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- Prince of Tennis - Old as Time by nhaca_writes - measuringlife pointed this one out tonight and... sometimes TezuFuji fic hits me like a hammer and sometimes I feel nothing. This one just... works for me, the way both characters feel right, the way Tezuka is Tezuka and Fuji is Fuji and it's cute and clever and there are details. Stuff that shouldn't work, sunflower wallpaper or stone raccoons or food, but winds up being surprisingly deft in this author's hand. I sort of knew right from the very first paragraph that I would take to this fic because of the way it described Tezuka and math and Fuji and lunch and, okay, I'm a math geek, so I was bound to like it, but, YES, this felt RIGHT. This is my TezuFuji dynamic. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Happened by Honooko - Part of me, especially towards the end, wanted to chant that I shouldn't like this, I shouldn't like this, I shouldn't like this. But. Honooko has this way with her writing, the sharp little details that are fabulous or the way the characters actually act like themselves even when the actions get a little over the top (though, still hilarious or wibble-enducing). Because it's one of those ideas that I probably would have turned my nose up if it had been done by most authors, but with her... she has the sheer CHARM in her writing to totally pull it off, so that I was left squeaking and cooing by the end. And. Just. Man, details always slay me with fic, like the way Fuji takes care of the laundry or the description of Fuji or the way their relationship just sort of... happened. It's lovely and fits so well with my view of the characters. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Chiaroscuro by bluemicrocosm - measuringlife pointed this fic out to me, saying that I might like it, and... it does indeed have that certain quality that I look for in the Tenipuri fic that I read. I will say ahead of time that the language of the piece will be over the top to a lot of people, that it very nearly borders on purple prose, but... the further I got into the fic, the more I grew used to the style and came to like it because it was like a painting or every motion between the characters like a brush stroke on canvas. I think it was an interesting choice, especially as set from Fuji's point of view. But the other thing that appealed to me about the fic was that sense of Tezuka being Tezuka and Fuji being Fuji, if a little more angsty than usual. It fit with my perceptions of the characters and I LOVE the direction the author took the fic. I mean, yes, it hurt, but... it's a future I can see for them. It's a future I have seen for them before, so it sort of delights me to read a fic about it, one that's deft and a little bittersweet, but without trying too hard to break my heart. I definitely want to see more from this author, too. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - the king of hearts by measuringlife - I've missed her TezuFuji fic (even if I've been pouncing on every opportunity for her to write AkiUme fic for me lately >_>a) and this is such a lovely reason to show why. The way they play cards here, seems like it should be such a simple, boring thing, but somehow it's not, because it's Tezuka and Fuji and it's part practical passtime, part whimsical on Fuji's part, and part... that Tezuka has the best poker face just about ever. It's not quite like tennis, but it's interesting to see the way their interaction is reflected through the card games they play still. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Closure by Honooko - I admit, I guessed a lot of where this fic was headed for, but that didn't make it any less of an interesting read. I really like the author's style and her characterizations, so a different sort of piece from her was fun to read. Well. "Fun" in the sense that it was interesting, not because it was a happy fic. I'm really not sure what else to say about it, lest I spoil it or try to analyze something that should maybe just be read instead. But! It was good! That's all you need to know. (Tezuka/Fuji, warnings that I'm not going to spoil.)

