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- Prince of Tennis - Day & Night [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I freely admit that I like Sakuno. I think she's cute, nice, and doesn't try to force Ryoma into anything he clearly doesn't want. She's just a girl with a crush, and a cute girl at that. So I have this odd love of Sakuno with the other characters from the series (my two favorites are, oddly enough, Tezuka/Sakuno and Atobe/Sakuno XD) and when someone can do them up beautiful like this artist... I'm a happy, happy fangirl. The artist is incredibly skilled, the characters look like themselves and she uses these gorgeous, gorgeous colors, and the scenes themselves are so sweet! Beautiful art and it scratches that itch for odd pairings I get once in awhile... so I adored this site. (FujiSakuno, EijiSakuno, FujiEijiSakuno, some AtobeSakuno.)

- Prince of Tennis/Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - Wheel of Fortune [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I as I mentioned in the previous rec, I have a strange fondness for random Sakuno pairings, especially TezukaSakuno, especially when they're pretty. And this site gives me both those elements, so I adore it. XD The colors are just perfect for the art--very soft and gentle, very shoujo-y colors, and the characters are so cute and romantic and pretty! Plus. Any site that gives me Tezuka/Atobe/Sakuno art is immediately going onto my recs page list because I would dearly love for someone to write that crack-headed threesome. Seriously. XD And! The Harukanaru art was very pretty; again, the colors complimented the original series and the feeling the artist was going for, and the pictures were very, very pretty. Anyway, I could not stop grinning the entire way through this site because it was just so damn much fun, because the art was so pretty, because it entertained me so. (TezukaSakuno, Tomomasa/Fuji-hime, other het pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Enigma [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There are several reasons I love this site. First and foremost is that it crossed many pairings off my list of Every Possible PoT Pairing That I Will Eventually Find Fanart For. Second, I like Sakuno and I like the weird pairings of her and anyone but Ryoma. Because I've long been weird like that. Third, because the art is really, really pretty. Sakuno is just absolutely adorable and those Hyotei boys are gorgeous; the pairing illustrations are just perfect, too, very cute, sweet, and romantic, just like I like. So, this is one of those sites where I just had the most amazing amount of fun going through all of it. XD (Sakuno/pretty much everyone.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - You know, I really like it when an artist can draw both cute art and can draw a nice selection of all the characters. And I admit that I was most drawn to the Tezuka illustrations, because I love him in those soft lines and soft colors that almost look more like sketches than anything else, because they're just so... pretty. Her Eiji is cute as all heck and her Ryoma is adorable as well and there is this absolutely adorable one of Sakuno and a Shinji - Kamio one that I really quite liked as well. So, yeah, I had fun. Cute site. ^_^v (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Devil Wing [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit that Ryoma/Sakuno isn't my favorite pairing, even if I love Sakuno herself (*hugs her*), but I'm also not fussy about fanart; if it's pretty, I'll look at it. And this site does a beautiful Sakuno, really using the CG style well--there's this one of her in the morning/evening light sitting on a chair that's just lovely and now one of my favorite Sakuno illustrations. The rest of the art is very adorable, very pretty, very sweet and cute (the CG effect used well so everything seems almost jewel-toned)--anyone who likes the pairing should really love this site. (RyomaSakuno.)

- Prince of Tennis - Shiawase no Tsubo [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Yin was the one who pointed this site out to me and I'm totally ganking it from her. ^_^v What I like about this site is that there's a nice selection of characters and pairings, including some of my favorites--the TezuFuji ones just make me melt into a puddle from the cute, especially since her Fuji is just damned adorable. There's some really cute KikuRyo (which I like in fanart) and while there's only one FujiRyo, it's really nice. There are some absolutely adorable illustrations here, especially the chibi one of the entire Seigaku team, plus a few extras from episode 64, (which has fantastic lineart and is really quite beautiful) and what I walked away from this site feeling was... when I've been through so many art sites, it starts to feel like I've seen everything and when I come across a site like this... I realize there's still more good stuff to find out there and just... it gives me enthusiasm for TeniPuri fanart a shot in the arm. *sparkles* (Some TezuFuji, KikuRyo, various pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I was slowly caving on this site because the artist has a nice style (a bit on the roundish side, but that does help enhance the cuteness of her art) because she draws an absolutely adorable Sakuno and some of the cutest Tomoka/Sakuno illustrations that I've ever seen. But I officially caved when I hit a second gallery (there are more than one here, I believe) and Eiji was leaning in to kiss Oishi in one panel and in the next Tezuka's got his arm wrapped around Oishi's head, a flat look on his face, and a racket shoved practically up Eiji's nose that cracked me up. I LOVED that. XD XD XD The artist's shading is also lovely and there's a nice selection of art here (Wheeee~! I get to cross Sakaki x Jiroh off my list of pairings~! ^_^v) even beyond just Oishi stuff. Plus? Tezuka and Oishi in the rain? *WIBBLES* Also absolutely ADORED the TezukaSakuno illustration, which is my pet crack but I LOVE it. *was so happy* (Some RyoSaku, some het pairings, some TomoSaku, some TezukaOishi, some OishiEiji, some other yaoi/inter-school pairings, some Hyotei.)

