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- Prince of Tennis/Saiyuki/Yami no Matsuei/Peace Maker - W-Grip [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *bounce*bounce* This site has some wonderful TezukaFuji and OishiEiji, just... the kind that make me go *hanyaaaa~n*. And then there's the CHIBI-TEZUKAFUJI THAT I'M GOING TO SHRIEK OVER BECAUSE IT'S JUST SO GODDAMNED CUTE!!!!! ....sorry. ^_^;; These illustrations are full of nicely subtle colors, soft looks or touches, somehow managing to be wonderfully gay, yet not Supa!Gay, the kind I just adore, the occcasionaly goddamned cute chibis, and, wow do I adore those Hyotei group illustrations. Just... my love for these illustrations cannot be conveyed with mere words, just like my love for TezukaFuji cannot be conveyed with mere words. I cannot shove people at this site fast enough. ^_^

The Saiyuki illustrations are much the same, a lot of them, full of nice colors, good drawing skill, cool poses, and the group illustrations are fantastic--especially the later ones. Just... damn. *_*v

The Yami no Matsuei art I swear I've seen before, but I don't have the URL in my files anywhere, so... erm... this site may get rec'd twice. The Yamimatsu illustrations remind me of some style that I've seen before, but that I can't quite put my finger on, possibly some yaoi manga or something. Anyway, they're pretty good, the artist has a lot of talent for cool-looking poses/designs for them, making them look more like paitings or posters for the series rather than just fanart. Oh! Going through the gallery, I recognize that one of Tsuzuki with the dog as being from a doujinshi, so that's also contributing to why I recognize this style. Anyway, good, solid, fun art here, too. ^_^v

The Peace Maker (It always surprises me when I come across PM fanart, because I assume I'm the only one who's ever heard of it. ^_^;;; ) fanart is quite nice as well, which is wonderful for such a rare series. ....anyway, I'll shut up about this site now. (TezukaFuji, OishiEiji, Sanzo+Gojyo, Sanzo+Hakkai, Gojyo+Hakkai, Tatsumi+Tsuzuki, Muraki+Tsuzuki, other mild shounen ai vibes.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, I had to rec this site just for the final Inui/Sakuno illustration. ^_~ (Actually, it was very sweet and pretty and made me smile to see it. ....I admit I'm odd.) Anyway, this is one of those sites that's just so damn cute that I can't help but rec it--plus there's an absolutely, positively squee-worthy Golden Pair illustration that crushed my soul with its cuteness. *_* There's also some really, really nice Tezuka art, some really wonderful Oishi-only art, much, much cuteness to be found here. *sparkles* This is one of those sites that shows why I've grown to be so very fond of oekaki art (my favorites were the Oishi ones, but those Ohtori oekaki illustrations were nice *_*). ^_^v (Some OishiEiji, TezukaFuji, random other pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Grand Slam Report [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Eeeee! SO CUTE! I really, really love the way this artist draws the characters' eyes--it's not quite the same as in the anime, but they've got this very pretty look to them, combined with some solid coloring skills and just adorable poses and this was way too much fun to go through. The OishiEiji WAFF just crushed my soul with how much I loved them, there is just the best one of a slightly-older-looking Ryoma and, ohhhh, one of my new favorite InuiKaidoh illustrations. *_* I wuff. (InuiKaidoh, OishiEiji mostly.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, it took me a few illustrations for the artist's CG style to grow on me, but after seeing the first ten or so, I was absolutely, utterly captiviated by how wonderful they were. The colors and shading are gorgeous, but it's the... feel of intimacy between Tezuka and Fuji, the feeling of attraction and love and intensity... that all made these illustrations just absolutely lovely. This has really become one of my favorites of recent times, because it was just so... right for them. Plus! The group illustrations were both lovely and hysterical. And! The comics? Gorgeous. I love. XD (TezukaFuji/FujiTezuka, with hints of OishiEiji and InuiKaidoh.