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VOCALOID - Unsorted:
    ....oh, goddammit, I give. I keep seeing all this amazing art around and I could only resist for so long. This one of Miku, Rin, and Luka is just gorgeous.
    Rin and Len image that is super cute. And super pretty, of course.
    Another image of Luka that's just beautiful.
    One of the reasons I fell so hard for VOCALOID is because Miku's hair is often totally epic like this.
    Oh, this image of Miku has the softest, prettiest colors.
    Miku with a megaphone looking pretty insane. And yet it's still super pretty!
    Miku in front of a terrifying looking stereo system, lolz. The lineart of this one is just stunning, though.
    Miku and another terrifying looking stereo system that is, again, beautiful.
    Oh, man, I am still not tired of Miku's epic hair.
    I'm used to so many blues and blacks and whites with Miku, so this one in full color at sunset just knocked me over. *__*
    This one of all the Vocaloids in mid-concert is totally epic, too.
    A cute image of Miku again.
    A lovely, if a bit sad looking, image of Miku.
    I really liked the way Miku is rising up out of the stereo equipement here, it creates a cool effect.
    More adorable Len and Rin.
    Stylized Miku again, very pretty.
    Pretty, soft, almost dreamy colors on this Miku image are lovely.
    Okay, this image of Miku actually looks amazing in full view.
    The detail and intense colors on this group image are really nice.
    Pretty Miku resting her head against her knees.
    Amazingly smooth lines and colors on this Rin and Len image.
    I love the jewel-like colors of this image of Rin and Len image.
    Pretty image of Miku and Luka, the pinks and blues go nicely together.
    This image of Miku is almost simple, but the colors are gorgeous.
    Again, I really love the colors on this image of Miku.
    Oh, wow, I don't know what's better with this Miku image, the details or the colors.
    Adorable group image of a lazy summer day.
    This could almost be kind of creepy, but somehow I love the details and colors and even the stars in Miku's eyes.
    A little loli for my usual tastes, but this Miku image has some awesome detail.
    Clouds and epic hair, what's not to love?
    This image is a little softer than I usually go for, but I still really like it.
    Miku with wings is super, super pretty, especially in full view.
    I think this is Rin? At any rate, it's another amazingly pretty image.
    Miku flopped over and looking back is really kind of super cute. And pretty.
    Len and Kaito image that's pretty cute.
    Gorgeous, vibrant colors on this Miku image again.
    Another stunning Miku image, the blues and greens are incredible.
    God, I love it when EVERYONE has totally epic hair and the art is super pretty.
    I wasn't sure about the style of this image of Miku at first, but in full view it's actually really cool looking.
    Not the usual style I expect from the VOCALOID section, but Miku has some amazing detail here and I really like the use of white for her hair.
    This is another one of those images that really works better in full view so you can see all the neat detail it has.
    A combination of gorgeous colors and super adorable chibis? Why, yes, that is totally what I signed up for when I went looking through the VOCALOID section! :D
    From the same artist, a bit less chibi this time, but the group image here is no less stunning for all the details and amazing colors.
    One more from that artist, one of the earliest works from them, but still a really lovely Miku image, the underwater look is beautiful.
    I've seen this group image of the VOCALOIDS what feels like a hundred times on people's favorites and it's not hard to see why, it's kind of a kickass image!
    Miku with some really kicking clothes, I just love the details.
    Miku lying back on a red/black checkered floor that somehow works with her blue hair.
    I'm a sucker for b&w+teal combinations on characters like Miku.
    Completely CG look for Miku that I actually kinda liked.
    Oh, I really love the colors and soft cg style of this group image.
    Adorable image of Miku in a black dress and sparkles!
    I dunno, I just really liked this image of Luka in a watercolors sort of style.
    The colors are a little lighter than I'm used to, but this image of Miku is totally epic.
    Really cute image of Len, Rin, Luka, and Miku with those same soft colors.
    Another really lovely image of Luka that I liked.
    Okay, I'm weak to things like vivid colors and butterfly themes like with Luka and Miku here.
    This is a really cute image of Luka again, I liked the detail of it.
    Super cute Len and Rin with those soft, pastel-ish colors I love.
    Omg, the wind blowing her hair around, the way her clothes are fluttering, the colors, everything about this image of Luka is epic for me.
    I don't know what I love more--the colors or Miku's awesome socks.
    Miku and Len cuteness that combines pretty colors and nice lineart.
    Another gorgeous image of Luka with her hair swirling all around her.
    Gorgeous image of Len and Rin jumping and it's really amazingly detailed.
    Oh, man, Luka's eyes and hair are sooo pretty.
    Pretty image of Miku in kimono and the patterns are beautiful.
    Really cute image of Miku and Kaito with pretty hair, as usual.
    Heh, Kaito and Len while Rin seems not that pleased.
    Uber-cute Len and Rin with bright colors that really suit them.
    Kaito and... Rin, I believe?
    Rin and Gackupoid being cute with cake.

VOCALOID - Group images:
    Gorgeous as hell darker versions of Kaito, Len, and Gackupoid, I believe.
    VOCALOID girls at the beach, very cute.
    Cute image of Kaito, Len, and Miku.
    Adorable little chibis of all the Vocaloids.
    Oh, man, this image of Gakupoid reading a book while everyone plays with his hair is great.
    Okami styled Miku, Kaito, and Gakupoid, which delighted me, of course.
    Really cute image of Luka, Len, and Miku, even if he is copping a feel on Miku there.
    Gorgeous group image of all the Vocaloids.
    Hot as hell entire cast in mercenary outfits, the colors and details are amazing.
    This image of the VOCALOIDS cast has some fantastic basic lineart in full view.
    Another really cute group image with pretty colors.
    I like the shading on this semi-stylized one of Miku, Rin, and Len.
    Miku falling asleep while studying while the other Vocaloids peer over her shoulder.
    The use of blues and a little bit of pink in this Miku image was beautiful.
    Miku dressed in more casual clothes and sipping tea, which is very cute.
    Little kiddy Miku with more gorgeous colors, this fandom is spoiling me.
    Awesome Miku lineart with pretty colored hair that I liked a lot.
    I'm not as fond of the colors, but the lineart on Miku here is really nice.
    Totally epic image of Miku with a microphone that looks amazing.
    Miku riding a train that has some really nice details, I especially like the keychain.
    Oh, man, seriously, the reason I can't stop looking at VOCALOID fanart is because of beautiful colors on Miku like this.
    You know what is total lol-worthy? Vocaloid karaoke on crack.
    Stunning group image of Rin, Len, Miku, Kaito, and Meiko, the colors are gorgeous.
    Super cute image of Miku with the twins in the background.
    Cute group image that works surprisingly well with the darker colors and looks much stronger in full view.
    Oh, man, the bright, summery pastels of Len, Miku, Rin, and Luka look fantastic here.
    Another beautiful group image with Kaito, Gakupoid, the twins, Meiko, and Miku that looks almost like it's glowing.
    Cute group image of the Vocaloids and the popsicle from hell, apparently? XD
    The Vocaloids as a rockband is really kinda cool and looks awesome in full view.
    Chibi Kaito that's beautifully colored in pastels with the other Vocaloids in pictures behind him. Plus, penguin!
    Kaito, Len, and Gakupoid in nice suits, which I thought was nice.
    Adorable image of Kaito with kidlet Vocaloids piled all over him.
    Lovely detail and cg work on this image of the twins, Kaito, and Miku.
    Pretty image with light, airy colors on this Kaito, Miku, and twins image.
    Oh, I really like this one of the girls at a slumber party, very cute and brightly colored.
    I like the semi-stylized look of this Miku, Rin, and Len image, it's adorable.
    Adorable image of Miku and the twins, including Len in a matching Rin outfit.
    Amazingly detailed group image of all the characters with blue hair. Gorgeous.
    Cute group image with shiny, pretty colors.
    Shiny, pretty group image that I liked.
    Another cute image of the Vocaloids all in polka dot dresses.
    I just really kinda liked the colors of this group image.
    I really liked the perspective of this image of Miku playing music in a group.
    Cute image of the Vocaloid girls as cheerleaders.
    There are some beautiful lines on this group image and I love the soft colors.
    Super adorable little chibis on a little round world, awww!
    Awesome and cool image of various incarnations of Miku, I believe.
    Kaito with Miku and Luka on each arm, which is actually really pretty.
    Adorable image of Kaito, Miku, and the twins in adorable, light colors.
    I love the bright, vivid jewel-tone colors on this group image again.
    Holy crap, this cast image is seriously one of the most gorgeous things ever, it's just amazing to look at.
    Rin and Len cuddling up to Luka is cute. XD
    Holy crap, this image of the cast in formal clothes with flowers and ruffles and so may details all over, is just gorgeous. *___*
    Another stunning group image of the Vocaloids in formal clothes and surrounded by flowers and all these amazing colors and just. a;sldkfjalskj this is why I love Vocaloid fanart. *__*
    And quite possibly my favorite from this artist, one more group image of them in formal clothes and Miku's hair draped all over the couch is amazing and the blending of colors is amazing and--!! *__*
    Cool little group image against a night/sunset/daytime sky, I liked the way it blended together.
    Pretty winter image of Miku and the twins.
    Miku and the twins crossing over a rainy bridge.
    The Vocaloids at an event is kinda hilarious.
    Vocaloid slumber party! I'm really fond of all the details to it.
    The Vocaloids with Polaroids, both amusing and really pretty.
    The soft colors on this image are just lovely, I like how it almost looks sunset-ish.
    Picnic time with the Vocaloids is very cute.
    All the Vocaloids in dental floss swimsuits and I had to laugh 'cause that includes the guys, too.
    Gorgeous gorgeous image of all the Vocaloids in black, white, and blue-green, so it's a little like colorized lineart, and the detail is amazing.
    Kaito suggesting a tiny bikini to Miku while the others watch in shock, none of which will end well.