- Prince of Tennis - Falling Through by heliotrophes - This is one of those fics that I've been meaning to read for ages and maybe I just needed the right Tenipuri mood to come along. Which isn't to say that it's not a fantastically written fic, because it is. While it's a slightly different take on TezuFuji than I normally see, it's a bit more dysfunctional even while it somehow works in its own way, but not one I disagree with, either. It's not quite a happy fic, but it's not an unhappy fic, I felt a lot of frustration/aching for the characters while I was reading, but the ending left me in good spirits at the same time. The little moments, when Fuji or Tezuka says/doesn't say something, when Fuji quietly leans in or when he's angry/frustrated about something, all of them are beautifully characterized. The writing of this one is really strong, it gets across the emotional aspects of the characters without having to directly tell the readers, which is the kind of thing I associate with Tezuka/Fuji, so I would have loved it for that alone. And just... *sigh* this rec is only encompassing a small part of what I liked about this fic, but I'm not sure I have the words for the rest of why I liked it. Just... go read it. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Coplanar by evaporate - The entire time I read this, there was a part of me that was giddily drinking up the math notes and delighting in relative TezuFuji to math and that it actually worked. TezuFuji and math, two of the great loves of my life, fit together beautifully and I cannot begin to express my love for the cool, clean, precise feeling of this. It's like every math class I ever took (minus the frustrating ones) and the feel of my class notebook all filled with neat lines of equations and little graphs that I so precisely drew. It's like every theta symbol I ever drew and solved an equation for and got the answer right. Then, on top of that feeling, it's Fuji characterization that's brilliant, it's the strange loops and curlie-cues his brain would think in, strange but not a characicature of himself, and it all comes together beautifully. I am two seconds away from going, "Eeeeeee!" and getting out my math books to revel in the love. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - How Fuji the Sakurazukamori Lost Something and Found It Again by Chrissie - Long in fandom has there been the Sakurazukamori!Fuji joke and I usually hate it because it's such a disservice to the character, so out of character. And then Chrissie comes along and completely knocks me over with her brilliant fic and suddenly the idea is genius in her hands. So many brilliant or funny little lines, some for sake of humor, some to show insight into Fuji's character (strange as it may seem to show Fuji's character by making him the Sakurazukamori) or his (non-)relationship with Tezuka, some to be unsuspectingly powerful. The writing of this piece is gorgeous, it has such a smooth flow and little touches all over the place to make it sparkle. But more than any of all those things is that Chrissie's writing has charm and brilliance, it'll pull you in and entrance you, make you never want to stop reading this story. I miss that in this fandom a little less after reading this fic. ♥ (Technically gen, but Tezuka/Fuji fans might like it.)

- Prince of Tennis - How Fuji the Sakurazukamori Lost Something and Found It Again by Chrissie - Long in fandom has there been the Sakurazukamori!Fuji joke and I usually hate it because it's such a disservice to the character, so out of character. And then Chrissie comes along and completely knocks me over with her brilliant fic and suddenly the idea is genius in her hands. So many brilliant or funny little lines, some for sake of humor, some to show insight into Fuji's character (strange as it may seem to show Fuji's character by making him the Sakurazukamori) or his (non-)relationship with Tezuka, some to be unsuspectingly powerful. The writing of this piece is gorgeous, it has such a smooth flow and little touches all over the place to make it sparkle. But more than any of all those things is that Chrissie's writing has charm and brilliance, it'll pull you in and entrance you, make you never want to stop reading this story. I miss that in this fandom a little less after reading this fic. ♥ (Technically gen, but Tezuka/Fuji fans might like it.)

