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- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is another one of those sites that I've been to a few times before but never really took the time to poke around it until now, I don't think. And part of that is because the style of art does take some getting used to (and I suspect you have to be a big Tezukatobe fan already to like it, it's not going to turn you around), because it's very... flat-looking at first. When I first got into fanart and doujinshi and the like, I didn't care for it (and some people may never care for it, so consider this fair warning ^_~), but I've grown to just love it. What I like about it are several things--there's just this feeling to the Tezuka/Atobe art that I associate with them, especially in the b&w images. Plus, who can resist the cuteness of Atobe-ko? Or the rare smutty oekaki illustration that makes its way into the galleries or onto the board? ^_~ But mostly it's the feelings I have associated with the style that draws me to it. ^_____^ (TezukaAtobe, SengokuAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Chinese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, I waffled on whether or not to rec this site at first because there are some gorgeous illustrations on the site, but there are also some I didn't care much for. What changed my mind? The absolutely wonderful TezukaAtobe fan-comic that was both pretty/cute AND had Tezuka molesting Atobe. I squee'd so loudly I think people three states over must have heard me. ^_~ The current top illustration for Valentine's day is wonderful, the one of Tezuka and Fuji watching the stars is lovely, the oekaki board was terribly fun, and just... this entire site put a big, huge smile on my face the entire time I was browsing through it. The lineart is lovely--that nice balance between soft/delicate and sharply clean, the shading really, really nice and the details are fabulous--Tezuka's and Atobe's and Fuji's hair look gorgeous. Plus, the artist has a tremendous strength for details and layout, making the comics look really, really well-done. Plus, I still squee over the Valentine's illustration. And any site that does both ZukaAto and ZukaFuji is clearly made for me. XD XD XD (TezukaAtobe, a little TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - MeteOr [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This artist does some really wonderful things with a watercolor-like style; her basic art style (ie, the lines and proportions) is really well-done, but it's the combination of those lines and the colors that make me *hanyan~* over this artist's work. She did this mini-series of Tezuka and Atobe in the middle of playing that are just gorgeous, really beautiful quality art. Then she also does some lovely soft kisses/almost-kisses that make me wibble with love. I'm not sure how else to explain why I rather like this artist's style, so I'll just say pretty a bunch more times. ^_~ (TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - AirNip [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - You know, there's nothing quite like under-oekaki ZukaAto art to cheer a person up after they've had a crappy day. ♥ I came across this site while browsing through the "Even" event listings and was so very pleasantly surprised to hit on a ZukaAto site that I'd never seen before, especially one that draws rather nice art--their Atobe is darling and their Tezuka is cute as well. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I've come to really adore this style of art, because... well, any site that has an image that makes me go awww! (like the one of Tezuka and Atobe from the back, in their tennis uniforms, sitting side by side as Atobe leans over to kiss Tezuka ♥) or any site with pretty smut makes me happy. XD Plus, I like the top illustration, it's clean and the soft use of colors appeals to me. (TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - bee*smash [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, so, like, I have this thing for ZukaAto, right? And when I see the characters actually drawn pretty, I get all spazzy-happy and stuff, right? Especially when they can draw Tezuka looking really gorgeous, with that prettypretty hair of his and the stoic expression that's not too bastardy, but not too OMGIAMSOANGSTY, either, 'cause neither are Tezuka-like? And when the artist can make Atobe as gorgeous as he is, with a softer expression than his usual smirk, but not out of character, still ATOBE? When the artist can use really pretty, soft, subtle characters and has these really great basic lines to the illustrations? And when the artist does Tezuka + kitsune!Atobe with a forest background on the oekaki board? Yeah, I like that and go a little nuts over it. *hums happily* (Tezuka/Atobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - dapantyo [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....have I never rec'd this site? It seems like I must have... but I can't find it in my links anywhere. It's one of those sites that's just completely all over the map with the characters they draw in the illustrations. One time it'll be a TezuAto illustration, the next it'll be an Eiji illustration, the next it'll be an OshiGaku illustration, the next it'll be Fuji, the next it'll be Ryoma and Karupin, the next it'll be a TezuFuji illustration, then another OshiGaku illustration, and so on. Which I like, because I like a lot of different things (obviously) and because the art is really cute. Her OshiGaku is probably the best, but I find I also like the ZukaAto stuff, because she uses these really pretty colors with brush-like style that works nicely. Just... a NICE site and FUN and one of those that gives me a fix for lots of little things. (Several shounen ai pairings, few themes, but mostly OshiGaku, with Seigaku-friendly, Hyoutei-friendly, TezuAto-friendly, and TezuFuji-friendly elements.)

