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- Prince of Tennis - ZENITH [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is all Noel's fault, because she's become very much a Saeki fan lately and I asked her to distract me this afternoon, so she starts in on the fanart, I find the Saeki/Fuji fan listing and... yeah. All downhill from there. ^_~ But, I'm glad, because this site does the most wonderful Saeki I've seen, just... I shriek with how much I loved the anime-based illustrations. The colors are fabulous, the way the artist does his eyes is lovely, and there are some illustrations here that just make me swoon. There's one of chibi-Saeki watching some older Rokkaku players when he was young that just... is now my new favorite Saeki fanart, hands down. And then there's one of Atobe playing pool that totally made me go, "affhahasawwhekawea!!!!" because it was so pretty. The artist also draws some of the hottest SaekiFuji that I've ever seen and some of the cutest chibi-SaekiFuji that I've ever seen, she gets a really nice selection of styles down. Plus, there's a good selection of characters I don't always get to see a lot of--Saeki, Fuji, Atobe (okay, those two I do see a lot of ^_~), and even Kamio and Sengoku show up occasionally. Plus, there's a lot of art here to drool over. My hormones are totally in lust. (Saeki/Fuji, some Atobe/Fuji, a little Kamio/other, Sengoku/other, and FujiRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Little Betty [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site's art is a little on the rough side, but I wanted to recommend it anyway because there are a couple of illustrations that are just adorable, including one of Fuji and Ryoma on the court at night under a full moon, which I just adored the colors of. There are also some adorably cute illustrations and I actually really liked the comic a lot. It was one of those sites that was solid all-around and a pairing that I don't get to see nearly enough of. ^____^ (FujiRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Wingwing [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Jennifier D rec'd this one first and I'm totally ganking it from her to rec it, too. I like that the art is cute, but not rot-your-teeth cute and the soft colors really make the illustrations rather pretty. There are a couple in the gallery that are actually really quite lovely and I adore the way the artist draws Ryoma and Fuji's eyes. Plus, the almost kiss illustration? Very pretty. This site also had a link to the FujiRyo union site which, um, was very, very bad for me because I spent quite a lot of time there. >_> (FujiRyo.)

Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - What I liked about this site (other than that the art is quite adorable) is the way the artist draws the characters' eyes and hair, it's surprisingly detailed and pretty. The colors are also soft and the lines just delicate enough (if a bit too long) that they really appealed to me. It took me a bit to warm up to the artist's style, but the further I got into her gallery, the more I really started to like and appreciate the softness of the art, the feeling she was giving off from it. Plus, the "love" illustration? SO CUTE. The second gift illustration is beautiful, too. *___* Very cute, sweet site, I enjoyed it a lot. (FujiRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Sky Shark [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, wow, what beautiful CG art. *_* They almost... glow and are just absolutely beautiful and adorable and darling. There's this absolutely gorgeous one of the three Fuji siblings, gorgeous chibi-Tezuka, some beautiful TezukaFuji, an adorable MomoRyo, and on and on and on. I'm just... so impressed by how well this artist draws with the CG style, the eyes and hair (especially the shading on the hair *___*) are just fantastic. I love this site. *_* (Some TezukaFuji, FujiRyoma, lots of common pairings, no particular single theme.)

- Prince of Tennis - Smash @ Rail [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *___* Wow, what gorgeous art! FujiRyoma isn't my usual pairing, but pretty is pretty and these are damn pretty. XD Okay, I admit that my favorite illustration on the site is the 2003 New Year's one of Tezuka and Keigo because they're just gorgeous and that's my pairing lately, but, really, the entire site is lovely. The artist does a beautiful Fuji, really capturing that... mm, quality he has that I can't quite define. Ryoma is adorable as well and the group illustrations kick ass. The colors are wonderful, the shading very nice... and the more I think about it, the more the style reminds me of the official manga art, which I always like when a site can do that. Anyway, I liked the site a lot. ^_^ (FujiRyoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - Mikuro's World [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ooh, another prettypretty FujiRyoma site where the art is surprisingly good, considering this is such a rare pairing. I just adore the way this artist draws Fuji, he's so beautiful and the way she draws their eyes... they're so... mm, not quite intense, but... vivid might be a good word for it. The colors are fantastic and... just... yeah. Gorgeous art here. I'm so impressed again. ^_^v (FujiRyoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow, I have to admit, I was very surprised to see such good art for a pairing like FujiRyoma, which isn't very popular. But this artist is good, her basic images are fantastic, the colorings is wonderful, and she draws really nice poses/situations. I really, really like her Fuji, he's just a little bit manipulative, just a little bit *fufufufu*-esque, and very, very pretty. Plus, the illustration of the two of them curled up in bed is just too damn cute. Oh, and Ryoma lying his head in Fuji's lap under the tree is just darling. XD I... am incredibly impressed. ^_^v (Oh, one more thing? That TezukaKeigo illustration in the 'other' section? I *FAWN*. *fawns*) (FujiRyoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - And this is another FujiRyo site that's surprisingly nice and that I liked the art a lot. I think it's because I really like the way the artist draws Fuji, he's very pretty and looks like himself and Ryoma is kinda cute. The lines are good, the colors are good, and I have to admit I smile when the artist draws them in fuzzy clothes or curled up in bed together, sleeping sweetly and soundly. Well, that and the current gallery top illustration of Ryoma standing on a can to be able to kiss Fuji cracks me up. XD (FujiRyoma.)

