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- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *brain short-circuits* There's not a whole lot of art here (about six top illustrations, actually), but I had to include it because it has the most gorgeous fanart of Tezuka and Atobe. *_* They're very subtle, but if you look at Tezuka's clothes, you'll notice he's wearing a Hyotei jacket over his Seigaku shirt in one illustration and he's just... guh. Beautiful. And then the one that's like a promo poster for "Cross With You", where they're wearing each other's jackets? New. Favorite. PoT. Fanart. *_* Not only are they TezukaAtobe-friend, but they're beautiful works of art. I cannot recommend highly enough. (TezukaAtobe, one OshitariAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - .....oh. Oh, this was so going on my recs page, because the art here is just... absolutely stunning. I could go on and on about the gorgeous Atobe illustrations, the fabulous Hyotei ones, the amazingly beautiful Fudomine ones, the beautiful one of chib-Tezuka and Yamato, or Ryoma allllll grow'd up nice, but you really should see them for yourself. ^_~ Just... wow. The lines are perfect, the CG work incredibly professional looking, the colors wonderful, and the poses of the characters make me flutter like an obnoxious fangirl. I love. (Some mild TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Awww, I'm just terrifically sparkly to have found another TezukaAtobe fanart site, especially one with some really cute art. I think the very first illustration in the gallery has to be my favorite--Tezuka dressed in all black with a tiny little Atobe sitting on his lap, it's just darling. XD What I like about the artist is that she's captured a very interesting feel to the characters, very intense, very... mm, almost charismatic (That's not the word I want, but it's the best I can do for now.), especially when they're leaning against/into each other, arms wrapped around each other. ....I just fangirl so hard for that. *_* I really had a fun time going through the site (crawling all over it, actually, because there's a lot of art, especially oekaki tucked away elsewhere) and when the artist draws them as little chibis, it's one of the cutest things EVER. XD (TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - You know, I'd meant to spend the morning indulging my TezukaFuji fangirl, but I saw a banner with a pretty Atobe on it, started clicking on random links and wound up at this site. I'd been here a long, long time ago, but I'd passed by because I wasn't a fan of Tezuka and Atobe before, but now that I am, this was a wonderful treasure to find. I admit that I have trouble believing a lot of the images (I don't buy the characterization of Tezuka, nor is he that tiny, but I tend to put that out of my mind while looking at the art ^_^v), but the way the artist draws Tezuka, he's gorgeous. I especially love the detail she puts into the hair of both Tezuka and Atobe, along with just a lot of skill, to make them look very, very pretty. Very nice site, especially if you like this rare pairing. (AtobeTezuka.)

- Prince of Tennis - Liebe 13 [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, I knew I was probably going to be at least fond of this site when I found the TezukaAtobe illustrations. Then I found the most recent one of Tezuka and I had to stop and stare and there was a little fangirl inside of me going, "*__* Ohmygodhe'ssoprettyohmygodhe'ssopretty...." Which, you know, was wonderful and good, but then I hit the TezukaFuji illustrations and... they're gorgeous. Just... Tezuka is absolutely, positively gorgeous, Fuji is beautiful, and the colors are wonderful. I cannot heap enough praise on this site for them. *sparkles* (TezukaFuji, a little TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, my god, THIS is one of my new favorite PoT sites because... just... the illustrations are gorgeous!! *_* The artist has this way with the colors or the way she puts this almost haze over the images that makes them look... mm, I wouldn't quite use the word 'romantic', but something kind of in that direction and they're just beautiful. The colors are soft and pretty and just work so damn well and there's this one illustration of Tezuka that just makes me glaze over and drool every time I see it. *_* And the way she captures the feeling of Tezuka and Fuji being near each other... makes me swoon with happiness. *sparkles* There's this one where they've got their hands on each other's faces, just looking at each other and it's just... it's really professional quality... as is a lot of the art on the site.

