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- Prince of Tennis - Through a looking glass by Jennifier D - I tend to be wary of requesting stories where the requester gives the author an idea and tells them to run with it. Because so often, it's hard for the author to be psychic and guess what the reader wanted. However, I couldn't resist tossing an idea at Jennifier D and, holy crap, was I impressed with what she came up with. The shortened version of the idea: What would Tezuka's gaze be like without his glasses? Would it be weakened, hence needing the glasses? Would it be more intense, as if the glasses were providing a buffer to protect the world from his eyes? I am in utter love with the answer Jenn gave in this fic, plus, this is another one of those fics where she conveys the subtlties of the pairing so very well, weaves in lovely details, and makes me flail with love over these two. I'm such a dippy fangirl, but I'm a blessed dippy fangirl to get fic like this. XD XD XD (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Getting What You Want by Fyre Chylde - *giggles* This was so cute! It was really sweet the way Tezuka and Fuji interacted, Fuji trying to wrangle a kiss out of Tezuka, who sidestepped him just as easily, and then.... *sparkles* What won me over, really, is the sweetness of it, that while they weren't out of character, they were still darling in a way, making me coo in fangirl bliss. Plus, the imagery was just too, too darling. *LOVES* (Some light TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - False Beginnings by anek - You know, I know I had a few slight nits to pick at with this story while I was reading, but after getting all the way through to the end... I haven't the foggiest idea what they were now. I realize that this story is not going to be for everyone, but the feeling that it invoked in me was absolutely perfect and what I was looking for tonight. I found the characterization to be lovely, very much in line with how I see the characters, the writing smooth and clean, the little touches of the Japanese culture just perfect. Little things made this such a treat--Fuji and Ryoma's purposely vague relationship, Fuji's teasing nature, Ryoma's snarking, Tezuka's stoicism, god, I was flying high after reading this. I admit, the premise is a bit far-fetched, but you're not reading for the plot, you're reading for the characterizations, which are what made me sparkle, obviously. (And, to my mind are far, far more important.) Lately, my attention for longer fics has waned, I've often wandered off to check my mail or sort a few files in the middle of reading, coming back after a few moments, but this one, I read all ~70k of it straight through; I love it when a fic engrosses me enough to do that. *____* I was satisfied by this fic. *hums~* (TezukaFuji, some past/barely-there MomoRyo hints.)

- Prince of Tennis - RP Log: The Infamous Weekend (Tezuka/Fuji) - by Fuji and Tezuka - (All you really need to know for this one is that Yuuta and Mizuki are involved and that Tezuka and Fuji are in the beginning stages of their relationship.) This is another RP log that I hesitated to rec on its own like this, but eventually caved on because I wanted to show off Hana and Yume's writing again. I would just absolutely fawn over the way they write these two, the amount of depth they have to them, the amount of scary intensity, yet still showing the softer, more romantic sides. These two have really thought out their versions of the characters, know them inside out, and because of that, they are crystal clear in my own mind's eye.

But it's also more than that, why I like them so much. They add in all these... clever little details, in the way they word things, in the way the characters talk to each other. With most authors, trying to picture Fuji listening at the wall with a glass cup would have seemed ridiculous or OOC, but here... I buy it. They somehow manage to write Tezuka and Fuji conveying all these things between the two of them with soft touches and without needing words--those little movements and touches convey more than mere words could anyway. So. As you can see, I fawn over these two authors because they're a large part of what got me into this fandom and what made me love TezukaFuji in the first place. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - RP Log: Zuka/Fuji - Tezuka's birthday by Fuji and Tezuka - Now, normally, I wouldn't rec something from a role playing journal (Though, I've certainly thought reccomending a few players from various journals), but I'm going to make an exception for this one. Partly because it can stand well enough on its own (all you need to know is that Tezuka's grandfather is dying and it's hard on him), but mostly because Hana and Yume wrote some of the first TeniPuri fic I've ever read and I still count them as some of my favorite authors. And what I love about their writing is that they blend together so smoothly, and it's this rich, gorgeous, almost lyrical writing that I adore. That they weave in all these incredible little details and references (my favorite in this one was the red bow *sparkles*), that they show the intensity of the feelings here without having to resort to telling instead of showing. They capture the softer, romantic side of TezuFuji and manage to write the characters so that I can just see them. Plus! Smut! Pretty smut! (If not all that graphic. ^_~) *hanya~n* These two fics just... well, it's not like my TezuFuji obsession ever fades, but sometimes I do get distracted, and these two just give it a shot in the arm and make me go crazy for the pair all over again. (TezukaFuji, some slight content warning.)

