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- Prince of Tennis - The Uke Support Group by Penguin - You know what's been missing from anime-fanfic lately? A good old, LMAO, batshit crazy fanfic. There are no words to describe my delight at seeing such an author pop up in the Prince of Tennis fandom, because this fic is one of those that... just... I laughed so hard. I'm still laughing as I write this rec. And grinning like a loon. Anyway, what's been missing is someone with a genuine sense of timing for this type of fanfic--because anyone can make random jokes, but not everyone can get the pacing down right or just the right turn of phrase to make it funny. And that's what I got here, and I did indeed laugh myself into incapacation. ^_~ (Lots of yaoi, the usual pairings, too many to name, all merely mentioned, nothing happened.)

- Prince of Tennis - Be My Guest by Ilya - There are times when it's nice to see a fic focusing on a character that doesn't get that much attention, especially when the author seems to really enjoy writing the character. And, I admit, I have a soft spot for Mizuki. XD What I liked about this fic is that the author characterized Mizuki and Yuuta so incredibly well (even if the characterizations were stretched a bit, I found that because of the fic's charm, I could suspend my disbelief), was really quite clever about it, the writing was smooth and very readable, and there were several lines that I giggled over--especially the description of Yuuta's room. XD I'm curious to see where this fic is going and I'm glad that someone's doing such a... fun Mizuki to read. XD (Fuji+Mizuki? Not entirely sure.)

- Prince of Tennis - Inadequate and Apart by GenX - (Note: These are two seperate fics, just posted on the same page.) These two drabbles aren't related to each other, but since she posted them on the same page, I'm going to rec them together--the reason I continue to try to lure GenX into writing TeniPuri fic is in these two drabbles--she shows this amazing understanding of the characters even in just ~300-400 short words, weaves in these beautiful character insights, and writes gorgeously. Her Oishi... is just wonderful--he's long been a favorite character of mine (second only to my insanely huge love of Tezuka) and she makes me love him even more. Her take on the OishiEiji relationship in the first drabble makes me swoon because it gives Eiji a depth that we don't always get to see, we get to see him being uncertain about the relationship between Oishi and Tezuka, yet at the same time there isn't a single moment of doubt of whether or not Oishi loves him. And the second one... god, do I love the second one. It just the most gorgeous representation of the Tezuka - Oishi friendship I've ever seen. I could quote the entire things (and am tempted to >_>), but I don't want to spoil. Just. Go. Read. (Not really even yaoi, but perhaps a little OishiEiji/TezukaOishi if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Now by GenX - Normally, I don't recommend drabbles just on principle, because they're too short, just like I rarely rec a fanart site if it only has five illustrations on it, even if they are pretty. But I'm going to make an exception for this one, because I want to and because it was really a wonderful little look at the characters I've become so fond of. (And, no, it's not just because she dedicated it to me. XD) GenX has some of the most amazing insights into the characters I've ever seen when she talks about them and what I liked so much about this drabble is that even in just 200 words, she can bring those through. The subtly she uses when writing Tezuka looking out over the court is just a wonderful thing and the last two sentances of this drabble always make me flutter. (Very light hints of TezukaFuji, OishiEiji, and a little bit TezukaOishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - Story of the Band-aid by Gen X - I suspect Gen X is one of the few people who could get me to read FujiEiji and not stomp my foot over how much more suited both of them are to other people. Because she wrote such a cute little thing that I could just see it and made me go, "Awww, that was really cute." I love that it was another simple, small moment but that it hinted at something more without having to hammer it into our heads. ....I still can't believe I rec'd FujiEiji. >_> (No real pairings, slight hints of FujiEiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Distinctive Friendship by Gen X - Gen X has a gift for writing these little drabbles that somehow manage to feel longer than they are, to get me to break my general trend of not wanting to rec drabbles because they're so short. And this one is just such a perfect little insight into Kamio and Shinji's relationship without even having to say much at all. Why they work, how they get along, and wonderful little details--I loved the idea that Kamio often listens to music because it gives Shinji a little privacy from the mumblings he probably doesn't realize he's doing, I could just see the mental picture that popped to mind when I read this, and it just makes so much sense. I fawn over the Noel, I really do. *fawns* (No real warnings, perhaps slight Kamio/Shinji if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Fantasy by Gen X - There's a line in this fic that just cracked me up when I read it--Jiroh has just been shaken awake from a nap to find Fuji having just arrived at the street tennis courts for a match: The bleachers rattled as Jiroh got to his feet and raced down the steps. He smiled brightly and waved. He didn't walk so much as bounce over. Actually, he didn't bounce so much as as run. I adore Noel and her writing (so, yes, I must rec everything she writes ^_~) and this one was no exception--filled with funny lines and Jiroh adorableness and just that "*bounce*bounce* This is so much fun! XD XD" quality I love in fics. And, yes, this reminds me of why I like Fujiroh so much, because I *heart* Jiroh and his adorableness and I adore the way he fangirls over Fuji. *loves~* (Fujiroh.)

