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- Prince of Tennis - Inui's Love Consultation Office by anek - This author is turning out to be one of those authors that I just sort of... shimmer over when she posts something new. Even if I could pick a few nits with the writing, even if I don't agree with everything, I find that she does something far, far, far more important for me--her writing puts a smile on my face, her writing makes me glow. This story was just... cute. *sparkles* As we find out, Tezuka and Fuji were making out in the locker room, heard a loud crash, came out to see a broken flower pot and one of Tezuka's rackets missing--who on earth could have seen them? This is clearly a case for Inui to investigate! XD XD XD I was so, so, so, so amused at the way Inui solved the case, because... just... well... hee! He would know that off the top of his head. I was just grinning the entire way through this because it was fun! I'm really, really looking forward to more from this author. *makes grabby motions* (TezukaFuji, some future MomoRyo?)

- Prince of Tennis - Spaces by Shi Lin - You know, just when I think I've gotten all caught up with an author's work, I'll have to look the story up for one reason or another and realize *facepalm* that I never wrote a rec for it. I suck. Wah. That said, I couldn't find this rec on my site, so I assume I accidentally missed it and shall do a proper petting of Shi-chan's ego rec now. ^_~ Spaces is one of those stories that I like so much because there's that undefinable something between Tezuka and Fuji, that you can just feel and is so much a part of what made me fall for the paring in the first place. The way Fuji can tell Tezuka things he wouldn't tell just anyone... well, to be more precice, that Fuji would let Tezuka figure out things he wouldn't let anyone else, the way Tezuka can see so much of Fuji, who can't quite hide from him. The way Tezuka doesn't need to make a big speech, the way they both know that wouldn't be their style, yet somehow... somehow things are lighter than when they started. *loves* (Some slight TezuFuji but only if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Certainty by Talya Firedancer - *happy, sated sigh* There are few things that make me floatier in this fandom than a well-written clever TezukaFuji story, especially by an author I like so much. There were so many wonderful little characterization notes in this story, from Fuji wondered sometimes if it was his own capacity for masochism that made him enjoy the suffering of people close to him. Not maliciously, of course; Fuji believed life was too short for malice. It was more like a hobby. to the way Tezuka and Fuji interacted without even needing many words, simply being able to read each other so well. I think that's what I loved most of all about this story, that sense of... tension between the two characters, their connection to each other, the way they can read each other without needing words. The way Fuji realizes that just as he can read Tezuka's silences, so can Tezuka read his. The way Fuji realizes what's happening/what's going to happen, even without Tezuka telling him. The other favorite thing was the promise made here and what it was made over--Talya has a way of picking out a little detail like that, a little idea, and having it be one of those things that just... fits, that gives the story character and makes it stand out, yet one of those things that I could see becoming fanon because it works so well. Mind, the GOOD kind of fanon. *sparkle* (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - On Ice by Sabina - Oh, good lord, I need to stay away from Sabina's fic writing, because the poor girl is going to be scared of me after I get done fangirling over her, I swear. ^_~ It's just... every once in awhile, there are fic writers that come along who write so sharply and with so much cleverness even in the simplest of fics that it knocks me on my ass and puts stars in my eyes. (TeniPuri has been blessed to have several such writers. *sparkles*) I just... geehhhh, I love this fic, I am in awe of the way the author had moments for all the regulars in the story, the way she captured the madcap aura of the entire Seigaku team, and how fucking good the writing was, that it made my teeth hurt. (Some TezukaFuji, but far closer to gen than anything.)