- Prince of Tennis/Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit that I have a little bit of an ulterior motive in rec'ing this site, because it's a Tezuka x Ryoma site and I'm generally not wild about the pairing, which is largely because I hate the way fans of the pairing have behaved in the English fandom. However, god knows I tend to be stubborn and dig my heels and refuse to give up something if people are pissing me off, so when I saw this site was ZukaRyo, I nearly turned right around and didn't give a second look, but... dammit, these are my characters, too. So. Well. Yes. Anyway, the artist is a little wobbly in her art early on, but some of the later illustrations tighten up to look a lot better, get less shakey. She does the kind of ZukaRyo that I think I could actually almost sorta kinda like, especially when they're in the rain and Tezuka's holding Ryoma or in the "Double Zone" poster-style one that's just pretty (the colors are fantastic) or when the artist draws a really cute FujiRyo or when the artist draws these absolutely ADORABLE chibis. It's not my ultimate favorite site, but it was cute enough for me to want to put on the list just to be ornery. >:P As for the FMA fanart... oh, my dear god, there is the CUTEST THING EVER in that section!! There's a kitty!Roy picking up a kitty!Ed and tossing him over his shoulder and that illustration alone was worth this rec. *___* But it's also the "crack" comic because pages 5 and 6 have this incredible amount of EMOTION in them that just... *__* blows me away, really. I LOVE that kind of stuff. (TezukaRyoma, FujiRyoma, RoyEd.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I wasn't as gung-ho about all of the illustrations, but the further and further I got into this gallery, the more I sort of... felt the artist's vibe, I guess? And I really started to DIG the almost chibi-esque style of the art because it WORKED for this FujiRyo style. It helps that the artist really seems to nail the vibe between them--Fuji is just so very... FUJI and Ryoma is cranky, but still absolutely adorable. The Alice in Wonderland one of them (with Ryoma as the white rabbit and Fuji in Alice's dress CHASING after the frightened Ryoma with this scaryscary expression on Fuji's face... XD) is hysterical and there are some other cute ones of Fuji almost glomping onto Ryoma. Now, the art style is very sketchy and could be tightened up in places, but I found that I sort of liked the... almost informal (...?) feel to the art. But, then, I'm kind of soft on FujiRyo, so.... XD At any rate, I enjoyed the site a lot, some ADORABLE art here. (FujiRyo.)

- Gundam SEED/Prince of Tennis - PINK CUBE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm mostly recommending this site for the Gundam SEED art because it just completely and utterly NAILS the G-SEED style with the colors and the CG effect. It's most especially noticable with the eyes that looks SO REMINISCENT of the anime's style, but the artist is solid all around with her lines and coloring, too. I think my favorite illustration from the site is actually probably her Lux illustration, but it's mostly an Ashuran/Kira pairing, which I have a strong soft spot for. >__> The artist's style really was just a perfect FIT with the characters. I'm not as fond of her Prince of Tennis fanart, but that's mostly because it's not the same incredible fit. That said, it's actually still really pretty and I really like the way the artist draws their hair, Fuji and Ryoma especially. FujiRyo is such a rare pairing that finding an artist that's actually GOOD is an extra bonus. Plus, I fecking love her oekaki art for the Tenipuri characters and the more I went through the site, the more I started to kinda like the whole Gundam SEED-meets-Prince of Tennis style the Tenipuri art had. XD ....and the artist really makes me want to watch Sokyuu no Fafner now. >__> (AshuranxKira and FujiRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - HAPHAZARD [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I would have thought for sure that I'd have seen this site before, especially since a handful of the illustrations seem familiar. But, again, I can't find it anywhere on my list, so if it gets re-rec'd... saaa na. Anyway, it's one of those sites that's really kinda cute with a handful of illustrations (like the one of Fuji and Ryoma lying in the grass *__*) that are just beautiful. Lots of bright colors and clean lines, some really good Fuji illustrations, lots of details, lots of cuteness, and on and on. I think the FujiRyo illustrations are probably the highlight of the site, they seem to be done the best, but the SaekiFuji ones are cute, and there's at least one really, really good FujiEiji illustration. Which makes this site one of those that... I'm just glad to have gone through, because it filled out my morning nicely. (FujiRyo, FujiEiji, SaekiFuji, maybe a little other shounen ai?)

