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- Prince of Tennis - A Gift for All Seasons by Bearit - Kissing! Kissing! *happy sigh* Kissing in this fic! *hearts* Yay for kissing! Okay, okay, settling down now, this was... just a wonderful MomoRyo fic that was very well written, sparkling with wonderful characterizations, and a pretty good length, to make it extra satisfying. I have the worst time describing what I like about the PoT fic I like without sounding like a total fangirl, so bear with me, ne? ^_~ There were just enough bits of humor to make me giggle in all the right places, especially in the scene where Tezuka refuses to let practice out early. ^_^ I loved the author's take on Ryoma--not an evil little bastard, but still more than a little snarky and cranky. And Momo-chan! *eyes sparkle* I loved this Momo-chan. I also really liked the original female character--she was what all OCs should be in my book. ^_~ And I mentioned the kissing, right? Very, very satisfying read. (MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Popsicle by Laree - I admit, I've fallen hard for PoT and while it took me a week or two to head over to FFNET to attempt to find fic, I'm already wanting to bitch about the lack of good fic out there. ^_~ I recognized Laree's name from her Gravitation fanfic "Obsessed", which I rather liked a lot, so I had high hopes, and I thought "Popsicle" delivered. While I have this weird quirk of not really enjoying that whole 'one character sucking on a phallic like object while another character watches getting all hot and bothered' (Which is a weird thing for me not to like. Maybe it's just because I don't have a dick.)(Err, let me clear up that it's not in this fic, but in any fic.)(I'm getting to the point, so hush up and let me fawn. ^_~), I really liked the writing.

There were a handful of lines in there that I thought were just hilarious or really, really... just... well, spiffy. Momo-chan whining about the heat, Great, the heat has even affected my hair. My crowning glory… he thought mournfully to himself. And the bits with Tezuka and Fuji just totally made this fic for me. XD (MomoRyo, with a little bit of TezukaFuji referrenced.)

- Prince of Tennis - Interlude by Shi Lin - You know what I loved about this fic? Besides the good writing and the wonderful characterization and the little lines that made me giggle. Was that everything the author listed the two of them doing, I could just picture, they were such perfect examples of the kinds of things Momo-chan and Ryoma would do! I love a story that can sort of glide over several moments because it gives a sense of evolution and that's one of the things I'm most attracted to with fanfics--which is an odd thing to throw into the middle of a rec, I know. (Basically, I've found that I'm attracted to pairings and relationships that can get characters to grow as people.) Plus, it's one of those stories that just leaves me with a warm, fluffy feeling, made me happy to read it. (Very mild hints of MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - PuriTeni Rabu Rabu!!!11one by Kelsey - (In lieu of what else to put in for the title.... ^_~) Okay, I had to rec this one because it was just damn cute and funny and made me grin like a loon. MomoRyo seems to ebb and flow with the fandom, sometimes it seems like it's everywhere, other times it seems like I can hardly find it anywhere. *sparkles* So I'm always happy to come across more, especially when it's well-written and in character. Little moments of humor, little moments of wanting the other, and just some sweet, nice MomoRyo friendship stuff mixed in there, too. It was a wonderful balance of everything I love about this pairing and, AUGH, I NEED THE REST OF IT. .....ahem. (MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - In the Moment, the Future by Bearit - There are three things I liked about this fic. One, it was well-written. The words flowed smoothly, absolutely nothing jarred me out of the story, and everything just sailed along nicely. The writing actually sparkled more than anything, it was just... soothing to read a story as well put-together as this, that really felt in the style of the original text material (oh, how I adored that the author got the feel of these young Japanese characters down). Second, I adore the characterizations, the author really knows the characters well and used Ryoma's cousin wonderfully. Three, MOMORYO! YAY! *sparkles* I adore MomoRyo when it's well written and this was just so wonderfully written that I have lost the ability to be coherent about it. Oh, and four. I loved the way Momo was kind of worried about where they were going and the way that was resolved by the end of the fic. *happy sigh* (MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Ryoma and Momo's Big Big Closet Adventure by Penguin - Okay, I don't know how this one managed to escape my notice