    Fantastic colors on this one of Kaito, Gakupoid, and Len in that style I'm so weak to.
    Vocaloids underwater are cute, especially with all the bright colors.
    The Vocaloids in ripped and torn punk-style clothing.
    Interesting perspective on this group image, they all look really sharp in full view.
    The sharp, solid colors of the group lounging around here look fantastic.
    Chibi Vocaloids done in bright colors, I'm so easy for the pastel cg color style.
    Glam rock style isn't usually my thing but this one of Gakupoid, Len, and Kaito is neat.
    Gorgeously done boys of Vocaloid in sharp lines and colors.
    Cute little chibis with various Vocaloid memes you can find throughout fanart.
    Halloween-style image of the Vocaloid girls, very cute.
    Super, super adorable group Halloween image and the various costumes are so very cute.
    Cute little group image.
    Miku with Rin playing the guitar and Len in the background.
    Very CG-looking but still cute group image.
    Flash-style chibis which are ADORABLE.
    Light, airy colors on various kisses between several of the Vocaloids.
    Awesome group image for Halloween, the lines of it are fantastic.
    Miku birthday image that's just... really darn cute.
    Stunning group image of the Vocaloid girls that's just. Wow.
    Cute poster-style image with the Vocaloids with Miku in the center, very nice colors.
    Pretty Fundoshi Aku-Malen is done beautifully, Rin looks especially nice.
    Group of chibis that are adorable!
    I really like the demon-style outfits in the Pretty Fundoshi Aku-Malen images!
    The cg in this group poster image is really nicely done.
    The Vocaloids all on a train together, which is cute.
    Lovely bookmark series with most of the main Vocaloids.
    More adorable chibis!
    Gorgeous Christmas-time group image of them all spread out and being silly, this one is amazing.
    Miku, Meiko, and Luka playing together, very nicely done.
    Halloween chibis are so damn cute.
    Awesome looking video game cover mockup in a fantasy setting. I would so play that.
    Costume designs for the fantasy-style game, which look really cool.
    Game cover mock up again, without the text, so it's more poster-style this time.
    Cute little pastel Vocaloids are cute.
    Miku, Luka, and Rin cuteness in bright pastels.
    New Year's image with the Vocaloids, which is really cute!
    The girls taking a bath (well, and Len, too) along with a Kaito bath toy, which are all nicely done.
    Pretty watercolor pastels of the various Vocaloids, which is really cute!
    The men of VOCALOIDS and, wow, is this ever a stunning group lineup here.
    The twins make Kaito's life hell and, ahahahaha, oh, I love stuff like this.
    Miku with the twins is cute, too.
    This group image of everyone as they're gathered on the sofa is really neat.
    Pretty image of the girls, done in soft, lovely pastels.
    The Vocaloids as chibis all sitting around and eating together.
    Miku's Adventures in Wonderland is an awesome image and full of cool little details.
    The eight different mock-up covers for doujinshi here, with the different VOCALOID characters, all look fantastic.
    Valentine's Day Vocaloids is both adorable and really lovely here.
    One, big pile of cuteness with Miku, Mikuo, and Len.
    Cute little Vocaloid chibis with pretty colors!
    VOCALOID in Wonderland is a gorgeous image full of a ton of detail, wow.
    Gorgeous Halloween group image with them all in darling little outfits.
    The three main Vocaloid girls all piled on each other in a cutely colored image.
    The Vocaloids all in a sort of group hug that's even cuter here.
    Rin/Lin and Mikuo/Miku is a really cute and pretty image.
    This group image of the Vocaloids in ruffly clothing looks awesome in full view.
    Totally cute group image of the Vocaloids that shows off all the fun, bright colors they have.
    I love assassin au fanart for this cast of characters, especially when it's this badass.
    A mostly black & white group image except with colors for their hair, which looks amazing.
    Bookmark style images of the Vocaloids done in Synchronicity style, which looks gorgeous.
    Mikuo AND the twins feeling Kaito up which is pretty much Kaito's life right there.
    VOCALOID domesticity is actually really cute, with Miku in an apron and the little kidlet twins clammoring at her.
    I like the design of this image, the way the four characters (Luka, Rin, Miku, Len) are each standing in front of one.
    Miku, Rin, and Luka in a sort of futuristic setting, which is lovely.
    Bright, cute, cheerful group image of most of the main cast outside.
    Rin, Luka, and Miku superimposed on a space background with the Earth glowing brightly.
    Four different duos each with one person glomping onto someone else.
    Another cute one of the VOCALOID girls and I'm pretty sure I could enjoy art like this for a long time yet.
    Cute little cg of the girls again, only getting pretty much all of them in, instead of just the main three.
    VOCALOID style chibis are always so freaking cute!
    The three main girls again, this time under a pretty sakura tree.
    Oh, this is a beautiful image of the VOCALOIDS all sitting around together.
    Fantastic group image of the Vocaloids with some Kaito/Miku and Gakupoid/Luka.
    Gorgeous image of the VOCALOIDS dressed up as wait staff, I love the costumes and the pretty pretty lines of it.
    Luka, Rin, and Len in glasses and black school uniforms.
    Adorable group image done in a cg style and lots of bright, pastel colors.

    Lovely Miku covered in purple stars/flowers.
    I am so, so weak to beautiful colors on Miku's epic hair.
    Really cool image of Miku with some great sharp, clean lines.
    More beautiful coloring for Miku's hair, I like the brightness of them, too.
    Miku's hair being completely and totally epic again.
    Fantastic lines on this one of Miku and her hair making a heart.
    Okay, I just love Miku's epic hair yet again.
    Miku in traditional hakama with a giant weapon looks lovely.
    I love the colors on this one of Miku underwater.
    This Miku cover looks kind of amazing in full view.
    More awesome clothing on Miku here and an awesome guitar.
    Gorgeous image of Miku surrounded by equipment.
    Epic and pretty stylized image of Miku, I really liked this one.
    This is an interesting design for Miku, almost mahou shoujo-esque, but I really liked the details on it.
    Soft, almost simple looking image of Miku, except for the part where it's got some fantastic detail on it.
    I really love the coloring and shading on Miku here.
    Little baby Miku is the cutest, for serious.
    This is almost a sort of simple Miku sketch, except the lines are really lovely and delicate and soft.
    Miku cuteness with a paper airplane.
    I'm not sure how to describe this image of Miku, except to wonder if those are leaves for her skirt, but it's really gorgeous.
    I really liked this image of Miku against a windy sky, her hair flying around her.
    Miku plugged in, which is surprisingly well done.
    I'm just really fond of the blues and greens and yellows used on Miku's hair.
    Miku reaching out, nicely done.
    Miku in a white dress and her hair fanning out around her looks better in full view.
    Various ages of Miku walking along, very pretty and cute.
    Oh, I adored little Miku and her beautiful dress as she kneels in water here.
    Miku in various poses and a lot of the popular concepts associated with her.
    Lovely image of Miku underwater.
    Miku in a shallow pool again, this time with beautiful, amazingly vivid flowers in her hands.
    More beautiful glossy greens and blacks on Miku here.
    Oh, man. Miku in a black business suit with green trim is kind of smoking hot.
    Slightly stylized with some slick lines and colors on Miku that I really liked.
    Lovely image of Miku with her hair pooling around her on a red and black chess board pattern, very pretty.
    There's something about this image of Miku that I really liked, maybe it was the winter-esque theme of it.
    Cute image of Miku with her long as hell hair.
    Miku and sakura trees around her with some really bright, vivid colors again.
    Lovely image of Miku with piano keys in the background, everything with luminescent glow.
    A younger looking Miku with her hands over her ears.
    Image of Miku that's super stylized but I really liked it anyway.
    Neat image of Miku against a stormy sky that uses so many different colors.
    Mik image where she's high above the city and there's some neat uses of color again.
    Light and airy colors on Miku with her hands on her headphones as she sings is really nice, too.
    Stylized image of Miku that looks like a painting.
    Cute Miku image in blues, yellows, and blacks which works pretty well.
    Miku with just about every color in a highlight which looks fantastic.
    Cute and clean image of Miku with sharp lines.
    I'm a sucker for deceptively simple sketch-like art of Miku in this style.
    I love the bright, almost pastel colors of this Miku image.
    The fanastic detail on Miku's clothes really made me like this one.
    Another one of some really fantastic detail and pretty pastel colors on this Miku image.
    Oh, I just really love the colors on this image, the greens and blues are lovely.
    I really like Miku's hair in the shape of a heart is really cute.
    Miku in a really cute hat and cards surrounding her, the details look pretty in full view.
    Cute image of Miku against a starry background, the full view looks nice.
    Miku being super cute with some pretty colors.
    I never get tired of Miku's epic hair, wow.
    I like the almost stylized look on this Miku image.
    The detail on this Miku image with clocks and rings is amazing.
    Another amazing image of Miku in awesome clothes with amazing, amazing hair.
    Cute image of Miku in a hat and green dress, I liked the style.
    There's something about the almost icy colors of this Miku image that I liked.
    Image of Miku on the phone that's really cute.
    I'm just really fond of Miku's epic hair and the fantastic shade of blue for her hair.
    The detail on Miku's dress and hair ties is really beautiful.
    Cute and brightly colored image of Miku.
    Miku in Kaito's coat and I thought it was really cute.
    Miku with angel wings was one I was kinda fond of.
    I never get tired of Miku with epic hair even when it's just a simple image of her laying back in a black dress.
    Beautiful colors and details, even if looks a little rough but that's the deliberate style, on this image of Miku.
    Really kinda awesome action Miku.
    Another pretty Miku image.
    It's a simple image, but I love the shading on Miku's hair.
    I really love the coloring on this one of Miku with a megaphone again.
    The art is really simple here, but I love the vivid, vivid shade of blue.
    Miku surrounded by giant plates of food and the full view of this one is amazing, she just seems to glow.
