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Sailor Moon - Unsorted:
    Group image with Eternal Moon, very pretty!
    Group image and I love the o/ looks on Usagi and Minako's faces. ♥
    Beautifully colored Usagi image.
    Really lovely Princess Serenity against the moonlight night.
    Cute Chibi-Usa with that Luna ball.
    This image just nails the anime's style really well with Venus.
    al;skdjfaslkj gorgeous Serenity and Endymion image, wow.
    And another stunning one of Endmyion/Serenity (or close enough) by the same artist.
    Adorable Usagi with bright colors that really suit her.
    Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen, nicely done.
    I really like the old-school shoujo style of this Princess Serenity image.
    Inner Senshi chibis in a really cute style.
    Makoto, Rei, and Minako kind of stylized but really pretty.
    Adorable chibis in a box which is super cute.
    Another super adorable group image where they pile up on each other.
    Really lovely Princess Serenity against the moonlight night.
    Cute Chibi-Usa with that Luna ball.
    This image just nails the anime's style really well with Venus.
    al;skdjfaslkj gorgeous Serenity and Endymion image, wow.
    And another stunning one of Endmyion/Serenity (or close enough) by the same artist.
    Adorable Usagi with bright colors that really suit her.
    Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen, nicely done.
    I really like the old-school shoujo style of this Princess Serenity image.
    Inner Senshi chibis in a really cute style.
    Makoto, Rei, and Minako kind of stylized but really pretty.
    Adorable chibis in a box which is super cute.
    Another super adorable group image where they pile up on each other.
    I love the slick lines and faded colors of this Chibi Moon and Black Lady image.
    Amazoness Quartet cuteness, I really like the bright colors of it.
    Usagi/Sailor Moon stylized chibi that's really pretty.
    There's some lovely soft colors on these Senshi doodles.
    Really solid anime-cel style image of Fisheye which is actually very nice.
    Really gorgeous Black Lady and Mistress9 holding each other.
    Oh, man, do I love the ruffles on Princess Eternity's dress, this is a beautiful image.
    I love the style here, like it's a mix of watercolors and cg, on this group image of the Inner Senshi.
    I really love this image of Sailor Moon, I'm weak to the artist's style.
    Very nicely done anime-cel-style Amazon Trio image.
    Solidly done Helios, Chibi Moon, and the Amazoness Quartet.
    Close-ups of the Amazon Trio again.
    Beautiful Sailor Neptune image.
    Lovely Haruka and Michiru.
    Pretty Fiore and Mamoru image.
    Nicely done Amazon Trio again.
    Cute Ami image.
    as;dlfkjasl;kja Endymion and Serenity chibis that are so freaking cute!
    Determined Serenity in battle.
    More cuteness with the Amazoness Quartet.
    Gorgeous Endmyion and Serenity with light, airy colors that are beautiful.
    Super cute Amazoness Quartet in costumes.
    More Endmyion and Serenity cuteness.
    Super cute, sort of stylized Sailor Moon.
    There's something about this sort of stylized Amazoness Quartet that's really cute.
    Nicely done Dark Kingdom's generals.
    Beautiful image of CereCere and roses.
    Pretty Zoisite closeup.
    Cute Zoisite with a rose.
    I really like the soft, warm colors on this Sailor Moon image.
    Gorgeous painting like style to this Black Lady image.
    Chibi Fiore and Mamoru lolz.
    Mini doodles of several cast members, with pretty, bright cg colors.
    I love Chibi-Usa in this pink and black dress, it's super cute.
    Another beautiful Black Lady image.
    Adorable as hell Inner Senshi + Chibi Moon that has the prettiest pastel colors.
    Michiru and Rei in their school uniforms.
    Soft and light Haruka and Michiru, not quite SFW due to Michiru barely in her underwear.
    Lovely Black Lady and Misstress9 again.
    Stylized, painting like thing of Serenity and Chibi-Usa, I kinda like it.
    Oh, this is a lovely, if a little stylized (not quite the word I want, but) Sailor Moon image.
    Really pretty Sailor Mars that looks sort of messy at first, but there's actually some beautiful detail here.
    Stunning Sailor Neptune illustration, the various shades of gem colored greens is amazing. *__*
    Lovely Princess Serenity in anime style.
    Pretty Mercury image.
    Hotaru's face is especially pretty in this one.
    Minako doing Usagi's hair, I love how cute and soft this image is.
    Beautifully done Black Lady fanart, the lines and colors are so nice.
    Super cute Chibi-Usa image.
    Adult Chibi Moon and kidlet Sailor Moon, very cute and pretty.
    Usagi and Chibi-Usa sitting at a table under an umbrella, very shoujo and very cute.
    CG style Princess Serenity that has gorgeous colors.
    Cute little Sailor Moon image.
    Another cute Black Lady image.
    Pretty Sailor Mars posed image.
    Very nicely done, anime-cel style Chibi-Usa and Helios.
    Cutely done Princess Serenity again.
    This group lineup made me hesitate at first, but in full view it's much softer and has much better details, it's super cute there.
    Usagi and Chibi-Usa again.
    I'm just somehow really fond of the lines and colors of this Princess Serenity image.
    Beautiful Serenity and Chibi-Usa, the shoujo feel of it is lovely.
    Cute sketch of the Sailor Moon characters.
    Super cute Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon.
    More lovely Usagi and Chibi-Usa, I really have yet to tire of this.
    Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon again, apparently there's been a lot of them lately.
    Super stylized and super cute Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon again.
    Adorable Usagi and Chibi-Usa hug.
    Pretty b&w group image of all the Senshi.
    Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon done up in bright, pretty pastels again.
    Awesomely done Outer Senshi group image.
    I really like the lines on this b&w Senshi group image.
    Adorable stylized chibi version of Black Lady again.
    Lovely Princess Serenity with the soft yet vivid colors that I love.
    Nicely done Sailor Venus and Artemis.
    Some nice sharp lines on this Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon image.
    This one of Usagi and Chibi-Usa has really warm and lovely colors.
    Cute Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon, happy and smiling.
    Very cute yet nicely detailed Sailor Moon image.
    Oh, I really like the bright colors and glowing effect on this Sailor Moon.
    Princess Serenity image that has a lovely soft quality to it.
    The colors on this should almost be too bright and yet I really love this one of Chibi-Usa and Luna-P.
    Chibi-Usa sittong on the moon is really cute.
    There are some gorgeous colors on this image of Ami and Luna.
    Super cute and brightly colored Sailor Moon.
    Adorable Makoto sketch that I kinda liked.
    Oh, man, I love this group image of Serenity and the Inner Senshi, it's so bright and cheerful and happy.
    More really bright, glossy colors on this image of Sailor Moon.
    Ail and Ann, I'm fond of the bright, bright colors of this.
    Usagi with her ribbons exploding around her.
    Awwww, Mamoru with Chibi-Usa on his shoulder by that artist I love so much!
    Lovely and soft image of Sailor Moon with a shower of star sparkles around her.
    I liked this one of semi-stylized Sailor Moon with the pretty colors.
    Usagi vs Rei and it reminds me how much I loved their volatile friendship.
    Soft and pretty and bright Endymion and Serenity.
    And then the close up version of the previous image.
    Really intense and beautiful lines on this image of Black Lady, wow.
    I just really like this image of Sailor Mercury and the colors used.
    Sailor Mercury with some really cool stained-glass-esque backgrounds.
    Usagi, Mamoru, and Chibi-Usa all watching TV late at night adorableness.
    Simple and clean, but lovely little image of Sailor Moon.
    Really pretty Uranus and Neptune surrounded by flower petals.
    Beautiful image of Usagi in her purest form without clothes and the silver crystal on her chest.
    Cute image of the Amazon Trio.
    Haruka and Michiru in shoujo style, I loved the warm colors.
    I'm just really fond of the colors on this image of Sailor Mercury, the use of blue is nice.
    Uranus and Neptune holding hands and arms around each other, I liked it.
    Cute little Sailor Mars semi-chibi.
    I thought this image of Chibi-Usa in her school uniform as she's a little older, was nice.
    I'm just easy for nice shades of blue and sparkles on Sailor Mercury.
    Another cute Sailor Mercury image, in flash-style art again.
    Simple, but super cute and brightly colored Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon.
    Another beautifully done Black Lady image with fantastic vivid colors and it looks even more amazing in full view.
    Beautifully detailed image of Selenity, I love her dress. <3
    Oh, man, bright, vivid colors on chibi cast image is aces. <3
    Lovely image of Minako with bright, pretty colors.
    Sailor Moon image with bright, vivid colors that I liked a lot.
    I like the sparse use of color, which lends a neat kind of antique feel to this Princess Serenity image.
    I just really like the bright, vivid colors on this chibi group image.
    Cute image of Sailor Mars.
    I thought this one of FishEye was nicely done.
    Helios and Chibi-Usa cuteness is adorable and I love the bright, airy colors.
    Awww, chibified Sailor Moon image is adorable and has surprisingly nice lines in full view.
    I'm just really weak to soft, glowing cg colors, shut up, okay.
    Cute Minako close-up.
    Oh, I love it when beautiful, vivid colors meets clean, sharp lines on Sailor Moon art like this, I'm just all over it. ♥
    Cute image of Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon again.
    Really kinda gorgeous back to back Uranus and Neptune, I really like this artist.
    It's not the style I'm really used to, but I still liked the simple clean lines of this cast image.
    It's the pastel colors of this chibi Princess Serenity image that make it so adorable for me.
    Really kind of fantastic anime-cel-style use on Black Lady and Chibi-Moon here.
    Chibi-Usa and Hotaru being adorable BFFs.
    The lines are really simple, but Black Lady is cute.
    Another cute and sunshiney Princess Serenity image that I liked.
    I really like the group image here, right down to Fiore being included and little touches like Haruka and Michiru holding hands or Ami and Makoto sharing lunches.
    The use of pinks on this Chibi-Usa with Helios in the background is really nice, and I love the expression on her face.
    Endymion pulling Serenity close and AHHHH MY OTP SHUT UP I LOVE THEM.
    Saphir and Dimande back to back in a slightly rough style that works for the artist.
    Haruka and Michiru out shopping while in street clothes is totally fun, I like the style of clothes the artist chose for them.
    Cute and adorable closeup of Chibi-Usa and Luna-P.
    I'm just fond of the soft, glowing colors on Princess Serenity here.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous image of Black Lady and Nehelenia, the glossy colors and fantastic lines are just amazing.
    I like the strong lines of this Princess Serenity chibi image.
    I like the thick lines on this one of Sailor Moon and Chibi-Usa.
    Stylized series of Usagis with kidlet version, Sailor Moon, and Princess Serenity.
    Pretty, light, and airy image of Helios and Chibi-Usa.
    I liked Princess Serenity's hair floating up around her like this.
    Hotaru and Chibi-Usa with cute little animal ears, aww.
    I'll grant that the anatomy is a little off, but I look at it as a deliberate style choice, because this one of Pluto and Saturn is so fabulous otherwise.
    Two Kakyous back to back and I'm totally in love with the way the artist drew their clothes.
    Nicely done image of the Starlights.
    Super, super, super cute image of Chibi-Usa sitting on a giant Luna-P that has some really professional looking lines and color.
    I liked the softness of this Uranus/Neptune image.
    More slinky and pretty Black Lady art.
    Adorable image of Chibi-Usa and Helios, aww.
    There's a reason, like, ten thousand people have bookmarked this Sailor Moon image, it's so smooth and slick and gorgeous that I feel like I could stare at it for an hour straight.
    Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon, and Chibi-Moon which has a cute style and adorable pastel colors.
    Usagi and Rei back to back in their school uniforms, done in really pretty glowy colors.
    Haruka and Michiru lying down and touching each other's faces, I thought it was sweet.
    Stylized Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon image that was interesting.
    Slinky Black Lady image again and I really liked the way her eyes looked.
    Haruka and Michiru in regular clothes, Haruka with a wine bottle, Michiru with a violin.
    Princess Serenity and Chibi-Usa stylized image again and I'm kind of growing really fond of this style.
    Haruka carrying Michiru, who's only wearing one shoe and just, awww. OTP.
    Utterly darling chibi Sailor Moon that's the real kind of stylized that I love.
    Crying Usagi image that's still really nicely done.
    Black Lady image that I liked for the way her hair and scarves trail along.
    Cute, clean image of Sailor V.
    Another simple, but cute image of Sailor Moon.
    Lovely moonlit Sailor Moon with her jewelry glowing red against it, very pretty, even if I could do without the panty shot.
    Amazingly pretty poster-style image of the Inner Senshi from season 1.
    The Black Moon Sisters look kinda cool in this one.
    Simple, but very clean and cute Chibi-Moon.
    Minako and Usagi singing karaoke back to back, it was just kinda cute.
    Cute little Dark Mercury sketch.
    Pretty CG of Sailor Venus looking pensive, I'm easy for bright colors like this.
    Princess Serenity sketch that I'm easy for because of the faint colors used.
    Setsuna and Chibi-Usa hug that made me smile.
    Sketch of Usagi with bright, airy colors that I really liked, she's so cute/pretty.
    Princess Serenity holding Chibi-Usa's hair and they're both so happy and adorable that I love it.
    Anime-style cg on this Fisheye image and this is a really cool-looking concept.
    Very nicely done profile of Tuxedo Kamen as he's taking off his mask.
    Black Lady holding her younger self and it's a bit off in places, but it's mostly just really pretty, the use of pinks is surprisingly interesting to look at.
    Beautiful image of Naru crying over Nephrite's death, man, I do still kinda ship them, I think.
    Gorgeously done Chibi Moon in mid-transformation as her staff starts glowing, the colors on this are fantastic.
    Simple but sweet sketch of Uranus and Neptune holding hands as they face whatever is coming.
    Really pretty and light, airy Jupiter and Minako image that I liked a lot.
    Zoisite image that has some great lines that are smooth, same for the soft, gentle colors. Even the chibi-esque look of it is adorable.
    Cute doodle of Nephrite and Naru holding hands in wintery clothes, aw.
    Kakyuu-hime and Yaten happy and smiley with each other, which was nice to see.
    Cute, pale image of Chibi-Moon that looks nice in full view.
    Chibi-esque Eternal Moon that I really liked for the clean, smooth lines of it.
    Beautiful image of Rei, Usagi, and Ami in that soft, glowing colors style I like so much.
    Cute little Fisheye image.
    More awesome Rei, Usagi, and Ami art with a chibi style but amazingly done colors.
    Another cute Fisheye sketch, I just like him, okay.
    Fantastic lines on this closeup of Haruka.
    I liked this Neptune image because it's almost like a fairy tale book illustration.
    Sailor Moon closeup that has some beautiful blues for Usagi's eyes.
    Beautiful image of Usagi and Sailor Moon falling, one trying to catch the other, the lines and colors of this are all so smooth.
    More Princess Serenity against a moonlit sky, I'm totally weak for that dress.
    Super cute little Chibi-Usa with light, airy colors again.
    Gorgeous Sailor V image where she's all happy and smiley and it has the warmest, nicest colors.
    Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon falling onto Tuxedo Kamen and it's this super cute little family image, aw.
    Simple, but super pretty Sailor Venus in soft pinks and oranges.
    Cool-looking Black Lady image again.
    Really beautiful image of Mimete, with great lines and gorgeous, almost glowy colors.
    Cute, happy Usagi reaching behind her.
    Jadeite/Rei image that's really kinda pretty and normally I don't go for the Kings/Senshi pairings, but... yeah, I'd totally make an exception for this one.
    Zoisite and Fisheye! Which is really kind of super adorable.
    Pretty Sailor Moon sketch with some light coloring.
    Amazon Trio illustration that's done in anime cg-style and looks really nice.
    Cute image of Ami painting a portrait of Usagi.
    Ami and Usagi doodle that was cute.
    Another Amazon Trio cg-style image, this time trying to take Fisheye's heart.
    Usagi and Chibi-Usa anime-style image that was kinda cute.

