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- Prince of Tennis - When it Rains by Mina Lightstar - There are two things that made me all *__* over this story. One is that Mina's Fuji voice is very strong, that coy and amused tone that he has that's layered over with politeness, but isn't too far into an extreme either way. He just... he felt right. Like there was a ton going on underneath the surface, but he never quite let you see it, yet Tezuka somehow understands some of it anyway. Or at least isn't fooled by it. ^_~ And I just... I adore the way you never really know how much of the situation Fuji planned for or how much was just improvised or how much was just good luck. Plus... that quiet, subtle, yet still something there dynamic that I adore with Tezuka and Fuji. *is happy fangirl~* (Tezuka/Fuji, but could almost be gen.)

- Prince of Tennis - White Noise by Mina Lightstar - And this is another example of what I like so much about the TezuFuji dynamic, that they... sort of wind around each other, not necessarily connected at the hip or becoming 'one', not even the same as Oishi and Eiji's synchronization, it's more... their personalities, when they're near each other, wind around each other, become part of the noise surrounding them, which is nicely illustrated with Fuji's soft humming on the busride home from a tennis game. Plus, I just like the snapshot-like image presented, the way Tezuka uses his time efficiently yet is still... he's not oblivious to those around him. Which is kind of a dumb way for me to put it, but... err, yes, just go read the gentle little fic. (Some very, very light Tezuka/Fuji hinted at.)

- Prince of Tennis - Articulate by Aki - Ahahahaha, Aki always manages to remind me why I'm such a TezuFuji fangirl--because my inner fangirl's heart constricts and she starts wailing and flinging her arms in every direction that Tezuka and Fuji seem to be heading toward a breakup and that'd break her little fangirl heart. Even if there is something to be said for a gorgeous buildup, where you can't really pinpoint one thing or another where it's started to go wrong or even exactly what IS wrong, you can just feel it through the smiles and lack of smiles, the way they're not in the right place anymore and you just GET THAT and not have to have the author bludgeon you over the head with it. ....I am so gone on these two and Aki's fics just keep me in orbit over these two. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - EYE : RIS by Tracy - Aishuu recommended this fic to me when I was bitching about trying to find TezuFuji fic, so I steal the link from her. And, wow, this was just... I wasn't sure about it at first, I'm not terribly fond of stories that start out with Tezuka and Fuji having met earlier in their lives usually, but this story handled it wonderfully, it wasn't overly sappy or cliche, it was just... one of those little things. (And OMG YUUTA WAS SO CUTE AND I LOVE HIM AND WANT TO HUG HIM AND EEEEEE IT WAS PERFECT.) It wasn't even important to the story and I loved that, because the story was about Tezuka and Fuji and showing how they started to drift towards each other, showed those little moments that I could just see (for some reason, the tree-climbing thing with Fuji seemed so utterly perfect to me... as was the thing with the handcuffs, which should not have worked, but did XD), especially their first kiss underneath that one tree and the use of snow as a theme without being cliche and the apples and the lovely writing and just... god, I floated around the room in a blissful cloud after having read this story. Go, shoo, good Tezuka/Fuji fics, wonderfully IC, and I'm very grateful to Aishuu for pointing it out. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Fly by Branch - Speaking of Tezuka/Fuji that puts me into a happy, blissful mood, I adore Emily for writing such a... such an intense story that really works so well with the characters. She has this way of writing stories that are really... weighty, I guess. Of getting into the psychology of the characters, especially these incredibly complex, deep characters, but doing so in such a way that it's not just a character essay, it's a story that moves them forward. Tezuka and Fuji's match in this story was intense and tension-filled and the sense of nerves and high-strung-ness of Fuji was nearly tangible, it felt like. Then you got into the smut, which is... just hot and wow and *__*-inducing. I think this may be my favorite smut of hers yet--it's both beautiful and really intense, because there are all these little details (like with the washcloth) that convey a sensation, rather than just a visual. And that's what I love with this story--I could nearly feel that sensation of warmth of the water or the texture of the washcloth against shoulders. Toss in characterization that I feel does justice to both of these amazing, complex, complicated characters and I'm happily floating around the room again. ^_~ (Tezuka/Fuji, NC-17 content.)

