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    Luke/Tear back to back
    There's not a ton of Natalia, but what is here is often lovely. And sometimes really, really pretty. (And one more.)
    Quite possibly my favorite image is Asch/Natalia Carmelldansen, the look on Asch's face.
    as;dlfkjasl;dkjaslkj beautiful Anise and Dist and again.
    More Luke/Tear
    Luke vs Asch and the other side
    Group out at the beach that's really pretty
    The ToA girls
    Guy and Luke in the forest
    Chibi God-Generals are adorable
    I might be going to hell, but I LOL'd pretty hard at Tsunderella
    Anise/Arietta, I... I would ship that a little bit.
    Ion and Ion and Sync     Very pretty Arietta
    Asch and Natalia in modern clothes and I squee at how adorable they are.
    Natalia and Luke as kids, I love Natalia's god-awful green and purple dress. <3
    Pretty Asch and Natalia.
    Nicely detailed Asch and Natalia again.
    Gorgeous Natalia with glowing colors.
    Oh, man, this one sort of makes me pine because you have no idea how much I want Peony+Saphir fic.
    Ahh! Two of my favorite pairings! Adorable Sync/Arietta and Ion/Anise!
    Pretty Luke and Tear, very anime-cel-style and solidly done.
    Fantastic group image, the colors are really nice, too.
    Gorgeously done Asche and Luke, the shades of red are amazing.
    Natalia with really nice blues and whites, very lacy and pretty.
    Anise and Arietta with really pretty pinks and yellows that look good on them.
    Anise and Tokunaga, very nicely done.
    Super cute TOA girls, very adorable!
    I liked the detail on this image of Tear.
    Sync and Arietta, I still can't help shipping this pairing and the fullview of this one is fantastic.
    Pretty image of Natalia outside Baticul.
    Gorgeous use of reds in this Asch and Luke image.
    Another amazing Asch and Luke plus them as kids image.
    Asch and Luke done beautifully again.
    Amazing group image with Luke and Ion and Asch and others in the background.
    Sync has some really intense green eyes here.
    Really beautifully done Guy and Luke fighting back to back.
    Gorgeous sketches of Guy in various poses/activities.
    I wouldn't have thought I'd like a Mieu image but this one is so pretty.
    Asch and Luke back to back, nice use of reds and grays here.
    Van and kidlet Asch, which is pretty nicely done.
    This Luke and Mieu image is gorgeously colored.
    Asch and Natalia cuteness with light, pretty colors.
    Beautiful Tear in a field image.
    I am totally in love with the light, almost pastel cg colors on this Ion image.
    Peony, Jade, and Dist image where Peony looks like he's up to no good? Yes plz.
    SUPER CUTE group image with the main cast and Luke kissing Tear's cheek and just a;sdlkjfasljk the adorableness!
    Jade and Dist casting spells together back to back.
    I'm not always a fan of this particular kind of cg and it's a little shakey, but I kind of really love this image of the TOA girls in their underwear.
    Three portraits of Saphir, I really liked the use of color and the soft lines here.
    Okay, Dist with a Jade rag doll shouldn't be this great and yet.
    Three portraits of Jade that's really lovely.
    Dist ala that Kuroshitsuji cover. XD
    Super cute Luke and Tear snuggle.
    Luke and Tear and cake, very cute again.
    I thought this one of Luke vs Asch was really kinda cool.
    Cute Natalia image.
    Natalia done in a cute CG style with her hands making a little heart.
    Guy, Luke, and Natalia as kids, which is kind of really adorable.
    Natalia cooking lolz which still makes me smile every time.
    Asch leaning over Natalia on a flowerbed, I believe.
    Cute Natalia image again, a bit simple but still nice.
    The TOA girls in swimwear that's kinda cute.
    Super pretty colors on this Asch/Natalia image of him holding her close.
    Tear and Luke just after he's cut his hair and I love the windswept feeling of this one.
    This beautiful image of Sync and Arietta and watering a little pot of flowers just brought all my adoration for them flooding back.
    More gorgeous Sync/Arietta art, this time with a 13 page comic that's just wonderful.
    Durarara!! ending parody with the TOA characters is all kinds of fantastic.
    Cute almost-kiss with Asch and Natalia.
    Beautifully colored Arietta image in that soft, airy cg style that's so lovely.
    Cute Flash-style chibis of Luke, Tear, and Mieu, aww.
    Another of Asch holding Natalia close, done in pencil this time, I believe.
    Anise picking Ion up and running off with him, which is SO CUTE OMG.
    More adorable Ion and Anise with them in bakery style AU clothing, so cute!
    Gorgeously colored Asch/Natalia in formal clothes--the reds for his hair are kind of stunning.
    The Ion clones are always gorgeous, but especially Sync in images like this.
    Beautiful image of Luke as he leans back with a half-lidded expression.
    The various Ion clones all grouped together is a fantastic little sketch.
    Natalia in Asch's lap while they sit on a bed and almost kiss is beautifully done, too.
    Asch has the best hair as the breeze whips it around him.
    The main party in more normal clothes as they rush around a farm.
    A tearful Luke looking upwards is a lovely image, if a sad one.
    Another gorgeously colored Asch/Natalia where they're in each other's personal space.
    Peony with one of the bussagi and asdl;fkjasl;kj I love that fruit loop forever.
    Jade amongst the flowers is almost pretty enough to make you forget what a bastard he really is. XD
    Vampire Asch and witch Natalia are SO CUTE, especially around Halloween time.
    Beautifully colored image of Luke and Guy as Luke (badly) bandages his wounds.
    Okay, Peony should not be this hot and yet, with the glasses he has on, he really kind of is.
    Asch/Natalia image again with pretty clothes and Asch with amazing hair.
    I kind of love Tear in her kitty costume despite that I know it's total fanservice.
    Luke in a Malkuth uniform (or, basically, Jade's uniform) is kind of really pretty.
    I don't know which of these Asch/Natalia sketches is my favorite, but right now I'm leaning towards the one where she has fangs and is leaning on his back. SO CUTE. And kind of hot.
    Guy pulling Luke close has some of the most amazingly pretty colors to it.
    I really like the soft colors here on this quiet image of Natalia.
    More prettiness with the clones which looks even better in full view.
    Guy dressed as Santa with kidlet Luke in his arms as he presses a kiss to Guy's cheek, along with some fantastic colors.
    Peony, Jade, and Safir with the busagi is kind of hilarious for Safir's expression alone.
    Peony, Jade, and Safir and the only thing missing from this image is Nephry.
    Luke holding Tear in his arms with soft, cute colors and a cg style, aww.
    Nicely done Asch image again that I liked the softened colors on.
    Nicely done image of Luke this time with some good detail on his hair and clothes.
    The main party in glasses is kind of fantastic, too.
    I am weak to the idea of Guy/Tear and you can all just shut up. >:|
    Gorgeous image of Asch as he leans on his hand and looks askance with a smirk.
    Another gorgeous Asch portrait and it reminds me of why he threatens to be my favorite character sometimes.
    Asch and Luke in high school uniforms and both look amazing here.
    Asch/Luke art seems to so often get these amazing colors so that I can never resist it.
    Pretty much ditto on this one of Asch leaning over Luke and they both look fantastic.

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