Sailor Moon - Group images:
    The Senshi all in winter clothes and it's just so warm and adorable and happy that I love it.
    Awesome cg of Mars, Moon, and Mercury with costume upgrades/redesigns that look great.
    Gorgeous group image of all the Senshi in their uniforms.
    Bookmark style images of all the Senshi and I'm a sucker for this kind of thing.
    Stylized group of all the Senshi and I'm easy for art like this, shut up.
    Postage stamp style images of all the Senshi and, yeah, I'm still weak.
    A very pretty oekaki with bright, glowing colors of Princess Serenity with Uranus and Neptune.
    Mars, Mercury, and Sailor Moon in a really gorgeously colored image; I really love this artist.
    This group image of the Inners looks gorgeous in full view, with its bright colors and super smooth lines.
    Oh, man, this is a gorgeous image of the Outer Senshi that I really loved.
    Colorized sketches of the Inner Senshi in their princess dresses while playing instruments in the Moon Kingdom.
    Fiore and Mamoru in the background with Sailor Moon in the foreground. Man, I loved that movie.
    The Inner Senshi as chibis being adorkable with each other, awww.
    Mecha versions of all the Sailors from the series is kind of seriously awesome and they look really good in full view.
    Collection of postage stamp style images of the Senshi and more, which all look really beautiful!
    The Outers being a happy adorable family in this multi-panel comic strip; d'awww.
    Oh, this group illustration of the four Inner Senshi makes them all look so cute and I love the lines of it.
    Sketches of various Senshi, some colored and some not, all very lovely.
    Haruka and Michiru slowly pulling Usagi's clothes off is actually a really cute image and they're all pretty.
    Group image of the Inner Senshi which is nicely done and very anime-poster-like.
    Four images collaged together of the Outer Senshi who are all drawn lovely here.
    Oh, man, these animal ears chibis of the Inner Senshi are so freaking cute.
    A series of five illustrations of Sailor Moon and the various Black Moon family characters, all of them lovely.
    Really solidly done illustration of the Inners against a starry sky and I'm just weak to the solid colors, okay.
    Simple but cute image of the Inner Senshi together in their school uniforms and being happy together.
    Mamoru, Usagi, and Chibi-Usa (well, and the cats, too) for Halloween and it's a gorgeous image.
    Cute comic strip with the royal family again.
    Group illustration of the Senshi that has some really lovely detail to it.
    The Senshi standing on a stairway in a lovely black & white image.
    I am totally weak to family dynamics especially when Mamoru has to smile at Chibi-Usa and Usagi's antics.
    Sketches of Mercury, Venus, Pluto, and Saturn are all very nicely done.
    All five of the Inners with their arms linked together and done in light, airy colors.
    The Inners in school uniforms and I still really like this artist's colors.
    Pretty image of the Outer Senshi with a nice use of faded colors.
    Fantastic poster-style illustration of all the Senshi in chibi form floating around in space with adorable colors used.
    Really lovely group illustration of the Inner Senshi and the cats with the pretty colors that I love.
    This series of bookmark-like images of the Sailor Senshi looks really adorable in full view.
    Sailor Moon, Mars, and Mercury in a beautifully jewel-like colored image during the night.
    Group image of the Sailor Senshi in semi-chibi-esque form is adorable.
    The Senshi all hanging out together, crowded around the kotatsu is also adorable.
    Lovely four-page comic of Michiru, Haruka, and the Starlights.
    Series of images of various characters, starting with the Dark Kingdom, but going through the various villains and Senshi; all of which look beautiful.
    Genderwapped versions of the Inner Senshi? AWESOME. Not to mention gorgeously done.
    Usagi and Rei back to back while Minako runs towards them, all in their school uniforms.
    Fantastic image in collage style with pictures scattered across it, of the Inners during a sports festival at school.
    It's a simple image in some ways, but this collection of strips of the various characters caught my eye today.
    Gorgeous image of Mercury, Moon, and Mars with these beautiful light, cg colors and so much detail on their hair and eyes. *__*
    Meme-style mini-portraits of all the Senshi and the cats.
    Yaten sleeping under a tree with Chibi-Usa and Hotaru sleeping on him as well.
    Sailor Chibi-Moon, Pluto, and Saturn group hug of total adorableness.
    Usagi trying to catch fish at a festival while the Inners watch over her.
    Beautiful image of Serenity, Endymion, and Small Lady as their daughter lies in her lap and she gently puts a hand in his hair.
    A series of images of the Outer Senshi each in a portrait-style illustration.
    Series of Moon-centric characters, like Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi-Moon, Chibi-Chibi, PGSM Sailor Moon, etc., all in black & white.
    I can't resist cute group art when it comes to the Inner Senshi being adorable with each other.
    Another gorgeous image of the Inners with those pretty jewel-like colors.
    The Inner Senshi group image of them all in their bathing suits, with bright, shiny colors.
    Cute semi-stylized image of Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mars standing together.
    Beautifully done group image of the Senshi that's a little fanservicey, but still very nicely done.
    A Durarara!! ending parody with the Senshi that looks awesome.
    Sprites of the various Senshi and, man, do I want those for my profile. *__*
    The four Inner Senshi that's really nicely done in the anime style and looks fantastic in full view.
    Fantastic poster-style image of several of the various SM characters.
    A series of four images of the Inners done in adorable little chibi forms.
    I really am terribly fond of these, I'm weak to Durarara!! ending style images.
    The Uranus/Neptune cover for this series is lovely, but I also enjoyed the little dancing chibis of the Inners a whole lot.
    Beautifully drawn group image with the various Sailor Senshi.