- Prince of Tennis - behind the closed eyelids by Lady Genna - He had never once believed that the world was small and random enough that people who looked even vaguely similar could appear in different parts of the world, across different cultures, with different personalities, but possessed features or characteristics that were identical to the point of uncanniness. Oh. Oh. This was lovely, just... it seems like such an odd concept on the outside--while in Germany, a chance encounter with someone who looks eeriely like Fuji gets Tezuka to thinking and as time goes by, something remains vaguely unsettled about the whole thing. Like it could have been inane or pointless, but the author writes so incredibly well that I just fell under its trance, especially because it hit that line between gen and slash with so, so much underneath that in the subtext and subtlty that I love with Tezuka and Fuji when done right. The writing is gorgeous, the moments with Atobe and Tezuka utterly delightful, and the relationship dynamic between Tezuka and Fuji just... breath-taking. The final conversation between them at the end, about dreams and tennis and the future was just... bliss-inducing for me. Lovely, lovely fic. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - untitled Tezuka + Fuji by Shi-Lin - Excuse me. I have to squee like mad right now because Shi-Lin's Tezuka - Fuji fic is just... *happy sigh* It's subtle without having to prove anything, it's just... it's quiet and perfect for the characters, saying so much without having to say it. All the wonderful little details are lovely, but it's just the... sense between them and the last few lines that really made my fangirl heart turn over. (Tezuka/Fuji. Could almost be gen, I think.)

- Prince of Tennis - After by kyuuseijyutsu - I admit, I wavered a little in the middle of this story, but by the end... I was definitely onboard with the WAFFy Tezuka/Fuji fic, especially since the sweet afterglow stuff gave me pleasant pre-Afterglow images. (....shut up! >E) I'm not sure I could say why I was won over (perhaps, other than that I wanted to be, of course), except maybe that Fuji gently teasing Tezuka was really kind of sweet/adorable. Good for a WAFFy feeling, since, dammit, I LIKE THAT SOMETIMES. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji, PG-15 rating?)

- Prince of Tennis - Photographs by Kentra Shinataku - [ prologue - part 01 - part 02 - part 03 - part 04 - part 05 - part 06 - part 07 - part 08 - part 09 ] - I'm going to give this one a cautious rec... or perhaps it would be more accurate to say a rec with a few caveats that... *flaps hands vaguely* okay. The thing is, I have very set views of the characters. It's fine to disagree with them, doesn't make you wrong, doesn't make me wrong, blah, blah, blah. But this is a personal recs site and all that. My two biggest problems here are 1) the little details and 2) Tezuka. Little things like Fuji not being a good student, that he failed a math test, etc., don't jive with the character I recogonized. It's not that it's a rule that first years can't play, it's up to the captain to decide that or not (hence why Tezuka chooses to let Ryoma play, it was the captain's decision). Hyoutei doesn't have dorms. Saeki's friendship with Yuuta as well as Fuji. Etc. Second, the longer the fic went on, the more Tezuka's characterization faintly itched at me that something wasn't quite right, that I wasn't feeling the character. A lot of it was the obvious favoritism to Fuji's character, so that he won the quiet word match Every. Single. Time. Fuji was constantly catching Tezuka off-guard, saying something to make him dumbfounded, shocked, confused, surprised, etc. every single time they interacted. Never the reverse, it was completely uneven. After awhile, it eroded at my ability to believe the story and the characterizations because Tezuka is not that easy. (Also? Blushing? My brain cannot cough the image up, for the life of me.) Of course, I have a hair trigger with Tezuka's characterization, so take that as you will. (Also? I very much needed to get that out of my system because the rest of the fic is so lovely.)