- Prince of Tennis/Get Backers - exion [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - To be honest... I probably shouldn't be putting this site in the Prince of Tennis section, simply because there are (at this time) only four Tenipuri illustrations on the site and only two of them are the TezuAto ones that I went NUTS over, but... I have a real weakness for this pairing, so I wanted to... and my justification came along in the form of really cute GetBackers fanart. XD I ♥ that the artist seems to love Ban-chan as much as I do and her BanGin illustrations are just adorable! They're not art that blows me away, but I keep finding my eyes drawn to their expressions, especially their eyes, and the artist does a really good job with those. Though, the two TezuAto illustrations totally put me over the moon 'cause I go for that sort of thing, but. Well. Yes. Cute art here and I wanted to have it on my list so I can keep an eye on it in the future, too. ♥ (TezukaAtobe, BanxGinji.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist starts out rather rough in her style, possibly just beginning or not used the CG-ish style, but the illustration gallery is worth sticking through because she gets better and some of them wind up being just pretty. There's one of Atobe in Tezuka's lap, leaning down for a kiss, or there's the one of him leaning into Tezuka, his glasses in his mouth as he smirks at the viewer, one of Atobe leaning in over Tezuka's shoulder as Tezuka's reading... okay, okay, the site touched my TezuAto fangirl and I'm probably more suseptible than most, but I honestly don't think it's just my bias. Some of the illustrations are REALLY PRETTY. And then you get to the b&w sketches where the artist's work is even stronger. And then the comics. *__* All in all, I liked this site a lot, not just because it's a rare pairing that I love, but because the art is well-done and just has a tone that I like. *twirls* (TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis/Eyeshield 21 - Blue Blue Heaven [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So this site answers a question I'd been pondering for awhile: "Will I ever rec a site just for one image, if I really, really like that one image?" And, apparently, the answer is: Yes. Yes, I will. Okay, technically, there's more than just the one illustration on the site (including the current top illustration with Tezuka and Atobe riding a motorcycle), but it's really that image of Tezuka reading on the couch with Atobe flopped over his lap with an, "I'm so bored. Entertain me now?" look on his face that's just both SO PERFECT and SO PRETTY that I had to rec this site. It's just... the colors and the style is something I really love, that style that almost looks like a cross between an oil paiting and a watercolor painting that I don't have a better way to describe. Just... I love those softer, lighter colors, I love the expressions on their faces, and it's just everything I want in a Zukatobe fanart. All hail the ZukaAto webring for bringing it to me~! \o/ ....oh, and I like the Eyeshield 21 fanart (which I include in this rec to make myself feel a little less guilty), some very cute Shin/Sakuraba and one really PRETTY Shin illustration that was my favorite E21 image on the site. *luffs* (Tezuka/Atobe and Shin/Sakuraba.)

- Prince of Tennis - COLTOPITHON [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I totally whine that there's not more TezuAto on this site (DUDE. I CAN CALL IT TEZUATO BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THE ARTIST WROTE ON HER ILLUSTRATION HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! XD XD XD) because... I dunno, it might be a little blocky, but somehow I can't bring myself to mind. There's this one illustration of Kaidoh that I found I just really liked, it hit the right spot for me, whether it was the lines or the colors or the expression on the character's face, I'm not sure. But, hell, I also really liked the chibi-ToriShishi illustration and I really like the way the artist's Ohtori looks and we all know I have a soft spot for TezuAto. XD (ToriShishi, some TezuAto.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was immediately impressed with the current top illustration on this site--the one with Tezuka and Atobe dressed for Halloween, because the colors and lines are so good, just really kick ass fanart. Then I actually started digging into the site and fell even more for the site, which has some utterly adorable ZukaAto illustrations, even if it's a little difficult to describe why they're so much fun. It's a combination of a good, vaguely sketchy sort of style with some really nice colors (whether going with lighter, airier ones or going with more monotones to get a really neat style across) and just... cute images. The second page of junk illustrations is one of my favorites--Atobe in that matching blue and purple outfit like Tezuka's been wearing in Anipuri lately, Atobe wrapping arms around Tezuka's neck right above that one, Atobe stealing Tezuka's glasses to wear, the two of them often leaning against each other, stuff like that. It makes me grin and sparkle, especially because it's so rare to find anything for this pairing. There're also some NICE ones in the gift section, some cute comics scattered about, and just... I ♥ this site. */fangirl* (Tezuka/Atobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, now, this is what I've been waiting for with the TezuAto pairing, the kind of art that's actually cute and pretty and where I'm rather deliriously in love with the colors the artist uses. I have such love for the kind of colors that look like they might have been softened and when you combine that with solid lineart, just... eeeee. ♥ I mean, I love the way the characters' hair is drawn, the way some art is just cute, while others are lovely and you can tell that the artist has really gotten stronger over time. There are a lot of illustrations of them leaning on each other, back to back, and I'm just all wibbly over the one of Tezuka dipping Atobe. Even the doodles are often as adorable as all get-out. Oh, oh! And the series of kitty!Atobe sitting in everyone's lap while Tezuka looks on, vaguely irritated? So cute I think I'm a puddle now. This is one of those sites where I combed over pretty much ever corner because I wanted to see everything. Just... eeeee! ♥ (Tezuka/Atobe, some Sengoku/Kamio.)