- Prince of Tennis/Princess Tutu - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I know I've seen some of the illustrations on this site before, but I can't find the site anywhere in my recs, so, if I rec it twice... oops? Either way, it's worth visiting again. ^_~ The shading of these illustrations is gorgeous, just absolutely beautiful. I have no idea what was going on in the chibi-esque comics, all I know is that the lineart and the characters were beautiful. *loves so much* Oddly, I didn't like the colored art as much, even though the artist has a fantastic sense of color--her art just looks best in b&w. (Which is why I was so glad the TezukaFuji illustration was in b&w, it was stunning. *___*) Then there's the Princess Tutu art, of which there's only a handful, but damn is it pretty as hell. Be sure to check out the top illustrations gallery as well, because there's some NICE art in there, too, especially this gorgeous one of Tezuka.... :9 And the birthday illustrations were SO COOL. *loves* Especially the one of Tezuka with his gifts. XD XD XD Also? The top illustration of Tezuka in the red scarf with the sparkly background? SO COOL AND PRETTY. *fawns* (A little bit RyomaSakuno and TezukaFuji, but mostly leaning towards gen more than anything.)

- Prince of Tennis - Tsubame [ English Fan Art Site ] - And, of course, I could hardly go for a bout of English art rec'ing without mentioning one of my favorite artists. And Yin thought she could hide from me, HA! What I like about Yin's artwork (other than that she totally groks the feeling I get off ZukaFuji) is the delicate lines, especially around the characters' hair. I have a very strong weakness for hair done right and I really like Yin's. Her lines are soft and give her art a light, airy feeling which I always love. ^_____^v Plus, she does something I love it when artists do--she has a nice selection of art, not just one or two characters she focuses on. And that picture of Tezuka and Fuji underneath the stars? I wibble with love. *___* (Some TezukaFuji, a lot of gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - /sm@sh! [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Originally, I wasn't going to rec this site because there wasn't a lot of art on the site and nothing that grabbed me--besides a gorgeous Sengoku fanart, that is--but then I hit the oekaki galleries and... WHOA. NICE oekaki. Really nice. The Ryoma ones were the first to catch my attention as being impressively detailed (the lines are a bit shakey, but it is oekaki, so that happens a lot, but the details are incredible for oekaki) but then I hit the Seigaku gallery and fell in love. The artist's Tezuka is fantastic and we all know how that can pull me into a site like nothing else. But the top one of Atobe on the rivals page is nice. So, I was really won over by this site, I really like it a lot. ^_^v (No warnings/pairing themes.)

- Prince of Tennis - trip&trap [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I think it was the series of chibis on this site that won me over eventually, because they're just so damned cute! The artist does really great lineart, very clean and strong, with just enough detail to make them very pretty. But when she does color illustrations, they're great--I'm especially in love with the Little Red Riding Hood!Atobe one and I admit to much, much amusement from the Kisarazu/DuckieYanagisawa ones. ♥ So, all in all, this is a nicely solid site that I liked a lot that I hope to see more from. Plus? Fantastic icons--the amount I want that little Yagyuu/Niou one is not conveyable in mere words. *___* (No single pairing/school theme.)

- Prince of Tennis - Snow in Savanna [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, I was a little hesitant on this site at first, because the art looked odd (pretty, but a little bit off for the anime/manga characters)... until I realized the artist was doing musical-based art and holy shit this is really kind of neat! There's little in the way of genuine "....I never thought of that, COOL!" in fanart, but this site--and I'm just noticing that this is the same artist who does the RPG site, with all the pretty art of the characters from a, well, a fictious (....I assume?) RPG game, which was also SO COOL--really does a great job. Not only is it a great concept, but the art is really well-done. She captures the feeling of the characters and actors in their roles, the feeling of the musical itself, and the art is very PRETTY, I adore her colors and shading. All in all, a very cool site. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis/Yu-Gi-Oh! - A.I. Paradise [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The thing I liked most about this site? The faux Tenipuri lami cards that the artist did a really terrific job on--they LOOK like lami cards, right down to the poses. And I like the bright colors of the artist, which aren't TOO bright or gaudy, but still fit both the Prince of Tennis and Yu-Gi-Oh! styles. Well, that and the site had really great poster-style group illustrations and wonderfully detailed Yu-Gi-Oh! fanart. But the real gem of the site? There's this fanart of the October birthdays (Saeki, Tezuka, Atobe, and Oshitari) that is just awesome. Not only is it gorgeous, but the artist got the heights right, got the personalities in the clothes right, and they all look so incredibly HOT. I fangirl muchly now. (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Prince of Tennis - cherrywood [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have a real weakness for this artist's style, the kind that has these soft colors and almost fine-like lines that somehow just work together. Sometimes, the art can skate a little close to shoujo, but it never gets too delicate for me and I wind up really liking the way the characters look, almost with a softened filter over the colors. But it's also for things like the adorable illustration of Ed in glasses or the really disciplined image of Roy, Ed, and Al (which looks like a really nice doujinshi cover) or the adorable oekaki of Roy kissing Ed's hand or the surprisingly really good Ryoma illustrations. There's a birthday one of Ryoma in a top-hat and sparkly tux that should have been just completely WTF?-inspiring, but somehow managed to look GOOD. There's also the one of Ryoma in a normal shirt, looking sleepy that just has fantastic lines. Just... a cute, fun little site that has potential for even more. (Maybe a little Roy/Ed, mostly gen. Seigaku-focus, but gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - Romantic Bazaar [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The artist on this site starts out rather shakey, but Sakuno was cute, so I kept on browsing through the gallery and eventually this site became one of those that... the whole of the site was something that won me over, just enough cute images to have made it worth my time to go through everything. The artist certainly improves as she goes along and I'd definitely like to see more from her, especially because her Sakuno is just darling in various dresses and other outfits--the Wonderland!Sakuno was adorable. Her Ryoma is cute at times as well, he's never without his usual flat look or smirk, even when he's toying with (or probably yanking on ♥) her hair or glaring up a storm when Fuji is the one near her. (Shush, it was cute.) I had fun with this site. :D (Ryoma/Sakuno, a hint of Fuji/Sakuno.)

