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- Prince of Tennis - Routine by RubyD - ....there are no words to express how elated I was to see RubyD had written a PoT fic, because I absolutely fawn over her writing. What she achieves with even this short little oneshot is just... wonderful, really, really capturing Kaidoh's personality and the way he interacts with Inui. Even though not much at all is said by Kaidoh, when he does speak, even those simple "Aah."s say so much. She also weaves fantastic little details into the story, the little things that would cross Kaidoh's mind, and did I mention the way she just amazingly captures that Inui/Kaidoh dynamic? The one that's subtle yet so obvious all at the same time? This is one of those fics that just popped up crystal clear in my head, I could see this in the actual series itself. (No real warnings, slight InuiKaidoh if you want to see it that way, no more than what's shown in the series.)

- Prince of Tennis - Kaoru's 'Date' by angelinaii - Oh, well, this was adorable. I admit, I had a few problems with Kaidoh being so... mm, *ganks word from Di-chan* emotive, but the imagery presented by the fic was too funny to really care. There's a moment when Eiji and Inui are watching Kaidoh that just completely and utterly cracked me up and, dammit, I want more because I'm really curious to see where this is going. XD (Some light InuiKaidoh.)

- Prince of Tennis - Simple by angelinaii - I'll be honest and admit that I thought the "love" part of this fic was rushed. That it would have been a lot better with just "like", but setting that issue aside, I really liked this fic--I liked that Kaidoh was frustrated that Inui seemed to know everything about him, yet he didn't know anything about Inui. And... I just liked Inui's inscrutable manner, that you couldn't read much off him until he wanted you to, yet you could still hear everything with that wonderful purr of his. *_* (InuiKaidoh.)

- Prince of Tennis - Resistivity by Shi Lin - You know how there are authors in any given fandom where you immediately pounce on anything they post because they do such perfect, amazing work? Shi Lin is very quickly becoming one of those authors for me in the TeniPuri fandom--her writing is gorgeous, detailed, and subtle, each set of characters she takes on are wonderfully written. And she knows the characters, even in a relatively small fic like this, Inui and Kaidoh come across more clearly here than in some fics that take thirty thousand words to write. I loved everything about this fic, the way nothing was ever quite said, but there were these... undercurrents there that were just so obvious, just like the series itself. Which makes me sparkle like crazy. *loves~* Now all I have to do is get her to write me more TezukaFuji and I will be set~~ ^_~ (InuiKaidoh.)

- Prince of Tennis - Perception by Gen X - Yes, I am going to rec every one of Gen X's drabbles, because I luffle her and I luffles her fic. Once again, she has a gift for weaving in the smallest little things that I would never think of and making me be able to just see them. I know that InuiKaidoh isn't necessarily her thing, but she writes it wonderfully, anyway. I just love that Inui and Fuji were the ones to notice that something was off about Kaidoh, that Fuji was the one to notice the little brightly colored scrap of cloth, that everything was just... hinted at here rather than stating anything outright. Was lovely. *luffles* (No real warnings, slight hints of InuiKaidoh.)

- Prince of Tennis - Elaboration by kikumaru*starr - This fic surprised me, honestly, with the way it captured the InuKai feel but that... I can't quite put it into words why. Usually I'm better at that, even if I'm horribly fangirly about it in the meantime. ^_~ But I could picture this fic in my head, I adored the characterization of Inui (A slight duck of his head later, Kaidoh found himself nose-to-nose with Inui, who was smiling like Tezuka had fainted upon drinking Aozu. *snort*), the way he is so sensual and nearly purring with just Kaidoh. And Kaidoh was so adorable, wanting to know why Inui was so interested in him of all people and the way he reacted to Inui's advances. This was a nice, nice little InuKai to make me sparkle today. ^___^ (InuiKaidoh.)

- Prince of Tennis - Jishin by Monnie - [ Part 1, Part 2a, Part 2b, Interlude, Part 3a, Part 3b, Omake. I think I got them all...?] I will admit that the first time I tried to read this story I got halfway through the first part and had to give up, because the prose was just too image-laden and heavy for me to concentrate on. And I still worry a little over all the flowering descriptions a bit, but when I sat down with this story a second time, somehow it seemed to flow so much better, I found that I didn't have to go back and reread the sentences and that the pace felt smoother. I think a lot of it is that you need to know what to expect from this story before starting it--it's very heavy on the prose and imagery, but I like that, because it... brings to mind this ethereal or dreamy sort of quality that not a lot of English writers can capture. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of Japanese fanart or fanfic, which you almost never get from English fic. Plus, the images are pretty and god knows I love Teh Pritteh. ^_~

One of the things I liked best about this story is that I think this may well be the longest English TeniPuri fic out there and that makes it an incredibly satisfying read, because it's a long, slow, languid ride through it. I also liked the bits of humor and Tezuka and Fuji in the background were hysterical, Kaidoh's reaction to the GP was beautiful, Eiji's... Eiji-ness, without being reduced to the mentality of a five year old, the genuinely funny lines... it was all so clever.

