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Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Unsorted:
    Oh, I love this image and the golden colors and splashes of red are lovely.
    Beatrice sitting on the floor with a golden butterfly in her hand.
    Cute image of Shannon and Kanon.
    Awesome cast image with some cool perspectives on it.
    Lovely image of Erika Furudo.
    This one of spikes driven through Beatrice while Battler holds her is kinda pretty.
    Beatrice floating in a lake that's really pretty.
    Very nicely done cast image in cg again.
    Lovely image of Beatrice with her hair down.
    Beatrice and Battler with some cool lineart.
    Lovely image of Beatrice with her hair down.
    Very pretty image of Eva-Beatrice.
    Another awesome image of Beatrice and Battler.
    This Battler/Beatrice almost-kiss looks really nice in full view.
    Beatrice and Battler and falling chess pieces.
    There are some beautiful, warm colors on this Battler and Beatrice image.
    Battler and a sword with Beatrice in the background.
    The colors and detail on this Umineko cast image are just gorgeous.
    Gorgeous b&w, glossy image of Beatrice.
    Beautiful illustration of the witches with lovely coloring.
    More beautiful art of Battler and Beatrice in the garden.
    Several of the girls of Umineko all lazing on Battler.
    Beatrice with butterfly wings which is really pretty, too.
    Lovely, lovely image of Shannon with vivid colors.
    Happy, smiling Beatrice in the forest, very cute.
    Beatrice hugging Battler with pretty colors.
    Another beautiful image of Eva-Beatrice nicely done.
    Beatrice in the garden again.
    Lovely, warm colors on this image of Beatrice again.
    Various images of Beatrice, all of them are very cute/pretty with that cg coloring I like.
    Very pretty cast image in glossy, shiny colors that I really liked.
    Beatrice playing the piano while surrounded by butterfiles, very nice.
    Beatrice and Battler collapsed on each other, very pretty art in this one.
    Image of a sad Beatrice with her hair down.
    I really liked the perspective on this image and Beatrice is making a great face.
    Awesome poster-style image of Umineko and its main characters.
    Insanely awesome poster-style image of just about the whole cast.
    And then a version with slightly different clothes, but no less stunning.
    I really just love poster-style images like this one.
    Mirror image of Battler submitting to Beatrice that's a cool design/concept.
    Battler and Jessica with Beatrice outside the window.
    Nicely done image of Eva-Beatrice again.
    Another gorgeous image of the Umineko cast.
    This cast image looks even more fantastic in full view.
    Beatrice and Battler both have great smirks on their faces.
    Evil little Maria image done in pretty cg colors.
    Beatrice with a pipe in her hand and a butterfly floating out.
    Neat image of Beatrice in a bird cage.
    Gorgeous as all get out cast image again.
    Kinda awesome Umineko group image, I really liked it.
    Beautiful image of Kanon and Shannon back to back.
    Battler and Beatrice back to back, there's a nice use of reds here.
    Beautiful image of Natsuhi and Eva.
    Wow, totally epic Umineko cast image.
    Kinda awesome image of Eva-Beatrice again.
    Half-naked Beatrice with a bloody heart, I think.
    I like the clean, glossy lines and colors on Battler and Maria here.
    Eva-Beatrice that has some lovely colors and details.
    I think I'm kind of fond of this cast image as well.
    Beautiful post-style image of Beatrice and Battler again.
    Beatrice and Ange back to back which looks really awesome.
    Cute little image of Maria.
    Beatrice and little kidlet Battler crying his eyes out while she gently puts a hand on his head.
    Another cool poster-style image with pretty colors.
    I really love the colors of Battler and Beatrice image, the highlights in her hair are especially nice.
    Beatrice sleeping on a sofa, surrounded by golden butterflies.
    I probably shouldn't find this collage of naked Battler in chains images to be as interesting as I do.
    Lovely detail on this cast image, I really liked the details.
    Beautiful detail on this image of Beatrice that has some great, clean lines.
    I always really like the use of reds and blacks and golds in images of Beatrice in Battler's lap.
    Gorgeous image of Beatrice almost kissing Battler's cheek with flowers in her hair.
    Jessica, Battler, Maria, and George in the grass, I like the colors.
    I thought Battler looked great here.
    Lovely cg in anime-cel-style on this Maria image.
    Tearful Beatrice leaning against a bloody Battler.
    Beautiful colors on this cg of Beatrice smiling.