until now, but I finally stumble across it, read it, and laughed hysterically. Wheezing, hysterical laughter, even. I think there might even have been a *kikikikikikikiki* in there, too. What charms me about Penguin's writing in her humor fics is that anyone can come up with a basic idea like this, but her brilliance lies in the timing of her comedy, in the little details of the fic, and the characterizations--I could just picture everything here and god was it funny. (Some shounen-ai hints, mostly MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Games to Love by Kelsey - Eeeee! I'd read part of this fic on Kelsey's journal, but it was a wonderful treat to find the full fic here, because the ending made me just utterly squee from the happy MomoRyo-ness. There are two things I love about this story--one is that I can just see all of this, it's wonderfully in character and just so... MomoRyo. The second is the cleverness of all the little details, the way I would crack up at all the little things they did around/to each other (like Ryoma throwing M&Ms at Momo-chan with perfect accuracy or the details with Inui's juice XD). So... yeah, just sparkly, sparkly MomoRyo fic that makes me go, "*SQUEE!* YAY!" and fall in love all over again. (MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - May I? by Lady Cosmos - *melts* There are two things I loved about this fic--one, it was funny and hysterical in the way that my beloved MomoRyo is. Two, it was sweet and made me go, "Awwww! *hearts*" but was still in character. I'm always impressed by little ficlets like these that are quite short compared to a lot of fic out there, but that pack so much in (yet without being overcrowded), manage to paint this wonderful little picture, write these characters so wonderfully, and just leave me with the dorkiest smile. And Ryoma's last line of dialogue gets me every time. Perfect. *sparkles* (MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Kitty Corrupted Hamburgers by Gen X - Oh, I love the little scenarios Gen X can come up with, the little details she weaves into her writing that I can just see. XD I adore the idea of Momo and Ryoma working on homework together, just a nice afternoon that's low key and just them being... friends. I love MomoRyo romance, love it dearly, but sometimes I love just the friendship stuff that could be more or it might be exactly what it is. And I love the way Ryoma and Momo tease each other here, because... geh, that's part of what I love about MomoRyo and what makes it a unique pairing from so many of the others I like in TeniPuri. I'm babbling now, so let me just end with saying, awww, I still love Karupin, too. XD (No real warnings, perhaps slight MomoRyo if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Lesson by sailorstarsun - Aww, cute, adorable, silly MomoRyo that I could just see. (Plus, it was short enough to keep my attention span. ^_~) What I love about MomoRyo is that they can tease each other and they're basically on equal footing and they're just so... funny and cute together. Plus! Kissing! MomoRyo kissing! That doesn't get written nearly enough, much less in a way that makes me go all *fluffy~*floaty~*. These two... are just so much freaking fun together. I love that. (MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Understanding by Gen X - Eventually I will get every last one of Gen X's stories rec'd, because, dammit, I love her and her writing. This story... hurts me, because it wasn't overstated, because it was believable, because I could just see it, because it was touching, and because it's sad. In a way, I feel badly because some of my favorite moments with Ryoma are when he shows that he can be human, too, which is what fascinated me with this story, but... it's so painful for him that I also just wish he could be better already. I'm just... even if it's such a small thing, I'm glad Momo's there for him. T____T (No real pairings, perhaps a little MomoRyo if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Going Home by Becs-chan - I've had a steadily growing pile of TeniPuri fic to read and I decided that I was going to get through some of it, especially the MomoRyo pile, because I love those two. And this was a wonderful little fluffy piece set a few years in the future and I liked how... it wasn't really yaoi, but you could see hints of it if you wanted to, that Momo and Ryoma were just the way they always are, snarking, but still friends. I liked the references to the past, the way they were really a great team, the hints of what Ryoma's second year at Seigaku was like, the way Momo was always just a little bit special to Ryoma. Awww, I am a happy MomoRyo fangirl right now. ^_^ (Some slight MomoRyo if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Gauntlet by silvershadeus - There's a paragraph in here that sums up why I like this story so much: Echizen reminded him of