    Miku is totally badass with a guitar.
    Anime-cg-style-esque Miku looks kinda cool.
    Cute image of Miku against a night sky.
    I love the detail of the lace on Miku's sleeves.
    Miku with wings and a satellite in the background, very pretty.
    Cute Halloween Miku image with glossy colors.
    Miku's hair is somehow so pretty in this image.
    I love the soft, glowing colors of this Miku image.
    In full view, I liked the details and the vivid colors of this Miku image.
    Miku walking along train tracks and a bright blue sky in the background.
    I like the different shades of blue-greens here.
    Miku sitting on the edge of a pool with her feet in the water and beautiful shades of blue.
    The clean, anime-cel-style look of Miku's hair especially is really nice.
    Miku standing on water as she sings, both her and the clouds reflected on the surface.
    Softly colored image of Miku, possibly underwater.
    Miku trailing colors in her wake as she walks across a puddle and her hair waves behind her.
    Miku holding a heart-shaped note.
    Miku's hair being filled with all kinds of colors and patterns, which I thought was kinda cool.
    Miku with angel wings and blue sparkles that looks lovely.
    Light, pastel blues on Miku here are beautiful on her hair and clothes.
    Miku with a rainbow-colored keyboard, high above the earth, that looks great in full view.
    Miku against a bright blue sky and a glowing bird above her, very pretty.
    Pretty blue colors on Miku's hair floating up above her head.
    A praying Miku with wings, very pretty.
    Miku on soft white pillows (or a giant flower) with her music player, very cute.
    Miku leaning back with fish around her, I really like the pastel colors.
    Miku in an adorable white dress with flowers all around, very old-fashioned and cute.
    Miku in pretty new clothes and her hair flying around her again.
    I'm just in love with the COLORS that glow on this Miku image, the way her hair seems to be made of light and energy here.
    I love Miku's black top and poofy red skirt, especially against the bright blue sky.
    Miku in adorable clothes and in mid-jump, very neat.
    Miku with an umbrella and a piano behind her, a mock cd cover that's lovely.
    Another cd cover mock up with Miku that's beautiful, her hands held out in front of her.
    Miku cd cover mockup with a disco ball in her hands and a track list.
    Miku's eyes and hair look beautiful here, I'm totally easy for this style.
    Two Mikus, one kissing the other's forehead is very cute.
    Miku lounging on giant white fluffy things and I like the way her hair falls around her.
    Miku and her epic hair again.
    The darker outfit and more green-ish tint to her hair looks good on Miku here.
    With her eye glowing red like this (reminscent of BRS), Miku looks really badass.
    Soft, pretty Miku image in an old-fashioned style dress.
    A sly look on Miku's face as she's surrounded by notes is interesting.
    The back of Miku in a formal dress as the wind swirls her hair and clothes.
    The various incarnations of Miku done in an anime style that looks fantastic.
    Adorably cute Miku with leeks done in pastel colors that are even lovelier.
    The colors on Miku here as she's curled up against a moonlit background are beautiful.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous colors on this Miku image of her praying against a starry sky.
    Miku on top of a giant pile of presents, very cute.
    Another cd cover mockup where Miku looks gorgeous.
    Cute Miku cover with Love is War written across it.
    Sleeping Miku image that was pretty.
    Miku in a tie and shorts and b&w trees in the background should be an odd mix, but I kind of love it.
    Stunning image of Miku laying back on the grass with a blue hold in her chest.
    Miku in a bubble underwater with some nice use of darker colors.
    Beautiful and stunningly colored Miku image of her carrying a lantern through a charming little village street.
    This image of Miku should be disturbing and yet it's really nicely done, too.
    Miku in Chinese-style clothing with a panda, it's kinda adorable.
    Miku lounging against a red background.
    Miku in a maid cafe outfit but the soft colors really sold me on it.
    Cute Miku image with solid coloring.
    Pretty image of Miku, though, her hair seems shorter than usual.
    Miku and Miku, I like the paler purples for her hair and the way it pools on the ground.
    I love love love Miku's hair and all the different colorful highlights.
    Miku with wings of light is really cute.
    This Miku image also has pretty use of colors.
    Lovely image of Miku in modern clothes and a CG style.
    Miku on the floor in a black & white uniform which looks kind of amazing.
    Miku in blue & white clothing in a mock-up poster-style image that looks gorgeous.
    Nighttime with a starry sky and full moon with Miku standing outside.
    Cute image of Miku with a leek, almost simple in style, but with some lovely details.
    More epic hair that looks really cute on Miku here.
    "Forgotten Alice" style Miku has some really awesome clothes.
    That is one hell of a lot of hair on Miku here, but also wintery cute clothes!
    Miku in a crown and sleepwear, which was cute.
    Simple, but lovely Miku that glows nicely.
    Schoolgirl Miku in uniform at sunset on her bike.
    Miku in a box bursting with flowers and pretty colors.
    Punk style Miku and Miku back to back, I think? I thought the clothes were neat.
    Light, glowing Miku image that has some beautiful lines.
    Slightly darker Miku image that I thought was well-done.
    Beautiful darker take on Miku, her expressions are very nicely done.
    Miku's hair streaming behind her like ribbons is a neat effect.
    Miku in a tiny little sailor's uniform that's still pretty.
    Miku with the world in her hand and giving off sparkles.
    Adorable school uniform Miku.
    Beautiful wintery Miku wishing for a Merry Christmas.
    Simple, but lovely Miku in soft blues.
    Miku on an ocean background, I think, but it's more the colors and feel of this one that I liked so much.
    Miku reading a book with a solemn look on her face.
    Softly praying Miku image is nice.
    The blues and whites look amazing on this image of Miku skipping through the city.
    Miku image with some pretty cg colors.
    Pretty image of Miku falling backwards through the sky.
    Miku with her hair flying up around her as she sings.
    Miku and her male counterpart working together.
    Parasol Miku is nicely done, too.
    Underwater concert Miku that looks amazing, wow.
    There are some beautiful colors on this image of Miku.
    Mechaloid Quartet Miku is nicely done, the flowers especially look amazing.
    Beautiful Miku image of her sitting on a throne in a fantasy style-like overgrown forest.
    Miku sitting on a keyboard which has some lovely uses of sky blue and teal greenish-blues.
    Pretty little image of Miku in a pretty yellow dress and adorable hat.
    Miku with gorgeous underwater colors in various shadoes of blue.
    I'm easy for the kind of colors here, the glowing cg colors that look like sunshine in Miku's hair.
    Miku looking out the window on a snowy night, which is pretty.
    Christmas time Miku is cute, too.
    Cute image of Miku in a box with some really beautiful colors and tons of details.
    Pretty image of Miku with black flowers in her hair.
    Crying Miku has some really strong lineart underneath the pretty coloring.
    Holy crap, this image of Miku falling backwards as she sings is stunning in full view.
    She could stand to pull her skirt down, but Miku falling backwards is pretty.
    Miku in a Persona Alice image and the cg and glowing colors are nice.
    Awesome stylization on this Miku image of her at the subway station and the colors are great.
    Almost semi-realistic (sort of) style on Miku with an digital butterfly over her face.
    Lovely Miku image of her in front of a full moon and in shades of green.
    Cute little image of Miku surrounded by lots of pastel colors.
    This closeup of Miku also looks just flat-out amazing in full view and I like the green color, too.
    Miku floating through the sky and the bright, airy blues are great.
    Another pretty Miku image by this artist and, as always, full view is incredible.
    Cool image of Miku that only really has color for her hair and the flowers under her and the zebra's feet, which is a cool effect.
    More b&w with selective coloring for this Miku image, which I'm growing fond of.
    Cute little Miku in space as planets and flowers stream past her.
    Gorgeous image of Miku in a messy as hell room; this one is huge in full view, too.
    Beautifully done Miku image of her lying back and her hair spilling around her, even if I could do without the pantyshot.
    The soft blues of Miku in winter make this image really pretty here.
    Miku falling through the sky with her hair fluttering around her.
    Miku sleeping in her room with a bluegreen-themed style that's really cute.
    Stunning image of Miku in a black & white elaborate outfit; the detail on this pieces is fantastic.
    Miku and Mikuo with their usual gorgeous cg shiny colors.
    Miku and pancakes and glasses on her face, which combines into a cute image.
    Miku and Miku mirror images, one in white and one in black, both looking gorgeous.
    I love art like this with the cg style of it so pretty, as Miku holds a pillow close.
    Shiny, sparkly cg colors that nearly glow on this image of Miku lying on her side.
    More bright, glowing cg colors on this pretty image of Miku with light rising up underneath her.
    Very cool detailed Miku image with a vibrantly red crystal heart in her hand.
    A bandaged and slightly bloody Miku with her hands at her own throat in a gorgeously detailed image.
    Totally cute Miku image of her in a simple dress as it swirls around her outside.
    Miku in a fancier dress this time and I continue to like the soft pastels used for her hair and eyes.
    I love cg colors that are almost transparent especially when they look like sunshiney mornings.
    Miku with a puppy and flat colors that really work for the image!
    Totally adorable clothes and soft pastel colors are something I definitely have a fondness for.
    Miku looking over her shoulder with a cute navy blue and red outfit.
    Miku in blues, pinks, and blacks with shiny glowing hearts spilling around her and an adorable dress.
    Holy shit, this image is AMAZING in full view, the detail on her hair and clothes and the awesome ninja-style pose/dress is fantastic.
    Another lovely Miku image, this time using more soft robin's egg blues instead of the usual blue-greens.
    Cute little Miku image that's just sort of darling enough that I had to link it.
    Okay, one more amazingly detailed Miku image that's just stunning in full view.
    Gorgeous image of Miku with a sort of patchwork bear and a sort shimmery filter over everything.
    Image of Miku recycling and I liked her little black dress.
    Another gorgeously colored image of Miku in a schoolgirl uniform that practically glows.
