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- Prince of Tennis - Day & Night [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I freely admit that I like Sakuno. I think she's cute, nice, and doesn't try to force Ryoma into anything he clearly doesn't want. She's just a girl with a crush, and a cute girl at that. So I have this odd love of Sakuno with the other characters from the series (my two favorites are, oddly enough, Tezuka/Sakuno and Keigo/Sakuno XD) and when someone can do them up beautiful like this artist... I'm a happy, happy fangirl. The artist is incredibly skilled, the characters look like themselves and she uses these gorgeous, gorgeous colors, and the scenes themselves are so sweet! Beautiful art and it scratches that itch for odd pairings I get once in awhile... so I adored this site. (FujiSakuno, EijiSakuno, FujiEijiSakuno, some KeigoSakuno.)

- Prince of Tennis/Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - Wheel of Fortune [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I as I mentioned in the previous rec, I have a strange fondness for random Sakuno pairings, especially TezukaSakuno, especially when they're pretty. And this site gives me both those elements, so I adore it. XD The colors are just perfect for the art--very soft and gentle, very shoujo-y colors, and the characters are so cute and romantic and pretty! Plus. Any site that gives me Tezuka/Keigo/Sakuno art is immediately going onto my recs page list because I would dearly love for someone to write that crack-headed threesome. Seriously. XD And! The Harukanaru art was very pretty; again, the colors complimented the original series and the feeling the artist was going for, and the pictures were very, very pretty. Anyway, I could not stop grinning the entire way through this site because it was just so damn much fun, because the art was so pretty, because it entertained me so. (TezukaSakuno, Tomomasa/Fuji-hime, other het pairings.)

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