a cat sometimes. The way he watched things without seeming to. The way he always seemed indifferent to what went on around him. Then there was the way he toyed with his opponents when he played tennis. The mind games that he was so good at. It's a nice little vaguely MomoRyo story that's an interesting look at the way Echizen is viewed by the other people in school, the way he interacts with people, given his... unusual attitude. It's not something one sees explored very often and I just adored the way Momo was so... Momo, such a good friend and surprisingly insightful in his own way. This is the kind of thing that makes me wibble over MomoRyo all over again. *happy~* (Some very, very light MomoRyo if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Accepting by Shi Lin - ..............oh, jeez, I think I just made one of those sounds that I am so glad no one else was around to hear, because it would have been embarassing. It was one of those high-pitched, "AWWWW!" noises that only certain fics and certain characters can get from me. Ryoma... is a snarky little thing and making him a bit more human and something approaching nice takes a very delicate hand, but Shi Lin does it here and makes me believe that one, quick moment where Ryoma is such a cute kid. And I adore her Momo, because he's still so loud and still so friendly, but at the same time he's surprisingly insightful and understanding in his friendship with Ryoma. This is why I am a MomoRyo fan. (Some slight MomoRyo, if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Colors of Autumn by yukuro - Okay, I'll be the first to admit that a lot of the jokes in this fic fall a little flat and don't sparkle quite as much as they could have or aren't as clever as they could have been, but there were some honestly funny jokes in here (I think my favorite was either the accidental eavesdroppers or Tezuka's super-hearing XD XD XD) and I honestly enjoyed reading this fic. I honestly burst out into giggles at least five different points while reading the fic, because they hit me just right. XD It was cute and sweet and made me happy and fluffy and fluttery. The writing is very readable, it's long but flew right by (usually I have trouble sitting still for anything over 25k, but I got this all read in one shot, that's how much it pulled me into the story), but more than that... it was just... it was light-hearted, fun, and filled with obvious love for this series. There are not enough fics out there that can make me feel how much the author truly enjoyed her work on the fic and that is an incredibly wonderful sensation. I so totally want more from this author. (OishiEiji, TezukaFuji, MomoRyo, and a little InuKai. *massive sparkles*)

- Prince of Tennis - Pretence by hikaruchi - Eeeee! This was just so... so... fun! Such wonderful, sparkly OishiEiji and MomoRyo and beautiful usage of Itsuki. XD XD XD The story is written beautifully and the characterizations wonderful, but it's the humor that's infused with everything that really made me fall in love with this story. The first part, with the flashback with Eiji, Momo, and Itsuki had me rolling around in a big ol' giggle-fit, but the MomoRyo interaction was also just absolutely wonderful and reminded me all over again why I love those two so much. And the OishiEiji-ness makes me sparkle like mad as well and I need the fourth chapter, grrrr. (OishiEiji, MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - intercept, block, and volley by Orphen - There are a few things that I had trouble with in this story, but they were tiny (little things like the rotating forms of address/honorifics, a teensy bit of trouble on the tail end of Tezuka's characterization in the first chapter, because while I sparkled over his characterization up to the discussion with Oishi, believed it fully, I don't think he would be so hesitant/apologetic afterards, a little worry over the extreme reaction to a little groping on Momo's part, etc.), but they were so vastly overshadowed by the positive things in this story that I'm currently twirling around the room in my MomoRyo love.

The little touches of this story were magnificent--Tezuka's discussion with Ryoma was a lovely thing, Ryoma's discussion with Eiji was absolutely adorable (Eeee! Why can't more authors write Eiji - Ryoma interaction!? ^_~), Ryoma's interaction with Karupin was too freaking cute, and Nanjiroh's role in this story? My. Love. Knows. No. Bounds. Seriously, the Nanjiroh characterization was not only fucking brilliant, it was fucking clever. I could not have imagined him more perfectly written. *swoons* And Ryoma was wonderfully characterized, from his more human side (especially when dealing with Momo-chan) to his naturally cocky attitude. It was Ryoma here. And... just... gaaahhh, this author needs to write more. Especially if she's gonna write lime content. *___* (MomoRyo, some lime content.)