- Prince of Tennis - FearEnd [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Normally, I'm not that fond of this artist's style (it's hard to describe, but I see it fairly often in J-fanart, a certain style of CG, that's almost in the vague direction of gothic, but not quite), but what saves this art for me is that it's not too over the pretentious line, that the artist is actually quite good, and some of her most recent work is getting to be quite good. The colors soften up a bit and the lines get smoother and the details stronger. Anything with all four of the characters (the site focuses on Fuji, Ryoma, Eiji, and Tezuka) is well-worth seeing (there's this blue-themed one that I love and the uber-gay-styled samurai one is GREAT) and the site has some of the better FujiRyo illustrations that I've seen, you can tell how much the artist must like them. Maybe not going to be for everyone, but I enjoyed it, despite it not being my usual thing. <3 And, oh, that Fuji birthday one (the second one down from the top in the gallery) is just heart-warmingly lovely. (Some FujiRyo, some KikuRyo, a little combination of all four characters.)

- Prince of Tennis - Cage [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - meitachi gave me the link to this site, so I steal the rec off her, and am quite glad I did, because there's a handful of really pretty FujiRyo illustrations on this site. The art is a little bit sketch-like and the colors can be a little sketchy as well, but the whole style rather works for the artist, the details are rather nice, and every once in awhile the artist does an illustration that's just really good--like the one of Fuji sleeping in Ryoma's lap, where they're both smiling, and the artist used these beautiful gold-ish colors and these great lines and just... *wibbles* Or the one of the team (in their uniforms) jumping into the pool on a nice, clear day that just looks like so much fun or the ones where Fuji and Ryoma are leaning against each other... all in all, it added up to be a nice site that I enjoyed and definitely a treat for the surprisingly rare FujiRyo. (FujiRyoma.)

- Prince of Tennis/Konjiki no Gash Bell!! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't know how I get onto sites anymore, but I'm glad I stumbled over this one, because it has some of the prettiest Ryoma illustrations I've seen in a long time, his eyes are just gorgeous and I love the way the artist draws the lines of his face. Also, the site taps into my sort-of-kind-of interest in Ryoga/Ryoma, though, I can't tell if it's Something More or if they're Just Brothers, either way, I am ♥ ALL OVER this site! While I liked the FujiRyo and thought they were pretty, the artist just does a fantastic job with the Echizen boys, the colors are awesome, the lines are awesome, the details are awesome, and Ryoga is gorgeous. The one of him in a black shirt and looking askance at the 'camera' with that sly look on his face? Gorgeous. And then the Konjiki no Gash Bell!! fanart was lovely, the artist continues to use her really pretty colors and her use of good lines with the characters, making it a surprisingly pretty site for the series. :D (Some Ryoga/Ryoma, some FujiRyo, some other/Ryoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - King Rose [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Fuji/Mizuki isn't my usual pairing of choice, but I couldn't help being fond of this site because the artist really grows into her style, enough to get me over the slight lack of interest. (Though, it's a pairing I've always thought had potential.) The artwork starts out solid, but a little in her earlier art, but she soon strengthens up her lineart and then starts doing some beautiful things with color. The highlights and soft shading look beautiful with the characters and I love the characters' hair, it looks so thick and shiny. *_* The FujiRyo fanart is much the same, it starts out a little plain, but quickly grows into something that's just lovely. There's one of them in traditional clothing that's just gorgeous and I keep going back to stare at it. Plus, hey, smut! Pretty smut, too. ♥ And, okay. The one or two Tezuka/Fuji illustrations didn't hurt my feelings, either. (Fuji/Mizuki, Fuji/Ryoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - Bittersweet Darling [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It seems like I would have rec'd this site before... at the very least, I'm sure I've been here before, the art style looks familiar and some of the illustrations I know I've seen. Since I can't find it with my other recs, I'm going to assume that I've just passed over it until now or it just somehow slipped between the cracks. This site isn't going to be for everyone, I'm not sure how well the art style will come across to other people, but I find myself rather fond of it, somehow the almost sketch-like quality of Fuji's hair does a lot for me. Part of the reason is also that the artist somehow manages to emulate a shounen manga feel, especially with the shading and it's just enough like something I've seen before (but can't quite put my finger on) for me to have enjoyed. (Fuji/Ryoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The FujiRyo illustrations on this site are very cute, they're just this side of chibi but with pretty enough lines (and a light, airy feel to them) that I was sort of waffling. I hadn't really intended to fall for the site, though, until I started going through the Ryoma-alone illustrations. And then I thought, "Well, I'll just mark it down for later, I don't really have much to say about the cute Ryoma fanart." A few more clicks later and... I don't know what it is, but there's something about seeing cute Ryoma fanart after cute Ryoma fanart that makes me squee just a little. It's something about the gorgeous slant to his eyes or the subtle expression on his face or the beautiful lines, it just does it for me with this site. The more I look at it, the prettier the art gets, until some of them just look lovely. Worth it for the Ryoma fanart alone, though, FujiRyo fans will probably especially like it. And, omg, the comic with kiddie!Ryoma is just pretty. *__* (Fuji/Ryoma, some gen.)

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