- Prince of Tennis - Where Jealousy Comes in by Aishuu - You know how there are sometimes those stories where you would practically have to write a dissertation to describe everything that it brought to mind and you wanted to babble about? Yeah, that's what this one did for me, because the Tezuka / Fuji / Oishi / Eiji relationship dynamics have fascinated me pretty much from the beginning. I loved that Aishuu did so many things with this story with such a short amount of space and only pure dialogue, I love how much she showed of Tezuka and Oishi's relationship and it's effect on the others in their lives. I'm gonna stop now before I really get started, but let me just say that this is what I crave in TeniPuri fic, dealing with these things between all of them. *sparkles* (TezukaFuji and OishiEiji referenced.)

- Prince of Tennis - Waiting by Jennifier D - Once again, I find myself curiously unsure of how to put my feelings into words after I read this fic. A part of me feels hesitence when reading the author's work, because I am very protective of TezuFuji (especially after witnessing the massacres that take place at FFNET) and because her view of the characters and mine don't always overlap. But the more I read from her, the more... well, I'm not sure if she's coming around to my side, if I'm coming around to hers, or that we're meeting somewhere in the middle. ^_~ (Whoo, lookit the self-importance there. ^_~) At any rate, I found myself liking and enjoying this story, because the author's style suits Tezuka and Fuji's... mm, I hesitate to call it "softer" side, because that's not really the word I want. It's just that when I think of Tezuka and Fuji... I think of elegance and beautifully strung together words and phrases. I think of a hint of angst and a hint of fluff, and I think of a ton of complexities, because these two characters are so complex themselves. Because... Tezuka and Fuji fit together, because they just sort of slide together with ease, because they make me sparkle with that same elegant complexity and cleverness, with those little touches that mean so much more than words can say. Which I got off onto a tangent about because I thought the fic captured all of this very, very well, especially for such a short thing. I'm also rather fond of this fic because I adore when a fic can make me crystalize something about my own interpretations of the characters. Plus, kissing is always nice. ^____^ *has her priorities, after all* (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - For the Moment by Yuuki - I clicked onto this fic not knowing what to expect of it, except that it was likely something a bit... odd or ethereal perhaps. And... it was. I had a few small quibbles with Tezuka's characterization (I also think he knows Fuji better than this fic seems to indicate even if they're not in a relationship), but for the most part it was very, very solid, I liked Fuji here as well. What really sold me on the fic, though, was the writing; it was soft and gorgeous, just perfect for the story it seems to be trying to tell (it's difficult to know with only the first chapter). The word "ethereal" comes to mind again, something just a little bit otherworldly or psychological, something beyond ordinary. I am very intrigued and want to see where the story is going to go in the future, I'll definitely pounce on any ncew chapters of this one. (Some light TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - untitled by Lyssaphra - I admit, the usage of first names jarred me out of the story a time or two and I worried over the characterization at a point or two, but by the time I was finished reading the story, I was happy with the way the author portrayed the characters (and I can be a picky bitch about that sort of thing ^_~), she had a very solid understanding of them, which means all the world to me in TeniPuri fic. *sparkles* I really liked the challenge this fic was based on and I was really happy to see more from this author after her previous fic and it was just a good fic. The little things with the way Tezuka looked at Fuji, the way Fuji and Mizuki interacted always, the way Yuuta interacted with and looked at Mizuki (I especially loved when Yuuta brushed the hair out of his eyes, it was such a quiet gesture but so very telling), all of them were what made me like this fic so much. (YuutaMizuki and some TezuFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Verity by Jennifier D - Well, now, really, what's there left to say that I haven't already said about the author's work, hmm? ^_~ I really liked the challenge this fic was based on, it's a very interesting idea to show the evolution of a particular character or pairing and this fic uses that very well to show how Tezuka and Fuji move together throughout their life. This is actually one of my favorites from Jennifier D because it captures a particular sense of fate drawing them together, yet it was done so that it was subtle and I could believe it--because as much as I'm still a romantic, I'm also not a pre-teen girl anymore. ^_~ There are lots of things I could comment about--the lovely writing, the wonderful characterization, the gorgeous but unobtrusive details--but you already know they're going to be there and instead I just wanted to... fangirl for a little bit about how happy this story made me. I love that feeling. *sparkles!* (TezuFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Rain by Jennifier D - I could swear I've rec'd this before, but I can't find it in any of my files, so if I mention it twice, well... hell, it's worth reading twice then. ^_~ This story is a lovely little piece that has this atmosphere to it that so few writers can capture, especially for a character like Fuji who is so difficult to both get inside his head and to make him hurt. But I can believe him here, I can see that Fuji, despite being a genius, is still human, still hurts sometimes. ;__; (Some slight TezuFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Lens by Aishuu - You know how sometimes you can be having a bad day and nothing seems to be going quite right, but then you find that one shining, perfect thing that soothes you? Yeah, guess who was having a bad day that just got better. ^_~ I'll try to be coherent about this (ie, saying something more useful than "OMG TEZUKA! FUJI! RABURABU!"), but... well, okay. I admit to being a little bit of a wanky, elitist snob when it comes to fanfic. Good writing in and of itself doesn't impress me all that much; I can swoon over a particularily good turn of phrase just like any other swooning fangirl, but you cannot convince me or make me sparkle through sheer technical skill alone. Which is why you'll occasionally see some fics here that may not be the best written, but I truly adored because of the characterization. That's my thing, yo. But? When a fic can do both? Run. Run now. Because I get obnoxious with the hearts in my eyes. ^_~