    Brightly colored and cute image of Miku in a white and red uniform.
    Cute, brightly colored cg style illustration of Miku with a transparent keyboard around her.
    This Miku illustration has so much detail crammed into it that it's kind of amazing, even if some of the collection of details is a bit wtf.
    Miku running towards someone, her hair streaming behind her in a really pretty image.
    I still love Miku's epic hair especially when it has this really next texturing/shading to it.
    Sketch of Miku in a school uniform and blowing bubbles, with some pretty sporadic coloring.
    Miku crouching down to eat and pretty much stuffing her face adorably.
    Bright, shiny happy Miku image with an adorable sunny dress to go with it.
    Have I mentioned how much I love Miku's hair in the last five minutes? Because I really like her epic hair a lot.
    Miku vs a darker version of herself in a really detailed, pretty image.
    Crazy-looking Miku image with the sun and the moon behind her and curtains in front of her.
    Miku and her epic hair look totally pissed/distraught.
    A handful of adorable Mikus with clean lines and adorable dresses.
    Mermaid style Miku has some totally adorable colors and higlights to it.
    Miku in darker clothing as she's sitting on top of a streetlight and her hair billows out around her.
    Adorable little Miku image with her lounging on animal pillows and listening to music.
    Holy crap, Miku's hair in this image is nearly glowing and it looks absolutely epic.
    Pretty Miku image of her touching a clear computer screen as files float around her.
    Tearful but smiling Miku as she puts on a happy face is cute.
    Miku lounging on a chair in a small dress at night, the colors of which are cute.
    Miku and her epic hair swirling around her again, with some nice, light colors.
    Oh, I really like Miku's dress with the way the layers and colors of it work together.
    The detail put into Miku's hair and on the little ruffles along her outfit look really nice here, too.
    Miku with a guitar is pretty damn awesome, too.
    Miku in chains and surrounded by red flower petals and holding a doll, all in beautiful colors.
    This floral print kimono Miku is wearing, as well as the background around her, is insanely detailed, holy crap.
    Surprised Miku from a downward perspective and I really like her hair fluttering around her.
    Miku in a devil's outfit that's really kind of a neat design.
    World Is Mine style Miku is a cute little image as she's reaching upwards.
    Close-up of Miku with a cute wide-eyed expression and some pretty colors.
    With a heart in her hands and a cute red dress on, this image of Miku is darling and her hair looks amazing in full view.
    Standing in front of a vine-covered door with a stuffed bunny in her hand, this image of Miku is pretty as well.
    Lounging in a chair again, this image of Miku has some nice pale blue colors and fantastic lines in full view.
    Smiling Miku image with bright shades of blue and green for her hair that are fantastic.
    Lovely, glowy image of Miku with stars in her hair as she kneels on the ground.
    With her hair down and wearing a white dress, along with pretty flowers perched in her hair, Miku is lovely here.
    Miku on the telephone, curled up on the floor, and her glossy hair spilling everywhere around her.
    Collage of Mikus that are all fantastically detailed and makes good use of aquas and blacks.
    Fantastic image of Miku with a black and gray outfit contrasting against her bright aqua hair.
    Silhoutte of Miku that looks kind of really cool.
    I think this is a maid-style outfit on Miku here? The black and white contrasts nicely against her hair.
    Miku in a cute pale pale yellow dress with a hint of peach and black accents.
    Air traffic controller Miku is an amazing image, wow.
    Another white outfit with black and red accents that contrast against her aqua hair.
    Different takes on Miku's character are all very cute here.
    Awesome as all get out image of Miku with her hair swirling around behind her as she holds her hand out.
    Miku in a shallow pool of water with a sad expression and her hair floating around her.
    A younger Miku in black with cute little red shoes and a witch theme.
    Miku holding the skirts of her dress which is a themed version of her usual outfit, as the wind blows around her.
    Nighttime Miku outside as she's holding her arms out as stars streak in the background.
    I am a sucker for bright, bright colors like the ones used on Miku here.
    Miku under a full moon with bright stars in the background and a reflective ground under her feet.
    The design for Miku in this image, more of a modern sort of streeth clothes look, is super cute.
    Also on the list of things I'm a sucker for are tons of colored highlights in a character's hair.
    Miku in glasses and with a stack of pancakes near her elbow.
    Younger looking blushy Miku has really adorable little clothes on.
    Miku singing with her arms stretched outwards with computer windows streaming around her.
    Miku in an almost period sort of dress carrying a bouquet of flowers.
    Another image of Miku out in space and I love the way her hair feathers softly at the end.
    Miku in totally cute sleepwear and the artist does a great job with the pastel colors.
    Miku in a red and tan outfit and a mask held in her hand is a neat image as well.
    Kitty style Miku is something I'd be lying about if I said I didn't appreciate it once in awhile.
    Miku with her little pouty face and white ruffly white shirt on the red/black background is adorable.
    Soft, feathery sort of style on this Miku image is really nice, too.
    Staring up at the sky at night, Miku wrapped up in a warm poncho is lovely.
    I really love black/white/teal images that have this cool style to them.
    Miku in front of a huge plane that's half ripped apart is nicely done.
    Egyptian style Miku is kind of right inside my wheelhouse, dammit.
    Miku with blue flowers sprouting up around her, in a soft and pretty image.
    Miku sitting on a giant sized keyboard in an image that's super softly colored.
    This image of Miku almost looks simple at first since there's not a lot in the background, but it's actually really lovely.
    Alice style image of Miku that has a sort of whimsical take on things.
    Miku and her supremely epic hair never fail to delight me, especially in an image with pretty colors like this.
    Deep Blue image of Miku that has some gorgeous nighttime colors.
    3D CG style Miku that's gorgeous and has some amazing detail.
    Black & white & aqua image of Miku that looks amazing.
    Miku in a school uniform with a clear umbrella as she sits on the ground and more umbrellas tumble around her.
    Miku in a cute peach dress as she rocks backwards--which is a little NSFW, btw.
    The cg on this image of Miku is gorgeous and vibrant as hell. Though, a little NSFW.
VOCALOID - Rin & Len:
    I love the pastel colors, the light blond hair and pale blue eyes of Rin and Len.
    Rin hugging Len, who looks totally thrilled.
    Gorgeous use of long lines and blue colors with Rin here.
    Oh, I thought this one of Rin was beautiful, almost a sort of antique feel to it.
    Brightly colored and very cute Rin and Len at the beach.
    Stylized and uber cute giant sized Len and Rin.
    Rin fanart that looks kind of seriously amazing in full view.
    Len and Rin leaning against each other to sleep.
    Okay, this image of Rin looks amazing in full view, the detail of everything is gorgeous.
    Cute image of Rin and Len hugging.
    Oh, man, an older version of Rin is so smoking hot.
    Rin looking a smidge older again, so this image is okay with me, though, it's a little pin-up-esque for me.
    The cuteness of kiddie Rin and Len is amazing, the colors are so pretty.
    I really like the black and red outfits the twins are wearing here.
    Gorgeous image of two Rins holding each other, I just really liked the style.
    And then the full version of the previous image that looks nice, too.
    Older version of Rin with some really nice lineart again.
    The twins falling all over each other is very cute.
    Super hot older Rin duo, which I thought was lovely.
    Awesome as hell slightly older Rin with a bitchin guitar.
    Soft, lightly colored image of Len here that I liked and looks fantastic in full view.
    Rin and Len squishy faced hug, aw. XD
    Amazingly detailed image of Len again.
    This image of the twins has beautiful lines and I kinda like the black torn clothing.
    The full view of this Rin image is amazing, the lines of it are gorgeous.
    Pretty image of Len and Rin, I especially like their hair.
    This Rin image has some really fantastic lines and it's really cute.
    Awesome and amazingly detailed Rin in a dress with a guitar, the details are fantastic.
    There's some beautiful blue colors on this Rin image.
    Beautiful, almost glowing colors on this image of Rin with a keyboard.
    More gorgeous art of Rin at various ages, wow.
    Rin at various ages, very pretty.
    Kitty versions of Rin and Len are adorable.
    The use of warm oranges and yellows on this image of the twins was really nice.
    The bright colors and solid, clean cg on this Rin image are nice, I really like the background here, too.
    I thought this one of Len in a birdcage was a neat concept and the blue feathers and Len's wings are drawn really nicely.
    Nicely done image of Len in the middle of making music, these images are always fun.
    Rin weighing herself while Len, uh, helps has some really pretty lines and clean colors.
    I liked the black and yellow clothes on Rin and Len here.
    Len with a crapload of sweets. XD
    The art is almost sort of deceptively simple, but the twins surrounded by plus dolls looks really cool in full view.
    I liked the cute, clean lines on this one of Rin in a formal dress.
    I go back and forth on this artist a lot, but I really do like the soft, almost faded colors on this Len image.
    Older Len and Rin are kind of hot again, stop that, Japan.
    Len and Rin semi-chibi-esque Halloween dress up!
    Light, airy colors on Rin against the skyline.
    Rin and Len back to back in the middle of what looks like a spell casting even though I know that's not it. XD
    Rin in a sunflower field, pretty and light colors.
    Len lying back and connected in by wires looks really cool, full view is kind of amazing.
    I like the bright yellow of Rin in the middle of all that blue around her.
    I am possibly super easy for Len being surrounded by music, but this artist can really work the cg style.
    An interesting take on Rin.
    Len leaning back while wearing headphones should not be hot, Japan.
    Rin and Len dressed as Pikachu, the cute is just... asd;lfkjasl;kj
    I am also a sucker for Len making music while surrnounded by half-formed keyboards and digital displays.
    Len and Rin image with amazingly bright colors of a blue, blue sky behind them, very cute.
    Other things for me to check off being easy for: Len with falling red flowers against a night sky and butterfly and fern patterns in the background.
    The bright colors and adorableness of Len playing the guitar kinda got to me, I admit.
