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- Prince of Tennis - 2x8 flower [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Hana originally pointed me to some of the art on this site, then Yin showed me where the top page was so I could properly explore the site, so I'm blaming this one on those two. ^_~ This is one of those sites that doesn't really have any single theme to it, so it's hard for me to catagorize it, but it's got something for just about everyone. The first illustrations to hit me were the adorable TezukaFuji ones, but there are also some beautiful YagyuuNiou ones, and even some absolutely wonderful Inui/Yanagi ones, too. And then there's some cute FujiRyo, some cute TezukaRyoma, some cute Rokkaku illustrations, some beautiful Rikkai ones, and just on and on and on. Sanu's Gallery is nice for her pretty lineart--she did these fantastic Christmas illsutrations that were both just SO CUTE and had such prettypretty colors and I totally fangirled over them. Then Miko's Gallery was just... her art is nearly like this painting style that's just incredibly cool to see. There's too much art here for me to properly describe, but, ahahahaha, yes, of course I loved the ones of Yagyuu and Niou kissing especially. Ooh, ooh, and the softly beautiful one of Tezuka taking a picture of himself and Fuji leaning into him while they're in traditional clothing. LUFF. (Too many pairings to name, no single theme, but lots of Seigaku and Rikkai art.)

- Prince of Tennis - CHOICE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Wow, this artist is fabulous... which sort of surprises me, because I'd started to think that I'd already seen all the really tremendously talented fanartists out there in this fandom, especially for pairings I like. But this site is new to me and I really like it because the artist uses that slick, clean CG style to really good effect, because her lines are sharp and the coloring is fabulous. I suspect it's quite possibly the prettiest Yanagi/Inui/Yanagi site I've come across... this is not to mention the beautiful Yukimura/Sanada illustrations on the site as well. It's just... all the details that go into the illustrations, the way the eyes in the more recent illustration are just stunning and intense and draw your gaze to them immediately. I'm all over her YukiSana as well, they're both so pretty and I wish I could better explain exactly how, but I'd just wind up flailing even more than I already am. Just... wow, such a fantastic site, so much love here. (Yanagi/Inui/Yanagi, Yukimura/Sanada.)

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