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- Prince of Tennis - Fade by Reluctant Fangirl - All right, I will admit that the writing is a little stiff and awkward in this story, but the author did something far more important right--she captured the feeling of Eiji and Oishi and just how... goddamned adorable they are together. Oishi and Eiji have this very... coupley feeling to them, even when they're not really doing all that much... and I can't decide which one of them I want to hug more. XD Oishi because he's such a gorgeous little sweetheart or Eiji because he's such an adorable little bundle of energy. XD XD (Mild OishiEiji if you want to read into it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Question by Ju - I've been slacking on keeping an eye on the PoT section over at FFNET because my interest in the fandom had been waning until recently (*snuzzles Noel for helping me sparkle again), so it took me awhile to notice this one was here and just... I sparkle with the love for Oishi and Eiji. I absolutely, utterly adore the way Ju manages to capture Eiji's personality so perfectly in even such a short little ficlet, and the way Oishi and Eiji just quietly interact and I fangirl for the ending and the various little details put in, the way the author describes some things (Which is confusing, isn't it? I just... liked the way, say, the author described Eiji looking around at things, the way she described him when his eyes passed over Tezuka, the way Eiji sits down around Oishi, those little things.). Blah, I'm not able to really put it into words, it's just one of those fics OishiEiji fans should read, because it's good and there aren't enough PoT fics that I really love. ^_~ (OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Domesticity by Shi Lin - Gehhh, there are so many wonderful little details packed into this fic that I could not possibly sparkle over them all and still keep this rec to a single paragraph's length. ^_~ I loved all the little details put in from the shampoo to the hot summer to the little curtain over the sunflowers to the way Oishi thinks about Eiji's sleeping habits to that night with Momo-chan and Taka-kun. *giggles* It was just one heck of a sparkle-inducing fic. *twirls happily* (Some slight OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Beginning of a Beyuuutiful Friendship by rhoe - Aww! OishiEiji fic makes me sparkly. Especially with such a cute Eiji and such a sweet Oishi. And that's what I really liked about this fic, that I could picture it happening, *giggles* especially Eiji's little rant that gets cut off in the middle. And... just... it's difficult to put into words, but the utterly sweet and adorable interaction of Oishi and Eiji, you can really see the affection between them starting to bloom. *sparkles* (Some slight OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Different Kinds of Warmth by Ju - Aww, OishiEiji fluff. I think what I liked most was that it didn't have to be yaoi (though, I assume it was meant to be, at the very least, deliberately suggestive), though there were definitely hints, because sometimes just a moment between two characters, where they're having a conversation about something completely random is what I love about them. And I just liked Oishi and Eiji walking along and talking and being their sweet, adorable selves. This was... nice. =^_^= (Some mild OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - I Think I'm in Love by Cooro - I admit, I was worried about this fic, because while it was nicely written, it had huge, "Oishi, I'm in love with someone, I can't stop thinking about him, I want to be with him, but I'm afraid I'll be rejected, it's you, Oishi!" "Ehhhh? ME? What do you mean??" but halfway through Oishi's encouragement for Eiji to confess to the person he loved... you knew Oishi knew and was encouraging him because the feelings were returned. And I just went into orbit over the fic because it was so perfect that Oishi gently guided him this way. Plus, such cute Golden Pair interaction with both of them being so much themselves and then kissing. I have such deep love for kissing TeniPuri boys. *happy~* (OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Inadequate and Apart by GenX - (Note: These are two seperate fics, just posted on the same page.) These two drabbles aren't related to each other, but since she posted them on the same page, I'm going to rec them together--the reason I continue to try to lure GenX into writing TeniPuri fic is in these two drabbles--she shows this amazing understanding of the characters even in just ~300-400 short words, weaves in these beautiful character insights, and writes gorgeously. Her Oishi... is just wonderful--he's long been a favorite character of mine (second only to my insanely huge love of Tezuka) and she makes me love him even more. Her take on the OishiEiji relationship in the first drabble makes me swoon because it gives Eiji a depth that we don't always get to see, we get to see him being uncertain about the relationship between Oishi and Tezuka, yet at the same time there isn't a single moment of doubt of whether or not Oishi loves him. And the second one... god, do I love the second one. It just the most gorgeous representation of the Tezuka - Oishi friendship I've ever seen. I could quote the entire things (and am tempted to >_>), but I don't want to spoil. Just. Go. Read. (Not really even yaoi, but perhaps a little OishiEiji/TezukaOishi if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Secrets by arigatomina - I admit that this fic could use a really good scrub with the beta brush and some reworking of the way the author writes some things, to give it a bit more sparkle. I know that probably sounds harsh and what I'm going to say next sounds cliche, but I really do believe it's true--I say this because I think this fic is worth polishing up, that it does have the potential to be a real gem. The other thing I hesitate on is that I have a sinking feeling I know where the fic is going, what Eiji's secret is, but that's a personal quirk that I'll wait to see if it comes to pass.