    Brightly colored image with solid lineart of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mercury.
    Using the same lineart as the above but with darker colors, this one of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mercury is really nice, too.
    Awesome lineart of the three older Outers and I would love to see some people color this one soon.
    Another coloring job on that lineart of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mercury.
    Adorable little image of Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mercury.
    Cute, brightly colored image of the four Inners together with a rainbow background.
    Cute pixel versions of the Outers--Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, anyway.
    Sort of a collage of all the Senshi with some cute, bright colors to it that I'm weak for.
    Completely adorable group image of the Inners in their usual school uniforms, each holding up a drink or a snack.
Sailor Moon - Usagi/Sailor Moon:
    Sailor Moon in mid-attack, very nice.
    Adorable little Sailor Moon doodle where I really liked the soft, fuzzy colors.
    Eternal Sailor Moon cg-style image that I thought was kinda neat.
    Beautiful image of Usagi lying back with flowers in her hands.
    Sailor Moon illustration that's simple, but has lovely, bright colors and some surprisingly good detail.
    Cute, brightly colored Sailor Moon bookmark.
    Sailor Moon with Serenity in the background, it's a solidly done anime-style cg image.
    Normal Usagi in her school uniform done in these soft, pretty colors and surprisingly strong lines.
    Simple sketch of Sailor Moon but the colors are so soft and pretty, the lines so cute that I really liked it.
    Cute little image of Usagi with a crescent moon design in the background along with Luna.
    Usagi looking cute in a pretty pink dress. It looks even better in full view where you can see all the details.
    Rainy day Usagi skipping along with her umbrella is adorable.
    I'm easy for cg styled Serenity, okay? Don't judge me.
    Happy, bubbly Sailor Moon and I'm also easy for this sketch style.
    Serenity image that has her in the foreground and background, poster style, and the artist did a beautiful job on the watercolor style.
    Beautiful image of Serenity done in a sort of textured (I guess?) style that looks really fantastic.
    Oekaki of Sailor Moon and I'm probably just easy for pastel colors.
    Posing Sailor Moon done in solid reds and blues and yellows.
    Sailor Moon against a crescent moon backdrop and in light, glowy colors as she holds her knees to her chest.
    Pretty image of Serenity that I just liked for the details on it and her big blue eyes.
    Sailor Christmas Moon looks awesome! I love the costume redesign for a holiday feel!
    Sailor Moon close-up that, again, looks almost like it could have been done professionally, it looks so much like anime art.
    Gorgeous image of the various versions of Usagi (Sailor Super Moon, Princess Serenity, and Usagi) in beautiful colors and shoujo lines.
    Princess Serenity praying, done by the artist who I like for their anime cel-style art.
    Cute, smiling Sailor Moon and I'm just weak to pastels, shut up.
    Silver Millenium Princess Serenity bookmark style image that's lovely.
    Bright, pretty, clean CG of Sailor Moon that has some fantastic warm colors in orange and gold.
    Screencap-like image of Sailor Moon in the rain.
    Another screencap-like image of Usagi with a serious look on her face.
    Super Sailor Moon illustration where she's holding the glowing holy grail.
    Usagi in a maid uniform and wearing glasses is super adorable with this artist.
    Cute sketch of Usagi with a red heart for Valentine's Day.
    Really adorable and lovely sketch of Usagi walking along while she eats ice cream.
    I'm still a sucker for Princess Serenity in a nicely detailed image like this.
    Cute colorized b&w lineart of Sailor Moon with her usual pose.
    Cute illustration of Sailor Moon reaching out her hand and smiling.
    Super Sailor Moon illustration that's really cute and has some surprisingly nice lines to it.
    Eternal Sailor Moon image with her floating in the air with her arms spread wide; it looks really good in full view.
    Oh, I love how cute Usagi is here with these bright, jewel-like, sunny colors.
    Simple but lovely Princess Serenity and I really love how her eyes look in full view.
    Stylized chibi Sailor Moon is also really super cute!
    I'm easy for the golden colors that the artist used here, shut up.
    Flash-style chibi Sailor Moon with a cute little Luna sitting on her head.
    I really love the lines and colors on this image, they're so glossy and shiny!
    Eternal Sailor Moon sketch that's very loosely done, but I'm a sucker for happy, smiley art.
    Cute image of Usagi with a glowing heart in her hands for Valentine's Day.
    Somehow, Usagi stuffing her face still manages to be one of the most adorable things ever.
    Cute and very solidly done illustration of Sailor Moon with her a cute little salute.
    Anime-style illustration of Super Sailor Moon that's pretty dead-on, wow.
    Sailor Moon sitting on the moon and I love how well this artist really kind of nails the anime style.
    Gentle, soft illustration of Princess Serenity smiling and holding the ends of her dress, which is darling.
    Another Princess Serenity illustration that I thought was really pretty, even if it's a little sad.
    I'm just a sucker for Super Sailor Moon and light, pretty pastel colors in combination like this, shut up.
    SUPER CUTE chibi of Super Sailor Moon in an adorable stylized look.
    I really love this sketch of Sailor Moon, you can really see how much potential/skill is here.
    Another really simple sketch, but something about the lines of it and the airy colors is really nice.
    Usagi in a cute pink top and there's something about this style that I just love.
    Beautiful image of Sailor Moon with a crying Princess Serenity in the background.
    Black & white lineart of chibi Usagi with her skirt being tugged on by a cute little bunny.
    Gorgeously done Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach which are two of my favorite uber mahou shoujo characters.
    Happy, smiling sketch of Usagi in bright, pastel, airy colors.
    Sailor Moon raising up her wand against a full moon in the background.
    Serenity, Sailor Moon, and Usagi all in a rather sad image.
    The coloring on this image of Princess Serenity looking sad are glossy and pretty.
    Princess Serenity praying as light shines out from around her.
    Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity with their arms wrapped around each other/herself.
    Sketch of Eternal Sailor Moon that's soft and lovely, just like everything of this artist's.
    Pretty sketch of Serenity around the time of the Black Moon arc.
    Eternal Sailor Moon is my favorite design and I love art that has all this detail in it like this one does.
    Cute sketch of Sailor Moon with those bright, shiny cg colors that I'm so fond of.
    Sailor Moon and her epic hair and a sad expression on her face are all lovely.
    Beautiful image of Usagi in her school uniform where it's bright, sunny, and happy.
    Stylized sketch of Serenity with wings and her hands over her glowing stomach, which is cute and lovely.
    Usagi from the Black Moon arc in a slightly new dress and a whole lot of cleavage.
    The clean, cg-styled coloring on this one of Sailor Moon are so totally my thing. *__*
    Glossy, clean colors on Princess Serenity in combination with slick, smooth lines is something I really like.
    Cute little image of Usagi in her normal school uniform, pressing a rose to her lips.
    Sketch of Princess Serenity with the moon beind her and her hair blowing softly in the breeze.
    Cute doodle of Sailor Moon and I liked how the blue of her eyes contrasted against the other colors.
    Bright, clean image of Usagi in school uniform and smiling happily--I really just line the basic lineart of this one.
    Sketch/doodle of Sailor Moon and I'm a sucker for bright, pretty eyes.
    Another sketch of Sailor Moon with messy lines and light, airy colors that somehow work really well.
    Bright, clean colors and lines on this Sailor Moon image are kind of right in my wheelhouse, shut up.
    Adorable little chibi of Sailor Moon and I really like the clean lines.
    Cute little image of Sailor Moon that I really kind of liked somehow.
    Simple, but lovely Princess Serenity image of her with bright blue eyes and her hair whipping around behind her.
    Another simple but cute image of Princess Serenity, as she holds up the ginzuishou.
    I'm also a sucker for cute lines on black & white images of Sailor Moon in mid-attack.
    Sailor Moon posing with the full moon in the background behind her.
    Happy, smiling Usagi as she falls backwards is totally cute, too.
    Sometimes I just really like a certain style, especially when it has this really great flow and sharp lines to it.
    Cute, stylized Sailor Moon that's glossy and shiny.
    Cute little chibi of Princess Serenity, shut up, I'm weak, okay.
    Soft, stylized Princess Serenity image that looks really lovely in full view.
    Gorgeous image of Usagi with her ribbons streaming out from the ginzuishou, which is still one of my favorite scenes.
    Stylized in a sort of Flash way, this one of Sailor Moon is still really cute.
    Usagi in frilly underwear that's actually a really nicely done image with a strong anime-style feel.
    Stylized but neat image of Sailor Moon with wings and the ginzuishou in her hands.
    VOCALOID style Usagi looks totally awesome and I love the detail and the design for her!
    Eternal Sailor Moon poster style image that looks really cool, too.
    Gorgeous image of Princess Serenity done in light, airy colors with her smiling happily.
    Cute image of Sailor Moon holding a glowing light to her chest as she smiles softly.
    Sailor Moon portrait image that's glossy and shiny, with some really pretty cg colors to it.
    I'm a sucker for cg colors like this, even if the image itself is a smidge more fanservicey than I usually prefer.
    This light, airy sketch of Sailor Moon looks kinda fantastic in full view.
    Shiny, glossy colors and almost a Flash-like style on this image of Sailor Moon is really all it takes for me.
    This is just a tiny little sketch but it's bright and shiny of Sailor Moon.
    Gorgeous image of Usagi as she spins around underneath a beautiful starry sky.
    Bright, shiny, saturated colors on an image of Sailor Moon and Luna always make me happy.
    Shiny, glossy Sailor Moon image that looks awesome. *___*
    I usually look for Kaminary's art on devART but I love it on Pixiv, too. And this one of Serenity is really nice.
    Beautiful, warmy colored image of Sailor Moon with these lovely almost sunset colors.
    Another Kaminary image of Neo Sailor Serenity with an awesome costume design.
    Cute image of Sailor Moon with slightly darker colors to her outfit, which looks neat.
    Beautiful Princess Serenity image with soft golden colors that contrast against her blue, blue eyes.
    Cute, bright image of Usagi with some nicely done clean, glossy lines and almost pastel colors.
    Cute image of Usagi in her school uniform with some nicely smooth, glossy lines.
    Seriously adorable image of Super Sailor Moon as she leaps with her hands tucked under her chin, done in bright, pretty colors.
    Warmly colored image of Sailor Moon that almost looks like it was done with watercolors.
    More of Kaminary's awesome costume designs for Neo Sailor Queen Serenity.
    Neo Sailor Serenity by Kaminary is still an awesome costume design and image.
    Usagi as VOCALOID Rin which is really cute to see her in that black & white outfit.
    More lovely Kaminary art of Princess Serenity with her gorgeous dress.
    Brightly colored Sailor Moon image with really, really vivid tones used for it.
    I love how epic Sailor Moon's hair is and I really do love the bright, sunshiney colors for this image.

