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- Prince of Tennis - B.S CO; [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I knew right from the minute I first saw the main illustration on the gallery index that I was going to love this site--gorgeous Fuji with chibi-Oshitari (?????) on one shoulder, chibi-Yuuta on the other shoulder, and chibi-Tezuka in his arms. *sparkles madly* I absolutely love the color illustrations, the artist can do these just... gorgeous Tezuka and Fuji illustrations (the one chibi-Fuji is giving chibi-Tezuka a present and then kissing him just floors me with the cuteness)--well and others, too, but the TezukaFuji ones were the ones that really caught my attention. The comic/doujinshi (?) pages the artist has in the gallery are also just... holy fuck, they're gorgeous. And her Hyotei characters (especially Ohtori *_*) are just flat-out gorgeous as well. ....I burble in my love. (A little bit TezukaFuji, a little bit ToriShishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site seriously has some of the best oekaki I've ever seen, the artist really seems to specialize in the style. Which does make me curious to see what a more traditional illustration would look like done by this artist, but... I really didn't feel let down that this seems to be a purely oekaki site, because the art is just... so much FUN! Some were giggle-worthy, some were just really, really cool, some were sweet, some were lovely, etc., running the gamut of feelings to each one. *sparkles* I loved. (A lot of the traditional pairings, some occasional rarer pairings. I think the most common one was TezukaFuji with about four or five images, ToriShihi probably being second.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - It was the Hyotei-Halloween illustration that got to me on this site, it was just so perfectly done, from the cutecuteCUTE outfits on the characters to their expressions to the lines of the picture to the gorgeous colors to the slight shine the picture gives off. I fawn muchly. The other thing that got me was the way the artist draws Jiroh--Jiroh was one of those characters I took an immediate shine to in the Hyotei arc and I really, really like the way this artist draws him. It's all very cute, very shiny art and I luff it muchly. (Hyotei-centric mild shounen ai, mostly of the Oshitari/Jiroh and ToriShishi variety.)

- Prince of Tennis - eyrie [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, wow, this site does some of that gorgeous delicate type of CG work that just looks so... hmm, I'm not sure how to describe it, but it always impresses the hell out of me whenever I see it. The characters look amazing (especially Keigo and Oshitari), the illustrations are really, really hot without being terribly graphic, and the colors/shading/details are just amazing. And I'm not even really a fan of OshitariKeigo--I like it well enough, but an artist has to be really good for me to rec the site. ^_~ (OshitariKeigo, some ToriShishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Awww, I love when sites have a ton of art that's just... pretty. I absolutely love the way this artist draws Shishido, he's just... beautiful, especially with all that long, pretty hair. The ToriShishi the artist draws is just... absolutely perfect for them, in the way she captures the feel of them, how cute and sweet and true they are. XD And then there's the nice Keigo illustrations, where he's his usual smirky/smug/cocky self. The whole site is full of wonderful Hyotei illustrations, really. Plus! The cutest chibi-Tezuka scowling that I've seen in awhile. XD (Several hinted-at pairings, mostly ToriShishi, though.)

- Prince of Tennis - Russian Roulette [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I... just had to rec this site for the linework section the artist did. The regular illustrations are very nice, very pretty (she draws a beautiful Shishido, and I adore her ToriShishi *sparkles*), she does some really nice things with the colors, but it was the lineart that did me in. They were gorgeous, just absolutely beautiful and looked exactly like the characters. I love it when an artist does that. Plus, yeah, okay. I'm easily influenced by TezukaKeigo and she has a gorgeous lineart of them up. *happy sigh* (Hyotei-centric, some ToriShishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - Viva-spa [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The further I got into this gallery, the more and more *___* I became--the more the artist draws, the better she gets and there are some absolutely wonderful illustrations here. The TezuFuji one made me flutter madly (such lovely colors and she made the characters so beautiful and I love Fuji grabbing Tezuka's arm and resing his face against Tezuka's shoulder and smiling like that *flutters~*) and the Naruto ones were just flat-out cool. I knew I was going to rec this site halfway through the gallery, but then I got to this series of sketches of Atobe that were just... gorgeous, just incredible drawings of him. And, yeah, fell in love all over again. *_* (Most traditional yaoi pairings, but ToriShishi-centric.)