    The twins happy and smiling as they press their heads together.
    Dragonfly wings, a crystal mic, and soft, pretty whites and blues on this Len image? The artist clearly knows my weaknesses.
    Rin and Len in formal kids' suits, which look kinda darling on them.
    Wow, the details of music floats out from his headphones on this Len image are gorgeous.
    Older Rin and younger Rin with beautiful lines and colors.
    Rin and Len writing music in the studio, very nice details, though I wish it had been a bit bigger.
    Rin and Len with music notes floating around and beautiful, bright coloring.
    Old fashioned formal clothes on Rin and Len here and some cute stylized backgrounds.
    Adorable old-fashioned style Lin and Ren with music and flowers and stars.
    Rin and Len in b&w and formal clothes, with just a splash of color, which looks really nice.
    Len and Rin flying through the sky in adorable white clothes.
    The twins leaning outwards from the center against a black background, which is cute.
    Rin and Len with music flying past them.
    The soft colors and clean lines on Rin are beautiful here.
    Len and Rin in cutesy black clothes and black headphones, very adorable.
    Soft, glowing colors on Rin here are very nice.
    Rin and Len falling through the sky with some very cute, bright colors.
    Rin and Len lying back in school uniforms and headphones.
    Len and Rin coming through a door covered in leaves with bright, shiny colors.
    The twins tumbling through the sunset sky, with some nice use of yellows.
    Len and Rin in school uniforms again, with a plaid pattern that's cute.
    Pouty Len with Rin sticking out of his pocket, aw.
    A bit loli for my tastes, but Rin is still cute.
    Rin and Len in kimono has some really great detail on the pattern of the clothes.
    Cute and sunshiney Len and Rin.
    Brightly colored Len and Rin in their cute white/black/yellow outfits.
    Len in a maid's outfit, who looks totally thrilled by it.
    Len reaching out while he's crying.
    Cute image of Rin hugging Len and it's really bright and cheerful.
    Beautifully glowy and airy Len and Rin, I love this kind of thing.
    Pretty (and slightly older looking) Len and Rin back to back.
    Various sketches of Len at different ages, in different clothes, which is very pretty.
    Beautifully colored Len and Rin with longer hair that is my new favorite style for them.
    Len and Rin both as older and younger, everyone grouped together, which is really cute.
    Older clothes on Len and Rin as they read/sleep under a sunlit tree is very cute.
    Beautiful glowy-colored Rin image that I really liked.
    Cute image of Len kissing Rin's forehead.
    Cute little pastel image of the twins.
    Beautiful, delicate image of the twins back to back with an almost sepia-colored look.
    Punk rock style Rin and Len which is really kinda cute.
    I just love the bright colors on this image of Rin.
    Beautiful older-looking Rin and Len in a bed that's hard to describe, but very nicely done.
    Cute image of Rin and Len touching foreheads.
    Nicely done and sharp lined Len and Rin image.
    Rin and Len in cosplay on a cover-mock up.
    Beautifully done Rin and Len on top of a steamroller.
    Gorgeous image of Rin and older Rin and I love their hair and clothes.
    Pretty, soft, and glowy image of Len again, smiling really cutely.
    Adorable Rin in fashionable clothes blowing a kiss.
    Older and younger Rin that both look very, very lovely.
    Rin and Len in bright, vivid colors.
    Len wearing glasses and looking cute while blushing.
    More adorable demon costume styled Rin, with some lolita influence as well.
    Rin and Len sitting together with hundreds of notes floating in the dark background behind them.
    Rin and Len back to back with nicely done colors again.
    Shoujo-style Rin and Len in school uniforms, in eac other's laps.
    Back to back in simply lovely clothes and I'd love more backstory for this image. (Ah! Video game designs! Cool!)
    Another nicely done image of the twins back to back in stylish clothes.
    Rin and Len in school uniforms again, draped all over each other on the floor, shoujo-style.
    Christmas adorableness with the twins again, aww.
    The twins holding hands and being cute.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous older Rin looking stressed and using amazing colors.
    Beautiful Rin and Len playing guitars image with tons of detail.
    Len at sunset in the background, then lying on the ground in the foreground.
    Len image that has some really good colors.
    Pretty image of Rin in her normal outfit, but with longer hair.
    Another Len image that has some really beautiful colors to it.
    Simple, but beautifully colored image of Rin and Len, very light and airy.
    Len and Rin hug that's light, airy, and happy.
    The twins in Christmas reds and tons of details on their clothes.
    This image of Ren and Lin in formal wear is just absolutely stunning in full view, wow.
    Creepy, posessive Len with Rin is kinda lovely.
    Ren and Lin in cave-style outfits and the nighttime feel of this is lovely.
    Simple, but really pretty Len as he softly smiles.
    Len listening to music and the warm yellows and golds are pretty.
    Close up of Len's fantasy character from that series this artist did.
    Rin and Len in touched up oufits that are really adorable.
    Another wolf!Len/Rin image with the pretty blues for nighttime.
    Gorgeous image of Len with a microphone with flowers and wings around him.
    Len in the old west with a raised revolver and the image is fantasticly done in full view.
    Len in a garden looking thoughtful and it's a beautiful image in full view.
    Amazingly epic image of older Rin with her guitar and speakers and just... wow.
    Len, I believe in a fantastic red dress and gorgeous image.
    The cg colors on this one of Rin are the kind that I'm growing ever more weak towards.
    This AU image for the twins is just gorgeously done, wow.
    Another gorgeous image of the twins in cute little yellow cloaks in the nighttime forest.
    Rin rocking out on the guitar and looking awesome while she does it.
    Rin floating in the air with some really pretty, light colors.
    Len and Rin curled up in bed together.
    Back to back at sunset, both Len and Rin look lovely here.
    Beautiful image of Rin against a gray background that only makes her shinier.
    Rin and Len surrounded by music with a more red/purple/gray theme to it.
    Wallpaper-style image of Rin, when she's older and when she's younger.
    Adorable little image of Rin holding a giant cookie and looking really cute.
    Messy, but lovely sketch of Rin with some light, pretty colors.
    Oh, wow, Rin is gorgeous here and I love her dress and her guitar so much.
    Gorgeous and huge in full view, this image of Len crying looks amazing.
    Simple, but beautiful image of Len with his hands at his throat.
    Rin falling straight down in that black & white dress I like so much on her.
    Cutely done image of Rin that has some very clean, solid lines and colors in full view.
    Cute image of Rin in a darker uniform than usual.
    Nicely done image of Len in different clothes and dark wings on his back.
    Really kind of gorgeous image of the twins while they play music on yellow rose-strewn steps floating in mid-air.
    Little chibi-esque Rin and Len sleeping on each other is cute.
    Rin sleeping in Len's lap in a lovely image with warm, glowy colors.
    Rin against a city backdrop with some warm, yellow colors that are nice.
    Len leaning into Rin with some cute, light, airy colors.
    Bright, shiny, cg colors on this image of Len are nice.
    Another cute cg-style image of Rin and Len in bright colors.
    Rin and Len at night with their hair blowing in the wind, done in blues and purples and yellows.
    Len gently touching Rin's face as they lean into each other and both smile.
    Beautiful image of Len and Rin in white and orange outfits.
    I love Rin's pretty yellow dress so much and I love themed outfits so much, too.
    Rin leaning against Len's back as he casually sucks on a lollipop, the both of them looking a little older.
    Slightly older Rin and Len with their hair longer in this lovely image.
    Very slightly older looking Rin and Len with guitars and a really nice black/white/yellow theme.
    Little tiny Rin and Len playing with sparklers. And a squirrel tail/ears on Len just for fun.
    Rin and Len in Wonderland (though, maybe not the traditional Wonderland) is a cute little image.
    Len in a doctor's outfit is kind of beautifully done, wow.
    Cute little image of Rin and Len in their school uniforms, out after school.
    Rin and Len in black, white, and yellow school uniforms with bright, clean colors and mixed eye colors.
    Rin sitting on some steps outside in a cute black shirt and jeans.
    The twins lean in towards each other and gently touching foreheads, in a light and airy image.
    Image of Rin with messy but really fantastic lines.
    Sort of matching image of Lin by the same artist--or at least in the same style.
    I love fantasy AU style clothes and the Len/Rin snuggles are just bonus.
    The twins sitting back to back in brown formal wear and this has some gorgeous lines.

    Awesome as hell Luka with her hair all around her and an intense expression.
    Awesome art of Luka who looks really intense, the cg-esque style is lovely.
    Wow, the colors and details on this image of Luka are amazing, too.
    Luka with a sheep should not be that cute and yet.
    Slightly different from what I'm used to, but this Luka image is lovely.
    Cute image of Luka with Valentine's chocolate.
    I love the jewel-toned colors of this cute little Luka image.
    A little more upskirt than I'd like, but this is another pretty one of Luka.
    I like this one of Luka with a teasing half-smile.
    Pretty image of Luka with her hands over her heart.
    Lovely and soft sketch of Luka that I really liked.
    Stylized image of Luka again, I love that style of putting patterns inside the lines this way.
    Pretty closeup of Luka that uses pinks and blues well.
    Her boobs are a little bigger than I'd usually like, but I'm just so damned charmed by the colors and sparkles on this Luka image.
    Beautiful and fantastically detailed image of Luka in wallpaper-style.
    Another beautiful Luka image that I loved.
    I love the light, airy colors on this beautiful Luka image.
    Little chibi Luka with a fish is very cute.
    Oh, this image of Luka with a uniform hat is really kinda gorgeous.
    Super adorable and beautifully colored Luka and Luka-octopus, so cute.
    Pretty image of Luka against a skyline.
    Simple but pretty image of Luka against a sky.
    Half-dressed samurai Luka is really kind of nice.
    Sexxed up (even more than usual) version of Luka is still really pretty.
    I really liked the soft, pretty lines and colors of Luka sitting on a sheep.
