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- Prince of Tennis - CATHEXIS [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, the Tezuka/Ryoma illustrations on this site are pretty, there are even a couple I thought were downright lovely, but it was when I hit the Hyotei-centric section of the site that I knew I was going to have to rec it. After going through enough fanart sites, especially Hyotei-centric ones, I've developed a fondness for Jiroh/Oshitari (either way, I don't care ^_^) and this site has some lovely JirohOshitari. Lovely colors, nice poses, a good selection of art, and Jiroh looks gorgeous. *_* I be verrrry happy. Plus! A handful of MomoKamio illustrations! COOL! XD (TezukaRyoma, JirohOshitari, li'l bit MomoKamio and AtobeOshitari. ....and if you keep looking... HYOTEIxOshitari. XD)

- Prince of Tennis - Over+ [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is one of those artists that does just... cute art that's really fun and makes me smile to see the illustrations. I really just... like the drawings of the characters, they do a nice variety of them, and the colors look really pretty. There's an adorable one of Gakuto, I love the Tezuka illustrations, I *heart* the one of Atobe in glasses (there's actually a series of them, but that one is my favorite XD), and there's one of Tezuka and Oishi that I really, really liked. Plus! Adorable icons/sprites! So damn cute. XD (A little bit Atobe/Sengoku, maybe a little Oshitari/Gakuto, but no real pairing themes.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is one of those sites that I'm not sure I could point you to a lot of specific illustrations that made me say, "Ooh! I like this artist!" It's more the... overall effect of going through the gallery, seeing all the cute art and those adorable Fudomine chibis. XD XD XD Plus, it's really kinda fun to see all the different characters interacting that you almost never get to see ( Atobe/Kamio or Shinji/Ryoma or Kaidoh/Gakuto. XD) and there's just... yeah, some really cute art here. (Lots of different pairings, too many to name.)

- Prince of Tennis - Innocence [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I just adore this site, the artist draws the most beautiful Tezuka and Atobe that I've seen in awhile, just absolutely wonderful; the lines are smooth and clean, the way she draws their hair is gorgeous, the lines of their faces makes them gorgeous and they really, really, really look like themselves. (I'm reminded of the manga art, actually.) And the way the artist draws Tezuka in the rain or snow... I swoon at how pretty he is. *_* And the feel of the illustrations is just absolutely perfect for these characters. Just... really, this artist is one of those ones that's really, really good and one of the best sites out there. Plus, there's a lot of art to make me happy, especially if you look around. The art of Tezuka and Atobe as kids? Had me squeeing at the adorableness. I... am incoherent with the love for this site. (This rec also doesn't do the site justice, really. =_=) (TezukaAtobe/AtobeTezuka, some Tezuka/Inui, some Tezuka/Oshitari.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - You know what this artwork reminds me of? The sort of willowy art of Bronze/Zetsuai or Koori no Mamono no Monogatari; and just like how it took me awhile to get into those manga (well, okay, I never could get into Zetsuai/Bronze >_>), this artist took me awhile to warm up to, but by the end of the gallery I was really sad to see it end, because this girl does the most gorgeous b&w illustrations. Her shading is just absolutely beautiful and while the pairing isn't my favorite, I was drooling over the illustrations anyway. The style might not be for everyone, but I absolutely adored it. *___* Plus, hey, she drew the one TezukaAtobe illustration. I happy. XD (Some AtobeSengoku.)

- Prince of Tennis - State Shine [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Eeeee! This site draws such a pretty Tezuka! I really love the softener they used but didn't go overboard with, it adds this really nice touch to the illustrations, making them even nicer-looking. There are these two TezuFuji illustrations right at the begging of the gallery... they're just so pretty! ....I'm going to be using that word a lot while talking about this site, aren't I? ^_~ Anyway, the real highlight of the site are the lovely comics, the drawings are just beautiful, the shading is lovely, the characters look fantastic, and I absolute adore her Tezuka and Fuji. *sparkles* (TezukaFuji, some Oshitari+Tezuka, some Yamato+Tezuka, some TezukaRyoma, some TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I tried to resist rec'ing this page, because while the art was cute and pretty, I just have the hardest time getting into AtobeSengoku/SengokuAtobe. But... the art is really kinda pretty, the artist draws them with these light, airy backgrounds/colors that make them look really lovely, and her lines are good, and I could flutter over them if this were my pairing. But what broke me were the two Hyotei illustrations with all of the members, they were lovely. *_* And then there was a beautiful Yamabuki one and a beautiful St. Rudolph's one and... just... I was sold. *sparkles* (AtobeSengoku/SengokuAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - One of the reasons I'm so glad to drag Noel into the TeniPuri fandoms is because she finds sites like these and shows them to me and I wouldn't have found them (or at least wouldn't have for ages) that are just darling. *loves Noey* This artist draws the most adorable Kamio, like, ever, he's just... so damn cute. She has great linework (there's a particular sketch of Kamio that's just beautiful), she does a gorgeous Shinji, her colors are soft and lovely, and there's this one illustration of Tachibana and Ann looking at a box of puppies while Tachibana thinks of the Fudomine boys in a thought bubble, looking just like a bunch of puppies. I nearly died from the cute. XD XD And... if I were able to like Atobe/Kamio, this site would so have convinced me of it. (Some Atobe/Kamio, mostly Fudomine gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This was a cute site and there's not enough AtobeJiroh/JirohAtobe out there (which is my second favorite Atobe pairing), so I was very glad to see such cute art for them. ^_____^ The artist draws some of the cutest characters (especially her Jiroh) and the colors are just wonderful, the shading really pretty and just makes the images a joy to look at. Plus, the AtoJi chibi-esque art just makes me squee like crazy, it's really a wonderful site for them. And, hell, I even enjoyed the SengokuAtobe. ^_~ (JirohAtobe/AtobeJiroh, some SengokuAtobe, Hyotei-centric.)