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to navigate this site, but it's sooooo worth it, because the art is just so damn cute and pretty and shiny and I luff it very much. *sparkles* Part of it is that MizukiYuuta/YuutaMizuki is fairly rare to find (Mizuki and Yuuta are both rare characters to find at all ._.), much less art that's just so wonderful, the kind that really make you just smile. I love the colors, I love the lines, I love the poses (THEY'RE SO CUTE!!! XD XD XD), one of my favorites has to be where Yuuta is dressed up as a reindeer, Mizuki as an elf (...I think?), and Eiji as Santa, it's just darling and I can't stop grinning/giggling happily over it. So, yeah, one of the better sites out there, probably my favorite for both the character, go see, go see, go seeeeee. *sparkles more* (MizukiYuuta/YuutaMizuki, some OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I love art that can make me wriggle around happily and squee over how adorable the illustrations are, and that's exactly what this site did for me. ^_^ The artist's Oishi and Eiji are just so damn cute that I want to take them home and snuggle with them for hours. *_* She's really captured the fluffy, warm, sweet feeling of the pairing and then draws them so well! Plus? When chibi-Tezuka and chibi-Fuji show up? I swoon from the cuteness. *_* Plus! Plus! Comics are both gorgeous and so cute!! (OishiEiji, a little bit of TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Digital Scoop [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ooh! Scoop's website! I've really come to *heart* their doujinshi! *sparkles* Scoop's art took me awhile to get into, because it was more angular than I was used to, but once I did, I've really come to love it, because they do the most heart-warming stuff. =^_^= There's this one of Tezuka and Fuji in the snow that just makes me melt every time I see it, and, ooh, there's this one of Fuji sleeping on a couch that... just... so wonderful. And, really, that's what I look for when I go on my fanart jags--to put a smile on my face and this artist does that. She captures the feeling of the characters (I seem to be saying that a lot today, but it's true.) with just the pictures, what made me fall in love with these characters in the first place and her Tezuka is just... so... Tezuka. *loves* (TezukaFuji, OishiEiji, li'l bit MomoRyo/InuiKaidoh/traditional pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Project X Peke [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This artist doesn't necessarily draw my absolute favorite style, but... there are two things that make me really like the site. Well, three things. XD One, the artist likes all the traditional pairings (TezukaFuji, OishiEiji, InuiKaidoh, MomoRyo) and I always smile to see artists like that. Two, there's this one illustration of Tezuka and Fuji holding each other's faces that's just lovely and all of the illustrations really capture the feeling of the pairing. And, three, SPRITES! EEEEE! SO CUTE! Seriously, I love sprites. Especially cutecutecute ones. So this was one of those sites that I was just happy to see. =^_^= (TezukaFuji, some OishiEiji, InuiKaidoh, MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Eiji Everlife [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, my goodness, does this artist ever draw the cutest damn Eiji. XD He just... he practically sparkles, he's so cute! He's clearly the artist's favorite, you can tell how much she loves to draw him, but she draws all of the characters to be just adorable, and I especially like her Oishi as well. The illustrations were cute and lovely and the comics were just wonderful, the kind that put a smile on my face to go through them. Plus? That top illustration of Keigo and Kabaji? That was so cute! XD (OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is one of those sites where I just had to rec it because the art is so, so cute!! It's just darling chibi-esque art and it makes me feel all warm and fluffy to look at. The artist has a very CG-y style, but it works and she has some of the nicest coloring for them. There's this adorable illustration of Taka-kun, the OishiEiji ones make me squee from the cute, and I want to huggle the TezuFuji one so, so, so much. Oh, and the younger Seigaku illustration? I love. *_* (Some OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - ....oh, my god, the cuteness of this site physically hurts me. It's just... SO CUTE!!! Little chibi-Eiji running around (frequently without clothes on), Oishi being a darling and chasing after him or holding him close... I... I am incoherent from the cute. Plus, there's the occasional bit of (regular sized ....well, sometimes in sprite/chibi-form >_>) lime and I happily skip over to these illustrations, but... it's really the cute that won me over as hard as it did. Everything is just cuter and more adorable than the last and I can't stop making this face --> XD XD XD (OishiEiji, a little MomoEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, I can't help it, I was just won over by this site right from the illustration of Oishi putting his jacket over a sleeping Tezuka, it was just so sweet. So, I kept clicking and the more I worked my way through the gallery... the more I