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- Prince of Tennis - Late Into the Night by Jennifier D - There were, like, eight zillion things I loved about this story, from Tezuka pulling the dozing Atobe's hand out of his hair to drape over his shoulder to the way Atobe viewed Tezuka's dual responsibilities of homework and entertaining him to the little interruption in Tezuka's studying to the way Tezuka touched Atobe. I adore the way the author can make this whole storyline/situation come to life in such a short little drabble, because it gives a feeling of satisfaction rather than desperately wishing for more details on what the heck got them to this point. Not that I don't still want that, mind. ^_~ (TezukaAtobe, some FujiRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Fuji Syuusuke, sonno ichi and Fuji Syuusuke, sonno ni by Jennifier D - What I loved about these two short stories is that the writing is both gorgeous and the characterizations eeriely follow my own lines of thoughts on the characters--with FujiRyo, I've only been slowly warming up to it ever since Tezuka left, because it takes Fuji from a role of pure, intense rivalry with Ryoma to being a more supportive role now that Tezuka is no longer the pillar of Seigaku and that's the one thing that always tripped me up with FujiRyo. I adore the way Ryoma interacts with his teammates in the first one, the way Fuji is the peaceful one, despite his... odd... sense of humor. ^_~ And the second one is just a lovely piece of writing that conjurs all these lovely images of soft beauty and sunlight slowly filtering into the room. Very, very pretty. (Some FujiRyo content.)

- Prince of Tennis - Fuji, Ryoma, and Cactus Plants by kasugai gummie - Sometimes... I feel vaguely guilty about kinda sorta liking FujiRyo because I have other pairings I like for each of them better. Plus, I suspect a few of my friends may make threatening gestures at me if I fully cave. >_> (I already turned traitor with TezuAto, they'll lynch me if I do it again! ^_~) But... this fic was good, it was cute and well-written, and really just kinda sparkled. It was nicely in character, the sense of competition woven into the writing wonderfully, but also still showing how they could be supportive and learn to compromise between them. The cacti were hysterical and this is one of those fics that could potentially get me to cave on this pairing. Dammit. ~_~ (FujiRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Bystander by Chrissie - I dislike finding myself at a loss for how to explain why I liked something, other than to say, "w00t! Good writing!" ~_~ But everything else I've said about the author's writing holds true here as well--subtle, well-characterized, beautiful writing, everything I look for in a fic. Instead, I shall go with a slightly different tack to praise this fic--Ahahahah, holy shit, a Prince of Tennis AU fic that actually held my attention! I actually read it all the way to the end! ....not that I've had time to read that many Tenipuri AU fics, mind. Still. I am so not an AU girl unless it's done just right. And, holy fuck, boyband AU fic that I liked. ....yes, that deserved all the italics I gave it. If not more. ....and the elipses. ....I'll just be slinking off now. ^_~ (Hints of TezukaFuji and FujiRyoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - Drabble Request #5 by kasugai gummie - *giggles* Jenn-san specifically pointed me towards this and I had just enough time to read something under a thousand words and it's... the writing was so sharp, clever, and fun that I was utterly delighted by it. I laughed out loud at least two points and just sparkled over the way Ryoma reacted to Fuji's ever closer and closer invasion of his personal space and the way the author spaced the fic out and the titles she gave each day. The things each day were dubbed were hysterical and there was this sense of... a real chemistry between Fuji and Ryoma here. I loved it. (Fuji/Ryoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Color of Money by marksykins - Much like the InuKai I read just before this, FujiRyo is a pairing where I need a certain something to really sink my teeth into the fic, but whatever that is... this fic had it in spades. The author does an amazing job at hitting just the right notes with both characters, the sense of snarky fun, the way Fuji was so beautifully Fuji and Ryoma so beautifully Ryoma and they were wrong, so so incredibly wrong when they pose as brothers and then are just a little too close and, god, that was beautiful. Also, Fuji and Ryoma as poolsharks? The occasional mention of Tezuka or Yuuta here and there? The tennis!billiards worked into the fic? The absolutely, utterly fantastic dialogue? Yeah, shut up, I'm going to go squee quietly in the corner now. ^_~ (Fuji/Ryoma.)

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