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- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - All right, I freely admit that OshitariKeigo is pretty. I'm just going to sulk about it because I'm still in my TezukaKeigo bliss period. XD That said, this art is absolutely gorgeous, the artist does an absolutely beautiful Keigo, a stunning Oshitari, the colors and style are just fantastic. And I admit to a growing fondness for Oshitari/Gakuto and this site just helped that right along with their beautiful illustrations of those two, too. *_* I really can't speak highly enough of the art, it's just so... PRETTY! *sparkles* (Some OshitariKeigo, OshitariGakuto.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, my god, THIS is one of my new favorite PoT sites because... just... the illustrations are gorgeous!! *_* The artist has this way with the colors or the way she puts this almost haze over the images that makes them look... mm, I wouldn't quite use the word 'romantic', but something kind of in that direction and they're just beautiful. The colors are soft and pretty and just work so damn well and there's this one illustration of Tezuka that just makes me glaze over and drool every time I see it. *_* And the way she captures the feeling of Tezuka and Fuji being near each other... makes me swoon with happiness. *sparkles* There's this one where they've got their hands on each other's faces, just looking at each other and it's just... it's really professional quality... as is a lot of the art on the site.

Plus! The artist has done two of my now-favorite TezukaKeigo illustrations that just make me go *__*!!! with happiness, too! And I almost forgot! The comics! Gorgeous comics! The TezukaFuji/TezukaKeigo/OshitariKeigo one just... it made want to cry just a little bit with how... affecting it was, even with just the pictures. I. Love. This. Site. Definitely one of the best ones out there. Despite my incoherent recommendation--this site really deserves better because it's so good. (TezukaFuji, a little bit TezukaKeigo, some OshitariKeigo.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - HA! I knew this artist looked familiar, because I was looking at her Oshitari and he seemed very familiar and eventually I found the art that's the cover of an OshitariKeigo doujinshi that's really pretty and I see a lot on Yahoo!Japan. And she does draw a gorgeous Oshitari, you can tell she really adores the character, but she draws all the characters really well. What I like is that the artist uses a lot of different shades of blue, making the art all look really pretty... bleah, I can't describe it any better than that. Anyway. Hot!Oshitari. You need to know anything else? (Hyotei-centric, some OshitariKeigo.)