started to really kinda like the artist's work; what helps is that she does an adorable Fuji. Just absolutely adorable. And the various poses she puts him in with Tezuka... made this TezuFuji fangirl sparkle and just coo over. And sometimes that's what I'm really looking for--a site that makes me feel good about TezuFuji and helps slide me just a little bit closer back to TezuFuji Rabu Rabu Mode. XD (TezukaFuji, OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Cyclone [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site was recommended to me by a wonderful sweetheart named Jacqui and OH MY GOD IT'S SO PRETTY!!! It's just... I love all of the illustrations, I would have rec'd this site just for the overall quality here, but there are a handful of illustrations that just make me weak in the knees after seeing them. One was chibi-Oishi and chibi-Eiji in penguin costumes which is just the most adorable thing EVER. The other is an illustration of Eiji leaning on Oishi, crying, and Oishi has his arms wrapped around Eiji, holding him close--it was just one of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. It touched me with how much I felt from it. The entire site is wonderful and I was just deliriously happy to go through it. Plus! Plus! There was a wonderful illustration of Tezuka and Oishi together that I just adored and the whole site just gave me a wonderful Golden Pair high. ^______^ (OishiEiji, some TezuFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - ZION [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Another site that I gank off Jennifier D, because she found it first, I checked it out, went *________*, and had to steal it, too. ^_~ I didn't even get halfway through this site before I knew I was going to rec it because the line art of this site is gorgeous. A lot of Japanese fans do these "impression" posts after the latest JUMP chapter or after the latest anime episode and several of them include little sketch drawings in with them and I LOVE THIS. Because I have this great fondness for sketches, especially when you get to see these little ideas running through their head, and the style is light and airy. This artist's shading is amazing, just really, really fantastic and she's so prolific. A wonderful combination. *_____* There's a nice selection of all the characters, both Seigaku and rivals (mostly Rokkaku and Rikkai, since they're more recent) and then a nice selection of regular art as well. There's this one TezuAto b&w illustration that just knocks me over with the shading of it (their eyes are stunning *___*) and there are so many cute TezuFuji ones (including this one of them outside where Tezuka has his eyes closed and Fuji is quietly leaning over to look at him that's just lovely) that I swirl into a giddy mess of fangirl goo. Which then started to froth and bubble over the TezuFuji kissing comic. *___* (Too many to name, but you'll see a fair amount of TezuFuji, OishiEiji, and maybe a little SaeFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis/Hunter x Hunter - Little Portion [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - ........oh, my god, this artist is amazing. Just... I was floored by the incredible use of CG art here and am wildly in love. The site is very Eiji-centric, very FujiEiji-friendly, but also with some absolutely stunning Golden Pair art. Just... I'm speechless, I suspect. The coloring is flat-out amazing, just vivid and bright and incredible. The proportions are perfect and it really reminds me of a professionally done CG game, that's how GOOD this artist is. Okay, and I admit the ZukaKiku illustration did make me go *ufufufufu*, but it's PRETTY. My favorite, though, is still the absolutely incredible one of Oishi and Eiji in the leaves. Just... WOW. I'm incoherent with how good the art is. And there's not much Hunter x Hunter art here, but what there is is just... DAMN. Some of the best art I've seen for ANYTHING much less for a series. *FAWNS* (Some FujiEiji, some OishiEiji, other Eiji pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis/Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site can be a little difficult to navigate, I admit, and not all the art stuns me, but... there's enough beautiful art here, enough pretty TezuFuji art here that I had to rec it. Well, that and there are some AMAZINGLY CUTE ICONS AND ANIMATIONS here! OMG, the little ZukaFuji animation of them in teacups killed me with the cute, the icons were just... verged on being painful, they were so pretty and cute (they're tucked away in the "materials" section, btw). And then you've got the OishiEiji/TezuFuji comic... that... just... stole my breath away when Tezuka kissed Fuji underneath the tree. It was so incredibly beautiful and