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- Prince of Tennis - Risks by miss doe - Dude. New favorite Prince of Tennis fic! *HEARTS* There were three things that impressed the hell out of me with this story. One, the author did research on Japanese schools and the whole school atmosphere felt right. (Not that I know much about Japanese schools, but I like to think I have a good sense for the storytelling/coherency of the details.) Two, the writing was good. Little bits of humor in the right places, good descriptions, nice, smooth, readable style, just all-around good writing. Three, I loved her Tezuka. So very, very much. He was wonderful, strict and discplined with himself, but still human, not some sort of inhuman bastard. *hums happily* There wasn't much shounen ai, but I wouldn't have believed too much, the conversation at the end was done just right, in my opinion. I loved Fuji in this fic, too, the entire last scene was just... nice. I mentioned I loved, right? (Li'l bit TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Strawberry Kisses by Icya - Okay, this was just too cute. I was sold with Fuji thinking that Eiji was in the same class as him, Somehow, he ended up in every one of Fuji's classes, it was, of course, both a curse and a bless. Watching Eiji get in trouble and being tortured was entertaining, but it gave him extra work to keep his friend out of some serious stupidity. And then after that, I just... adored the way the author wrote Tezuka and the way he interacted with Fuji. There weren't a lot of lines between them and it was just a rather normal day, which is what made me fall in love with the story. But, then, I freely admit I'm a TezukaFuji sap. ^_~ Oh, and? I. Want. A. Sequal. Now. Preferably with some actual kissing. *_* (Li'l bit TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Popsicle by Laree - I admit, I've fallen hard for PoT and while it took me a week or two to head over to FFNET to attempt to find fic, I'm already wanting to bitch about the lack of good fic out there. ^_~ I recognized Laree's name from her Gravitation fanfic "Obsessed", which I rather liked a lot, so I had high hopes, and I thought "Popsicle" delivered. While I have this weird quirk of not really enjoying that whole one-character-sucking-on-a-phallic-like-object while-another-character-watches-getting-all-hot-and-bothered (Which is a weird thing for me not to like. Maybe it's just because I don't have a dick.)(Err, let me clear up that it's not in this fic, but in any fic.)(I'm getting to the point, so hush up and let me fawn. ^_~), I really liked the writing.

There were a handful of lines in there that I thought were just hilarious or really, really... just... well, spiffy. Momo-chan whining about the heat, Great, the heat has even affected my hair. My crowning glory… he thought mournfully to himself. And the bits with Tezuka and Fuji just totally made this fic for me. XD (MomoRyo, with a little bit of TezukaFuji referrenced.)

- Prince of Tennis - On That Quiet Saturday by anek - I've been holding off on doing fanfic recs for awhile, because I wanted to sit down and do a bunch all at once (which is stupid of me, I know, I do better recs immediately after I've read/watched/looked at something), but I was skimming the PoT section at FFNET and the summary for this fic caught my eye. It was grammatically correct, proper puncuation, and sounded interesting. I took a moment to be shocked at this (....I'm so awful, aren't I? =_=) and then read and... immediately had to write a rec for it! *sparkles* There are a few things that kept this fic from being absolutely perfect for me (the mention that Tezuka and Fuji were on the same level, when Fuji's clearly stated that Tezuka's a signifigantly better player than he is, the moment of "Aren't you disgusted that I like guys?" towards the end--though, to be fair, it was incredibly brief and barely raised my hackles), but all of this was swept aside in the... the... the wonderfulness of the way the author writes these two wonderful characters. Neither Tezuka or Fuji were comprimised, they were both these incredibly talented and brilliant young men, and Tezuka... oh, I loved the way the author showed his usual calm control being broken by his passion for Fuji and in such a wonderful, subtle way. *_* And then the end! The end! *fangirls massively* Oh, Fuji, I love you so, so much~! The writing was very solid, very smooth and readable and, obviously by my fangirling XD, I found the characters to be quite in character and... just... I had fun reading this fic! XD (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Secrets by arigatomina - I admit that this fic could use a really good scrub with the beta brush and some reworking of the way the author writes some things, to give it a bit more sparkle. I know that probably sounds harsh and what I'm going to say next sounds cliche, but I really do believe it's true--I say this because I think this fic is worth polishing up, that it does have the potential to be a real gem. The other thing I hesitate on is that I have a sinking feeling I know where the fic is going, what Eiji's secret is, but that's a personal quirk that I'll wait to see if it comes to pass.