Anyway, the reason I'm rec'ing this fic whole-heartedly is because the author does a fantastic job with Oishi and Eiji and the way they interact, really nailing their characters, I thought. Eiji is bouncy and cheerful but without being an idiotic spaz; Oishi is sweet and caring and such a wonderful friend but without being spineless or obnoxious about it. I just... sparkled to read about these two, I love them so much. XD So, yeah, her characterizations and sense for the characters was spot-on and I really, really liked the way she wrote Tezuka and Fuji in the background. *sparkles more* ^_^v (OishiEiji, with a little, tiny bit of TezukaFuji in the background, possible MomoRyo in the future.)

- Prince of Tennis - Now by GenX - Normally, I don't recommend drabbles just on principle, because they're too short, just like I rarely rec a fanart site if it only has five illustrations on it, even if they are pretty. But I'm going to make an exception for this one, because I want to and because it was really a wonderful little look at the characters I've become so fond of. (And, no, it's not just because she dedicated it to me. XD) GenX has some of the most amazing insights into the characters I've ever seen when she talks about them and what I liked so much about this drabble is that even in just 200 words, she can bring those through. The subtly she uses when writing Tezuka looking out over the court is just a wonderful thing and the last two sentances of this drabble always make me flutter. (Very light hints of TezukaFuji, OishiEiji, and a little bit TezukaOishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - Peer Pressure by Ju - Aww, this was cute, just a sweet, adorable little fic about Oishi being pressured into a certain decision. I liked the various reactions from the other members of the team, the way they bickered amongst each other, I liked that I could tell them apart just by the things they said (well, most of the time, occasionally it was a bit confusing), and I liked the end. ^____^ Very cute, sweet fic. (Some OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Hobbies by Gen X - Awwww, see, I hold this fic up as proof that Gen X can write fluff instead of just angst, but will she let me blackmail her into TezuAto fluff? Nooooooo. ^_~ What I liked about this one is that even when she's doing fluff, she puts all these fantastic little details into the fic, all the bits and pieces of how to take care of fish that show just how patient Oishi is (I could never wait when cleaning the tanks and therefore my fish always died. >_> Stupid chlorine levels.). Plus! So cute! And the ending lines just totally made me snort with laughter. XD (Some light OishiEiji if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Where Jealousy Comes in by Aishuu - You know how there are sometimes those stories where you would practically have to write a dissertation to describe everything that it brought to mind and you wanted to babble about? Yeah, that's what this one did for me, because the Tezuka / Fuji / Oishi / Eiji relationship dynamics have fascinated me pretty much from the beginning. I loved that Aishuu did so many things with this story with such a short amount of space and only pure dialogue, I love how much she showed of Tezuka and Oishi's relationship and it's effect on the others in their lives. I'm gonna stop now before I really get started, but let me just say that this is what I crave in TeniPuri fic, dealing with these things between all of them. *sparkles* (TezukaFuji and OishiEiji referenced.)

