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- Prince of Tennis - Unspoken by mari_yagami - There are two things that caught me with this fic. One is the pacing/setting of it, the way it's small snippets set over several years and I'm a sucker for a fic that can pull that feeling off. It often feels much more satisfying than a fic that's a single moment in time, because--especially with a pairing like TezuFuji--some couples progress so quietly that you almost don't realize it until you're looking back. This fic captures that well, I think. The other thing that I really liked about the fic was that it wasn't entirely dependant on snuggling or smooching (not that these are bad things, mind!)(as well as the fic does contain some kissing, but it's not really the point) to portray the dynamic, instead going for something a bit more understated. I liked that. :D (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - ten reasons why they'll never say 'i love you.' by Charlotte - I've had this conversation before, whether or not Tezuka or Fuji would ever say the words "I love you." to each other. I fluctuate a little, but usually I land on the side of, "I can see it in certain circumstances, but I'll bet Fuji'll be able to count on one hand the number of times Tezuka will say it in his life." So to see a fic that deals with it and does so in such a beautiful, richly detailed way just utterly delights me. It's such a smart fic, it shows how well they know/accept each other (whatever it is between those two concepts that Tezuka and Fuji have, not quite one, not quite the other, either), as well as fabulous, fabulous characterization. I feel like the author knows the characters and, after awhile, that is the most amazing thing in Tenipuri fandom to me. ....not that I'm bitter or full of rage, no. :D (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Vicissitudes + Cliche - It's sort of tough to tell, but this is two seperate fics posted together. The first one is a series of snippets/short fics put together in a vague sort of theme and it's just... I really liked that there was this sense to it, like I could nearly feel what Fuji felt, like I've been in that situation, where the details seem to nearly burn themselves into your mind. The rest of the snippets/short fics were just... interesting little slices of life with Tezuka and Fuji, little scenes that say more through actions and the way they're comfortable (in their own way) around each other than words could do. I greatly enjoyed the first fic. ♥ The second fic is more cracked out, a parody of cliches more than serious fic, but sometimes that's nice, too. Especially when there are great little details (I laughed at Inui's reason for not having a notebook along) that make the fic cuter and funnier. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Fairytale by measuringlife - It is stories like this that a) keep me firmly in love with Tezuka/Fuji and b) convince me that measuringlife is one of the most incredible authors I know. Her Fuji is exactly as I picture him, that personality that I cannot convey in words yet somehow she does. This story takes the two of them through their first meeting to that day of the match with Ryoma in the rain to after Tezuka leaves and comes back and all of it is breathtaking, the kind of perfect characterization for both of them that leave me feeling a little tight in the fangirl chest, if I might have such an extreme reaction. The sense of time winding forward, almost gliding forward, the way Fuji is such a strange creature, yet somehow there is an internal consistency that you just can't quite see, the way he reacts to Tezuka seeing into him after that match in the rain, the way Tezuka is unmoveable and stoic without being harsh... I really can't write this rec any further because I feel like the words simply aren't there or just not good enough to describe how perfectly this story hit me. ....shut up, I'm allowed to be fangirly. >:p (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Cuckoo's Child by Chrissie - I was reading TezuFuji fic earlier this morning and then Chrissie happened to post and I pretty much zoomed right over to this story and I was so completely not disappointed by it. She has a way of being subtle yet still getting her point across that works brilliantly for characters like the Fuji family--the implications of just whom Fuji was with (which are not the point of the story, not really) are perfectly clear while never mentioning any names. The prose of the story is just so rock-solid and clear to read that it's the kind of fic I just get engrossed in, not letting up until I've finished the entire thing. And and and! Characterization here is gorgeous--her Yuuta is fantastic, the little details woven into his perspective (the birds! the fabulous, fabulous use of birds as metaphors and then the beautiful imagery to accompany them) show how different he is from his siblings, yet how connected he is to them at the same time. It's not a particularly light story, there are parts of the story that are difficult to read, but I loved the fic all the more for it, because these characters' lives aren't always smooth or easy, yet they're not tragic, either. And, oh, the whimiscal, obfuscating personality of Fuji Syuusuke just shines in this fic, as does Yumiko and Yuuta and just... everything. Everything about this is fabulous. ♥ (Some Tezuka/Fuji implied, but it's emphatically not really the point, this is a story about the Fuji family.)

