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HarmonHill - I try to keep the number of artists I use the word "stunning" to describe their style, but if anyone deserves it, it's this artist. Her art is incredible, from the lines to the colors to the shading to the proportions to how incredibly beautiful her Tezuka is. He's tall, gorgeous, intense, serious and just so... everything that made me fall for Tezuka in the first place and her Fuji is beautiful and delicate, but without being girly or fragile. Her comics show that she has the discipline for doujinshi, so I really wonder why she doesn't draw them (or at least as far as I can tell). If I had to pick an absolute favorite, this would probably be it.

Imperial Labratory - This is one of my favorite TezuFuji sites because the artist uses these stunning colors, just soft, beautiful, and almost dream-like, which is something I love. But my very favorite thing (besides the beautiful smut >_>) is the sharp blue the artist uses for Fuji's eyes, the way my gaze is always drawn to his eyes whenever they're open. I also adore her Tezuka for being so beautiful, so attractive, so intense, yet so warm at the same time. #73 in the gallery is one of my all-time favorites

Ageha - This artist ist not going to be for everyone and I will admit that her Fuji can be a bit on the girlish side. But I hesitate to use that word, because he's more of an impish, fey sort of femme here rather than "girly" and I never get the impression that he's being made weak because of it. Any time he's staring at Tezuka with something close to rapture, Tezuka is giving him the same look back. Plus, every so often Fuji's mishievious side comes through and I adore that. And her Tezuka is gorgeous, very strong, masculine, tall, and serious, but always gentle with Fuji. Any time he's kissing Fuji, I get this immense sense of connection between them, that these two people are the only ones who can touch each other the way they can. That this one person is special beyond anyone and everyone else and they can trust them. I flail over that sort of thing.

B.S CO - B.S CO is one of the few doujinshika/circles that I can actually remember the name of, because they're so pretty that they stand out in my mind. B.S CO is one of those artists that draws very nearly close to my perfect TezuFuji--gorgeous, tall, broad-shouldered Tezuka (and I mentioned that he's incredibly hot, right?), slightly delicate, but still so sly and mischievious Fuji, and kisses that can knock my socks off. This is one of my very favorite artists for Fuji, actually, because I can just see this as the Fuji from the anime/manga. The lines of the art are gorgeous and I love them, because they have a strong penchent for having Fuji love to try to make Tezuka twitch. I crave this artist's doujinshi.

Hold On - Hold On is another one of those sites that makes me flail with the TezuFuji love, because the way the artist draws them is exactly what made me fall in love with this pairing in the first place. They are romantic and sweet, but believably so and each illustration really touches me. One of the strongest things about this artist is her sense for color, they're lovely and each fit the mood of her piece so, so well. Her Tezuka is just how I like him and her Fuji is playful and fun, especially when he's yanking Tezuka underwater to kiss him, much to Tezuka's surprise. And I'll admit that I'm a sucker for Fuji looking beautiful in a kimono.

The very first illustration of Tezuka on this site was what immediately grabbed my attention with this artist--the colors she used, the softened effect, the long, long lines of Tezuka's body, the nice linework, I was completely *____*. Plus, you know, it doesn't hurt that she draws some of the loveliest TezuFuji and TezuAto around--the one of chibi!Atobe feeding a sick chibi!Tezuka still melts me to this day. But it's her TezuFuji that really make me sparkle, whether it's Fuji leaning into the crook of Tezuka's neck or grabbing him by the tie to pull him near or Tezuka wrapping his arms around Fuji to pull him close, they're beautiful. And the colors almost remind me of a light, airy sort of watercolors that is done to perfect. Much love. (And, wow, I would love to get my hands on her doujinshi. +_+)

- Ultimate Blue - Ultimate Blue was actually one of the very, very first sites that I ever stumble across and it's still one of my favorites; the coloring and shading and positions are incredibly professional on some of the illustrations and her most recent one of Tezuka and Fuji sharing a pair of pjs (Fuji with the top, Tezuka with the pants) is just incredible and the one of them sleeping curled up in each other's arms with Tezuka pressing a kiss to Fuji's forehead makes me wibble with love. Fuji trying to feed Tezuka cake at a Christmas party (trying being the key word there XD) is adorable as well and the entire site is like that, just squee-worthy art that's GOOD. (And Tezuka and Fuji on a beach at sunset? OMFG that's gorgeous. *____*) And, once again, the coloring on these just makes me wibble with the love.

Maritonette Castle - It's the first two illustrations on the main page of this site that completely and utterly sold me (well, okay, seeing the cover to one of their doujinshi didn't hurt, either >_>), because Tezuka and Fuji are incredibly hot and sexy, despite not doing much of anything too risque. It's in the way Tezuka's arms are wound around Fuji, the way Fuji's legs are draped over Tezuka's, the intense looks on both their faces that lets you see how wildly attracted to each other they are, how much heat is between them. And the second one just makes me flutter from the beautiful, beautiful colors used. I'm also a sucker for a gorgeous AU style setting and this one just plays onto every fantasty AU fondness that I have. Long, beautiful capes and dark clothing and the uniforms. Oh, how I love those. Plus, you get to see all of Seigaku and Fudomine in their RSR AU, which is so cool. Much love for this site again.

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