- Prince of Tennis - Counterpoint by Isis - ....I am going to attempt to make this particular rec a coherent one despite my wibbling fangirl goo-like state right now. First and foremost, I am utterly in love with this fic because the way the author presents Oishi... oh, my darling, darling Oishi is perfect. The writing of this story is absolute lovely, capturing a sort of etherial quality without being pretentious about it, the turns of phrase just lovely. But even beyond that... it was the way the relationship between Tezuka and Oishi and Oishi and Eiji played out that was just... stunning. Oishi's feelings as he can't forget Tezuka, the way he cares so much about Eiji, too... it was a beautiful, natural progression from one feeling to another that had me wibbling in messy fangirl goo-pile. (I mentioned that already? Oh.) The massive differences in the two relationships, yet how both can be so important to Oishi... this is what I craved from a fic like this. The tension is built beautifully, the resolution of the fic... it's all so smooth over the course of the fic. And it gives me so many of my favorite dynamics. *happy, happy fangirl* (Oishi/Eiji, Momo/Ryoma, past Tezuka/Oishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - Simplicity by Yasmin M - There are times when a simple character piece is just exactly what I want from fic, because they can cut straight to the heart of a character and explain so much in such a beautiful way. Which makes two things I love about this story--one is that the writing is lovely, nicely detailed, with just enough background and details filled in to make it come alive, combined with words strung together in a lovely way. The other is that the author's take on Ryoma is very similar to thoughts rolling around in my own head (if not nearly so well expressed as this), in the way he views people in general, social interaction, and Momo-sempai especially. Ryoma is Ryoma and Momo-sempai is Momo-sempai. is something I've said repeatedly and just makes me sparkle to see woven into such a lovely fic. (Very light MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Just Another Normal Day by Isis - MomoRyo is the absolute first pairing I fell for (Episode 2! Under the sakura trees! They were so totally trying to make me love this pairing. And, given that I am Tenipuri's bitch, it totally worked. ♥) and I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for when it's done write. The writing of this piece is not only lovely and funny, but it's clever, which always makes me twirl around the room with glee. And the characterizations were perfect--from Nanjiroh's batshit behavior to the all the qualities that make me love Ryoma (sometimes he can get on my nerves or bore me, but it's a fic like this that reminds me of why I LOVE HIM TO LITTLE, BITTY PIECES ♥) to Momo's friendship with Ryoma and jumping right onboard with skipping out on those girls on Valentine's Day (after a little teasing, of course XD). This is a fic that just made me sparkle and crave the MomoRyo all over again. (MomoRyo, though, it could really pass for gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - Security by Branch - Whenever the opportunity arose, at any rate, Ryoma would wake up to find Momo curled around him like he was some kind of oversized plushie. Most times when authors have ideas like this, they have to be very carefully written (at least with characters like Momo and Ryoma) lest the fic turn out to be overly sappy and OOC because Ryoma would never be that mushy. This, however? I loved, because Ryoma was... he was still Ryoma, but it was Momo-sempai so he wasn't AS mean as he could have been, but he wasn't really holding back, either, because it's Momo-sempai. What got me about this fic is that I was actually giggling the entire time because these are things I could JUST SEE Ryoma doing when Momo's sleeping on him, yet, at the same time, it made me all fluffy-happy because it's light MomoRyo. I'm totally not making sense at this point, so you should just go read the fic instead. It's GOOD MomoRyo, showing off the sparklyness they have that made me fall for them in the first place. (MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Riding a Bike by Lady Cosmos - I love that this story is one of those little things where... it's not necessarily something I would have thought of myself, but it seems so obvious a thing to write about with an idea like this. The characterization is just lovely--not too sappy, but still genuinely touching in its own way, as MomoRyo should be. Plus, eeee! It sparkled, which MomoRyo really needs, I think, and Lady Cosmos is a terrific writer and this just... said so much about their relationship without really having to say it. I love that about MomoRyo. (MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Kind of Guy by Aki - *squee* MomoRyo fic that does an utterly fantastic job with both characters! The writing really just sparkles and is so perfect for them that I practically flail in my seat over it. Momo-chan's reactions throughout the entire piece (especially when Ryoma was avoiding him or when he was teasing or the lovely details with Sakuno--the writing is actually FUNNY, but not in the sense that it's a parody fic, but the kind that's just Good Writing) are fantastic and the final scene between him and Ryoma? Made my little MomoRyo heart go flip-flop because it said so much about how they felt without having