Anyway, the reason I'm rec'ing this fic whole-heartedly is because the author does a fantastic job with Oishi and Eiji and the way they interact, really nailing their characters, I thought. Eiji is bouncy and cheerful but without being an idiotic spaz; Oishi is sweet and caring and such a wonderful friend but without being spineless or obnoxious about it. I just... sparkled to read about these two, I love them so much. XD So, yeah, her characterizations and sense for the characters was spot-on and I really, really liked the way she wrote Tezuka and Fuji in the background. *sparkles more* ^_^v (OishiEiji, with a little, tiny bit of TezukaFuji in the background, possible MomoRyo in the future.)

- Prince of Tennis - Love Zone by anek - Gah. I ramble. *babbles* As with the previous fic I've read by the author, there are a few things that I question and the story could use a little reworking to polish it up a bit. (A few misplaced tenses, awkward wordings sprinkled throughout the fic, etc. I also question a few details--Tezuka being quite so disquieted by Fuji, by thinking that Fuji might be as good as he is. Tezuka knows Fuji's full strength and even Fuji admits that Tezuka's better than he is during the Hyotei matches. Little things that I know I'm being too picky on, being the huge Tezuka fan that I am. XD)

But... I just... want to hug this author. Then steal her away for a few hours to cuddle and snuggle because she gets Tezuka and Fuji so damn right--she captures that these two personalities are just... so incredible and wonderful and amazing. Neither of their strength is diminished, Tezuka is gorgeous in his strong, stoic nobility and Fuji is stunning in his coy, brilliant mischieviousness. One of the things the author is best at--as she says in her own author's notes--is capturing Fuji's sensuality, that everything he does just makes you want him so damn much. And Tezuka's reluctance to give in, despite how much he wants to, because he has more self-control than that. The gentle tugging back and forth between the two characters is what makes me just swoon for the author's writing. And! AUGH! NEED MORE OF THIS FIC! NOW! (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Build a Wonder by Licca LX - I know this sounds pretentious of me, but I try to admit when a fic isn't well written but is enjoyable for other reasons, because... I guess I want to be true to building a tone for the recs I do. So even when I say that something could definitely use a good scrubbing with the beta brush, if I'm rec'ing it, there's a reason I wish for other people to read the fic. XD Yes, the writing was stilted in a lot of places, but what caught my attention about this story was the wonderful characterizations, the way the author got and showed that lovely sense of quiet intimacy between the two characters. Tezuka was wonderfully Tezuka and Fuji was wonderfully Fuji. *sparkles* And I wound up really liking the way the story wasn't about a single particular moment, but sort of a... light skipping across those meaningful events, showing the way the relationship slowly built up. The real thing that made me want to rec this story, though, is the way they characters interacted and when Ryoma was talking to Fuji for even just a little bit, I went *HEART* and knew I really, really liked the story. And Fuji's reaction to what Tezuka did.... *sparkles even more* (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - A Farewell by Murasaki - See, this is why I browse LiveJournals, to find little snippets like this one--while it's very short (it was for a 15 minute challenge), it got Tezuka and Fuji's subtle characterizations down wonderfully, the light bit of flirting, the regret and little bit of hurt, yet the sense of sweetness there, too. It's a complicated mix and I'm just so surprised that I found it all within this short fic. Plus, the descriptions in the first paragraph were just lovely and I have a high appreciation for details like that. (Very light Tezuka+Fuji implications.)

- Prince of Tennis - untitled by Murasaki - Ahhhh, I suspect I'm going to be incoherent with my adoration for this story, because it was just so wonderful. I love the way the author writes Fuji, such a... crafty boy, such a coy young man, yet direct and straight-forward in his own Fuji sort of way. And I adore the way these two amazing, wonderful characters interact here, the thing between them that's so subtle, yet so there. There were some absolutely wonderful lines in the story as well, the way the two of them lightly... mm, not quite flirted, but that dynamic they have. ....meh, see? Incoherent with the love for this fic. XD (Tezuka+Fuji/Fuji+Tezuka.)

