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    Shirtless Liu with some solidly done lines and colors.
    I love images of the Porpos-kin because the soft, light pastels are great for their designs.
    The main four Citro Village characters, it's nice to see them not forgotten sometimes.
    I kinda like this one of Tsuabern.
    Beautifully done Meruvis/Asad, which I am all too quickly growing fond of.
    I love the CG style of this one, it's very anime-style.
    Another anime cel-style image with four characters, which I really like.
    I love Liu all folded up on this chair as he reads a map.
    Tierkreis magic users with brooms kind of never gets old, especially if they're Asad.
    Very nicely done hero and Jale.
    Fredegund is adorable.
    You know, you actually don't see that much Chrodechild/Asad and I understand why it's not as shippable in the later parts of the game, but I still love art like this.
    Dirk and baby hero is so goddamned cute that I can hardly stand it, omg.
    The Citro Village boys running off to adventure is adorable.
    Really pretty Fredegund image.
    The original four Citro Village characters, the colors of this are adorable.
    Chibi Asad is super cute!
    This one has some really gorgeous lines and details.
    Very cute Morrin image.
    More hot art of Asad, which I could look at all day.
    No, really. *___*
    Dirk and Sisuca, I may possibly be super easy for them.
    Beautiful Shams and Manaril with Taj and Mubal in the background.
    Group image with about 15 characters and all chibi. Adorable!
    Beautiful Citro Village group, which is really solid and has some great coloring.
    Jale, Liu, and hero all sleeping in one bed and it's a gorgeous image!
    Still not tired of super adorable omfg Asad art, no.
    Not necessarily my ultimate favorite, but Jale/hero art is not as common as I'd like, boo.
    Fredegund looking intense and awesome.
    Asad with really nicely done CG-style coloring.
    Super, super cute hero and Liu with pretty watercolor-like style.
    You know what makes me terrible? My love for wide-eyed blushy Roberto and yet I kind of don't feel badly at all. The colors of this one are too pretty.
    Liu in pretty watercolors again.
    Man, making jokes about Hina's height has yet to stop being amusing for me, too.
    This Luo-Tao/Liu cover never fails to make me go *__* at it a little because it's so solidly done and I really like that artist's work.
    Atrie with beautiful soft, light, airy colors!
    There's not a lot of Luvais art, but this one is nice.
    Liu and water colors like style seems to be a popular combo, I'm getting really fond of it.
    The hero and Jale again, I like the details of this one.
    Not necessarily my pairing, but! I can't resist the cute of the hero and Liu like this.
    I just sort of love this one, possibly because I love the whole group dynamic thing a lot, even when it's an oddball collection of characters.
    I liked this one of the Astrasia characters, especially Fredegund and Chrodechild, the style is very pretty in places.
    The two sides of Fredegund, before and after, which I liked.
    Liu at the chalkboard.
    Gorgeously done Roberto.
    Liu and hero glomping onto Cougar and it is SO ADORABLE omg.
    Roberto in watercolor style, really pretty.
    Yovel and Morrin, very cute and stylized.
    Adorable Manaril fanart, aww.
    Dirk in mid-battle.
    More cute Manaril art.
    Morrin and Gorno, I love the random connection of two oddball characters, that kind of thing is so fun with this game.
    Very nice Jale art, the minimal colors make the yellow, red, and black more intense.
    I really love the way this D.Gray-man takeoff image looks, the artist did well with it.
    Various characters and I know that I really love the pastel colors, they worked with this one.
    Mubal and Manaril, the cel-style coloring of this one is fantastic, it looks really solid.
    Awesome group image, the details are terrific.
    Awww, the hero, Shams, and Manaril, all of them being happy and adorable.
    Super cute Shams art.
    Really good Buschse image.
    Cute Roberto image.
    Cute group image of the Citro Village characters again.
    Beautiful Chrodechild image with soft, lighted colors.
    Cute Liu image with bright, solid colors.
    Asad and Roberto, which is an interesting possibility.
    Pretty Mubal image that's nicely done.
    Beautiful Chrodechild/Fredegund touching hands and it's really lovely.
    Chrodechild doing Fredegund's hair.
    Gorgeous Felecca image, her face is especially lovely.
    Asad prettiness, wow.
    Amazing group image, really fantastic detail on it.
    Cute Xebec and Hina image.
    Buchse tending to Minen's wounds, it's kind of really cute.
    Really pretty Jale and Marica image.
    Sisuca, Hero, and Marica when they were younger, very pretty.
    More gorgeous Asad with a fireball attack and it's amazingly polished.
    Hero image that's really pretty.
    Gorgeous lineart on this image of the Citro Village characters lounging around in bed.
    Pretty chibi group image, I love the bright and solid colors.
    Nicely done group image of the Citro Village characters.
    Jale and Roberto both thinking of the Hero.
    Gorgeous Roberto and Asad again.
    Pretty pastels on this Hero/Roberto image.
    Chrodechild carrying Asad, who is thrilled about it, lolz.
    The Porpos-kin are awesome and super adorable.
    Lathilda, Diadora, and Felecca prettiness.
    This group image looks fantastic in full view.
    Beautiful Chrodechild image with beautiful colors.
    Gorgeously colored, hotass Asad image.
    Pretty Asad in the desert.
    Asad kissing Meruvis.
    Meruvis/Asad hug that's got some beautiful colors.
    Pretty Ramin and Sisuca with light blue colors.
