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- Prince of Tennis - SLASH! [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - You know, I can never quite decide if I love J-fanartists or hate them, because on the one hand, they draw this beautiful art, the kind that makes me stop and just drool. They give me a fix on my favorite characters when the English fandom hasn't caught up yet. On the other hand, they make me crave things even more, they make me crazy with wanting to see everything when I can't possibly keep up. And this site is the epitome one of the many reasons I keep going--just drop-dead gorgeous Akutsu fanart, the kind of solid coloring and lines and skill that could almost get them mistaken for official art with some illustrations. I am in love. *_* (Mm, no real pairing theme, maybe a little Akutsu/Sengoku, but I wouldn't even call it shounen ai.)

- Prince of Tennis - mo-up [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This artist does some of the cutest comics, very nice, clean lines, some good details to really fill out the panels, good layouts, and just adorable characters. As much as I have my Seigaku favorites, sometimes it's nice to see the other boys, like those from Fudomine or St. Rudolph's or Yamabuki, especially when they're done as well as this artist does them. (*giggles* Plus, Mizuki cutely approaching Yuuta in the shower amuses me to no end.) I liked that all the rival schools (so far) have been focused on with this site, and eee! An adorable Ann! I really am terribly fond of her. =^_^= (A little bit MizukiYuuta, some KamioShinji, maybe a little SengokuAkutsu...? If any of them, they're very mild.)

- Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oooh. I really like this artist's style--it's kind of sketchy, but with the colors the artist uses, and the way she draws the characters, it really works for her, the illustrations are beautiful. There was one of Inui playing tennis that just made me swoon from the gorgeousness, but all the InuiKaidoh ones were lovely. The Sengoku/Akutsu ones were done in a different style, but what I liked is that they seemed to reflect the pairing with the different style. And then there are some the cutest effing icons I have ever seen!!! XD XD XD So, over all, this was just a nice site to go through and I had a lot of fun. *hearts* (InuiKaidoh, SengokuAkutsu.)

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