    Totally cute little image of Sailor Moon with clean lines and colors again.
    Shiny, sparkly Sailor Moon image that looks even better in full view.
    Another beautiful image of Eternal Sailor Moon with shiny, sparkly colors and some awesome lineart.
    Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna all being rather touchy-feely.
    Cute watercolor-style image of Sailor Moon with her original moon stick.
    Cute redesign of Sailor Moon's outfit with some clean, solid colors.
    Really cute image of Sailor Moon and Tsubomi from Heartcatch Precure and I like the crossover here.
    A slight tweak on Sailor Moon's outfit in an image with some really clean, slick lines.
    Simple, but lovely Princess Serenity image in faded colors with multi-colored butterflies flying past her.
    The style used on this Sailor Moon image is really interesting and neat, very different from usual.
    Sketch of Princess Serenity that has a certain lovely quality to it.
    Totally adorable Sailor Moon image that I wish were clearer because I think it has some really good detail.
    Amazingly beautiful image of Eternal Sailor Moon out against a nighttime starry sky and white birds flying around her.
    I'm just fond of art like this with a surprising amount of detail on the shoujo-style image of Sailor Moon.
    The faded purple-gray colors here and the nicely done detail on Princess Serenity are also nice.
Sailor Moon - Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen:
    Sketch of Endymion by Dolce that's just as beautiful as everything she does.
    Black & white image of Mamoru with him taking his mask off, which is beautiful.
    Almost sketch like image of Mamoru is simple but lovely.
    Mamoru image in almost sepia tones that's just gorgeous.
    Gorgeously detailed image of Tuxedo Kamen where Mamoru's hair and eyes are so sharp and intense.

    Gorgeous image of Mamoru in black & white with splashes of red in the background and for his eyes. Wow.
    Cute sketch of Mamoru brushing his teeth and I'm weak to cute domestic stuff, shut up.
Sailor Moon - Chibi-Usa/Chibi Moon:
    Beautifully drawn Chibi Moon image, the detail around her hair and face is surprisingly sharp.
    Richly colored Chibi-Usa image that is almost a little intense for how much pink and red there is here.
    Chibi-Usa with a great big smile and surrounded by big sunflowers.
    Cute little Chibi-Usa image with a nice shade of peach/pink.
    Black Lady image that I liked for the detail on her face.
    Another cute little Chibi Moon scribble.
    Sketch of an older looking Chibi Usa kind of reminds me of why I think her character has potential.
    Black Lady image that's a little shakey but you can see the potential in the full view of this image.
    Another Black Lady image that I thought was solidly done.
    Cute little doodle of Chibi Moon that's a simple thing, but adorable nonetheless.
    Beautiful little wintery image of Chibi-Usa as the snow falls gently around her.
    Close up on Chibi-Usa done in such a strong anime cel-like style that it could almost be a screencap from the anime.
    Gorgeous image of Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon in those vivid, jewel-like colors style that I love so much.
    Pretty image of Black Lady sitting on a chair with her own hair trailing through her fingers.
    Black Lady with her hair swirling around her is a beautiful image as well and I love the colors of it.
    What worked for me with this image is that it's really big in full view and it comes together really kinda well.
    Tiny little Chibi-Usa holding up a flower in a really super cute image, aww!
    Omg, little Small Lady with Luna-P where her >:| expression is the cutest thing ever.
    Another adorable chibi illustration of Chibi-Usa where she's beautifully colored and looks so cute.
    Adorable Chibi-Usa on a cold day as she goes to pick up some yarn, I believe? It's really cute.
    Man, Chibi-Moon is cute in her little pink outfit as she's jumping in the air.
    Chibi-Moon when she's a little older and I'm really fond of the way this artist draws her.
    Another cute Chibi-Moon image which is a somewhat simple portrait, but is just really well done.
    An older looking Sailor Chibi-Moon surrounded by sparkles and stars, which I really liked.
    Doodle of Sailor Chibi-Moon that has some nice detail to it.
    There was something about this illustration of Sailor Chibi-Moon that I really kind of liked.
    Soft, lovely sketch of Princess Small Lady that's light and airy, which I really like.
    Celebratory image of Sailor Chibi-Moon that has some really strong lines and nice detail in full view.
    Cute doujinshi-like sketch of Sailor Chibi-Moon.
    This is an interesting and really kinda pretty take on Sailor Chibi-Moon and I love the whispy look of her hair.
    Cute little image of Chibi-Usa in a cute sunny dress and her hair down around her shoulders.
    Very nicely done Black Lady image that looks even better in full view.
    Another pretty image of Black Lady, which uses lighter colors than I'm used to, but it's not bad.
    More cuteness of Sailor Chibi-Moon with some really solidly done lines.
    Yeah, shut up, I'm still easy for these colors with the bright, vivid cg type.
    Beautiful image of Chibi-Usa looking just a bit older, but still in her school uniform.
    Wonderfully detailed Sailor Chibi-Moon as she's older and I really loved this one!
    Chibi-Usa smiling happily and sunnily, which is nice to see, too.
    Beautifully colored Sailor Chibi-Moon that looks even prettier in full view.
    Happy, beaming Chibi-Usa has really grown on me, for all the time I've spent looking at art for her on Pixiv.
    Glossy colors on this Black Lady image where she looks surprised are nice.
    Beautifully detailed and colored Chibi-Usa that is a great version of that lineart floating around.
    Sailor Saturn with Chibi-Moon in the background, which is a cute image of the two of them.
    A soft sketch of Princess Small Lady when she's a little older and it's really beautiful.
    Cute image of Chibi-Usa in a darling little white dress.
    The detail on this Black Lady image looks fantastic in full view, it's really kind of a gorgeous image.
    Black Lady portrait that's very nicely done.
    Gorgeous image of Chibi-Usa in her school uniform, with fantastic colors.
    Screencap-like image of Chibi-Usa outside as snow falls down and she's wrapped up in a coat and scarf.
    Totally adorable and wonderfully detailed close up of Chibi-Usa with her crescent moon glowing.
    Beautiful image of Sailor Chibi Moon with her weapon and feathers and cute use of pinks.
    Simple, yet lovely image of Chibi-Usa in a white dress with a wing spread out above her.
    Light, airy sketch of Chibi-Usa with soft colors that's very cute and pretty.
    This image of Sailor Chibi-Moon is huge in full view and looks really cool there.
    Beautiful image of Black Lady who is clearly not pleased here.
    Another gorgeous Black Lady image where I love the shading on her hair and the expression on her face.
    Cute Sailor Chibi-Moon this time with some nicely done colors and everything looks shiny on her.
    Grown up Sailor Chibi-Moon is a really kinda cool image here.
    Princess Small Lady asleep with Luna-P floating behind her, which is a beautifully drawn image.
    Simple, but really nicely done image of Sailor Chibi-Moon with a really good anime-like style.
    Sketch of Chibi-Usa that I thought was really kinda cute.
    Manga-esque style Sailor Chibi-Moon that looks really cute, too.
    Black Lady image that has a neat/interesting style to it.
    There's a lot of pink and red to this Chibi Moon image but the artist's sharp lineart makes it work.
    Different ages and outfits for Chibi-Usa/Black Lady that's beautifully done in glossy anime-cel style.
    This image of Sailor Chibi Moon when she's older is really nicely done, though, I wish the scan/picture of it were a little clearer.
    Shiny, sparkly Chibi-Usa image as she holds Luna-P in her arms.
    Sailor Chibi Moon looking a little older in the style of the dvd covers, which looks fantastic.
    Anime-style Chibi-Usa resting on a giant Luna-P is cute.
    Chibi-Usa in an interesting style, sort of doujinshi-esque, which somehow really works on this image.
    Super Sailor Chibi-Moon done in pinks and golds that are really nice.
    Image of Black Lady with her arms crossed in front of her.
    Cute little sketch of Sailor Chibi-Moon that has some nice pastel colors.
    Gorgeous image of Black Lady with all these amazing highlights on her dress and shawl.
    Gorgeous image of older Chibi-Usa in an undersized school uniform and the holy grail in her hands.

    Cute water-color style image of Chibi-Usa in her school uniform outfit.
    Neo Sailor Princess Chibi-Moon by Kaminary and I love the mouthful that is, but also how gorgeous this image is.
    Beautiful image of Black Lady looking angry, with some gorgeous lines to her face and hair.
    Black Lady against a full moon as her hair flies around her in this cute sketch.
Sailor Moon - Ami/Sailor Mercury:
    Fantastic Mercury portrait with a slightly different (more painting-like) style than I'm used to, but it looks great.
    Mercury against the ocean and it's just a cute little image.
    The colors used for Ami's hair and clothes, the jewel-like tones of blue, are really lovely here.
    Cute image of Sailor Mercury holding her wand and surrounded by bubbles.
    Chibi Sailor Mercury image that looks really freaking cute, too.
    Ami in a simple, but lovely dress in one of those Mercury Princess-style images.
    Sailor Mercury portrait where she's just really adorable and has pretty colors.
    Cute illustration of Sailor Mercury this artist did in a series of anime-style images that are really solid.
    Gorgeous illustration of Sailor Mercury in the middle of her attack and I love this artist's work kind of ridiculously.
    Another beautiful illustration of Sailor Mercury with some really pretty, glowing colors used on her.
    Mercury with some sparkly has hell accessories that look kind of seriously awesome in full view.
    Ami walking along a tree-lined path is an adorable, sweet little image.
    Simple, but sweet image of Ami in her school uniform.
    Simple but sweet image of Ami in regular clothes.
    Ami with glasses as she pushes them back up is totally adorable/good-looking.
    Pretty colors and cute look on Sailor Mercury here, too.
    I really kind of like the lines here on this Sailor Mercury image.
    Adorable image of Ami in her normal clothes and studying.
    Gorgeous image of Mercury with these amazing light blue colors.
    This brightly colored cg style image of Sailor Mercury is actually pretty cute.
    Another image of Sailor Mercury (and Ami!) in the artist's bright cg style that works for this image.
    A little more upskirt than I usually like but this Sailor Mercury image has some nicely done cg and Ami's smile is really cute here.
    This image of a younger Ami is kind of totally adorable.
    I really liked the lines and colors on this Sailor Mercury image--fine lines plus pastel colors is a combo I like.
    Gorgeously colored image of Ami out after a rainstorm, with her umbrella in hand.
    Another cute, lightly colored image of Sailor Mercury that I thought wasn't bad.
    Cute image of Sailor Mercury that I couldn't help linking to, shut up.
    Sailor Mercury floating through the air/sea with her arms outstretched to the sides--it looks really nice in full view.
    Sailor Mercury in the middle of her attack and I really like the sharp blues here.
    Another Sailor Mercury image done in cg style but it's so softly colored that I really liked it a lot.
    Little doodle of Sailor Mercury that's nicely done in the anime's style.
    Cute black & white image of Ami with some nicely clean lines to it.
    This series of 3D style image of Ami is a little more fanservicey than I'd like, but it looks kind of amazing.

