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Tales of Vesperia:
    Cute and pretty colors on this group image.
    Pretty Yuri image, I really like the highlights here.
    Really gorgeous image of Yuri and Flynn.
    Various images of Yuri, nicely done.
    Group image of adorableness and totally pretty.
    Estelle and Yuri with a sort of a rough style, but I like it and the muted colors.
    Very pretty Yuri/Estelle kiss.
    Estelle with really beautiful pinks and whites that suit her so well.
    Gorgeous group image with lovely detail.
    Pretty Yuri and Estelle, I love the smile on her face.
    Another gorgeous group image.
    Yuri and Estelle, more pretty and soft colors, it looks really lovely in full view, too.
    Yuri and Estelle again, super adorable, and looks best in full view.
    Another adorable Yuri/Estelle image, I love the smiles on their faces.
    I really like the bright, vivid cg colors of this Estelle image.
    The greens and pinks here work with the image really well.
    Group image with the males with some really fantastic detail.
    Yuri and Estelle with bunny ears!
    TOV females group image, very pretty and cute.
    Estelle in Yuri's arms and crying, it looks fantastic in full view.
    Yuri on the steps with a book, which is beautifully colored.
    Yuri holding Estelle looks really pretty and all that hair and flowers, mm.
    Pretty colors in this Yuri and Estelle image with nice highlights.
    Yuri carrying Estelle and the smiles are adorable on their faces.
    Gorgeous Yuri image.
    Estelle image that's really cute.
    Super cute (with a lot of nice details) of the females of the cast + Yuri.
    Yuri and Estelle in her blue dress, the cg is super cute.
    Yuri and Estelle in rabbit ears with beautiful cg colors.
    Really pretty Judith image.
    Super pretty Estelle in the grass, I love the cg colors.
    Omg, the adorable and soft colors on this Estelle image, I adore her.
    This one of Judith is lovely, too.
    Lovely group image at sunset with Yuuri looking backwards.
    Lovely, soft sketch of Yuri kissing Estelle's forehead.
    Yuri dipping a surprised Estelle as they're dancing in formal clothes.
    Pretty and semi-stylized image of Yuri snagging Estelle to get her out of harm's way.
    Yuri and Estelle surrounded by lovely flowers. The chibis of each other they're holding are adorable!
    Estelle walking out onto a field that's a lovely, brilliant yellow.
    Estelle smiling at a butterfly that's landed in Yuri's hair.
    Yuri and Estelle walking into town and the coloring on this and the town in front of them is lovely.
    Beautiful image of a depressed looking Raven and I really love the shade of pink on his jacket.
    With bows in both their hair and wearing adorable little school uniforms, Yuri and Estelle are so freaking cute here.
    Pretty image of Yuri and Estelle sitting side by side here.
    Yuri gently putting a hand to Estelle's forehead as she leans back against his shoulder.
    Estelle holding a bouquet of roses is really pretty and softly colored.
    Beautiful image of Yuri when he was younger.
    Yuri and Estelle in school uniforms being happy and adorable together.
    Poster style image of Yuri and Estelle with really pretty dark colors along with Estelle's pinks.
    Rabbit ears and cake and all kinds of adorableness, god, I love the Yuri/Estelle fandom.
    OMG THE ADORABLE, it is almost too much! Yuri and Estelle chibis curled up in bed together!
    Another younger image of Yuri but less happy this time.
    Pretty image of Judith in soft almost water-color like style.
    Back to back as petals fall on them, Yuri and Estelle are lovely here, too.
    God, Estelle's happy face is so cute and it's just even cuter the way she's holding Yuri's hand here.
    The back of Flynn as he looks off towards the starry sky in the distance.
    Yuri lifting Estelle into his arms and holding her hand; the colors here are beautiful, too.
    Estelle hugging Yuri again and she's just so adorably happy on him!
    Yuri and Estelle working together to decorate a cake... probably badly.
    Gorgeous image of Yuri from his days as a knight, wow.
    Matching gorgeous Flynn image with him in a mirrored pose from the previous image.
    The Vesperia cast all leaning over a balcony and this is a great cast image.
    Yuri/Estelle surrounded by flowers as they lean onto each other and, oh, the romantic in me loves this one.
    Awesome image of Yuri with filmstrips of different scenes in the background.
