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- Prince of Tennis - The Mensoel [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, a large part of the reason I'm rec'ing this site is because I am a TezuAto fangirl geek and I love this pairing and any artist who captures enough of what makes me love them, gets put on my rec list. And this artist... well, I'll admit that I skipped over a lot of her work (though, the Rikkai stuff is cute!) and concentrated on the TezuAto stuff, which was darling. I loved her comics, the one where Tezuka and Atobe are bowling cracked me up and made me coo--especially when Tezuka smugly rubbed Atobe's head and Atobe's determined looks when he wanted to win. It had a very sketch-like quality to it, as does all the artist's work, but I LIKE that and page 17 of the comic? GENIUS. Pure GENIUS. XD XD XD <---I shall be making that face over it for QUITE some time. And! And! FISHING! *sparkles like mad* There are also a couple of TezuAto illustrations that were just lovely, Atobe gently biting Tezuka's finger and Tezuka gently rubbing Atobe's head with a towel... oh, yes, I am in full wibbling fangirl mode right now. (TezukaAtobe, OshitariAtobe, some Rikkai-centric art.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - It was the SanadaYukimura illustration on this page that first caught my attention because it was absolutely gorgeous (though, as I type this rec, the top illustration has been replaced with an adorable Christmas themed one XD) and the rest of the site was quite fun to go through. The artist has a rather soft style that I really liked, soft lines and soft colors, just this side of 'romantic' (but not girly-romantic, this is just me being a doofy fangirl XD) that made all the illustrations pretty. This is one of the few Rikkai-friendly sites I've honestly liked, becasue the art is actually very pretty. Definitely one of those sites that makes me think I could fall for SanaYuki... and, okay, it didn't hurt that there was a little TezuFuji in there, too. *nfyu~* (SanadaYukimura, some TezukaFuji, Rikkai-friendly, other pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I've rec'd this site before, but I'm going to re-rec it for the Rokkaku art because there was a series of illustrations where Itt-chan's blowing hot air did various things (power a hot air balloon, blow up girls' skirts, etc.) that cracked me up and because any site with cute Saeki/Kentarou (oh, how I want to 'ship this pairing) has to be rec'd. ^_~ Plus, the Yukimura illustrations are nice. I really like the artist's sense of color, it feels very warm and coupled with a strong eye for lineart and you've got a site I really enjoyed. (No single pairing theme/warnings.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, I had to rec this site for two reasons. One, I am a ZukaAto fangirl and any site with at least three ZukaAto illustrations above a certain level and that I don't absolutely hate, automatically gets rec'd, because it makes me happy. <3 Two, OMFG I SPAZZED SO HARD OVER THE CUTE BECAUSE IT IS SO CUTE AND OMFG ANYONE WHO TALKS TO ME ON AIM IS SO GETTING PELTED WITH THE CUTE BECAUSE I MUST SHARE IT EEEEEEE SO FUCKING CUTE! ..... *ahem* Oh, yeah, and three, Yagyuu and Niou are encroaching on my brainspace and the top illustration of them certainly helped push me into loving this site. It's just... so cute with bright, pretty colors and really nice inking and the kind of cute that sends me into obnoxious XD XD XD XD fangirling. Plus, hey, there was a cute ZukaFuji one, too! *sparkles madly* (Some Yagyuu/Niou, some TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is one of those sites that caught my attention because it had Rikkai art on it and because it had a lot of different art on it, one of those all-rounded sort of sites. The artist's linework is nice, very strong, and she especially does a nice Niou, whom I'm starting to like quite a lot. >_> She also does a pairing that I've never really seen before--Sengoku/Shinji and does it really pretty. The colors are also done well and everything sort of combines... to create one of those strong sites that's a nice fix for when I'm on a fanart binge. ^_^ Plus, the Yagyuu/Niou comics really helped win me over. >_> (No central theme at all, though, it is quite Rikkai-friendly.)

- Prince of Tennis - STROBO:H [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - You know, I've always liked this artist's work, but she never had more than five illustrations or so on her site and thus I felt like I couldn't recommend it until she got more. Today I finally had the bright idea to check out her oekaki diary and AHAHAHA JACKPOT. ♥♥♥ And the best part? The artist is both a TezukaxAtobe and YagyuuxNiou (....I think that's the batting order?) fan, which just makes me squee with delight. Not that the occasional smutty oekaki doesn't hurt as well. >_> Anyway, I really love the artist's almost sketch-like quality to the art, it gives it a sort of doujinshi-like quality almost. Plus, the fifth and sixth illustrations in her art gallery proper are gorgeous, I'm just swooning with love over here. There's also a gorgeous Yagyuu and there's a ton of art in her diary and it's all just gorgeous. I cannot flail with love hard enough. (TezukaAtobe and YagyuuNiou.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, this is yet another site that I waffled on for a bit, but eventually came down on the side of because the Yagyuu art here totally made me go *____*. The most recent one (as of the time I write this rec) is a stunning one of Yagyuu in formal (if girly) traditional clothing where the colors and lines are just stunning. But the entire site is really nice--the artist clearly loves Niou especially, but still likes both characters and draws them in such a way that... mmm, it's hard to put my finger on it, but I really like the artist's basic linework, I think. The proportions feel right and that's such an important part of the framework of a piece. Plus, how can I not love a site that has a really nice illustration of Niou with the subtle detail of him holding Yagyuu's glasses? *hearts* (Yagyuu/Niou.)