Plus! The artist has done two of my now-favorite TezukaAtobe illustrations that just make me go *__*!!! with happiness, too! And I almost forgot! The comics! Gorgeous comics! The TezukaFuji/TezukaAtobe/OshitariAtobe one just... it made want to cry just a little bit with how... affecting it was, even with just the pictures. I. Love. This. Site. Definitely one of the best ones out there. Despite my incoherent recommendation--this site really deserves better because it's so good. (TezukaFuji, a little bit TezukaAtobe, some OshitariAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - Innocence [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I just adore this site, the artist draws the most beautiful Tezuka and Atobe that I've seen in awhile, just absolutely wonderful; the lines are smooth and clean, the way she draws their hair is gorgeous, the lines of their faces makes them gorgeous and they really, really, really look like themselves. (I'm reminded of the manga art, actually.) And the way the artist draws Tezuka in the rain or snow... I swoon at how pretty he is. *_* And the feel of the illustrations is just absolutely perfect for these characters. Just... really, this artist is one of those ones that's really, really good and one of the best sites out there. Plus, there's a lot of art to make me happy, especially if you look around. The art of Tezuka and Atobe as kids? Had me squeeing at the adorableness. I... am incoherent with the love for this site. (This rec also doesn't do the site justice, really. =_=) (TezukaAtobe/AtobeTezuka, some Tezuka/Inui, some Tezuka/Oshitari.)

- Prince of Tennis - Drastic M [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The title of this site sounds familiar, but I can't find the link in my files and I don't recognize the site or any of the illustrations, so I'm going to assume I'm just hallucinating. ^_~ Anyway! I, of course, adore TezukaAtobe. I'm incredibly easy to make sparkle with this pairing because I just adore it so damn much, so when I stumble across this site I was thrilled. But I like the art because it... fits the feel I have of them in their softer moments. The one of Tezuka wrapping his arms around Atobe from behind just made me absolutely melt (*swoon*) and the one of Tezuka with little chibi-Atobe is just... I die from the cuteness!! =^_^= And this was another site where I actually had a lot of fun with the oekaki board, too! ^_^v (Some TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - State Shine [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Eeeee! This site draws such a pretty Tezuka! I really love the softener they used but didn't go overboard with, it adds this really nice touch to the illustrations, making them even nicer-looking. There are these two TezuFuji illustrations right at the begging of the gallery... they're just so pretty! ....I'm going to be using that word a lot while talking about this site, aren't I? ^_~ Anyway, the real highlight of the site are the lovely comics, the drawings are just beautiful, the shading is lovely, the characters look fantastic, and I absolute adore her Tezuka and Fuji. *sparkles* (TezukaFuji, some Oshitari+Tezuka, some Yamato+Tezuka, some TezukaRyoma, some TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - All right, I admit that I'm recing this one largely just because it's TezukaAtobe and I go nuts for that paring (as it's semi-rare), but I actually really do rather like the art. The coloring is nice and the artist captures the feeling the characters so well. She captures their intensity and that spark of pure chemistry between these two amazing characters. I admit that the illustrations could use some work, especially the proportions, but I find that don't care so much when I'm going through the gallery and it makes me hop up and down happily. She does do some really cute ones and then there's this little series of chibis that I must have literally squeaked over because they were So. Effing. Adorable. *sparklesparklesparkle* Plus? Atobe licking ice cream off Tezuka? I swoon. (TezukaAtobe, some OshitariAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I... have an unholy love of TezukaAtobe. I really do. Part of it comes from it being a rather rare pairing, but part of it is that it just works so damned well for me that I practically have spazzing fits whenever I come across a site with the pairing. And I admit that I'm not very picky when it comes to rec'ing TezuKei sites... so, uh, keep that in mind, I guess? Anyway, the reason I'm rec'ing this site is because some of the art is just... I dunno, adorable in a way that I can't really put my finger on. (And I knew right from the top illustration that I was going to be going, "Wheeeee! XD" the whole way through the site.) It's just fun! But then I kept clicking through the gallery and there's this one of Atobe lightly pressing his face against Tezuka's, who has his glasses off... that just made me melt into a puddle of goo I loved it so much. Plus, the comics really were just adorable. =^_____^= ....*still clicking* .... *gets to the cute little animation of Tezuka and Atobe arguing, Atobe stops, points off into the distance, and then kisses Tezuka while he's distracted* .....AWWWWWWW!!! *squeaks happily*watches about a hundred times more* (TezukaAtobe/AtobeTezuka.