Now. I don't mean to imply that this was a badly written story--quite the opposite, actually. The writing is lovely and Fuji's characterization fairly sparkles. The details are very nicely woven in, the prose is gorgeous, everything blends together seamlessly, from Fuji's role in the tennis club, to the way he was actually there when Tezuka's left arm was hit by his sempai (I was really impressed with the way that fit together with the series, I could buy this answer for why we didn't see it on the screen and it worked) to his love of photography to Yuuta's story in the background to lovely scenes with Yumiko. (Oh, my god, did I ever love the scenes with Yumiko.) Fuji's friendship with Saeki and the light influence of Rokkaku that pops up every now and again is wonderfully done. Fuji and Eiji's friendship is very well-done here, the kind that really worked and you could see why they were friends. If it weren't for the weak characterization of Tezuka to favor Fuji's character, I suspect this story would be among my absolute favorites in the fandom. I mean, the author really takes her time with the characters and the relationship, really builds an interesting background for Fuji that shows the progression of him learning to fit into Seigaku, finding a niche for himself, building relationships/friendships with people. The relationship with Tezuka wasn't rushed, the pacing of the story was very good. *sheepish grin* Which is why I think I went a little nuts with the story, actually. ;;;;;;; And if you don't have my particular biases, you'll probably enjoy this story all across the board, the author is very talented and I suspect I shall now proceed to devour everything of hers. (Tezuka/Fuji, Saeki/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Sigma by karabana - TezuFuji! And MATH! Eeee, both my inner geeks/fangirls have come together in a lovely union and are now busy lighting up about three seperate universes with the power of their glowing. ......ahem. I mean. Ooh, new TezuFuji author that writes them with that lovely subtlty that almost borders on obscurity that somehow works for these characters in this fic. It's also an interesting take on their dynamic, why they're together and I really like the way Tezuka thinks in terms of math when it comes to Fuji, just for a moment. It works beautifully well here. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Christmas Quirk by Kimmie - So every once in awhile I like my shiny TezuFuji WAFF (SHUT UP, I LIKE THE WAFF SOMETIMES >E) and this story hit me well this morning; cute, sweet, not overly saccharine, but still fluffy. Fuji and Christmas cards were cute and this story isn't going to be for everyone, it's going to be to sappy for some, but it made me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy this morning. So. I ♥. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Superfluity by karabana - Often times, as I read a fic, I keep watch for a sentence or two that I'd like to quote that gets across the feel of the fic or is a good indication of why I liked the writing so much and this story really clarified something for me about karabana's writing--I could have easily quoted half of the fic and that's what her writing is like. Whether it be because it was a elegantly written line or because it made me smile or because the insight made me sparkle, there were so many that I just couldn't pick one. And, god, did I adore this story, I think it might just be my favorite, for all that it's about Fuji being sick in bed and Tezuka peeling apples for him. It's quite possibly my favorite because it's so light (while still keeping that depth TezuFuji has) and I could not stop smiling the entire way, for the way I could just picture the smile on Fuji's face or the softened look on Tezuka's and yet it was all so brilliantly in character and still so amazingly SHARP. TezuFuji fic that makes me happy but isn't sappy? Love. You go read now. Is brilliant fic. (TezuFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Waterstained by karabana - Thwacks and thunks percuss the rackets, legs and arms swing as bodies twist into calculated positions - Tezuka's lines are powerfully spare and severe like a swordsman's; Fuji's curves are impossible, swirling and beautiful like the flight path of swallows. Tezuka moves like sharp flashes of lightning; Fuji moves like languid shimmering of silk. Together with Anipuri 174, this was a very interesting story to read, my favorite part of it being the feelings of how they play tennis, of how the game effects each of them. It's not just about