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- Prince of Tennis - Lucky Pack [ Korean Fanart Site ] - ......I know I have to rec a site when I think I'm winding up squee'ing over each and every single last illustration on the site. I was originally attracted here for the YagyuuNiou art, which is SO PRETTY, but I totally wound up staying for the SanaYuki stuff and there's this one absolutely GORGEOUS illustration of Yanagi and Inui as kids that I just FLIPPED over. There're also illustrations of a gorgeous Yanagi, a gorgeousgorgeousgorgeous Yukimura, a gorgeous chibi!Sanada, and so on. There's also one of the single most brilliantly funny Tenipuri/CCS fusion illustrations that I've EVER SEEN (not to mention one of the prettiest) and still yet so on and so on. The artist's work isn't just squee-worthy, it's actually pretty, she has a good sense for colors and straddles the sketchy/polished lineart look line just enough to make me really, really like the art. This is yet another one of those sites where I couldn't stop going through all the art and shoving it at people because it was SO pretty and SO squee-worthy. ♥ (No real themes, but some YagyuuNiou and SanaYuki, plus Rikkai-friendly.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - It was the SanadaYukimura illustration on this page that first caught my attention because it was absolutely gorgeous (though, as I type this rec, the top illustration has been replaced with an adorable Christmas themed one XD) and the rest of the site was quite fun to go through. The artist has a rather soft style that I really liked, soft lines and soft colors, just this side of 'romantic' (but not girly-romantic, this is just me being a doofy fangirl XD) that made all the illustrations pretty. This is one of the few Rikkai-friendly sites I've honestly liked, becasue the art is actually very pretty. Definitely one of those sites that makes me think I could fall for SanaYuki... and, okay, it didn't hurt that there was a little TezuFuji in there, too. *nfyu~* (SanadaYukimura, some TezukaFuji, Rikkai-friendly, other pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - CHOICE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Wow, this artist is fabulous... which sort of surprises me, because I'd started to think that I'd already seen all the really tremendously talented fanartists out there in this fandom, especially for pairings I like. But this site is new to me and I really like it because the artist uses that slick, clean CG style to really good effect, because her lines are sharp and the coloring is fabulous. I suspect it's quite possibly the prettiest Yanagi/Inui/Yanagi site I've come across... this is not to mention the beautiful Yukimura/Sanada illustrations on the site as well. It's just... all the details that go into the illustrations, the way the eyes in the more recent illustration are just stunning and intense and draw your gaze to them immediately. I'm all over her YukiSana as well, they're both so pretty and I wish I could better explain exactly how, but I'd just wind up flailing even more than I already am. Just... wow, such a fantastic site, so much love here. (Yanagi/Inui/Yanagi, Yukimura/Sanada.)

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