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- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to navigate this site, but it's sooooo worth it, because the art is just so damn cute and pretty and shiny and I luff it very much. *sparkles* Part of it is that MizukiYuuta/YuutaMizuki is fairly rare to find (Mizuki and Yuuta are both rare characters to find at all ._.), much less art that's just so wonderful, the kind that really make you just smile. I love the colors, I love the lines, I love the poses (THEY'RE SO CUTE!!! XD XD XD), one of my favorites has to be where Yuuta is dressed up as a reindeer, Mizuki as an elf (...I think?), and Eiji as Santa, it's just darling and I can't stop grinning/giggling happily over it. So, yeah, one of the better sites out there, probably my favorite for both the character, go see, go see, go seeeeee. *sparkles more* (MizukiYuuta/YuutaMizuki, some OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - mo-up [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This artist does some of the cutest comics, very nice, clean lines, some good details to really fill out the panels, good layouts, and just adorable characters. As much as I have my Seigaku favorites, sometimes it's nice to see the other boys, like those from Fudomine or St. Rudolph's or Yamabuki, especially when they're done as well as this artist does them. (*giggles* Plus, Mizuki cutely approaching Yuuta in the shower amuses me to no end.) I liked that all the rival schools (so far) have been focused on with this site, and eee! An adorable Ann! I really am terribly fond of her. =^_^= (A little bit MizukiYuuta, some KamioShinji, maybe a little SengokuAkutsu...? If any of them, they're very mild.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, YuutaMizuki should not be allowed to be this cute, because I don't want to like it as much as this site is making me like it! *stomps foot* But... the art is alternately so pretty and so damn cute that I just can't help myself. Mizuki is really kinda cute, but it's the artist's Yuuta that really made me fall in love with it... he's just beautiful and adorable and wonderful. The colors are lovely and the artist has a way with poses that just makes me want to hug them to little, tiny pieces. (YuutaMizuki.)

- Prince of Tennis - Passion Blue [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site first caught my attention with the darling sprites and the absolutely adorable birthday art--I love the colors (and just how light they are without being pastel) and just how cute everything is. The ranking art just made me squee with delight over how darling it was, it's always nice to see TezuAto art, and eeeee! Saeki and Yuuta! SO CUTE! By now, I've seen most of the sites that are good (that are for pairings I like), so it's always a wonderful treat for me to stumble over a new one that I really like and this one very much does it for me. The TezuAto are darling, the YuutaMizuki are adorable, the SaekiYuuta is a treat, and the ToriShishi are adorable. Plus, any site that can do a Kirihara+Tezuka that makes me coo is good in my book. XD (TezukaAtobe, ToriShishi, YuutaMizuki, and SaekiYuuta.)

- Prince of Tennis/Togainu no Chi - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came to this site for the Togainu no Chi fanart, but wound up staying for the Prince of Tennis site. I swear, whenever I try to look for Tenipuri fanart anymore, I can't find anything I like. I try to look for other series and, bam!, up pops a really pretty Akazawa/Mizuki site. The art is really soft and pretty, the artist uses a lot of bright CG colors, but in the way that actually makes them work. The Togainu no Chi art is much the same, you can see how talented the artist is with her basic lines and details, but the colors just make it that much prettier. Also, her Gunzi really hot and I really like that about her site. ♥ And the dog/Akira one? adlfjalsdfjlasdjf, SO HOT. There are also insanely good Kiriwar and Gunzi images, there's a bunch of cute (and at least one very disturbing) Keisuke/Akira and just... man, overall, this is a fantastic site. (Akazawa/Mizuki, several different Togainu no Chi pairings.)

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