well-drawn that... I would rec this site for that alone. And I'm tossing this into the Naruto section because there are Naruto illustrations scattered across the site and in the icon section, they were GORGEOUS. (Some TezuFuji, OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, Oishi, Oishi, Oishi, darling Oishi, I always knew you were pretty, but you are downright beautiful here. I stumbled over this site tonight and just... oh, god, if I weren't in love with Oishi before, I certainly would be now. There are five or so illustrations on this site that I will actually give the description of "STUNNING" to. That's how incredible and beautiful they were and I am completely gone on this site. The line art is strong and beautiful, the coloring vibrant, but not overpowering, just right, the shading is fantastic (especially in the b&w comics *___*), and Oishi is just... perfect. (There's also one of Fuji that is just gorgeous.) This art is quite possibly among my very, very, very favorites for Oishi art ever, I just wibble over the site. I'm incoherent in my love, as you can see. And that there were occasional TezuOishi hints? LOVE. And the one TezuAto illustration didn't hurt my feelings, either. >_> *loves more* (Some OishiEiji, TezuOishi, and FujiOishi hints.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site was so so damn CUTE! Cute, cute, cute, cute! The artist is very talented, great lines and nice use of color, but it's the "Eeeee! SO CUTE!" reaction that I remember most. XD Little chibi-Tezuka kissing little chibi-Oishi on the cheek or (regular-sized) Tezuka kissing Oishi on the cheek or Oishi and Eiji being so damned cute together or Oishi just being pretty all on his own... I love this site madly. I'd have loved it either way, but it helps that it's TezukaOishi-friendly (though, there's still plenty of GP goodness in there, too XD) made me go into orbit, because there aren't a lot of good TezukaOishi artists out there. Very, very nice art (Oishi with the giant egg still amuses the heck out of me XD) and Oishi-centric. I don't ask for much more. *hanyan~* (TezukaOishi, OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, I was a bit skeptical of this one at first, but I am in an Oishi MOOD tonight and I found myself really, really liking this artist's style. She does some of the cutest Golden Pair art (and there's a niiiiiiiiiice on of Atobe *__* Oh! And a beautiful one of Fuji, too! And two adorable Ryoma illustrations, too. *rambles on*) and it was when I saw the chibi one of Oishi and Eiji with Eiji putting his bandaid on Oishi's face that I knew I was a gonner. Good god, was that ever CUTE. But there's also one of Oishi holding Eiji with a red ribbon tied to each of their pinky fingers that's just lovely and I had much fun with this site. *in a WAFFy GP mood now* (OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I was slowly caving on this site because the artist has a nice style (a bit on the roundish side, but that does help enhance the cuteness of her art) because she draws an absolutely adorable Sakuno and some of the cutest Tomoka/Sakuno illustrations that I've ever seen. But I officially caved when I hit a second gallery (there are more than one here, I believe) and Eiji was leaning in to kiss Oishi in one panel and in the next Tezuka's got his arm wrapped around Oishi's head, a flat look on his face, and a racket shoved practically up Eiji's nose that cracked me up. I LOVED that. XD XD XD The artist's shading is also lovely and there's a nice selection of art here (Wheeee~! I get to cross Sakaki x Jiroh off my list of pairings~! ^_^v) even beyond just Oishi stuff. Plus? Tezuka and Oishi in the rain? *WIBBLES* Also absolutely ADORED the TezukaSakuno illustration, which is my pet crack but I LOVE it. *was so happy* (Some RyoSaku, some het pairings, some TomoSaku, some TezukaOishi, some OishiEiji, some other yaoi/inter-school pairings, some Hyotei.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site has some of the most adorable Oishi art--and it doesn't hurt that it seems to be very pro-ZukaOishi and pro-Golden Pair. There's this one illustration of Tezuka and Oishi walking down the sidewalk, facing away from us, that's just... somehow so touching for the quiet simpleness and companionship it radiates to me. This site is filled with cute art and the illustration of Jiroh falling asleep on Oishi, with the next page Tezuka being quite irritated by this is ADORABLE. *coos* And them as first years make make me MELT, they really do. This is one of those sites that captures the spirit of a pairing I like so much, made even better because they're not really doing much of anything, they're just quietly... together. *loves very much* (TezukaOishi-friendly, some Golden Pair.)

