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- Prince of Tennis - 12SL [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Usually, when a site has only five or so illustrations (not including junk art), even if they're good, I probably won't rec them because I like to focus on the bigger sites. But every once in awhile, there's an artist that just impresses me so much that I have to recommend them anyway--and when I saw the Tezuka/Atobe illustration this artist did, I just fell in love. Well. Okay. I loved her first Tezuka illustration because he was just absolutely gorgeous and the artist does these gorgeous colors and lines, but it was that TezuAto that pushed me over the edge. And then there was this beautiful TezuFuji illustration... and I just fell in love all over again. Gorgeous, gorgeous work, even if there's not a lot of here. *wishes there was more~* Though, there is a really fun Java paper doll game with Tezuka that just makes me want to cuddle him~ *chu~* (Some TezuAto, some TezuFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, I can't help it, I was just won over by this site right from the illustration of Oishi putting his jacket over a sleeping Tezuka, it was just so sweet. So, I kept clicking and the more I worked my way through the gallery... the more I started to really kinda like the artist's work; what helps is that she does an adorable Fuji. Just absolutely adorable. And the various poses she puts him in with Tezuka... made this TezuFuji fangirl sparkle and just coo over. And sometimes that's what I'm really looking for--a site that makes me feel good about TezuFuji and helps slide me just a little bit closer back to TezuFuji Rabu Rabu Mode. XD (TezukaFuji, OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Blind Gate [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, this artist does just lovely work--beautiful lines, beautiful colors, beautiful poses/atmospheres to the illustrations and some gorgeous details. There are so many illustrations here that I just absolutely fell in love with, the artist draws all the characters to be just beautiful. One of the best things an artist can do (in my opinion) is to combine a strong sense of proportions and a strong skill in the linework--which sounds like an obvious thing, that all artists would have it, but when you look at this artist, you'll see what I mean. Everything just... looks right, nothing's too long or too short, it's all just perfect. And then you combine that with the softened colors... and I just go *____*. And wow. The inking is fantastic in some of these. *__* And did I mention the gorgeous, gorgeous Tezuka? And the beautiful Fuji? And the gorgeous Atobe? If not, let me do so again. They're pretty. XD (Some TezukaFuji, OshitariAtobe, FujiEiji, and ToriShishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - It's a rare site that can not have any color art on it that'll still get my attention and make me go *___*, but this artist does amazing inking and shading and draws TezuFuji kissing~! *hanya~n~* The wedding illustration is probably my favorite, just because it cracks me up so much, but I really do like all the art--the lines are so pretty and so clean and the amount of detail put into each illustration is wonderful. I especially love the way Tezuka and Fuji's hair looks--and the shading on their school uniforms is just awesome. *fawns* Plus! Lots of kissing! I always enjoy that. XD (TezukaFuji/FujiTezuka, MomoKai.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There are days when I start to think I must have seen every TeniPuri fanart site out there with good art and I'm just going to endlessly go around in circles from now on. Then I'll hit a new site that I've never seen before with some pretty art and suddenly it's a bonanza of gorgeous new art sites that net me results like this one. This artist has some of the most gorgeous art that I've seen in awhile, the CG coloring is just flat-out awesome. The lines and poses and proportions are beautiful and I'm just in awe of the illustrations. The wonderful TezuFuji feel to them makes me swoon as well. *___* And then you have the chibis which are just... I cannot express how CUTE they are. They make me shriek with their adorableness. God, I just LOVED this site. *swoons* Plus! Game! One of those pong games with chibi-Tezuka and a TezuFuji prize! XD XD ....I played that game way, way too much. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Cyclone [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site was recommended to me by a wonderful sweetheart named Jacqui and OH MY GOD IT'S SO PRETTY!!! It's just... I love all of the illustrations, I would have rec'd this site just for the overall quality here, but there are a handful of illustrations that just make me weak in the knees after seeing them. One was chibi-Oishi and chibi-Eiji in penguin costumes which is just the most adorable thing EVER. The other is an illustration of Eiji leaning on Oishi, crying, and Oishi has his arms wrapped around Eiji, holding him close--it was just one of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. It touched me with how much I felt from it. The entire site is wonderful and I was just deliriously happy to go through it. Plus! Plus! There was a wonderful illustration of Tezuka and Oishi together that I just adored and the whole site just gave me a wonderful