- Prince of Tennis - ZENITH [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is all Noel's fault, because she's become very much a Saeki fan lately and I asked her to distract me this afternoon, so she starts in on the fanart, I find the Saeki/Fuji fan listing and... yeah. All downhill from there. ^_~ But, I'm glad, because this site does the most wonderful Saeki I've seen, just... I shriek with how much I loved the anime-based illustrations. The colors are fabulous, the way the artist does his eyes is lovely, and there are some illustrations here that just make me swoon. There's one of chibi-Saeki watching some older Rokkaku players when he was young that just... is now my new favorite Saeki fanart, hands down. And then there's one of Atobe playing pool that totally made me go, "affhahasawwhekawea!!!!" because it was so pretty. The artist also draws some of the hottest SaekiFuji that I've ever seen and some of the cutest chibi-SaekiFuji that I've ever seen, she gets a really nice selection of styles down. Plus, there's a good selection of characters I don't always get to see a lot of--Saeki, Fuji, Atobe (okay, those two I do see a lot of ^_~), and even Kamio and Sengoku show up occasionally. Plus, there's a lot of art here to drool over. My hormones are totally in lust. (Saeki/Fuji, some Atobe/Fuji, a little Kamio/other, Sengoku/other, and FujiRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I was slowly caving on this site because the artist has a nice style (a bit on the roundish side, but that does help enhance the cuteness of her art) because she draws an absolutely adorable Sakuno and some of the cutest Tomoka/Sakuno illustrations that I've ever seen. But I officially caved when I hit a second gallery (there are more than one here, I believe) and Eiji was leaning in to kiss Oishi in one panel and in the next Tezuka's got his arm wrapped around Oishi's head, a flat look on his face, and a racket shoved practically up Eiji's nose that cracked me up. I LOVED that. XD XD XD The artist's shading is also lovely and there's a nice selection of art here (Wheeee~! I get to cross Sakaki x Jiroh off my list of pairings~! ^_^v) even beyond just Oishi stuff. Plus? Tezuka and Oishi in the rain? *WIBBLES* Also absolutely ADORED the TezukaSakuno illustration, which is my pet crack but I LOVE it. *was so happy* (Some RyoSaku, some het pairings, some TomoSaku, some TezukaOishi, some OishiEiji, some other yaoi/inter-school pairings, some Hyotei.)