Okay, the fic. By now I've probably said everything I could about Aishuu's writing on a technical level and this story is no different. It's beautifully worded. What totally made my day, though? The way her Fuji sees her Tezuka--Fuji's eye for detail, Fuji's love of beautiful things, Fuji's want to capture this amazing boy on film, it was all woven together beautifully. Tezuka's quiet sense of humor that you're never quite sure is there or if you're only imagining it, his patience with Fuji, his direct nature occasionally warring with his reserved nature, the way he's never unsure of anything he does. Aishuu also works in an interesting idea with Tezuka's glasses that somehow just... it's one of those things that I probably wouldn't have thought up myself, but really like in someone else's work (plus, it was so cute to see Tezuka lightly teasing Fuji about glasses--oh, my god, the disgustingly sappy rabu I have for them). Gah, this rec is completely incoherent, blargh. That's what happens when I get all squee'ing. Plus, the last three paragraphs? Yes. I am a wibbling fangirl now. Excuse me. I have a puddle of goo to go melt into. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Drift by Rageprufrock - Good TezuFuji fic is something I carefully savor, especially when it's soft, elegant, and clever, so I'm always happy to see Rageprufrock writing more of these characters. She's got a very subtle style with these characters, which fits perfectly, and... well, it's difficult to put into words what captures me so about this little fic. It's Seigaku riding home on the bus, everyone but Tezuka fast asleep, Fuji curled up in his seat next to him. Even with such a simple thing, this story get so much across, weaves so much characterization in. Plus, the last few lines made me laugh, especially Tezuka. I firmly believe he has a very dry sense of humor buried underneath those layers of stoicism, he just has too much self-control to let it out, so it's wonderful to see it hinted at here. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Comfort by Shi Lin - The other day I was looking for fics to recommend to Isa (because she keeps going, "I don't GET TezuFuji, if people would just write it this way, I might understand...." and I keep taking that as her saying, "Hey, Becky, find me some TezuFuji fic you think I might like, shove it at me, and force me to read it whether I want it or not." XD) and I was trying to find it in my list of recs and... eh? I never rec'd it? Shame on me. This story... is bittersweet in some ways, because I just want to smoosh these two boys together, lock them in a closet, and let them have sex often enough that nothing else matters and they're too tired to be anything other than cutely fluffy with each other. ^_~ But at the same time, I adore this fic despite the twinges at my heart for Tezuka's grief, because it shows how Tezuka and Fuji work without needing a lot of words or overt displays of emotion. This fic shows how they can just... be in the same room and understand each other, all these little things that they let the other do for them, all the little ways they don't recoil because it's this person and anyone else would have been pushed out a long time ago. Plus? The ending? *wibbles with love* (TezuFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Jishin by Monnie - [ Part 1, Part 2a, Part 2b, Interlude, Part 3a, Part 3b, Omake. I think I got them all...?] I will admit that the first time I tried to read this story I got halfway through the first part and had to give up, because the prose was just too image-laden and heavy for me to concentrate on. And I still worry a little over all the flowering descriptions a bit, but when I sat down with this story a second time, somehow it seemed to flow so much better, I found that I didn't have to go back and reread the sentences and that the pace felt smoother. I think a lot of it is that you need to know what to expect from this story before starting it--it's very heavy on the prose and imagery, but I like that, because it... brings to mind this ethereal or dreamy sort of quality that not a lot of English writers can capture. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of Japanese fanart or fanfic, which you almost never get from English fic. Plus, the images are pretty and god knows I love Teh Pritteh. ^_~

One of the things I liked best about this story is that I think this may well be the longest English TeniPuri fic out there and that makes it an incredibly satisfying read, because it's a long, slow, languid ride through it. I also liked the bits of humor and Tezuka and Fuji in the background were hysterical, Kaidoh's reaction to the GP was beautiful, Eiji's... Eiji-ness, without being reduced to the mentality of a five year old, the genuinely funny lines... it was all so clever.

