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- Prince of Tennis - ZENITH [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is all Noel's fault, because she's become very much a Saeki fan lately and I asked her to distract me this afternoon, so she starts in on the fanart, I find the Saeki/Fuji fan listing and... yeah. All downhill from there. ^_~ But, I'm glad, because this site does the most wonderful Saeki I've seen, just... I shriek with how much I loved the anime-based illustrations. The colors are fabulous, the way the artist does his eyes is lovely, and there are some illustrations here that just make me swoon. There's one of chibi-Saeki watching some older Rokkaku players when he was young that just... is now my new favorite Saeki fanart, hands down. And then there's one of Atobe playing pool that totally made me go, "affhahasawwhekawea!!!!" because it was so pretty. The artist also draws some of the hottest SaekiFuji that I've ever seen and some of the cutest chibi-SaekiFuji that I've ever seen, she gets a really nice selection of styles down. Plus, there's a good selection of characters I don't always get to see a lot of--Saeki, Fuji, Atobe (okay, those two I do see a lot of ^_~), and even Kamio and Sengoku show up occasionally. Plus, there's a lot of art here to drool over. My hormones are totally in lust. (Saeki/Fuji, some Atobe/Fuji, a little Kamio/other, Sengoku/other, and FujiRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Sometimes, I am a little slow on the uptake. So I've been to this site several times and always thought the art was quite pretty but there wasn't enough of it for me to rec, but this time I had the brilliant idea to actually explore a little by clicking on the Atobe link. Aha~~ And while there's not much more art, there are a handful of beautiful TezuAto illustrations and we all know what a geek I am for those two. I just adore the artist's coloring, the soft shading, and the lines/poses she puts the characters into. These are just... completely and utterly the character I fell in love with, her Atobe is just gorgeous, her Tezuka is just gorgeous, hell, even her Ryoma is gorgeous. ^_~ The main gallery has some beautiful illustrations of a lot of the characters and some very pretty TezuRyo, but it was really the TezuAto (which you may have to dig a bit for) that just had me swooning. (Some TezuAto, some TezuRyo, some OshitariAtobe, some misc. pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Wingwing [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Jennifier D rec'd this one first and I'm totally ganking it from her to rec it, too. I like that the art is cute, but not rot-your-teeth cute and the soft colors really make the illustrations rather pretty. There are a couple in the gallery that are actually really quite lovely and I adore the way the artist draws Ryoma and Fuji's eyes. Plus, the almost kiss illustration? Very pretty. This site also had a link to the FujiRyo union site which, um, was very, very bad for me because I spent quite a lot of time there. >_> (FujiRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - What I liked about this site (other than that the art is quite adorable) is the way the artist draws the characters' eyes and hair, it's surprisingly detailed and pretty. The colors are also soft and the lines just delicate enough (if a bit too long) that they really appealed to me. It took me a bit to warm up to the artist's style, but the further I got into her gallery, the more I really started to like and appreciate the softness of the art, the feeling she was giving off from it. Plus, the "love" illustration? SO CUTE. The second gift illustration is beautiful, too. *___* Very cute, sweet site, I enjoyed it a lot. (FujiRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Shiawase no Tsubo [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Yin was the one who pointed this site out to me and I'm totally ganking it from her. ^_^v What I like about this site is that there's a nice selection of characters and pairings, including some of my favorites--the TezuFuji ones just make me melt into a puddle from the cute, especially since her Fuji is just damned adorable. There's some really cute KikuRyo (which I like in fanart) and while there's only one FujiRyo, it's really nice. There are some absolutely adorable illustrations here, especially the chibi one of the entire Seigaku team, plus a few extras from episode 64, (which has fantastic lineart and is really quite beautiful) and what I walked away from this site feeling was... when I've been through so many art sites, it starts to feel like I've seen everything and when I come across a site like this... I realize there's still more good stuff to find out there and just... it gives me enthusiasm for TeniPuri fanart a shot in the