    Beatrice and Battler touching foreheads.
    I like the way Beatrice with Battler in the background looks in full view.
    Pretty image of Battler half-undressed holding a chess piece.
    Solidly done image of Beatrice and Battler holding each other.
    Beatrice against Battler's back, holding his face.
    Cute little SD Beatrice.
    Pretty colored pencil-like sketch of Beatrice and Battler.
    Adorable little Maria chibi.
    Nicely detailed Maria image again.
    Rosa with darling little Maria sleeping in her lap.
    I liked the semi-delicate lines on this Battler/Beatrice image.
    Pretty image of Beatrice again.
    Cute, if creepy, image of Maria.
    Gorgeous image of Battler and Ange, I love the uses of maroons and almost blacks here.
    Battler carrying Beatrice as they're both smiling and happy.
    I'm always a sucker for this kind of thing, where Ange's hair has lots of highlights and Amakusa is lightly holding her hand.
    Lambdadelta and Bernkastel which is really pretty.
    Lovely image of Maria's back with the other characters in the background.
    Beatrice and Bernkastel that was cutely done.
    Ange dragging Battler around by the collar.
    Beatrice image with some soft cg coloring that I was really fond of.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Group Images:
    I haven't started Umineko yet, but I wanted to bookmark this stunning cast image for future reference. Because it's gorgeous.
    Another stunningly colored Umineko group image and I think this fandom is going to be awesome when I get into it properly.
    Gorgeous group image of the girls in kimono is gorgeous.
    Nicely done cg image of several cast members.
    Another amazingly detailed cg of the Umineko cast.
    Kinda awesome cast image done in cg style that looks great, the detail is amazing in full view.
    Long image of the Umineko cast that has beautiful colors and details.
    Cast image of Umineko that has some decent detail to it.
    Beautiful image of the witches from Umineko.
    Battler and Beatrice making a heart together with chibis of the rest of the cast in the background, with some really slick, pretty colors.
    Cute CG of Beatrice and Battler against Eva-Maria.
    Beatrice shoving Ange away from herself and Battler.
    Battler's life is so hard. And traumatizing.
    You wouldn't think bright colors would work this well and yet.
    Fantastic image of the witches with some lovely glowy colors.
    Bernkastel, Lambdadelta, and Erika, all wearing cute and ruffled dresses.
    Really cool poster-style image of so many members of the cast.
    Pretty watercolor-like style of the group.
    The Ushiromiya kids at the beach, which was cute.
    Very lovely image of the Ushiromiya kids again.
    The family kids laying in the grass together.
    Gorgeous cast image of everyone gathered around Battler and Ange.
    Battler in the background of Beatrice and Virgillia casting a spell.
    Cool-looking cast image again.
    Group image with neon-like colors that work, the image looks even better in full view.
    Incredible group poster-style image that's just CRAMMED FULL of characters and details, wow.
    Halloween image of Beatrice, Battler, and Ange, all of them dressed like witches, which made me smile.
    All the Umineko characters as chess pieces on a board.
    Great image of the cast against the sunrise (or sunset) on the horizon.
    Beautifully done bookmark-style images of pretty much the entire main cast, wow.
    Umineko does have some creepy kids, yes. Maybe not as much as Higurashi, but still.
    Beatrice in the garden looking happy and smiley while the others watch over her a little more quietly.
    Battler and Battler back to back with some of the rest of the cast in the background, done poster-style.
    Poster-style image of the main cast and it's both creepy and cool.
    Bookmark style layout for this image looks neat, but I also just like the perspective.
    Poster-style cast image and the use of reds is nice once again.
    Another group image that's done in poster-style with a lot of deep, deep reds.
    Poster style group image again that has still yet more gorgeous colors to it.
    Umineko cast image that uses soft, light colors and has tons of details to it.
    This image of four of the Umineko characters that aren't shown as often is just stunning.
    A series of several images in a sort of collage, all really kind of sweet and fun with the family.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Beatrice:
    Another really stunning image of Beatrice this time, the glowing colors are amazing.
    Okay, I meant to move on to other tags, but then this image of a bloody Beatrice caught my eye and I had to click. That's some damn fine CG work there.
    Lovely image of the Golden Witch Beatrice.
    Beatrice sketch with an interesting style.
    Beatrice in, well, half a schoolgirl uniform with pretty cg colors and a butterfly on her finger.
    Cute little chibi Beatrice image with an adorable expression.
