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- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The more this artist goes along, the prettier her illustrations get--some of the most recent ones of Tezuka or Fuji are just gorgeous, the colors these lovely sort of subtle shades, the lines just wonderful to make them look so beautiful. And, really, I like pretty much all of her illustrations--she does gorgeous ones of Mizuki and Ohtori and Shishido and Oshitari, etc. as well!--they're wonderfully done, but then I just flutter over the TezukaFuji/FujiTezuka ones. Plus! Plus! I love her oekaki illustrations, they're both adorable and gorgeous--especially the chibi-esque ones! *_* (Some TezukaFuji/FujiTezuka, other random gently shounen ai pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I really do adore it when an artist can do something a little different from the usual (not that I don't just crave the usual gorgeous fanart out there *_*) like the way this artist has done her illustrations in a sort of painting style. (Though, I'm not sure if they'd be more oil paint or watercolors paint.) Just the feeling the pictures evoke because of that makes me sparkle madly over them--plus, there's this gorgeous one of Tezuka and Fuji that just makes me swoon. =^_^= Lovely colors, lovely style, really wonderful poses/designs of them, etc. Very, very nice site. ^_^ (Some TezukaFuji, TezukaRyoma, FujiEiji, maybe a few other gently shounen ai pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I love art that can make me wriggle around happily and squee over how adorable the illustrations are, and that's exactly what this site did for me. ^_^ The artist's Oishi and Eiji are just so damn cute that I want to take them home and snuggle with them for hours. *_* She's really captured the fluffy, warm, sweet feeling of the pairing and then draws them so well! Plus? When chibi-Tezuka and chibi-Fuji show up? I swoon from the cuteness. *_* Plus! Plus! Comics are both gorgeous and so cute!! (OishiEiji, a little bit of TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - CUSTOM [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I totally ganked this one from Adeline, but I had to rec it, because it's one of those sites that gets Tezuka and Fuji just right for the way I see them. They're gorgeous, amazing, powerful, yet subtle characters; they care a great deal about each other, they make each other smile real smiles, and they can be so funny a times. Nurse Fuji made me grin so hard I think my face hurt just a little and the artist's Tezuka? I drool over how gorgeous he is. *_* Plus, her Fuji is that wonderful balance between slightly, slightly feminine, but still very much a guy, just... very beautiful. Plus, the comics are wonderful and I absolutely adore the lines and colors the artist uses, they make me feel so warm. *sparkles* (TezukaFuji/FujiTezuka and a little FujiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Random Blue [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - ....guh. So, so pretty. *_* Just... I love the style the artist uses, again, it's almost like actual paintings rather than just regular CG work and they're beautiful for it. The artist uses these lovely soft colors and gorgeous lines (not quite sharp, not quite sketchy, somewhere in between) and draws the characters in these heart-warming poses, so that the overall effect is just... wonderful. Plus? Her Tezuka? Gorgeous. Her Fuji? Beautiful. Her Jiroh? Adorable. And the TezukaFuji? My face-->*______* (TezukaFuji, some other mildly hinty shounen ai.)