arm. *sparkles* (Some TezuFuji, KikuRyo, various pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Juokubunritsu [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Now, before you all fall over in shock that I'm rec'ing a TezuRyo site... eh, okay, I acutally don't have anything. Go ahead and fall over in shock. ^_~ The real reason I'm rec'ing this site is that I've seen this artist's doujinshi before and I just had to hunt her down, because she draws one of the the hottest Tezukas in front of a fence that I've seen. Plus, this is my kind of TezuRyo, the kind that soothes me and makes me think that it might be possible after all... or at the very least, nice. The colors are soft and lovely, the lines beautiful, and the artwork is overall just cute and pretty. Very nice. (Some TezuRyo, FujiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis/Hunter x Hunter - Little Portion [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - ........oh, my god, this artist is amazing. Just... I was floored by the incredible use of CG art here and am wildly in love. The site is very Eiji-centric, very FujiEiji-friendly, but also with some absolutely stunning Golden Pair art. Just... I'm speechless, I suspect. The coloring is flat-out amazing, just vivid and bright and incredible. The proportions are perfect and it really reminds me of a professionally done CG game, that's how GOOD this artist is. Okay, and I admit the ZukaKiku illustration did make me go *ufufufufu*, but it's PRETTY. My favorite, though, is still the absolutely incredible one of Oishi and Eiji in the leaves. Just... WOW. I'm incoherent with how good the art is. And there's not much Hunter x Hunter art here, but what there is is just... DAMN. Some of the best art I've seen for ANYTHING much less for a series. *FAWNS* (Some FujiEiji, some OishiEiji, other Eiji pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, Oishi, Oishi, Oishi, darling Oishi, I always knew you were pretty, but you are downright beautiful here. I stumbled over this site tonight and just... oh, god, if I weren't in love with Oishi before, I certainly would be now. There are five or so illustrations on this site that I will actually give the description of "STUNNING" to. That's how incredible and beautiful they were and I am completely gone on this site. The line art is strong and beautiful, the coloring vibrant, but not overpowering, just right, the shading is fantastic (especially in the b&w comics *___*), and Oishi is just... perfect. (There's also one of Fuji that is just gorgeous.) This art is quite possibly among my very, very, very favorites for Oishi art ever, I just wibble over the site. I'm incoherent in my love, as you can see. And that there were occasional TezuOishi hints? LOVE. And the one TezuAto illustration didn't hurt my feelings, either. >_> *loves more* (Some OishiEiji, TezuOishi, and FujiOishi hints.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site was so so damn CUTE! Cute, cute, cute, cute! The artist is very talented, great lines and nice use of color, but it's the "Eeeee! SO CUTE!" reaction that I remember most. XD Little chibi-Tezuka kissing little chibi-Oishi on the cheek or (regular-sized) Tezuka kissing Oishi on the cheek or Oishi and Eiji being so damned cute together or Oishi just being pretty all on his own... I love this site madly. I'd have loved it either way, but it helps that it's TezukaOishi-friendly (though, there's still plenty of GP goodness in there, too XD) made me go into orbit, because there aren't a lot of good TezukaOishi artists out there. Very, very nice art (Oishi with the giant egg still amuses the heck out of me XD) and Oishi-centric. I don't ask for much more. *hanyan~* (TezukaOishi, OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I was slowly caving on this site because the artist has a nice style (a bit on the roundish side, but that does help enhance the cuteness of her art) because she draws an absolutely adorable Sakuno and some of the cutest Tomoka/Sakuno illustrations that I've ever seen. But I officially caved when I hit a second gallery (there are more than one here, I believe) and Eiji was leaning in to kiss Oishi in one panel and in the next Tezuka's got his arm wrapped around Oishi's head, a flat look on his face, and a racket shoved practically up Eiji's nose that cracked me up. I LOVED that. XD XD XD The artist's shading is also lovely and there's a nice selection of art here (Wheeee~! I get to cross Sakaki x Jiroh off my list of pairings~! ^_^v) even beyond just Oishi stuff. Plus? Tezuka and Oishi in the rain? *WIBBLES* Also absolutely ADORED the TezukaSakuno illustration, which is my pet crack but I LOVE it. *was so happy* (Some RyoSaku, some het pairings, some TomoSaku, some TezukaOishi, some OishiEiji, some other yaoi/inter-school pairings, some Hyotei.)