- Prince of Tennis - Distant Proximity by anek - *swoons* Oh, this was so very lovely and exactly what I needed. This author is quickly becoming one of those that I nearly pounce on and she just... she makes me happy to read her stories in a fandom where not a lot of fic authors can do that. I can't really put it into words why I liked the feel of this fic so much, but a lot of it is because the author has this sense for the characters that I vibe so incredibly strongly with. The feel of what so captivates me with these characters, that quality that I would almost (but not quite) describe as etherial. Plus, I just really like the way she presents the characters and the phone call at the end of the fic was done with a deft and talented hand. This fic made me happy to read it. *hanyan~* (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Letter by Ellie - The beginning of this story does start off a little shaky, but not terribly OOC, but by the end, I had climbed far enough onboard that I definitely wanted to rec this little fic, because... well, whenever a story can get me to think, when it can bring up an idea or a question to my mind, especially about a pairing I've done so much theorizing about already, I'm always impressed. (Not that it's earth-shattering, but my mind is currently spinning off to wonder just what would Tezuka have done if he hadn't injured his shoulder? He was seriously considering those invitations to other schools....) I also liked the way the story played out, the way Tezuka conducted himself, the way he and Fuji understood each other, even when they held themselves back. And I fucking loved that there was no, "Wahhh, does he love me or doesn't he??" Very cute fic, that's sort of a combination between fluff and angst. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Water Over Stone by Chrissie - This was... okay, I think I'm officially sticking this author on my mental 'authors to pounce on whenever they post new fic' list, because... wow, the writing is beautiful and I can just see her characterization. She has this way of weaving little details into a story, of creating a tone to her story that gives this Japanese feel that I adore so much, and the turns of phrase are just gorgeous. Her metaphors are great because they contribute to that overall sense FEEL the story has and also are very apt, describing the sensations wonderfully--the "water"/"mountain" theme was just fucking perfect for Tezuka and Fuji. There was also a light sense of humor to this story that made me smile because it made me see Fuji. Just... this is what I wanted from TezukaFuji. I'm going to float off into a cloud of bliss now. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Bystander by Chrissie - I dislike finding myself at a loss for how to explain why I liked something, other than to say, "w00t! Good writing!" ~_~ But everything else I've said about the author's writing holds true here as well--subtle, well-characterized, beautiful writing, everything I look for in a fic. Instead, I shall go with a slightly different tack to praise this fic--Ahahahah, holy shit, a Prince of Tennis AU fic that actually held my attention! I actually read it all the way to the end! ....not that I've had time to read that many Tenipuri AU fics, mind. Still. I am so not an AU girl unless it's done just right. And, holy fuck, boyband AU fic that I liked. ....yes, that deserved all the italics I gave it. If not more. ....and the elipses. ....I'll just be slinking off now. ^_~ (Hints of TezukaFuji and FujiRyoma.)

- Prince of Tennis - Date-O by Sai - *cackles* This was absolutely hysterical, the humor beautiful and the characterizations just spot on in my eyes. The thing that I loved about this was that it skirted the edge of gen and shounen ai so beautifully that I could almost believe this would happen in an actual episode--especially considering Fuji's mischevious nature. Certainly, I could be see everything happening and the author has a gift for comedic timing in novel form. It's difficult to get down jokes in a fanfic that have the same feel and timing as the series itself, but I totally got that off this fic, not to mention I loveloveloved Tezuka, Fuji, Atobe, and Eiji's reactions. Just... BWAH. So funny.

Especially Fuji and the way I could believe that he set something like this up--none of the characters were dumbed down for his little trick to work and god bless the author for that. Also, little touches like the scene at the ice cream palor (With Inui's diagram and stick figures! *sporfles* Or Tomoka's eyes just barely peeking over Sakuno's head while they're spying--I love little things like that that can make me just picture a scene.) or Inui's random facts that make the team go "WTF!? How do you know that!?" Much, much love for this fic. ♥ Oh, and? The little bit of Tezuka - Fuji interaction at the end? Beautiful. Especially Tezuka's way of being pissed and Fuji's reaction. ♥ (Actually gen, but hints of Tezuka/Atobe and I was totally reading Tezuka/Fuji into the end.)