    Beautiful image of Sailor Mercury as she summons a large water attack around her; the vibrant colors look amazing here.
Sailor Moon - Minako/Sailor Venus:
    Bloody and bruised Sailor Venus is still determinedly fighting.
    Adorably cute Venus blowing a kiss in this image.
    Venus portrait with her symbol behind her and some beautiful cg coloring.
    Minako image that's cute, even if it's a little more cg-heavy than even I prefer.
    Minako in her school uniform with Artemis peering over her shoulder, which is cute.
    Cute image of Sailor Venus holding up a little heart between her fingers.
    Semi-chibi-esque Sailor V that's really just adorable and so cute.
    Venus with her Love Me Chain, illustration for her birthday.
    Light, airy sketch of Sailor Venus that has some beautiful colors and makes her look so pretty.
    Another lovely image of Sailor Venus, a close-up on her face this time and I kind of love her eyes a lot.
    Cute and nicely done illustration of Sailor Venus that has some great lines in full view.
    Another cute image of Sailor V as she's in her crouching pose and looking awesome.
    Adorable Minako image of her in orange and yellow colors.
    Sailor Venus portrait of her in motion with a sparkly background.
    Minako in her school uniform with Sailor V in the background, both of which are nice.
    Minako in a Halloween-themed outfit that is really the cutest thing just about ever.
    This is the really huge version in full view of this artist's Sailor Venus image for the series they did.
    Sailor Venus closeup in the middle of her transformation sequence.
    There's something about the flow of this image of Sailor Venus that I really kinda liked.
    Sailor Venus with a sword that's kind of an awesome sketch in color.
    Minako in summery clothes and her cute little salute.
    The back of Sailor V as she's holding her mask behind her and this is a beautiful image.
    Pretty image of Sailor Venus as she's almost in shadows, but still lovely.
    A simple sketch of Sailor Venus but I liked it somehow anyway.
    Cute, light, airy sketch of Sailor Venus being adorable.
    Another slightly stylized image of Sailor Venus that I thought was cute.
    Fantastic image of Sailor V that's got some great detail and anime-cel-style coloring/lines to her.
    I'm kind of a sucker for strong lineart and solid inking like on this image.
    Beautiful image of Sailor Venus with clean, solid lines and a heart crystal in her hand.
    Sailor Venus portrait after she blows a kiss, done in warm golds and oranges.
    Bright, smiling Minako portrait that sparkles and is cute.
    Minako with kitty ears is kind of totally adorable, I have to admit.
    Minako and Sailor Venus image that's soft and pretty.
    Gorgeous poster-style image of Sailor V jumping with the moon in the background.
    Sailor V flashing a peace sign and Minako is really cute in this one.
    Simple, yet cute Sailor Venus image of her holding up a heart crystal in her hand.
    Cute image of Minako with Sailor V in the background behind her.
    Cute image of Sailor Venus that I couldn't help linking to, shut up.
    Cute little sketch of Venus that's soft and I couldn't help linking.
    Super adorable Sailor V and Sailor Venus with some nice yellows and blues.

Sailor Moon - Rei/Sailor Mars:
    Simple but pretty image of Mars with a flame at the tip of her finger.
    Portrait of Sailor Mars that's simple but looks very nice.
    Utterly stunning image of Sailor Mars with gorgeous colors and an amazing use of textures.
    Cute image of Sailor Mars with her hand on fire as she swishes it along.
    Gorgeous image of Rei in her miko clothing and oh man her hair is so pretty.
    Another Sailor Mars illustration with those glossy, shiny colors that are so fantastic.
    Sailor Mars illustration with her hair swishing lightly behind her and an ofuda in her hand.
    This time it's Sailor Mars with sparkles and stars all around her.
    Screencap style illustration that's a close-up of Sailor Mars and I liked it.
    Darker version of this image of Sailor Mars by that artist who does the gorgeous art.
    A simple Sailor Mars doodle that I also really kind of liked.
    Another image that almost feels a little fanservicey but Sailor Mars is pretty so I don't care.
    I'm a sucker for big, shiny art like this one of Sailor Mars with wings of fire just about and a fuda at the ready.
    Beautiful image of Sailor Mars holding up her fuda and the dark reds are fantastic.
    Anime-style portrait of Sailor Mars that looks really nice in full view, too.
    I really adore this artist's work and her image of Rei in her miko clothes is just gorgeous.
    Simple, but cutely done sketch of Sailor Mars.
    Gorgeous illustration of Rei with her ofuda and her crows, done in red and black.
    Simple, but lovely image of Sailor Mars lying on the ground.
    Another Sailor Mars portrait by this artist that you can really see the potential in.
    Man, sometimes I really think Rei is my favorite just for how pretty she is all the time.
    Rei in her miko uniform and pressing ofuda to her lips in a lovely, elegant image.
    Gorgeous image of Sailor Mars with these really vibrant reds and oranges.
    Another simple, but really lovely image of Rei in normal clothes.
    An image showing this artist's progress on drawing Mars over the last couple of years.
    Pretty sketch of Sailor Mars with soft coloring and her in the middle of her attack again.
    Shiny, sparkly portrait of Sailor Mars that's not bad.
    Rei in a maid cafe uniform is kind of ridiculously pretty, wow.
    I really liked the style here, of Sailor Mars surrounded by fire.
    I guess today is my day for finding Sailor Mars art that I really like, especially with bright, shiny colors.
    Yeah, okay, I'm weak to cg style art but Sailor Mars is one of my favorites.
    Cute image of Sailor Mars that I couldn't help linking to, shut up.
    This portrait of Sailor Mars is more fanservicey than I'd like, but she's gorgeous in full view, I have to say.
    Rei in her cute red and white dress from the s1 episode's festival where she sings.
    Sailor Mars with her crows in a really pretty style.
    Cute little Rei chibi holding both a broom and an ofuda.
    Simple but pretty image of Rei in her school uniform for her birthday.

    Beautiful black & white image of Sailor Mars as part of a series by this artist.
    Gorgeous image of Rei in a princess dress and the colors on this are amazing.
    I can't resist cute art like this, especially not of Sailor Mars surrounded by fire.
Sailor Moon - Makoto/Sailor Jupiter:
    Stylized but adorable Jupiter chibi.
    Sketch of Jupiter that is only lightly colored but is really pretty.
    Adorable little Jupiter sketch that uses a bright shade of green nicely.
    Chibi Sailor Jupiter in Flash style and I'm super weak to bright, solid colors and happy little faces.
    Cute and glossy illustration of Makoto in her usual outfit.
    Cute sketch of Sailor Jupiter with hints of green in the image that really make it lovely.
    Sailor Jupiter in the middle of her attack and, wow, this artist does some seriously gorgeous work. *__*
    Makoto dressed in a cut little outfit for Christmas and it's so adorable.
    Sailor Jupiter sketch that I really liked for how solidly she was done.
    Another Sailor Jupiter illustration by this artist and I really love the bright, almost glowing colors here.
    A little fanservicey for my tastes, but Makoto in a Christmas outfit is still really cute.
    Sketch of Sailor Jupiter on a pink background that looks lovely.
    Portrait of Sailor Jupiter that is totally pretty and I love the antique-feeling colors.
    Another pretty image of a portrait of Sailor Jupiter.
    Pretty sketch of Sailor Jupiter that's simple, but lovely.
    Totally cute sketch of Sailor Jupiter this time.
    I'm just really fond of the lines here on this image of Sailor Jupiter, especially around her face.
    Super pretty image of Makoto walking along on a wintery day and I love the colors and swish of her scarf.
    Gorgeous image of Sailor Jupiter in the middle of her attack, with these vibrant greens and blue-greens.
    Not quite the usual style for Sailor Jupiter, but I like the sketched lines and soft colors.
    Cute image of Sailor Jupiter that I couldn't help linking to, shut up.
    Happy and pretty Makoto image of her hair blowing in the wind as she smiles brightly.
    Cute image of Makoto in her uniform as she runs forward.

Sailor Moon - Hotaru/Sailor Saturn:
    Another pretty Saturn image.
    Sailor Saturn with more really vivid colors that somehow worked for me.
    I'm not sure how I feel about the pose, but the lines and colors of this Sailor Saturn image are fantastic.
    Another pretty Saturn image.
    Gorgeous image with amazing colors and lines of Sailor Saturn here.
    Sailor Saturn image that has some pretty use purple shades.
    This image of Sailor Saturn isn't too bad.
    Cute, stylized chibi of Sailor Saturn.
    Interesting style to this Saturn image, it's very 90s doujinshi style, but I'm still fond of it.
    Another Saturn image, the clean and simple style I like so much.
    Updated costume on Sailor Saturn that I liked because I'm easy for bright cg colors.
    Interesting style on this Saturn image that I liked.
    Saturn oekaki image that looks kind of really awesome.
    Saturn and her staff, it's a simple but lovely little image.
    Saturn leaning against a pillar in the Silver Millenium and with a different costume design. Pretty cg and a neat design, both are aces with me.
    Cute Saturn scribble of her looking serious or somehow sad.
    Saturn with her eyes closed in another scribbled image.
    There are lots of colors here in this Saturn image, which is an effect I liked.
    Scary serious Saturn is kind of scary.
    Bookmark style image of Misstress 9 that has a really lovely style to it.
    I really love the patterns here on this image of Hotaru.
    Cute doodle of Sailor Saturn here again.
    Shoujo manga-esque style illustration of Hotaru that's really cute of her in kimono.
    Beautiful image of Sailor Saturn with her glaive and the wind sweeping her hair back.
    Sailor Saturn illustration that I found really kind of interesting with all the different colors on it.
    Another anime-style illustration of Sailor Saturn with her weapon.
    Sailor Saturn vs Mistress 9 is a really cool little image!
    Man, this image of Sailor Saturn is huge in full view! But you can see how much the artist put into it that way.
    Another Sailor Saturn image that I thought was nicely done.
    The thing about this Sailor Saturn image is that it's huge in full view and you can see how much detail there actually is.
    Flash-style little chibi of Sailor Saturn with some pretty shades of purple.
    Solidly done portrait of Sailor Saturn holding her glaive out.
    Mistress 9 portrait and she's licking her finger and it's kind of really good in full view.
    Beautifully detailed little image of Sailor Saturn in uniform.
    Oh, am I ever a sucker to art like this, a really nicely detailed cg-style image of Sailor Saturn.
    Another beautiful Sailor Saturn image of her with her glaive out and energy/air swirling around her.
    Hotaru in a pretty dress with tons of ruffles and sparkles.
    Cute image of Hotaru in her school uniform, walking among the trees and swishing around a little.
    Sketch of Sailor Saturn that had some really deep purples I liked.
    I just like Hotaru's cute outfit here, the purple goes nicely with her hair.
    I'm easy for solid, smooth lines like this one of Sailor Saturn sitting on a long staircase.
    You know what else I'm easy for? Sparkly, sparkly portraits of Sailor Saturn.
    Another Sailor Saturn image posted around her birthday and covered in sparkles.
    Sailor Saturn and Hotaru in normal clothes in a sort of yin/yang pose that's nicely done.
    Another lovely cg illustration of Mistress 9 with some really good detail and sparkles.
    A combination of a couple other Saturn images (well, Mistress 9 and Saturn) to make a cool poster-style image.
    Cute lineart and nicely done flat colors make for a cute Sailor Saturn image again.
    Oh, a lovely, soft, dark sketch of Sailor Saturn posted around her birthday.
    I'm weak to chibis, especially when they're as cute as this Sailor Saturn one.
    This portrait of Hotaru was reminscent of the anime's style enough that I liked it.
    Wow, this lineart of Sailor Saturn looks kind of amazing in full view.
    Sailor Saturn image with the shadow of Misstress 9 in the background.
    Another beautiful Sailor Saturn portrait with this artist's beautiful colors.
    Oekaki of Sailor Saturn that I thought looked really kinda cute.
    Gorgeous Sailor Saturn portrait that looks even more beautiful in full view, wow.
    Stylized Sailor Saturn image that has some really cute color highlights in full view.
    Cute little sketch of Sailor Saturn that I just kinda liked.
    More cute little art of Sailor Saturn that I liked.
    This Sailor Saturn image looks better in full view, I think.
    Nicely detailed Sailor Saturn image with a slightly new costume that I thought was neat.
    The lineart on this Misstress 9 image is really kind of fantastic.
    A messy sketch of Sailor Saturn but I'm a sucker for this style.
    Fantastic image of Sailor Saturn at sunset with some nicely done lines.
    Cute cg style image of Sailor Saturn that looks really nice in full view.