- Prince of Tennis - Blind Gate [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, this artist does just lovely work--beautiful lines, beautiful colors, beautiful poses/atmospheres to the illustrations and some gorgeous details. There are so many illustrations here that I just absolutely fell in love with, the artist draws all the characters to be just beautiful. One of the best things an artist can do (in my opinion) is to combine a strong sense of proportions and a strong skill in the linework--which sounds like an obvious thing, that all artists would have it, but when you look at this artist, you'll see what I mean. Everything just... looks right, nothing's too long or too short, it's all just perfect. And then you combine that with the softened colors... and I just go *____*. And wow. The inking is fantastic in some of these. *__* And did I mention the gorgeous, gorgeous Tezuka? And the beautiful Fuji? And the gorgeous Atobe? If not, let me do so again. They're pretty. XD (Some TezukaFuji, OshitariAtobe, FujiEiji, and ToriShishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - Ultrakick [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I think what sold me on this artist were the two illustrations of Tezuka in Hyotei and Fudomine tennis uniforms, because that was such a neat little thing to do. I also really kinda liked the way the arist drew Tezuka, very... CLAMP-ish, in a way. Tall, broad shoulders, nicely dressed... very much reminded me of their Tokyo Babylon-era work. On the Atobe side of the site, there were a couple of lovely OshitariAtobe illustrations that I really liked (also done in the same CG-esque style that I thought worked well for the artist), a wonderful group Hyotei illustration, and three really nice ToriShishi illustrations. So I had fun. ^_^v (Tezuka-friendly, Some OshitariAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - Raviy999 [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Eheheheheh, I think a couple of my friends are going to kill me for this rec (because it's so gushing and fawning), but I can't help it, because the art is stunning and there are so very, very, very few ZukaRyo fanartists who do STUNNING work. I knew right from the Christmas top illustration that I would probably rec this site because it was just so well-drawn, but going through the gallery... the art is beautiful and I would be surprised if the artist wasn't publishing some sort of work, whether doujinshi or manga of her own. The lines are gorgeous, the colors subtle, but rich, the poses sweet, adorable, and touching, and the amount of details that go into the art amazing. The one with them touching foreheads with Karupin between them... it took my breath away with its gorgeousness. Just... wow. (TezukaRyoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - ANZmonogatari [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I'll be the first to admit that this site's art is not always the best, but about three forths of the way through the main gallery, I became just enchanted with the lines (which are just adorable) and the colors (which are so soft and lovely). This is a very fluffy, happy, sweet TezukaFuji, which isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea, but I like it sometimes. There's also a LOT of art here and some of it is just downright pretty. I found it to be very worth going through the entire gallery for images of Tezuka and Fuji in halloween costumes or Fuji and Eiji curled up near the Christmas tree or the nearly chibi-esque lovely TezukaFuji illustrations or Fuji leaning into Tezuka, who's gently holding him. Or! Matching pjs! *flails with happiness* But the artist can draw their eyes just so... intense that somehow fits with the softened colors she uses, her lineart just... wah! So much love and prettiness that I'm incoherent over it! (TezukaFuji, some FujiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis/Full Metal Alchemist - sea anemone [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, I didn't want to be won over by this site, but I was looking for FMA fanart and decided to drop by the TeniPuri section as long as I was here and... crap. Crap, crap, crap. It's all so cute, disarmingly so. The art isn't quite chibi, but it's chibi-esque enough that it's just darling; the artist combining that with a nice sense for colors and a deft hand with the neko ears and tail. It's not so much that it becomes obnoxious, just enough that it tears at my defenses and makes me kinda-sorta like the art. >_> It doesn't hurt that Ryoma's expression is usually so cranky. XD As for the FMA art, there's not a lot here, but I had to rec the site because of the oekaki--I, obviously, rec a lot of Roy