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- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site has some of the most adorable Oishi art--and it doesn't hurt that it seems to be very pro-ZukaOishi and pro-Golden Pair. There's this one illustration of Tezuka and Oishi walking down the sidewalk, facing away from us, that's just... somehow so touching for the quiet simpleness and companionship it radiates to me. This site is filled with cute art and the illustration of Jiroh falling asleep on Oishi, with the next page Tezuka being quite irritated by this is ADORABLE. *coos* And them as first years make make me MELT, they really do. This is one of those sites that captures the spirit of a pairing I like so much, made even better because they're not really doing much of anything, they're just quietly... together. *loves very much* (TezukaOishi-friendly, some Golden Pair.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, Oishi, Oishi, Oishi, darling Oishi, I always knew you were pretty, but you are downright beautiful here. I stumbled over this site tonight and just... oh, god, if I weren't in love with Oishi before, I certainly would be now. There are five or so illustrations on this site that I will actually give the description of "STUNNING" to. That's how incredible and beautiful they were and I am completely gone on this site. The line art is strong and beautiful, the coloring vibrant, but not overpowering, just right, the shading is fantastic (especially in the b&w comics *___*), and Oishi is just... perfect. (There's also one of Fuji that is just gorgeous.) This art is quite possibly among my very, very, very favorites for Oishi art ever, I just wibble over the site. I'm incoherent in my love, as you can see. And that there were occasional TezuOishi hints? LOVE. And the one TezuAto illustration didn't hurt my feelings, either. >_> *loves more* (Some OishiEiji, TezuOishi, and FujiOishi hints.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site was so so damn CUTE! Cute, cute, cute, cute! The artist is very talented, great lines and nice use of color, but it's the "Eeeee! SO CUTE!" reaction that I remember most. XD Little chibi-Tezuka kissing little chibi-Oishi on the cheek or (regular-sized) Tezuka kissing Oishi on the cheek or Oishi and Eiji being so damned cute together or Oishi just being pretty all on his own... I love this site madly. I'd have loved it either way, but it helps that it's TezukaOishi-friendly (though, there's still plenty of GP goodness in there, too XD) made me go into orbit, because there aren't a lot of good TezukaOishi artists out there. Very, very nice art (Oishi with the giant egg still amuses the heck out of me XD) and Oishi-centric. I don't ask for much more. *hanyan~* (TezukaOishi, OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I was slowly caving on this site because the artist has a nice style (a bit on the roundish side, but that does help enhance the cuteness of her art) because she draws an absolutely adorable Sakuno and some of the cutest Tomoka/Sakuno illustrations that I've ever seen. But I officially caved when I hit a second gallery (there are more than one here, I believe) and Eiji was leaning in to kiss Oishi in one panel and in the next Tezuka's got his arm wrapped around Oishi's head, a flat look on his face, and a racket shoved practically up Eiji's nose that cracked me up. I LOVED that. XD XD XD The artist's shading is also lovely and there's a nice selection of art here (Wheeee~! I get to cross Sakaki x Jiroh off my list of pairings~! ^_^v) even beyond just Oishi stuff. Plus? Tezuka and Oishi in the rain? *WIBBLES* Also absolutely ADORED the TezukaSakuno illustration, which is my pet crack but I LOVE it. *was so happy* (Some RyoSaku, some het pairings, some TomoSaku, some TezukaOishi, some OishiEiji, some other yaoi/inter-school pairings, some Hyotei.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I waffled on whether or not to recommend this site at first, because the art was cute, but... didn't quite make me sparkle. That is until I got further into the gallery and then... EEEEEEEE! Some of the most wonderful TezukaOishi illustrations! The artist does especially well with her basic lineart, very clean and with fantastic details--Oishi's eyes are just gorgeous in some of the illustrations. But there are also illustrations that just make me flutter--Oishi with his arms around Tezuka, who's got his head resting in the crook of Oishi's neck? Oh, god, you do not want to know how much I fangirled over that. The artist also does really cute semi-chibi illustrations and has a very strong grasp on colors (the sunset kiss between Tezuka and Oishi especially made me go *___*) and just... I am very much a TezukaxOishi fangirl and this site made me happy because the artist did the character so well. Very, very nice art here. ^_^v (TezukaOishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - Rakutenka Web [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't originally going to rec this site because, while the rough sketches were cute, there wasn't really enough art to wind me up and I wasn't absolutely blown away by it... until I kept going for awhile. It was cute and I was starting to teeter on the edge because of the cute Zukaishi illustrations, but it wasn't until I hit the autumn one of them--Oishi in the fall with leaves falling around him and Tezuka in the background of the image--that I let out a high-pierced fangirl shriek and knew I had to share with the world rec the site. ^_~ The lines of it are gorgeous and I love the colors and it just totally made my Tezuka/Oishi fangirl squee in girlish joy and sparkle madly. Anyway, this was a nice site that scratched my itch for Zukaishi this morning, so I'm glad to have found it. ♥ (TezukaOishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - DIGITAL*MIND [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites that I just... I flail from the cute because, holy crap, OISHI IS SO CUTE. It's not just the cute, the artist is actually really good with her chibi-style art--the colors are fantastic, the lines are gorgeous, and the details very nice and sharp. But it's that whole feeling of... when you see little chibi Tezuka about to kiss little chibi Oishi's forehead and you spaz from the cute... THAT'S what I love about this site. Though, the artist also does these really nice group illustrations with these gorgoues lines and gorgeous colors that are somehow both cute AND pretty without feeling schizophrenic about it. Just... *FLAIL* OHMYGODTHECUTE! XD (A little Tezuka/Oishi, a little Seigaku/Oishi.)

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