- Prince of Tennis - untold stories by measuringlife - While I wouldn't want to burn her our (or take her away from my beloved Hanakimi), when measuringlife writes TezuFuji, I remember why it is that I love them so damn much. Especially why I love her Fuji, who is that enigmatic creature that feels always just out of my reach, the way she conveys so much just by snippets of stories about his childhood, about photographs and the sea and butterflies. Her Fuji is breathtaking yet again, the way he has such depth here even if I can't quite see what those depths contain (which is the way Fuji should always be for me), the way this piece is almost (but not entirely) a gen piece that looks at Tezuka's character, too, the way there's such a softness to this story without getting too far away from being a Prince of Tennis story (more like it feels very Japanese, I guess), the way it's just... I love measuringlife, I love her writing, and the fic deserves a better rec than this, but I can't cough it up because I'm currently in a pile of goo somewhere on the floor beneath my desk. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Gift by Yuki Scorpio - Oh, this fic was fabulous. Full of little subtle things that you don't really pick up on or put together until the very end and you realize exactly what had happened throughout the entire fic. It's a fun piece set on Valentine's Day and White Day, a dual perspective, half from Tezuka and half from Fuji, one of those stories that just sailed right along because it was so cute and heartwarming. The kind of story that reminds me how much fun this fandom and this pairing can be. And I really, really loved the ending, I totally didn't see it coming. XD XD XD (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Game of the Century by Hana - This fic was gorgeous, both on a technical level and a characterization level. I tend to be fussy about Tezuka characterization, especially pieces that are set from his perspective, but this is one of those fics that captured him so amazingly well that I was left a little breathless by the end. It's not just that it's gorgeously characterized or that the ending was perfect, it's also the subtle imagery woven into the narration, the chess and Tezuka's physical therapy and the pacing and the mood of the piece and the gorgeous build-up to the perfect ending. Every inch of this fic was amazing, every amazing reference and implication and detail, every little bit of both of these characters. asdfljasdfljadslfj fantastic fic. ♥___♥ (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Six (moments of) yen by Maaya - Maaya's writing has this certain quality to it, one that I'll never be able to put into words, but there's something so soft and smooth about it. Little details that create this really fascinating tapestry for a character like Fuji, yet I'm never quite sure what detail is important and what is just a random, almost whimsical sort of throwaway detail, which is exactly how I think Fuji should be. Even when I'm inside his perspective in this fic, I still can't quite parse his thoughts, and the way the author so deftly handles that is amazing. How much she manages to say without actually having to say any of it. Add to that little moments of humor that are just so Tenipuri, that beautiful tension between Tezuka and Fuji, the way Fuji is a little bit different when Tezuka is gone, but it's hard to say how, all of that is beautifully done. So, so much love here. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Keeping Score by sioniann - I think what really gets me about this fic is that there are all these great little lines in the fic, these moments that I want to quote, but can't get them all because I would end up quoting a third of the fic back in this rec. The one that really got me to notice what it was that was pulling me in with the fic was a Fuji introspective line, wondering at how much he can/can't read about Tezuka: There are days when Fuji wishes he weren't a genius. He knows more than he understands. And I like that Fuji, I like what that says about him. And I liked the way things were quiet between the two of them here, the way things just sort of roll quietly along, despite Fuji being Fuji and Tezuka being Tezuka. The ending is lovely, very nice, and one of those fics that just makes me warm and happy. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - untitled by Cate S. - You know, for a story that starts out with Fuji's death, I wasn't sure I was going to like this one, except... asd;flkjasdlkj I love it. I love it. Right from the very first scene I had to bite my lip to keep from exploding with shrieking laughter because it's this... it's this really somber build-up, Fuji has died a tragic death and everyone is mourning, and then the author proceeds to write the most hilarious, yet beautifully characterized fic that I've read in awhile. There are at least four moments in this fic when I seriously have to stop reading just to laugh because the author builds up these perfect moments where you can just see the looks on everyone's faces. Also, it has beautiful descriptions like: “Why Tezuka, if I didn’t know better I’d think you were unhappy to see me.”