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This artist has some of the most gorgeous linework I've seen, she draws the characters absolutely beautifully and I'm just as fascinated by her sketches as I am the more fully done illustrations. She also clearly adores Atobe and she draws him wonderfully, capturing both his diva side and a more... mm, human side to him, but always, always beautiful. She also draws him in some of the cutest poses, sometimes alone, sometimes with the various people he's often slashed with. Of course, my favorites where the Tezuka/Atobe ones--there was one where they were lying in bed together, Tezuka was reading, and Atobe was smirking and just starting to turn Tezuka's face his direction and it just made me absolutely melt into a puddle of fangirl goo. *looooves~* (Atobe-centric, all the usual Atobe pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Kira [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, I am so weak against the sprites, I really am. I just cannot resist the allure of their adorableness--especially when they're kissing. I am just weak in the face of the cute, I really am. And that's really what made me enjoy this site, how cute I found everything--there's not a lot of traditional art here, but there are a lot of little sketchy comics that I wound up cooing over because I liked the feeling they invoked as I went more and more through the gallery. Plus? Icons? So. Freaking. Cute. And, you know. I'm a sucker for the TezuAto. >_> (TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is another one of those sites that I wasn't sure about at first, but going through the oekaki galleries, I began to get a sense of how the artist characterized the characters, began to get a sense for her style and... I fell in love. It helps that she does a ton of TezuAto stuff, putting them in all sorts of outfits and situations and I really like the way she sparingly uses colors, because the soft tones she does use, really help to highlight how adorable the art is. This is... one of those sites where... after I was finished with the site, after I'd hunted down every last image... I felt satisfied (even if I did want more >_>), because there was enough here to genuinely scratch my itch for TezuAto stuff. I love it when a site can give me that. (TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - 12SL [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Usually, when a site has only five or so illustrations (not including junk art), even if they're good, I probably won't rec them because I like to focus on the bigger sites. But every once in awhile, there's an artist that just impresses me so much that I have to recommend them anyway--and when I saw the Tezuka/Atobe illustration this artist did, I just fell in love. Well. Okay. I loved her first Tezuka illustration because he was just absolutely gorgeous and the artist does these gorgeous colors and lines, but it was that TezuAto that pushed me over the edge. And then there was this beautiful TezuFuji illustration... and I just fell in love all over again. Gorgeous, gorgeous work, even if there's not a lot of here. *wishes there was more~* Though, there is a really fun Java paper doll game with Tezuka that just makes me want to cuddle him~ *chu~* (Some TezuAto, some TezuFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Passion Blue [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site first caught my attention with the darling sprites and the absolutely adorable birthday art--I love the colors (and just how light they are without being pastel) and just how cute everything is. The ranking art just made me squee with delight over how darling it was, it's always nice to see TezuAto art, and eeeee! Saeki and Yuuta! SO CUTE! By now, I've seen most of the sites that are good (that are for pairings I like), so it's always a wonderful treat for me to stumble over a new one that I really like and this one very much does it for me. The TezuAto are darling, the YuutaMizuki are adorable, the SaekiYuuta is a treat, and the ToriShishi are adorable. Plus, any site that can do a Kirihara+Tezuka that makes me coo is good in my book. XD (TezukaAtobe, ToriShishi, YuutaMizuki, and SaekiYuuta.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, I didn't think I was going to rec this one because a site with only sketches has to be just beautiful or it has to really give me something to just go *hanyaaaa~n* over, but the more I went through this site, the more I fell in love with the way the artist drew the characters. She has this way of putting Tezuka and Atobe together that's just... it's a little bit intimate, a little bit sweet, not at all schmoopy, and just... I adore the sketches. There's this one of them curled up together lying down that I just went completely *____*!!! over because it was... gah, no words. And then there was this one sketch of Tezuka in his pool shark clothes with Atobe... that just... gehhhh... I loved it. This site just scratched all the right itches for me this morning. ^_____^v (TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - Ada-uchi [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I've actually rec'd this site before, but I'm going to do so again because... well, honestly, at the time I disliked Atobe Keigo immensely and thus was not prone to my fawning