- Prince of Tennis/Full Metal Alchemist - sea anemone [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, I didn't want to be won over by this site, but I was looking for FMA fanart and decided to drop by the TeniPuri section as long as I was here and... crap. Crap, crap, crap. It's all so cute, disarmingly so. The art isn't quite chibi, but it's chibi-esque enough that it's just darling; the artist combining that with a nice sense for colors and a deft hand with the neko ears and tail. It's not so much that it becomes obnoxious, just enough that it tears at my defenses and makes me kinda-sorta like the art. >_> It doesn't hurt that Ryoma's expression is usually so cranky. XD As for the FMA art, there's not a lot here, but I had to rec the site because of the oekaki--I, obviously, rec a lot of Roy fanart, so for me to see some Edward art that somehow tugs at me... is very cool. <3 He's just so cute, though, and the artist really does a terrific job, especially with his eyes. *___* (Some Eiji/Ryoma and Sengoku/Eiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - TDK vs TDK [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I will say ahead of time that this site is not going to be for everyone; I, myself, probably wouldn't have rec'd it if not for the content. Because smutty ZukaAto comics will get me to rec just about anything. <333 But there's also some cute art on the site, some adorable Atobe-ko illustrations (he always seems to be with Tezuka, too *sparkles*), some rather nice Atobe illustrations in general (I especially like the one of him about to serve, it's an interesting effect the artist used), and some cute Oshitari and Jiroh illustrations. I have a real weakness for that pairing. Anyway, yeah, rec'ing this site for the content, because I like their ZukaAto a lot (the smutty comic nearly made me laugh out loud at Atobe's expression XD XD XD), but some may want to avoid. Especially if Atobe in a skirt bothers you. *is oddly fond of that, herself* And the oekaki board was fun, too. ^_^v (No single theme, but TezukaAtobe, OshitariJiroh, and some SengokuAtobe often come up.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is another one of those sites that I've been to a few times before but never really took the time to poke around it until now, I don't think. And part of that is because the style of art does take some getting used to (and I suspect you have to be a big Tezukatobe fan already to like it, it's not going to turn you around), because it's very... flat-looking at first. When I first got into fanart and doujinshi and the like, I didn't care for it (and some people may never care for it, so consider this fair warning ^_~), but I've grown to just love it. What I like about it are several things--there's just this feeling to the Tezuka/Atobe art that I associate with them, especially in the b&w images. Plus, who can resist the cuteness of Atobe-ko? Or the rare smutty oekaki illustration that makes its way into the galleries or onto the board? ^_~ But mostly it's the feelings I have associated with the style that draws me to it. ^_____^ (TezukaAtobe, SengokuAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - Boy's Dormitory [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The first thing with this site to catch my eye was the current top illustration (which is Tezuka and Fuji sitting on the edge of a roof somewhere) that was just beautifully detailed and beautifully colored. The lineart just has this... gorgeous shading to it, these fantastic delicate lines, and the colors are these soft tones that just make me swoon. I've crawled all over this site because the art tucked away in the various corners is just so soft and beautiful--the oekaki board was so much fun and the b&w sketches and comics... are pretty, pretty, pretty. I love the colored illustration, but you can really see the beautiful shading on the b&w comics, too. Plus, they're just so cute and draw the characters so wonderfully. Plus? There's this one page of BishounenHunter!Tezuka that has the most incredibly beautiful details and lines that I just stopped to stare in awe. *___* I had so much fun with this site. ♥♥&hearts (TezukaFuji, AtobeSaeki, some SaekiFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis/Lord of the Rings - Cherrymania [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is one of those sites that may not appeal to everyone but that I found that, even if it didn't have my favorite pairings (Well, I like KamioShinji a lot. ♥) I was won over by the sheer level of detail with the images. The artist puts a lot of time into each and every one and those who are Senbe fans or Fudomine fans will probably really like it--the artist also does really nice things with her colors, though, I'm at a loss how to explain just exactly what that is. They're very shiny/glowy, though, but in a really nice way. It's also nice to see the occasional site that's all over the map--while Senbe and Kamio/Shinji seem to get the most attention, there are also some really beautiful Rikkai illustrations here, there's some wonderful group Hyoutei illustrations, there was a nice AkuSen as well, it had one of my new favorite Jackal/Marui illustrations, too... so probably something here for everyone. ♥

Now, originally, I wasn't going to put this in the LotR section because there's only about six illustrations or so, but. There's this one of Legolas on a horse while he leans over to kiss Aragorn that was just absolute stunning. There was also one of Aragorn kissing Legolas at the end of Return of the King that was just absolutely beautifully drawn and also took my breath away. These were some of the most flat-out beautiful LotR fanart I've ever seen, so I had to include them. (Main focuses are Senbe and KamioShinji, but it's an inter-school site, with a good dollop of Rikkai on it. Aragorn/Legolas for LotR.)

- Prince of Tennis - 2M [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't originally going to rec this site because Senbe isn't my pairing, but the art was pretty enough that I kept clicking on random illustrations in the gallery. And... the more I clicked, the more the artist's work became just beautiful, she does an incredible Sengoku (there were two Sengoku illustrations that just knocked me on my ass with how gorgeous they were--the one where he's leaning back against a wall? HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THAT'S BEAUTIFUL. *_____*) and an amazing Atobe--when she does Atobe-ko, he's just... amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, adorable, all those words that indicate how much I'm squee'ing. The artist has this incredible smoothness to her lines, fantastic proportions, and she completely lays the smackdown on CG-style coloring. I'm just impressed as all hell. ♥ (Some Sengoku/Atobe, some Yamabuki, some Hyoutei.)