- Prince of Tennis - Riding the Train by Yami Czarina - First off, let me mention the things I had trouble with in this fic--the writing is very sledgehammery, could really have been toned down, the characters were a little off in their speaking voices (I can't imagine Tezuka saying "My God"), and the writing could have stood some polishing with the beta brush. So... why the rec? Because there was a moment in the middle of the fic that I just completely went *SQUEE!* over, when they were talking about the "train". The other thing that just impressed the hell out of me with this fic is the parallels to tennis, the way Tezuka and Fuji's "game" was woven into the story, that was so cool! *sparkles* I also think the author has a really strong grip on the characters, she really understands who they are and what kind of dynamics they have. I just... want to hug her for understanding the edge of competition these two have that's tempered with that smoldering intensity and heat between them. She captured that just wonderfully and that's worth the world to me in fic. *sparkles* (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Now by GenX - Normally, I don't recommend drabbles just on principle, because they're too short, just like I rarely rec a fanart site if it only has five illustrations on it, even if they are pretty. But I'm going to make an exception for this one, because I want to and because it was really a wonderful little look at the characters I've become so fond of. (And, no, it's not just because she dedicated it to me. XD) GenX has some of the most amazing insights into the characters I've ever seen when she talks about them and what I liked so much about this drabble is that even in just 200 words, she can bring those through. The subtly she uses when writing Tezuka looking out over the court is just a wonderful thing and the last two sentances of this drabble always make me flutter. (Very light hints of TezukaFuji, OishiEiji, and a little bit TezukaOishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - Interlude by Shi Lin - You know what I loved about this fic? Besides the good writing and the wonderful characterization and the little lines that made me giggle. Was that everything the author listed the two of them doing, I could just picture, they were such perfect examples of the kinds of things Momo-chan and Ryoma would do! I love a story that can sort of glide over several moments because it gives a sense of evolution and that's one of the things I'm most attracted to with fanfics--which is an odd thing to throw into the middle of a rec, I know. (Basically, I've found that I'm attracted to pairings and relationships that can get characters to grow as people.) Plus, it's one of those stories that just leaves me with a warm, fluffy feeling, made me happy to read it. (Very mild hints of MomoRyo.)

- Prince of Tennis - untitled by jii - I've been trying to cut down on the quoting in my recs, because I don't like to spoil stuff, I like the idea that someone would read the fic from the beginning and go through/experience the fic the way I did. But I am sorely tempted to quote here because there are two paragraphs in here that just... made me go, "....oh." I adore this fic because it captures the intensity, subtlty, and all those good things I look for in TezuFuji. Plus, you know. >_> Good writing. How I treasure thee. *loves* (TezukaFuji/FujiTezuka.)

- Prince of Tennis - Moment by Shi Lin - I find myself unsure of what to say about this fic to properly get across what I so adored about it. Part of it is that I adore these characters and the dynamics of this relationship so, so much, and I loved that all these gorgeous subtlties were presented in the fic. There's this... undefinable quality to them, something that's not quite elegance, intensity, subtlty, or intelligence, but containing all of those elements. This fic was... one moment in their friendship/relationship and it just... it said volumes about the dynamics between them and I absolutely loved the gorgeous writing that wove in all these little details. I'm never quite as happy as I am when I'm reading wonderful TezuFuji/FujiTezu fic. ^_~ (TezukaFuji/FujiTezuka.)

- Prince of Tennis - Hooked by Aishuu - *looking through files* Have I not rec'd this fic yet? Shame on me, for it's one of the ones that just... makes me flutter with happiness, it really does. I was just happy that Aishuu was writing TeniPuri fic, because I've liked her as an author for awhile, but see she wrote Tezuka/Fuji... I went into orbit, because she could do this pairing, with all it's gorgeous subtlties. And... yup, floating on happy-fluffy clouds feeling over here. ^_______^ There were a hundred little details I loved in this fic, from the way they could be quiet together to the way they just knew things about each other to the way Fuji just knew that Tezuka was planning a trip and invited himself along to just... gorgeous writing: There was competition between them, naturally, as the first and second players of the team, but they had always had a unique understanding that transcended words. Oishi was Tezuka's right hand, but Fuji was his left - and Tezuka was left-handed. There was an elegance to the writing that just fit these two characters and made me a happy fangirl. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Insinuations by Alexandra Lucas - There is a certain thrill I get when an author can write beautiful, subtle, gorgeous in character Tezuka like this. It just... lets me float on air for the longest time and helps ease the ache of the lack of good TeniPuri fic just a little bit more. And what I love about this story? Besides the lovely writing, it was the soft moments with the characters, the ones that weren't huge, grand displays, but quiet meaningful moments that I treasure. I also sparkled madly over Tezuka's interaction with his family and I *heart* Tezuka's mother so, so much and I loved the way she loved trying to pry information out of him. And the little touches, like Fuji having fiddled with his phone, the way Tezuka walks, what Fuji looks like when he tilts his head, the bits and pieces of the song being woven into the story... all such wonderful things and reminds me of exactly why I fell in love with these two in the first place. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - View From the Pantry by Ilya - You know, reading the summary of this fic (as it's Atobe x Tezuka; Tezuka x Fuji), something crystallized for me... that TezuAto has carefully made its way to being even with TezuFuji for my affections. Reading the summary, I realized that because I have my wonderful, wonderful, precious, invaluable TezuFuji niche in the fandom... I crave the same thing from TezuAto. Bah, but I'm digressing. Ilya's writing is very smooth and readable as always and I liked a lot of things about this fic--I liked Atobe's self-confidence woven into everything he thinks without it feeling like it's compensating for something. That's one of the draws I have for Atobe--he doesn't brag because he needs external validation, he doesn't brag because he's secretly insecure, he brags because he is just that damn good. Yet at the same time, you see his more human side and... wahhh, I just wanted to hug him. The little details of Fuji cooking that noxious thing he calls food, the shirt that Atobe wanted back, all these little things that just made me see the story. And then there were the lines that just hurt, because, dammit, I want Atobe, to be happy, too. *sniffles* I hate it when fics force me to choose sides against my two favorite pairings. *kicks the underside of the desk petulantly* (TezuAto, TezuFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Many Waters by rageprufrock - There are times when I am immensely glad that I am a TezuFuji fan--often times because I've met wonderful people, because I've seen some of the most amazing fanart, because I truly enjoy and flutter over this pairing. But there's another reason I'm glad and it's because I get to read fanfics like these that are just... they take my breath away with how powerful they are. I'm not sure I can even put it into words, but it was like... there was this twisting sensation in me the entire time I was reading, wanting so badly for things to work out, so worried that they wouldn't. Even above the beautiful prose, even above the wonderful characterization and the fantastic lines, I love it when a fic can touch me in a genuine way. I can't say what makes a fic genuine and what makes one feel manipulative to me, I just know and this one felt... natural.