- Prince of Tennis - Blind Gate [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, this artist does just lovely work--beautiful lines, beautiful colors, beautiful poses/atmospheres to the illustrations and some gorgeous details. There are so many illustrations here that I just absolutely fell in love with, the artist draws all the characters to be just beautiful. One of the best things an artist can do (in my opinion) is to combine a strong sense of proportions and a strong skill in the linework--which sounds like an obvious thing, that all artists would have it, but when you look at this artist, you'll see what I mean. Everything just... looks right, nothing's too long or too short, it's all just perfect. And then you combine that with the softened colors... and I just go *____*. And wow. The inking is fantastic in some of these. *__* And did I mention the gorgeous, gorgeous Tezuka? And the beautiful Fuji? And the gorgeous Atobe? If not, let me do so again. They're pretty. XD (Some TezukaFuji, OshitariAtobe, FujiEiji, and ToriShishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - Passion Blue [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site first caught my attention with the darling sprites and the absolutely adorable birthday art--I love the colors (and just how light they are without being pastel) and just how cute everything is. The ranking art just made me squee with delight over how darling it was, it's always nice to see TezuAto art, and eeeee! Saeki and Yuuta! SO CUTE! By now, I've seen most of the sites that are good (that are for pairings I like), so it's always a wonderful treat for me to stumble over a new one that I really like and this one very much does it for me. The TezuAto are darling, the YuutaMizuki are adorable, the SaekiYuuta is a treat, and the ToriShishi are adorable. Plus, any site that can do a Kirihara+Tezuka that makes me coo is good in my book. XD (TezukaAtobe, ToriShishi, YuutaMizuki, and SaekiYuuta.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There are several things I liked about this site--the colors were nice, the selection of characters and number of illustrations was wonderful, too, the artist does an lovely Atobe, and there was an absolutely darling TezukaFuji illustration that I loved. The colors seem almost softened, which is one of my favorite effects when used just right, because they seem almost romantic, yet the colors were still so vivid. And her Jiroh is adorable! Toss in some cute Seigaku, Fudomine, mixed, and AtobeJiroh art and you've got a site that was fun for me to go through. ^_^v Oh! I almost forgot! This site has the coolest Atobe sprites/icons EVER. XD XD XD (OshitariAtobe, some ToriShishi, Seigaku, and Hyotei art.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - As of this rec (which was written just after Christmas), there is a fantastic top illustration of Ohtori in a Santa Suit that's just... beautifully colored--and that is this artist's major strength. She's got solid linework, but it's the colors, these soft, beautiful shades that work so well with a character like Ohtori. Very light and airy at times, very soft blues at others, very Ohtori-like. There's also this one of him carrying a stack of boxes after shopping with a very cute grin on his face that just makes me melt along with one of him sleeping on the grass.... *wibbles* The Atobe illustrations were lovely (and the one of Atobe and Tezuka didn't hurt my feelings at all ^____^) And that's what this site was--a LOT of art that was just beautiful to look at and so much fun to go through. *purrs at Ohtori* (Some OhtoriHiyoshi, a little OhtoriShishido, Hyotei-centric.)

- Prince of Tennis - Bitter Vanity [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Honestly, I think the thing I liked most about this site (other than the initial TezuFuji illustration towards the beginning of the page ^_~) were the group Hyoutei illustrations. The artist did a lot of cute ToriShishi/ShishiTori ones that I liked a lot, but it was her group art that really sold me, because Hyoutei was a team in them. And a little goofy--I have a dear, dear love of Hyoutei managing to stop being snobby for a few minutes and being a goofy team. (It's what I love about Seigaku as well.) I think I actually liked the artist's b&w comics the most, because they really showcased her lovely lineart and showed off the really pretty shading she does. Plus, her ToriShishi is the kind that's just so damn cute that I could scoop them up and snuggle them for an endless amount of time. ♥ There's also a gorgeous Atobe mini-comic that I fell in love with because it had Tezuka in it because he was just so amazingly drawn. Beautiful, beautiful art here. *__* (Hyoutei-centric, ToriShishi-friendly.)

- Prince of Tennis - xiexie [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Well. I was sort of waffling back and forth on this site (the artist does a really good Ryoma, but I wavered on the rest of her characters) when I hit the Midoriyama fanart. Let me say that again. Midoriyama fanart. And not just any Midoriyama fanart, pretty Midoriyama fanart. I had no idea such a thing existed in this world! ^_~ In all seriousness, though, the artist does really beautiful fanart for the school and she does really lovely Hyoutei illustrations of Shishido and Ohtori and her oekaki is really fun/good if you like oekaki fanart, which I often do. There's this one Shishido fanart that's just... his long hair is swirling around his head and he's got these lovely intense eyes. And then there's here ADORABLE oekaki of Ryoma with Karupin inside his shirt. And I mentioned the gorgeous Midoriyama fanart? Yes? Okay. I really ♥ this site. XD (Maybe a little shounen ai, but not very much. Seigaku and ShishiTori.)

- Prince of Tennis - COLTOPITHON [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I totally whine that there's not more TezuAto on this site (DUDE. I CAN CALL IT TEZUATO BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THE ARTIST WROTE ON HER ILLUSTRATION HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! XD XD XD) because... I dunno, it might be a little blocky, but somehow I can't bring myself to mind. There's this one illustration of Kaidoh that I found I just really liked, it hit the right spot for me, whether it was the lines or the colors or the expression on the character's face, I'm not sure. But, hell, I also really liked the chibi-ToriShishi illustration and I really like the way the artist's Ohtori looks and we all know I have a soft spot for TezuAto. XD (ToriShishi, some TezuAto.)

- Prince of Tennis/Naruto - Lovely Place [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There are two things that attract me to this site--the not-quite-chibi illustrations of pretty much every major team in the series were adorable. They're so cute and every one just gets more and more adorable and there's a ton of them and then there's the little winter!Seigaku one where they're all dressed up in warm clothes and walking together and all the traditional couples and I just spaz from the cute. It helps that I'm really fond of the traditional pairings (TezuFuji, InuKai, OishiEiji, MomoRyo, etc.), but I really think these are some of the most adorable images I've seen even aside from that. The artist really knows how to draw the characters well without stepping too far over the cute line and into saccharine. The other thing is that I was really impressed by the artist's Naruto fanart, which is nicely polished and detailed. There's not nearly as much of it on the site as there is Tenipuri art, but the Gaara illustration alone makes the visit worthwhile. Well, no. Gaara and the really kickass one of ANBU!(?) Sasuke. And Naruto with the spiral on his stomach. And Hokage!Naruto with ANBU!Sasuke. *__* Such pretty colors, too. (Some implication of TezuFuji, OishiEiji, InuKai, MomoRyo, ToriShishi, AkutsuDan, OshiAto, other popular Hyoutei pairings. Worth a visit for both Seigaku and Hyoutei fans.)

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