- Prince of Tennis - With Gifts Like These... by Gen X - Have I ever mentioned how much I love Noel? Because I do. I love her dearly. Because she writes stories like these that are the kind that it actually takes talent to make more than a one-joke story premise stretched too far--the way she writes, I'm just absolutely delighted with anything she writes. What I love about this fic is pretty much everything--from OishiEiji, to Oishi to Eiji to Gakuto to Eiji and Gakuto sniping at each other to Oshitari and Oishi realizing they had at least one thing in common to the hilarity to Eiji's uhhhhhh baking skills to the ending. God, I still crack the hell up at the ending every time. Only Noel could write a fic about Oishi, Eiji, Oshitari, Gakuto and certain October birtdays and have me not throw a fic that Tezuka and Atobe were nowhere near it. ^_~ (No real pairings, but perhaps a little OishiEiji, OshitariGakuto if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Jishin by Monnie - [ Part 1, Part 2a, Part 2b, Interlude, Part 3a, Part 3b, Omake. I think I got them all...?] I will admit that the first time I tried to read this story I got halfway through the first part and had to give up, because the prose was just too image-laden and heavy for me to concentrate on. And I still worry a little over all the flowering descriptions a bit, but when I sat down with this story a second time, somehow it seemed to flow so much better, I found that I didn't have to go back and reread the sentences and that the pace felt smoother. I think a lot of it is that you need to know what to expect from this story before starting it--it's very heavy on the prose and imagery, but I like that, because it... brings to mind this ethereal or dreamy sort of quality that not a lot of English writers can capture. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of Japanese fanart or fanfic, which you almost never get from English fic. Plus, the images are pretty and god knows I love Teh Pritteh. ^_~

One of the things I liked best about this story is that I think this may well be the longest English TeniPuri fic out there and that makes it an incredibly satisfying read, because it's a long, slow, languid ride through it. I also liked the bits of humor and Tezuka and Fuji in the background were hysterical, Kaidoh's reaction to the GP was beautiful, Eiji's... Eiji-ness, without being reduced to the mentality of a five year old, the genuinely funny lines... it was all so clever.

My darling Oishi was such a dear and I loved the balance between his mother hen instincts and his genuine desire for Eiji, because it never felt like he babied Eiji or treated him as anything less than a partner. I also came away with the impression that they were partners here, there was little favoritism or domination between them, they were on equal footing and I loved that... Oishi was just as wrapped around Eiji's little finger as Eiji was wrapped around his. And it was shown, not told. Dude. That does not happen often enough. And I mentioned that Eiji wasn't a five year old but yet was still his bouncy self? Loved that. Plus, smut. Hot smut. I really can't ask for more from a fic. As evidenced by the copious amounts of babble. ^_~ I sparkle. (EijiOishi, some light TezuFuji and InuKai.)

- Prince of Tennis - Ours by Shi Lin - *pleasantly warm and fuzzy feelings* What I like about this, beyond Shi Lin's usual quality writing, is that it's filled with all these little details that don't overshadow the fic, but are woven into the background to give you the feeling of their days/lives. The little moments they go through, which is what makes me sparkle over the Golden Pair--the little things of Oishi indulgently watching Eiji play with the kids in the snow or Oishi helping Eiji with his homework or Eiji just being Eiji and Oishi just being Oishi. It's one of those stories where nothing specific happens, but I like that because it gives the feel of the GP and just... what they're like better that way. (OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Colors of Autumn by yukuro - Okay, I'll be the first to admit that a lot of the jokes in this fic fall a little flat and don't sparkle quite as much as they could have or aren't as clever as they could have been, but there were some honestly funny jokes in here (I think my favorite was either the accidental eavesdroppers or Tezuka's super-hearing XD XD XD) and I honestly enjoyed reading this fic. I honestly burst out into giggles at least five different points while reading the fic, because they hit me just right. XD It was cute and sweet and made me happy and fluffy and fluttery. The writing is very readable, it's long but flew right by (usually I have trouble sitting still for anything over 25k, but I got this all read in one shot, that's how much it pulled me into the story), but more than that... it was just... it was light-hearted, fun, and filled with obvious love for this series. There are not enough fics out there that can make me feel how much the author truly enjoyed her work on the fic and that is an incredibly wonderful sensation. I so totally want more from this author. (OishiEiji, TezukaFuji, MomoRyo, and a little InuKai. *massive sparkles*)