- Prince of Tennis/Lord of the Rings - Cherrymania [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is one of those sites that may not appeal to everyone but that I found that, even if it didn't have my favorite pairings (Well, I like KamioShinji a lot. ♥) I was won over by the sheer level of detail with the images. The artist puts a lot of time into each and every one and those who are Senbe fans or Fudomine fans will probably really like it--the artist also does really nice things with her colors, though, I'm at a loss how to explain just exactly what that is. They're very shiny/glowy, though, but in a really nice way. It's also nice to see the occasional site that's all over the map--while Senbe and Kamio/Shinji seem to get the most attention, there are also some really beautiful Rikkai illustrations here, there's some wonderful group Hyoutei illustrations, there was a nice AkuSen as well, it had one of my new favorite Jackal/Marui illustrations, too... so probably something here for everyone. ♥

Now, originally, I wasn't going to put this in the LotR section because there's only about six illustrations or so, but. There's this one of Legolas on a horse while he leans over to kiss Aragorn that was just absolute stunning. There was also one of Aragorn kissing Legolas at the end of Return of the King that was just absolutely beautifully drawn and also took my breath away. These were some of the most flat-out beautiful LotR fanart I've ever seen, so I had to include them. (Main focuses are Senbe and KamioShinji, but it's an inter-school site, with a good dollop of Rikkai on it. Aragorn/Legolas for LotR.)

- Prince of Tennis/Gundam SEED - Shiso [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Now, there are a lot of pairings on this site (including some OshiAto and BeKami), but I found them to be not as well done as the Rikkai art, which is just lovely. It's interesting, actually, there seems to be a marked difference between her Hyoutei art and her Rikkai art and I'm not sure why that is--but the Rikkai art is really why I'm rec'ing this site. There are two things I loved about the style... well, okay, three. One, the lines are fantastic, very soft but still strong and clean, not really delicate but pretty instead. I love her color, but her b&w stuff has this incredible shading that you can see better. Two, this is the kind of art that makes me fall for a group of characters--you can see that Rikkai is a team, that they do silly stuff together or have fun together or practice together or sweatrop together and it's the team interaction stuff that really makes me sparkle. Three, PRETTY YAGYUUNIOU! *twirls*

Her Yagyuu is gorgeous (her Sanada, Yanagi, and Niou aren't exactly hard on the eyes, either)--there's this one comic where he's talking with Marui and Yagyuu's wearing this suit and just... OMG I DROOL ALL OVER MYSELF--and I can't decide if I like her traditional art better or if I like the comics better. Either way, the entire site is totally worth going through for just about all the Rikkai-related stuff. *luffles* Also, I'm going to toss this into the Gundam SEED section as well because while I didn't love the art as much as I loved her Tenipuri art, there are some fantastic illustrations of Ashuran in the gallery and a couple of really, really pretty Yzak ones--the further you get into the galleries, the more her art strengthens up and is often times just beautiful. (Rikkai-centric, some YagyuuNiou and Ashuran/Yzak.)

- Prince of Tennis - 2x8 flower [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Hana originally pointed me to some of the art on this site, then Yin showed me where the top page was so I could properly explore the site, so I'm blaming this one on those two. ^_~ This is one of those sites that doesn't really have any single theme to it, so it's hard for me to catagorize it, but it's got something for just about everyone. The first illustrations to hit me were the adorable TezukaFuji ones, but there are also some beautiful YagyuuNiou ones, and even some absolutely wonderful Inui/Yanagi ones, too. And then there's some cute FujiRyo, some cute TezukaRyoma, some cute Rokkaku illustrations, some beautiful Rikkai ones, and just on and on and on. Sanu's Gallery is nice for her pretty lineart--she did these fantastic Christmas illsutrations that were both just SO CUTE and had such prettypretty colors and I totally fangirled over them. Then Miko's Gallery was just... her art is nearly like this painting style that's just incredibly cool to see. There's too much art here for me to properly describe, but, ahahahaha, yes, of course I loved the ones of Yagyuu and Niou kissing especially. Ooh, ooh, and the softly beautiful one of Tezuka taking a picture of himself and Fuji leaning into him while they're in traditional clothing. LUFF. (Too many pairings to name, no single theme, but lots of Seigaku and Rikkai art.)

