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- Prince of Tennis - Waiting for the Moon by Aki - You know how some fics make you get that dull ache in your chest because there are things that are so painfully obvious going on underneath the text of the conversation, but they're never said, so it's just this tension hanging in the air and you're sucked right into the atmosphere of the piece? Yeah, that's what I remember most about this story, after having read it. The writing is lovely, all the little touches of characterization (like Yukimura's interaction with the nurse or the references in both Sanada and Yukimura's spech) and just... you could sense this incredible connection between the two... and Yukimura's reactions just... broke my heart. ;__; (Slight Sanada/Yukimura.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Case of the Missing Panties by Le Penguin - Pengie has this sense of humor that's really missing in a lot of anime fandoms lately--the completely, off-the-wall, whacky, but still genuinely hysterical writer. There used to be more of these types of authors (and maybe there are still the same amount, it's just that they're getting overshadowed by all the more 'dramatic' writers), which is a shame because Prince of Tennis needs more authors like her. XD What I loved about this fic? I'm sort of waffling on the fence about Rikkai right now, but the kind of team dynamics Pengie writes for them... I could fall in love with those characters. They're a team and they're all wonderfully individual, but still snarky and, well, frankly, obnoxious in their own ways, and she plays on those traits beautifully. This is just... funny and I giggled the entire way through. It doesn't hurt that I ♥ her SanaYuki. *___* (SanadaYukimura, implied YagyuuNiou--YAY!!--and JackalMarui.)

- Prince of Tennis - An Exercise in the Culinary Arts by Penguin - I swear, there are few authors who can make me dive-pounce onto their fics like Pengie can, because her sense of humor is the kind I miss in fanfics these days. Genuinely off-the-wall and still funny. Anyone can do random, but not everyone can do FUNNY. Plus, Sanada's attraction to the oblivious (or evil/teasing, you're never sure which) Yukimura and trying to ignore the evils that Niou and Marui are whipping up in COOKING CLASS and just trying to SURVIVE it... only Pengie could, time and again, make concepts that could so easily be flat and unfunny into these GENIUS stories that make me cackle the entire way through. I'd quote, but, really, you can just read the fic for yourself instead, it'd probably be shorter, given I'd quote the WHOLE THING. Plus, SANAYUKI SO CUTE OMG. ♥ (Sanada/Yukimura.)

- Prince of Tennis - A Pleasant Excursion to the Health Foods Aisle (OR, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love K-Y Jelly) by Penguin - More delightful SanaYuki crack from Pengie! *twirls happily* She's one of those authors that can always make me drop everything and run to read her fic because she does anime-style humor so damned well, the kind that's not random and flat, but instead honestly funny. She's got a sense of humor that I think a lot of anime ficwriters would kill for--add to that the sparkly charm of her Sanada and Yukimura, that I can feel her affection for the pairing? Love. So much love. Plus! Best use of the calcium pill from 30_kisses EVER. Genius, even. ♥ (Sanada/Yukimura.)

- Prince of Tennis - Why "Do It Yourself" Isn't by Penguin - I do so look forward to Pengie's entries in the 30 kisses comm (or, really, just about anything she writes) because it seems like every time, I'm left in a heap of shaking, giggling fangirl by the time I'm done. Just... all the little details! From Sanada's frustration with putting together the toy cradle for Yukimura's little sister to the creepy as hell doll (WHICH WAS USED BEAUTIFULLY) to Yukimura's interaction with his little sister to THAT BEAUTIFUL ENDING... all of it is truly funny comedy that you don't see nearly often enough these days. I mentioned I was over here in a pile laughing my ass off, yes? Excellent Funneh here. (Sanada/Yukimura.)

- Prince of Tennis - How Rikkai Lost Their Rather Spiffy Red Jackets and Got the Vomit Yellow Ones by Katharos - Yukimura gave him a little smile. The sheer emptiness behind it made Sanada's gut twist. "Itís nothing Sanada. Just a silly little thing."

