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- Prince of Tennis - Of Tennis Balls, Beach and Boys by M-i - I'll be the first to admit that this fic needs a good scrubbing with the beta brush and that the excessive fangirl Japanese didn't quite sit right with me, but... I love this fic. Really. And in the way I'm supposed to, even! The phone calls Tezuka had to make cracked me up, I could just hear so many of them and even in such short little conversations, the author had a real gift for capturing the characters. And Ryoma asking if they could play tennis on the beach made me just giggle. XD XD XD So... yeah, it needs polishing, but who the hell cares when it's so much fun? Fun is a lot harder to do than grammatic precision. ^_^v (No warnings, but possible future ones?)

- Prince of Tennis - Lucky by Alexandra Lucas - Ahhh, I have to admit, I'm terribly thrilled to see Alexandra Lucas dipping her toes into the Prince of Tennis waters, as I've sort of quietly stalked her since first reading her Weiss Kreuz fics so long ago. She's a very talented writer and the fandom needs all of those we can get. ^_~ What I like about her writing in general is what I also like about this fic--it isn't a dark fic, but neither is it complete fluff. There's a particular passage in here, the start of the third paragraph, that I found to be especially beautifully written, especially... it's one of those fic-moments that sticks with me, even quite some time after I've finished the fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Private Hells by Aishuu - Oh, this was hilarious, truly. Just... I could not stop giggling and I could just picture everything perfectly. What I adored about this fic--other than that it made me laugh like a loon--were all the little details woven into the story, the little touches of characterization that were just perfect. I just... her Fuji was wonderful, that quiet mischieviousness that made me fall in love with him in the first place. *sparkles* Her Ryoma was... wonderful. Just bratty enough, yet just innocent victim to Fuji's whims enough. And, okay, I'll admit to two things. I adored her Tezuka and the short scene with Tezuka and Fuji. And the other is that I liked her Sakuno. *hugs the poor much-maligned girl* All in all, a very nice treat. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Last Dance by Aishuu - In a way... this fic kind of makes me want to cry, but in a very bittersweet, gentle way. Because... all things have to end sometime and I'm glad that the third years' year is ending like this, but... I'm still rather sad over it. And I love that Aishuu can write it in such a way that it's not... manipulative in its bittersweetness, because it's not really sad, it's a good way to end the year. I'm just sentimental. >_> Beyond that, this fic had me sparkling like mad because Aishuu packs her stories with these gorgeous little details that only enhance the writing--the swarms of girls that Tezuka avoids, the way Ryuzaki-sensei and he interacted, the way their year ended with tennis... it was all so right. "You should go there, and say goodbye. Tonight is a night about goodbyes to friends, and tennis was your best friend. I think the court deserves a proper farewell from Tezuka Kunimitsu." There was nothing that I didn't love about this fic. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Snapshots - Tezuka by Aishuu - You know how when you get a particularily good fic filled with wonderfully quotable lines and lovely dialogue and all the good bits and you want to take in the fic so badly that you practically inhale it, skipping over lines in the process? And you have to force yourself to slow down, because you want to really enjoy it, yet at the same time, you just want to get to the next line because you want moremoremore? Yeah, I get that with good Tezuka fic. >_< And... there were so many things to adore about this fic--the way the author wove in all the members of the Seigaku team, managing to get in details that made their personalities come alive (and such insight into those personalities/relationships as well!) as well as getting Tezuka's impressions on them, but without hitting the pause button on the fic to give the reader an info dump.

