, Gold, and Silver in track suits with their Pokemon or Pokeballs during the Pokeathlon.
    High school gym uniforms (from the opposite gender) on the characters? Why, yes, thank you for the hilarity, Pixiv.
    Pikachu bonding with Lyra much to the shock of Red, Green, and Ethan.
    A Green/Lyra/Red trio with some really pretty colors to it.
    Another cute image of Lyra in the middle between Red and Green as they look at her in surprise.
    HGSS and DPP characters (along with Green and Red, of course) is a nice group image.
    Green and Red making Silver and Ethan's lives difficult while Lyra looks curiously at them in the background is kind of great.
    An awesome collage with Ethan and Lyra as they're back to back and ready to face off against all the gym leaders in HGSS.
    Very pretty collage of the HGSS characters all with red hair like Silver's.
    Lyra sandwiched between Green and Red with softly done, almost gold-tinted colors again.
    Mostly Green/Lyra, but a little Green/Ethan as well and I will never get over Pixiv's love of these characters.
    Comic strip with the HGSS characters and some really cute art.
    Lyra in the middle of a bunch of the other characters, all done in these jewel-toned chibi style, is so cute!
    Pokemon Aquarium is a lovely image and I wish it'd been a little bigger.
    Oh, man, Silver really is cutest thing ever and all the little various scenes in this collage are adorable.
    The various playable characters all in a lineup and I really like the strong use of flat reds and blues here.
    The Diamond/Platinum/Pearl trio in light, airy colors that are really cute.
    Adorable--and kind of hilarious--collage of the HGSS characters, with Kotone in the middle.
    Everone dogpiling onto Red--Kotone, Hibiki, and Green all doing it. XD
    Ahahaha, the rivals all at a table together while the main characters all watch around a corner.
    Red, Green, and Leaf adorableness and I could totally do that a little more often!
    Green/Red + Hibiki/Kotone/Silver porn and they all look mostly legal, so clearly this author loves me. (Very NSFW.)
    Green with Hibiki and Kotone in a really cute little image, aw.
    I love the use of blues on these characters and their Pokemon--especially Riley and Volkner.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous image of the kimono girls each with a different Eevee evolution and Ho-Oh in the background.
    An image of Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green that I thought was adorable.
    Really cute image of Gold, Silver, and Crystal as Gold is throwing an arm around each of them.
    Oh, god, the HGSS characters all cuddling with their Pokemon are all SO CUTE.
    Hibiki and Kotone both glomping onto Silver in a seriously adorable image here. XD
    I love the bright, shiny colors of this image of the HGSS main characters--Kotone, Crystal, Silver, and Hibiki.
    Blue and Green waiting for Red in a bright, sunny image, aw.
    Snapshots style images of the Trainers are always fun to see.
    Green, Red, Kotone, and Hibiki in a really cute image from HGSS era.
    A series of nearly 20 images (though, a few are from other series) of various Pokemon characters that are all soft and lovely.
    The HGSS main trainers and rivals (so, Silver, Green, Red, and Hibiki) in formal wear, with ties with corresponding colors.
    Cute image of the original trio with Blue linking arms around Green and Red.
    Another high school AU image with mostly the HGSS characters.
    Red leaning against Green as the latter tries to read a book, sort of.
    Sitting shoulder to shoulder while wearing black suits and a red rose in each of their hands? Yes plz.
    More casual clothes with Green and Red that I really liked.
    Cute group image of the original trio of Red, Green, and Blue again.
    AMAZING group image of all the main trainers and their BFFs or Rivals and a BOATLOAD OF POKEMON for each of them!
    Kind of fantastic image in black & white of the various Team Rocket members.
    Really fantastic image of various trainers all facing off against each other.
    Really, Team Rocket images like this should not be so darn cute!
    The male lead characters in a group together and I'm charmed by the little speech bubbles with emoticons in them.
    The various Pokemon girls from all the games and it's so adorable!
    Valentine's amusement with Green, Red, and Kotone. Pokemon - Black & White:
    Cute image of the B&W trainers as they've got their bags slung over their shoulders.
    The boy from B&W with the three Starter Pokemon piled onto his lap.
    Beautifully done image of the two trainers with the three Starters perched on their shoulders.
    Cute image of the two trainers with their arms linked and their Starter Pokemon again.
    Solidly done image of the trainers and the Starter Pokemon hanging all over them.
    Black and White with the Starters, or at least the Grass and Fire types.
    The two trainers with their bags and earphones and the new Starters as they're ready to go.
    The girl trainer with that new fox-type Pokemon as they do a magic trick with cards.
    The boy trainer from BW with the three Starters and it's kind of really cute.
    I really like the richness of the colors on this image of the two trainers and their Pokemon.
    Cute sketch of the two trainers as they're curled up together and their Pokemon piled into their arms.
    Ooh, a very cute Flash-sort of style with bright, clean lines and colors.
    Cute image of the two trainers as she holds the fire and water types, while he holds the grass type.
    Sitting next to each other, the two trainers are cute and so are the Pokemon in their arms.
    Awesome image of the two new trainers and their Pokemon, where I like that they look a bit older here.
    Black and White with new Pokemon again and this is a cute, solid image.
    Black and White fighting each other, him with the grass Pokemon, her with the water Pokemon, the fire one between them.
    White leaning her head on Black's shoulder as she also links her arm through his.
    White tossing a Pokeball in her hand as she and Black sit amongst their Pokemon.
    Black lifting up the back of White's jacket as she's crawling along and her expression is kind of adorable.
    Black and White tumbling around along with their Pokemon spinning, too.
    The new badass Pokemon in the background makes this image of Black and White look even cooler.
    Black and White with softer colors than usual, which looks nice.
    The two of them ready for battle, each of them holding a Pokeball in hand.
    Black with the Starters crawling all over him and it's really kind of cute.
    Poster style image of the two new trainers and the Starters, all done in brighter pastels.
    Another nicely done image of the two new trainers and their Starter Pokemon.

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