- Prince of Tennis - Delegation a.k.a. Chibi!Atobe's Boredom Woes by Gen X - I still have trouble believing how wonderfully Gen X has gotten the crack-headedness of the chibis down into fic, because I could just picture their antics and I was alternately laughing myself silly or grinning like a demented loon over how adorable the little Hyotei chibis were. Plus! Her Chibi!Atobe is just perfect, I am truly in awe of how great and wonderful he is! I'm also impressed as hell by all the litte details she got into the fic, the way she managed to get them all into it, yet it didn't feel forced or overly bloated, it was all done just right. And, of course, the little hint of Tezuka/Atobe at the end made me delirously happy. *sparkles* (No real warnings/pairings, Hyotei-centric, a little TezuAto if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Hold On by Gen X - This... is a fic that I can just see, the kind that I can get twisted around with canon in my head, that's how perfect I think the characterization is. This is definitely one of Gen X's best works for this fandom, you can tell how much she... vibes with Kamio and Shinji, how much she understands them. The details of Kamio's wounds and the way his thoughts wander around affected by them while cleaning himself and Shinji up... it's this gorgeous flow that's going to absolutely ruin me for all other Kamio/Shinji fics. It's another one of those scenes that's such a small thing, but... is so perfect for the characterization. (Some slight Kamio/Shinji, but not really.)

- Prince of Tennis - untitled by Lyssaphra - I admit, the usage of first names jarred me out of the story a time or two and I worried over the characterization at a point or two, but by the time I was finished reading the story, I was happy with the way the author portrayed the characters (and I can be a picky bitch about that sort of thing ^_~), she had a very solid understanding of them, which means all the world to me in TeniPuri fic. *sparkles* I really liked the challenge this fic was based on and I was really happy to see more from this author after her previous fic and it was just a good fic. The little things with the way Tezuka looked at Fuji, the way Fuji and Mizuki interacted always, the way Yuuta interacted with and looked at Mizuki (I especially loved when Yuuta brushed the hair out of his eyes, it was such a quiet gesture but so very telling), all of them were what made me like this fic so much. (YuutaMizuki and some TezuFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Creme Brulee by Bonsai Sheep - Aww, I adore fics that do such a good job with the Yuuta/Mizuki relationship, where Mizuki is more than just the one-note stereotypical uber-gay character. Here, he was a little odd, yes, but he's still someone that Yuuta genuinely likes and you can see why here and the idea of having him make dessert for Yuuta like there was wonderful. It's something that really fits with the character, something that Yuuta would like, and I just totally went *hanyan~* for their relationship in this fic. Plus, yes, Fuji's amusing. ^____^ (Yuuta/Mizuki.)