    Lovely image of Luka with shimmery sparkles between her hands.
    I like the stylized version of Luka here, maybe not for everyone but I thought it was cool.
    Cute, bouncy Luka image.
    The closeup on Luka's face here is lovely, I love the shading on her hair and eyes.
    Luka on b&w flowers, I liked the style of this one somehow.
    Old-fashioned style Luka this time, in a cute black dress and all adorable.
    Luka image with some sharp, clean lines that were nice.
    Luka in a black dress that's half off her shoulders, simply done, but nice, too.
    More soft, antique colors on Luka, I'm totally easy for this style.
    Brightly colored Luka with the rest of the Vocaloids as chibis around her.
    Luka flying through space done with some really pretty pastels.
    Luka with a violin and some fantastic details and colors.
    Pretty Luka image with bright, cute colors.
    Beautiful image of Luka also done in an anime-like style that looks great.
    Pretty image of Luka with her arms outstretched.
    Cute image of Luka even if her boobs get a little more focus than I'd like.
    Luka looking sneaky and evil and yet still ADORABLE.
    Another cute little image of Luka.
    I still love Luka and her pretty clothes.
    Beautiful take on altnernate Luka design, the colors and details look great.
    Luka in uniform is lovely, too.
    Simple, but lovely Luka image with soft, light pastels.
    Luka in the middle of a performance, a nice character image.
    Cute image of Luka lounging on the sofa with lollipops.
    Sweet little wintery Luka image.
    Stylized image of Luka holding a balloon and "Just Be Friends" on it shouldn't be this cute and yet!
    Luka with a bouquet of flowers that are very carefully placed, along with some lovely, airy colors.
    Pretty image of Luka in a lovely green and white dress.
    Beautiful Luka image with fantatic cg colors on her hair and the leaves and vines around her.
    Softly colored Luka image that is different from usual, but I like it.
    Luka laying back while in a white dress with flowers next to her--soft and pretty.
    Cute illustration of Luka holding several of the Vocaloids as plush dolls.
    Luka flying through space with her really gorgeous hair and gorgeous coloring here.
    Luka and the male version of her curled up together and they both look kinda awesome.
    All decked out in black, Luka with an electric guitar and a determined expression is really pretty.
    Luka in one of those egg-shaped chairs that makes for a really awesome image here.
    Luka with a trombone is actually another really beautiful image by this artist.
    Luka listening to music and lounging around in a really cute image.
    Luka with her hair and skirt blowing in the wind with some lovely, hazy colors.
    Luka dressed in a gray outfit with her light pink hair floating all around her.
    Beautiful image of Luka in dark pink tones.
    Another lovely image of Luka done in dimmed pinks, blues, and purples.
    There are times when I kind of want to explode with love for Luka's basic character design, especially when someone draws her with flowers in her hair as it flutters in the breeze.
    Luka in pink and black and, once again, I'm reminded of how beautiful her character design is.
    Luka jumping as her hair swirls around her in a clean, pretty image.
    Awesome design for Luka as she plays a guitar and has this great little smile on her face.
    A black dress on Luka that contrasts against her bright pink hair but matches her flat/bored expression looks really nice, mm.
    Beautiful image of Luka in a light, airy style that I was immediately in love with.
    With her hand pressed to her chest and her shirt kind of undone, this image of Luka is actually better than it sounds.
    Awesome as hell image of Luka in a black dress with a guitar and a huge amp.
    Awesome Toy Soldier image of Luka in uniform and her hair swirling around her as well.
    Luka and her male counterpart, both of whom look kind of amazing.
    Luka lounging against a tiger and, seriously, I think her design might be my favorite of them all.
    Pirate empress-style Luka image with fantastic lines and colors? Do want plz.
    However, sweet and gentle Luka art is also just as appreciated sometimes.
    Beautiful image of Luka in black as she holds up a trumpet, with deer silhouttes in the background.
    Amazing image of Luka in black with an interesting dress design and black-splatter heart in the background.
    Another amazing Luka in black image with a mask covering part of her face and her riding a silhoutte of a horse.
    Amazingly pretty crying Luka wearing a black dress and flowers running through her hair that's blowing in the wind.
    A gorgeous Just Be Friends image of Luka in white and crying, a crown of flowers on her head.
    Luka from the Just Be Friends vid again, hugging the guy as the wind blows around them.
    Luka falling backwards in an image that looks even better in full view.
    I am a sucker for shoujo-style Luka especially in a Just Be Friends style image.
    Another stylized shoujo image of Luka and the boy from Just Be Friends.
    A crying Luka holding out her hand in an image that's really big in full view.
    Luka falling backwards and I like the overaturated colors as much as I like her hair fluttering around her.
    Another thing I'm a sucker for is angelic Luka with soft, white wings and feathers floating around her.
    Luka in a white bridal style outfit with the words "Will you marry me?" written across the image.
    Fantasy-style Luka image that's kind of neat, too.
    Luka sitting on a bar with her legs neatly crossed and a flat look on her face. (Maybe a little NSFW.)
    Futuristic style fantasty Luka looks really kinda awesome. Well, more like it's Gakupoid's costume, but.
    Just Be Friends style Luka, though, she looks a little younger than usual.
    Another AU-style character design for Luka that's kind of hot and awesome.
    I'm easy for simple images of characters in black dresses and their brightly colored hair pulled up.
    Just Be Friends style Luka smiling a little bit painfully, with flower petals and the red string floating around her.
    Incredible image of Luka with flowers in her hair and around her neck.
    Beautiful image of Luka again as she sits under an umbrella in a cute black outfit.
    Sad looking Luka in the Just Be Friends style.
    Luka in a girly-themed cowboy outfit that is totally cute, aw.
    Sketch of Luka in light, airy colors with an unreadable look on her face.

VOCALOID - Black Rock Shooter:
    This chibi of Black Rock Shooter looks kind of amazing, the blue fire is gorgeous.
    Holy shit, this Black Rock Shooter epic battle is AMAZING.
    Black Rock Shooter and her big ass epic weapon and chains, also by huke. The close-up is stunning.
    Another of Black Rock Shooter by huke, the detail and use of color is still amazing.
    Black Rock Shooter against some oversized chains again.
    Stills/screencaps from the first Black Rock Shooter PV.
    One more by huke, Black Rock Shooter with her cannon.
    Holy crap, another amazing Black Rock Shooter image with insane glossy colors and details.
    Omg, I don't know what's more awesome, Black Rock Shooter or that BIKE. *__*
    Another awesome Black Rock Shooter image again.
    I love it when artists do Black Rock Shooter with anime-style colors that just about glow.
    Sort of chibi-esque Black Rock Shooter with pretty colors.
    Black Rock Shooter with lovely purple eyes.
    A little rougher than usual, but still a really nicely done Black Rock Shooter.
    Jfc, another Black Rock Shooter image that's AMAZING.
    as;dflkjaslkj awesome as hell Black Rock Shooter on that crumbling platform just like the statue of her being released.
    Another Black Rock Shooter with blue fire and chessboard patterns and chains, very pretty.
    Black Rock Shooter against a red and while tiled background this time.
    Cute image of Black Rock Shooter again.
    One of the reasons I love BRS so much is the beautiful colors used in images of her.
    More beautiful colors on Black Rock Shooter, I really like the shades of blue.
    There are some fantastic lines on this BRS image, too.
    I really like this BRS image against the checkered tile.
    The amount of detail on this Black Rock Shooter image is fantastic.
    Awesome lines on this Black Rock Shooter image with cool details.
    I just really like the details and perspective on this image, too.
    This Black Rock Shooter image has some amazing details on her guns.
    I love the colors on this image of Black Rock Shooter and the detail in full view, very nice.
    I love her hair here and the use of almost purely b&w with blue in the background.
    I like the concept of this image, something about the way it was done is nice.
    Another nicely done image with some lovely detail on it. that... a male version of Black Rock Shooter?
    Pretty, glossy lines and colors is all I ask for in a BRS image.
    Slick, glowing colors on this Black Rock Shooter image.
    I really kinda like the detail in full view of this Black Rock Shooter image.
    I like the details and clean lines of this Black Rock Shooter image.
    Really lovely colors and long, clean lines on this Black Rock Shooter image.
    I thought the intense expression on Black Rock Shooter's face is nicely done.
    Cute little chibis of Black Rock Shooter.
    Cool concept and neat details on this one of Black Rock Shooter.
    Another cool concept of Black Rock Shooter.
    I also really liked the vivid colors on this Black Rock Shooter image.
    Ooh, pretty and vivid colors on Black Rock Shooter here.
    I liked this image in full view.
    AWESOME image of Black Rock Shooter and her really big effing guns.
    Black Rock Shooter in icy, hazy blues as she falls sidewise that looks just gorgeous.
    Anime-style Black Rock Shooter closeup that was neat.
    The cool part of this image is all the detail worked into it.
    Black Rock Shooter vs Dead Master that looks really cool.
    A somewhat deceptively simple looking image but there's a lot of nice detail in full view.
    All the BRS characters that look awesome.
    Incredible image of the BRS characters and chains and skulls and blues and blacks.
    Another nicely done BRS vs DM image.
    The details on this image as she holds up her weapon, all those chains and crosses around her, are fantastic.
    This time, there's more use of oranges and greens as BRS is blown away or is falling towards an explosion, but it looks really cool.
    Beautifully colored image of BRS leaning back and looking determined.
    Fantastic image of BRS about to shoot with her giant-ass cannon.
    Another awesome as hell BRS from huke as she goes all insane and stuff. It looks amazing in full view.
    That is some really nice detail and fantastic color on this crazy busy image.
    Goddamn, that's one gorgeous BRS image, the detail and colors are amazing. I can't even really pick out any one detail to comment on, it's too pretty.
    Stunningly pretty BRS vs Dead Master with amazing colors, too.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous image of BRS lying back while in little black dress.