fanart, so for me to see some Edward art that somehow tugs at me... is very cool. <3 He's just so cute, though, and the artist really does a terrific job, especially with his eyes. *___* (Some Eiji/Ryoma and Sengoku/Eiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Scrap [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - It was the third illustration on this site that sold me on this one. I'm not the world's biggest Hiyoshi fan or Ohtori/Hiyoshi, but holy Christ, the image of a tearful Ohtori standing in front of flat-look!Hiyoshi while Jiroh sort of sleepily stares at them... god, it crushed me with how pretty it was. The colors (and shading on Ohtori's hair) were just flat-out amazing, the lines fabulous, and the cuteness soul-crushing. The rest of the site is just as gorgeous, using beautiful lines, beautiful colors, and really, honestly, genuinely sweet poses and looks on the characters' faces. The artist often uses that softener filter absolutely wonderfully, so the entire site just makes me swoon. *sparkles* And I think the little Ohtori sprite nuzzling the little Hiyoshi sprite crushed something in my soul with the sheer power of CUTE. (OhtoriHiyoshi, a little JirohHiyoshi, and a tiny bit of InuiEiji/InuiRyoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Holy crap, this artist is good. There are a few places in her art that are a little bit off (the faces tend to be too round-ish), but beyond that this artist has mastered the CG style of anime series. The art is nearly on par with the official art from the series--that's how strong her colors, lines, and shading are here. There's this one of Eiji in rock star gear that's just flat-out incredible with how amazing it looks and the one of Fuji in police shirt also looks just amazing. At first, I honestly couldn't tell which of the two was her favorite because they were both done so beautifully--and the FujiEiji illustrations (a pairing I'm not wild about, so for me to praise it like this... ^_~) were really, really wonderful. Though, you can tell Eiji is her favorite by going through the sketches--he's absolutely adorable there. (FujiEiji, but it could be almost purely gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - 2x8 flower [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Hana originally pointed me to some of the art on this site, then Yin showed me where the top page was so I could properly explore the site, so I'm blaming this one on those two. ^_~ This is one of those sites that doesn't really have any single theme to it, so it's hard for me to catagorize it, but it's got something for just about everyone. The first illustrations to hit me were the adorable TezukaFuji ones, but there are also some beautiful YagyuuNiou ones, and even some absolutely wonderful Inui/Yanagi ones, too. And then there's some cute FujiRyo, some cute TezukaRyoma, some cute Rokkaku illustrations, some beautiful Rikkai ones, and just on and on and on. Sanu's Gallery is nice for her pretty lineart--she did these fantastic Christmas illsutrations that were both just SO CUTE and had such prettypretty colors and I totally fangirled over them. Then Miko's Gallery was just... her art is nearly like this painting style that's just incredibly cool to see. There's too much art here for me to properly describe, but, ahahahaha, yes, of course I loved the ones of Yagyuu and Niou kissing especially. Ooh, ooh, and the softly beautiful one of Tezuka taking a picture of himself and Fuji leaning into him while they're in traditional clothing. LUFF. (Too many pairings to name, no single theme, but lots of Seigaku and Rikkai art.)

- Prince of Tennis - Oh!MEGANEs [ Korean Fanart Site ] - I originally came to this site for the Jiroh/Oshitari fanart (because I have this thing for them, no, I don't know why), but stayed for the overall cute art. The art is very... well, it's hard to describe, it's kind of sketchy, but actually works for that, I thought, though, the real reason to come here is just for the... the overall feeling of fun to the site. If you're looking for a specific pairing, this site probably won't do much for you, but if you're looking for a nice little mix of Seigaku/Hyoutei/Rikkai art, then you'll probably like this one--or, hell, you could just go there for the absolutely ADORABLE (and gorgeous, actually *_*) illustration of Jiroh and Marui as kids in raincoats holding their mothers' hands that I just FELL IN LOVE WITH. Or you could go there for the Rikkai/FMA fusion that had Marui as Gluttony, Yukimura as Lust, and Niou as Envy that was quite possibly the funniest/brilliant thing I saw all day. ♥ (Some Hyoutei, some Seigaku, some Rikkai, a little Jiroh/Oshitari, beyond that no real themes.)