The other thing I loved is that the snapshots format worked beautifully for the way the author was showing Tezuka's progress over those years, the way he moved through his life, the way people touched his life and he touched theirs in return. I loved that Tezuka's life wasn't perfect, there were down sides to being as talented as he was, having to deal with Inui's stalking, having to constantly be perfect or Fuji would pounce on him (Gah! Loved that bit so much, the way Tezuka had to be careful about it, yet... the way it seemed to spark an interest in him, too. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing. *sparkles*), treading a fine line between being falsely humble and arrogant when he's neither, to dealing with the fawning girls. And I think that had to be my favorite moment, just for everything about that little picture. Wah, I ramble, but only 'cause I loved. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Distinctive Friendship by Gen X - Gen X has a gift for writing these little drabbles that somehow manage to feel longer than they are, to get me to break my general trend of not wanting to rec drabbles because they're so short. And this one is just such a perfect little insight into Kamio and Shinji's relationship without even having to say much at all. Why they work, how they get along, and wonderful little details--I loved the idea that Kamio often listens to music because it gives Shinji a little privacy from the mumblings he probably doesn't realize he's doing, I could just see the mental picture that popped to mind when I read this, and it just makes so much sense. I fawn over the Noel, I really do. *fawns* (No real warnings, perhaps slight Kamio/Shinji if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Paternal Distraction by Gen X - HEE! YAY! I have been waiting for a fic where Momo and Nanjiroh meet and Momo has a fit over finding out that he's Ryoma's father. XD XD *huggles the Gen X* And I just adore Nanjiroh getting all huffy with snotty little Momo and playing tennis against him and I love Ryoma and Nanjiroh's little bit of snarking at each other and the Twist Serve...! Hee. Beautiful. I love. *snuggles the fic* And I'd probably feel badly for Momo, but... yeah, too funny for me to feel badly for him. ^_~ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Story of the Band-aid by Gen X - I suspect Gen X is one of the few people who could get me to read FujiEiji and not stomp my foot over how much more suited both of them are to other people. Because she wrote such a cute little thing that I could just see it and made me go, "Awww, that was really cute." I love that it was another simple, small moment but that it hinted at something more without having to hammer it into our heads. ....I still can't believe I rec'd FujiEiji. >_> (No real pairings, slight hints of FujiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Snakes and Kittens by Kira - You know what I find amazing about my love for this series? With a lot of series, I really only just want the yaoi. Gen is a distant second best to my love of the yaoi, but with TeniPuri... I've found that I've often enjoyed the gen just as much as the yaoi--and that's what I actually really liked about this story. I liked that Momo and Ryoma could be more than friends or they could just be best friends. I liked it because it felt natural, because I don't think they would change once they were in a relationship. And there's no one out there that doesn't adore Karupin and I'm no exception--I love the little ball of fluff and I love that Kaidoh has a soft spot for him/her/it. I love the way Karupin trusted Kaidoh in this fic, I loved the way he just knew what was wrong with him/her/it, I loved the way Ryoma would glare at Momo for saying stupid things about the cat, the way he would kick Momo in the shins for saying something else stupid, and I love that Ryoma can actually be sweet over the cat. XD (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - On the Good Ship Lollipop by featherypony - This fic had no business being as funny as it was, but somehow... the author made it work. Damn, I'm jealous of that ability. ^_~ This was just... *giggling* pure silliness, but the kind that was clever pure silliness and just made me giggle the entire way through. The thing with the rackets was hysterical, I loved the hell out of the lemon puns, Eiji was darling, and Jiroh... oh, how I absolutely adore Jiroh like this. And the ending cracked me up, too. XD (Some slight OishiEiji hints, but barely, this is pretty much pure gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - Family by Gen X - And another one by Noel that I just love because... she gets how families work. I loooooove the way her Mizuki and Yuuta interact here, the fabulous little details of how Mizuki sorts through his fruit salad for the individual pieces, the way he tries to engage Yuuta in conversation, and the way Yuuta reacts. I adore the writing and I adore the way she writes Mizuki, it just... fits. Mizuki is a very smart young man (when he's not so wound up that he can't see the forest for the trees) and he and Yuuta get along just fine and this fic shows why. I. Love. That. ....I'll stop gushing now. >_> *has been up way too late* (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - If You're Gone by Gen X - ....have I mentioned how much I adore Noel's drabbles? Because I really, really do and this one... is really just one of my absolute favorites of hers, because it's not super-painful, because you know it'll end eventually, because it's not overly dramatic, because it's very subtle and quiet. Because I can absolutely believe this is how Oishi feels during the course of his day--most of the times there are always things to distract him or to take care of, but during that moment that was just him and just Tezuka... there's nothing that can quite fill the empty space that that Tezuka-shaped piece left. The writing is just beautiful and I adore Noel's Oishi and this one just... touches me. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Delegation a.k.a. Chibi!Atobe's Boredom Woes by Gen X - I still have trouble believing how wonderfully Gen X has gotten the crack-headedness of the chibis down into fic, because I could just picture their antics and I was alternately laughing myself silly or grinning like a demented loon over how adorable the little Hyotei chibis were. Plus! Her Chibi!Atobe is just perfect, I am truly in awe of how great and wonderful he is! I'm also impressed as hell by all the litte details she got into the fic, the way she managed to get them all into it, yet it didn't feel forced or overly bloated, it was all done just right. And, of course, the little hint of Tezuka/Atobe at the end made me delirously happy. *sparkles* (No real warnings/pairings, Hyotei-centric, a little TezuAto if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Hold On by Gen X - This... is a fic that I can just see, the kind that I can get twisted around with canon in my head, that's how perfect I think the characterization is. This is definitely one of Gen X's best works for this fandom, you can tell how much she... vibes with Kamio and Shinji, how much she understands them. The details of Kamio's wounds and the way his thoughts wander around affected by them while cleaning himself and Shinji up... it's this gorgeous flow that's going to absolutely ruin me for all other Kamio/Shinji fics. It's another one of those scenes that's such a small thing, but... is so perfect for the characterization. (Some slight Kamio/Shinji, but not really.)