- Prince of Tennis - The Most Important Thing by Talya Firedancer - Oishi and Eiji are always darlings and I'm glad to see Talya Firedancer getting into TeniPuri because her style (very clever, funny, and often bouncy) seems very tailored for the Golden Pair, Eiji especially. And she does convey his bounciness so well here, also weaving in a wonderful amount of details into the background so you can feel what this day was like for him. And, of course, I adore that, for Eiji, it's not really about the presents (not that he minds that, either XD), but about the people around him and their thoughts/feelings. Plus, the prank with the water bottle at the beginning amused the hell out of me. XD (Some light OishiEiji if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Pretence by hikaruchi - Eeeee! This was just so... so... fun! Such wonderful, sparkly OishiEiji and MomoRyo and beautiful usage of Itsuki. XD XD XD The story is written beautifully and the characterizations wonderful, but it's the humor that's infused with everything that really made me fall in love with this story. The first part, with the flashback with Eiji, Momo, and Itsuki had me rolling around in a big ol' giggle-fit, but the MomoRyo interaction was also just absolutely wonderful and reminded me all over again why I love those two so much. And the OishiEiji-ness makes me sparkle like mad as well and I need the fourth chapter, grrrr. (OishiEiji, MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - Little by Monnie - There's a line in this story that captured the essence of it so well for me: Ooishi shook his head--he wasn't leaving Eiji, he was... just leaving. It wasn't the same thing at all. I really shouldn't be fangirling so hard over Golden Pair angst and a part of me really does feel badly about it, it's just... I can see this happening so clearly. The reactions were spot on and it was... ehhh, it's hard to explain, but I quantify it as a sort of 'genuine angst'. Meaning that it felt very natural, like the author really felt the hurt right along with her characters, rather than cackling over her computer and deliberately trying to make people cry. I love this story because it made me hurt, but in a way that was because it was a good story. (EijiOishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - Support by Monnie - (Note: This is a companion to "Little", which you should read first.) This story... well, I admit that I read it rather late at night, so my inhibitions were a bit further down than usual, but this story still made me want to cry--not because the author destroyed the lives of the characters, not because it was angsty so much as... because I could see this happening. Because Eiji's process of getting over Oishi felt so heart-tuggingly true to character that it tore at me, I could believe it. There were a thousand things I loved about this story, but what actually sticks out most for me are the ways that Tezuka and Fuji were there for Eiji, the way they knew what he was going through and exactly how to support him and what he needed at that time. There were references to a threesome in this story and usually that kind of thing drives me up the wall (because threesomes unbalance relationships and tear them apart, they just do), but here I could believe it and I didn't get the impression that it would hurt Tezuka and Fuji's relationship. I could believe that it would help Eiji heal. And, oh, when Eiji asked Tezuka if Oishi would have stayed for him... half of me was squealing in fangirl glee, the other half was wanting to curl up in the corner with a blankie and have a good cry. Beautifully, beautifully done. As evidenced by my wibbling fangirling. ^_~ (Some references to *snags* Eiji/Ooishi, TezuFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - In Time by MorphailEffect - This was a beautiful, subtle, if bittersweet, Golden Pair story that was... well, it was sad and ouchy in a lot of ways, but not the sort that rips your heart out, it was just... subtle. And what I liked about it was that it felt real, right down to the little details about the ramen shop and dumpster woven into the story. This is the kind of story I can see sliding right in between the pages of canon, just... perfect Oishi and Eiji characterization... if a bit sad because eventually they will go their seperate ways. Which is what makes this story a bit ouchy, yet at the same time... by the end of the piece, I was feeling light-hearted again because they're the Golden Pair, not much can keep them down. Plus, I delighted in the characterization of Eiji who was so Eiji, yet not a five year old. *sparkles* (Some very, very light OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Deep Snow by yukuro - In the TeniPuri fandom, sometimes it feels like an uphill battle to find stories I like, so many of the ones that look promising from skimming turn out to have some bit of characterization that ruins the entire thing for me or to find out it wasn't what I was hoping it would be. (You can tell I'm grouchy from this today. ^_~) But yukuro is one of those authors that, while her writing could use a little polishing, honestly makes me happy to read her stories. They're cute and fun and I honest to god just feel light after reading one of her stories. And this one is no expection, it's cute and sweet and I can see so many glimmers of character insight here that I readily agree with even if we don't agree 100% on some of the other character reactions. There are also some wonderfully funny jokes, the author has a great sense of humor. (Okay, a few don't work as well as they could, but I STILL giggle at Ryuuzaki-sensei's reaction to being caught under the mistletoe with one of the regulars. XD XD) And oh. My. God. The MomoRyo. Was. So. Frickin'. Cute. All in all, when I was done with the first three chapters of this, I had far more positive things to say than negative (including that it looks to be nicely long and I always love that) and I found that I wanted more. That's all I ask for from a fic. ^_~ (TezukaFuji, OishiEiji, MomoRyoma, InuiKaidoh.)