    Beatrice looking over her shoulder, her hair unbound.
    Beatrice with a golden butterfly on her finger, her dress flowing out around her.
    Gorgeous profile of Beatrice that has some amazing lines and colors to it.
    Watercolor-like sunset image of Beatrice that I thought was cute.
    Little chibi Beatrice that I also thought was cute.
    More gorgeous coloring on this Beatrice image, the nearly glowing yellows are amazing.
    Beatrice smoking and looking slyly over is another one that's fantastic.
    Lovely, soft, airy coloring on this one of Beatrice again.
    Eyes closed and surrounded by butterflies, Beatrice is lovely.
    Frustrated and tearful Beatrice in a semi-chibi-esque style, but still really cute.
    Beatrice with her hair fanning out around her.
    I love the colors of this image where Beatrice is standing by the window, they're so pretty.
    Beautiful image of Beatrice against the bright blue sky as she smiles happily.
    Beatrice in her school uniform outfit as she points somewhere and looks awesome and smug.
    Incredible image of Beatrice in a mask, it's amazing for the details and the colors and the linessss omg.
    Another gorgeous image of Beatrice as she stands in a field full of golden butterflies flying around her.
    The End of the Golden Witch is a beautiful image, especially as Beatrice's hair falls down around her.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Battler:
    Nicely done image of Battler with a cup of tea.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Bernkastel:
    Pretty image of Bernkastel, I love the soft colors of it.
    Gorgeous Bernkastel casting a spell with amazing clothes and colors and energy swirls around her.
    Simple yet creepy as all get out portrait of Bernkastel.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Other characters:
    Maria curled up on the floor, the cg is nicely done.
    Ange illustration that has some really nice lines to it.
    Crying Ange, but also smiling and sparkles all around her.
    Lambdadelta looks cute in that dress and yet still creepy.
    Beautiful Rosa image, though, I wish it'd been a little bigger.
    Gorgeous image of Rosa in full color with b&w images in the background, creating a cool effect.
    Creepy little Maria image with some nice detail to it.
    Another nicely done Maria image.
    Maria on the floor in a pool of blood, holding a letter.
    Simple, but nicely done Battler image.
    Awesome looking sly!Eva looking down in a slant.
    Battler with bloody hearts in the background, dripping down.
    A bit of an odd posture on this Eva image but the lines are solid and clean.
    Eva-Maria image that's lovely and really nicely done.
    Very cool looking Furudo Erika, I believe.
    Pretty, almost sepia colored Rosa image.
    Erika sitting on a park bench in cg style, where I liked the details a lot.
    Lovely image of Erika sitting in a forest or large garden.
    Erika sitting on a circle of red magic.
    Virgilia image that's really lovely as well, with purple butterflies.
    Gorgeous image of Shannon looking surprised.
    Jessica image that's also pretty damn gorgeously colored.
    Kidlet Ange watching herself as she's crumpled on the floor.
    An image of a bloody Battler lying on the floor with roses strewn about him.
    Gorgeous image of Battler with a dark look on his face.
    Battler sitting at a throne and the artist does really well with those dark reds needed.
    Battler sitting in front of a chessboard.
    Battler with the magic golden sword is an image that looks awesome, too.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Battler/Beatrice:
    Gorgeous, gorgeous coloring on this image of Beatrice and Battler, wow.
    Beatrice and Battler image that's really pretty, I like the colors.
    Another beautifully colored image of Beatrice and Battler.
    Yet another lovely image of Beatrice and Battler falling, it looks even better in full view.
    Beatrice with a chain around Battler's neck with some great detail.
    Chibi Battler freaking Beatrice out. XD
    Cool looking image of Beatrice and Battler, swords and strings.
    Surprisingly happy and cute image of Battler and Beatrice.
    Beautifully colored and detailed image of Beatrice and Battler again.
    Beatrice and Battler almost looking like they're dancing, it's a fantastic image.
    Battler holding Beatrice close in a field.
    Beatrice holding Battler down while in a super short skirt.
    Beautiful, vivid coloring on this Beatrice and Battler image, I really liked it.
    Beautiful Battler/Beatrice image of them lying on a field of red petals.
    The two of them laying atop a pile of photos and some really nice use of reds and golds.
    School uniforms and collars are still kind of great.
    Battler hugging a very surprised Beatrice.
    Battler kissing Beatrice's fingers and it's beautifully done, the lineart is so sharp.
