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- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I came here for the TezuFuji (I don't even remember how I got here anymore, though, I think it was from an FFVII site of all things) because the banner looked like it might be cute... and the first image I see was a RyoSaku one. I inteded to pass over it like I always do, but something caught at me. It was of Ryoma lazing on the couch and Karupin next to him and Sakuno packing clothes... and Karupin was chewing on her hair. And it was somehow the cutest thing in the world and I think... I think... I think I might like RyoSaku a bit now. As for the rest of the site, it's mainly geared towards TezuFuji and it's probably of the type that you need to be a fan to really enjoy it, but... I vibed with it. The detail is really kind of amazing, seeing Tezuka and Fuji in traditional clothes, all the pretty folds and wrinkles in the cloth, all the lines of their messy hair atop it, the warm but sparse colors... I really, really dig that for this pairing. And then! Then there was a comic with hospital!Fuji and doctor!Tezuka and I think I about squeed aloud at how hot it was just because he was a doctor. And, good lord, the sketches are just... hot or adorable or wibble-worthy and adlfkjasdlfkjas the RyoSaku on the couch with his head in her lap owns me right now. (Tezuka/Fuji, Ryoma/Sakuno.)

- Prince of Tennis - Oasis Life [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - In my new quest for RyoSaku fanart, this is one of the first sites I stumbled across and there's not a ton of art here, but it does have a handful of really cute ones. The artist can be a little shakey sometimes, her CG needs a little tightening, but other times... well, there's this one of Ryoma and Karupin on a fence and it looks fantastic. It's just so adorable and cute that even I want to pick the little brat up and hug him. Or Sakuno and Tomoka in their cheerleading outfits! Or OH MY GOD the sheer amount of CUTE in kid!Ryoma kneeling next to kid!Sakuno with an orange in hand and the sunlight filtering through the trees and it's just the sweetest thing ever. That's pretty much what this site did to me, it made me coo at the right times and put a smile on my face and made me glad that invisible switch in my head had been flipped on so that I could like this pairing now. <3 (Ryoma/Sakuno.)

- Prince of Tennis - Tricolor [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - aalksdfalskjdflaskj, god, the toxic levels of CUTE with some of these images--! The little chibi one of them in winter and the silhoutte of them kissing and then holding hands with their little mittens and clouds of breath against the winter air and I CANNOT STAND THE CUTE. But there's also some really pretty stuff--the very first image is of Ryoma leaning sleepily against her shoulder while she looks at the night sky and the colors are just beautiful and I love them both and you can tell the artist loves them both and you can even tell that looking at art sites like these make me hyper as hell because I love them so much. I really like the way the artist gives the characters a highlighted sort of look, so there's multiple tones to their eyes and hair, it makes everything seem so vibrant and pretty. And, yes, I'm discovering a whole new playground, shut up and let me have my fun. (Ryoma/Sakuno.)

- Prince of Tennis - Cross Wing [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It only took me a few illustrations into this site to be convinced that I had to rec it. I think it was around the time Sakuno was holding onto the huge stuffed bear or the insanely adorable Halloween one with witch!Sakuno flying on a broom and cat!Ryoma and Karupin dressed like a wizard. The site borders on chibi-esque at times, other times they're just young kids, but the artist somehow manages to almost always make them look so cute that I want to pick them both up and snuggle them. It's not a perfect site, but it's got the occasional fantasy-style illustration or chibi!Sakuno playing with Karupin or them both dressed up in formal clothes or them dresses as kitties or Ryoma about the death glare at Atobe for talking to Sakuno... and that was enough to make me feel warm and fluffy inside. The artist clearly had a lot of fun and that spilled over into my own enjoyment of the site. (Ryoma/Sakuno.)

- Prince of Tennis - Romantic Bazaar [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The artist on this site starts out rather shakey, but Sakuno was cute, so I kept on browsing through the gallery and eventually this site became one of those that... the whole of the site was something that won me over, just enough cute images to have made it worth my time to go through everything. The artist certainly improves as she goes along and I'd definitely like to see more from her, especially because her Sakuno is just darling in various dresses and other outfits--the Wonderland!Sakuno was adorable. Her Ryoma is cute at times as well, he's never without his usual flat look or smirk, even when he's toying with (or probably yanking on ♥) her hair or glaring up a storm when Fuji is the one near her. (Shush, it was cute.) I had fun with this site. :D (Ryoma/Sakuno, a hint of Fuji/Sakuno.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Honestly, I didn't expect much out of this site, the art didn't seem like it would be that impressive... yet, before I knew it, I was saving each and every one into my personal folder and going, "Y'know, that's kinda cute...." The artist has a quiet, cute charm about her, not something that would win people over if they were dead set against it I don't think, but something that appeals to me given my new fondness for the pairing. There are some occasionally cute ones (I like the summer time ones the best, with Sakuno in the black t-shirt and Ryoma shirtless, somehow they're so cute there... and the one of Kevin flirting with/being nice to her and Ryoma having a fit in the background ♥... or Sakuno trying to learn to play and Ryoma's absolutely bored expression in the background) and it's maybe worth a quick tour if you're a particularily strong fan of either character. (Ryoma/Sakuno.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, I warmed up to this site fast. The art is very CG-y, very cute, but the artist actually has talent at it, both with making the art super-cute and with making it surprisingly detailed and properly recognizable (all things considered, that is). She also does some of the most adorable concepts--Ryoma with the king's crown or absolutely adorable summer sun dresses for Sakuno or the wibble-worthy one of them pressing their foreheads together or asldjkfalsdfjalskjflsd leaning towards each other to each bite on a corner of a heart and how I practically flailed into the wall at the cute there. The art isn't always perfect, but when the artist wants to make me squee from the cute or coo at the pretty, she is totally capable of doing so; there were several illustrations on the site that I was just delighted to find. ♥ (Ryoma/Sakuno, a smidge of Eiji/Tomoka and a little other.)

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