- Prince of Tennis - Game by Aishuu - It's hard to explain what I go through when I read a story like this, it's just... there's a lot of good Prince of Tennis fanfiction out there and I adore it madly. As you can see by the number of TeniPuri recs here, obviously, I've found a lot of stuff I liked. But Aishuu's writing always has something special that makes me so very glad she's in a fandom I love so very much... her stories are full of plot. Her stories are the kind that have everything--from beautiful characterization, character insights woven into the writing, a gorgeous amount of details, beautiful writing, and a plot that is not secondary to the story.

Even if the story is AU after Genius 203 (this story was started long before that was released), it's something I could just see happening, Kikumaru's friendliness was infections and he was bouncy and innocent without being a five year old. Oishi was sweet and gentle, but still a recognizable human being, rather than just a walking "mother" cliche. Fuji was... wah, I loved Fuji in this so much because Aishuu somehow managed to capture the way his aura would change from one smile to the next. And Tezuka was gorgeous, especially Oishi's view of him and their friendship and the way Oishi didn't want to let that go. Everything combined together into a gorgeous whole and just... I ramble over this story because this is what I consider to be the "meat and potatoes" of the fanfiction banquet. Chocolate mousse or Ceasar salad or ice cream covered pie are wonderful things, but I crave a good prime steak and potatoes sometimes, too, I'd get sick without them. ^_~ ....okay, yes, weirdest fic metaphor ever. ^_~ (Oishi/Kikumaru, with a dash of Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Truth or Dare by Talya Firedancer - One of the other things I like so much about Talya's writing is that she has a knack for details, like: Life has spun back to normal when the sun rises over the tennis courts of Seigaku and the boys return, jostling, to practice bouts and stamina drinks and mingled scent of cut grass and sweat of exertion on a mild summer day. This just SETS the scene in my head, makes it come right into view, those little details she weaves into her writing both fun and good for description. One of Talya's greatest strengths is that she captures the sense of anime (or manga) in her stories, that I can picture everything she writes so wonderfully in anime form.