- Prince of Tennis - Eat Me by nagibook - *snickering* Really, if you'd asked me ahead of time about this fic, I would have been very skeptical, but actually read it... it hit me just right and had me laughing the entire way through the fic. I think what really sent it over the edge for me is that, even discussing something silly and stupid like this (which was perfect, because these are teenaged boys who hang out together a lot of times), Eiji was always a wonderful and perfect partner for Oishi. And Oishi. My darling, perfect straight-man to the whacky antics around him. This has yet to stop being funny. (No real warnings/pairing themes.)

- Prince of Tennis - With Gifts Like These... by Gen X - Have I ever mentioned how much I love Noel? Because I do. I love her dearly. Because she writes stories like these that are the kind that it actually takes talent to make more than a one-joke story premise stretched too far--the way she writes, I'm just absolutely delighted with anything she writes. What I love about this fic is pretty much everything--from OishiEiji, to Oishi to Eiji to Gakuto to Eiji and Gakuto sniping at each other to Oshitari and Oishi realizing they had at least one thing in common to the hilarity to Eiji's uhhhhhh baking skills to the ending. God, I still crack the hell up at the ending every time. Only Noel could write a fic about Oishi, Eiji, Oshitari, Gakuto and certain October birtdays and have me not throw a fic that Tezuka and Atobe were nowhere near it. ^_~ (No real pairings, but perhaps a little OishiEiji, OshitariGakuto if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Change by Gen X - Oh, my Noel indulges me so, she really does. Oh, sure, she says she likes TezuOishi as much as I do, possibly more, but I don't believe her. ^_~ This was wonderful, just utterly... wonderful. It's such a simple idea, Tezuka and Oishi camping the backyard before school starts up again, Tezuka looking up at the stars while Oishi sleeps, but it's so rich in characterization that I wibble with the love. Tezuka and Oishi have a relationship that is quiet and understated and that comes across beautifully here. I mentioned the wibbling with love, yes? (No real warnings/pairings, could be TezuOishi if you wanted to see it that way, but it's not really.)