fangirl love of TezuAto. XD What I said about the site before still stands--this artist does some of the cutest, most adorable art I've ever seen and the linework is just cool, I totally fawn over it. I just become weak in the face of the adorable little poses she puts the characters into because... well, this is really one of those sites you have to see for yourself to understand why I adore the site so much. Because it just makes me squee from the cute!! XD XD XD The site isn't pure TezuAto, but since I've rec'd it before, I'm only focusin on that this time. ^_^v (Some TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - MeDi [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I might not have rec'd this page previously but I knew I just had to when I came across two of the most recent TezuAto illustrations because they were just cool. I loved the coloring/shading and the linework was just awesome. Plus, I'm always a sucker for intimate, in-each-other's-personal-space illustrations and when Atobe has Tezuka's glasses on--I just melt at the cuteness. Plus, there's this really cool one of Tezuka, Atobe, and Oshitari that just makes me go *____* and eeee! #2 on the oekaki board just makes me melt from the cute! So you combine all those things together and you've got a site that hit me just right today, so I had to rec. ^_____^ (Some TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Sometimes, I am a little slow on the uptake. So I've been to this site several times and always thought the art was quite pretty but there wasn't enough of it for me to rec, but this time I had the brilliant idea to actually explore a little by clicking on the Atobe link. Aha~~ And while there's not much more art, there are a handful of beautiful TezuAto illustrations and we all know what a geek I am for those two. I just adore the artist's coloring, the soft shading, and the lines/poses she puts the characters into. These are just... completely and utterly the character I fell in love with, her Atobe is just gorgeous, her Tezuka is just gorgeous, hell, even her Ryoma is gorgeous. ^_~ The main gallery has some beautiful illustrations of a lot of the characters and some very pretty TezuRyo, but it was really the TezuAto (which you may have to dig a bit for) that just had me swooning. (Some TezuAto, some TezuRyo, some OshitariAtobe, some misc. pairings.) [broken link--site moved/was taken down?]

- Prince of Tennis - The Mensoel [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, a large part of the reason I'm rec'ing this site is because I am a TezuAto fangirl geek and I love this pairing and any artist who captures enough of what makes me love them, gets put on my rec list. And this artist... well, I'll admit that I skipped over a lot of her work (though, the Rikkai stuff is cute!) and concentrated on the TezuAto stuff, which was darling. I loved her comics, the one where Tezuka and Atobe are bowling cracked me up and made me coo--especially when Tezuka smugly rubbed Atobe's head and Atobe's determined looks when he wanted to win. It had a very sketch-like quality to it, as does all the artist's work, but I LIKE that and page 17 of the comic? GENIUS. Pure GENIUS. XD XD XD <---I shall be making that face over it for QUITE some time. And! And! FISHING! *sparkles like mad* There are also a couple of TezuAto illustrations that were just lovely, Atobe gently biting Tezuka's finger and Tezuka gently rubbing Atobe's head with a towel... oh, yes, I am in full wibbling fangirl mode right now. (TezukaAtobe, OshitariAtobe, some Rikkai-centric art.)

- Prince of Tennis - BB [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There's something I mention fairly often in my recs, a certain quality or feeling to an artist's work that, even when they're not the prettiest, if they capture the spirit of what I love about the characters, then I'm left with that wonderful fluffy, spinning-around-the-room feeling. And that's exactly what I got from this TezuAto site--there are a zillion oekaki illustrations that sent me into *hanyan~* mode (including one of Atobe and Tezuka in black suits, Atobe smirking and grabbing Tezuka by the tie to pull him close--*MELT*), for whatever reason--usually because they were leaning on each other or because they were being cute together. Well. And Atobe-ko was adorable as well and the occasional hinting at *ahem* made me just purr. I am a happy, happy fangirl right now. And eeee! Oekaki art~! *sparkles* (TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, when I went through the gallery proper, I didn't think I would rec this site, because there just wasn't enough TezuAto art to satisfy my craving for it, but then. Then I went through the oekaki board and promptly went *______* over some of the wonderful TezuAto art on the board; the artist really captures the feeling of what I love about them. And the more I kept poking around the site, the more I found that made me sparkle--there are some utterly fabulous comics (there's one of Atobe in a school girl seifuku that Tezuka's slowly sliding him out of that has one of the most gorgeous kisses *____*) and I just loved the feel of the site. I will say that the oekaki art's lines tend to be a little shakey, but in way that I kinda like, because they're sketch-like rather than like they were drawn with an