My darling Oishi was such a dear and I loved the balance between his mother hen instincts and his genuine desire for Eiji, because it never felt like he babied Eiji or treated him as anything less than a partner. I also came away with the impression that they were partners here, there was little favoritism or domination between them, they were on equal footing and I loved that... Oishi was just as wrapped around Eiji's little finger as Eiji was wrapped around his. And it was shown, not told. Dude. That does not happen often enough. And I mentioned that Eiji wasn't a five year old but yet was still his bouncy self? Loved that. Plus, smut. Hot smut. I really can't ask for more from a fic. As evidenced by the copious amounts of babble. ^_~ I sparkle. (EijiOishi, some light TezuFuji and InuKai.)

- Prince of Tennis - Taste by Shi Lin - One of my favorite things about Tezuka and Fuji is that they are so... immense that they demand true cleverness, especially with someone as genius as Fuji and someone as incredible as Tezuka. They also demand their own version of subtlty and of Fuji enjoying the hell out of attempting to give Tezuka a Very Bad Headache. But underneath that, there's genuine concern and care on both their parts and... well, you can see where I'm going with this. Fuji's Fuji-ness makes me laugh as does Tezuka's refusal to play along. Plus! *claps hands in delight* Kissing. That needs to happen more often. XD (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Barometric by Talya Firedancer - Tezuka and Fuji are my darlings with this series and while reading this story, I had this warm, pleasant glow because it's been a good night for TezuFuji fic and because some wonderful, wonderful authors have picked up on and understood their subtlty, yet this electric something between them that can't quite be described in words. And the subtlty and parallels with the weather in this fic impress the hell out of me, as does Fuji's voice and the subtler, more shaded areas of his personality. Fuji cares very much about the people around in his own way and I adore that this story picked up on that and I adore the idea of this conversation between Tezuka and Fuji because... Tezuka... I could just see him saying these things to Fuji. Such a fantastic captain, yet such a fantastic something more, too, and that balance was beautifully done. (Some light TezukaFuji if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Colors of Autumn by yukuro - Okay, I'll be the first to admit that a lot of the jokes in this fic fall a little flat and don't sparkle quite as much as they could have or aren't as clever as they could have been, but there were some honestly funny jokes in here (I think my favorite was either the accidental eavesdroppers or Tezuka's super-hearing XD XD XD) and I honestly enjoyed reading this fic. I honestly burst out into giggles at least five different points while reading the fic, because they hit me just right. XD It was cute and sweet and made me happy and fluffy and fluttery. The writing is very readable, it's long but flew right by (usually I have trouble sitting still for anything over 25k, but I got this all read in one shot, that's how much it pulled me into the story), but more than that... it was just... it was light-hearted, fun, and filled with obvious love for this series. There are not enough fics out there that can make me feel how much the author truly enjoyed her work on the fic and that is an incredibly wonderful sensation. I so totally want more from this author. (OishiEiji, TezukaFuji, MomoRyo, and a little InuKai. *massive sparkles*)

- Prince of Tennis - Pieces by Jennifier D - [ Prologue, Part 01a, Part 01b ] - Given that TeniPuri is such a small fandom right now, we don't have a lot of longer, more "epic" feeling stories and that's why I'm so burblingly interested in this story, because it's shaping up to be a nice, long ride that's one of those stories that... isn't just about romance or character moments, there's something actually going on in it, an actual plot. It doesn't hurt that Jennifier D's writing is wonderfully suited to this kind of story; a style that's dreamy or almost ethereal when it needs to be, smooth and flowing when it needs to be, and always lovely. The concept of Tezuka losing his memory and slowly moving through his life to try to get it back, to adjust to the new sensations and where his life has moved onto isn't always a smooth process, but it's a fascinating one and has a very natural/real feeling to it, I can believe it. And that's what impresses me so much about this story--that I can believe a plot like this, I can believe how it happened, how it affects everyone, and the characters' reactions. I need more, yo. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Game Theory by Sabina - There are two things that I adore about this story--the first one being that it's beautifully written and does justice to two characters I adore so very, very much. It's subtle, yet so very powerful and signifigant and weaves together both tennis skills and characterizations--so much of these characters are shown through their tennis playing styles and this fic capitalizes beautifully on that. The second thing I loved was that it made me think of another facet to Tezuka and Fuji's relationship that I'd never thought of before--namely, why we never see Fuji playing seriously against Tezuka. We see him playing seriously against Ryoma and that match drew Fuji in further than he seemed to mean it to... what would it be like if he applied that same seriousness to Tezuka? For Fuji to think that he might get pulled under by playing seriously against Tezuka, by truly throwing himself into a match with Tezuka... that makes me SWOON. And quite obnoxiously swooning at that. *starry eyes* And go read the fic 'cause it explains that better than I could. (Some very light TezukaFuji if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Game by Aishuu - It's hard to explain what I go through when I read a story like this, it's just... there's a lot of good Prince of Tennis fanfiction out there and I adore it madly. As you can see by the number of TeniPuri recs here, obviously, I've found a lot of stuff I liked. But Aishuu's writing always has something special that makes me so very glad she's in a fandom I love so very much... her stories are full of plot. Her stories are the kind that have everything--from beautiful characterization, character insights woven into the writing, a gorgeous amount of details, beautiful writing, and a plot that is not secondary to the story.