And then there's her Fuji whom I adore so, so much, just a hint of sadism, just a hint of busybody, just a hint of troublemaker, just a hint of a good person, and so on. Fuji is more than any one, single characteristic and that comes through beautifully here. The characterization of Eiji is gorgeous, too, she really captures his bounciness and is just clever about it. And I already adore her Tezuka, so much the character I recognize from the screen. And the interaction between Tezuka and Fuji just... gah, I was in orbit over it, especially when Tezuka was telling Fuji not to get involved. The dynamics between them were enough to make me swoon. As was Oishi's interaction with Eiji, the way he was so direct and knew Eiji so well. Just... eeee! I fangirl so hard right now. (OishiEiji, TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Pyrite by Aishuu - Part of the reason this story is so bittersweet is because I can potentially see it happening--I will admit that I'm not particularily fond of the way the GP's relationship went here, but that's because I'm a screaming, dippy fangirl and don't want anything but happy, fluffy kitties and bunnies. ^_~ That said, Aishuu's woven angst into the GP that can actually fit with the characters, the way you can see seeds slowly being sown for the future, it's not just randomly shoving angst into them, it's genuinely putting a crack in the foundation. As much as that hurts, it's written in a lovely way and hurts because it's done so well. (Some slight OishiEiji, but more of a gen thing.)

- Prince of Tennis - Counterpoint by Isis - ....I am going to attempt to make this particular rec a coherent one despite my wibbling fangirl goo-like state right now. First and foremost, I am utterly in love with this fic because the way the author presents Oishi... oh, my darling, darling Oishi is perfect. The writing of this story is absolute lovely, capturing a sort of etherial quality without being pretentious about it, the turns of phrase just lovely. But even beyond that... it was the way the relationship between Tezuka and Oishi and Oishi and Eiji played out that was just... stunning. Oishi's feelings as he can't forget Tezuka, the way he cares so much about Eiji, too... it was a beautiful, natural progression from one feeling to another that had me wibbling in messy fangirl goo-pile. (I mentioned that already? Oh.) The massive differences in the two relationships, yet how both can be so important to Oishi... this is what I craved from a fic like this. The tension is built beautifully, the resolution of the fic... it's all so smooth over the course of the fic. And it gives me so many of my favorite dynamics. *happy, happy fangirl* (Oishi/Eiji, Momo/Ryoma, past Tezuka/Oishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - Unfair by Aki - There's an example of Aki's writing that starts off the second paragraph that I find a bit indicative of what I like about the writing so much: It's not that he doesn't enjoy the excursions, but he needs time to study. He isn't stupid, but his mind works differently: he needs to process his way through textbooks or nothing sticks. Kikumaru is almost the opposite, with an amazing capacity of cramming just before exams, although if he tries asking anything two weeks later Eiji is bound to have forgotten. It's not flowery, but it's the kind where it's so sharply in tune with the characters as they're presented and I can picture just SO CLEARLY in my mind's that that I can get those little details mixed up, that I can't remember if I saw it in the anime, read it in the manga, or if I read it in a fic. The little things she works in just seem so... obvious. And, yes, this fic is a touch sad, but it's the kind that illuminates such a great deal about the GP that I love it anyway. And love it partly because it CAN get to me. (OishiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Fidelity by Katchoo - Noel pointed this story out to me, so I actually sat down to read it, as I'll usually give everything Tezuka/Oishi I see a shot, and just... holy hell, the pace, the feel, the atmosphere, the style, the characterization of it, it was all just... it's hard to explain exactly what I like in a writing style, but this is it. It doesn't depend on or ignore a pretty turn of phrase, instead balancing them and focuses more on the characterization. I barely notice there are words here, I just sink into the story and... for me, because these are some of my favorite characters and relationships, this was like a two-by-four to the stomach for me. Yet, at the same time, I enjoyed it because I DO feel that sense of SOMETHING between Tezuka and Oishi, because a part of me wanted to shove Oishi at Tezuka right from the moment Tezuka softly asked his question. Because, in this story, you can just FEEL that sense of... wanting to be with Tezuka, you can even feel Tezuka's wanting to be with Oishi as well. And yet... Eiji... who isn't ignored, either. And just... god, this was a gorgeous fic and made me react in all the ways it was supposed to. Well, and the whole fangirl sensation of feeling like I'm about to flail myself right into a wall with the fic-joy, but. (Tezuka/Oishi, Oishi/Eiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Beyond: When We Were Fools by AlseGold - When I saw that the author had posted a Prince of Tennis fic, I was intrigued, because I remember rather liking her X fic awhile back and I was intrigued by the mention of how the story had spiralled away from just solely and OishiEiji story because what was an Oishi story without his friendship with Tezuka and thus I mentally earmarked it as a story I wanted to get back to. And I'm very glad I did, despite the story absolutely breaking my heart, because it's such a lovely piece about the course of Oishi's life through junior high and on through college. Often times, with stories that span such a long time, things can feel too skimmed or glossed over, but I liked the pacing of this story a lot, each situation was touched on just enough that the mixture felt even. Like... the pacing was consistent, which is a very helpful thing for when you want to be pulled into a story, which this one accomplished. Oishi's reflections on everything that had happened were lovely--from the quiet desire for Eiji that he never really even realized was there until years and years later (which actually worked really well--I could easily see how Oishi wouldn't have really thought too much about it until he did realize it) to the gorgeous way Tezuka and Oishi's friendship was so important to him.