“Fuji,” Tezuka said in a voice usually reserved for explaining astrophysics to small children, “You’re dead.” (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - About Tennis by Misanagi - After reading the author's GundamW fic, I decided to give her Tenipuri fic a shot, since I'd liked her writing so much and maybe her TezuFuji fic might catch me. And it did, it has the same lovely quality to the writing, something that's a light tough on the surface, but only makes the impact of what's going on beneath the surface all the more interesting. Fuji is enigmatic, even when the fic is set from his POV, you don't find out for the longest time why he's not playing tennis in college, even though Tezuka has no idea why and still would like him to. I like it because, even when they're older and they've changed a little, they still feel very much like Tezuka and Fuji, they still have that same quiet, subtle dynamic where it's not so much about words but the little gestures. I love that the author set up a future for them, I liked the little details with Yuuta and Oshitari and Tachibana in the background, it made it that much more plausible a fic to read. ....dammit, now I kind of want more Tenipuri fic again. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Three Lives Tezuka Kunimitsu Never Lived by ann89103 - I'm not usually one for darker stories--or, perhaps I should say, more depressing, but dark works for some elements of this fic as well--but I've so often enjoyed this author's writing style and it was Tezuka/Fuji, so I at least wanted to give it a shot. The interesting thing is that it starts out just somewhat melancholy, the gets a little more tragic with each life, and the writing is lovely and the Tezuka/Fuji dynamic is fantastic. I love that the fic is only half about that, the direction of Tezuka's life is never really dictated by his feelings for Fuji, but the feelings are still there, that's so much of how I see the two of them. That's what really got me about the fic. Well, and I kinda liked the first life Tezuka never lived, it seems so plausible in so many ways. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: Between Bases by Whisper - Strangely enough, I actually came across this fic while on a Gekiranger hunt and then decided to start browsing the author's other fic and this is one of the first ones I stumbled over. And I had a strong suspicion I would like this fic when it started with: After proving to the world, or at least the greater Kantou region, that Seigaku was, once and for all, a mighty, indestructible force, Fuji Syuusuke thought a nap and a sandwich would be nice, maybe even one of the squid and spinach pizzas Yuuta enjoyed. The author has a really delightful Fuji voice, he's that combination of whimsical and eccentric without being just totally batshit random, instead the fic is filled with little quirks and tons of moments of humor. I can't even count how many times I smiled or outright laughed at some of the things Fuji did or thought. And I-- I kind of loved his interaction with Tezuka Ayana, that was-- I totally just had to laugh, really. This was utterly delightful. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: What Is Essential by measuringlife - I've long had such a great fondness for measuringlife's style of writing, she captures this sense that's... almost dreamlike, a narrative that flows from one scene to the next in an almost delicate sort of way, and it's a style I've come to be really fond of with Tezuka and Fuji. I also have a fondness for futurefics when done right, even if Tezuka can't play much tennis anymore (despite that I'm of the opinion that this was Prince of Tennis and reality and what should be impossible for characters NEED NOT APPLY XD) which worked for this particular fic because that old tension between him and Fuji is still there and it was used to further that. I also love the use of The Little Prince and the cafe they meet in, it's just. A lovely fic. <3 (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: Twelve Matches by Lys ap Adin - Oh, oh, man, yessss, this. This fic is wonderful for being about Fuji and the way he changes after junior high, so slow that he almost doesn't realize it himself, yet steadily as he loses more and more of something that he's reaching for. It's a gorgeous look into Fuji's character and his thoughts, a gorgeous look at the world of boys' tennis in the Tenipuri universe, because tennis is actually at the heart of this fic. It's one of the best future fics I've read for the series, especially for Fuji, it feels exactly like how the series would go, to my mind. The matches he plays against various people, that something that he's looking for, the way the author writes the tennis of each person, each of their styles reflects so much about themselves and their personalities, the way Fuji does or doesn't connect with various people, the way there are so many people in this fic without feeling crowded. And, god, I love Tezuka's role in this as well, the Tezuka/Fuji that's set in amongst Fuji's interactions with all these other people, that is my favorite way to read this pairing (even if this could be pretty much entirely gen), when it's not just them in their own world, it's also about the people around them. This was a brilliant fic, the kind that I sat there and read the whole thing in one go because I could not stop reading. (This is gen, but with Tezuka/Fuji leanings if you want to read it that way.)

Prince of Tennis: Boundary Line by measuringlife - You know, for all that Tezuka is my favorite.. there is also something incredibly satisfying for me about a well-written Fuji fic. He's a fascinating character and his friendship with Tezuka only makes him even more fascinating to me, which this fic captured so very well. I love all the things that were said and all the things that weren't said, a dynamic that is difficult to achieve with two characters like this, but this fic did it marvelously. And I love that this was really a friendship fic and not meant to be a pairing fic (though, you could probably take it that way if you wanted, but no smoochies were being implied, honest XD), that it was truly about how there's something there, sometimes no one understands either of them better, sometimes no one else frustrates or angers them like the other, it focused on the two of them, even as they interacted with other people--and I loved Fuji's friendships with Saeki and Eiji and Inui and Yuuta here, it made the fic feel all the more fully realized for it. ♥ (This is entirely gen, but if you like Tezuka/Fuji you should like this.)