- Prince of Tennis - HarmoniHill [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *____*!! Oh, my goodness, this artist draws Tezuka and Fuji just gorgeously! The colors are soft and lovely, almost sparkling, and the lines/way the characters look... guh. Beautiful. Just stunning, really. And the feeling of the illustrations is just absolutely wonderful, too. And then! And then! I drifted over to the comics and fell even further in love, because I would be really, really surprised if this artist was not a doujinshika. The comics are very nicely drawn, a ton of details, very strong, clean lines, a good eye for layout, and just beautiful characters. Plus... is that a Seiji and Touma illustration I spotted? *__*!!!! *happy sigh* I love this site. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Digital Scoop [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Ooh! Scoop's website! I've really come to *heart* their doujinshi! *sparkles* Scoop's art took me awhile to get into, because it was more angular than I was used to, but once I did, I've really come to love it, because they do the most heart-warming stuff. =^_^= There's this one of Tezuka and Fuji in the snow that just makes me melt every time I see it, and, ooh, there's this one of Fuji sleeping on a couch that... just... so wonderful. And, really, that's what I look for when I go on my fanart jags--to put a smile on my face and this artist does that. She captures the feeling of the characters (I seem to be saying that a lot today, but it's true.) with just the pictures, what made me fall in love with these characters in the first place and her Tezuka is just... so... Tezuka. *loves* (TezukaFuji, OishiEiji, li'l bit MomoRyo/InuiKaidoh/traditional pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Study Room [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, I knew I was going to have to rec this site when I came across a gorgeous Tezuka with an open shirt and then the next one was a beautiful TezukaFuji that just made me swoon. I am just thrilled when I can come upon artists who draw these characters the way I see them, with that gorgeous intensity and love beteween them, where soft looks and gentle, subtle touches convey more than a lot of couples do with entire speeches. And when Tezuka presses a light kiss to Fuji's temple... I absolutely, utterly melt at the beautifulness of the pictures. And it doesn't hurt that her Tezuka and Fuji are gorgeous or that I absolutely adore the way she draws their hair. *_* Or, you know, that her Tezuka can't seem to keep his shirt on. :9 Oh! And the smutty one of Tezuka and Fuji in the bath? Totally made my day. =^________^= (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Love Game [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Right from the first time I clicked onto this site, the top illustration was of chibi-Tezuka from 87/88 in the cute little jungle-print outfit and I immediately went *SQUEE!* at the sheer cuteness! *sparkles* Then I started clicking through the gallery and... yum, this artist draws a lovely, lovely Tezuka. Often a lovely, lovely shirtless Tezuka. Though, my favorite one of Tezuka is of him in a full suit that's just... gorgeous. And then we have the Fuji and TezukaFuji illustrations that just make me go *_____*!!! because they're so wonderful. I *heart* the one of pantless Fuji wearing Tezuka's shirt, sitting on shirtless Tezuka's lap, but it's the earliest TezukaFuji ones that are my favorites. There's one of Tezuka lying back on a couch with Fuji leaning over to kiss him that just... makes me melt with how beautiful and warm it is. *happy sigh* (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - BEE-hive [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There's something about the way this artist shades the characters' hair so that it looks so very thick and soft, especially Fuji's--there's this one illustration of him in a yellow raincoat that's just really lovely. *_* The artist also does a lovely Tezuka and captures the feeling of the characters so well--there's another one of Tezuka sitting on a couch with Fuji half in his lap that just makes me melt with how pretty it is. *happy sigh* This is another one of those sites that just... keeps me going, you know? This is why I'm so addicted to fanart sites in the first place. XD (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - KinKan Web [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, this artist draws the prettiest Fuji! *_* There's this one of him blowing bubbles where he's just absolutely beautiful. *sparkles* As I was going through the gallery, I thought I recognize the style a little, but it wasn't until I got to a certain illustration of Tezuka that I recognized the picture from a doujinshi, which didn't surprise me, the artist was definitely good enough to be drawing doujinshi. What I love about the artist's style--besides that her characters are gorgeous--are the softer, almost muted colors, more subtle shades that work so well for these characters. Plus, I just flutter at the way the artist draws TezukaFuji~~ (Some TezukaFuji, some FujiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Good lord, this site does some of the cutest chibis I've ever seen! *squeaks happily* It's just... I look at little chibi-Fuji glomping onto little chibi-Tezuka or regular-sized Fuji holding a little tiny chibi-Tezuka and I... just... lose the ability to speak coherently at how effing adorable they are!! XD Beyond that, I kinda like the artist's regular-sized Tezuka and Fuji, they're so pretty (especially the regular-sized Fuji that's holding the chibi-Tezuka), but it was those chibis that really sent me into orbit. I just... love this artist. XD (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Project X Peke [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This artist doesn't necessarily draw my absolute favorite style, but... there are two things that make me really like the site. Well, three things. XD One, the artist likes all the traditional pairings (TezukaFuji, OishiEiji, InuiKaidoh, MomoRyo) and I always smile to see artists like that. Two, there's this one illustration of Tezuka and Fuji holding each other's faces that's just lovely and all of the illustrations really capture the feeling of the pairing. And, three, SPRITES! EEEEE! SO CUTE! Seriously, I love sprites. Especially cutecutecute ones. So this was one of those sites that I was just happy to see. =^_^= (TezukaFuji, some OishiEiji, InuiKaidoh, MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Liebe 13 [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, I knew I was probably going to be at least fond of this site when I found the TezukaKeigo illustrations. Then I found the most recent one of Tezuka and I had to stop and stare and there was a little fangirl inside of me going, "*__* Ohmygodhe'ssoprettyohmygodhe'ssopretty...." Which, you know, was wonderful and good, but then I hit the TezukaFuji illustrations and... they're gorgeous. Just... Tezuka is absolutely, positively gorgeous, Fuji is beautiful, and the colors are wonderful. I cannot heap enough praise on this site for them. *sparkles* (TezukaFuji, a little TezukaKeigo.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, my god, THIS is one of my new favorite PoT sites because... just... the illustrations are gorgeous!! *_* The artist has this way with the colors or the way she puts this almost haze over the images that makes them look... mm, I wouldn't quite use the word 'romantic', but something kind of in that direction and they're just beautiful. The colors are soft and pretty and just work so damn well and there's this one illustration of Tezuka that just makes me glaze over and drool every time I see it. *_* And the way she captures the feeling of Tezuka and Fuji being near each other... makes me swoon with happiness. *sparkles* There's this one where they've got their hands on each other's faces, just looking at each other and it's just... it's really professional quality... as is a lot of the art on the site.