- Prince of Tennis - Lucky Pack [ Korean Fanart Site ] - ......I know I have to rec a site when I think I'm winding up squee'ing over each and every single last illustration on the site. I was originally attracted here for the YagyuuNiou art, which is SO PRETTY, but I totally wound up staying for the SanaYuki stuff and there's this one absolutely GORGEOUS illustration of Yanagi and Inui as kids that I just FLIPPED over. There're also illustrations of a gorgeous Yanagi, a gorgeousgorgeousgorgeous Yukimura, a gorgeous chibi!Sanada, and so on. There's also one of the single most brilliantly funny Tenipuri/CCS fusion illustrations that I've EVER SEEN (not to mention one of the prettiest) and still yet so on and so on. The artist's work isn't just squee-worthy, it's actually pretty, she has a good sense for colors and straddles the sketchy/polished lineart look line just enough to make me really, really like the art. This is yet another one of those sites where I couldn't stop going through all the art and shoving it at people because it was SO pretty and SO squee-worthy. ♥ (No real themes, but some YagyuuNiou and SanaYuki, plus Rikkai-friendly.)

- Prince of Tennis - Oh!MEGANEs [ Korean Fanart Site ] - I originally came to this site for the Jiroh/Oshitari fanart (because I have this thing for them, no, I don't know why), but stayed for the overall cute art. The art is very... well, it's hard to describe, it's kind of sketchy, but actually works for that, I thought, though, the real reason to come here is just for the... the overall feeling of fun to the site. If you're looking for a specific pairing, this site probably won't do much for you, but if you're looking for a nice little mix of Seigaku/Hyoutei/Rikkai art, then you'll probably like this one--or, hell, you could just go there for the absolutely ADORABLE (and gorgeous, actually *_*) illustration of Jiroh and Marui as kids in raincoats holding their mothers' hands that I just FELL IN LOVE WITH. Or you could go there for the Rikkai/FMA fusion that had Marui as Gluttony, Yukimura as Lust, and Niou as Envy that was quite possibly the funniest/brilliant thing I saw all day. ♥ (Some Hyoutei, some Seigaku, some Rikkai, a little Jiroh/Oshitari, beyond that no real themes.)

- Prince of Tennis - Cat's Eye [ Korean Fanart Site ] - You know, I'm not really sure how to describe this site, because... the art is... kind of its own particular style, which you'll see what I mean better if you surf onto the site. It's not as jarring as other sites I've seen, but it also may not be for everyone... the eyes in particular tend to stand out a lot. .___. However, I actually kind of like it, but, then, I've always liked that faint touch of the demon-ish (not that that's what the artist was going for, but that's what kind of looks like) or the ethereal. However, the artist does really good lines and great colors and her Marui and Kirihara chibis are TO DIE FOR. There's also this one black and white lineart of Rikkai that's just gorgeous, there's this INCREDIBLY detailed one of Fuji and Kirihara, etc., and it was art like that that made me want to rec the site. Plus, the Tezuka/Fuji illustration on the top of the site didn't hurt, either. ♥ (No single theme, Rikkai-friendly.)

- Prince of Tennis - ESCAPE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Not every last illustration this artist did knocked me over the moon, but I was wild enough about her Sanada/Yanagi illustrations and the random single-character illustration that I had to put this site on my list. The nice thing about this artist is that she has really good lines to her art and even when she colors the pictures, the lines still stand out as being really just well-done. She's got this one of Niou in traditional clothing that's just lovely and this one of Yagyuu in a sort of almost gothic-esque suit that is gorgeous and her Sanada/Yanagi illustrations are just beautiful, pretty and fine without being delicate, lovely without being all shoujo-y. She also does great non-modern clothes and the more and more you go into the gallery, the stroner her art gets. Some of the later ones have these amazing details around the mouth and eyes, but without overshadowing the entire effect of the image. ....ehhh, what I'm really just trying to get across is, "PRETTY!" XD;; (Rikkai-centric, some Sanada/Yanagi.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, I've rec'd this site before, but I think I only put it in the FujiRyo section before, so I wanted to re-rec it now that the artist is moving into Rikkai illustrations territory. The thing I like about this artist is that she does an absolutely fantastic job of capturing Konomi-sensei's style to her art, to the point that with her more recent illustrations, I could have believed that they'd come straight from the manga, that's how talented this fanartist is. Her Niou is perfect and she also does an absolutely amazing Kirihara. Her FujiRyo illustrations are gorgeous and practically perfect, her group illustrations are WONDERFUL. There's one of Oishi, Fuji, Ryoma, and Eiji that I'm just massively in love with and I adore the one she did of Yagyuu and Niou with Kirihara and Marui in the background. Just... wow, to this artist, who nails the Tenipuri style. *__* (Some FujiRyo, some Rikkai, some gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - Robin_food [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not sure how to describe why I like this site so much, other than to note that I just really like the artist's more current lineart. Well, that and I was totally won over by the fanart of Hiyoshi that looked like it was done with CG and is just... well, incredible, really. From the fantastic detail on his hair to the perfect lines of his body to the gorgeous way he was super-bishounen-ified, that image made me a fan of the site. Of course, that the artist does the occasional gorgeous Shishido or adorable Yuuta or Marui getting bubble-gum ALL OVER HIS FACE HAHAHAHA XD or the most stunning Yukimura that I've seen in a long time (the one where he's one the phone and seems to almost GLOW, just... *SWOON*) or the most adorable Kirihara ever or fantastic SanaYuki... well, all those things help, too. I really just... GOOD ARTIST HERE YOU GO SEE NOW. (Some shounen ai, no real pairing themes, Hyoutei-friendly, and Rikkai-friendly.)