    Awesome anime-style Black Rock Shooter with some nice detail on the chains and guns.
    Incredible image of Black Rock Shooter with her big-ass cannon.
    Nicely done Black Rock Shooter image.
    Awesome image of the BRS characters in some really great detail.
    DeadMaster vs Black Rock Shooter looks pretty awesome, too.
    Black Rock Shooter fighting image that looks nice again.
    Another BRS image that looks cool.
    Fewer blues than I'm used to, but this one still looks cool.
    Black Rock Shooter and the male version both of which look great.
    A little more loli than I prefer, but I like the colors here.
    Awesome BRS image again; it looks better in full view.
    Black Rock Shooter sitting on a pile of wreckage, which looks awesome.
    Watercolor style Black Rock Shooter that I thought was pretty.
    Black Rock Shooter poster-style image that looks awesome.
    Another watercolor-style image with stars in her trailing coat, I liked this one a lot.
    Gorgeous image of BRS amidst the wreckage again.
    I love the blue of her eyes that is just so vibrant against the blacks here.
    This image of Black Rock Shooter and the blue flames behind her is really cool.
    I liked this illustration somehow of Black Rock Shooter on the usual checkered floor with black and blue stars all over everything.
    Nicely done image of Black Rock Shooter in mid-fight as she gets out her swords.
    Black Rock Shooter breaking chains all around her, which looks awesome in full view.
    Black Rock Shooter and an inverted version who is in all white with a red eye, which looks cool.
    Another beautifully done Black Rock Shooter in black & white, except for the blue fire over her eye.
    Black Rock Shooter and chains and it's just as pretty as art like this should be.

VOCALOID - Other characters:
    Really kinda hot Gakupoid oekaki-like thing.
    I am growing increasingly weak to pretty Gakupoid art.
    Kaito in a sort of anime-cel style as he rocks out with a guitar, I could grow really fond of that idiot. <3
    Oh, I just really like pretty Kaito and his scarf made of music.
    More Kaito fanart with some really hot lines to it.
    I love these shades of slightly darker blues and blacks on Kaito images like this.
    Kaito and Kaito, mirror images of himself, with those headphones I like so much.
    Kaito with cat ears should not be this adorable.
    Simple but lovely Kaito with music in the background.
    I really love the bright, vivid blues on this Kaito image as well.
    Kaito with a shooting star in the background at night.
    This is actually some really solid cg on Meiko here.
    Kaito in a shallow pool surrounded by goldfish.
    Kaito with sakura petals falling all over him.
    Hot image with fantastic shades of blue on this Kaito image.
    I really liked this one of Kaito in mid-attack.
    Oh, man, pretty colors and details on this one of Kaito in a field at night.
    Really beautiful image of Gakupoid, I loooove his hair.
    I really like the bright, clean colors on this one of Kaito.
    Pretty image of Gakupoid again.
    Really lovely image of Gakupoid with epic hair.
    I think I'm really starting to like Kaito after all this pretty art.
    Gakupoid image that looks really lovely.
    Lovely colors and delicate lines of this Gakupoid image.
    Really beautiful image of Kaito with fantastic colors.
    The light blue shades used on this Ice Rock Kaito image are beautiful.
    I thought this colored pencil-esque image of Kaito was nice.
    The full view of this Kaito image is really nice, I love the detail on his hair.
    Kaito lounging about in bed.
    Kaito and ice cream still makes me smile, too. Plus his face looks fantastic.
    Gorgeous Kaito cd cover with some great shades of blue.
    Half-naked Kaito laying back and possibly I should be giving him his own category by now, hm.
    Kinda scary looking Kaito is still kinda really pretty; I love the colors here.
    The sharp lines and pretty colors on Kaito look fantastic here.
    Kaito looking pretty damn badass as he sings in this image, with gorgeous blues and whites.
    Various incarnations of Meiko, including a male one that's kinda hot.
    Kaito being dramatic does kinda make me lol, I have to admit.
    Gorgeous image of Kaito with blue flowers blooming all around his head.
    Dramatic Kaito with the music sheets flying around him is cute.
    Black Rock Shooter Kaito is just an awesome concept all by itself. (I think maybe Kaito is one of my favorites, I have a sneaking suspicion.)
    Kaito and Kaito in a beautiful version of the magnet image.
    A slightly different style for Kaito than the usual and I think I like it a lot.
    Kaito with wings singing his heart out and done in beautiful pastel colors.
    Nicely done illustration of Kaito singing and I like the simple but pretty style.
    I'm definitely easy for art like this of Kaito in a more serious-looking face and a big close-up in full view.
    Beautiful image of Gakupoid in that sort of hazy-looking cg style I like so much.
    Kaito looking serious for once which I don't mind once in awhile.
    Ooh, a really kind of fantastic Kaito image that's mostly in black & white, but with color highlights in the long, long streaming scarf of his.
    Kaito image with coloring darker than usual, more of a teal than the usual bright blue, which I like here.
    Kaito portrait style image of him singing and, man, he really is pretty sometimes.
    Kaito playing dj and with his shirt off. I appreciate that, Vocaloid, fandom!
    Beautiful image of Mikuo with bright, shiny cg colors.

VOCALOID - Other pairings & duos:
    Softly colored with pastels, this Luka and Len image is lovely.
    Okay, I have to admit, I really liked this Gakupoid/Luka kiss, it's very pretty.
    Omg, I LOVE this one of Gakupoid and Kaito as Waka and Issun from Okami.
    One more pretty Gakupoid and Luka in a half-hug.
    Softly colored and gently glowing Len/Miku that I liked.
    Cute little Halloween image of Miku and Len again.
    Gorgeously colored Miku and Len in the rain.
    Aw, Len and Miku with crowns of flowers all over them.
    Miku slinking up on older Len is kind of hot, I have to admit.
    I love the use of blue here with Miku and Mikuo.
    Okay, why is this image of chibi Miku looking chibi Gakupoid in a glass jar so cute?
    Also, Miku and Gakupoid shouldn't be that pretty together and yet.
    Cute sketch of Miku and Gakupoid again.
    Miku fixing Gakupoid's hair, lolz.
    Kinda pretty Miku and Kaito kiss.
    I love the costumes and bright, airy colors with Miku and Len again.
    Len hugging Miku from behind, her ribbon in his mouth and her hair spilling everywhere, which is pretty.
    Shiny, shiny colors on this Miku/Rin image, which I liked.
    I really liked this Miku/Len kiss with them both in pretty formal clothes.
    The highlights of color in Miku's hair during this Miku/Len kiss are beautiful.
    Gakupoid and Rin cuteness.
    I really kind of liked this one of Len and Miku on the phone.
    Miku and Mikuo grabbing onto each other is really pretty.
    This time it's a gorgeous image of Miku and Kaito that looks amazing.
    Omg, beautifully colored Miku with a duck version of Rin.
    Miku and Rin switch clothes, which is really cute.
    Very cool image of Luka and Black Rock Shooter.
    Very, very nice Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master.
    Another gorgeous and amazingly epic Black Rock Shooter vs Dead Master, wow.
    Lovely image of Miku and Luka in a forest.
    Beautiful Gakupoid/Luka kiss that has some great lines.
    Another pretty image of Gakupoid and Luka with tons of colors and those butterfly headphones I really like.
    Gakupoid and Luka again, this time against a full moon with cat ears, which looks fantastic in full view.
    Okay, it's not a pairing I would have necessarily thought of myself, but this Kaito/Len hug is really gorgeous.
    One more gorgeous as all get out Kaito/Len kiss, wow.
    tessa00007 linked to this amazing Gakupoid/Rin image and, jesus, those colors are gorgeous.
    She also linked to another Gakupoid/Rin image that has some amazing lineart and, shit, I think I could like this pairing. Especially when Rin looks older like in this one.
    One more from her, this Gakupoid/Rin image is a little younger, but the lineart is still awesome.
    Another pairing I wouldn't have thought of, but Kaito/Rin with the butterfly headphones is pretty, too.
    Cute image of Gakupoid and Luka dancing in a stage production.
    ....okay, I'd ship Gakupoid/Kaito for a quarter if it'll net me art like this.
    Chibi Kaito and the twins in bright, sunshiney colors. that... is that a Higurashi version of Miku and Rin??
    Kaito and Kaiko cuteness.
    Kaito and Miku series of panels that kind of remind me of fair tales.
    I think this is Miku and Mikuo? I'm not sure. But it's pretty regardless.
    Miku falling towards Kaito is pretty, too.
    Another hot image of Gakupoid and Kaito back to back.
    Kaito and Gakupoid's epic hair, yeah, I think I'm liking this pairing, shit. orz
    Pretty and bright colors in that anime cel style with Miku and Rin.
    Cute image of Kaito and Len, I think, at a summmer festival.
    Kaito and Len, I think, again at sunset, very nice.
    Kaito and Kazuya with some awesome clothes, ice cream, and holding hands, I'm charmed.
    Very cute Kaito/Miku kiss that I liked.
    Softly and lightly colored image of Kaito and Miku pressing close together.
    Sweet image with clean lines of Luka and Rin.
    I do have to say that the lines on this almost kiss with Kaito and Meiko are really nice.
    Really gorgeous Kaito and Meiko image that I loved.
    Cool image of Black Rock Shooter and Miku back to back.
    Beautifully colored Miku and Kaito in adorable modern clothes.
    I really like the way this Miku and Kaito image looks.
    Kaito and Gakupoid that looks really lovely.
    Awesome detail and lines on this Kaito and Gakupoid image.
    Beautiful pre-kiss moment with Kaito and Miku.
    Kaito holding little baby Miku, d'awwww.
    Adorable and pretty image of Kaito and Miku holding hands.
    Gorgeous and completely epic fairy-tale-esque image of Kaito and Miku in a bedroom at night, beautiful.
