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- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ohhh, I really love this artist's color illustrations, they're a bit difficult to describe, but they're full of really wonderful details and colors/shading and just... nice. I'm especially fond of the artist's Gakuto (....when the hell did I start to like Gakuto??) and there's an Oshitari/Gakuto one that's just beautiful. It's largely focused on Hyotei, but several times other characters from other schools show up (there's a great one of Eiji and Gakuto--though, not that way ^_~) and! And! The comics/doujinshi are gorgeous, the kind of art that's found in the best doujinshi. *_* Just an all-around gorgeous site. ^_^v (No real pairings, but some of the more common Hyotei pairing hints, especially OshitariGakuto and ToriShishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - Over+ [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is one of those artists that does just... cute art that's really fun and makes me smile to see the illustrations. I really just... like the drawings of the characters, they do a nice variety of them, and the colors look really pretty. There's an adorable one of Gakuto, I love the Tezuka illustrations, I *heart* the one of Keigo in glasses (there's actually a series of them, but that one is my favorite XD), and there's one of Tezuka and Oishi that I really, really liked. Plus! Adorable icons/sprites! So damn cute. XD (A little bit Atobe/Sengoku, maybe a little Oshitari/Gakuto, but no real pairing themes.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Saaaaa, another site where the comics just completely won me over and made me fawn over the lovely art just massively. The illustrations in the main gallery are adorable, the soft, almost delicate lines of the characters not really shoujo-y, but a softer, prettier type of shounen (much like the series itself) and I just love the way the artist draws Tezuka and Fuji. But the comics... *sparkles* oh, how I was in absolute, utter love with them. *_* My precious, darling babies are beautiful and you can tell the artist either must be a doujinshika or else certainly has the talent and patience for it, because they're very detailed and wonderfully laid-out. There's just so much to go, "Eeee! CUTE!" over that I had to rec the site. *sparkles* (TezukaFuji/FujiTezuka, maybe a little OshitariGakuto.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - You know, it's interesting to note the effects going through all these fanart sites has on a person over time, how looking through all the art can change perceptions of characters and pairings. How being bombarded by one pairing turns me off all the more, while being bombarded with another makes me sparkle like crazy and get all jazzed up about a pairing. In this case it would be OshitariGakuto, there's just something about it that makes me go *piku* and want to search for more of it, and this site really captures that for me. The art is that kind that's vaguely sketchy, probably not inked too cleanly, but it works so well, the colors and shading adding to it, giving the whole thing this really cool effect. The artist is very talented and I just loved the way she portrays the Hyotei pretty boys. *sparkles* There's a series of single-character illustrations that just made me go *_* they were so pretty and I'm going to stop babbling now. ._. (Some OshitariGakuto, a tiny bit AtobeKabaji.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - All right, I freely admit that OshitariKeigo is pretty. I'm just going to sulk about it because I'm still in my TezukaKeigo bliss period. XD That said, this art is absolutely gorgeous, the artist does an absolutely beautiful Keigo, a stunning Oshitari, the colors and style are just fantastic. And I admit to a growing fondness for Oshitari/Gakuto and this site just helped that right along with their beautiful illustrations of those two, too. *_* I really can't speak highly enough of the art, it's just so... PRETTY! *sparkles* (Some OshitariAtobe, OshitariGakuto.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Awww, this is another one of those sites that's just full of a ton of art I loved! The colors and lines are wonderful, the feeling in them is wonderful and they just make me happy to look at them! They're that wonderful balance between "cute" and "pretty" that just puts me in the mood for more fanart, makes me sparkle like crazy, and want to find more, more, more. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the artist does a wonderful Keigo and some of the most wonderful OshitariGakuto that I've seen. XD (Lotsa different pairings, especially OshitariGakuto, a little OishiEiji, very Hyotei-friendly.)

- Prince of Tennis - Vacant Mind [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, my god! This site does the most darling Gakuto illustrations I've ever seen! He's just... adorable and precious! XD (Which you might not think Gakuto could be, but he is! The artist really makes it work for him.) The details of some of the illustrations of him are just amazing. ^_^ And there's this one of illustration of Oshitari kissing Gakuto that just makes me melt and fall in love with the pairing all over because it was just that damn sweet. *sparkles* Anyway, this is a wonderful site for OshitariGakuto and I enjoyed it very much. =^_^= (OshitariGakuto.)