whacking a tennis ball back and forth, the author really crawls inside the game and the motions and moves of it and made me feel the game, the intensity of these two playing against each other and the massive amounts of undercurrents swirling around, the gorgeousness of these two characters. Plus, lovely imagery and such intensity all the way through. Pretty and a very nice read. <3 (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Shutter by karabana - Of course, everything else that I say about the author's fic continues to be true here. Just... there's SO MUCH under the surface of the writing, the author captures that depth to the characters, they way they both have that style of saying one thing, but you're not sure what the full implications of it mean, almost confusing in a way, but more like layers over layers over layers that you never seem to get to the end of. This was one of the most impressive of the author's, I thought, because, the sheer level of TezuFuji-ness to this future a few years down the road was just awesome, right down to the way they're so different, but Fuji still notes how they're they same. That part was just brilliant, I thought. Plus, I kinda liked what the author chose for them in the future, even if Tezuka's wasn't exactly what I would have thought for him, it somehow managed to fit here. And, oh. How I fangirl the ending. With hearts and sparkles and sunshing and fucking rainbows. ^_~ (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Long Autumn by morphaileffect - Oh, my. How to describe this fic. It was... the thing that stands out most for me (aside from the lovely sense these two characters have, of the way they say so little sometimes, but so much is underneath that, even if you don't really know all of what it is) is the way the story balanced the Prince of Tennis animanga feel with this gorgeous imagery that I love so much about TezukaFuji fic. It felt like Prince of Tennis, but it also felt very elegant and lovely, the two elements combining wonderfully here. Which is a strange thing to pick up on, I know. But. Anyway, I also loved, loved, loved the photography imagery, the autumn and leaves imagery, the way their future played out for each of them. I really liked their occupations, where their lives and jobs went, it made sense for both of them, especially when I remembered that Tezuka likes English detective novels. Just... good, well-written, beautiful fic with that same subtle, yet nearly overpowering to me, vibe they have. I'll go flail in the corner now, okay? (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - String Theory by karabana - Again, like every fic karabana writes, this story is breath-taking for so many reasons. The beautiful swirls of imagery, the sheer level of cultural references that are so elegant and fit these incredible characters, and the sheer level of things said that aren't really said at all. It seems like every little thing has some hidden meaning that you have to peer through layers and layers of haze and smoke and filmy, gauzy curtains just to see the vague outline of--....good lord, someone stop me before I try to make a terrible metaphor again, would you? Anyway, one of the lines that I picked up on as being one of those that took my breath away was what several others picked up on as well: In silence Fuji packs the broken instrument and even gives a perfunctory bow when he leaves the room. Tezuka knows that Fuji will not buy a new string, or a new instrument. Fuji has pride like anyone else; he has just discovered that he is too much for a shamisen, and he never was one to condescend to anything or anyone that breaks under him. And I mentioned the lovely writing, yes? (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Jersey by trixie - This was a very nice addition to the whole Anipuri TezuFuji arc recently, a fic inspired by 174, what might happen afterwards and what I really liked about it is that I thought it matched the tone of the episodes somehow, Tezuka's passion and drive for Fuji, Fuji's returned desire, the way tennis and their game has affected them. The faint hinting at the sex was wonderful, the right line between hints of something graphic and something that's not just lust--though, there's plenty of that, too--but feeling. That's how I want my TezuFuji, all that intensity and beauty between them, like trixie writes here. Plus, oh my god, the thought of Fuji in Tezuka's jersey is lovely. I fawn, yes. Shut up. *__* (Tezuka/Fuji, hovering around an R rating, I'd say. Not quite work-safe, but not graphic, either.)