    Beautiful black & white image of Sailor Saturn as part of a series by this artist.
    Beautifully colored Sailor Saturn image that's amazingly detailed in full view.
Sailor Moon - Haruka/Sailor Uranus:
    Gorgeous image of Sailor Uranus in mid-attack, the lines and colors so pretty.
    Anime-style image of Uranus that looks really good and solidly done!
    Flash-style Sailor Uranus is super cute and I really like the colors on her!
    Haruka in a black & white outfit with a riding crop in her hand and, wow, is she hot.
    Lovely portrait of Sailor Uranus with these bright colors and solid lines.
    Little chibi of Sailor Uranus is totally adorable.
    Oh, wow, this portrait of Sailor Uranus has the prettiest colors, they're so vivid and sunshine bright.
    Simple, but nicely done portrait of Sailor Uranus in lightly done colors.
    Sketch of Sailor Uranus that has light, airy coloring that I like.
    Nicely done cg image of Sailor Uranus with some really solid, glossy lines.
    Beautiful and amazingly colored image of Sailor Uranus with a half-smile on her face.

    Gorgeous image of Sailor Uranus with her sword glowing brightly.
    Beautiful black & white image of Sailor Uranus as part of a series by this artist.
Sailor Moon - Michiru/Sailor Neptune:
    Screencap-like image of Neptune this time, though her eyes are a little more CG-esque than usual.
    Lovely image of Sailor Neptune holding her mirror and smiling faintly.
    Another anime-cel style illustration of Sailor Neptune in a close up.
    Pretty little image of an almost chibi-esque Sailor Neptune sitting along an edge.
    Pretty little sketch again of Sailor Neptune with a soft look on her face.
    Pretty gentle image of Sailor Neptune with a soft smile on her face.
    I'm just quietly a sucker for art like this, where Michiru's hair and eyes look like the sea.
    Shiny, sparkly cg on this image as well, of Sailor Neptune, which I can't help linking.
    Simple, but pretty sketch of Michiru that has some solid coloring to it.
    Another sketch of Michiru that's light and airy enough that I couldn't resist it.
    Another birthday image for Michiru with some really pretty lines and colors used.
    More simple but cute art of Michiru around the time of her birthday.
    Michiru birthday image again with soft lines and a gentle sort of style.
    Simple image of Sailor Neptune but with a really solid anime-like style.
    Another simple but lovely portrait of Sailor Neptune with her mirror.
    More pretty Michiru art with her drying her hair off.
    Soft, gently colored Sailor Neptune that I thought was kind of pretty.
    An interesting style for Sailor Neptune and I like the green colors on her a lot.

    Pretty Sailor Neptune image with bubbles floating up in the water behind her.
Sailor Moon - Setsuna/Sailor Pluto:
    Battle-worn Pluto that's huge in full-view where you can see all the fantastic detail on her hair and staff and accessories.
    This image looked nice in full view, a lovely portrait of Sailor Pluto with her planet in the background.
    One of my other favorite SM artists has done a really beautiful Pluto image here and GOD SHE'S SO PRETTY.
    Setsuna with wings and a long purple dress, and I really like this design for her, it looks pretty in full view.
    Pluto in costume, which is a bit simple in its cg style, but I really liked it.
    Lovely image of Setsuna in a princess-style dark dress that looks nice on her.
    Gorgeous image of Sailor Pluto with beautiful colors and her hair floating around her.
    Portrait of Sailor Pluto with a starry background behind her that looks beautiful.

Sailor Moon - Starlights:
    Cute little sketch of the Three Lights, if on the simple side. But it's still darling.
    Simple but pretty image of Princess Kakyuu.
    Princess Kayuu with tons of bright colors and somehow it works for this image.
    Another Princess Kayuu image that's all delicate lines and beautifully chosen colors.
    Pretty scribble of Kakyuu and I really like the use of colors again.
    Happy, smiling Kakyuu image with some cute little sparklies.
    Starfighter screencap-like image from the artist who does all those really solid images.
    Beautiful image of Kakyuu that almost looks sort of like a painting.
    This image of Starfighter with stars in her hair is really beautiful.
    Another pretty image of Seiya where I like the patterns on him.
    Simple, but lovely image of Kakyuu walking towards a reddening sky.
    Princess Kakyuu with the Starlights as they sit around her in a really lovely, beautiful image.
    Slightly messy colored illustration of the three Starlights in yukata together.
    A nicely done illustration of Seiya here as well.
    Yaten sleeping in Taiki's lap and it's a really warm, lovely image.
    Close-up on Sailor Starhealer where she has some seriously pretty eyes.
    Another really pretty illustration of the Sailor Starlights by my fave SM artist.
    The Three Lights singing and it's a solidly done image, too.
    Light, airy sketch again of Sailor Starhealer.
    Portrait of Sailor Starhealer by that artist I like so much.
    Seiya/Sailor Starfighter in a red dress that's really pretty and I couldn't resist.
    Another of Sailor Starhealer that's pretty as she leans back and is surrounded by ribbons.
    Screencap style image of Sailor Starfighter.
    Seiya and Sailor Starfighter with some really nicely done sketch lines.
    The three Sailor Starlights with their hair swishing dramatically around them.
    Soft, lovely image of Sailor Kakyuu with some very pretty lines to the image.
    Shiny, glossy image of Yaten and Seiya that I thought was pretty.
    Image of the Starlights in Senshi form that's also shiny and pretty!
    Yaten and Starhealer with soft, pretty colors and clean lines.
    Beautifully done image of the three Starlights with warm, vaguely sepia color hints.
    Nicely done image of Seiya in a black shirt and covered in sparkles.
    Cute image of Seiya once again.
    Portrait style image of Yaten that looks very nicely done.
    Yaten & Sailor Starhealer image that's simple but lovely.
    Bookmarkstyle images of the three Starlights which has some great lines to it.

Sailor Moon - Other Characters:
    Human Luna in mid-transformation with some really fantastic, solid colors.
    Luna in PGSM form and then regular human form in a quick little doodle that's cute.
    Almost a painting-esque style image of human Luna has some nice details, too.
    Lovely image of Helios as he's praying, done in sort of a glowing cg/anime-screencap style.
    Pretty black & white image of Luna in her human form.
    Cute illustration again of Luna in her human form.
    The blues used for human Luna's eyes on this image are really pretty.
    Gorgeously colored human version of Luna and I love how the purple and yellow go together here.
    Another beautiful human Luna with her truly epic hair floating out around her.
    There is something about this sketch of Helios that just kind of struck me.
    The watercolor-like style of this image of human Luna is gorgeous.
    Oh, man, this is a lovely anime-style image of Helios looking sad.
    Watercolor style human Luna that reminds me of Arina Tanemura's style a bit, with the hair and eyes.
    Cute little image of Chibi-Chibi that has some solid lines and colors.
    Totally adorable image of Chibi-Chibi with a nice hazy filter on it.

    Human Diana with a crescent moon in the background that's a lovely image.
Sailor Moon - Usagi/Mamoru:
    Sweet and simple style Usagi and Mamoru image.
    I'm kinda easy for semi-stylized art like this one of Usagi and Mamoru and their previous lives.
    Cute image of Usagi glomping onto Mamoru as he tries not to spill his ice cream cone.
    Usagi and Mamoru in schoolclothes and holding hands and a;lsdkjfalskj this is seriously my favorite SM artist ever.
    Gorgeous darkly colored Mamoru/Usagi almost-kiss against a lovely starry sky, I just... love this artist forever.
    Cute little Usagi and Mamoru sketch and I know I'm easy for them.
    Softly colored UsaMamo almost-kiss with a style that's a little rougher than I'm used to with SM, but I really liked anyway.
    Mamoru and Usagi kissing softly done by that artist who does all those delicate sketch-like lines that I'm deliriously in love with.
    Endymion and Serenity holding each other close. Simple, yet lovely.
    Usagi and Mamoru sharing Pocky, yes. It's also by my favorite artist from this fandom, so you know. It's lovely.
    Beautiful summery almost kiss with Usagi and Mamoru, the sharp lines and glossy colors of this are nice.
    Endymion and Serenity in that sketch-like style with really loose, scratchy lines that somehow I am weak to, idek why.
    Little chibi Usagi leaning against Mamoru's hand in that childhood scene from the R movie, which totally made me squee.
    Cute image of Serenity and Endymion dancing on the stars.
    Usagi running up to Mamoru and, oh, man, this image is exactly what I love about fanart of these two and it's beautiful.
    Even better than the previous one, Mamoru gently touching Usagi's face as they're in very close and, god, this artist does gorgeous work.
    Absolutely stunning illustration of Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity by this artist. *___* Easily one of my faves in the fandom.
    More from this artist, where Mamoru and Usagi are holding against with a starry sky behind them.
    Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen are both gorgeous in this image as well.
    Close up of Endymion as Serenity's hair falls across him.
    Doujinshi-like image of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen by Dolce again.
    A very cg-styled Usagi and Mamoru but I love how they're totally cranky with each other here.
    I'm weak to Endymion and Serenity when done with light, pastel colors, shut up.
    Another gorgeous Dolce comic with Endymion and Serenity on the moon and clearly in love with each other.
    Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen by Dolce again and it's just as beautiful as ever.
    Another gorgeously colored Docle image of Sailor Moon leaning on Tuxedo Kamen as he wraps an arm around her.
    Oh god why are they so ridiculously cute in this little comic strip image?
    Beautiful image of Serenity laying on a crescent moon as she leans over and Endymion leans up to kiss her.
    Gorgeous image of the royal family as Endymion holds Serenity, who has Small Lady in her lap, as Serenity reaches back to touch Endymion's hair. Lovely.
    Endymion kissing Serenity's cheek in a soft, lovely image.
    Serenity and Endymion with a gentle kiss as they also link hands together.
    Silhoutte of Usagi and Tuxedo Kamen as he presents a rose to her, aww.
    Soft, gentle image of Serenity and Endymion leaning into each other with the wind blowing around them.