    Adorable Kaito and Miku courtship and eventual babies, I love it.
    Lovely image of a Kaito/Miku kiss.
    I'm really growing fond of Kaito/Miku because of kiss images like this.
    ....yes, another Kaito/Miku hug image because it has gorgeous lines to it.
    I dunno, I just thought Gakupoid/Luka was cute.
    Adorable image of Gakupoid and Rin, not one I think I'd seen much of before.
    Amazingly pretty and vivid Kaito and Gakupoid.
    Another beautifully done Gakupoid and Kaito image.
    Really gorgeous and amazingly detailed Gakupoid and Luka in a bed.
    I just like the detail on their clothes and hair, this lovely Kaito and Miku.
    ...I might be kind of easy for this pairing, with Kaito and Miku at the beach.
    Wow, the colors and lines on Kaito and Len here are amazing, it's just a stunning image.
    Another image with Kaito and Len, which isn't something I thought I'd find this morning, but I liked the sort of rough style here, somehow it works.
    A bit more polished this time, but still yet more Kaito/Len that's got some gorgeous colors on it.
    Luka and Miku image that's got some really great vivid colors.
    More really pretty Kaito and Miku, slightly windswept.
    Kaito and Miku laying back together, her hair spilling all over.
    Roughly done, to a degree, but the colors on Kaito and Len are still amazing.
    Miku's hand over Kaito's eyes is really pretty, too.
    Cute, softly colored image of Luka and Miku being adorable.
    Miku riding around on Kaito's shoulders with some gorgeous coloring.
    Beautiful, glowing colors with amazing detail on this image of Miku and Rin.
    Bright, lovely pastels in pinks and greens and yellows with this image of Miku and Rin.
    Beautiful coloring on this image of schoolgirls Miku and Rin.
    Glowing, hazy colors on this Miku and Luka image that're beautiful.
    BRS vs BRS image that has some awesome detail.
    Kaito/Miku image in dark formal clothes and gorgeous colors.
    Miku and Luka in black slinky dresses and chains in the background, which really highlights their hair.
    Luka with a sword, Miku with a gun--aka, lady assassins are seriously hot.
    Miku and Luka lounging all over each other, I-- I could ship this, I suspect.
    Miku smacking a naked Kaito, which is kind of wtf but also has some interesting lines.
    Various people being held by Kaito, I... could ship several of those.
    Pretty image of Meiko and Kaito back to back in soft colors.
    Luka and Miku flying over the nighttime city dressing black and with guns.
    More assassin-style Miku and Luka, I am definitely not opposed to this.
    Miku and Black Rock Shooter look cool together here.
    Pretty image of Kaito and Miku, the blue/green playing nicely against each other.
    Luka and Kaito this time in the same style as the above, even prettier.
    Cute image of Kaito carrying Miku in a piggy back ride.
    Kaito and Miku half-naked and covered in cake and fruit. Vocaloid fandom amuses me sometimes.
    Miku and Len isn't a duo I see often, but this one was kinda really pretty.
    Fall-colored Miku and Rin that's really cute.
    Beautiful image of Miku and Luka back to back, the pastels are lovely.
    Adorable image of Rin in Luka's lap.
    Tiny little Miku in Kaito's lap is cute.
    Luka and Miku sitting outside with a spring-like feel, which is pretty.
    Okay, I'm easy for cute dresses and little demon horns and stars and tons of pink. It's cute.
    Miku shh'ing over a sleeping Kaito done with pretty colors.
    Beautiful b&w image of Kaito and Miku that I kind of love ridiculously.
    Miku and Luka together which is almost a little simple, except I love both their hair.
    Pretty image of Miku and Rin wrapped up together in traditional clothes.
    Gakupoid and Kaito naked silliness.
    Sweet image of Gakupoid holding Rin, both of them in kimono.
    Miku holding a snowman version of octopus!Luka and the artist used some lovely colors here.
    Luka touching a crying Miku's face.
    Adorable Luka and Miku with a Christmas cake. And an antler hood and santa hat!
    Luka and Gakupoid back to back, only half-dressed, and beautifully drawn.
    Meiko and Miku in a forest, leaning on each other against a tree.
    Chibi Luka/Miku kiss that's kind of adorable.
    Concert-style Miku and Luka together and I like the mix of blues and pinks here.
    Kaito and Len image that's very nicely done.
    Kaito holding Miku's hand as he kneels before her and she looks thrilled--beautifully done.
    Miku and Luka undressing each other.
    Kaito hugging Miku from behind has some pretty cg.
    Cute b&w sketch of Rin and Miku, with a yellow/blue gradient background.
    Miku and Kaito back to back as she holds his scarf to her face.
    Luka and Miku bathtime fun, probably not safe for work. But kinda hot.
    Holy crap, what a stunning image of wolf versions of Luka and Gakupoid, this is just amazing.
    Kaito/Miku kiss that's really pretty.
    Cute image of Miku and Len, which isn't a pairing I see often, but isn't bad.
    Adorable little image of Miku and Rin in frilly little dresses and warm pastel colors.
    Kaito holding Miku who seems to be wearing a beautiful white dress--the light, airy colors of this are wonderful.
    Kaito wiping away Miku's tears and the soft, airy, sepia-like colors are lovely.
    Adorable little chibis with Miku and Len!
    Miku tackle-hugging Kaito, aw.
    Beautiful image of Rin and Luka in really fantastic, clean, pretty cg style.
    Another cute image of Rin and Luka in bright, clean cg colors.
    Also another version of Luka and Gakupoid in wolf style, which I wouldn't think I'd like, but.
    Really pretty image with Luka and Len, with a sort of colored-manga look.
    More pretty art of Luka and Gakupoid in their wolf forms with the pinks and purples going well together.
    Gorgeous image of Miku and Luka in a take on their magnet song.
    Miku and Len holding hands with beautiful colors on the image is nice.
    Miku and Mikuo in blue lighting and they both look really kinda awesome.
    Pretty kiss with Kaito and Miku and, you know, I still really kind of love them.
    Cute cg styled Len/Miku which I really liked for the colors.
    Kaito and Miku walking along and I really like this artist's colors.
    More of this artist's pretty colors with an image of Kaito hugging Miku happily.
    Gakupoid's arm draped over Luka's shoulder and they're both wearing more grown up clothes and looking amazing.
    Miku and Luka curled up together and I love the softly done cg colors here and their hair spilling all over.
    Luka holding a lock of Gakupoid's hair with the sky in the distance behind her, which is gorgeous.
    Rin doing Miku's hair after having already finished one of her pig-tails, which is totally cute.
    An older Len with a younger Miku as she leans towards him and he puts a hand on her head.
    More Len/Miku pretty art, this time an adorable Valentine's Day chocolate sharing image.
    Miku and Len in school uniforms, where she's at her desk asleep and dreaming of him.
    Miku almost kissing Len's cheek in a another beautifully colored image by this artist.
    When they're a little older-looking, Len and Miku are kind of hot together, I think Pixiv is winning me over with them a bit.
    Another one of Len/Miku where they're not wearing as much as usual and she's just about in his lap.
    Gorgeous image of Len singing and Miku in glasses, the colors of this one are amazing.
    Kaitou and Mikuo series of images, I think? It's pretty regardless.
    Cute image of Miku with Rin and Len, which is simple, but still pretty.
    Miku and Rin as little devils in a beautifully done image and I love their dresses!
    Beautiful image of Miku and Mikuo with megaphones, in black & white & aqua-green.
    The pinks and greens of this Luka/Miku image are really pretty and, yeah, I still kind of ship it.
    Miku and Luka with epic hair and really vibrant colors to each of them. Plus, Luka's black dress is awesome.
    Miku in Kaito's lap as she eats her treat and it's really kind of darling.
    Rin and Miku done in shiny golds and almost with a vaguely sepia-esque tone.
    Rin and Gakupoid cuteness that I couldn't help being charmed by.
    Miku and Mikuo laying together with her head on his shoulder as they hold hands.
    Bright sunshiney colors on this image of chibis, with Kaito with the twins.
    Kaito and Len cuteness that I just couldn't resist, aww.
    Kaito and Rin this time, done Magnet-style, which looks kind of fantastic.
    Luka/Miku cuteness that's done in a really solid cg style.
    Totally cute and girly image of Luka and Miku in cute little dresses.
    Luka leaning against Gakupoid as they're both missing a lot of clothes.
    Miku and Rin's arms stretching out towards each other with rainbows and flowers in the background.
    Miku and Luka out shopping/travelling where the flat colors and fantastic lineart look great.
    Miku and a younger looking Luka in cute white outfits and shiny cg colors.
    Beautiful, soft Magnet-style image of Miku and Luka again.
    Schoolgirl uniforms Rin/Miku is really kind of adorable and lightly NSFW.
    Egyptian style Luka and Miku together is even better than Miku alone.
    Miku plunked into Kaito's lap as they watch TV is kind of reminding me of how much I like this ship.
    Ditto for this Kaito/Miku image as well where he's pulling her close by her tie.
    Curled up on the sofa together again, but this time it's Kaito just about pulled into Miku's lap.
    Kaito and Miku on the floor as they read a magazine together.
    Miku and Kaito standing together is kind of cute as well.
    Kaito and Miku out in space with chains wrapped around her wrists that he's tugging on.
    Kaito and Miku talking on a bed in a series of comic images that show just how tough Kaito's life is.
    Miku crashing into Kaito for a hug while he eats his ice cream.
    Another series of Kaito/Miku comics that're a little bit sweeter than the previous ones.
    Luka and Miku surrounded by computer screens and done in lovely glowy colors.
    Miku and Mikuo connected by two sets of headphones in a really lovely image.
    Gakupoid and Luka and they both have really kind of pretty hair here.
    Cute little image of Miku and Len in white and blue school uniforms.
    Little chibi versions of Luka and Miku in Magnet style, with cute little butterflies on the tips of their fingers.

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