- Prince of Tennis - With Gifts Like These... by Gen X - Have I ever mentioned how much I love Noel? Because I do. I love her dearly. Because she writes stories like these that are the kind that it actually takes talent to make more than a one-joke story premise stretched too far--the way she writes, I'm just absolutely delighted with anything she writes. What I love about this fic is pretty much everything--from OishiEiji, to Oishi to Eiji to Gakuto to Eiji and Gakuto sniping at each other to Oshitari and Oishi realizing they had at least one thing in common to the hilarity to Eiji's uhhhhhh baking skills to the ending. God, I still crack the hell up at the ending every time. Only Noel could write a fic about Oishi, Eiji, Oshitari, Gakuto and certain October birtdays and have me not throw a fic that Tezuka and Atobe were nowhere near it. ^_~ (No real pairings, but perhaps a little OishiEiji, OshitariGakuto if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Lost Time by Gen X - The second paragraph of this fic reads They both understood that change was gradual, and that no matter what life brought, they still had the bond that they had built before. There would always be a place for their friendship that they didn't need to scramble after missed time. and that's the epitome of what I adore about this fic and Noel's writing in general. She has an understanding of the characters and the little things of how they interact with each other that makes me able to see the scene. You get a sense that she's worked out the characters and the little bits and pieces trickle into the writing, but she never hits the stop button to tell the reader exactly what's going through whose head. Plus, mmm, light smut. She needs to write more of that for the TeniPuri characters. (SaekiFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Coming Over by MorphailEffect - For some reason, ToriShishi fics don't often click with me and I'll admit that I waffled on this one in the beginning, especially with Ohtori being such a pushover. But the writing was good, the lines clean and clever, and it flowed nicely and I wanted to see where it was going. I'm glad I stuck with this one because the further it went along, the more I could see this as the way ToriShishi would have gotten their start, that you could see the glimpses of who they were going to become soon, woven together with backstories that I could believe for them. The little details woven into this fic were wonderful, from Shishido's family to Ohtori's family to the puppies! Plus, Shishido's attitude towards Ohtori was perfect and by the time the story was done... awww, this is my kinda ToriShishi. *sparkles* (OhtoriShishido.)

- Prince of Tennis - For You by Ichigo Morino - Taichi... I can see why he would annoy some people, but I actually really like the genki little Ryoma clone, he's cute. And I liked this fic because it nicely showcases how much Akutsu motivates and drives Taichi, especially right after he left the Yamabuki club. I could really see Taichi in this and I just wanted to give him a great big hug and ruffle his hair because he's so adorable. Plus, I really liked his determination and the writing was very solid. (One sided Akutsu/Taichi hints.)

- Prince of Tennis - A Surprise Birthday Party, Data, Rules Of The Game, End If, Loop, and Distances by Sai - (Note: I've rec'd Rules of the Game before, but it wasn't until later that I realize it was part of an arc--though, it can stand on its own--and I wanted to rec the entire thing.) This isn't meant to be an insult to a lot of the Tenipuri fandom, because I rarely READ much anymore, which is my own fault, not the fandom's. But... I so rarely get to read clever and sparkly Tenipuri fic anymore. And what I love about this is that Sai manages to write both FUNNY situations and CLEVER situations, but also that she writes scenes that have a deeper meaning. She doesn't have to hit the reader over the head with it, you just GET IT. The characterization is subtle and evolving, just... almost with a sense of delicacy in some ways, but it's perfect for these characters, because some characters in Prince of Tennis are as subtle as a freight train and some... just aren't. I love this series of fic and have come to realize that I'll pounce on pretty much anything the author writes, so everyone else needs to go read and love her work, too. *nodnod* (Some very light Tezuka/Fuji and maybe a little Oishi/Eiji in one of them.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Centre of All Evil by Ingrid - After reading this fic (and another ToriShishi tonight) I realized something about how I view ToriShishi fic. I'm not desperate for anything that's just "good" with them, I don't really crave anything and everything for them, pure fluff isn't always going to be my cup of tea. What is always going to be my particular cup of tea with them? Fucking great writing and honestly, truly clever lines. After reading two such stories tonight, I realized that I do indeed crave ToriShishi, but my standards are going to be incredibly high. (Blargh. So pretentious. ~_~) Okay. That said. Dude. This fic rocked. Fantastic writing, characterization that sparkled, and an inner monologue/speech patterns for Shishido that were so fucking perfect that it made my teeth hurt. Shishido was Shishido and Ohtori was Ohtori, I really cannot express how painfully wonderful I found this fic to be, because it wasn't really yaoi, but these two clearly cared about each other a little bit more than anyone else... not that getting Shishido to admit that would be easy. And ohmigod Shishido's crankiness was a think of beauty, it really was. And! And! And! Koutarou! XD XD XD I *heart* so much. And I'll stop fangirling about it now. >_> Go tell Ingrid how cool she is. Now. (Some slight ShishidoOhtori if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Easier to Feel by MorphailEffect - When I saw the summary for this fic (Tezuka x Oshitari x Gakuto??? Well, really, it was more Tezuka x Oshitari and Oshitari Gakuto, but I definitely boggled for a minute there. XD) and skimming the reviews, I was wary of the fic because I like my darling to be characterized just right. And there was a moment or two when I wasn't fully onboard with the characterization of Tezuka (I can't see him smoking and he might have been a little too cold.) and I still have a bit of trouble with Oshitari being so... friendly in lot of ways (but I full accept that that could just be that I'm used to the fanon interpretation of him). So why am I rec'ing this fic? Because, damn, the writing is good, because I could see the characters doing and saying just about everything they did here. Because the author took a concept (Tezuka x Oshitari) that I was skeptical about and made it work, because she created this gorgeous atmosphere to the piece that was cool and sensual, and damn was it pretty. The author also wove in a fantastic amount of details, paced the story wonderfully (covering just what needed to be covered and never lingering too long or skipping over something too much), working in little details about their personalities into the fic beautifully. This fic isn't going to be for everyong, but I enjoyed the hell out of it. (TezukaxOshitari, some OshitarixGakuto.)

