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- Prince of Tennis - Oh!MEGANEs [ Korean Fanart Site ] - I originally came to this site for the Jiroh/Oshitari fanart (because I have this thing for them, no, I don't know why), but stayed for the overall cute art. The art is very... well, it's hard to describe, it's kind of sketchy, but actually works for that, I thought, though, the real reason to come here is just for the... the overall feeling of fun to the site. If you're looking for a specific pairing, this site probably won't do much for you, but if you're looking for a nice little mix of Seigaku/Hyoutei/Rikkai art, then you'll probably like this one--or, hell, you could just go there for the absolutely ADORABLE (and gorgeous, actually *_*) illustration of Jiroh and Marui as kids in raincoats holding their mothers' hands that I just FELL IN LOVE WITH. Or you could go there for the Rikkai/FMA fusion that had Marui as Gluttony, Yukimura as Lust, and Niou as Envy that was quite possibly the funniest/brilliant thing I saw all day. ♥ (Some Hyoutei, some Seigaku, some Rikkai, a little Jiroh/Oshitari, beyond that no real themes.)

- Prince of Tennis - CATHEXIS [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, the Tezuka/Ryoma illustrations on this site are pretty, there are even a couple I thought were downright lovely, but it was when I hit the Hyotei-centric section of the site that I knew I was going to have to rec it. After going through enough fanart sites, especially Hyotei-centric ones, I've developed a fondness for Jiroh/Oshitari (either way, I don't care ^_^) and this site has some lovely JirohOshitari. Lovely colors, nice poses, a good selection of art, and Jiroh looks gorgeous. *_* I be verrrry happy. Plus! A handful of MomoKamio illustrations! COOL! XD (TezukaRyoma, JirohOshitari, li'l bit MomoKamio and KeigoOshitari. ....and if you keep looking... HYOTEIxOshitari. XD)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - It was the Hyotei-Halloween illustration that got to me on this site, it was just so perfectly done, from the cutecuteCUTE outfits on the characters to their expressions to the lines of the picture to the gorgeous colors to the slight shine the picture gives off. I fawn muchly. The other thing that got me was the way the artist draws Jiroh--Jiroh was one of those characters I took an immediate shine to in the Hyotei arc and I really, really like the way this artist draws him. It's all very cute, very shiny art and I luff it muchly. (Hyotei-centric mild shounen ai, mostly of the Oshitari/Jiroh and ToriShishi variety.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ohhh, this site had the coolest illustration of all the characters that wore glasses in the series--Oshitari and Tezuka were just gorgeous. *_* There's also an incredible one of Fuji and the cutest Oshitari/Jiroh illustrations. =^_^= The colors and shading are just terrific and I just love the way they draw all the characters. *sparkles* ....that's a crappy rec for a wonderful site, so just go see and drool over that glasses pic. *_* (Some very mild Oshitari/Jiroh.)

- Prince of Tennis - @GALICO [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ahhh, I have a special place in my heart for OshitariJiroh that, while I'm not sure where the heck it came from, I really do adore the pairing and it's wonderful to see such adorable art for them. The artist does some really nice things with colors and there's this beautiful one of Oshitari and Jiroh in a darkened room with Oshitari lying on Jiroh's lap, flowers spread over him, that just makes me go *___*. There's also a gorgeous Inui illustration and a Keigo illustration that I rather liked and just... really, really cool site. ^_^v (Some OshitariJiroh.)

- Prince of Tennis/Inuyasha - Ostrich Policy [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow, I was just so impressed with this artist's work, the semi-delicate lines (not so delicate that they're girly, but just delicate enough that they're lovely), the fantastic colors, and the just... wonderful poses. I really can't say enough good about the artist, they're one of those fanartists that I'm just so glad draw for the series I love because they're really good enough to be professional and the characters wind up looking just gorgeous. Plus! Preeeeetty Hyotei boys. *sparkles* And some of my very favorite Hyotei pairings, too. =^_^= And then I hit the Inuyasha/Rumiko Takahashi section and just... *____* Beautiful artwork for these characters--everything about the illustrations is stunning. Colors, lines, poses, just... wow. *_* Incredible. Kagome is lovely, Sesshoumaru is beautiful, and Inuyasha is... guh, gorgeous. *fangirls* (Some OshitariGakuto, JirohOshitari, and OshitariAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - TDK vs TDK [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I will say ahead of time that this site is not going to be for everyone; I, myself, probably wouldn't have rec'd it if not for the content. Because smutty ZukaAto comics will get me to rec just about anything. <333 But there's also some cute art on the site, some adorable Atobe-ko illustrations (he always seems to be with Tezuka, too *sparkles*), some rather nice Atobe illustrations in general (I especially like the one of him about to serve, it's an interesting effect the artist used), and some cute Oshitari and Jiroh illustrations. I have a real weakness for that pairing. Anyway, yeah, rec'ing this site for the content, because I like their ZukaAto a lot (the smutty comic nearly made me laugh out loud at Atobe's expression XD XD XD), but some may want to avoid. Especially if Atobe in a skirt bothers you. *is oddly fond of that, herself* And the oekaki board was fun, too. ^_^v (No single theme, but TezukaAtobe, JirohOshitari, and some SengokuAtobe often come up.)

- Prince of Tennis - Cheep Lips [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, see, I have this thing for Jiroh x Oshitari; I don't know where it came from, why I have it, why it appeals to me, why I can just see it in my head (well, okay, that's probably thanks to all the pretty J-fanart for it out there), or how it started... all I know is that I go *___* over it. This site is mostly Jiroh-centric, rather than Jiroh/Oshitari-centric, which didn't hurt my feelings at all, since I really quite like Jiroh. He's very, very cute here and the JirohOshi fanart is just stunningly pretty. There's this one of them in the rain, with these beautiful shades of blue, that's just... lovely; there's another one of Jiroh holding Oshitari's glasses while he kisses him that is a good example of why I like the artist's work. It's not delicate art, but the colors are soft and the lines soft (without being girly), just the type of art that really works for this pairing. Plus, Jiroh's so cute in all of the art he's in and there's some occasional nice illustrations of the other Hyoutei members. ^_^v (Jiroh-centric, some JirohxOshitari, some Hyoutei.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Have I ever mentioned that I have a thing for Jiroh/Oshitari? I have? Oh. Well. I'm gonna do it again. Because it still surprises me that there are some really terrific sites for the pairing out there and this site is no exception--her lines are really excellent, very strong and some great inking, which you can especially tell on the characters' hair and clothes, which are nicely detailed. I also really like the artist's colors, it works well for the Jiroh/Oshitari pairing. Plus, there's this one of them both leaning against a railing at night with the city behind them and they just... *happy sigh* yes, that's what I got into the pairing for, I think, art like that. And while it's not my passion, the artist does awesome Yukimura/Kirihara illustrations. Her single-character stuff is fantastic as well, but I think those Yukimura/Kirihara illustrations may have been some of her best. Oh, and? The oekaki stuff? FANTASTIC. No, seriously. The one with Fuji and baby!Yuuta? I'm STILL laughing, even ten minutes later, giggling again whenever I think of it. (Jiroh/Oshitari, some Yukimura/Kirihara, some Rikkai, some gen.)

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