My darling Oishi was such a dear and I loved the balance between his mother hen instincts and his genuine desire for Eiji, because it never felt like he babied Eiji or treated him as anything less than a partner. I also came away with the impression that they were partners here, there was little favoritism or domination between them, they were on equal footing and I loved that... Oishi was just as wrapped around Eiji's little finger as Eiji was wrapped around his. And it was shown, not told. Dude. That does not happen often enough. And I mentioned that Eiji wasn't a five year old but yet was still his bouncy self? Loved that. Plus, smut. Hot smut. I really can't ask for more from a fic. As evidenced by the copious amounts of babble. ^_~ I sparkle. (EijiOishi, some light TezuFuji and InuKai.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Colors of Autumn by yukuro - Okay, I'll be the first to admit that a lot of the jokes in this fic fall a little flat and don't sparkle quite as much as they could have or aren't as clever as they could have been, but there were some honestly funny jokes in here (I think my favorite was either the accidental eavesdroppers or Tezuka's super-hearing XD XD XD) and I honestly enjoyed reading this fic. I honestly burst out into giggles at least five different points while reading the fic, because they hit me just right. XD It was cute and sweet and made me happy and fluffy and fluttery. The writing is very readable, it's long but flew right by (usually I have trouble sitting still for anything over 25k, but I got this all read in one shot, that's how much it pulled me into the story), but more than that... it was just... it was light-hearted, fun, and filled with obvious love for this series. There are not enough fics out there that can make me feel how much the author truly enjoyed her work on the fic and that is an incredibly wonderful sensation. I so totally want more from this author. (OishiEiji, TezukaFuji, MomoRyo, and a little InuKai. *massive sparkles*)

- Prince of Tennis - Traverse by Shi Lin - My only complaint about this fic is that I firmly believe Inui cannot run for crap (This comes after playing many, many games of GBA tennis and bitching about how goddamned difficult Inui was to make him freaking run--many, many shouts of, "Jesus Christ, he's (#@$)(#$ tall enough, WHY CAN'T HE RUN?" XD)(It's not just this, if you watch the anime, you'll note that he often has trouble going fast, even if he's got a lot of stamina and power.), beyond that it's Shi-chan's wonderful writing as always, very subtle and Kaidoh being... Kaidoh. Pushing himself so hard, even when he does better than could be expected of him and Inui's calm, steady presence around him. *hums~* (Some very light InuKai if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Deep Snow by yukuro - In the TeniPuri fandom, sometimes it feels like an uphill battle to find stories I like, so many of the ones that look promising from skimming turn out to have some bit of characterization that ruins the entire thing for me or to find out it wasn't what I was hoping it would be. (You can tell I'm grouchy from this today. ^_~) But yukuro is one of those authors that, while her writing could use a little polishing, honestly makes me happy to read her stories. They're cute and fun and I honest to god just feel light after reading one of her stories. And this one is no expection, it's cute and sweet and I can see so many glimmers of character insight here that I readily agree with even if we don't agree 100% on some of the other character reactions. There are also some wonderfully funny jokes, the author has a great sense of humor. (Okay, a few don't work as well as they could, but I STILL giggle at Ryuuzaki-sensei's reaction to being caught under the mistletoe with one of the regulars. XD XD) And oh. My. God. The MomoRyo. Was. So. Frickin'. Cute. All in all, when I was done with the first three chapters of this, I had far more positive things to say than negative (including that it looks to be nicely long and I always love that) and I found that I wanted more. That's all I ask for from a fic. ^_~ (TezukaFuji, OishiEiji, MomoRyoma, InuiKaidoh.)

- Prince of Tennis - Moving Forward by Trinity Helix - I know I say this every time I read/rec an InuKai fic, that I sadly don't read much of this pairing, that I wish I could read more of it, blah, blah, blah. I'm not sure what made me read this fic, probably that I enjoyed the author's Samurai Champloo fic so much, and then the beginning of this story swept me away and I just could not put it down. The way the author wrote Inui and Kaidoh falling in love, the way it just sort of happened, the way it just sort of fell apart over the years as they moved on from junior high, it all hit me and knocked me on my ass. It felt so right and then... it was falling apart in a way I believed and Kaidoh was just... oh, man, this was Kaidoh. The way he thinks about Inui, the way he reacts to Inui, both before and after, the way he moves on and what he does with his life (one of the things I was most impressed about was the future the author had built for the character, it felt right to me), the way he reacts to seeing Inui again later... this was Kaidoh. I'm nearly bouncing in my chair over my love for this fic because it was so good, the writing is really terrific and the characterizations fantastic. Quite possibly one of the best I've read for the pairing and I WANT THE NEXT PART NOW, KTHX. Also? The ending of part 2? So. Much. Love. No, really. (Inui/Kaidoh, Inui/Yanagi.)

- Prince of Tennis - Solving for X by marksykins - InuKai is one of those pairings that I have some sort of weird equation that needs to be met before I'll sink my teeth into the fic, one where I don't even know precisely what it is I'm looking for until I find it. But, oh, man, did this fic ever hit whatever it is that I need somehow. The writing is sharp and uses Inui's geekness beautifully, uses his stats and scientific nature beautifully, all without going over the top about it. But even more than that is Kaidoh. Sometimes, it feels like Kaidoh is almost a secondary thing in a fic, like it's just about who to pair Inui with, but here... Kaidoh practically shone in my eyes for the way I felt, yes, this is Kaidoh. This fic really hit me just exactly the right way, despite that it's not even 700 words. But it's exactly the right length, pacing, and characterization. (Inui/Kaidoh.)

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