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- Prince of Tennis - EWIG [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I gave this link a lot of thought because it has TezuRyo fanart on it and I nearly skipped the site all together because goodness knows the terrible behavior of the TezuRyo fans have made me want to avoid the pairing alltogether. But as long as I'm going for Ryoma pairings outside of my usual preferences and as long as the art is cute... what the hell. This site is really kind of adorable, the artist draws with these light, pretty colors that are some of my favorites and draws some nice details (her clothes are especially nice, any time she puts them in some new outfit or uniform, it's as much fun to look at as anything else) and some of the cutest damn poses. Also, there's Echizencest and, um, I may kind of like that. Also, her Tezuka is hot, that's all I care about. ....oh, and there's this one Atobe/Ryoma image that's hot. Like, hot hot. I'm still trying to get my mind around this concept. Even if he does look like an underage hooker. ♥ (Tezuka/Ryoma, Ryoga/Ryoma, Tezuka/Ryoga/Ryoma, Atobe/Ryoma, some other, an occasional bit of gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - Love Egoist [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know what I said about the previous site? It goes double here. I can only plead with my flist not to throw things at me. Or, if you do, please make them soft. T__T But... Tezuka's hot! HOT TEZUKA FANART. I cannot resist this! You know my weaknesses! Anyway. The artist can be a bit shakey at times, but the further I got into her gallery, the more and more I saw images that tightened up enough for the artist to keep her distinctive style, the long faces and almost sleek, slanted eyes (which I have quickly grown to kind of love a lot here) but still make them gorgeous. I was even fangirling over Ryoma at times, that's how much the site hit my kinks. But. Oh. Tezuka. All that hair, those shoulders, those eyes, the broad shoulders, the glasses, the... well, everything. Not everything on the site made me go "wow", but those that did? The kind that remind me of exactly why these characters make my hormones all carbonated. (Tezuka/Ryoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - Xerophyte [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site is not going to appeal to you if you have a problem with shota-bait Ryoma. Which isn't usually my thing either, except... okay, I'm on a quest for the weirder Ryoma pairings today, so I've been looking for TezuRyo art and this site wasn't bad. There are some that made me go "...." a lot, but there were also ones where Tezuka's wrapping an arm around him or he's artfully draped over Atobe and I thought, "....well, that's kind of pretty right there." You can actually see the artist's talent better when she's doing b&w (or sparsely colored) sketches, her lines around their hair and eyes and faces and shoulders are really quite lovely. She can do an adorable Ryoma, a hot Tezuka, a beautiful Atobe, etc. Not everything is perfect, but if you're a fan or if you like one of the particular characters or you're just desperate for some new Tenipuri fanart, this site might be worth giving a whirl. (Tezuka/Ryoma, a little Atobe/Ryoma, a bit of gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - ya ma u sa [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I sat on this site for awhile, unsure if I wanted to recommend it or not, since I can be somewhat fussy... but one thing really turned me around was that the artist wasn't focusing entirely on a single character or pairing, there was some oekaki art for a lot of different characters that had gotten really damn good by the artist's most recent stuff. It was this page with Ryoma, Tezuka, Atobe, and Fuji on it that just... the artist started out shakey, but by the time you hit her most recent stuff, she's making them look very good, very much like the anime's style. Those three characters were hot, the intensity of their eyes, the pretty quality to their hair, etc. (And, okay, it doesn't hurt that the artist had one Tezuka/Atobe oekaki in her gallery.) It was a good, all-around site that I liked a lot. (Some hints of pairings, especially Tezuka/Ryoma, but it's mostly a gen, single-character site.)

- Prince of Tennis - the stoicism empire [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - And, again, we're back to the TezuRyo fanart, which I'm really mostly into for the Tezuka fanart and any pretty Tenipuri fanart to round out my collection. This site... Ryoma can look rather young at times, but the artist does these almost sun-dappled tones (....that's probably not what I really mean, but I can't think of a better description, it's not sepia tones....) that I have a weakness for. She also does a hot!Tezuka and... well, yes. ♥ There are even a handful of illustrations with things like Ryoma wrapping arms around Tezuka's neck or Tezuka leaning over to look directly into his face or even the, um, kind of hot wet!Tezuka and wet!Ryoma. I think it probably helps if you're a fan of one or both of the characters, but the artist has a certain charm to her work that won me over... well, as much as I could be, that is. :D (Tezuka/Ryoma, some Ryoga/Ryoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I think, many years ago, I went through this site to see if I could find any really, really good TezuRyo fanart (just to get an idea of the relative quality of the various Tezuka pairings) and it's a bit strange to be coming back later to do a rec of it. The art isn't completely my style--though, there are images that were so cute I had to go, "Awwww. ♥"--but I do like several aspects of it. I like the soft, almost pastel colors, I like the creativity and scenery (Tezuka and Ryoma on a frog? For no reason? While it's raining? Strangely likeable.), and some concepts for the images are the kind I totally glee with when it's in a pairing I love. (Like decorating a Christmas tree and getting wrapped up in ribbons or leaning on each other under blankets.) It probably won't appeal much to those who aren't fans of the characters/pairing, but it's a nice little site that'll probably put anyone who likes it over the moon. (Tezuka/Ryoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - + pulse [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There are times on this site when Ryoma looks positively pixie-sized next to Tezuka, but... well, I forgive the artist because a) her Tezuka is hot and b) some of her more recent art is really, really pretty. She seems to alternate between light, almost airy sketches and a more cel-style approach to the characters, both of which I appreciated, because she can do lovely things with colors. She's another one that nails that flat style of coloring when she wants to, but can also do the warmer peaches and oranges that look so pretty, too. Not a ton of fanart here, but one more site to add to the collection at least? (Tezuka/Ryoma.)

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