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- Prince of Tennis - How Fuji the Sakurazukamori Lost Something and Found It Again by Chrissie - Long in fandom has there been the Sakurazukamori!Fuji joke and I usually hate it because it's such a disservice to the character, so out of character. And then Chrissie comes along and completely knocks me over with her brilliant fic and suddenly the idea is genius in her hands. So many brilliant or funny little lines, some for sake of humor, some to show insight into Fuji's character (strange as it may seem to show Fuji's character by making him the Sakurazukamori) or his (non-)relationship with Tezuka, some to be unsuspectingly powerful. The writing of this piece is gorgeous, it has such a smooth flow and little touches all over the place to make it sparkle. But more than any of all those things is that Chrissie's writing has charm and brilliance, it'll pull you in and entrance you, make you never want to stop reading this story. I miss that in this fandom a little less after reading this fic. ♥ (Technically gen, but Tezuka/Fuji fans might like it.)

- Prince of Tennis - Genius by Tari Gwaemir - This morning is apparenlty my morning to catch up on fic that I've been meaning to read for ages. I'm sorry I hadn't read this fic earlier because it's one of those Tenipuri fics that is the reason I'll probably never leave this fandom, not even after four years, at least one of which has been almost lazy interest at best, the kind of fic that feels "old school" to me because it's just so damned good. It's insightful, capturing Fuji in a brilliant way, feeling absolutely right to me, when so many Fuji fics feel a little off. I read this fic the entire way through, not even bothering to think in terms of agreement or disagreement, it simply felt right to me. It was almost a little breath-taking and I can't even describe why, just that it was Fuji and everything Tenipuri fic is (or should be) for me. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - 101 Degrees by Charlotte - You know how, at the same time, I can be the easiest TezuFuji fan to please in the world and yet one of the pickiest fans in the world? I'm about a bajillion times more fussy about Tezuka characterization--actually, that's the core of what I need to read TezuFuji fic, I have to believe Tezuka's character at least somewhat, the rest is entirely negotiable. So why am I blathering on about this? Because Tezuka fic is a rare treat and I'm terribly fond of Charlotte's take on his character. She has this gorgeous way of writing, all these little details of the universe tucked into her fic, especially the way the various characters see Tezuka and he knows that. It's very... Tezuka-like, the way it's not exactly dismissed, but it's not lingered over, either. Which is what impressed me with this fic, it's not a balancing act like writing Fuji or another character might be, it's something different, something about the way Tezuka isn't one thing or another, he's something in between, something more subtle and brilliant in his own way. This fic showed that and kept the word useage upbeat and clever in such a way that it was fun to read. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings, but maybe a smidge of Tezuka/Fuji if you squint.)

- Prince of Tennis - Not until a hot January by Maaya - adfsljasfldkja, how did I miss this one? I almost always at least stop to read Maaya's TezuFuji fic, even if I'm generally not in a TezuFuji mood. No matter, it just means more for me to read right now and, eeeeeee, holy crap, I hope she never, ever stops writing. There is this gorgeous, gorgeous understated quality to her writing, there is something about it that just gets to the TezuFuji dynamic I love. At least part of that is the way she manages to say so much without saying it at all, a quality I heavily associate with these two characters. And there was snow. And there was Seigaku being a bunch of dorks in a gorgeous, gorgeous gen way (or possibly more) that made me love them and a fabulous ending and this doesn't even have to be romantic because it's just so... so... Tezuka and Fuji. I flail with love at the gorgeous writing. And write a horrible rec, I know, shut up. (Tezuka/Fuji, except it's gen more than anything.)