- Prince of Tennis - Solitude by Maaya - Lately, I, too, have felt... mm, disillusioned with the Tenipuri fandom. Well, it's not "lately" so much as for "the last year or two". But every so often an author will come along that I trust or that gets my curiosity up again and they'll come out with a piece like this, that's made up of subtle implications and something a little like whimsy, but more subdued than that. Even when not much happens, even when Tezuka and Fuji are simply around each other, Fuji's attention caught by this boy who isn't like the others, it's a lovely fic. The author writes well and the characterization is very nice, especially for Fuji. And Tezuka. ....shut up, I like them both, okay? (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - reasons why they'll never say 'i love you.' by Charlotte - There are few people that make me as happy with their fic as Charlotte does. Part of me wants to stand back, be cool and composed so that I won't look like such an incredible dork. The rest of me is busy trying not to flail my arms and grin like an idiot. Hopefully, I can settle for something between the two. Each one of these reasons is something that fits with my views of the characters, the way Tezuka and Fuji have such depth to them even when they're such vague little bastards. The ten different reasons why neither of them would say "I love you" and just... yes, this is why I don't think they'd say it here (even if they might say it later), but Charlotte still gets across the emotions underneath that. Yet without making them over the top. *flaps hands* I'm not explaining this right. But it's really beautifully written, both in terms of technical aspects and characterization. This is why TezuFuji will always be my true pairing. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Open by maaya1x2 - There is something really, really intriguing and well done about this series of Tenipuri/Mushishi crossovers that Maaya's been doing. They aren't two series that I would have thought to put together, but they're woven beautifully together and used to show Fuji's character so damn well. He's... subtle and almost whimsical, except that's not quite it. The way he knows the Mushi are there, the way he likes surprises, but he doesn't react outrageously to them, it highlights exactly what kind of character Fuji is. Especially when it somehow manages to get around to making Tezuka's life that much more difficult in that way that Fuji has and it's just... even when it's such a simple thing, Fuji looking at magazines or Fuji slipping a book into Tezuka's bag, somehow it's the most fascinating thing in the world. I really wish I could describe it better. D: (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - A Room with a View by Hana - Hana writes such precious little fic that I always treasure it when she does. She was that person who made me feel not alone in my affection for Tezuka/Fuji when I was first getting into the fandom, made me realize I wasn't crazy to see them in the series even before I ever touched the fandom. So, when she writes fic, because she does it so brilliantly, it's like everything comes rushing back to me and makes me a little breathlessly dizzy. There is something about this fic, something that I can't put my finger on precisely, but something that's still there all the same, something that makes my fangirl nerves flutter because of the quiet impact of it. It's a soft, almost quiet story, not much happens for the way she uses imagery to weave her narrative. It's like looking up into the sky and realizing how huge everything is... even when all you're doing is tilting your head back. Tezuka in Germany and Fuji sends him a package and it's not crack, it's thoughtful, intelligent writing that's almost pre-slash more than anything, but gets the connection between them. It's just. I. I don't. I don't have the words for this fic. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - 101 Degrees by Charlotte - You know how, at the same time, I can be the easiest TezuFuji fan to please in the world and yet one of the pickiest fans in the world? I'm about a bajillion times more fussy about Tezuka characterization--actually, that's the core of what I need to read TezuFuji fic, I have to believe Tezuka's character at least somewhat, the rest is entirely negotiable. So why am I blathering on about this? Because Tezuka fic is a rare treat and I'm terribly fond of Charlotte's take on his character. She has this gorgeous way of writing, all these little details of the universe tucked into her fic, especially the way the various characters see Tezuka and he knows that. It's very... Tezuka-like, the way it's not exactly dismissed, but it's not lingered over, either. Which is what impressed me with this fic, it's not a balancing act like writing Fuji or another character might be, it's something different, something about the way Tezuka isn't one thing or another, he's something in between, something more subtle and brilliant in his own way. This fic showed that and kept the word useage upbeat and clever in such a way that it was fun to read. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings, but maybe a smidge of Tezuka/Fuji if you squint.)