Golden Pair high. ^______^ (OishiEiji, some TezuFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Marionette Castle [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I... am completely and utterly IN LOVE WITH this site. It's stunningly beautiful. I saw a doujinshi by this doujinshika and immediately went *____* over it because it was part of her fantasty AU and I love that stuff when it's done right. Browsing around the site itself... I just fell even more in love, because her art is just completely squee-worthy. The colors are beautiful, the lines are beautiful, the glowing effect is beautiful, the shading is beautiful, the details are beautiful, their eyes are stunning, and the overall affect is drop-dead gorgeous. This is the kind of TezuFuji that makes my heart go *doki*doki* because the art is both beautiful and wonderful in the feeling the art gives off. Plus? The current top illustration of Fuji's shirt half off his shoulder with Tezuka's arms around him? *THUD* Gorgeous. And! And! Wallpapers! That image is so my new wallpaper. *____* So. Um. Yes. Cannot recommend highly enough if you are a TezuFuji fan. Hell, even if you're not really a fan, I recommend this one anyway. This is so going on my favorite-favorite art links. *____* (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - ZION [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Another site that I gank off Jennifier D, because she found it first, I checked it out, went *________*, and had to steal it, too. ^_~ I didn't even get halfway through this site before I knew I was going to rec it because the line art of this site is gorgeous. A lot of Japanese fans do these "impression" posts after the latest JUMP chapter or after the latest anime episode and several of them include little sketch drawings in with them and I LOVE THIS. Because I have this great fondness for sketches, especially when you get to see these little ideas running through their head, and the style is light and airy. This artist's shading is amazing, just really, really fantastic and she's so prolific. A wonderful combination. *_____* There's a nice selection of all the characters, both Seigaku and rivals (mostly Rokkaku and Rikkai, since they're more recent) and then a nice selection of regular art as well. There's this one TezuAto b&w illustration that just knocks me over with the shading of it (their eyes are stunning *___*) and there are so many cute TezuFuji ones (including this one of them outside where Tezuka has his eyes closed and Fuji is quietly leaning over to look at him that's just lovely) that I swirl into a giddy mess of fangirl goo. Which then started to froth and bubble over the TezuFuji kissing comic. *___* (Too many to name, but you'll see a fair amount of TezuFuji, OishiEiji, and maybe a little SaeFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - end of heart [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I tried not to like this site, because I wasn't all that fond of the art at first, but the more I kept clicking (because they were kinda cute), the more I started to go "EEEEEE!! THIS IS SO CUTE!!!" and by the end I was just a mess of squee'ing fangirl. The art is just absolutely adorable--the artist uses some really great colors and linework and shading, but it's really Teh c00t that won me over with it. Because chibi-TezuFuji wound together with a ribbon or chibi-TezuFuji with neko-ears/crown for Tezuka and little metal horn-like things for Fuji just make me WEAK in the kneeds. Plus! Plus! Chibi-Sanada/Yukimura! And Chibi-Rikkai! And the two chibi-TezuAto did not hurt my feelings AT ALL. I wound up just loving this site. *hums~* (TezukaFuji, some light OshiGaku/Hyotei, a little Rikkai.)

- Prince of Tennis - Fragile Revise [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Well, Thanks to Jennifier D, I've spent the day going through fanart links again, this time just completely in a TezuFuji mood, so I'm very, very glad to be finding new stuff. This one took me awhile to stumble over, but it was worth the time spent because the art is just nice. Tezuka and Fuji are lovely and they're put in some wonderful poses and colors--my favorite is probably the one of Fuji leaning on Tezuka while he reads a book while they're both outside. Normally, I tend to go for any illustrations of the boys in street clothes, since we've seen them in their tennis uniforms eight million times, but this one was just... touching; the subtle hint of Tezuka's arm around Fuji just made me melt into an absolute puddle. There's also the one of Fuji with a little keychain of Tezuka that just made me SQUEE like no there was no tomorrow. Her Tezuka is very, very hot and there is a beautiful illustration of Yukimura to top this site off. I was very, very happy. *sparkles* (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Shiawase no Tsubo [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Yin was the one who pointed this site out to me and I'm totally ganking it from her. ^_^v What I like about this site is that there's a nice selection of characters and pairings, including some of my favorites--the TezuFuji ones just make me melt into a puddle from the cute, especially since her Fuji is just damned adorable. There's some really cute KikuRyo (which I like in fanart) and while there's only one FujiRyo, it's really nice. There are some absolutely adorable