- Prince of Tennis/Full Metal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit that I have a little bit of an ulterior motive in rec'ing this site, because it's a Tezuka x Ryoma site and I'm generally not wild about the pairing, which is largely because I hate the way fans of the pairing have behaved in the English fandom. However, god knows I tend to be stubborn and dig my heels and refuse to give up something if people are pissing me off, so when I saw this site was ZukaRyo, I nearly turned right around and didn't give a second look, but... dammit, these are my characters, too. So. Well. Yes. Anyway, the artist is a little wobbly in her art early on, but some of the later illustrations tighten up to look a lot better, get less shakey. She does the kind of ZukaRyo that I think I could actually almost sorta kinda like, especially when they're in the rain and Tezuka's holding Ryoma or in the "Double Zone" poster-style one that's just pretty (the colors are fantastic) or when the artist draws a really cute FujiRyo or when the artist draws these absolutely ADORABLE chibis. It's not my ultimate favorite site, but it was cute enough for me to want to put on the list just to be ornery. >:P As for the FMA fanart... oh, my dear god, there is the CUTEST THING EVER in that section!! There's a kitty!Roy picking up a kitty!Ed and tossing him over his shoulder and that illustration alone was worth this rec. *___* But it's also the "crack" comic because pages 5 and 6 have this incredible amount of EMOTION in them that just... *__* blows me away, really. I LOVE that kind of stuff. (TezukaRyoma, FujiRyoma, RoyEd.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really debated on whether or not to rec this site, because I sort of sit on the fence over the art. Just... if you're a TezuFuji fan like I am, there are certain illustrations on this site that just made me melt into a pile of GOO. The art is sort of sketchy, but that works in favor of a lighter, sweeter tone to the art and I just... I FLAIL over the OishiEeiji fanart that had them leaning into each other, I FAWN over the fanart of Tezuka kissing Fuji, and I am a wibbling mess of fangirl on the floor over the one of Tezuka holding Fuji close with the maple leaves over the fanart. There's not a ton of art here, it's not the kind that'll blow you away, but... it warmed my heart and that's a wonderful thing sometimes. It made me feel better. ♥ (TezukaFuji, but other traditional Seigaku pairings, too.)

- Prince of Tennis - DIGITAL*MIND [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites that I just... I flail from the cute because, holy crap, OISHI IS SO CUTE. It's not just the cute, the artist is actually really good with her chibi-style art--the colors are fantastic, the lines are gorgeous, and the details very nice and sharp. But it's that whole feeling of... when you see little chibi Tezuka about to kiss little chibi Oishi's forehead and you spaz from the cute... THAT'S what I love about this site. Though, the artist also does these really nice group illustrations with these gorgoues lines and gorgeous colors that are somehow both cute AND pretty without feeling schizophrenic about it. Just... *FLAIL* OHMYGODTHECUTE! XD (A little Tezuka/Oishi, a little Seigaku/Oishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - dapantyo [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....have I never rec'd this site? It seems like I must have... but I can't find it in my links anywhere. It's one of those sites that's just completely all over the map with the characters they draw in the illustrations. One time it'll be a TezuAto illustration, the next it'll be an Eiji illustration, the next it'll be an OshiGaku illustration, the next it'll be Fuji, the next it'll be Ryoma and Karupin, the next it'll be a TezuFuji illustration, then another OshiGaku illustration, and so on. Which I like, because I like a lot of different things (obviously) and because the art is really cute. Her OshiGaku is probably the best, but I find I also like the ZukaAto stuff, because she uses these really pretty colors with brush-like style that works nicely. Just... a NICE site and FUN and one of those that gives me a fix for lots of little things. (Several shounen ai pairings, few themes, but mostly OshiGaku, with Seigaku-friendly, Hyoutei-friendly, TezuAto-friendly, and TezuFuji-friendly elements.)