- Prince of Tennis - porcupine [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, I wasn't going to rec this site at first, because there are some details that are off (the lips look quite odd and the artist takes awhile to strengthen up her lineart) and it started out shakey. So what changed my mind? Well, three things. One, the colors she uses are nice, very pretty and soft, very fitting for the characters. Two, the art really strengthens up as she goes along, so much so that I was shoving a ton of the images at friends whom I know liked Golden Pair art. Plus, one of the cutest MomoRyo illustrations I've ever seen on this site. And, three, the real reason smut! Nothing too graphic, but a lot of Eiji in frilly underthings or artfully concealed nudity or Eiji wearing only a pale pink apron as Oishi pushes him up against the wall to have his way with him. I love that. >:D It also doesn't hurt that the artist draws several of my favorite pairings--OishiEiji, MomoRyo, and TezukaFuji. *sparkle*sparkle* This is one of those sites that made me just... happy, even if I could understand why not everyone would like it. (OishiEiji, some MomoRyo, TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Diabolic Innocent [ English Fan Art Site ] - Yin pointed me towards this site and I'm very glad, because I've been wanting to find some E-sites with TeniPuri art to rec for awhile. I actually started off in the main gallery, which had two of the coolest MaLoki fanart illustrations that I've ever seen, just... wow. And the TeniPuri art is really cool; the artist does two things I like--one, the lineart is absolutely fabulous and, two, she uses the softened filter wonderfully. It gives the images a soft, almost glowing look that I adore when used properly. Plus, the artist seems to very much be a Golden Pair and Kamio/Shinji fan, which always makes me sparkle. XD (OishiEiji and some light Kamio/Shinji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Kiyora [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Often times, it's a handful of illustrations that I just adored that will get me to rec a site more than that I think people should see the entire site. Which is sort of the case with this site, because the artist has a handful of absolutely gorgeous illustrations (there's one of Oishi and Eiji in traditional clothes that I'm still fawning over *___*). Though, the artist does fabulous things with color, often very soft and pretty, some of them almost looking like incredible watercolors, some looking almost like soft, soft CG work. (I can't really ID the style, I just know it's pretty.) Shishido seems to be one of her favorite characters, given that the Ohtori/Shishido and Atobe/Shishido illustrations tend to be the best--the AtoShishi ones are downright gorgeous actually. So, I really liked the site. ^_^v (Some OishiEiji, some AtobeShishido, some Hyoutei pairings.)

- Naruto/Bleach/Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man. This is totally my new favorite NejiHina site, because it's just gorgeous. I mean, the very first image I saw was of an older Neji and Hinata, where her hair had grown out and he was holding her close and she was blushing and it was just so soft and pretty and the colors practically shone in that way I love and I totally squeaked in happiness. The artist's lines are fantastic, probably my favorite type, the kind that are just the right width, look so clean, but then are just tremendously beautiful. The coloring helps even further, because the artist just has this style that... shines is the only way I can think to describe it. And, man, her NejiHina totally does it for me, because there are so many different poses and a certain sort of delicate intimacy that just works for the pairing. I get all wobbly every time I see them in kimono and Neji's pulling her close or the underwater kiss or-- ....not that NejiHina is the only pairing on this site, some of the Gaara/Naruto illustrations are fantastic, I love, love, love the one of them both as Hokage. And there's a ton of gen stuff that's totally worth visiting for. Then there's the Bleach section that started out with a beautiful Ikkaku/Yumichika, provided me with a gorgeous Renji in the oekaki section, and totally made me spaz for the pretty one of Yachiru doing Zaraki's hair. Also, I swear this site has one of Hitsugaya's face in Matsumoto's boobs again. You really cannot go wrong with either of those. The Prince of Tennis section is much the same, spending time between TakaFuji and InuKai for the most part and while I don't seek those pairings out often, when I stumble across them, it's nice. There's not a ton of art here for Tenipuri, but the handful of OishiEiji and couple of TezuRyo images also make it worth the visit? (Neji/Hinata, some Shikamaru/Temari, some Naruto/Hinata, a lot of gen. Bleach pairings are all over the place, a lot of gen. Taka/Fuji, Inui/Kaidoh, a hint of Oishi/Eiji, a hint of Tezuka/Ryoma.)