- Gakuen Heaven/Togainu no Chi/Prince of Tennis - + robot heaven + [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist starts out a little rough. But I was willing to keep going because of a potential promise for Niwa/Kaoru-chan fanart eventually and the Niwa/Nakajima fanart was really kinda interesting in the meantime. The artist was shakey at first, but you can see her slowly tightening up the characters until they both start to look really kinda hot. She's especially good at drawing Nakajima in this way that totally hits his stereotype and why I love it--tall, hot, glasses, broad shoulders, looks good in and out of a suit. Yum. And then she draws Niwa with his shirt off a lot and tattoos on his arms or a necklace around his neck and, again, omg, hot. There's almost a raw sort of quality to the art that gets better and better as she goes along. *__* Even her Kazuki/Keita is really kinda hot in this style--while it's certainly better suited to characters like Niwa and Nakajima, I found I actually liked her KazuKei as some of the best art I've seen for that pairing. The Togainu no Chi fanart is pretty much the same way, it starts out rather rough, but gets better as the artist goes along, so that a few of the later images look really good/hot, especially with the way the artist sticks to b&w a lot, which she's really good at. As for the Tenipuri art... admittedly, it's a bit difficult to find and there's only about ten illustrations on the site, but... there were two or three of them that I found I really liked and thus wanted to list it. It might not be worth visiting for just that, but it rounds out the site nicely, especially when the artist does a really hot Atobe, a nice Oshitari/Gakuto, one of the prettiest Fujis I've seen in awhile, and some rather hot Tezuka/Fuji. ♥ (Niwa/Nakajima, Kazuki/Keita, some other. Several pairings with TnC, but no real themes. Tezuka/Fuji and mostly gen for Tenipuri.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, I warmed up to this site fast. The art is very CG-y, very cute, but the artist actually has talent at it, both with making the art super-cute and with making it surprisingly detailed and properly recognizable (all things considered, that is). She also does some of the most adorable concepts--Ryoma with the king's crown or absolutely adorable summer sun dresses for Sakuno or the wibble-worthy one of them pressing their foreheads together or asldjkfalsdfjalskjflsd leaning towards each other to each bite on a corner of a heart and how I practically flailed into the wall at the cute there. The art isn't always perfect, but when the artist wants to make me squee from the cute or coo at the pretty, she is totally capable of doing so; there were several illustrations on the site that I was just delighted to find. ♥ (Ryoma/Sakuno, a smidge of Eiji/Tomoka and a little other.)

- Prince of Tennis - Flow [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I realize that a lot of what I liked about this site probably won't appeal to other people and that I was looking for Sakuno fanart, so I was more prone to liking this site. But what made me honestly like it was the amount of detail the artist put into the illustrations and the pretty, glowing colors. Even if the lineart wasn't perfect (though, the handful of b&w illustrations actually looked really cute!), there was enough about these images that I genuinely enjoyed for me to want to recommend it. The more current art gets really kind of lovely and I kind of adore the Sakuno standalone art. *__* She's so super-adorable with the cute dresses the artist puts her in and those long, winding braids that I like so much! ♥ (Some Eiji/Sakuno, some Fuji/Sakuno, some other/Sakuno, some gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - Hodaka's Works [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was all set to wander off from this site, despite that it's Atobe/An-centric, because it's not my pairing and the art wasn't really catching me. But it was cute enough that I kept clicking, long enough until I found the Tezuka/Atobe art. And this site definitely isn't going to be for everyone, the artist is still pretty rough, but she at least has the cute thing going for her and there were even a few Atobe/An images that I could appreciate. I think what really got me to cave was that there was Atobe/An and Tezuka/Atobe on the same page! I hardly ever see het and gay on the same page with j-fen! That's kind of a novelty right there. XD So, when all was said and done, I enjoyed this site, it was very cute. Also. You know. Weak to the Tezuka/Atobe. (Atobe/An, Tezuka/Atobe.)

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