- Prince of Tennis - Music by Maaya - Like so much of the TezuFuji fic I deign to read these days, there is something about this story (and the author's style) that I find soothing and... lovely, I guess. The characterization is quiet and subtle, those two things I associate so strongly with the characters, the way a glance can mean so much, the way they aren't necessarily orbiting around each other (or pining for each other, constantly attached at the hip, none of those things) but they're still somehow connected. The short scenes connected together form a lovely whole, little scenes that seem almost random at first until you feel the build-up and resolution at the end. Which, by the way, was also lovely. <3 (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - On the Naughty List by Aishuu - Now this was just fun. I agree with Aishuu that I could see Tezuka as the type to border on OCD with the whole organized list making thing, especially the way it's written here. I love the way Tezuka and Fuji interact here, their relationship is such an odd one, but somehow it works for them both, neither of them loses what makes them themselves. Toss in good writing and sparkling characterization and this is why I still can't leave the damn fandom quite yet. :P (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Desks by Missa - I don't even remember how I landed on this author's journal, just that I was journalhopping and somehow stopped here, seeing the author had written a Tezuka/Fuji piece. I was curious and it was short enough not to take up too much time, so I read. And it was lovely, the kind of understated but not too deliberately vague, the intelligent without being smarty-pants about it that I really like with these two. It's... it captures that whole thing where they don't say much, they don't do much, but there's a certain connection there that's very strong, the author got that nicely, even when they're just sitting in desks that are placed next to each other. <3 (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Eyes by Shiraume - It's a rather common thing to mock pairing shippers by doing the whole "Omg, they were standing next to each other OTP!!" and, yeah, I get why that's kind of a dumb reason to ship two characters. Except. I'm willing to make some exceptions, especially for characters who aren't naturally prone to letting people stand inside their personal space and this fic does a really very lovely job of showing why those little touches can mean so much. It's set from Yuuta's POV, how he's such a straight-forward character trying to think through his own reactions towards his brother, most of it he can justify, but there's that little touch during the Hyoutei matches that he can't quite let go of. And that is so much of what TezuFuji is to me, which is why this fic hit me right, it did that aspect of them so well. Add in that the Mizuki/Yuuta was nicely woven together with everything else going on in Yuuta's life, so that I could believe these circumstances with this Yuuta, and it was a nice way to kick off my new Tenipuri hunt. (Mizuki/Yuuta with at least an R rating, implications of Tezuka/Fuji and the focus is one-sided Fujicest.)

- Prince of Tennis - Éclat by wingedmemory - Okay, you can all shut up right now. There are times when I want softer TezuFuji fic, the kind that's about smiles and shattering apart the hard surfaces they both have. And I refuse to apologize for that. Especially when fic like this is really kind of lovely, the way I can see Fuji comparing himself to the shattered glass of the figuring, the way the author didn't hit the imagery too hard (or, if she did, I found myself not minding because it was somehow appropriate and just a smidge twisted/whimsical in the way that Fuji is) and it was just... nice. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Not until a hot January by Maaya - adfsljasfldkja, how did I miss this one? I almost always at least stop to read Maaya's TezuFuji fic, even if I'm generally not in a TezuFuji mood. No matter, it just means more for me to read right now and, eeeeeee, holy crap, I hope she never, ever stops writing. There is this gorgeous, gorgeous understated quality to her writing, there is something about it that just gets to the TezuFuji dynamic I love. At least part of that is the way she manages to say so much without saying it at all, a quality I heavily associate with these two characters. And there was snow. And there was Seigaku being a bunch of dorks in a gorgeous, gorgeous gen way (or possibly more) that made me love them and a fabulous ending and this doesn't even have to be romantic because it's just so... so... Tezuka and Fuji. I flail with love at the gorgeous writing. And write a horrible rec, I know, shut up. (Tezuka/Fuji, except it's gen more than anything.)

- Prince of Tennis - Poolside by triniophoenicis - See, the thing I like about this fic is that I can read it as gen, which is something I've been desperately craving in the fandom for about a year now. (Too many pairings that feel far too forced sometimes does that to a person.) And it's... at a waterpark and there are Seigaku antics in the background and there's Fuji being enigmatic and Tezuka being quiet but not an android and it's just... it was a nice little fic to re-bolster my faith in the Tenipuri fandom that not everything makes me want to smash it with a sledgehammer. And I mentioned the whole maybe-gen-maybe-something-more that I liked so much, yes? (This is gen. But it's got Tezuka/Fuji interaction for those who like that.)