illustrations here, especially the chibi one of the entire Seigaku team, plus a few extras from episode 64, (which has fantastic lineart and is really quite beautiful) and what I walked away from this site feeling was... when I've been through so many art sites, it starts to feel like I've seen everything and when I come across a site like this... I realize there's still more good stuff to find out there and just... it gives me enthusiasm for TeniPuri fanart a shot in the arm. *sparkles* (Some TezuFuji, KikuRyo, various pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit that this site sort of teetered on the balance for me until I started getting into the group illustrations, which were just gorgeous and TezuFuji/OishiEiji/MomoRyo/InuKai. I LOVE it when that happens! *sparkles* There are also a handful of absolutely stunning Fuji illustrations and a drop-dead gorgeous Tezuka one. The lines and proportions are lovely and the colors very, very pretty. And when I browsed through the comics/doujinshi, I was really, really impressed with the linework and shading (her Tezuka and Fuji are beautiful in black and white *___*) and just... overall, this was a really fun site, I liked it a lot. ^____^ And, no, it didn't hurt my feelings that there was one Tezuka-and-Atobe illustration in the gallery. XD (Mostly TezuFuji, a little other traditional pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis/Naruto - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site can be a little difficult to navigate, I admit, and not all the art stuns me, but... there's enough beautiful art here, enough pretty TezuFuji art here that I had to rec it. Well, that and there are some AMAZINGLY CUTE ICONS AND ANIMATIONS here! OMG, the little ZukaFuji animation of them in teacups killed me with the cute, the icons were just... verged on being painful, they were so pretty and cute (they're tucked away in the "materials" section, btw). And then you've got the OishiEiji/TezuFuji comic... that... just... stole my breath away when Tezuka kissed Fuji underneath the tree. It was so incredibly beautiful and well-drawn that... I would rec this site for that alone. And I'm tossing this into the Naruto section because there are Naruto illustrations scattered across the site and in the icon section, they were GORGEOUS. (Some TezuFuji, OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - It was the SanadaYukimura illustration on this page that first caught my attention because it was absolutely gorgeous (though, as I type this rec, the top illustration has been replaced with an adorable Christmas themed one XD) and the rest of the site was quite fun to go through. The artist has a rather soft style that I really liked, soft lines and soft colors, just this side of 'romantic' (but not girly-romantic, this is just me being a doofy fangirl XD) that made all the illustrations pretty. This is one of the few Rikkai-friendly sites I've honestly liked, becasue the art is actually very pretty. Definitely one of those sites that makes me think I could fall for SanaYuki... and, okay, it didn't hurt that there was a little TezuFuji in there, too. *nfyu~* (SanadaYukimura, some TezukaFuji, Rikkai-friendly, other pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Sakura Sho [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oddly, enough, it was the Full Metal Alchemist illustration on the top of the page that first caught my attention with this site (I wanted to shove the image at Gaki), though, I was saddened to be unable to find any FMA art on the site. Then I found the TeniPuri art and suddenly allllllll was right with my world because, WOW, do I love this artist's art. The CG coloring is fabulous, this is the kind of art it was made for, just vivid colors. I've seen this artist's doujinshi on Y!J before and every time I see it, I stop and coo over it because it's just so damn pretty. Tezuka and Fuji's eyes immediately draw my gaze because they're so intense and beautiful. While there's not much art on the site, it's already become one of my favorites because it's just so lovely and exactly what I look for in an art site. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis/Last Exile/Wolf's Rain - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, this site is so very, very, very bad for me. Last Exile fanart. The appeal of this artist's style is difficult to explain, it's not necessarily something everyone would go for right away, but the lines are very smooth, the colors nicely subtle, the details wonderful, the poses lovely, but more than that... there's a feel to the art that's just nice. As much as I love pretty art (and this art IS pretty!), what keeps me coming back to fanart again and again is the feeling it invokes in me and this site had me twirling around the room with her Prince of Tennis art. There was one of Tezuka and Fuji in winter scarves and gloves that I just LOVED and then one of them sharing ice cream that was just FUN. And then her Lost Exile art (Dio is especially beautiful, but the one of Alex has to be my favorite, I think *loves*), and the Wolf's Rain art was just fabulous. A really great site for me to explore and I'm so very much looking forward to getting to tackle some of the other LE sites out there. *twirls* (No single pairing themes, perhaps a little TezukaFuji, but it's really more of a multi-pairing site.)