- Prince of Tennis - Rules of the Game by Sai - *happy sigh* Sometimes I like the resolution of UST, to the point where I'm reading to claw at things if I don't get it. But then a story like this comes along and reminds me of just why I fell for these two characters in the first place, the something between them that caught and fascinated me so much from nearly the beginning. The author's writing is crisp and clean, not exactly minimalist but she... hmm, it's hard to put this into words why this style is one of my favorites. It doesn't rely on imagery (which is a perfectly fine thing to use, it does indeed produce some gorgeous mental pictures, but sometimes it takes more talent to not rely on it), it instead goes with rock-solid characterization and an attention to detail and a tightly plotted story. It seems like such a simple idea--Tezuka and Fuji play a game, a question asked for each point a person loses. But the way it's told is so subtle, yet genuinely powerful, that I adore it. This is my TezuFuji, this is the kind that I can just see in my head, this is the kind that makes me go *___* over the characterization. And I love a story that can tell more through a Deep and Meaningful Silence than they can through a mallet to my head. *sparkles* (TezukaFuji, but it could really pass for gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - A Summer Afternoon by Talya Firedancer - He wondered what it would take to get a straight answer out of Fuji. On the other hand, he knew that the main lines of communication between them weren't verbal at all. (<---I love this line. ♥) There's something almost nostalgic about reading Talya Firedancer's work in a new fandom (well, not that the series is so new anymore, but) and it makes me happy because she's one of the first writers I ever read anime fanfic for and her style is one of those that appeals to me. She's a good writer, but more than that, she has a quality that doesn't rely on tricks or overflowing imagery, she has a style that simply pulls me into her story and makes me focus on the characters. And that's what I adore about this story--the concept was simple (Tezuka and Fuji go fishing ♥), which let me focus on the insights into the characters. And these felt right. Given how set in my views I am with these characters, often times finding a story that I agree with is far, far more enjoyable to me than something that's long and only about 80% what I agree with.

There was never any part of Tezuka that had to think consciously, "I must concentrate on grades," or "I'll play tennis to the very limit." It was the way he was, conscientious in every aspect of what he did. He never had to be told to be careful or do his best; that was simply how he behaved. The interaction between both characters was gorgeous, this is my Tezuka and Fuji and my TezuFuji. *sparkles* The conversation-without-audible-words aspect of the fic was also wonderfully done and so very them. I just... I'm totally geeked over these two all over again. ♥ (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - White Wind by yukuro - This fic isn't going to be for everyone, it's rather leaning towards the pining-for-each-other-TezuFuji type of fic and I know that's not everyone's cup of tea. But, for me... I don't know how to explain what this author does for me. Something about this story soothes me, appeals to the romantic fangirl in me who likes shoujo and pink bubbles floating through the air and likes her pretty boys pining for each other and wanting to be together, but feeling they can't. And the author has a certain atmosphere to her work, that vaguely... whisp-of-smoke feeling to it and I adored that this wasn't a happily-ever-after fic, but neither was it angstangstangst. It was somewhere in the middle, which I thought was the right tone for them. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - A Surprise Birthday Party, Data, Rules Of The Game, End If, Loop, and Distances by Sai - (Note: I've rec'd Rules of the Game before, but it wasn't until later that I realize it was part of an arc--though, it can stand on its own--and I wanted to rec the entire thing.) This isn't meant to be an insult to a lot of the Tenipuri fandom, because I rarely READ much anymore, which is my own fault, not the fandom's. But... I so rarely get to read clever and sparkly Tenipuri fic anymore. And what I love about this is that Sai manages to write both FUNNY situations and CLEVER situations, but also that she writes scenes that have a deeper meaning. She doesn't have to hit the reader over the head with it, you just GET IT. The characterization is subtle and evolving, just... almost with a sense of delicacy in some ways, but it's perfect for these characters, because some characters in Prince of Tennis are as subtle as a freight train and some... just aren't. I love this series of fic and have come to realize that I'll pounce on pretty much anything the author writes, so everyone else needs to go read and love her work, too. *nodnod* (Some very light Tezuka/Fuji and maybe a little Oishi/Eiji in one of them.)