In addition to that, there were a lot of wonderful things to love about this story, despite the almost melancholy... hmm, no, that's not quite right... perhaps it was a distant tone. Something like sad, but not quite. I adored the idea of Tezuka as a doctor (and one of the few non-tennis careers I could genuinely see for him), I loved the little details that Fuji picked up on (the razors or other things that aren't either of theirs, the bruises in particular places on Tezuka....), the way Fuji understood himself in a startling moment of clarity. I think that was my favorite line of the fic, He knows what it meant, all those times he felt the tennis captain -- always the leader, Tezuka, and Fuji is already ready to listen, always willing and ready to do -- staring at his back. He knows why Tezuka seems to know everything, hold the world in his eyes.

Now Fuji understands. Bah, I'm rambling, but I just wanted to say that this is one of those fics in this fandom that I am thrilled to have read because it's gorgeous, it's subtle, because it has wonderful characterizations, because I can see it, the way their future went. The author's Fuji was just... wow. I fawn. I could just see the progression of his thoughts, the way he saw some things, didn't see others, the way those two things came to a head and he got it. I was glued to my screen for this fic in a way I haven't been for awhile--you couldn't have pried me away if you'd tried. Oh, and? The very subtle, careful mention of Atobe? (And Eiji. >_>) Excuse me while I fangirl. I'll need a minute. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - New Year's Dance by Jennifier D - I was a bit cautious when I started this fic, as I don't always agree with the author (and I'll admit that I'm not sure I agree with her take on the way Tezuka views love... but I don't disagree either, so I'm being hugely nitpicky, I admit XD) on her views of the characters, but... what I liked about this story was that it had this sort of... elegant traditional Japanese feeling to it and I often associate that with Tezuka and Fuji. I also adored the way they just sort of seemed to fall into the relationship, that it was just something natural and not really deliberately considered, but that it was there, that the feelings were there and... I hesitate to call in love, but it was more than just getting along, it... fit. That's the best way I can think of to describe it. So I enjoyed the story a lot. Plus? Pretty pretty imagery. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Sweet by Aishuu - Really, there are no words to describe how deliriously happy I am that Aishuu has written both this story and "Hooked", because she understands the characters, she understands their subtlty, Fuji's Fuji-ness, and Tezuka's graceful reserved nature. She understands that something between them and brings it to her writing, that quiet something that's just there whenever they're near. I gush because I love. But I also just absolutely adore her take on Fuji and the way he views his teammates, that streak of mischief that's ever-present, yet... eh, I nab one of my favorite lines from the fic to express how much I adore her Fuji: Fuji smiled as he watched him go, a little devil wandering through his mind. Patience had its virtues, but there was no reason he shouldn't help things along.