A lot of what I loved about this story, too, were the little things that were woven into the story--the way Tezuka and Fuji's relationship is in the background, how Oishi reflects on the way Fuji understands Tezuka in a certain way, the way Tezuka and Oishi worked brilliantly as captain and vice-captain, an incredible combination that came along so very rarely, the way Seigaku had that fierce determination, and so on. I fluttered over all of those things just as much as I did the main OishiEiji relationship, because I'm such the Oishi fangirl and this fic... this is one of the better stories for him out there. A wonderful story to read, despite the ouchies in it, and I would dearly love lots more from this author. <3 (OishiEiji, some very light background TezukaFuji, and maybe InuKai/MomoRyo if you squint and tilt your head.)

- Prince of Tennis - Attached by the Hoyden - Oh, man, it's rare that an author can keep my attention with the GP (it's not that I don't love them, I do, but I'm usually satisfied with what we get in canon?), but when the writing for them just sparkles like it does here, there's no way I can resist. It's one of those stories that's awesomely written from the very first line and I didn't get up once during the whole thing despite having to pee pretty badly, because each line flowed right into that next line with sharp clarity that I love. Also? The characterizations are spot-on, they're quite brilliant. Eiji isn't a five-year-old and Oishi isn't an exageration of a mother hen, they're much more believable here and fantastically portrayed. Oishi feeling down about his fish dying and Eiji just somehow understanding... it's one of those things you don't realize can be so layered or fascinating to read, until you're watching Oishi be the caring person he is, Eiji the bright, sparkling person he is, and the way they interact and all those little things with umbrellas and fish and milk tea and it's just... adorable. I loved this. So much. (Oishi/Eiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Intimacy -1 by Katharos - You know, for all that I rarely read outside my set pairings these days, I started reading Katharos' fic for the gen, which is something I'd been craving lately. Yet, I will always come back for my beloved pairing and this was a genuinely sparkling, clever fic that just... oh, god, it was clever! Fuji and Eiji's friendship was beautiful, there were so many lines that had me rolling around with utter glee and amusement, and all that their time apart, the way they dealt with it, the way they came back to each other in the end, it was something I'd dearly been missing about the Perfect Pair pairing--a sense of brilliant humor and something I'd never quite seen before. It was fresh and new, but without straying too far, still recognizably the characters. I love the idea that this is how they would deal with their fights. XD XD XD (Tezuka/Fuji, Oishi/Eiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - drabbles by Bing - Admittedly, the Tezuka/Fuji one of these drabbles was my favorite, but I don't think it's just my favoritism showing through... well, okay, maybe it's a little of my favoritism showing through, because the MomoKai one was actually pretty cool. Uh, anyway. Drabble one is Fuji and Yuuta being adorable together and my love for Yuuta knows know bounds here. Drabble two is Tezuka and Fuji and I lovelovelove this one because it subtly approaches the relationship and Tezuka's dedication to tennis and Fuji's lack of dedication and how they're too smart to not know how that would be troublesome, yet it's not cliche at all, it worked for me here and made me pine for a full-fledged version of this pairing. Drabble three was cute because I like Eiji. And drabble four was a startlingly interesting and clever (in the sense that I am not usually attracted to MomoKai fics through no fault of the authors) Momoshiro and Kaidoh interaction piece that seemed so... in character and made so much sense for explaining their relationship. Very interesting drabbles, all of these. (Gen, hints of Tezuka/Fuji, hints of Oishi/Eiji and Tezuka/Ryoma, hints of Momoshiro/Kaidoh.)