- Prince of Tennis - 15 month [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I knew right from the moment I saw the first Oshitari illustration, I was probably going to rec this site, because the art here is gorgeous. Very rich and the shading is just beautiful, the colors are often those tones that kind of remind of jewels, but without being overly bright or gaudy, they're just pretty. and I adore the Hyotei illustrations. *sparkles* Especially their Keigo--he's just... gehhh, so pretty! And there's this gorgeous one of Gakuto.... *_* (OshitariKeigo, OshitariGakuto.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - All right, I admit that I'm recing this one largely just because it's TezukaKeigo and I go nuts for that paring (as it's semi-rare), but I actually really do rather like the art. The coloring is nice and the artist captures the feeling the characters so well. She captures their intensity and that spark of pure chemistry between these two amazing characters. I admit that the illustrations could use some work, especially the proportions, but I find that don't care so much when I'm going through the gallery and it makes me hop up and down happily. She does do some really cute ones and then there's this little series of chibis that I must have literally squeaked over because they were So. Effing. Adorable. *sparklesparklesparkle* Plus? Keigo licking ice cream off Tezuka? I swoon. (TezukaKeigo, some OshitariKeigo.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This artist has some of the most gorgeous linework I've seen, she draws the characters absolutely beautifully and I'm just as fascinated by her sketches as I am the more fully done illustrations. She also clearly adores Atobe and she draws him wonderfully, capturing both his diva side and a more... mm, human side to him, but always, always beautiful. She also draws him in some of the cutest poses, sometimes alone, sometimes with the various people he's often slashed with. Of course, my favorites where the Tezuka/Atobe ones--there was one where they were lying in bed together, Tezuka was reading, and Atobe was smirking and just starting to turn Tezuka's face his direction and it just made me absolutely melt into a puddle of fangirl goo. *looooves~* (Atobe-centric, all the usual Atobe pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Hana pointed an illustration on this site out to me and of course I had to follow the pretty Atobe back to the main gallery and... wow, really nicely detailed and beautifully shaded art. You can definitely tell this artist must be a doujinshika because her strength in drawing is very, very strong and looks very practiced/polished. The colors are perfect for an OshitariAtobe site, too, lots of dark blues and Atobe's dark-ish brown hair, and it's one of those sites that if you're an OshitariAtobe fan, you'll love this site. (OshitariAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - Blind Gate [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, this artist does just lovely work--beautiful lines, beautiful colors, beautiful poses/atmospheres to the illustrations and some gorgeous details. There are so many illustrations here that I just absolutely fell in love with, the artist draws all the characters to be just beautiful. One of the best things an artist can do (in my opinion) is to combine a strong sense of proportions and a strong skill in the linework--which sounds like an obvious thing, that all artists would have it, but when you look at this artist, you'll see what I mean. Everything just... looks right, nothing's too long or too short, it's all just perfect. And then you combine that with the softened colors... and I just go *____*. And wow. The inking is fantastic in some of these. *__* And did I mention the gorgeous, gorgeous Tezuka? And the beautiful Fuji? And the gorgeous Atobe? If not, let me do so again. They're pretty. XD (Some TezukaFuji, OshitariAtobe, FujiEiji, and ToriShishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - Ultrakick [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I think what sold me on this artist were the two illustrations of Tezuka in Hyotei and Fudomine tennis uniforms, because that was such a neat little thing to do. I also really kinda liked the way the arist drew Tezuka, very... CLAMP-ish, in a way. Tall, broad shoulders, nicely dressed... very much reminded me of their Tokyo Babylon-era work. On the Atobe side of the site, there were a couple of lovely OshitariAtobe illustrations that I really liked (also done in the same CG-esque style that I thought worked well for the artist), a wonderful group Hyotei illustration, and three really nice ToriShishi illustrations. So I had fun. ^_^v (Tezuka-friendly, Some OshitariAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There are several things I liked about this site--the colors were nice, the selection of characters and number of illustrations was wonderful, too, the artist does an lovely Atobe, and there was an absolutely darling TezukaFuji illustration that I loved. The colors seem almost softened, which is one of my favorite effects when used just right, because they seem almost romantic, yet the colors were still so vivid. And her Jiroh is adorable! Toss in some cute Seigaku, Fudomine, mixed, and AtobeJiroh art and you've got a site that was fun for me to go through. ^_^v Oh! I almost forgot! This site has the coolest Atobe sprites/icons EVER. XD XD XD (OshitariAtobe, some ToriShishi, Seigaku, and Hyotei art.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Sometimes, I am a little slow on the uptake. So I've been to this site several times and always thought the art was quite pretty but there wasn't enough of it for me to rec, but this time I had the brilliant idea to actually explore a little by clicking on the Atobe link. Aha~~ And while there's not much more art, there are a handful of beautiful TezuAto illustrations and we all know what a geek I am for those two. I just adore the artist's coloring, the soft shading, and the lines/poses she puts the characters into. These are just... completely and utterly the character I fell in love with, her Atobe is just gorgeous, her Tezuka is just gorgeous, hell, even her Ryoma is gorgeous. ^_~ The main gallery has some beautiful illustrations of a lot of the characters and some very pretty TezuRyo, but it was really the TezuAto (which you may have to dig a bit for) that just had me swooning. (Some TezuAto, some TezuRyo, some OshitariAtobe, some misc. pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, when I went through the gallery proper, I didn't think I would rec this site, because there just wasn't enough TezuAto art to satisfy my craving for it, but then. Then I went through the oekaki board and promptly went *______* over some of the wonderful TezuAto art on the board; the artist really captures the feeling of what I love about them. And the more I kept poking around the site, the more I found that made me sparkle--there are some utterly fabulous comics (there's one of Atobe in a school girl seifuku that Tezuka's slowly sliding him out of that has one of the most gorgeous kisses *____*) and I just loved the feel of the site. I will say that the oekaki art's lines tend to be a little shakey, but in way that I kinda like, because they're sketch-like rather than like they were drawn with an unsteady hand. And then when you get the multi-paged comics, the art majorly strengthens up and becomes just lovely. Definitely one of my new favorite TezuAto sites. *SPARKLES* (TezukaAtobe, OshitariAtobe, some other Atobe pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Mensoel [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, a large part of the reason I'm rec'ing this site is because I am a TezuAto fangirl geek and I love this pairing and any artist who captures enough of what makes me love them, gets put on my rec list. And this artist... well, I'll admit that I skipped over a lot of her work (though, the Rikkai stuff is cute!) and concentrated on the TezuAto stuff, which was darling. I loved her comics, the one where Tezuka and Atobe are bowling cracked me up and made me coo--especially when Tezuka smugly rubbed Atobe's head and Atobe's determined looks when he wanted to win. It had a very sketch-like quality to it, as does all the artist's work, but I LIKE that and page 17 of the comic? GENIUS. Pure GENIUS. XD XD XD <---I shall be making that face over it for QUITE some time. And! And! FISHING! *sparkles like mad* There are also a couple of TezuAto illustrations that were just lovely, Atobe gently biting Tezuka's finger and Tezuka gently rubbing Atobe's head with a towel... oh, yes, I am in full wibbling fangirl mode right now. (TezukaAtobe, OshitariAtobe, some Rikkai-centric art.)