And I'm going to keep talking 'cause I want to--I also love her Tezuka and the way Fuji instinctively understands so much about him. I loved the way her Fuji looked at him and realized that he would make a great photo subject. Tezuka was beautiful physically and mentally, drawing the eye. No matter what he did, Tezuka was unable to avoid attention - he had presence. I also love the way her Fuji revels in watching his teammates squirm, the way so very, very little goes on without catching his attention, and the gentle way Tezuka cupped Fuji's face before they kissed each other... I very nearly melted, I really did. Such a small gesture, yet it's one of those that practically tells the story of their relationship on it's own. ....I'll stop gushing now. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Is a Game for Two by Silvaren - Eeee! Another author who understands these characters so well, gets their subtlty, and writes beautifully. I'm a bit hesitant about the way she writes Tezuka's skill in tennis, but that would be my only nitpick and me being incredibly picky as that's the only thing I could find to bitch about. ^_~ I read her story and it just put me into flailing fangirl mode because her Fuji is just absolutely spot on, the way he sees everything around him (especially the way he sees his teammates and other talented tennis players), the way he approaches the game, and the way he interacts with Tezuka. My favorite line is Now Fuji has pretty much laid claim to a permanent spot next to Tezuka; Oishi barely even twitches anymore when Fuji shoulders in between them. because I can just see that and it's a perfect expression of the subtle hints to the Tezuka/Fuji relationship. And? The final scene where Tezuka kissed him and managed to eventually throw him even just a little off-balance? I loved. These two can touch each other (in whatever way you wish to interpret that) like no others. I fawn. (TezukaFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Rules of the Game by Gen X - I know it comes as a great shock that I'm pimping out more of Gen X's fics, but, well, I love her and her writing. I luffles her partly because she dedicated this drabble to me and partly because it's just gorgeous and she understands these characters and weaves those wonderful little insights into the fic itself, never beating the reader over the head with anything. The parallels she draws to a sports game worked beautifully, the smut was just... pretty, and there are some absolutely gorgeous lines in this story. This is the kind of fic that makes me happy I got into the fandom, makes me happy that I'm such a TezukaFuji fangirl, because I get to read gorgeous fics like this one. *sparkles* (TezukaFuji, slight content warning.)

- Prince of Tennis - Support by Monnie - (Note: This is a companion to "Little", which you should read first.) This story... well, I admit that I read it rather late at night, so my inhibitions were a bit further down than usual, but this story still made me want to cry--not because the author destroyed the lives of the characters, not because it was angsty so much as... because I could see this happening. Because Eiji's process of getting over Oishi felt so heart-tuggingly true to character that it tore at me, I could believe it. There were a thousand things I loved about this story, but what actually sticks out most for me are the ways that Tezuka and Fuji were there for Eiji, the way they knew what he was going through and exactly how to support him and what he needed at that time. There were references to a threesome in this story and usually that kind of thing drives me up the wall (because threesomes unbalance relationships and tear them apart, they just do), but here I could believe it and I didn't get the impression that it would hurt Tezuka and Fuji's relationship. I could believe that it would help Eiji heal. And, oh, when Eiji asked Tezuka if Oishi would have stayed for him... half of me was squealing in fangirl glee, the other half was wanting to curl up in the corner with a blankie and have a good cry. Beautifully, beautifully done. As evidenced by my wibbling fangirling. ^_~ (Some references to *snags* Eiji/Ooishi, TezuFuji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Apple and Strawberry by Hana - Oh, there is a reason I try to convince the Hana to write and post more because she is a fabulous writer, because I adore her characterization, she is clever and sparkly, and because she does the best fucking Fuji ever. I am constantly in awe of her ability to channel the genius tennis player and she makes me fall in love with the characters over and over again. This particular fic is a beautiful interaction piece between Fuji and Yuuta and is just delightful and charming--the jokes all hit just right (I still laugh at Fuji's name for Mizuki, just thinking about it XD XD XD) and the subtle hints woven into the writing (without bashing one over the head with them) was grand. Join me in bugging her for more writing, pwease? (Hints of TezukaFuji and YuutaMizuki.)

- Prince of Tennis - Omamori by Jennifier D - This story starts out with these words: It was always soothing to watch the other work, be it schoolwork or administrative procedures for the club. He liked sitting beside the older boy during those quiet moments just to watch him frown over pieces of paper, knowing that the other would always be open to his touches. The knowledge was like a secure weight in his chest, weighing him down to reality should his mind want to take flight from this boring world. and I wanted to quote them because they sum up what I so love about 1) this story/the author's writing and 2) what I love about this pairing in general. Tezuka and Fuji are such a subtle pairing and this story got that across along with the quiet... something between these two characters. I really can't express enough love for this story, from the clever, clever little details to the beautiful characterization to the lovely writing. *sparkles* (TezukaFuji.)

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