    Yuri licking his thumb that's covered in chocolate.
    Raven dumping a bunch of flowers on Rita's head, much to her adorable protests.
    A doodle of Yuri and Estelle as chibis in b&w, where he's holding her in his arms.
    Yuri and Estelle together as she reads a book and pages float around them.
    Another absolutely adorable hug as Estelle goes flying at Yuri.
    The lineart on this b&w image of Estelle giving Yuri a glomping hug is fantastic.
    Yuri sitting quietly in the forest and it's really pretty.
    OMG THE CUTENESS of Yuri and Estelle in modern wintery clothes and their arms linked!
    Flynn falling backwards in space and it's a beautiful image.
    Yuri and Estelle looking lovely and I really love seeing their clothes in full here.
    Estelle sleeping next to Raven while curled up in a ball, very pretty colors here.
    Bruised and scraped Yuri looking serious and angry at sunset.
    Happy, smiling wedding day art for Yuuri and Estelle!
    A Merry Christmas image with Estelle in Yuri's lap while they're both in Santa clothes.
    Another image of Yuri holding Estelle in his arms and I'm going into OTP overload here.
    Cute image of Yuri and Estelle in a poster sort of style.
    Yuri and Judith back to back, both pretty and kind of novel.
    Adorable little Estelle image with bright pastel cg colors.
    Repede and Estelle is one of the most adorable combinations ever.
    Really pretty image of Yuri looking gently dowards with a soft smile.
    Yuri gently touching Estelle's head to his as they both smile adorably and happily.
    Gorgeous watercolor style on this image of Yuri pulling Estelle close and it looks amazing in full view.
    Beautiful forest image as Yuri holds up a lantern for Estelle.
    Yuri laying on top of a giant pile of candy and it's a nicely done image.
    Yuri and Estelle in a pretty green field as a bunch of birds whip by them.
    Estelle glomping onto Yuri in a field as pretty flower petals swarm around them.
    Such a cute image of Yuri holding Estelle's hands as they dance together.
    Yuri holding Estelle's hands again as they fly backwards together, both smiling.
    Yuri in the forest again and the use of green in this image is lovely.
    Yuri leaning forward to kiss Estelle with such pretty colors and lovely little touches on their hair and clothes.
    Yuri, Estelle, and Flynn in military uniforms.
    Repede sleeping in Estelle's lap and I think I may have hurt something at the cute.
    Beautiful image of Judith and, yeah, I still love her outfit.
    Oh, lord, why is Estelle so damn cute in a chibi puppy form like this??
    Yuri taking Estelle's hand as he leans in towards her and she blushes.
    Yuri illustration that's done with gorgeous colors again.
    The Vesperia cast as chibis in Christmas boxes, which is so damn adorable.
    Yuri watching over Estelle as she prays at the grave, the colors of this are fantastic.
    Yuri kissing Estelle as he leans over her as she lays back.
    Estelle in sexy poses as she lays back on a bed, her clothes pretty skimpy.
    Gorgeous cast image all crowded in together.
    Pretty image of Judith as she falls through the sky.
    Yuri and the Duke back to back in a beautifully colored image.
    Warmly colored hug with Yuri and Estelle and I still love Yuri's hat.
    Adorable image of Estelle where she's all happy and smiley.
    Cute Halloween art of Estelle in a witches dress and sparkles.
    The cast of chibis all curled up sleeping on a normal sized Repede.
    Gorgeous image of the Vesperia girls, both with the lines and the colors and the clothes.
    Pretty image of Yuri at night with the full moon in the background.
    Another lovely image of Judith in bright purples and tans against the blue, blue sky.
    Really well done group image with the main Vesperia cast.
    Adorable sketch of the group standing in a circle together.
    The Vesperia girls at the beach in a really beautiful image.
    Estelle looking over Rita's shoulder as she studies a pile of books.
    Really fantastic image of the Tales of Vesperia girls in adorable costumes.
    Yuri and Estelle together and I love how sweet it is and how shiny and clean the colors are.
    Various Estelle meme responses, which have that nice glossy anime look and are all super cute.
    Omg, Yuri and Estelle in high school AU clothes, why is this so completely darling?
    Estelle leaning onto Yuri as he falls backwards as well, both of them smiling brightly and happily.