Even if the story is AU after Genius 203 (this story was started long before that was released), it's something I could just see happening, Kikumaru's friendliness was infections and he was bouncy and innocent without being a five year old. Oishi was sweet and gentle, but still a recognizable human being, rather than just a walking "mother" cliche. Fuji was... wah, I loved Fuji in this so much because Aishuu somehow managed to capture the way his aura would change from one smile to the next. And Tezuka was gorgeous, especially Oishi's view of him and their friendship and the way Oishi didn't want to let that go. Everything combined together into a gorgeous whole and just... I ramble over this story because this is what I consider to be the "meat and potatoes" of the fanfiction banquet. Chocolate mousse or Ceasar salad or ice cream covered pie are wonderful things, but I crave a good prime steak and potatoes sometimes, too, I'd get sick without them. ^_~ ....okay, yes, weirdest fic metaphor ever. ^_~ (Oishi/Kikumaru, with a dash of Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Deep Snow by yukuro - In the TeniPuri fandom, sometimes it feels like an uphill battle to find stories I like, so many of the ones that look promising from skimming turn out to have some bit of characterization that ruins the entire thing for me or to find out it wasn't what I was hoping it would be. (You can tell I'm grouchy from this today. ^_~) But yukuro is one of those authors that, while her writing could use a little polishing, honestly makes me happy to read her stories. They're cute and fun and I honest to god just feel light after reading one of her stories. And this one is no expection, it's cute and sweet and I can see so many glimmers of character insight here that I readily agree with even if we don't agree 100% on some of the other character reactions. There are also some wonderfully funny jokes, the author has a great sense of humor. (Okay, a few don't work as well as they could, but I STILL giggle at Ryuuzaki-sensei's reaction to being caught under the mistletoe with one of the regulars. XD XD) And oh. My. God. The MomoRyo. Was. So. Frickin'. Cute. All in all, when I was done with the first three chapters of this, I had far more positive things to say than negative (including that it looks to be nicely long and I always love that) and I found that I wanted more. That's all I ask for from a fic. ^_~ (TezukaFuji, OishiEiji, MomoRyoma, InuiKaidoh.)

- Prince of Tennis - Truth or Dare by Talya Firedancer - One of the other things I like so much about Talya's writing is that she has a knack for details, like: Life has spun back to normal when the sun rises over the tennis courts of Seigaku and the boys return, jostling, to practice bouts and stamina drinks and mingled scent of cut grass and sweat of exertion on a mild summer day. This just SETS the scene in my head, makes it come right into view, those little details she weaves into her writing both fun and good for description. One of Talya's greatest strengths is that she captures the sense of anime (or manga) in her stories, that I can picture everything she writes so wonderfully in anime form.

And then there's her Fuji whom I adore so, so much, just a hint of sadism, just a hint of busybody, just a hint of troublemaker, just a hint of a good person, and so on. Fuji is more than any one, single characteristic and that comes through beautifully here. The characterization of Eiji is gorgeous, too, she really captures his bounciness and is just clever about it. And I already adore her Tezuka, so much the character I recognize from the screen. And the interaction between Tezuka and Fuji just... gah, I was in orbit over it, especially when Tezuka was telling Fuji not to get involved. The dynamics between them were enough to make me swoon. As was Oishi's interaction with Eiji, the way he was so direct and knew Eiji so well. Just... eeee! I fangirl so hard right now. (OishiEiji, TezukaFuji.)

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