unsteady hand. And then when you get the multi-paged comics, the art majorly strengthens up and becomes just lovely. Definitely one of my new favorite TezuAto sites. *SPARKLES* (TezukaAtobe, OshitariAtobe, some other Atobe pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - ego dance [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I was on the fence about rec'ing this site or not because while it's Tezuka and Atobe (and I adore the little sprites, I always coo over that kind of thing), nothing was quite blowing me away. Atobe's expressions in the comics were cute (very Atobe-ish in his supreme confidence in himself XD) and I started to cave a little further at the illustration of them on the train where Atobe is practically lounging against Tezuka. But I was still iffy... until I clicked onto the illustration of Atobe wrapping his arms around Tezuka and leaning into him... I just melted from how touching and lovely it was. It was really beautiful in a way. Not that I'm biased or anything. ^_~ And then! Vaguely smutty oekaki makes for a HAPPY fangirl. Very happy. :9 (There was also the most ADORABLE ShishiTori illustration on the oekaki page! XD XD XD And! And! Tezuka and Atobe sprites holding hands on the oekaki board, too! *LOVES* There's really a lot of art worth seeing on the board. *sparkles*) (TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - TDK vs TDK [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I will say ahead of time that this site is not going to be for everyone; I, myself, probably wouldn't have rec'd it if not for the content. Because smutty ZukaAto comics will get me to rec just about anything. <333 But there's also some cute art on the site, some adorable Atobe-ko illustrations (he always seems to be with Tezuka, too *sparkles*), some rather nice Atobe illustrations in general (I especially like the one of him about to serve, it's an interesting effect the artist used), and some cute Oshitari and Jiroh illustrations. I have a real weakness for that pairing. Anyway, yeah, rec'ing this site for the content, because I like their ZukaAto a lot (the smutty comic nearly made me laugh out loud at Atobe's expression XD XD XD), but some may want to avoid. Especially if Atobe in a skirt bothers you. *is oddly fond of that, herself* And the oekaki board was fun, too. ^_^v (No single theme, but TezukaAtobe, OshitariJiroh, and some SengokuAtobe often come up.)

- Prince of Tennis - KIRA* [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Dammit, dammit, dammit. I was not going to rec this site (there were some cute illustrations I wanted to shove at friends) because I didn't care for the main art gallery that much. But I am a ZukaAto fangirl, so I kept clicking through the links... and then got to the b&w comics on the site. And holy crap they're SO FREAKING CUTE. (Though, it's the art at the beginning that's the cutest, as you go further into the gallery, it gets less cute.) When the artist does simpler sketches, somehow her work because really wonderful art, she gets the feeling of the characters across, she draws them so adorable (especially when they're chibi or chibi-esque! *hearts*) and I honestly, genuinely liked her comic art. Plus? That there was some occasional Zukabe kissing? *SWOONS* This site just completely and utterly put a smile on my face and a sparkle in my eye and I really can't ask for any more than that. (TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, I had to rec this site for two reasons. One, I am a ZukaAto fangirl and any site with at least three ZukaAto illustrations above a certain level and that I don't absolutely hate, automatically gets rec'd, because it makes me happy. <3 Two, OMFG I SPAZZED SO HARD OVER THE CUTE BECAUSE IT IS SO CUTE AND OMFG ANYONE WHO TALKS TO ME ON AIM IS SO GETTING PELTED WITH THE CUTE BECAUSE I MUST SHARE IT EEEEEEE SO FUCKING CUTE! ..... *ahem* Oh, yeah, and three, Yagyuu and Niou are encroaching on my brainspace and the top illustration of them certainly helped push me into loving this site. It's just... so cute with bright, pretty colors and really nice inking and the kind of cute that sends me into obnoxious XD XD XD XD fangirling. Plus, hey, there was a cute ZukaFuji one, too! *sparkles madly* (Some Yagyuu/Niou, some TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - STROBO:H [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - You know, I've always liked this artist's work, but she never had more than five illustrations or so on her site and thus I felt like I couldn't recommend it until she got more. Today I finally had the bright idea to check out her oekaki diary and AHAHAHA JACKPOT. ♥♥♥ And the best part? The artist is both a TezukaxAtobe and YagyuuxNiou (....I think that's the batting order?) fan, which just makes me squee with delight. Not that the occasional smutty oekaki doesn't hurt as well. >_> Anyway, I really love the artist's almost sketch-like quality to the art, it gives it a sort of doujinshi-like quality almost. Plus, the fifth and sixth illustrations in her art gallery proper are gorgeous, I'm just swooning with love over here. There's also a gorgeous Yagyuu and there's a ton of art in her diary and it's all just gorgeous. I cannot flail with love hard enough. (TezukaAtobe and YagyuuNiou.)

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