    Beatrice holding a crying Battler's face, also very lovely.
    Battler dipping Beatrice while they dance, beautifully detailed.
    Battler with Beatrice and a rainy, stormy night in the background.
    Beatrice kissing Battler's hand while smirking, it looks really nice.
    Stunningly colored poster-style image of them in serious poses side by side, Beatrice in her red dress, Battler in a chair.
    The two of them kissing in the church in beautifully done colors and butterflies trying to fly in, it's gorgeous.
    Battler leaning over as Beatrice leans back as she sits on a chair, so they can kiss, and it's a beautiful image.
    Beatrice holding a knife with Battler in the background, it's another lovely image.
    Watercolors style Beatrice and Battler as they both thread their fingers through (well, grab onto) each other's hair.
    Incredibly beautiful image of Beatrice holding onto Battler as magic swirls around his hand. The glowing golds are lovely here.
    Battler catching Beatrice in their suits/uniforms and with beautiful, glowy colors for the image.
    The two of them surrounded by magic and golden butterflies and flames.
    Beatrice and Battler leaning against each other on a throne.
    Back to back while they have tea and the golden colors are lovely.
    The two of them connected by a red string as they're lying back together.
    Very nicely done Battler/Beatrice image and I really like his pinstripe suit and cape here.
    Beatrice and Battler and a chessboard and epic clothes and chains. All things that make for great fanart of them.
    Beatrice holding a letter up to her lips and smirking just a little while Battler stands back to back with her.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Bernkastel/Lambdadelta:
    Cute image of Bernkastel and Lambdadelta in their cute little dresses.
    Bernkastel and Lambdadelta image with some vivid, bright colors.
    Bernkastel and Lambdadelta back to back and linked arms, nicely done.
    Bernkastel and Lambdadelta chibis that are kind of creepy, but still cute.
    Bernkasetl and Lambdadelta with pretty colors again.
    Younger versions of Lambdadelta and Bernkastel, both looking kinda creepy.
    Beautifully colored Bernkastel with a little chibi Lambadadelta almost in her hand.
    The two of them in their younger forms curled up on the floor and surrounded by presents--it's a beautiful image.
    In their child-like forms, the two of them lying on the floor, nice use of softer colors.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Other Pairings/Duos:
    Another piece of gorgeous art, this time of Jessica and Kanon.
    I liked this one of Beatrice and Bernkastel.
    Shannon and Kanon in pools of blood.
    Amakusa carrying Ange as he protects her.
    Amakusa picking Ange up and carting her off, which she is thrilled about.
    Rosa and Maria putting on make-up and I liked the soft, warm colors of it.
    Ange and Amakusa totally in love. No really. :|
    Rosa and Maria with golden sparkles all around them, it was cute.
    Battler and Ange cuteness with some pretty shades of red.
    Battler and Ange running with a lovely blue sky in the background.
    Another nicely done Amakusa/Ange image.
    Amakusa crouching down while carrying Ange, it looks even better in full view.
    Battler and Ange with beautiful colors and I love the highlights in their hair.
    Another beautiful one of Amakusa and Ange floating in water or clouds.
    Ange is totally happy being patted on the head, no, really.
    Really lovely image of Eva and Ange, looking happy and cute.
    Maria with Beatrice in the background that looks really kind of fantastic in full view.
    Battler in Beatrice's outfit seriously brought the lolz for me.
    Lovely Eva and Ange, I believe, and I really like the dresses.
    Maria resting in her mother's lap, very warm and sweet.
    I just lolled at Erika sitting on Battler's head, okay.
    Pretty image of George and Shannon, which I totally wish there was more of.
    George/Shannon wedding image, which totally made me happy.
    Little chibis of Eva poking Shannon in the face, which is still somehow cute.
    Rosa and Maria curled up in bed and sleeping away, which is lovely.
    Shannon serving George tea, aw.
    George and Shannon cuteness.
    Lovely image of Shannon and Kanon with pretty, glowing colors.
    Kanon licking blood off Shannon's knee.
    Maria with Beatrice's shadow behind her and the reds and golds of this are lovely.
    Two golden haired beauties with beautiful golden wings and, man, I love the art in this fandom.
    Gorgeous Final Answer battle with Battler vs Maria.

    Gorgeous image of Beatrice and Bernkastel in that room with the nighttime sky behind them.
    Cute image of Beatrice and Ange, I believe.

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