    More pretty Ramin and Sisuca.
    Janam characters group image, lovely soft colors.
    Marica Valentine's Day image.
    Citro Village characters group image with beautiful colors.
    Liu image that's pretty, the flat colors really work here.
    Beautiful Morrin image.
    Pretty and soft colors on this Hero/Marica image.
    Cute Asad image.
    Cute Liu image with bright colors.
    Pretty Maybelle image, this might be the first one I've seen of her!
    Really cute and adorable Liu sketches and Luo-Tao/Liu sketches.
    Shirtless and wet Liu. Tattoossssss.
    Really pretty Buchse/Minen image.     Asad and the porpos-kin that's super adorable.
    Beautiful Minen image.
    Hero with a loosely clothed Sphiel in his lap, which is surprisingly pretty.
    Hero and Marica snowsledding, which is adorable.
    Kidlet Jale watching kidlet Hero sleeping.
    Group image of the Hero with various female characters and lolz.
    Dirk/Liu image.
    Dogha, Sphiel, and Nhazu cuteness.
    Super adorable Dogha, Sphiel, and Nhazu image.
    Pretty Asad image.
    Rizwan and Manaril pretty image.
    Buchse and Minen back to back.
    Liu on a broom that has some fantastic details.
    Liu and Roberto with some fantastic lines.
    Amazing Ritterschild group battle that looks fantastic.
    Roberto just after a kill.
    Ninulneda preaching image! \o/
    Beautiful Jale image.
    Wow, fantastic Rajim, Logan, Luvais, and Mubal image. (I can't remember, do they have a special attack together?)
    Luvais expression sketches.
    Really cute Nimni image.
    Group image of the Scribes all leaning against each other.
    Cute Liu and Nomno.
    Pretty Len-Lien image.
    More cute Sisuca and Ramin.
    I love the warm and shining colors on this lovely Chrodechild/Fredegund image.
    AMAZING full cast of chibis in a tree image!
    Asad, Hafin, and Nakil at a marketplace, done in a sort of watercolors style.
    Hao-Shi and Mun-Tsung sketch that I liked.
    Formal dance clothes on Chrodechild and Fredegund as they hold hands is wonderful.
    Chrodechild/Fredegund sketch of a kiss, very nice.
    There are some lovely and soft colors on this Liu image.
    Gorgeous Chrodechild image.
    Beautiful Chrodechild and Fredegund in a field under a shaded tree.
    Pretty Dirk and Sisuca shopping at the marketplace.
    Really shiny and pretty doujinshi cover with Chrodechild/Fredegund.
    Asad and Chrodechild holding hands, awww.
    Chrodechild touching Asad's hair, I'm still so weak for them.
    Chrodechild and Fredegund sparring sketch which is lovely.
    Fredegund, before and after, very cute.
    Really cute Mubal and Manaril adorableness.
    Hero with Marica and Jale in the background. ♥
    Awesome detail on this poster-style group image, plus some really pretty colors, very vivid and bright.
    Numnu with a pirate hat! Awesome.
    Canon and Ramin... with blood spatters on the floor?
    Human version of Nimni is kinda cool.
    Tsaubern leaning over Busche's shoulder, the art is very pretty here.
    Cutely done Ramin image again.
    This is a bit of an odd trio but the art is very nice for it.
    Omg, total cuteness with Sphiel, Numnu, and... Yovel?
    Another odd grouping (Xebec, Roberto, Yovel, and Numnu) but that's part of what I like about Tierkreis.
    Very nicely done Meruvis image.
    You know who else I love? The women of Tierkreis, especially drawn like this.
    Cute image of the Wanderers, the mom and son. I am not spelling their names. :|
    Little chibi Asad kissing Chrodechild's cheek, aww.
    Kitty hero sleeping on kitty Roberto is never not going to be adorable.
    Gorgeous colors on this chibi Chrodechild and Fredegund tanabata image.
    Hero, Jale, and Liu, nicely done.
    Astrasian characters watching the stars at night, I really like the blacks and blues of this one.
    Human version of the priestess Neira that looks really lovely.
    More cute Porpos-kin! o/
    Totally not my pairing, but this one of Bearsley and Fredegund is really pretty.
    Super adorable Manaril image.
    Very nicely done b&w group image that looks much better in full view.
    Hero, Marica?, and Atrie, I just like the combination of those three.
    Hero and Jale nicely done.
    The colors on this Asad image are really fantastic.
    More anthropormorphized Porpos-kin, I still find this delightful.
    Hero and Roberto done in a poster-style image with some really beautiful shades of blue.
    Pretty walkway from the Scribe Village.
    Asad is pretty. Not exactly news, I know, but. *__*
    Very pretty Asad in the desert. *__*
    Cute imge of Maybelle out on the snowy mountain.
    Really cute image of the Citro Village kids with pretty colors.
    Mervuis and Roberto with their swords, it looks really amazing in full view.
    Another gorgeous image of Asad in the desert, I really like this one a lot.
    Liu and hero cuteness.
    Liu and Jale share ice shaving treats as chibis, aw.
    Pretty Sisuca image, simple but lovely.
    Okay, I really lolled at this image. XD
    Sisuca mommy loves her "son". XD
    The colors on this Chrodechild and Asad image are really bright and nice.
    The three versions of Liu, lol.
    It never fails to amuse that it is totally Chrodechild/Asad. XD Fredegund is hilarious in this one, too.
    Gorgeous image of Jale.

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