    This 38-page comic of Serenity and Endymion, both in the past and the future, is really kind of fantastic. It's sketchy, but still kind of lovely.
    Endymion holding Serenity close as they link hands, in a cute and sweet image.
    Cute image of Mamoru and Usagi underwater as the brightly colored fish swim by them.
Sailor Moon - Usagi & Chibi-Usa:
    Usagi tearfully holding Chibi Moon close as they both look a little battered and scraped.
    Quick sketch of Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon with light, pastel colors that I'm weak to, shut up.
    Usagi and Chibi-Usa eating as they walk along in the fall, which is just really adorable!
    Simple but totally adorable sketch of Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon.
    Sketch of Usagi and Chibi-Usa being really kinda cute with each other.
    Gorgeous as hell illustration of Black Lady reaching up for Serenity's hand and, god, I love this artist so much.
    Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon in their Super outfits and both of them are really cute here.
    Sweet, light, airy illustration of Usagi and Chibi-Usa in simple white outfits.
    Adorable and beautifully colored image of Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon.
    Another adorable take on Usagi and Chibi-Usa with bright, pastel colors.
    Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon running towards the enemy with their wands out for their attacks.
    I'm a sucker for bright, anime-style colors and especially the Super Sailor Moon costume--plus, Chibi Moon looks cute here.
    Princess Serenity and Small Lady with her tying a ribbon in her daughter's hair, which is lovely.
    Usagi picking up and carrying Chibi-Usa, done in these warm, soft colors that I really like.
    Fantastic image of Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon in their Super outfits, leaning into each other as they kneel together.
    Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi-Moon as they stand close together protectively.

Sailor Moon - Helios/Chibi-Usa:
    Chibi-Usa hugging Helios while he's in his unicorn form, it's very cute.
    Gorgeous image of Helios flying to Chibi Moon and it's amazingly professional looking and just. So OTP.
    A close-up on a gentle kiss that's done in that solid cel-style coloring again.
    Simple, but really very cute image of Sailor Chibimoon and Pegasus.
    A really cute image of Sailor Chibi-Moon with her arms around Pegasus' neck and I love art like this.
    Sailor Chibi Moon and Pegaus in a snowy field together.
    Darling little image of Chibi-Usa and Pegasus, I love the feathery soft feeling of it.
    Manga style Helios and Neo Princess Serenity which is really cute and sweet and a;sldkfjaslkfffff I love them.
    Amazingly gorgeous Sailor Chibi-Moon and Pegasus as he gently lowers his head into her waiting arms.
    Helios pulling Sailor Chibi-Moon close while feathers rain down around them, which is super sweet.

    Gorgeous anime-style image of Helios flying towards Chibi-Moon as she turns around to see him.
Sailor Moon - Chibi-Usa & Hotaru:
    Chibi-Usa and Hotaru image of them in cute ltitle clothes and is just. Cute cute cute.
    Gorgeous image of Black Lady and Misstress 9 with their hands in each other's hair.
    Another lovely image of the two of them in their evil adult forms and I love their hair.
    Pretty image of Sailor Saturn as she looks over towards a sleeping Chibi-Usa.
    I love the flat, but lovely colors on this one of Hotaru and Chibi-Usa and the patterns on their clothes.
    Very cg-looking image of Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon in their Super outfit, but I'm weak to this style--both the costumes and the soft, pastel colors and how big it is in full view.
    Soft and lovely image of Chibi-Usa and Hotaru in cute white dresses and light, airy colors.
    Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn tearfully (but hopefully) leaning in towards each other, aww.
    Sailor Chibi Moon falling into Sailor Saturn in a really clean, lovely image, more anime-style than I usually expect from this artist, but still wonderful.
    Totally adorable anime-style Hotaru and Chibi-Usa in their normal clothes, as Chibi-Usa smiles and Hotaru looks curious/surprised.
    Chibi-Usa and Hotaru in their adult forms and have longer hair and are wearing school uniforms.

Sailor Moon - Haruka/Michiru:
    Beautiful softly faded Uranus and Neptune.
    Pretty Uranus and Neptune image, I really like the colors.
    Uranus and Neptune with cat ears, so adorable.
    Portrait of the two of them where I think my favorite part is the really rich, smooth colors here. Michiru looks especially lovely in this one.
    Pretty cg-styled Haruka/Michiru of the two of them in bed, with lovely, light coloring.
    Prince Haruka and Princess Michiru as chibis are adorable and the warm colors are perfect.
    Simple, but pretty Haruka and Michiru holding each other while naked.
    Haruka leaning over the back of Michiru's chair while gently touching a lock of her hair, and it's so peaceful and quietly intimate and happy.
    Uranus and Neptune holding their hands together.
    Beautifully colored Uranus/Neptune image with colors that nearly glow on the screen.
    Haruka and Michiru in their school uniforms lying on a bed of rose petals, which I thought was cute.
    Pretty image of Michiru and Haruka and I really liked this artist's style for them.
    Semi-chibi-esque Haruka and Michiru tangled up on the sofa together, which is totally cute.
    A slightly different take from usual but I really liked the detail on both Haruka's and Michiru's hair.
    Beautiful image of Uranus and Neptune pressing together as done by my favorite SM artist.
    Haruka in a suit and Michiru in a formal dress and they look so pretty together.
    Haruka's arm around Michiru while they're both in red/pink-ish outfits, which is lovely for Valentine's Day.
    Pretty and brightly colored illustration of Uranus and Neptune in kimono.
    Uranus and Neptune as they're linking hands together.
    Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus in a surprisingly sharp and beautifully colored image.
    Soft, pretty, airy sketch of Haruka and Michiru lounging in bed together.
    More cute stylized chibis of Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus.
    Really lovely illustration of Sailor Neptune crawling on top of Sailor Uranus.
    Soft, lovely illustration of Haruka and Michiru leaning into each other.
    Bright, shiny colors on this image of Michiru and Haruka in white dresses are nice.
    Lovely image of Michiru and Haruka curled up in bed together while wearing light, airy clothes.
    I just liked the colors on this one of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.
    Sailor Uranus image technically but you can see her reaching out to catch Neptune's hand.
    Lovely image of the two Sailor Senshi holding hands with pretty colors and intense eyes.
    Gorgeous image of Uranus and Neptune standing back to back with their weapons in hand.
    Another beautiful image of Uranus/Neptune as they lean in and Haruka has her arm around Michiru.
    I just kind of really liked the colors here on this image of Sailor Uranus/Sailor Neptune.
    Michiru flying into Haruka's arms as their clothes and accessories flutter loosely around them.
    Lovely image of Uranus and Neptune as they lay upside down to each other.
    Cutesy image of Haruka hugging Michiru with bright sunny colors in a grassy field.
    Haruka/Michiru curling into each other and Haruka kissing Michiru on the cheek as she smiles brightly.
    Michiru birthday image with a Haruka/Michiru kiss on the bottom half of the image.
    Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune standing back to back in a pretty image.
    Alice in Wonderland style image as Haruka holds Alice!Michiru in her arms.
    The two of them in loose clothing as Michiru sits in Haruka's lap.
    CG styled image of Sailor Uranus holding Sailor Neptune.
    Beautifully colored Uranus/Neptune image of the two of them standing back to back and everything swishing around them.
    Uranus putting an arm around Neptune in an image that's got some solid lineart to it.
    Haruka pressing a kiss to Michiru's hand in a glossy, shiny image that's lovely.
    Michiru and Haruka in school uniforms and linking hands over Haruka's shoulder, done in bright, clean colors.
    School uniforms again and Haruka's arms around Michiru in this sleek image.
    Uranus picking Neptune up in a sweeping hug that's sweet.
    Haruka and Michiru in loose white clothing as they curl up together.
    This image of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune looks really nice in full view and I love the soft touches on their expressions.
    Brightly colored Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune that's nicely done as they lean into each other.
    SeraMyu-style Uranus and Neptune as they're kneeling together and holding hands.
    Sailor Neptune gently touching Sailor Uranus' face in this beautifully done image.
    Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune back to back with shiny, warm colors that I liked.
    Shiny cg style on this Neptune/Uranus image is really warm and sweet.