Prince of Tennis: Cotton Sheets by measuringlife - aslkdjalskj apparently I am really in a Tenipuri/TezuFuji mood again lately. Like, I have tons of other fics I could be reading or new fandoms I could be delving into or fanart to read. But instead I want to catch up on Tezuka/Fuji fic in the fandom. And measuringlife is one of my favorite authors for this because she has this really gorgeous, elegant style that doesn't leave out the humor or the calm focus that these characters bring and a;sldfkjaslk I love this one because it's all about how Tezuka and Fuji both see what the other is doing. A sort of "I know you know I know you know I know--" thing that I love with these two, even as they simply wake up together in their bed early in the morning. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: Simple Pleasures + Vocabulary by measuring life - I'm putting these two together since they're on the same post and they're both pretty short, but still lovely and satisfying. The first is one of the things I like about the Tezuka/Fuji relationship, that for all that they're not attached at the hip and they never will be, they also both want parts of the other person that's their own, but not too much, not too obsessive about it, and the ficlet hits the right note for me on that. The second is an adorable little piece where Fuji does a crossword while Tezuka reads the paper and this is how they have fun with each other, the little details and Fuji's sense of humor are just... cute and charming to read. <3 (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: Lightning by measuringlife - One of the things I love best about my favorite TezuFuji authors is the inclusion of the other people in their lives, so I adored this fic for everything else it was, but also the way it starts off with Fuji thinking about Yuuta. It's another really lovely look into Fuji's character, thinking back on various memories that the rain brings up and I love that it's not particularly sad or anything, just... thoughtful, because Fuji isn't a sad character for me. I love the way his thoughts wander from one topic to the next until Tezuka finally comes home and there's just something... really lovely about this piece. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: tomorrow is by measuringlife - I generally don't read a lot of fics where Tezuka's arm is irrepairably broken and he has to quit tennis, even back when the Nationals stuff hadn't come out yet, back just after the Hyoutei matches, largely because I was firmly of the opinion that this was freaking Prince of Tennis. The normal rules didn't apply here. XD (Also, I was and am a ginormous Tezuka fangirl, so. You know.) But for measuringlife, I'll read just about anything, because she had this gorgeously subtle style of writing that is so perfect for Tezuka and Fuji's relationship, I love Fuji's insights (or lack thereof, sometimes) on Tezuka, how her Tezuka is so stoic but so spot on, how the language of this piece fits them so beautifully. So, for her I will read this. And marvel at how lovely it is, how on it is. And how perfect that ending is, just exactly what I wanted to read. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: questions and answers by Asael - I was browsing through the author's REBORN! fics and happened to stumble over her TezuFuji fic and, apparently, I'm still in the mood for those two. Especially when it's written like this, where their relationship is mysterious to those outside of it, no one else really quite gets what they see in each other, but that's fine with both of them because they like those things that are just for them. The writing is clean and solid, really pulling off both characters wonderfully, capturing all those little details of the two of them that totally make the pairing. Just. a sl;dfkjasl;j yes, this is what they should be. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: bearing gifts by Asael - asl;dkfjaslk god I love Tezuka and Fuji. I love how simple a concept this is, there's a mysterious cupcake left on Tezuka's desk along with a note from Fuji, and the author doesn't try to overdo it but doesn't try to simplify it either. I love that it's not really that deep in meaning, yet Fuji is still Fuji about it. Plus, the ending was adorable and totally perfect for this short fic. <3 (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: catch of the day by Asael - This fic is fabulous. As if Fuji going along on a fishing trip with Tezuka (that's not sappy or overdone, it's that same quiet contentment they have around each other) wasn't great enough, Fuji is whimsical and almost kind of silly, but the author makes it work. She takes what would have felt out of place as being too obvious for this pairing, the story that Fuji spins, and then makes it perfectly plausible to me because asl;dkfjalsji yes. Fuji would think that sometimes. And a;sdlkfjaslkj her Tezuka! Serious and stoic, but not without his sense of humor! Yes, that is what I want from Tezuka. And just. a;lsdjfalskj this was a great little ficlet. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: Creative Process by Asael - Generally, I don't like to read AUs that much, I'm here for the canon, you know? But I liked this author so much that I wanted to at least give it a shot. And it's just about the perfect length for the idea--an AU where Fuji is an author and Tezuka is a critic, I swear it works better than you might think of AUs like this--it wasn't stretched out too far, but it still gave a wonderful sense of the world they were in. And the characters mapped onto this AU fabulously well, Fuji was so perfectly Fuji, a slightly eccentric author who runs into Tezuka, who is a critic for a popular newspaper and Tezuka is also so very Tezuka that I just. Fell in love all over again. The ending is super fantastic as well. *__* (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: trustworthy by Asael - If this had been most authors in the fandom, I would have taken one look at the "a naruto keychain" prompt and turned right around, probably without giving the fic a chance. But this author had already pulled off several other prompts that I hadn't thought workable, so I was curious about this one. And, again, it actually fits with the characters, her Tezuka characterization is fantastic and her Fuji is always lovely, but it's the way they work together, that teasing sense still there, but they're not just... they're not just stereotypes, they actually have much more fully realized personalities. Even in a little fic where the prompt is "a naruto keychain". ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: sun goes down by Asael - I continue to heart this author rather madly because... I should be turning up my nose at a concept like this (well, secretly reading it but understanding that it was kinda OOC *shifty*), where Fuji is lonely and calls Tezuka to have him keep him company just for a little while. But she makes it work, because Fuji is still Fuji about it, yet doesn't particularly try to hide the genuine quality of it and Tezuka understands all of that and agrees to watch the sunset over the phone with him anyway and a;lsdkfjalskj yes, that is the dynamic I want from them. Lovely, lovely fic. (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: Viscera by measuringlife - I love when a fic can be this short yet still convey all it needs to. There's a really lovely sense of intimacy here, just a quiet morning with Tezuka and Fuji, little details that make the scene come together so very well, like the kind of camera Fuji uses (which really does fit him somehow so perfectly) or the way the cool air feels after the warmth of the covers. I adore the thought of Fuji getting up early just to take pictures of Tezuka in his sleep, yet it's not something nefarious or anything, which is just. Pure Fuji. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: Photographs by doumeki - This was a nice fic to read this morning, a good balance to all the REBORN! and Merlin fic I'd been reading, to go back to Tezuka/Fuji for a bit again. It's a fairly simple piece, the use of Fuji's photography over the years and the way it connects them or reveals little things about Fuji, was nicely done and I really liked this Fuji. He does reveal a whole lot, just bits and pieces, there's a sort of... there's a feel of a photograph in the imagery of this piece, which I really liked. <3 (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: Like You Do by Asael - ....god, I'm just never going to get tired of these two, not so long as I still stumble over fic like this, even if it is almost two years after it was posted. This is what I love about both characters--I can totally see Fuji letting Eiji cheat off him and being totally blase about it when he's caught, but using it to be delighted at Tezuka's serious-faced lectures and what he sees there. It's a really delightful Fuji POV and fits so well with both of them that I just. Never want to give this pairing up ever. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: Strange Allies With Warring Hearts by measuringlife - This fic starts out with: Meeting someone was far different from finding someone. One could know another for years before they truly discovered them. One could stand beside someone every day and not know them at all. And this is what I like about measuringlife's fic, she has this really lovely way with words that's almost... lyrical or philosophical or whatever you want to describe it as, but it's just really pretty without being pretentious. And I really like this theme for Tezuka and Fuji, it fits with them having known each other for a long time before they really get past all the layers, before their war of undercurrents is settled. As always, she does a fantastic job with this pairing. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji.)

Prince of Tennis: twenty-two miles per hour by fleuraelis - measuringlife pointed this fic out to me the other day and, in a weird coincidence, I had just been poking at the Tenipuri fandom again, not very seriously, but... it seemed like a bit of a sign. So, I sat down to read. And, oh, what a lovely piece this was to find! It has a very hazy, dreamy quality that reflects the frequent rainfall in the fic, which is somehow saved from being cliche or overwraught for me because I like the author's style and I very much liked the characterization here. Fuji is a mystery but not impossible to read, Tezuka is steady and reserved but not without a deeply intense presence. The way so much was said without being said between them is something that's difficult to capture but this author does beautifully, the way there's meaning to everything that's said even if it's not clear right away--or even ever!--but it's still there. I've been wanting to read fic like this again for awhile and I'm glad to find TezuFuji fic that I really like again (the idea of wading into the fandom after all this time is scary now!) but especially because it's nice to read a Tezuka POV that I actually like. ♥ (Tezuka/Fuji.)

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