- Prince of Tennis/Inuyasha - Ostrich Policy [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Wow, I was just so impressed with this artist's work, the semi-delicate lines (not so delicate that they're girly, but just delicate enough that they're lovely), the fantastic colors, and the just... wonderful poses. I really can't say enough good about the artist, they're one of those fanartists that I'm just so glad draw for the series I love because they're really good enough to be professional and the characters wind up looking just gorgeous. Plus! Preeeeetty Hyotei boys. *sparkles* And some of my very favorite Hyotei pairings, too. =^_^= And then I hit the Inuyasha/Rumiko Takahashi section and just... *____* Beautiful artwork for these characters--everything about the illustrations is stunning. Colors, lines, poses, just... wow. *_* Incredible. Kagome is lovely, Sesshoumaru is beautiful, and Inuyasha is... guh, gorgeous. *fangirls* (Some OshitariGakuto, OshitariJiroh, and OshitariAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I must recommend this site just because the KeigoJiroh/JirohKeigo is just so damned adorable! *squeaks happily* Jiroh is just... so warm and cute and adorable and I love him to tiny little pieces. Keigo is lovely, I just *__* at him happily. Oshitari is beautiful and Gakuto is adorable as well and I just... this is one of those sites I walk away from wanting to float around the room because it makes me so happy and fluffy with the lovely, lovely, cute art. (JirohAtobe, OshitariGakuto.)

- Prince of Tennis - 15 month [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I knew right from the moment I saw the first Oshitari illustration, I was probably going to rec this site, because the art here is gorgeous. Very rich and the shading is just beautiful, the colors are often those tones that kind of remind of jewels, but without being overly bright or gaudy, they're just pretty. and I adore the Hyotei illustrations. *sparkles* Especially their Keigo--he's just... gehhh, so pretty! And there's this gorgeous one of Gakuto.... *_* (OshitariAtobe, OshitariGakuto.)

- Prince of Tennis - Dramatic Paranoia [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - It took me awhile to pinpoint why I think I like this artist's work--I just... really like the softener she uses on the pictures and the colors she uses. The way she combined them is just one of those ways that I just adore; I effing love that softened effect when done right. I also love the way she draws Tezuka, he's so very, very pretty, she does a gorgeous OshitariGakuto, and I *heart* her TezukaFuji, especially when she's drawing them in not-quite-but-close-to-ruffly, 'rock' clothing. Which is actually really quite pretty, so I liked this site. XD (Some TezukaFuji, a little OshitariGakuto.)

- Prince of Tennis - end of heart [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I tried not to like this site, because I wasn't all that fond of the art at first, but the more I kept clicking (because they were kinda cute), the more I started to go "EEEEEE!! THIS IS SO CUTE!!!" and by the end I was just a mess of squee'ing fangirl. The art is just absolutely adorable--the artist uses some really great colors and linework and shading, but it's really Teh c00t that won me over with it. Because chibi-TezuFuji wound together with a ribbon or chibi-TezuFuji with neko-ears/crown for Tezuka and little metal horn-like things for Fuji just make me WEAK in the kneeds. Plus! Plus! Chibi-Sanada/Yukimura! And Chibi-Rikkai! And the two chibi-TezuAto did not hurt my feelings AT ALL. I wound up just loving this site. *hums~* (TezukaFuji, some light OshiGaku/Hyotei, a little Rikkai.)

- Prince of Tennis - dapantyo [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....have I never rec'd this site? It seems like I must have... but I can't find it in my links anywhere. It's one of those sites that's just completely all over the map with the characters they draw in the illustrations. One time it'll be a TezuAto illustration, the next it'll be an Eiji illustration, the next it'll be an OshiGaku illustration, the next it'll be Fuji, the next it'll be Ryoma and Karupin, the next it'll be a TezuFuji illustration, then another OshiGaku illustration, and so on. Which I like, because I like a lot of different things (obviously) and because the art is really cute. Her OshiGaku is probably the best, but I find I also like the ZukaAto stuff, because she uses these really pretty colors with brush-like style that works nicely. Just... a NICE site and FUN and one of those that gives me a fix for lots of little things. (Several shounen ai pairings, few themes, but mostly OshiGaku, with Seigaku-friendly, Hyoutei-friendly, TezuAto-friendly, and TezuFuji-friendly elements.)

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