- Prince of Tennis - Sleeping Habits by Becchan - You know, I honestly was beginning to wonder if I would ever find an Atobe/Jiroh fic that I liked or if I was doomed to forever have it be one of those "potential" pairings. But this story... well, a lot of what won me over were the details woven into the fic in such a way that I could just utterly believe that this was Atobe and his disgusting amount of money at his disposal. XD He may be a pretentious twit, but goddamn is he a lovable, wonderful pretentious twit. And I adored the subtle, slow progression of Atobe getting used to Jiroh. *sparkles* This is my kind of AtoJi. (Some very light AtobeJiroh.)

- Prince of Tennis - Family by Andrea Readwolf - OMG! Tezuka/Sakuno! See, I have this strong love of Tezuka in rather strange pairings, it makes me sad that there's not much outside of the usual big pairings, so when I find something like this, that has that soft, elegant edge to the characters, that I can actually believe, that I actually recognize Tezuka's character... it makes me flail like mad. And this was really interesting, the hints of the way they got together, the way they interact now, the gentle, subtle touches that make the fic, the adorable little girl they have... I loved the whole thing. All they were doing was visiting Taka-san's sushi restaurant and it just all felt so... believable, yet sweet and nice and I adored it and I pine for more. (Tezuka/Sakuno.)

- Prince of Tennis - drabbles by Bing - Admittedly, the Tezuka/Fuji one of these drabbles was my favorite, but I don't think it's just my favoritism showing through... well, okay, maybe it's a little of my favoritism showing through, because the MomoKai one was actually pretty cool. Uh, anyway. Drabble one is Fuji and Yuuta being adorable together and my love for Yuuta knows know bounds here. Drabble two is Tezuka and Fuji and I lovelovelove this one because it subtly approaches the relationship and Tezuka's dedication to tennis and Fuji's lack of dedication and how they're too smart to not know how that would be troublesome, yet it's not cliche at all, it worked for me here and made me pine for a full-fledged version of this pairing. Drabble three was cute because I like Eiji. And drabble four was a startlingly interesting and clever (in the sense that I am not usually attracted to MomoKai fics through no fault of the authors) Momoshiro and Kaidoh interaction piece that seemed so... in character and made so much sense for explaining their relationship. Very interesting drabbles, all of these. (Gen, hints of Tezuka/Fuji, hints of Oishi/Eiji and Tezuka/Ryoma, hints of Momoshiro/Kaidoh.)

- Prince of Tennis - Apple and Strawberry by Hana - Oh, there is a reason I try to convince the Hana to write and post more because she is a fabulous writer, because I adore her characterization, she is clever and sparkly, and because she does the best fucking Fuji ever. I am constantly in awe of her ability to channel the genius tennis player and she makes me fall in love with the characters over and over again. This particular fic is a beautiful interaction piece between Fuji and Yuuta and is just delightful and charming--the jokes all hit just right (I still laugh at Fuji's name for Mizuki, just thinking about it XD XD XD) and the subtle hints woven into the writing (without bashing one over the head with them) was grand. Join me in bugging her for more writing, pwease? (Hints of TezukaFuji and YuutaMizuki.)