- Prince of Tennis/Naruto - Lovely Place [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There are two things that attract me to this site--the not-quite-chibi illustrations of pretty much every major team in the series were adorable. They're so cute and every one just gets more and more adorable and there's a ton of them and then there's the little winter!Seigaku one where they're all dressed up in warm clothes and walking together and all the traditional couples and I just spaz from the cute. It helps that I'm really fond of the traditional pairings (TezuFuji, InuKai, OishiEiji, MomoRyo, etc.), but I really think these are some of the most adorable images I've seen even aside from that. The artist really knows how to draw the characters well without stepping too far over the cute line and into saccharine. The other thing is that I was really impressed by the artist's Naruto fanart, which is nicely polished and detailed. There's not nearly as much of it on the site as there is Tenipuri art, but the Gaara illustration alone makes the visit worthwhile. Well, no. Gaara and the really kickass one of ANBU!(?) Sasuke. And Naruto with the spiral on his stomach. And Hokage!Naruto with ANBU!Sasuke. *__* Such pretty colors, too. (Some implication of TezuFuji, OishiEiji, InuKai, MomoRyo, ToriShishi, AkutsuDan, OshiAto, other popular Hyoutei pairings. Worth a visit for both Seigaku and Hyoutei fans.)

- Prince of Tennis/Gakuen Heaven - 15syndrome [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was kind of leaning towards recommending this site even from the first few 300x300 images, they were well-drawn, there was a pretty Fuji, there was a pretty Ryoga. But then. asldkfjalskjfd, there's this one of Tezuka and it kind of doesn't look like him, especially without the glasses, but it also kinda totally does look like him and it's so damn pretty and hot. It's just this simple little b&w (well, blue-ish, really) sketch of him and it's somehow the most gorgeous thing to me. The site is full of little cracky images or beautifully highlighted/colored CG-type illustrations and maybe I've been here because the TezuFuji looks vaguely familiar, but I don't care because it's cute and makes me a little hyper. Shush. It's worth it when that Holloween chibi one of Fuji, Eiji, and Ryoma is the cutest thing in the world. Sadly, there's only five illustrations in the Gakuen Heaven section already, but I'm including it for the nice style the artist has and two images in particular--there's an insanely hot one of Keita in an open shirt, green tie, and nothing else. And then there's this beautiful, bright, vivid one of Kazuki that the colors of it practically leap right off the screen. I'd like to see more from the artist, so! (Tezuka/Fuji, a smidge of Oishi/Eiji, some gen. No real GH pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - AQUA*AB [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - In a way, I have completely stolen this link from Charlotte; she posted a link to an event, I started browsing the people involved, I stumbled over this site and I don't think I've recommended it before... either way, there was lovely art on it and I was all flailing arms and incoherent keyboard mashing at the TezuFuji. (Admittedly, I had to poke around the source code to find the links to the pages I wanted, but it wasn't really that difficult.) When the artist does for those soft colors, when Fuji leans on Tezuka's shoulder or Tezuka wraps an arm around him and they look off to something just beyond the border of the image... I am goo. I am goo at the beautiful, beautiful art. The artist does a very nice Tezuka, but... for once, I'm actually over the moon for the artist's take on Fuji. The way she shades his hair, the warm color used for it, the delicate but still a boy way that I am weak to... he's really, really beautiful here. The colored multi-page comic is just... one of the prettiest things I've seen in awhile. ♥ Not everything is perfect (not until you start poking around the sub-galleries, where I don't think I met an image I didn't like *___*), I'm really only over the mood for a handful of images. But those ones that got to me? Are the kind that keep me in this fandom years after I've tried to get out. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji, some Oishi/Eiji, some Fuji/Eiji, some other yaoi pairings.)

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