- Prince of Tennis - HAPHAZARD [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I would have thought for sure that I'd have seen this site before, especially since a handful of the illustrations seem familiar. But, again, I can't find it anywhere on my list, so if it gets re-rec'd... saaa na. Anyway, it's one of those sites that's really kinda cute with a handful of illustrations (like the one of Fuji and Ryoma lying in the grass *__*) that are just beautiful. Lots of bright colors and clean lines, some really good Fuji illustrations, lots of details, lots of cuteness, and on and on. I think the FujiRyo illustrations are probably the highlight of the site, they seem to be done the best, but the SaekiFuji ones are cute, and there's at least one really, really good FujiEiji illustration. Which makes this site one of those that... I'm just glad to have gone through, because it filled out my morning nicely. (FujiRyo, FujiEiji, SaekiFuji, maybe a little other shounen ai?)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I will say right off the bat, that this site is not going to be for everyone and I admit that some part of me sort of feels guilty for liking it so much. But then I go browse the artist's comics and she'll have ZukaFuji smut and I'll go, "HA. I DON'T CARE if Fuji is uber-uke!Fuji here, THE ARTIST GAVE ME ZUKAFUJI SMUT, THAT'S ALL I CARE ABOUT. XD XD XD" (At least I admit that upfront? ^_~) However, it's not just that, it's also that the artist really is quite talented; her b&w sketch-like lines look really pretty and there was more than one time when I fluttered over how beautiful the characters looked. There are a couple of panels of Tezuka especially that are just... wow, breathtaking and Fuji is just so lovely in that finely drawn sort of way. Plus? Holy hell, there must have been over six hundred pages/illustrations on this site! The comics are extremely long (I think one of the ZukaFuji ones was over eighty pages! And the Sengoku/Fuji one was way long, too--quite possibly over a hundred pages.) and full of those little moments (like Tezuka pulling Fuji close to hug him) and the kind that make my inner dippy romantic fangirl swoon and sparkle in a rather embarassing way. >__>a Just... lots of intimate (ZukaFuji) kisses, lots of sex, and just... it appealed to my inner smutty fangirl. So I loved this site. >D Though, if the uber-uke thing in fanart (or that Fuji tends to get tied up and molested a lot) drives you up the wall, you may want to pass. (Mainly Tezuka/Fuji, with strong showings for Sengoku/Fuji and Kirihara/Fuji, but a lot of Other/Fuji as well, very definitely not work-safe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, now, this is what I've been waiting for with the TezuAto pairing, the kind of art that's actually cute and pretty and where I'm rather deliriously in love with the colors the artist uses. I have such love for the kind of colors that look like they might have been softened and when you combine that with solid lineart, just... eeeee. ♥ I mean, I love the way the characters' hair is drawn, the way some art is just cute, while others are lovely and you can tell that the artist has really gotten stronger over time. There are a lot of illustrations of them leaning on each other, back to back, and I'm just all wibbly over the one of Tezuka dipping Atobe. Even the doodles are often as adorable as all get-out. Oh, oh! And the series of kitty!Atobe sitting in everyone's lap while Tezuka looks on, vaguely irritated? So cute I think I'm a puddle now. This is one of those sites where I combed over pretty much ever corner because I wanted to see everything. Just... eeeee! ♥ (Tezuka/Atobe, some Sengoku/Kamio.)

- Prince of Tennis - King Rose [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Fuji/Mizuki isn't my usual pairing of choice, but I couldn't help being fond of this site because the artist really grows into her style, enough to get me over the slight lack of interest. (Though, it's a pairing I've always thought had potential.) The artwork starts out solid, but a little in her earlier art, but she soon strengthens up her lineart and then starts doing some beautiful things with color. The highlights and soft shading look beautiful with the characters and I love the characters' hair, it looks so thick and shiny. *_* The FujiRyo fanart is much the same, it starts out a little plain, but quickly grows into something that's just lovely. There's one of them in traditional clothing that's just gorgeous and I keep going back to stare at it. Plus, hey, smut! Pretty smut, too. ♥ And, okay. The one or two Tezuka/Fuji illustrations didn't hurt my feelings, either. (Fuji/Mizuki, Fuji/Ryoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - Xerophyte [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site is not going to appeal to you if you have a problem with shota-bait Ryoma. Which isn't usually my thing either, except... okay, I'm on a quest for the weirder Ryoma pairings today, so I've been looking for TezuRyo art and this site wasn't bad. There are some that made me go "...." a lot, but there were also ones where Tezuka's wrapping an arm around him or he's artfully draped over Atobe and I thought, "....well, that's kind of pretty right there." You can actually see the artist's talent better when she's doing b&w (or sparsely colored) sketches, her lines around their hair and eyes and faces and shoulders are really quite lovely. She can do an adorable Ryoma, a hot Tezuka, a beautiful Atobe, etc. Not everything is perfect, but if you're a fan or if you like one of the particular characters or you're just desperate for some new Tenipuri fanart, this site might be worth giving a whirl. (Tezuka/Ryoma, a little Atobe/Ryoma, a bit of gen.)

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