- Prince of Tennis - Understanding by Jennifier D - Okay. I admit that I went into this story expecting to not like it because the pairing is not my particular cup of tea. I'll skip the explanations, just say that I understand where people get it, I'm not throwing stones at anyone who likes it (especially considering my own pairing fondnesses), it just doesn't click with me, personally. Why read it? Because Jennifier D writes the best Atobe ever and I wanted to see how she would tackle this pairing. And... I fell in love with this particular story because it is exactly how I see them, it's not a lovey-dovey relationship, but it's not mindless fucking, either. There's a genuine relationship there and it was a good thing for the duration of it, Oshitari understood Atobe in a way that most people never could and Atobe could get along well with the sophisticated Oshitari. But it was never a permanent thing and the way it ended... was beautiful. Combine this with lovely writing, wonderfully detailed bits and pieces, gorgeous mentions of Tezuka... and you have a swooning Becky on your hands. Really. I'm very nearly incoherent with my... err... impressed-ness? Whatever. Good writing. Go read. Now. (OshitariAtobe, maybe a little TezukaAtobe.)

- Prince of Tennis - Christmas Spirits by Aishuu - Aww, even if I didn't get a chance to rec this one in time for Christmas, I'm still going to rec it now, because it was just fun (as well as funny) and I think it could be enjoyed at any time of the year. ^_~ This was one of those stories that just made me giggle while reading because I adore Aishuu's sense of humor, because she writes lovely stories, because it was one of those stories that was a group thing. As much as I love individual pairings, there's really something to be said for a group dynamic that really intrigues me. I was impressed with how well Aishuu handled the entire cast, the way she didn't over-stretch any of the jokes, but still gave each one the moment it needed for the comedic timing of the fic to feel right. The random pairings were hysterical, as were the little details of characterization (I love the people who were unaffected by the spiked drink, because those are the people who would know to avoid it--even in humorfic, I love bits of characterization like this that allow me to see this in my head) and it was just... fun. ^_^ (Lots of random shounen ai pairings, listing them would take up more than this rec does. ^_~)

- Prince of Tennis - Diamond Dust by Yume - This is one of those stories where... even though it was a short drabble, it's one of those that knocked me on my ass and stole my breath away. This is the kind of drabble that I dearly wish I could write, because the metaphor is so wonderful and fitting, because I share so many of the same views of Tezuka and I wish I could explain them this well. To me, Tezuka is an endlessly fascinating character, so when a story like this comes along and explores some of those fabulous facets, what it means for him to be Seigaku's captain, the deliberate choices he's made to become the leader Seigaku needed, in such a lovely, lovely way... I'm in love. *tackle-pounces the Yume* (Some blink-and-you'll-miss-it shounen ai.)

- Prince of Tennis - From Afar by Tezuka Buchou - I was intrigued by this story, given the odd pairing, but I worried that it would be... errr, well, crappy, to be honest. But reading the opening scene, I literally clapped my hands together in delight at the CUTE. Oh, I don't care if it's batshit or odd, I LOVE this fic! XD XD XD Especially because, Holy Christ, not only was it in character, not only was it well-written and let me picture everything, it was clever! The writing was lovely, posessing the delicate quality needed to make this pairing work the way it did, along with a deft hand for weaving in the little details we've been given in 10.5 and 20.5. The characterization for both of them really rang true for me (even if I do have to suspend a little tiny bit of disbelief that Tezuka's feelings would be quite that strong at the end) and I could JUST SEE this. I really can't express the delight of how much I love, love, love this story. I want more. *pouts* (AHAHAHAHA, NOT TELLING. I will warn that it's very, very unusual, though.)