- Prince of Tennis - Insight by Branch - This was... you know, I'm not even sure how to begin describing it, because it's one of those stories that sort of... is this little introspective stories that brings all these images to mind that you can't really put down into words, lest they be like cobwebs and you wind up tangling them up into a jumbled mess. But they're there in my head, these whisps of imagery that flew through my head as I was reading, pulling me in and engrossing me in the story. However, what I liked so much about this story is that it FELT RIGHT and I don't always get that from Tezuka/Atobe fiction. Her Tezuka was just... god, there were so many lines in this fic that I wanted to quote because this is what a character introspection should be--it illuminates his character, but does it in a way that's natural and flowing, rather than the author hitting the pause button and giving us exposition. Not to mention, the title is entirely appropriate--it weaves in Atobe's insight abilities, insight into Atobe, AND insight into Tezuka, all in one lovely, lovely piece of writing. ....dammit, just when I think I'm out of the whole Tenipuri fic thing.... >_> (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Time Flies by Jennifer M - I admit that I approached this story with a great deal of trepidation, given the characters involved, but I was far too tempted by the lure of gen fic to turn away. And the author wrote a nice Ryoma POV, the writing was solid and I had zero faults with the characterization. What I liked most was that Tezuka has some... ehhh, odd habits sometimes, yet I didn't find them quite so odd here and I liked that being fluent in English is something that Ryoma was interested in when it came to Tezuka. I think that's what won me over here, Ryoma's curiosity and lack of smirkyness when it comes to Tezuka. Okay, there was some, this is Ryoma after all, but Ryoma's respect for Tezuka makes me wibble and I thought that came through nicely. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Language Lessons by Jaelle - This was... I have a deep love for those kinds of fics where the premise is cute and clever and can actually be pulled off really well and is genuinely funny. One of the things I loved about this fic is that it WORKS with the dual languages thing of an English fandom for a Japanese series--it's... hard to get across why this made me go *piku*, but it was something that Jaelle used really, really WELL. In a lot of authors' hands, it probably would have fallen flat, but here... I was smiling or giggling pretty much the entire way. I LOVE her Ryoma, because he's still snarky and bratty, but he's still sort of helping his teammates... in his own way. XD Plus the line about English numbers made me laugh merrily. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Bad Idea by Katharos - Huh, how did I miss this fic before? Because HEEHEEHEE. Yagyuu, Niou, and Marui being evil to Kirihara and pouncing on him to be such boys and playing a little "experiment"... but it was also in the little details that Katharos is so good at, the sight gags that usually don't work with a text medium, but were absolutely great here. The way Kirihara stands up after they force whatever-it-was down his throat was fabulous and the way the whole thing spirals from there, all the way to the ending? FUNNY. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - A League Beyond by RubyD - There are so few Sakuno stories out there that I truly love, because so few capture her this well. Di-chan has written a story that shows (rather than tells) just how distant Sakuno sometimes feels from the others around her in the tennis club, brilliantly using various examples to show how hard she tries but never seems to be able to quite reach. Di-chan has a gift for underappreciated/underused characters like this and writing a story that's so perfectly in character that it makes my teeth hurt. It's not even just a good fic or good writing or a cute little fic about what one might wish for with Sakuno. It's something that can slide so easily into canon, it's so... accurate. I love this story so, so much. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Starting Over (parts 01 and 02) by Aishuu and Jennifier D - (Note: I note the chapters because I have a sneaking susicion that I shall continue to rec new parts as they are posted. This makes it easier to keep track once I've archived.) A lot of people have taken note of this story already and with good reason--Aishuu and Jennifier D are, of course, well-known authors in the TeniPuri fandom and this is promising to be a huge undertaking--they're already at 70,000 words and not even finished yet. The concept is rather simple--take the TeniPuri universe as is, reshuffle a few things (ie, drop Atobe Keigo into Seigaku) and let things play out from there. It's one of those stories that most authors want to do, but most don't have the discipline for, because it requires so much detailed plotting and so much dilligence in writing, not to mention skill to figure out just how things would be different.

And so far that's what I'm adoring about this story, it's already shaping up to be exactly what this kind of idea really calls for and one of those epics that I crave and that just isn't written nearly often enough. The characterizations and amount of thought put into this storyline makes it feel fully realized, makes it really feel three-dimensional and... well... like professional quality work, rather than a glossed-over epic. Ahahahaha, these two are so getting my claws stuck into their sides until I get more of this fic. ^_~ (No pairings at this point in time, who knows about the future. ^_~)

- Prince of Tennis - When Everything Changes by Emily-chan - You know, I find myself unsure of what to say about this story lest I give it away. It's a lovely written piece that's short and really builds a wonderful mood to it, you can really feel what Yuuta's going through, his roiling emotions and that things are changing for him when he looks at his brother now. The story builds and builds, setting that mood to it... until you get to the climax of that last line... and it's perfect. I reacted exactly as the story wanted me to. I will say no more. (The author labels it Syuusuke/Yuuta, but I'd almost call it gen more than anything. But, dude. If I'm rec'ing it.... ^_~ Kidding, kidding.)

- Prince of Tennis - On Ice by Sabina - Oh, good lord, I need to stay away from Sabina's fic writing, because the poor girl is going to be scared of me after I get done fangirling over her, I swear. ^_~ It's just... every once in awhile, there are fic writers that come along who write so sharply and with so much cleverness even in the simplest of fics that it knocks me on my ass and puts stars in my eyes. (TeniPuri has been blessed to have several such writers. *sparkles*) I just... geehhhh, I love this fic, I am in awe of the way the author had moments for all the regulars in the story, the way she captured the madcap aura of the entire Seigaku team, and how fucking good the writing was, that it made my teeth hurt. (Some TezukaFuji, but far closer to gen than anything.)