Sanada stared at him, his fists clenching. He couldn't ask. Didn't dare to say anything that whiffed of social politeness, because the only thing it would gain him was the polite, socially acceptable lie that everyone gave. It was at that point that I think I fell for the fic--not that reading about Sanada tossing the gaudy flowers out the window because their scent was cloying and overpowering wasn't a great deal of fun as well. But it was this little moment that said so much about Yukimura and the way Sanada wanted to treat him, but couldn't because Yukimura wouldn't let him... that really won me over completely. But. Oh. Then. Beautiful Rikkai fic when Sanada gives them new uniforms and I don't think I stopped giggling/grinning like hell for the entire scene. Beautiful Rikkai fic that's hysterically insightful for each and every character, that makes them a team, that makes me laugh my ass off as they all pile into Yukimura's hospital room with their new uniforms, but that doesn't make them chariactures of themselves. Instead, it makes them the kind of team I would want to read about more often. And, god, did I mention the funny? Because it was brilliantly funny. And, yet, still somehow meaningful, too. Ooh, and the ending was really lovely, too! I'd suggest that this fic is one worth reading even if you're not much of a Rikkai fan. <3 (No warnings/pairings. Maybe a little SanaYuki if you squint, but I still say gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - untitled by kaitoucheckers - Sanada's been in a better mood ever since Yukimura was allowed to play tennis again, actually. Smiles are still rare enough from him, though, and the smile pretty much hasn't left his face since Yukimura beat that upstart little Seigaku brat in singles two. *fweeee!* Fun SanaYuki fic! It's such fun to read a more light-hearted version of Yukimura (since he can be rather depressing/angsty sometimes), especially when he's leaning onto Sanada's shoulder and Sanada lets him and my inner SanaYuki fangirl gets all fluffed up and happy and then the end just... heeheehee. Very nice, fun Rikkai fic. ♥ (Sanada/Yukimura.)

- Prince of Tennis - Mansex, Interrupted by Pengie - Oh, god. Nobody makes me shriek with laughter over Rikkai crackfic like Pengie does. No one. Seriously, by the time I got to the Harry Potter reference, I was literally laughing out loud in that way that had me thanking my lucky stars that no one was around to hear because I totally would have embarassed myself. She is a genius at the comedic timing so that when Kirihara comes bounding in and whining like a little kid to interrupt Sanada and Yukimura's "alone time", it is the FUNNIEST THING JUST ABOUT EVER. I love her Rikkai. So much. NEVER LEAVE THE FANDOM, PENGIE, OKAY? (Sanada/Yukimura.)

- Prince of Tennis - Essential by Branch - Oh, this was a brilliant fic that managed to say so much without having to be a sledgehammer about it, the way Sanada thinks of each of the more impactful players (that he knows/has experience with), the way each one is a brilliant insight into them makes me fangirl Emily's writing so much. Not to mention the lovely, subtle, brilliant SanaYuki touches to the story that don't overpower the main theme of the fic! But even beyond that, what really gets me with this story is that it's about tennis, it takes the approach that Konomi-sensei himself does, in showing the characters through their tennis. So much of these characters is reflected through the way they approach the game and this fic continues that, right down to the way that Ryoma is still evolving and it's just... eeee, loved this. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings, but a hint of SanaYuki if you squint, but not more than what would be in canon.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Definition of Failure by Kentra Shinataku - I've often liked Kentra's fics previously, so when I saw she had written something for top_cagnotte, I was curious to see. Plus, I've been in a TezuFuji mood lately--shut up, I know I'm always up for TezuFuji, but you know what I mean XP--and actually wanting to read fic. This is another one I'm glad I gave a shot to because the writing is good and I like the author's take on Fuji and the way she has him missing Tezuka, but not being overly angsty about it. I like that they're seperated here, the way Fuji responds to this even as he goes about the aftermath of Seigaku's victory over Rikkai, the way he interacts with Yukimura, the parallels and constrasts drawn with the SanaYuki relationship that weren't over the top. This was just a good read that I'm glad was posted. <3 (Tezuka/Fuji, Yukimura/Sanada.)

