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- Prince of Tennis - mo-up [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This artist does some of the cutest comics, very nice, clean lines, some good details to really fill out the panels, good layouts, and just adorable characters. As much as I have my Seigaku favorites, sometimes it's nice to see the other boys, like those from Fudomine or St. Rudolph's or Yamabuki, especially when they're done as well as this artist does them. (*giggles* Plus, Mizuki cutely approaching Yuuta in the shower amuses me to no end.) I liked that all the rival schools (so far) have been focused on with this site, and eee! An adorable Ann! I really am terribly fond of her. =^_^= (A little bit MizukiYuuta, some KamioShinji, maybe a little SengokuAkutsu...? If any of them, they're very mild.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is one of those sites that I'm not sure I could point you to a lot of specific illustrations that made me say, "Ooh! I like this artist!" It's more the... overall effect of going through the gallery, seeing all the cute art and those adorable Fudomine chibis. XD XD XD Plus, it's really kinda fun to see all the different characters interacting that you almost never get to see ( Keigo/Kamio or Shinji/Ryoma or Kaidoh/Gakuto. XD) and there's just... yeah, some really cute art here. (Lots of different pairings, too many to name.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site really caught my attention with the Fudomine illustrations of Tachibana/Shinji, which were just lovely, just really, really solid, pretty drawings of them, and I don't see a whole lot of Fudomine illustrations so it impressed me. But I also really, really liked the way they drew the Hyotei illustrations, especially OhtoriShishido and Oshitari (who was very, very pretty). *_* The further you get along with this site, the prettier the art gets and I just... loved the Hyotei section. Plus, I'm always willing to sparkle a little over any site who includes at least one TezukaFuji illustration. ^_~ (ToriShishi, a little OshitariKeigo, TachibanaShinji.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - One of the reasons I'm so glad to drag Noel into the TeniPuri fandoms is because she finds sites like these and shows them to me and I wouldn't have found them (or at least wouldn't have for ages) that are just darling. *loves Noey* This artist draws the most adorable Kamio, like, ever, he's just... so damn cute. She has great linework (there's a particular sketch of Kamio that's just beautiful), she does a gorgeous Shinji, her colors are soft and lovely, and there's this one illustration of Tachibana and Ann looking at a box of puppies while Tachibana thinks of the Fudomine boys in a thought bubble, looking just like a bunch of puppies. I nearly died from the cute. XD XD And... if I were able to like Atobe/Kamio, this site would so have convinced me of it. (Some Atobe/Kamio, mostly Fudomine gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - Diabolic Innocent [ English Fan Art Site ] - Yin pointed me towards this site and I'm very glad, because I've been wanting to find some E-sites with TeniPuri art to rec for awhile. I actually started off in the main gallery, which had two of the coolest MaLoki fanart illustrations that I've ever seen, just... wow. And the TeniPuri art is really cool; the artist does two things I like--one, the lineart is absolutely fabulous and, two, she uses the softened filter wonderfully. It gives the images a soft, almost glowing look that I adore when used properly. Plus, the artist seems to very much be a Golden Pair and Kamio/Shinji fan, which always makes me sparkle. XD (OishiEiji and some light Kamio/Shinji.)

- Prince of Tennis/Lord of the Rings - Cherrymania [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is one of those sites that may not appeal to everyone but that I found that, even if it didn't have my favorite pairings (Well, I like KamioShinji a lot. ♥) I was won over by the sheer level of detail with the images. The artist puts a lot of time into each and every one and those who are Senbe fans or Fudomine fans will probably really like it--the artist also does really nice things with her colors, though, I'm at a loss how to explain just exactly what that is. They're very shiny/glowy, though, but in a really nice way. It's also nice to see the occasional site that's all over the map--while Senbe and Kamio/Shinji seem to get the most attention, there are also some really beautiful Rikkai illustrations here, there's some wonderful group Hyoutei illustrations, there was a nice AkuSen as well, it had one of my new favorite Jackal/Marui illustrations, too... so probably something here for everyone. ♥

Now, originally, I wasn't going to put this in the LotR section because there's only about six illustrations or so, but. There's this one of Legolas on a horse while he leans over to kiss Aragorn that was just absolute stunning. There was also one of Aragorn kissing Legolas at the end of Return of the King that was just absolutely beautifully drawn and also took my breath away. These were some of the most flat-out beautiful LotR fanart I've ever seen, so I had to include them. (Main focuses are Senbe and KamioShinji, but it's an inter-school site, with a good dollop of Rikkai on it. Aragorn/Legolas for LotR.)

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