Plus! The artist has done two of my now-favorite TezukaKeigo illustrations that just make me go *__*!!! with happiness, too! And I almost forgot! The comics! Gorgeous comics! The TezukaFuji/TezukaKeigo/OshitariKeigo one just... it made want to cry just a little bit with how... affecting it was, even with just the pictures. I. Love. This. Site. Definitely one of the best ones out there. Despite my incoherent recommendation--this site really deserves better because it's so good. (TezukaFuji, a little bit TezukaKeigo, some OshitariKeigo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Deep Sea [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I don't think there was a single illustration on this site that I didn't absolutely *heart* because the artist, while not having drawn a ton of art, drew the characters very, very well, made them look very pretty, and just had this tone to her art that made me smile and want to glomp the characters. The art itself was very well-done, the characters looked like themselves, the colors were lovely shades, all that, but what really won me over is that they sort of had that quality to them (through the poses/expressions, tones, whatever you want to call it) that the best artists have, that quality that leaves you feeling happy and sparkly afterwards. I'm not sure how to describe it other than that. ^_^;; I liked this site a lot. XD (Some TezukaFuji, some TezukaRyoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There are several things I love about this site. First, is that the artist draws the characters beautifully; Fuji's and Tezuka's and all the other characters' eyes are drawn in this very... piercing way that makes them just gorgeous (Fuji is especially just beautiful), and this is combined with very soft, gentle lines and colors, giving the site a very... almost (but not quite) light and airy feeling, while still having substance. One of my favorite types of art. =^_^= Plus, when the artist draws Tezuka and Fuji leaning on each other or Tezuka kissing Fuji (or Tezuka in a formal suit *_*), she captures the feeling of the characters and I'm a very, very happy fangirl. And there is a whole lot of art... and then there's the smut~~ *sparkles massively* (TezukaFuji, some FujiOther.)

- Prince of Tennis - mega-F-sanctuary [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - One of the things I look for when I'm on the fence about rec'ing a site or not is how much of the site I shove my friends towards--if I shove them towards a lot of different places, then I probably enjoyed the site enough to rec it. If I only liked two or three illustrations on the site, then I should probably skip over it it. So when I marked down a lot of points on this site to send friends to, I figured I probably should rec it, because it obviously made me happy to go through. I, of course, am a huge Tezuka fan, so any site that's largely Tezuka-centric makes me happy, and this site draws him quite well, making me smile the whole way through the site. Plus, TezukaFuji always makes me happy. ^_~ I think it's just that... the artist captures the spirit of the characters and I responded to that when going through the gallery, so it was... a nice site. ^_^v (Some TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - kataribu [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit that it took me a few illustrations to get into the artist's style, but as I went along in the gallery, the art got to be cuter and cuter and by the end I was smiling happily because... just... cute! Her semi-chibi-esque Tezuka and Fuji are just precious--I want to take them home and snuggle them--and her regular Tezuka and Fuji are that cross between pretty and cute that somehow really works for this couple. The artist captures the lighter, cuter side of the pairing, so, by the time time I was finished with this site, I was in one of those happy, fluffy moods and I love that mood so, so much. (TezukaFuji.)

- Get Backers/Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Noel found this one and pointed it out to me and... wow, do I adore this site. First off, the artist's Kazuki-chan is just amazing, just absolutely gorgeous, and I really adore her Juubei, too. Second, her Fuji is absolutely beautiful and adorable and her Tezuka is gorgeous. Third, her coloring is amazing, really, really fantastic and great, great linework. But there's also just something about the feeling the artist puts into her pictures that fits so well with the characters. TezuFuji made me sparkle like crazy--and I just adored the kiss illustration and the one of them in kimono *___*--and her Kazuki had this... almost ephamerial quality to him that he gets sometimes. Which sounds pretentious, but it's not, honest. Anyway. Love this site. Fantastic. (JuubeixKazuki, TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Dramatic Paranoia [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - It took me awhile to pinpoint why I think I like this artist's work--I just... really like the softener she uses on the pictures and the colors she uses. The way she combined them is just one of those ways that I just adore; I effing love that softened effect when done right. I also love the way she draws Tezuka, he's so very, very pretty, she does a gorgeous OshitariGakuto, and I *heart* her TezukaFuji, especially when she's drawing them in not-quite-but-close-to-ruffly, 'rock' clothing. Which is actually really quite pretty, so I liked this site. XD (Some TezukaFuji, a little OshitariGakuto.)