- Prince of Tennis - Distant Stars by trixie - I admit, I was a little hesitant to read a fic that was labeled "Yukimura/Sanada, Renji" given that my focus has narrowed quite a lot in the Tenipuri fandom, but... well, a couple of things got me to read anyway. One, trixie's writing has long been soothing to me, she has a certain sparkle that makes it just easy to slide right into her fics and keep sailing along. Which is true here as well, I especially adored her dialogue, which felt very right for the characters. Two, the first scene was a glee-inducing one about younger versions of Sanada, Yukimura, and Tezuka playing before they went to (junior) high and it was somehow just... so perfect. Because I've long wanted to see more interaction between those two and Tezuka and trixie does it wonderfully here. ♥ But it's also that it's a nicely long fic without being overly padded, it shows the progression of Yukimura (and the SanaYuki relationship) over the years and is really well-paced. The scenes she chose for the fic highlight the evolution she wanted to get at, they were each sparkling and I could see them for the characters, the ending was utterly fabulous, and the whole thing just came together really well. I liked this a lot. (Yukimura/Sanada, but worth reading for the gen aspect I would say.)

- Prince of Tennis - Kings of the Mountain by Pengie - I laughed the entire way through this fic. Out loud, even. While this is nothing new for a story by Pengie, it's still true that she's got the magic of the old-school style random whackiness. So many authors these days just can't pull that off, but Pengie makes these things work and I don't even know how to comment on this fic without giving the jokes away. It's just... Jackal... Yanagi... Sanada... all of Rikkai... knitting... the insanity... the purpose behind Yanagi's insanity... only Pengie can make these things brilliant. Only she can have Marui crooning at his cup of Swiss Miss chocolate and have me doubled over with wheezing laughter. Only she can make KNITTING come back to TENNIS and have me turning away from the computer because I have to have room to laugh hysterically. The styles of knitting and the way each of them have their own way and just... even just thinking about the fic makes me start giggling again. (A little Jackal/Marui, Sanada/Yukimura, but.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Eternal Struggle by Pengie - Every time. Every time I read one of Pengie's fics, I end up in a pile of giggling mess that rolls around because her timing is just that brilliant. I valiently held in my laughter for about 3/4ths of this fic, managing to beat it down into quirked smiles or amused "Heh."s And then that bitch beat me once again as her Yukimura and Jiroh and Bunta and everyone were just so hilariously brilliant that I burst into laughter. Christmas fic, Sanada fighting the evil holiday decorations, and, god, her Jiroh. So much brilliance she has. I wish I could steal her for all my fandoms. ♥ (Some Sanada/Yukimura, worth reading for the Rikkai aspect.)

- Prince of Tennis - untitled by Cephy - I tend to be something of a strangely picky reader when it comes to SanaYuki, even though I'm not really sure why. There usually has to be a certain quality to an author's writing style that needs to hook me, which may not hold true for everyone else. But I really liked this piece, the way there's a deep connection between Sanada and Yukimura, which almost could have been gen because it's not that much gayer than it was in the anime. ^_~ But it's the way Sanada isn't over the top in his worry about Yukimura going away, the way Yukimura is kind and gentle, even while you know it's covering steel underneath, the way it's not angst, angst, angst and it's actually a refreshingly hopeful sort of mood for them. It was nice. :D (Sanada/Yukimura.)

- Prince of Tennis - untitled & untitled by Pengie - What? Tenipuri fic rec that's not TezuFuji? How can this be! But, well, yes. My love for Pengie could have epic poems written about it. So much so that I'll read Hyoutei fic for her (not that I have anything against Hyoutei fic, I like Hyoutei fic!) and whine, cry, and weep for more. Because she is brilliant at group dynamics and there were at least three places in the Hyoutei fic that had me literally shoving my hand or a pillow against my face to muffle the laughter. Her comedic timing hits me just right (I think Hyoshi may have been my favorite part of that, just... asldfkjalsdfkja, hahahahahaha, so funny XD) and I mentioned the whole loving her thing, right? Also, her Rikkai fic rules and she's about the only person who can write them in corsets and I'm going, "YES. THAT IS A FABULOUS IDEA." Because it is. (No Hyoutei pairings really, a little SanaYuki--SHOCKING!--in the Rikkai one.)

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