- Prince of Tennis - Poolside by triniophoenicis - See, the thing I like about this fic is that I can read it as gen, which is something I've been desperately craving in the fandom for about a year now. (Too many pairings that feel far too forced sometimes does that to a person.) And it's... at a waterpark and there are Seigaku antics in the background and there's Fuji being enigmatic and Tezuka being quiet but not an android and it's just... it was a nice little fic to re-bolster my faith in the Tenipuri fandom that not everything makes me want to smash it with a sledgehammer. And I mentioned the whole maybe-gen-maybe-something-more that I liked so much, yes? (This is gen. But it's got Tezuka/Fuji interaction for those who like that.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Cuckoo's Child by Chrissie - I was reading TezuFuji fic earlier this morning and then Chrissie happened to post and I pretty much zoomed right over to this story and I was so completely not disappointed by it. She has a way of being subtle yet still getting her point across that works brilliantly for characters like the Fuji family--the implications of just whom Fuji was with (which are not the point of the story, not really) are perfectly clear while never mentioning any names. The prose of the story is just so rock-solid and clear to read that it's the kind of fic I just get engrossed in, not letting up until I've finished the entire thing. And and and! Characterization here is gorgeous--her Yuuta is fantastic, the little details woven into his perspective (the birds! the fabulous, fabulous use of birds as metaphors and then the beautiful imagery to accompany them) show how different he is from his siblings, yet how connected he is to them at the same time. It's not a particularly light story, there are parts of the story that are difficult to read, but I loved the fic all the more for it, because these characters' lives aren't always smooth or easy, yet they're not tragic, either. And, oh, the whimiscal, obfuscating personality of Fuji Syuusuke just shines in this fic, as does Yumiko and Yuuta and just... everything. Everything about this is fabulous. ♥ (Some Tezuka/Fuji implied, but it's emphatically not really the point, this is a story about the Fuji family.)

- Prince of Tennis - Why It's Good to Have a Manager by Silver Wind - One of the things I miss about the Tenipuri fandom (well, I say "miss", when it was never really that common in the first place) is taking two characters who've never met and put them in a gen scene together. That's what I love about this fic, the way it's so adorable and so Kaidoh and Mizuki in the way they interact and yet... I could believe this. Cute and clever and fun and, dammit, she's making me like the Tenipuri fandom again! *whaps Silver Wind* D:< (No warnings/pairings.)

Prince of Tennis: A Different World by Rilina - It's been ages since I read any Tenipuri fic, I wouldn't even know where to find the good authors anymore. But I've liked everything I've read of this author's and it was a Tachibana An fic and I was curious--which I'm so glad about because this was an amazing piece that explored her character in the future, in college and after she'd stepped away from tennis. I love how there's so much more to An here, yet tennis still draws her in again even after years away, it's not sad, instead it's really satisfying. The writing is gorgeous, An's characterization is brilliant, and if there were more fic like this, I would be a happy fangirl. (No warnings/pairings.)

Prince of Tennis: Twelve Matches by Lys ap Adin - Oh, oh, man, yessss, this. This fic is wonderful for being about Fuji and the way he changes after junior high, so slow that he almost doesn't realize it himself, yet steadily as he loses more and more of something that he's reaching for. It's a gorgeous look into Fuji's character and his thoughts, a gorgeous look at the world of boys' tennis in the Tenipuri universe, because tennis is actually at the heart of this fic. It's one of the best future fics I've read for the series, especially for Fuji, it feels exactly like how the series would go, to my mind. The matches he plays against various people, that something that he's looking for, the way the author writes the tennis of each person, each of their styles reflects so much about themselves and their personalities, the way Fuji does or doesn't connect with various people, the way there are so many people in this fic without feeling crowded. And, god, I love Tezuka's role in this as well, the Tezuka/Fuji that's set in amongst Fuji's interactions with all these other people, that is my favorite way to read this pairing (even if this could be pretty much entirely gen), when it's not just them in their own world, it's also about the people around them. This was a brilliant fic, the kind that I sat there and read the whole thing in one go because I could not stop reading. (This is gen, but with Tezuka/Fuji leanings if you want to read it that way.)

Prince of Tennis: Boundary Line by measuringlife - You know, for all that Tezuka is my favorite.. there is also something incredibly satisfying for me about a well-written Fuji fic. He's a fascinating character and his friendship with Tezuka only makes him even more fascinating to me, which this fic captured so very well. I love all the things that were said and all the things that weren't said, a dynamic that is difficult to achieve with two characters like this, but this fic did it marvelously. And I love that this was really a friendship fic and not meant to be a pairing fic (though, you could probably take it that way if you wanted, but no smoochies were being implied, honest XD), that it was truly about how there's something there, sometimes no one understands either of them better, sometimes no one else frustrates or angers them like the other, it focused on the two of them, even as they interacted with other people--and I loved Fuji's friendships with Saeki and Eiji and Inui and Yuuta here, it made the fic feel all the more fully realized for it. ♥ (This is entirely gen, but if you like Tezuka/Fuji you should like this.)

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