- Prince of Tennis - xiexie [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Well. I was sort of waffling back and forth on this site (the artist does a really good Ryoma, but I wavered on the rest of her characters) when I hit the Midoriyama fanart. Let me say that again. Midoriyama fanart. And not just any Midoriyama fanart, pretty Midoriyama fanart. I had no idea such a thing existed in this world! ^_~ In all seriousness, though, the artist does really beautiful fanart for the school and she does really lovely Hyoutei illustrations of Shishido and Ohtori and her oekaki is really fun/good if you like oekaki fanart, which I often do. There's this one Shishido fanart that's just... his long hair is swirling around his head and he's got these lovely intense eyes. And then there's here ADORABLE oekaki of Ryoma with Karupin inside his shirt. And I mentioned the gorgeous Midoriyama fanart? Yes? Okay. I really ♥ this site. XD (Maybe a little shounen ai, but not very much. Seigaku and ShishiTori.)

- Prince of Tennis/Bleach - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't going to rec this site at first, because I'm not sure how much the artist's style resonated with me, personally, but the more I started poking around, the more I realized that each illustration was starting to stand out for me, that I wanted to keep going with the site, because the illustrations were either amusing, they hinted at TezuAto, or they were occasionally REALLY GOOD--there's this absolutely fantastic one of Sanada that I think has Tezuka in the background and it's just... perfect. The colors are fantastic, the details are nice, and the FEEL... the intensity and strength of the feel I get off the illustration WITHOUT it being even close to shounen-ai... I fell in love with that. Which was my favorite piece on the site, but then there's stuff like the batshit Seigaku Halloween or Hyoutei at karaoke with the BEST expression on Atobe's face or the random cute group stuff or whatever. Plus, then you've got the Bleach oekaki that are scattered throughout the site that just really, really nailed the characters that they were drawing, I think. Gin's creepy smile was perfect. And the others were just... nice, worth checking out, I think. (I'm... not really sure I'm going to label this with any pairings, but Seigaku and Hyoutei-friendly.)

- Prince of Tennis - HAPHAZARD [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I would have thought for sure that I'd have seen this site before, especially since a handful of the illustrations seem familiar. But, again, I can't find it anywhere on my list, so if it gets re-rec'd... saaa na. Anyway, it's one of those sites that's really kinda cute with a handful of illustrations (like the one of Fuji and Ryoma lying in the grass *__*) that are just beautiful. Lots of bright colors and clean lines, some really good Fuji illustrations, lots of details, lots of cuteness, and on and on. I think the FujiRyo illustrations are probably the highlight of the site, they seem to be done the best, but the SaekiFuji ones are cute, and there's at least one really, really good FujiEiji illustration. Which makes this site one of those that... I'm just glad to have gone through, because it filled out my morning nicely. (FujiRyo, FujiEiji, SaekiFuji, maybe a little other shounen ai?)

- Prince of Tennis - FearEnd [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Normally, I'm not that fond of this artist's style (it's hard to describe, but I see it fairly often in J-fanart, a certain style of CG, that's almost in the vague direction of gothic, but not quite), but what saves this art for me is that it's not too over the pretentious line, that the artist is actually quite good, and some of her most recent work is getting to be quite good. The colors soften up a bit and the lines get smoother and the details stronger. Anything with all four of the characters (the site focuses on Fuji, Ryoma, Eiji, and Tezuka) is well-worth seeing (there's this blue-themed one that I love and the uber-gay-styled samurai one is GREAT) and the site has some of the better FujiRyo illustrations that I've seen, you can tell how much the artist must like them. Maybe not going to be for everyone, but I enjoyed it, despite it not being my usual thing. <3 And, oh, that Fuji birthday one (the second one down from the top in the gallery) is just heart-warmingly lovely. (Some FujiRyo, some KikuRyo, a little combination of all four characters.)