    Yuri and Estelle in more traditional fantasy style clothes while she heals his wound, is super cute.
    Yuri/Estelle kiss meme responses that seriously made me just about melt into total goop. *__*
    Yuri touching Estelle's face while she looks up at him and as;ldfkjaslkj my heart.
    Lovely image of Yuri and Estelle done in soft, glowing pastels that suit them both really well.
    Raven with the kids as they all sleep in the grass in one big pile.
    I really like the dark/flat colors on this image of Yuri here.
    Flynn sleeping on Yuri and wrapping an arm around him which Yuri is totally happy about, really.
    The Vesperia characters dressed like the Abyss characters and, man, it makes me pine for the PS3 remake. :<
    Cute image of Estelle whispering in Yuri's ear as he looks surprised.
    Estelle falling forward into Yuri's arms as they're both smiling brightly is a gorgeous image.
    Another image of Estelle falling into Yuri's arms only this time it's more with the surprising them both.
    The various shades of blue on this group image are really lovely.
    Another really pretty group image that I liked a lot.
    High school AU boys is kind of a great little image.
    Yuri's hand on Estelle's arm and on her chin is a sweet, kind of touching image.
    Pretty image of Yuri and Judith as they're upside down to each other and holding hands.
    More high school AU stuff and this one of Yuri and Flynn looks really cool in full view.
    Flynn and Yuri image again as Flynn's serving dinner and Yuri reaches out to grab him.
    Yuri and Estelle in high school uniforms this time, which is totally cute, too.
    Oh, I can't help but be weak to super pretty art when it's this lovely of Flynn and Estelle in their formal wear. *__*
    This image of Yuri taking his coat off with the sun at his back is really pretty.
    Yuri and Flynn with their hands in each other's hair in another really pretty image by this artist.
    One more Yuri/Flynn image from this artist as they're standing side by side.
    Yuri carrying Estelle while he smiles hugely and she looks surprised.
    Estelle on a starry night as she holds out her hand and the nighttime colors contrast beautifully against her pinks.
    Cute group image with a mix of Abyss and Symphonia in there along with Yuri and Estelle.
    Yuri and Flynn both in uniform and in various sketches where they're both all over each other.
    Fantastic group image in semi-chibi-esque form that looks really cute.
    Omg, as if Flash-style chibis weren't cute enough, Yuri and Estelle in matching costumes? D'awwww.
    Yuri and Estelle dancing together in their formal clothes and al;sdfkjas;ljks do want forever plz.
    Yuri in uniform with a serious look on his face as he's in the middle of a battle is kind of hot.
    Yuri and Rapede is a cute image here as well.
    Poster-style image of the male characters done in clean, anime-like cg colors.
    Pretty image of the cast sitting around a table together.
    Another one of Flynn and Estelle which I can't help thinking is really cute.
    Totally cute image of Estelle and Rita this time, because I couldn't help this one, either.
    Yuri sitting under a tree is really gorgeous and I love the coloring.
    Vespersia, Abyss, and Graces characters together in a gorgeous image and, man, do I want to place Graces. T___T
    Totally cute group image with them all in adorable costumes!
    Vesperia characters sharing a sofa together while in formal wear and suits and dresses!
    Estelle in different costumes and poses which are all cute, but some are a little NSFW.
    Various doodles of Yuri and/or Estelle which I was kind of charmed by.
    Oh, god, chibis of Estelle and Yuri as they're walking along in the scary forest and it's SO CUTE.
    Flynn and Yuri in uniforms and laying in the snow which is kind of really pretty.
    The Vesperia cast in street clothes which look awesome, but also the image is fantastic in full view.
    Estelle in a frilly pink outfit while she sits on Yuri's lap, with a touch of NSFW-ness? Why, thank you, Pixiv.
    Estelle in her blue and white dress as she twirls around and is gorgeous.
    Another of Yuri leaning back against Repede which looks really nicely done.
    Yuri with tons of colored highlights in his hair is really kind of prettier than it should be.
    Another gorgeous image of Estelle in that white/blue dress that complements her so well.
    Yuri with a glowing crystal held out in front of him that's beautiful.
    I really like this image of Judith, which is simple in a way but also just lovely.
    Pretty image of Estelle and Yuri as they stand side by side again.
    Yuri being pushed backwards in a light, soft, airy image that's nicely done.

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