- Prince of Tennis - White Line [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *ufufufufufu* It's amazing what an illustration or two of my favored pairings will do for me and my mood. ^_~ There's not a TON of art here, but it's winding up on my recs list because 1) YagyuuNiou art, 2) it's pretty, and 3) there are a couple of Tezuka illustrations that are just BEAUTIFUL here. ♥ Including one TezukaRyoma that I find myself surprised that I thought was as pretty as I did--but Tezuka was NICE. The artist's lines are her real strength, I think, they're wonderfully inked and I really like the way her basic lineart looks. Then toss in some PRETTY Yagyuu/Niou and some pretty Oshitari illustrations (*hisses and spits*) and an illustration of Atobe singing in that purple and white striped shirt from Valentine's Day Kiss with Kabaji and Oshitari singing in the background that made me DIE OF LAUGHTER and a couple of vaguely Zukatobe illustrations and... well, I had to rec. >_> (A little Yagyuu/Niou, Hyoutei-friendly, some Oshitari/Atobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - Phantasms [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I... am not the world's biggest OshiAto fan these days, but, Christ, even I can't resist when the artist does this absolutely incredibly colored art. Just... vivid and bright without being gaudy, you know? It also helped that the artist softed me up with a REALLY PRETTY ToriShishi illustration right off the bat and then a REALLY COOL illustration of Shishido playing pool and doing some FANASTIC (and lovely) group illustrations. And that I genuinely like her Atobe. And that I find the mock-doujinshi game Hyoutei illustrations to be really amusing and pretty. The art is the kind that... you can tell it's fanart, because the lines are a little pointier and the coloring less CG-esque, but it doesn't matter, because it looks PRETTY and it's the artist's distinctive style and then HOLY CRAP SHE DRAWS A GORGEOUS YAGYUU AND NIOU AND MARUI ILLUSTRATION AND I HAVE TO REVEAL WHAT A DIPPY FANGIRL I AM AND DROOL ON MYSELF AT HOW PRETTY IT IS. But her Yagyuu really is hot. *__* (Some Oshitari/Atobe, Hyoutei-friendly, Rikkai-friendly.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Now, I swear I've seen this site before, a lot of the images look familiar, but I don't see it anywhere on my recs list. So, I'm going to assume that it either moved and finding it again would be a pain or that I never got around to rec'ing it before. I know I've seen a few of the images on doujinshi covers and they're some of the ones I continually run into again and again, the ones that stick with me because they're just so beautifully done, the backgrounds or the details of their clothes and hair and the way your gaze is drawn to their eyes because they're so sharp. The artist does these classic images, where Tezuka and Fuji are sitting in a sakura tree together or sitting amid flowers and it's not silly or overdone, it's somehow a classic masterpiece instead. The art is just... beautiful and breathtaking at times. The most recent images are awesome, the fine lines and gorgeous highlighting/coloring are terrific... but how can you resist Fuji with a Tezuka puppet on his hand? Or the most stunning image of them standing side by side in the rain? Seriously, I'm fluttering over that one. And, oh, my god, the one of them hugging underneath a shower of golden falling stars? If you are even remotely a fan of the pairing, I would say that that is a must-see image. I can't stop staring at it. *___* (Tezuka/Fuji, Oshitari/Atobe.)

- Prince of Tennis/Naruto - Lovely Place [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There are two things that attract me to this site--the not-quite-chibi illustrations of pretty much every major team in the series were adorable. They're so cute and every one just gets more and more adorable and there's a ton of them and then there's the little winter!Seigaku one where they're all dressed up in warm clothes and walking together and all the traditional couples and I just spaz from the cute. It helps that I'm really fond of the traditional pairings (TezuFuji, InuKai, OishiEiji, MomoRyo, etc.), but I really think these are some of the most adorable images I've seen even aside from that. The artist really knows how to draw the characters well without stepping too far over the cute line and into saccharine. The other thing is that I was really impressed by the artist's Naruto fanart, which is nicely polished and detailed. There's not nearly as much of it on the site as there is Tenipuri art, but the Gaara illustration alone makes the visit worthwhile. Well, no. Gaara and the really kickass one of ANBU!(?) Sasuke. And Naruto with the spiral on his stomach. And Hokage!Naruto with ANBU!Sasuke. *__* Such pretty colors, too. (Some implication of TezuFuji, OishiEiji, InuKai, MomoRyo, ToriShishi, AkutsuDan, OshiAto, other popular Hyoutei pairings. Worth a visit for both Seigaku and Hyoutei fans.)

- Prince of Tennis/Okami - raibura [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came here for the Okami fanart, actually. And thought, oh, what the hell, I'll at least peak at the Tenipuri fanart. And my Atobe fondness reared right up and bit me all over again, despite that the Atobe/Oshitari pairing isn't my thing. But. I mean. In this author's hands? It's gorgeous, her Atobe is just stunning. Just looking at the art for him reminds me of why I really do love the character so damn much. Sadly, there's not much Okami fanart here, but I hope the artist will do more over time, and what is here is lovely and incredibly detailed and/or adorably cute. (Oshitari/Atobe, no pairings/warnings for the Okami pages.)

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