    Uranus and Neptune in loose white clothing and lightly wrapping around each other.
    Haruka not quite crying on Michiru's shoulder in a simple, but sweet image.
    The two of them in loose white clothing as they look into each other's eyes.
    The two images of Uranus and Neptune in the middle of their attacks/elements put together.
Sailor Moon - Other pairings/duos:
    Venus and Jupiter in that same solidly done, beautifully colored cg style I like. Plus, updated costumes! ♥
    Eternal Sailor Moon with Saturn in the background by the same artist, with the same bright, solid colors.
    Zosite and Fisheye making faces! Ridiculously adorable and I would love to see more interaction between them.
    Minako and Fisheye in school uniforms is kind of great, I have to admit.
    Nephrite and Naru sitting in a restaurant and it's this warm and cozy image that I just fell in love with instantly.
    Ami using Usagi's hair for a scarf as they study is really kind of ridiculously cute somehow.
    Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars sitting back to back with each other.
    A cute little multi-page comic for Nephrite/Naru, which is admittedly about half-text and the art is simple, but it's one of my OTPs. So, naturally, I loved it.
    Two princesses on Coronation Day and both versions of Usagi/Serenity look adorable and so happy.
    Chibi Ami and Makoto snuggling together and, oh, my oddball OTP, let me revel in it. Especially when it's this freaking cute.
    Pretty b&w sketch of Princess Serenity and Diamand, which I don't ship, but... I do love the pretty.
    Beautiful image of Venus and Jupiter while they're fighting back to back and I love this artist.
    I'm not usually that much for this pairing, but the artist did a great job with Rei and Yuuichirou here!
    Rei yelling at Usagi in an image that's dead on with the anime style.
    Oh, man, Mamoru and Fiore when they were little kids and I love the composition of this image.
    Another gorgeous image of Mamoru and Fiore and rose petals when they were younger.
    Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars illustration that's beautifully colored in greens and reds and purples.
    Usagi wrapping arms around Rei from behind and it's a really sweet image.
    Pretty image of Venus and Serenity in mirror images of each other.
    Rei and Minako illustration that I love just for their long, swishy hair blowing in the breeze.
    Chibis of Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter that are super cute in these pastel colors.
    Endymion holding Sailor Chibi-Moon as she wraps arms around him in return and a;sldkfjalskj I actually really do love their relationship.
    Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus and I love how bright and shiny this image is.
    Usagi and Minako sketch for Halloween that is just darling.
    Usagi and Rei holding hands and being adorable friends in a really pretty image.
    Makoto and Rei at mealtime and I had to link this one just because I don't see much interaction between them.
    Diamond/Serenity image that I had to link just because Serenity is so darn pretty in that white dress and the pink flowers.
    I had to link to this one if for no other reason than that I love Usagi and Naru-chan's friendship.
    Shiny, glossy, sparkly colors on an image of Chibichibi holding onto Eternal Sailor Moon's leg? Yeah, I'm there.
    Sailor Uranus and Usagi who's holding a rabbit, which is just a lovely little image.
    Totally cute glompy image of Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars.
    Rei and Usagi back to back, both of them kind of adorable as they stick out their tongues.
    Bright, glossy colors and clean, slick lines are really nice on this image of Sailor Venus and Sailor Mercury.
    Minako and Rei in their school uniforms and sitting back to back.
    Usagi and Rei this time, in their school uniforms as well, and leaning in towards each other, smiling.
    Minako in Rei's lap as they lounge around in their school uniforms is adorable.
    Rei and Usagi sitting back to back with warm, fluffy scarves wrapped around their necks as it snows.
    Really love image of Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto by this artist again, who is really turning into one of my favorite SM artists.
    More Rei/Minako cuteness in their school uniforms from this artist.
    No, seriously, I love this artist and her fondness for Mars/Venus so much.
    Yaten and Luna image I think? It's pretty regardless.
    Slick, shiny colors in cg style of Rei and Minako, in combination with a lot of cute art I've seen of them recently, is kind of making me want to ship it a little.
    Aww, this is a cute image of Minako and Yaten in their street clothes.
    Haruka holding Hotaru in her lap and it's a quiet and sweet little image.
    Sailor Moon and Sailor V, as they're both done in blonde, red, white, and blue shades.
    Totally cute image of Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus with some really cute, adorable basic lineart.
    Gorgeous image of Diamond holding Serenity with these soft, pale colors that work really well.
    Venus holding a lock of Serenity's hair in a cutely done image.
    Yaten and Luna in a brightly colored image that's really cute.
    Chibis of Makoto and Minako as Makoto gives her a piggyback ride.
    Ami and Makoto holding hands in this darling image with them wearing wintery clothes.
    Yaten wrapping an arm around Minako while he looks cranky and she looks adorably upbeat.
    Naru holding onto Nephrite's arm, her smiling brightly, him smiling softly at her. Just. Oh, my heart.
    Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter sketch that's really cute and I still ship them, yeah.
    Cute image of Taiki and Ami and I... I still wouldn't mind that, no.

    Pretty image of Sailor Mars and Mercury in a manga-like style.
    Matching image of Venus and Jupiter in the same manga-like style.
Sailor Moon - Dark Kingdom:
    The Four Kings at sunet on a balcony and it's got pretty colors.
    Kunzite and Zoisite portrai which I'm also weak towards.
    Soft, lovely image of Kunzite/Zoisite as they lay in bed together, omg new favorite everrr.
    Bookmark style image of Beryl that I actually really do want to print out as use as a bookmark.
    Kunzite kissing Zoisite's cheek and they're drawn very cutesy here, but it's still a beautifully done image.
    Black & white illustration of Kunzite holding Zoisite close; it's also really pretty in full view.
    Just a little Zoisite sketch but he's really cute here and I love the expression on his face.
    Lovely image of all four Dark Kings in black & white and wearing suits, mm.
    Zoisite illustration with sakura petals floating past him as he touches his chin thoughtfully.
    Kunzite holding Zoisite and wrapping an arm around him as he sleeps.
    Another image done in bookmarks style, of the four Shitennou.
    Oh, like I could resist this Kunzite/Zoisite image which has them wrapped up in totally adorable winter clothes.
    Adorable multi-panel comic with Kunzite and Zoisite here.
    Zoisite with a sword that's one I couldn't resist linking.
    Gorgeous image of Jadeite by my favorite artist in this fandom, he looks fantastic in her light, airy style.
    Shiny, glossy image of Zoisite where the green of his eyes really stands out.
    Cute black & white comic with the Dark Kingdom and the Kunzite/Zoisite is super adorable.

    Kind of hilarious five-page comic with Zoisite's life being hard sometimes.
Sailor Moon - Villains:
    The Amazon trio done in watercolors, I think? The basic lineart is solid, too.
    Fisheye lounging about like a thirteen year old girl. Awesome.
    Mermaid Fisheye is really pretty and kind of, you know, awesome.
    The Amazoness Quartet is cute here, too.
    Beautiful image of Nehelenia that's appropriately creepy and dark.
    More Amazonn Trio cuteness, which shouldn't work and yet I love them, so somehow it does.
    Nicely done image of Tigereye.
    Beautifully colored Fisheye portrait that looks amazing in full view, the colors are just amazing around his eyes and hair.
    Another beautiful Nehelenia image that does well with making her look like the anime styling.
    More cute Amazon Trio inside each other's personal space.
    Amazon Quartet image that has some great pastel coloring combined with strong lines.
    Slightly stylized image of Eudial that's got some awesome coloring and cool lines going on here.
    Gorgeous little Iron Mouse image that has some wonderfully solid lines and colors.
    Galaxia bookmark style image that's part of a series done by this artist and looks lovely.
    Queen Nehelenia bookmark style image that rounds out the series of images and is just as cool as the others.
    The Amazoness Quartet in beautiful cg colors look really kinda awesome here.
    I linked them individually (and I suppose the Serenity one doesn't belong in this section) but these bookmark images were too pretty to pass up a link to the collage version.
    Nicely done illustration of Fisheye and I love the patterns on his hair.
    I'm a sucker for cute art of Fisheye, I just really love him.
    Beautifully done illustration of Mimete from the Witches 5.
    Another simple, but really cute image of Fisheye that I really liked.
    Fisheye for Halloween in the most adorable little witch outfit!
    Sailor Iron Mouse image that is really quite beautifully done.
    Fisheye in a schoolgirl uniform and, god, he's just so cute. XD
    Another lovely Witches 5 image, this time a pretty one of Ptilol.
    SUPER CUTE IMAGE of Hawkeye and Fisheye for Halloween, so adorable.
    Really lovely image of Safir and Diamond surrounded by flowers in the wind.
    Oh, man, Kuja and Fisheye in the same illustration is kind of ridiculously hilarious.
    Screencap-style illustration of Rubeus this time and it looks really good, too.
    The Amazoness Quartet crammed into one picture together is cute.
    Ail and An touching forheads and it's a surprisingly sweet image for these two.
    Anime cel-style illustration of Sailor Iron Mouse that's beautifully done.
    Chibi versions of the Witches 5 with some seriously cute/beautiful coloring.
    The Amazon Trio and the Amazoness Quartet all in the same image looks really cool here.
    Cute little sketch of Fisheye with some cute pastel blue shades.
    Pretty image of the Animamates where I like the faded coloring on them.
    Postage stamp style image of the Amazoness Quartet girls.
    Beautiful image of Saphir and Diamond with such pretty, shiny colors.
    Simple, but pretty image of Ail and Ann, since I still like them a lot.
    Another simple, but nicely done image of Prince Diamond again.
    More cuteness with the Amazoness Quartet, this time in chibi form.
    Tigereye with a tiger's tail and done in the style of the anime is really nice, too.
    Simple, yet lovely image of Fisheye again.
    Totally cute little image of Mimete.
    Really kind of adorable image of Cyprine and Ptilol.
    Pretty image of Fisheye in light, airy blues, surrounded by bubbles.
    Really kind of cute illustration of Nehelenia looking almost kind of sweet.
    Another simple, but solidly done close up of Fisheye.
    Cute little oekaki of the Amazoness Quartet.
    Cute little black & white style image of Fisheye in a cute little dress.
    Sort of a Flash-style cg image of the Amazoness Quartet, which is kind of cute.
    Very nicely done bookmarks style image of Tigereye, Hawkeye, and Fisheye.
    This image looks to be part of a larger collage, where you can see Calaveras and Fisheye, but the focus is on CereCere.
    Koan powdering her face as she touches up her makeup.
    The Asteroid Senshi in chibi-esque form and totally adorable uniforms and bright colors.
    Beautifully drawn Diamond and Safir with notes written all over them.
    The Black Moon family in chibi forms as they argue with each other.
    Gorgeously done image of Diamond and Safir as Diamond holds his battered and bruised brother close.
    More beautifully done Diamond/Safir art that has tons of flowers all around them.
    Facial expressions with Safir and I'm reminded of how much I love Safir's character design.
    Sketches and doodles of Diamond and Safir being adorable--well, and Wiseman, too.
    Cute little sketch of CereCere that I thought was cute.
    Beautifully done Prince Dimande that looks even better in full view.
    This image also looks better in full view and Diamond looks kind of amazing there.
    Dimande pinching Safir's face and, oh, man, I love these two brothers ridiculously.
    Fisheye illustration that's nicely done in the anime's style and I really adore the soft expression on his face.
    Soft, pretty image of Fisheye with a really kind of cute expression on his face.
    Cute little image of Sailor Iron Mouse that has some nice lines to it.
    Awesome image of the Witches 5 in a lineup together with the words in the background.
    Shiny, glossy image of Safir and Dimande that has some really nice cg colors.
    Safir with a black cat on his shoulder and I-- I kind of liked this one a lot.
    A bloody Safir leaning on Dimande as he clutches at his little brother.

    More cute art of Fisheye, this time with a bit more of a stylized take on the character.
    Dimande with a smug, sly expression on his face in a really beautifully done image.
    More cute art of Sailor Iron Mouse with some really strong lineart to it.
    Dimande grabbing Safir from behind and, uh, I can't lie. It's kind of hot, I'd ship that for a quarter. >_>
    Safir/Dimande is kind of hot as well, I can't lie about that, either.
    Cute little image of Fisheye that I couldn't help being fond of.
    Nicely done image of Esmeraude and I especially like her hair here.
    Safir in chains that, not going to lie, I'm kind of all over.
    Very pretty image of Koan in Berthier's lap and one of the great things about the reairing of the anime is the focus given to characters like this again.
    Gorgeous series of sketches of Diamande, with a bit of Saphir and Usagi thrown in.
    A couple of cute sketches, one of Dimande and one of Saphir.

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