- Prince of Tennis - When Everything Changes by Emily-chan - You know, I find myself unsure of what to say about this story lest I give it away. It's a lovely written piece that's short and really builds a wonderful mood to it, you can really feel what Yuuta's going through, his roiling emotions and that things are changing for him when he looks at his brother now. The story builds and builds, setting that mood to it... until you get to the climax of that last line... and it's perfect. I reacted exactly as the story wanted me to. I will say no more. (The author labels it Syuusuke/Yuuta, but I'd almost call it gen more than anything. But, dude. If I'm rec'ing it.... ^_~ Kidding, kidding.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Case of the Missing Panties by Le Penguin - Pengie has this sense of humor that's really missing in a lot of anime fandoms lately--the completely, off-the-wall, whacky, but still genuinely hysterical writer. There used to be more of these types of authors (and maybe there are still the same amount, it's just that they're getting overshadowed by all the more 'dramatic' writers), which is a shame because Prince of Tennis needs more authors like her. XD What I loved about this fic? I'm sort of waffling on the fence about Rikkai right now, but the kind of team dynamics Pengie writes for them... I could fall in love with those characters. They're a team and they're all wonderfully individual, but still snarky and, well, frankly, obnoxious in their own ways, and she plays on those traits beautifully. This is just... funny and I giggled the entire way through. It doesn't hurt that I ♥ her SanaYuki. *___* (SanadaYukimura, implied YagyuuNiou--YAY!!--and JackalMarui.)

- Prince of Tennis - Frog in the Well by yukihyou - I can't explain what made me like this little ficlet other than... I thought the characterizations were done really well and the author did something that I really appreciated--she got Shinji's mumbling down in a way that I could believe. There are a few authors who can make me really hear Shinji and this fic was one of those. Plus, I liked that Tezuka never said anything at all, that felt right to me, too. I don't mind random pairings when they're like this one. *sparkles* (Tezuka/Shinji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Problematic Difference by Demeter - *eyes light up in delight* Oh, a Sakuno fic that treats her as a three-dimensional person, with thoughts and realizations of her own, that's not just a flat character with just one aspect to her (usually her crush on Ryoma). She's so... aware here, but yet still so herself. In a lot of ways, I love Sakuno because she's not a tennis prodigy, because she doesn't force herself into situations that aren't quite right for her, because she's so normal and sweet. This fic is a gorgeous, gorgeous example of what makes me adore Ryuuzaki Sakuno; I read the entire thing, just sparkling more and more and more. I loved this fic because it's so... it's hard to put it into words, but it's Sakuno as herself rather than how others see her. It's a lovely character insight into her, on her own, rather than as an extension of another character. Plus, the writing is gorgeous, the examples the fic used lovely, and it just makes me mad crazy with the love. (No warnings/pairings, though a slight reference to Sakuno-->Ryoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - consciousness by Jennifier D - How to describe Jenn-san's style again? I'm not sure, but somehow... it's this style that really fits the characters, that brings to mind silences filled with things you can't put into words and elegances and subtle glances and has this lovely connection between the Kisarazu twins that I adore. The way that, when they're together like this, the rest of the world sort of drops away and it's just them. Very lovely mood piece and skirts the line between gen and Something More wonderfully. Jenn-san just... she has this THING for twincest (not that too much happens here, it's entirely worksafe) that is the same as my own... there's just a VIBE to them that felt right. ♥ (A little Kisarazucest.)

- Prince of Tennis - Grasp by Ruebert - You know, I never know what's going to make me wake up one day and go, "Hmm. I want to read some [insert whatever here]. Despite having almost no interest in it previous to this, I suddenly have decided I am now curious." I mean, a week ago, you could have shown me the most brilliant Hiyoshi fic and I would have looked at it, thought it WAS good writing, KNOW I should read it, and then I'd go find some more half-assed fic of a pairing I was obsessed with. Yet, I suddenly woke up yesterday and decided, hmm, I think I'll like the idea of ToriHiyo today, let's see if that fic Sharon recommended catches my fancy. And, boy howdy, did it ever. The writing of this story is beautiful--it's smooth, it's sharp, it's got a pace and flow that's becoming increasingly rare in fandoms these days (like, professional quality good writing), and the characterization (despite there not being that much official information on Hiyoshi) just seemed absolutely perfect. Which impresses me because this should be just a PWP, but it's really not, you really get a feel for Hiyoshi throughout the whole thing. This is possibly the best fic I could have picked to read for my budding fondness for this pairing, simply because it explained Hiyoshi to me in a way that I was looking for him to be explained, because the sex was the intense kind of hot that I love in fic, and because it was stellar writing. I am convinced. XD (Some Ohtori/Hiyoshi, graphic content.)

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