- Prince of Tennis - Phantasms [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I... am not the world's biggest OshiAto fan these days, but, Christ, even I can't resist when the artist does this absolutely incredibly colored art. Just... vivid and bright without being gaudy, you know? It also helped that the artist softed me up with a REALLY PRETTY ToriShishi illustration right off the bat and then a REALLY COOL illustration of Shishido playing pool and doing some FANASTIC (and lovely) group illustrations. And that I genuinely like her Atobe. And that I find the mock-doujinshi game Hyoutei illustrations to be really amusing and pretty. The art is the kind that... you can tell it's fanart, because the lines are a little pointier and the coloring less CG-esque, but it doesn't matter, because it looks PRETTY and it's the artist's distinctive style and then HOLY CRAP SHE DRAWS A GORGEOUS YAGYUU AND NIOU AND MARUI ILLUSTRATION AND I HAVE TO REVEAL WHAT A DIPPY FANGIRL I AM AND DROOL ON MYSELF AT HOW PRETTY IT IS. But her Yagyuu really is hot. *__* (Some Oshitari/Atobe, Hyoutei-friendly, Rikkai-friendly.)

- Prince of Tennis - Magma [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I am rec'ing this site for two reasons--really pretty Niou illustrations and a couple of adorable Bane-chan/Davide illustrations; the artist really does do great lines with her characters, very detailed and sharp, with really good colors. She's the kind that puts a lot of detail into the hair and eyes, combining it with a solid sense for proportions, so that it really looks like they could have stepped out of a manga. But, really, you're going here for the prettypretty Niou. ....oh, and that really hot one of Sanada and Yanagi. XD (Some Niou/Yagyuu, some other shounen ai, Rikkai-friendly, Rokkaku-friendly.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Have I ever mentioned that I have a thing for Jiroh/Oshitari? I have? Oh. Well. I'm gonna do it again. Because it still surprises me that there are some really terrific sites for the pairing out there and this site is no exception--her lines are really excellent, very strong and some great inking, which you can especially tell on the characters' hair and clothes, which are nicely detailed. I also really like the artist's colors, it works well for the Jiroh/Oshitari pairing. Plus, there's this one of them both leaning against a railing at night with the city behind them and they just... *happy sigh* yes, that's what I got into the pairing for, I think, art like that. And while it's not my passion, the artist does awesome Yukimura/Kirihara illustrations. Her single-character stuff is fantastic as well, but I think those Yukimura/Kirihara illustrations may have been some of her best. Oh, and? The oekaki stuff? FANTASTIC. No, seriously. The one with Fuji and baby!Yuuta? I'm STILL laughing, even ten minutes later, giggling again whenever I think of it. (Jiroh/Oshitari, some Yukimura/Kirihara, some Rikkai, some gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's something terribly cute and adorable about this artist's work that just... even if Kirihara and Marui aren't my favorite characters (aren't even my favorite Rikkai characters) that just wins me over, because her lines and colors are so CUTE and surprisingly well-done. There's a LOT of almost-sketches on the site and even with those, the art is really very professional looking and the lines are fantastic, the colors really subtle and shaded wonderfully, a really surprisingly amount of detail and variety with the characters, and I just... I can't get over how adorable her Kirhara and Marui are. Plus, the occasional smut is really nice and I just... I found myself sad when the site was over because... it's a little bit of a kink site, but I found myself enjoying it a lot. (Kirihara/Marui, with some occasional Rikkai stuff, not work-safe/content warning.)

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