- Prince of Tennis - imanatsu [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - With all the Tezuka/Fuji doujinshi I've been reading lately, I kind of got really wistful and pining for Tezuka/Atobe, even if it's kind of hellishly difficult find sites for them that I haven't already seen. So, they're not going to be sites that everyone will love, I suspect, or else they'll be smaller sites like this one, which don't have a lot of art and you'll kind of have to hunt all over the site to find most of it, but! It's really pretty stuff when you do! And it's fun without being too cracky, both of the characters look gorgeous, and I love the amount of detail she gets into the images. *__* The one of Tezuka and Atobe eating at the table (it should be one of the more recent entries at the time of this rec) is kind of fantastic. <3 So, not a ton of art, but it was nice to be reminded that their fandom isn't totally dead. :D (Tezuka/Atobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - Mark Club [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is probably a site that will really not be for everyone, but because I am weak to these characters, I'm more willing to go along with it. Plus, I love chibis! And there are little chibi Tezuka and Atobe FISHING! I'd almost forgotten that they both had a type of fishing as their hobby and a;sldkjfal;sjk jeez, I've missed these two. Also, there is cat-ears!chibi!Atobe and we've established that I'm weak. The colors are solid, done in cel-style coloring, and the artist has improved a lot over time, so I'd love to see more from her. This was just a nice, fun little site to come across today. <3 (Tezuka/Atobe, a little other.)

- Prince of Tennis - Hodaka's Works [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was all set to wander off from this site, despite that it's Atobe/An-centric, because it's not my pairing and the art wasn't really catching me. But it was cute enough that I kept clicking, long enough until I found the Tezuka/Atobe art. And this site definitely isn't going to be for everyone, the artist is still pretty rough, but she at least has the cute thing going for her and there were even a few Atobe/An images that I could appreciate. I think what really got me to cave was that there was Atobe/An and Tezuka/Atobe on the same page! I hardly ever see het and gay on the same page with j-fen! That's kind of a novelty right there. XD So, when all was said and done, I enjoyed this site, it was very cute. Also. You know. Weak to the Tezuka/Atobe. (Atobe/An, Tezuka/Atobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - Perori [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, hello, yes, this is what I've been looking for. There's not a ton here, but there's a solid amount, and the Tezuka/Atobe art is kind of really pretty. It's not always perfect, but the artist does lovely things with colors and her log stuff is fantastic, they look better than a lot of gallery proper art I've seen on a lot of sites. The artist definitely has her own style and I don't know that it'll work for absolutely everyone, but it's certainly what I've been clawing all over j-fandom to find. *__* There's some really cute Hyoutei art as well (the chibis are adorable <3) and some very pretty Rikkai art and I love the various series of stand-alone art she does, but. Well. I was here and over the moon for the TezuAto art, I'll admit. *__* Plus, there's more art to be found on her memo board (which is slightly bigger than the ones she put in the main gallery and even prettier often times) and just. a;sldkfjalksj happiness is mine again. I didn't like this site just because of the pairing, I liked it because there's some gorgeous as hell art here. *__* (Tezuka/Atobe, some gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - 3 Count [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This artist definitely starts out rough, but I was curious enough about how she would progress that I kept clicking through the links and I'm glad I did. You can see a lot of improvement over time and there are a handful of really cute illustrations here! By the time I was getting about halfway through the gallery, I was starting to warm up to the site, by the time I got to the Tezuka/Atobe illustration with the fireworks, I was kinda sold. XD The artist is at her best when she's doing softly colored and fuzzy illustrations, when everything is sort of got a golden haze over it because they've been softened up, that's when her art starts to look really pretty, almost like watercolor paintings, sort of. It's not a perfect site, but by the end... well, I'd saved a bunch for my personal collection and that's usually how I tell whether or not I liked a site. Plus, you know. I'm weak to Tezuka/Atobe and I was in a mood for it this morning. (Tezuka/Atobe, occasionally NSFW.)

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