- Prince of Tennis - ANZmonogatari [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I'll be the first to admit that this site's art is not always the best, but about three forths of the way through the main gallery, I became just enchanted with the lines (which are just adorable) and the colors (which are so soft and lovely). This is a very fluffy, happy, sweet TezukaFuji, which isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea, but I like it sometimes. There's also a LOT of art here and some of it is just downright pretty. I found it to be very worth going through the entire gallery for images of Tezuka and Fuji in halloween costumes or Fuji and Eiji curled up near the Christmas tree or the nearly chibi-esque lovely TezukaFuji illustrations or Fuji leaning into Tezuka, who's gently holding him. Or! Matching pjs! *flails with happiness* But the artist can draw their eyes just so... intense that somehow fits with the softened colors she uses, her lineart just... wah! So much love and prettiness that I'm incoherent over it! (TezukaFuji, some FujiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - porcupine [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I admit, I wasn't going to rec this site at first, because there are some details that are off (the lips look quite odd and the artist takes awhile to strengthen up her lineart) and it started out shakey. So what changed my mind? Well, three things. One, the colors she uses are nice, very pretty and soft, very fitting for the characters. Two, the art really strengthens up as she goes along, so much so that I was shoving a ton of the images at friends whom I know liked Golden Pair art. Plus, one of the cutest MomoRyo illustrations I've ever seen on this site. And, three, the real reason smut! Nothing too graphic, but a lot of Eiji in frilly underthings or artfully concealed nudity or Eiji wearing only a pale pink apron as Oishi pushes him up against the wall to have his way with him. I love that. >:D It also doesn't hurt that the artist draws several of my favorite pairings--OishiEiji, MomoRyo, and TezukaFuji. *sparkle*sparkle* This is one of those sites that made me just... happy, even if I could understand why not everyone would like it. (OishiEiji, some MomoRyo, TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis/Princess Tutu - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I know I've seen some of the illustrations on this site before, but I can't find the site anywhere in my recs, so, if I rec it twice... oops? Either way, it's worth visiting again. ^_~ The shading of these illustrations is gorgeous, just absolutely beautiful. I have no idea what was going on in the chibi-esque comics, all I know is that the lineart and the characters were beautiful. *loves so much* Oddly, I didn't like the colored art as much, even though the artist has a fantastic sense of color--her art just looks best in b&w. (Which is why I was so glad the TezukaFuji illustration was in b&w, it was stunning. *___*) Then there's the Princess Tutu art, of which there's only a handful, but damn is it pretty as hell. Be sure to check out the top illustrations gallery as well, because there's some NICE art in there, too, especially this gorgeous one of Tezuka.... :9 And the birthday illustrations were SO COOL. *loves* Especially the one of Tezuka with his gifts. XD XD XD Also? The top illustration of Tezuka in the red scarf with the sparkly background? SO COOL AND PRETTY. *fawns* (A little bit RyomaSakuno and TezukaFuji, but mostly leaning towards gen more than anything.)

- Prince of Tennis - Tsubame [ English Fan Art Site ] - And, of course, I could hardly go for a bout of English art rec'ing without mentioning one of my favorite artists. And Yin thought she could hide from me, HA! What I like about Yin's artwork (other than that she totally groks the feeling I get off ZukaFuji) is the delicate lines, especially around the characters' hair. I have a very strong weakness for hair done right and I really like Yin's. Her lines are soft and give her art a light, airy feeling which I always love. ^_____^v Plus, she does something I love it when artists do--she has a nice selection of art, not just one or two characters she focuses on. And that picture of Tezuka and Fuji underneath the stars? I wibble with love. *___* (Some TezukaFuji, a lot of gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - hacca [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This is an interesting site in the way the art is spread out--basically there are literally about a thousand pages (Ow, my wrists! T___T), each linked from page to page that tell a little "story" by fragments, sort of. And it's a really neat, cool kind of way to get the feeling of what they're trying to do across. Plus, the art all has these wonderful orange and gold and red and yellow tones, so it makes everything feel like it's at sunset, and they have some of the most gorgeous ZukaFuji kisses. I really liked the way sometimes you only saw a hand reaching out or touching the line of jaw, or sometimes you only saw one of their eyes or sometimes you only saw vague, hazy impressions of what was going on, but then sometimes you would see a lovely close up of a kiss where the lines of their faces and hair were just lovely. Plus, their eyes? Wonderful. It's not an effect I would like to see on every site, but for this one it worked very well! *sparkles* (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Boy's Dormitory [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The first thing with this site to catch my eye was the current top illustration (which is Tezuka and Fuji sitting on the edge of a roof somewhere) that was just beautifully detailed and beautifully colored. The lineart just has this... gorgeous shading to it, these fantastic delicate lines, and the colors are these soft tones that just make me swoon. I've crawled all over this site because the art tucked away in the various corners is just so soft and beautiful--the oekaki board was so much fun and the b&w sketches and comics... are pretty, pretty, pretty. I love the colored illustration, but you can really see the beautiful shading on the b&w comics, too. Plus, they're just so cute and draw the characters so wonderfully. Plus? There's this one page of BishounenHunter!Tezuka that has the most incredibly beautiful details and lines that I just stopped to stare in awe. *___* I had so much fun with this site. ♥♥&hearts (TezukaFuji, AtobeSaeki, some SaekiFuji.)

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