- Prince of Tennis - Switcheroo by Aishuu - *ufufufufu* I am finally caught up enough to read this fic~! *twirls* There are a few lines early on in the story that go as such: Uncharacteristically, Yagyuu couldn’t remember who had originated the idea. It seemed to him that it was a mutual decision, to become the other, but one of them would have had to bring it up first. He guessed that it was Niou, since it was his type of plan, but there was a practicality and long-range planning to it that was more his style. Which just struck me the minute I read it, because it was a wonderful way to show why such a plan would appeal to both Niou and Yagyuu. Aishuu's writing is as lovely as always here and it just makes it better that this fic showed so many hints of the dynamics at work with Rikkai's Doubles 1 pair and was from Yagyuu's POV. You can tell I have a crush on him, eh? ^_~ Anyway, this was a lovely fic that I could see, the way it built up a background for the two players, the way it showed how they got there (without dragging it out, the fic sailed very smoothly along), and why someone as gentlemanly as Yagyuu would let Niou slam a ball to Kikumaru's head. *twirls* The world needs more Yagyuu-Niou fic~~ (No warnings/pairings, spoilers for manga chapter 205.)

- Prince of Tennis - Date-O by Sai - *cackles* This was absolutely hysterical, the humor beautiful and the characterizations just spot on in my eyes. The thing that I loved about this was that it skirted the edge of gen and shounen ai so beautifully that I could almost believe this would happen in an actual episode--especially considering Fuji's mischevious nature. Certainly, I could be see everything happening and the author has a gift for comedic timing in novel form. It's difficult to get down jokes in a fanfic that have the same feel and timing as the series itself, but I totally got that off this fic, not to mention I loveloveloved Tezuka, Fuji, Atobe, and Eiji's reactions. Just... BWAH. So funny.

Especially Fuji and the way I could believe that he set something like this up--none of the characters were dumbed down for his little trick to work and god bless the author for that. Also, little touches like the scene at the ice cream palor (With Inui's diagram and stick figures! *sporfles* Or Tomoka's eyes just barely peeking over Sakuno's head while they're spying--I love little things like that that can make me just picture a scene.) or Inui's random facts that make the team go "WTF!? How do you know that!?" Much, much love for this fic. ♥ Oh, and? The little bit of Tezuka - Fuji interaction at the end? Beautiful. Especially Tezuka's way of being pissed and Fuji's reaction. ♥ (Actually gen, but hints of Tezuka/Atobe and I was totally reading Tezuka/Fuji into the end.)

- Prince of Tennis - Problematic Difference by Demeter - *eyes light up in delight* Oh, a Sakuno fic that treats her as a three-dimensional person, with thoughts and realizations of her own, that's not just a flat character with just one aspect to her (usually her crush on Ryoma). She's so... aware here, but yet still so herself. In a lot of ways, I love Sakuno because she's not a tennis prodigy, because she doesn't force herself into situations that aren't quite right for her, because she's so normal and sweet. This fic is a gorgeous, gorgeous example of what makes me adore Ryuuzaki Sakuno; I read the entire thing, just sparkling more and more and more. I loved this fic because it's so... it's hard to put it into words, but it's Sakuno as herself rather than how others see her. It's a lovely character insight into her, on her own, rather than as an extension of another character. Plus, the writing is gorgeous, the examples the fic used lovely, and it just makes me mad crazy with the love. (No warnings/pairings, though a slight reference to Sakuno-->Ryoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - Pieces of a Dream by Tongari - So, I sort of have a thing for Yanagi/Inui interaction, you know? But because few people write it, I rarely venture into Rikkai fan-territory to find stuff. (Especially since so few write my beloved YagyuuNiou stuff, too. ;__; ) Midorino Mizu pointed this fic out to me when I whined for was curious about what Yanagi/Inui fic was out there and... wow, the whole FEEL of this story was just sort of breath-taking for me. This Yanagi vibes very well with the Yanagi I saw in the manga (and, to an extent, the anime as well), the way he sees himself, his team, and his friendship with Inui. In a way, it hurts to read this, but in a way that I couldn't imagine anything ELSE for them both. I wish they could still be friends the way they used to, but they really can't and this fic just... it really hit home with how I view the characters as well. It was pretty much exactly what I'd been whining for with Yanagi/Inui interaction. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Optimism by Midorino Mizu - This is a story that really should have "________" by Tongari read first, since it's a sort of companion to that one. Again, this is the kind of story that was what I was looking for with Yanagi/Inui interaction, with the way there's that thing between them that's not quite definable in words (or at least not words that I can come up with ^_~), the way Yanagi was different from the other tennis players that Inui measured himself against, because Yanagi was... his friend and a bit more than that. I don't mean romantically, but... yeah, again with the lack of words. The last few paragraphs of this fic really end on a very well-done note, bringing the kind of tone/feel to the piece that it needed. My Yanagi/Inui fangirl is happy. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

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