- Prince of Tennis - Collateral Damage by Bing - NO SERIOUSLY. WHY HAVE I NOT READ BING'S TENIPURI FIC BEFORE? Because, holy shit, she writes an aweome Eiji and the kind of humor that had me cracking up the entire time and, in one little line of dialogue, she has done a masterful job of summing up the "fun" aspect of Fuji's personality in the TezuFuji relationship. But, really, you're reading this fic because Eiji is fabulous here, he's not cliche, he doesn't have the mentality of a five year old, but he's still bouncy, kind of hyper Eiji. And then there's Inui and the juices and Momo and Ryoma and then the Fuji - Inui conversation and then Eiji and Oishi's friendship is all kind of fabulous here and just... HEE HEE HEE. GO READ. (No real pairings, but I might count Oishi/Eiji, hints of MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - makeshift airplanes by measuringlife - The theme for this fic was the flying redhead and when it's a fic about Eiji, you almost expect it to be spastic and hyper, which tends to make me a little wary because I dislike Eiji being characterized like he's a five year old. But this fic was just... it was happy, bright, and cheerful, all the things Eiji should be. The details, the way it was just so Eiji in his reaching for the sky, the way it encompassed his personality and tennis style, all of it was a beautiful fic together. I really loved this. (Some Oishi/Eiji implied.)

- Prince of Tennis - Blushes and Giggles by Cairnsy - So, you know how I said I wasn't going to read Ryoma/Sakuno fic, that I'd just look for the pretty art? Well, apparently, I lied. Because I couldn't pass this fic up, not when I was pretty sure it would be actually good and it very much was. I love that it... it didn't make Sakuno perfect, she was nervous and wistful when she felt like she was standing on the outside, but never resentful, always finding a positive attitude because that's just her natural way. And how you could feel how much she liked Ryoma, the way Ryoma was still so very himself, the way Oishi and Eiji were darling in the background, the way it was just... I can believe this is how they would start. A not-quite-date that they had to be prodded into, an adorable ending, and something starting to slowly bloom., this is a crappy rec. Go read the fic anyway, it's RyoSaku that actually works omg. ♥ (Ryoma/Sakuno, a little Oishi/Eiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Eiji and the Terrible Dark Secret by stubbleglitter - Aww, this was cute! I haven't read Oishi/Eiji fic in quite some time because so few authors get Eiji's mix of upbeat personality and not being a five year old down, but this fic totally hit that space where I really like him. He steals something from Oishi's room, something that should be small and unimportant, but it's not because he feels guilty about it and I can totally believe this Eiji, yes. I also like that the fic doesn't drag it out, extended rifts between the GP are rarely believable and this one played out just exactly the way it should. <3 (Oishi/Eiji.)

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