- Prince of Tennis - Chocolate Hearts by trixie - Ooh, ooh, I liked this story, it was alternately fun with Fuji and Eiji being silly about Valentine's Day and the chocolates they received, the way Tezuka reacted to the day (Horio trying to give him chocolates for a girl in his class was really funny XD), to the way the story shifted gears a little at the one girl who managed to get through to Tezuka, who had learned to avoid the girls on this day. Her story was really well-done and gave what could have been a pure fluff, silly story a touch of seriousness that really worked. Trixie does really well with adding in these little details that make her stories come alive, giving them a certain quality that I just... associate with the anime. ....god, so many crappy recs. Just go read the fic now. ~___~ (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Favoritism by trixie - *bounces* I think this may be my new favorite fic of trixie's because it just... it hit all the right notes for me. The way Eiji and the others talk about the girls in their class, they way they were such school boys, yet not obnoxious to read about... these were the characters I recognized. And Tezuka is strict, but not inhuman, the way he balances caring about Fuji with proper conduct in public and the way he's just.... What really sent me over the moon here was the way he's comfortable in his relationship with Fuji behind closed doors, the way they were both so them when he was giving Fuji his present and the end! The ending lines were perfect for them. Man, I really do wish I could do a better, more intelligent rec for this fic, because I liked it enough that it really deserves better. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Mama's Boy by trixie - [Note: This rec sets aside 10.5, despite how much it amuses me that Tezuka's mother acts just like Fuji and how much I collapse into giggles over... well, you know the old saying about how boys marry those just like their mother.] Given the title of this story, I was a little wary about reading it, but I'd just gotten done with "Favoritism" and I wanted to read another of trixie's stories, so I clicked on the link and... I'm really glad I did, because trixie really did an awesome job at creating a fascinating, three-dimensional character for Tezuka's background here. I could honestly believe that the way she wrote Tezuka's mother here would fit together with the series that I know, that it makes such sense, the way she both loved her son, yet felt distant from him. The way you could feel how proud of her son she was, yet the way she struggled with how distant he is from her, the way she struggled with the choices (re: Fuji) he'd made, all wrapped up in a way that struck me as being very like a Japanese mother. One of the things that impressed me so much was that this didn't feel, to me, like an American mother stuck into a Japanese series, the reactions and the way her thoughts wondered, the way she delicately phraised certain things, the way she looked at the friend her son had brought home here, the way she couldn't miss what it meant, yet the way she held herself back in so many ways... it was both really fabulous characterization and writing. The ending also knocked me on my ass for all that it said without saying, watching mother and son interact in a way that was just so strongly Tezuka and the final conversation between them. Just... wow. Beautiful characterization and an amazing created character here. ....shut up, I know I'm fawning. (Some Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Off the Court by trixie - Yes, yes, I know, shame on me for taking this long to get to so many of trixie's stories, despite how much I've loved her previous work and, yes, eventually I will likely get around to them all. _o_ I really liked this story because it's not something you see done all that often--TezuFuji through the eyes of Taka, which you'd think would be done more often. But it was such a marvelous story because it did justice to Taka's character, it treated his attraction to Fuji and his reaction to the TezuFuji relationship beautifully, in that it wasn't bitter or resentful, because that's just not Taka. That he's so sweet and nice is just... wibble-inducing, especially as he catches a glimpse of the intensity and passion of Tezuka and Fuji's relationship and how he reacts to that. In some ways, it made me ache for him *shoves him at Akutsu* and in others, it made me happy because... it was so sweet. *loves* (Tezuka/Fuji, one-sided Taka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Park Amsterdam: #29 by tin - Ooh, tin finally put this up on her site, so I can properly rec it--I like that her writing feels a little different than a lot of the other TezuFuji I read, but that it's an interesting sort of different, that it's much more... hmn. I'm not sure I have the words. Almost obscure, with all the high-brow references, but not crossing into pretentious territory. There's a quiet feel to the story, to both characters and the way they interact, that's hard to put your finger on, the subtle emotions between the two, the subtle meanings hidden behind the words they say and the words they don't say. I was also intrigued by the setting of the characters in Paris that felt very... natural to the place, rather than it feeling too vague (ie, that it didn't feel like Paris any more than it felt like any other city somewhere in the world) or jarring, these two characters who could have been fish out of water. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Wrap & Weft by karabana - Do you know what I like? Well, other than well-written, lovely TezuFuji, that is. A story that captures that pull I feel between the characters without ever having to say a word about it, I just feel it instead. I love a story that has so many details that the image in my head is richly illustrated, but it's never hitting the pause button on the fic to do an info dump. I love a fic that can get at the tangles of the Tezuka/Fuji relationship, at all those undercurrents and meanings underneath the words, at the simplicity of Fuji describing Tezuka's room to him while he's in Germany can be so utterly meaningful and important, right down to the way Fuji feels in Tezuka's room. Lovely, lovely fic. *shimmers* (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Pros and Cons by Aishuu - This should probably go on my drabbles/ficlets list, but, eh, I'm putting it here anyway. This was just... somewhere in the middle of this short fic, it just got to me, Tezuka looking at his list of why he should/shouldn't date Fuji, his practical nature warring with his heart and... it's the end that had me in love all over again. Perfect. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE/Hunter x Hunter/Hikaru no Go/Prince of Tennis - Lunch by Mina Lightstar - I probably shouldn't include all the crossed over series, because some of them are just cameos, but... well, really, you gotta understand that it's a crack crossover when you read it, because... I sort of feel like I shouldn't laugh, but there's just something about Hikaru's clueless "....what?" attitude and Akira's, "WE HAVE TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW." attitude and the Kurapika and Fuji in the same scene (HEY! WHY *NOT* A SEIYUU JOKE?) and Kurogane and Fye running around the background (It was the line that was obviously Kurogane's that got me to crack up so much.) and Fuji practically writhing in Tezuka's lap that all just combined to... I mean, Mina's got this comedic timing thing that makes the whole thing work. I could hear her Akira and Hikaru and the whole thing was just... HEEHEE. (TezuFuji, sort of Hikaru/Akira.)

- Prince of Tennis - Intimacy by Katharos - I actually read this fic after I'd read the next two, but I'm going to stick it above because this one should probably be read first. (They're a loosely connected series of shortfics, I believe?) Also, I'd much rather end with those two as I suspect this one will be made up of a lot of squeeing and flailing. >__> It's just... the characters fairly sparkled here, the way they have these little quirks even while nothing too much is happening, to the way I could just picture them, to the way they interact so smoothly here, to the lovely dynamic they have, to the fangirl-heart-fluttering moment of quiet intimacy they have at the end. All of these things are only visible for a moment, but it's that intimacy without smut that gets to me with these characters. Most days I honestly suspect I would rather have them resting quietly together than any sort of smut, because I crave intimacy with these two, not just sex. This story totally hit that button for me here with this story. *shimmers* (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Telephone by Katharos - This was a fun little fic that answered the "intimacy without smut" challenge in a way that really amused me. The majority of the fic was cute, rolled along smoothly, but it was the ending that finally got you to the point of it and just hit me absolutely perfectly, the way the author intended. LOVED this. XD (Tezuka/Fuji in the background, but could almost have been gen.)

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