- Prince of Tennis/Eyeshield 21/Full Metal Alchemist/Uninhabited Planet Survive - Dog Tail [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....I can't believe I wound up on a site with UPS art. I mean, I've only seen the first five episodes or so, but it's enough to know that I kinda like it and enough for me to recognize the characters and be astounded that they were so pretty. The artist does light and airy lines, soft colors and it all comes together wonderfully--I am in love with her Kaoru especially. Her Prince of Tennis stuff is the kind that's all over the map (though, with a strong fondness for putting Fuji with people, mostly intra-Seigaku pairings), continuing the soft lines and bright colors that somehow really work for me. And, okay, I admit that it was probably the two Tezuka/Fuji illustrations that won me over--they're beautiful. Tezuka and Fuji with the racket between them and the looks on their face...! Or the beautiful blue shades used in the one where Tezuka has his arm slung around Fuji's shoulders? I swoon. As for FMA, her Ed is gorgeous, her Roy is gorgeous, her RoyEd is gorgeous, I really liked her Havoc/Ed stuff, that one of Roy vs Envy was SO COOL, and despite that I'm not talking as much about them, I think her FMA work might be the strongest. Though, her Eyeshield 21 stuff has some great lines and I flail over her beautiful Shin/Sakuraba. Excellently done, really. Just... the whole site is worth going through. ♥ (Lots of shounen-ai, Fuji-pairings, Shin/Sakuraba, RoyEd, HavocEd, and possibly others.)

- Full Metal Alchemist/Prince of Tennis - cherrywood [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have a real weakness for this artist's style, the kind that has these soft colors and almost fine-like lines that somehow just work together. Sometimes, the art can skate a little close to shoujo, but it never gets too delicate for me and I wind up really liking the way the characters look, almost with a softened filter over the colors. But it's also for things like the adorable illustration of Ed in glasses or the really disciplined image of Roy, Ed, and Al (which looks like a really nice doujinshi cover) or the adorable oekaki of Roy kissing Ed's hand or the surprisingly really good Ryoma illustrations. There's a birthday one of Ryoma in a top-hat and sparkly tux that should have been just completely WTF?-inspiring, but somehow managed to look GOOD. There's also the one of Ryoma in a normal shirt, looking sleepy that just has fantastic lines. Just... a cute, fun little site that has potential for even more. (Maybe a little Roy/Ed, mostly gen. Seigaku-focus, but gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - Invisible Circus [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So, telephonedeath posted a links list of Tezuka/Fuji fanart sites here and, naturally, I had to immediately pounce on some of them, since I haven't been able to find new TezuFuji fanart in awhile. And this site was just... oh, how I'm a sucker for the soft, gentle, yet still strong lines of this kind of art. It's not really shoujo, it's not just uber-pretty shounen (though that might come closest), it uses soft coloring so very well and the details. I'm always a sucker for a site that draws a goodly amount of detail to the characters' hair or just manages to make them so very pretty. Especially the more recent stuff--there's one of Atobe smirking that's just gorgeous and I am totally swooning over their Tezuka. Just... ♥ I mean, hell! I even liked the one Tezuka+Inui fanart there was on the site! ....which I'm not opposed to as a pairing, just that no one writes it right and, blah, blah, blah, bitchcakes. Just go view the beautiful site. <3 (Tezuka/Fuji, Tezuka/Ryoma.)