to say it. And that's just... the way Momo and Ryoma are, they're just Momo and Ryoma, they don't gotta say a lot of stuff. (MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - A Man's Pride by Aki - The thing that gets me about this fic? That this is the Ryoma I love. He's not sappy, he's still a little brat, he's still snarky, he's still cock-sure, but he's not unaware of people around him, especially Momo. That he's aware of things and that you can tell his friendship with Momo means a lot to him without him ever having to say a word about it just delights me with this story. Oh! And the speech patterns flat-out rock. I know that's an odd thing to pick up on, but it's more than just interjecting random catch-phrases with the characters, it's an understanding of what makes them tick and lets me hear the stories in my head. The same applies for those little tiny bits of body language that make it into the story, that aren't used as distractions, but rather flow into the pace of the rest of the story. And the last scene of this story is just excellent, when everything comes together and I just... damn, can I have Ryoma to snuggle for awhile? Please? (MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Perfection by Aki - This story is going to be a little hard to explain, because Momo and Ryoma aren't really doing much, just Ryoma accidentally stepping on a broken glass and Momo fishing splinters out of his foot. But what makes this story just as appealing as the rest of Aki's writing? The fabulous character insights. She just... she captures everything that makes me love Momo and Ryoma and the MomoRyo relationship, especially the way Momo understands Ryoma with an odd sort of clarity that comes from just... being who he is and Ryoma being his best friend. It's not glorifying Momo-chan, it's just... presenting him as the character he is in a wonderful little character piece with sparkly, sparkly writing. (MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Natural by mizuki - One of the things I loved so much about this story is that it captured the sense of how important tennis is to characters like Momo-chan and Ryoma, how much of an integral part of their lives it is right now, but without being overbearing about it or sacrificing the sense of character insight for it. It's also an utterly fabulous fic for the interaction between Momo-chan and Ryoma, so utterly them, each of them, along with perfect examples of their interaction. Reading a book on doubles by the dying sunlight, Momo-chan slinging a casual arm around Ryoma's shoulders, the way the cement is different from a clay court, the way you can feel Ryoma and Momo's relationship slowly evolving, even when nothing in particular really happens. Which is also so very like them. Plus, I have mad love for the ending. ♥ (MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Next by Shi Lin - Aww, MomoRyo that's just... Momo-chan and Ryoma being steadily themselves. Hanging out in arcades, being surprisingly subtle with the little gestures here and there, but without being OMG SO DEEP. They're just... Momo-chan and Ryoma. I love this story because it gives me a certain feeling to it, the emotions underneath the surface that I just pick up on, rather than having to be told what's going on, I just get that feeling of the final days of school and friendship and sports. Yet, there's no specific moment that I can point at and go, there, that's where it's coming from. Instead it's something that's just there throughout the story and you feel it without being bashed over the head by it. Which sounds like a weird thing to focus on, I know, but it's something I often get from the series itself and I love that the fic gave me the same feeling. Plus, Momo and Ryoma are wonderfully in character and the writing sparkles, lord knows that the fandom doesn't have enough of that to go around. (MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Collateral Damage by Bing - NO SERIOUSLY. WHY HAVE I NOT READ BING'S TENIPURI FIC BEFORE? Because, holy shit, she writes an aweome Eiji and the kind of humor that had me cracking up the entire time and, in one little line of dialogue, she has done a masterful job of summing up the "fun" aspect of Fuji's personality in the TezuFuji relationship. But, really, you're reading this fic because Eiji is fabulous here, he's not cliche, he doesn't have the mentality of a five year old, but he's still bouncy, kind of hyper Eiji. And then there's Inui and the juices and Momo and Ryoma and then the Fuji - Inui conversation and then Eiji and Oishi's friendship is all kind of fabulous here and just... HEE HEE HEE. GO READ. (No real pairings, but I might count Oishi/Eiji, hints of MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Plans by Liz Starsky - Aww, it's been awhile since I read a MomoRyo fic and I got here by journalhopping, stopped to check it out and found that it was really sort of cute/sweet in just the right away MomoRyo should be. It's just enough of the two of them being such silly boys and yet still muddling through the awkwardness after their first kiss in that way that Momo and Ryoma would both have. Plus, I really liked the characterization of Ryoma here, I liked the little touches of his hat and how you can see how he's feeling through means other than simply being told. Just... lots of MomoRyo cuteness. ♥ (MomoRyo.)

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