- Prince of Tennis - State Shine [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Eeeee! This site draws such a pretty Tezuka! I really love the softener they used but didn't go overboard with, it adds this really nice touch to the illustrations, making them even nicer-looking. There are these two TezuFuji illustrations right at the begging of the gallery... they're just so pretty! ....I'm going to be using that word a lot while talking about this site, aren't I? ^_~ Anyway, the real highlight of the site are the lovely comics, the drawings are just beautiful, the shading is lovely, the characters look fantastic, and I absolute adore her Tezuka and Fuji. *sparkles* (TezukaFuji, some Oshitari+Tezuka, some Yamato+Tezuka, some TezukaRyoma, some TezukaKeigo.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Sometimes, when I go back to a site, just to see if they've updated, I discover an entirely new section on the site that I'd never seen before, and that's what happened with this site. I'd seen the art before and it was cute, but I hadn't rec'd it (I don't think), but when I went back this afternoon, I found my way into the adult section and... WHEE! SMUTTY GAMES! *ahem* I spent much, much time playing those games, and amused myself with them--the first thing I said to everyone I was chatting with was, "YAY! I win! Naked Fuji! *takes screen capture* XD" There's also TezukaFuji smut and MomoRyo smutty game and just, oh, I had a marvelous time. *sparkles* (TezukaFuji, MomoRyo, some graphic content.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This artist's style took me a bit to get into, some of the early work is a little rough, but as the artist goes along, she gets better and better and I really rather like some of her newer stuff. Her colors are good, it's just something with the lines... maybe I'm just not used to the style. It's very... not quite sparkly, but very... colored. But the later illustrations, especially the TezuFuji ones, are really cute, I really like the colors, and there's this one of them on the roof that I really liked. Ooh! Ooh! And the one of them in these pretty winter/fall scarves that I liked a lot! So, it was one of those sites that was just kinda fun for me to go through. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Flying Dish [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - When I first started clicking around this site, I knew I was probably going to rec it because the artist draws a very, very nice Fuji, she really has the way he looks down so well. Plus, she drew him in all these cute/cool poses and I was happy. But there are two other reasons I want to rec this site or why it made me happy to see it--one is that she draws Fuji with everyone, so I was able to cross a lot of pairings off my list. I love that. ^_~ The other is that she draws these wonderful TezukaFuji illustrations that just make me sparkle--there's this one of them in the rain.... *happy sigh* But, really, it's mostly because you can tell how much she adores Fuji, how much it really comes through in the way she draws him. ^_^v (Fuji/Everyone, some TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis/Get Backers - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There are several things that impressed me about this site. One is the way the artist draws Fuji, she draws him so cute, and his eyes are these pretty colors that stand out so vividly. There's one of him and Tezuka where his eyes are open and my gaze just kept being drawn back to Fuji's eyes because they were so bright, but in a lovely way. The second is that she draws absolutely adore TezukaFuji/FujiEiji illustrations, very cute and sweet and just fun. Though, my favorite is a sort of group illustration of Ryoma, Fuji, Tezuka, and Eiji that's just... wow, it looks so effing cool! She has a strong sense for colors and some of them are just lovely to look at. I really liked this site! ^____^

With the Get Backers part of the site, I was really impressed because the colors get even better and you can just tell that she had a lot of fun drawing Kazuki and Juubei. I love the way she drew Kazuki's hair especially. ^_^v As for the Yuu Yuu Hakusho fanart... I could swear this person is a doujinshika--I would probably be more surprised if she weren't than if she were. Her illustrations are very strong, the shading and colors done well, the lines very strong and clean, and everything just seems to point that she's got a lot of skill. Plus... EEEEE!! SO CUTE! It's been awhile since I've come across a good YYH site, so it's wonderful to spend a bit of time with these characters again. (TezukaFuji, FujiEiji, Juubei+Kazuki, Hiei+Kurama.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I knew right from the top illustration that I was likely going to be rec'ing this site because the artist did some absolutely wonderful linework and that's something that can really make me *____* over a site. She also does some lovely shading and pretty colors and an absolutely wonderful Tezuka that I continue to swoon over--I especially just love the way she draws/colors his hair. *_* The illustrations were just... darling and I found myself eagerly clicking through each one, enjoying the site immensely. ^_____^ (TezukaFuji.)

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