- Naruto/Bleach/Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man. This is totally my new favorite NejiHina site, because it's just gorgeous. I mean, the very first image I saw was of an older Neji and Hinata, where her hair had grown out and he was holding her close and she was blushing and it was just so soft and pretty and the colors practically shone in that way I love and I totally squeaked in happiness. The artist's lines are fantastic, probably my favorite type, the kind that are just the right width, look so clean, but then are just tremendously beautiful. The coloring helps even further, because the artist just has this style that... shines is the only way I can think to describe it. And, man, her NejiHina totally does it for me, because there are so many different poses and a certain sort of delicate intimacy that just works for the pairing. I get all wobbly every time I see them in kimono and Neji's pulling her close or the underwater kiss or-- ....not that NejiHina is the only pairing on this site, some of the Gaara/Naruto illustrations are fantastic, I love, love, love the one of them both as Hokage. And there's a ton of gen stuff that's totally worth visiting for. Then there's the Bleach section that started out with a beautiful Ikkaku/Yumichika, provided me with a gorgeous Renji in the oekaki section, and totally made me spaz for the pretty one of Yachiru doing Zaraki's hair. Also, I swear this site has one of Hitsugaya's face in Matsumoto's boobs again. You really cannot go wrong with either of those. The Prince of Tennis section is much the same, spending time between TakaFuji and InuKai for the most part and while I don't seek those pairings out often, when I stumble across them, it's nice. There's not a ton of art here for Tenipuri, but the handful of OishiEiji and couple of TezuRyo images also make it worth the visit? (Neji/Hinata, some Shikamaru/Temari, some Naruto/Hinata, a lot of gen. Bleach pairings are all over the place, a lot of gen. Taka/Fuji, Inui/Kaidoh, a hint of Oishi/Eiji, a hint of Tezuka/Ryoma.)

- Prince of Tennis/Naruto - Lovely Place [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There are two things that attract me to this site--the not-quite-chibi illustrations of pretty much every major team in the series were adorable. They're so cute and every one just gets more and more adorable and there's a ton of them and then there's the little winter!Seigaku one where they're all dressed up in warm clothes and walking together and all the traditional couples and I just spaz from the cute. It helps that I'm really fond of the traditional pairings (TezuFuji, InuKai, OishiEiji, MomoRyo, etc.), but I really think these are some of the most adorable images I've seen even aside from that. The artist really knows how to draw the characters well without stepping too far over the cute line and into saccharine. The other thing is that I was really impressed by the artist's Naruto fanart, which is nicely polished and detailed. There's not nearly as much of it on the site as there is Tenipuri art, but the Gaara illustration alone makes the visit worthwhile. Well, no. Gaara and the really kickass one of ANBU!(?) Sasuke. And Naruto with the spiral on his stomach. And Hokage!Naruto with ANBU!Sasuke. *__* Such pretty colors, too. (Some implication of TezuFuji, OishiEiji, InuKai, MomoRyo, ToriShishi, AkutsuDan, OshiAto, other popular Hyoutei pairings. Worth a visit for both Seigaku and Hyoutei fans.)

- Prince of Tennis - AQUA*AB [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - In a way, I have completely stolen this link from Charlotte; she posted a link to an event, I started browsing the people involved, I stumbled over this site and I don't think I've recommended it before... either way, there was lovely art on it and I was all flailing arms and incoherent keyboard mashing at the TezuFuji. (Admittedly, I had to poke around the source code to find the links to the pages I wanted, but it wasn't really that difficult.) When the artist does for those soft colors, when Fuji leans on Tezuka's shoulder or Tezuka wraps an arm around him and they look off to something just beyond the border of the image... I am goo. I am goo at the beautiful, beautiful art. The artist does a very nice Tezuka, but... for once, I'm actually over the moon for the artist's take on Fuji. The way she shades his hair, the warm color used for it, the delicate but still a boy way that I am weak to... he's really, really beautiful here. The colored multi-page comic is just... one of the prettiest things I've seen in awhile. ♥ Not everything is perfect (not until you start poking around the sub-galleries, where I don't think I met an image I didn't like *___*), I'm really only over the mood for a handful of images. But those ones that got to me? Are the kind that keep me in this fandom years after I've tried to get out. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji, some Oishi/Eiji, some Fuji/Eiji, some other yaoi pairings.)

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