- Prince of Tennis - Downpour by trixie - This was... oh, man, just when I think I can pull away from the series, someone or something comes along and goes, "Hahahaha, no, you're not done yet! *ufufufufu* READ THIS." So I read and it's this gorgeous little... atmospheric piece, almost, this intense little story about kissing in the rain that has the exact right mood and feel to the characters that I love. Intensity for each other, passion for each other, but still Tezuka and Fuji. And, oh, this Fuji was beautiful in knowing what he wanted and being so insightful and snatching up all the little advantages, yet still... Part of him wondered if he'd already lost to Tezuka. It might have happened the first time they faced each other on the court. He'd never played anyone where he'd had to doubt himself before. Was it a choice to lose? Did he want to Tezuka to be his victor? I suspect I could go on for HOURS about how I loved this particular story, I think, because it was just so damned clever and them and had such beautiful kissing, with vague references to more. I loveloveLOVE it when a fic can make me go *_____* over something so simple as a light reference to sex later that night, with the way this one did. ....sorry, I'll make my inner TezuFuji fangirl be quiet now. XD;; (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Housewarming by Shi-Lin - *blissful sigh* There's something about the way Shi-Lin writes that's just... I can sink into her writing and not come back out until the story is done and afterwards there's this sense of satisfaction that I desperately crave and love. And this story is just... so richly detailed and so finely tuned to the characters and so beautifully written that I feel like I could go for a week on the happy, sated cloud I'm on. The way she winds all these details into the prose of the story without them being intrusive, instead contributing to the overall image of the story... it just created this beautiful, flawless, seamless image in my head that was beautiful to read. Shi-Lin's writing is gorgeous, her take on Tezuka and Fuji is just... it set the tone for me in this fandom, I think. She wrote some of the best stuff early on and she's STILL writing my ultimate TezuFuji here. Soooooo much rabu~~ XD (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Glove by niche - I will admit that the writing of this story is very... mm, I'm not sure how to term it. Very much taken with imagery and vague descriptions and I think the point gets lost a few times along the way. (But, then, I'm more and more a fan of minimalism as I get older, so what do I know? *grin*) The thing that I liked about it, however, was that that kind of style often works with TezukaFuji because they rarely come right out and say anything, so the atmosphere in this writing reflects that. And I loved the not-needing-to-say-anythning-specific feel the author has with the characters, they way they just sort of seem to get what's going on and... well, really, I just love the scene at the end with the gloves. I love stuff like that. XD (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Absense Makes by Aki - This fic should have been cliche, it really should have. Fuji goes to America and quietly misses Tezuka and the rest of Japan? Oh, how the angst should have burned. Instead, I found myself completely enrapt with the story and the way events unfolded and while there was this dull sort of ache in my chest while they were seperated, I couldn't help but enjoy the way the story was being written. It all felt right and I just... I was floored by how much I felt with Fuji when he was in America, how quietly that sense of being isolated and how much he missed home was done--and I like to think that I'm not really an easy sell on that point. The details were fabulous and the characterization fabulous--at every point in the story, it felt like I was damn near watching an actual episode, if a little angstier than usual. But not bad angst, it didn't go overboard. I just... holy hell, this is what I've always been looking for in the fandom. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Fish, Flowers, and Pie, Not Necessarily in that Order by Aki - As you can see, I'm rec'ing Aki's fics pretty much one after another here, but the thing I've yet to touch on is the thing that kept me coming back again and again, beyond just Good Writing and Clever Writing. It's this... everything felt right in these stories and it wasn't just well-written on a technical level or solidly characterized. It was this fic that largely put it into focus for me (despite leaving me with the lack of words for it) because of the way she wrote Fuji interacting with Eiji and Tezuka, the way it put the focus on the way she characterizes Tezuka and Fuji's relationship. The way they fought and the way Fuji reacted and the way Tezuka reacted and the way they were still very much Japanese Boys, and just... it's hard to put into words, it really is. It's such a sharp feeling in my fangirl heart that I'm not sure I can describe it, despite all the time I've spent trying here. Just... this is my kind of fic. The kind that revs me up and keeps me coming back and makes me fall in love all over again. The kind that can make me form the scene completely in my head (I could just see Fuji dumping the flowers in the trash and thought that was the most clever thing for the author to have him do, because it was just LIKE HIM) and make me let out little squeaks and have my heart flip over at the end of the stories. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Favorite by Aki - I've mentioned before that Aki writes a wonderful Fuji, yes? I think that's especially apparent here, where it's so much of how Fuji works, yet still... Fuji and you really have to look at him closely to figure out what his reaction means. Yet, it's not a fic that's full of flowery imagery or confusing wording, it's just... FUJI. The way he looks at summer and school and Tezuka and tennis is just... right, along with the way all the little details combine together and it takes you awhile to get what Fuji is feeling, despite the first time through making it almost seem like he's not hiding anything. (Which is what I mean by it's so FUJI--it doesn't seem like he's hiding anything unless you know him better and start looking.) And, OMG, fangismic delight over the way Fuji doesn't quite... feel melancholy about the way things are changing, the way tennis is changing, the way he's changing, the way Tezuka's changing (sort of), but... maybe he does a little. It's just... wow, this is another crap rec for a lovely, lovely fic, so just GO READ IT RIGHT NOW. *fangs* (Some very, very light TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - ZukaFuji fic (part 01, part 02, part 03, and part 04) by Aki - Tennis is good for providing metaphors. He can't imagine he could keep playing if it were just about a ball. Like all of Aki's other writing, this is just so very inside my wheelhouse that I want to dig my claws into her and never let her out of the Prince of Tennis fandom, because she has an utterly perfect style for the characters. She understands them, she writes them well, the TONE of her writing even matches the series (there are stories that send me into orbit, but these have a particular resonance to them that's rare for me, which is why I keep harping on them), and she weaves this beautiful atmosphere to the story. During the fourth part (AAAAAAAAHHHH WHERE IS THE NEXT PART GIVE IT HERE NOW NOW NOW NOW!) there's this incredible tension between Tezuka and Fuji that had me practically vibrating along with it. The way it cut right through me but wasn't overdone, yet just... WAH. ;__; Plus, all the details (what the future holds for them, where they're going, Fuji being a child genius, yet refusing to be pidgeon holed and handicapped that way, the way you feel with Fuji during That Scene) are just... gahhhh, I spaz with love! Go read! (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Heartless by trixie - I just... I adore trixie's writing because it's so... it's more than just clean, smooth, and readable, the writing is the kind that's good, the kind that lets you focus in on the story being told, rather than the words themselves. She also does a fantastic job with the dialogue (which was necessary for this story, I think), I could HEAR the characters saying these things, and each scene just popped right into my head. Never lingering too long on any one thing, using just the right amount of details worked into the narrative to give me the picture (rather than the tacked on feeling of details I can often get from a fic), and just a lovely, lovely ride. And I liked her Tezuka, because he doesn't ANGST, he's just... stoic and apart, a lot of times. Oho, and the quiet phonecall to Fuji? Fweeeeeeeee. XD (Some light Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Definition by Aki - Aki's writing continues to have that sort of... undercurrent feeling to it, I guess, that feels so right with Tezuka and Fuji, along with beautiful, elegant (at least that's how it feels to ME), but not overdone, characterization that I just swoon over. The writing is straightforward and incredibly clear, yet it's still pretty. (The older I get, the more I become in favor of minimalism in fanfic, yet I still like the feeling of an atmosphere that's nearly tangible. Aki balances the elements so perfectly that I am IN LOVE WITH her style.) They don't need obvious things, it's not their style, but neither are they particularily vague or confusing. Aki uses a metaphor beautifully here--it's not too hammer-to-the-head-ish, but it's not too obsure, either. It's just... it's perfect for Fuji. It's perfect the way Tezuka responds. It's perfect the way definitions are woven into the prose. I love. It reminds me why I love these two so much in the first place. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

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