- Prince of Tennis - Slow Burn by trixie - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 ] - You know, I have a weakness for certain storylines when it comes to TezuFuji, the whole "apart but thinking about each other" thing just somehow gets me in the right author's hands. What I really love about trixie's writing is that the characters have moved on with their lives even as they think about each other, there are all these little details in their new lives (along with some really strong, clean writing that I love about her work ♥) that make them feel fully realized, it's not just some vague, undefined, nebulous future, they actually have jobs and are doing things. It lends the writing such a solid quality. And. And. And. Okay. I realize I'm kind of a fangirl, but the ending/third chapter totally made me happy and was such pretty imagery and there was this lust-slash-stirrings-of-intimacy even after they'd been apart for so long and it was just... really nice. *loves all over trixie* (Tezuka/Fuji, very light content warning for part 3.)

- Prince of Tennis - close parentheses by Charlotte - There's something so... bittersweet about this fic that I just love it to pieces. I'm not always one for bittersweet with Tezuka and Fuji (as you'll have noticed in the above recs), but in the right author's hands... somehow it works for me. I think it helps that Charlotte does this gorgeous characterization of them and it's not really angsty, so much as just simply... well, bittersweet. Yet, it's also warm and happy at the same time. Which is just... between the beautiful, beautiful writing and the interesting use of the "our distance and that person" theme and the little fabulous details with the cup (omg the use of the kiss! ♥), it was just... lovely. God, I am never, ever letting Charlotte leave this pairing. Neverrrrrrr. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - our foolish story and and the streetlights fade away and keys to the city by Charlotte - Recommending these together since they're companion stories. And. There's a note on the second fic that says: Tezuka/Fuji, companion to our foolish story, and in the same woobie style. Because everything in Tenipuri-land is cured by tennis. Probably even meningitis. And cancer. Which made me laugh and go, YEAH, SO I CAN LIKE THE FLUFF IF I WANT TO, SHUT UP. Not that it's purely happy fluff, there's almost a bittersweet tone to it and I think it's possibly only because it's Charlotte that I'm not quietly staring suspiciously at the author. (Ie, I know she ships them as hard as--if not moreso--than I do, so she's still cool.) This series of short fics is lovely because it's... it's almost made up more of the little details, the little body gestures, the little words unsaid, than it is of direct actions. That's not the type of fic for everyone, but for me it's the kind of TezuFuji fic that makes me nearly vibrate with happiness. And, goodness, her characterization is as lovely as ever, I read these stories and it's... it's right. It's lovely writing, pitch-perfect characterization that makes me ache because Charlotte can only write so much on her own, and just... it's Tezuka and Fuji, many years later, moving away from Japan and everything that goes with that, all while being subtle. Not just understated (which has its time and place), but subtle. There's a difference to my mind and the author nails it here. Beautiful fic. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Illusions by Charlotte - You know, from a lot of other authors, I doubt I would have read this or probably even been as open-minded as I was. But somehow Charlotte makes these things work, somehow she combines Fuji's disinterest/not-quite-fear of ghosts with his quirky personality and strange, almost surreal ways to make something that's very understated but with a lovely tone. Again, it's full of these lovely little details that practically paint an image that, were I talented with a pen or pencil, I would itch to draw because they form so neatly in my head. Also, also! The ending! That's exactly what I like from my TezuFuji, where words aren't said and they're probably not even touching each other, but it's satisfying and just perfect the way it is. I love them like this. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Paperwork by triniophoenicis - On the other hand, sometimes, touching is nice, too. I'm intrigued by the office-AU setting the author has put the characters into, I wouldn't have thought it would interest me (I tend not to be one much for AUs that completely transplant the characters like this), but... I dunno. Something about the way the fic was practically a teaser, the way it was just a snippet from a potentially larger storyline (yet it was still just the length it should be) that made me like it. Or maybe it was the kissing/necking. Because, really, that was very, very nice. Very nice kissing. :9 (Tezuka/Fuji.)

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