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- Prince of Tennis - Inadequate and Apart by GenX - (Note: These are two seperate fics, just posted on the same page.) These two drabbles aren't related to each other, but since she posted them on the same page, I'm going to rec them together--the reason I continue to try to lure GenX into writing TeniPuri fic is in these two drabbles--she shows this amazing understanding of the characters even in just ~300-400 short words, weaves in these beautiful character insights, and writes gorgeously. Her Oishi... is just wonderful--he's long been a favorite character of mine (second only to my insanely huge love of Tezuka) and she makes me love him even more. Her take on the OishiEiji relationship in the first drabble makes me swoon because it gives Eiji a depth that we don't always get to see, we get to see him being uncertain about the relationship between Oishi and Tezuka, yet at the same time there isn't a single moment of doubt of whether or not Oishi loves him. And the second one... god, do I love the second one. It just the most gorgeous representation of the Tezuka - Oishi friendship I've ever seen. I could quote the entire things (and am tempted to >_>), but I don't want to spoil. Just. Go. Read. (Not really even yaoi, but perhaps a little OishiEiji/TezukaOishi if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Now by GenX - Normally, I don't recommend drabbles just on principle, because they're too short, just like I rarely rec a fanart site if it only has five illustrations on it, even if they are pretty. But I'm going to make an exception for this one, because I want to and because it was really a wonderful little look at the characters I've become so fond of. (And, no, it's not just because she dedicated it to me. XD) GenX has some of the most amazing insights into the characters I've ever seen when she talks about them and what I liked so much about this drabble is that even in just 200 words, she can bring those through. The subtly she uses when writing Tezuka looking out over the court is just a wonderful thing and the last two sentances of this drabble always make me flutter. (Very light hints of TezukaFuji, OishiEiji, and a little bit TezukaOishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - If You're Gone by Gen X - ....have I mentioned how much I adore Noel's drabbles? Because I really, really do and this one... is really just one of my absolute favorites of hers, because it's not super-painful, because you know it'll end eventually, because it's not overly dramatic, because it's very subtle and quiet. Because I can absolutely believe this is how Oishi feels during the course of his day--most of the times there are always things to distract him or to take care of, but during that moment that was just him and just Tezuka... there's nothing that can quite fill the empty space that that Tezuka-shaped piece left. The writing is just beautiful and I adore Noel's Oishi and this one just... touches me. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Prince of Tennis - Change by Gen X - Oh, my Noel indulges me so, she really does. Oh, sure, she says she likes TezuOishi as much as I do, possibly more, but I don't believe her. ^_~ This was wonderful, just utterly... wonderful. It's such a simple idea, Tezuka and Oishi camping the backyard before school starts up again, Tezuka looking up at the stars while Oishi sleeps, but it's so rich in characterization that I wibble with the love. Tezuka and Oishi have a relationship that is quiet and understated and that comes across beautifully here. I mentioned the wibbling with love, yes? (No real warnings/pairings, could be TezuOishi if you wanted to see it that way, but it's not really.)

- Prince of Tennis - Simple Things by Gen X - I try not to rec anything under 500 words, because, hell, the rec is almost as long as the fic then. But... but... but Noel wrote me TezuOishi snow-themed fic and I melted into a puddle of GOO over it. Subtle, touching, moving, and snow-themed. Just absolutely, positively perfect in the sweetness of that one moment--and, damn, those three sentences (you'll know which ones they are) made me want to cry from the bittersweetness. (Some very light TezuOishi if you want to see it that way.)

- Prince of Tennis - Counterpoint by Isis - ....I am going to attempt to make this particular rec a coherent one despite my wibbling fangirl goo-like state right now. First and foremost, I am utterly in love with this fic because the way the author presents Oishi... oh, my darling, darling Oishi is perfect. The writing of this story is absolute lovely, capturing a sort of etherial quality without being pretentious about it, the turns of phrase just lovely. But even beyond that... it was the way the relationship between Tezuka and Oishi and Oishi and Eiji played out that was just... stunning. Oishi's feelings as he can't forget Tezuka, the way he cares so much about Eiji, too... it was a beautiful, natural progression from one feeling to another that had me wibbling in messy fangirl goo-pile. (I mentioned that already? Oh.) The massive differences in the two relationships, yet how both can be so important to Oishi... this is what I craved from a fic like this. The tension is built beautifully, the resolution of the fic... it's all so smooth over the course of the fic. And it gives me so many of my favorite dynamics. *happy, happy fangirl* (Oishi/Eiji, Momo/Ryoma, past Tezuka/Oishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - Fishing by yukihyou - This was... *sparkly eyes* the Tezuka/Oishi dynamic is a relationship that I feel very protective of, even more so than almost anything else, because it's one of my favorites and I like to see it done a certain way in my own eyes. And this... this beautiful tone of wistfulness that's not really anywhere near soul-crushing angst, that's just so wonderfully Tezuka, it just made me fangirl with absolute glee. I loved the entire tone to the piece, the musing, thoughtful tone of their relationship and the way it had progressed over time and the way Tezuka could see Oishi's view of him changing. Loved this. (Tezuka/Oishi inferred.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Continuation of War (omake) by Branch - [part 09b in the Challenge arc] - So, just about anyone who knows me knows that I have a deep, deep love of TezuOishi. Not everyone shares it, that's all right, but I sort of lose my coherency when I find it because it's so rarely done like this. And maybe that colors my perceptions (I don't feel I like this because it's a guilty pleasure; the writing stands on its own and the quietly intimate relationship between these two characters just sent me into ORBIT.) and maybe it doesn't, but... dude, if I didn't love Branch before this, I sure as hell would now. She writes these lines that I probably would have found cliche with another writer, but when it's put into the atmosphere and feeling she's somehow managed to quietly build with them... I find myself practically wriggling around in my chair with that happy blissful feeling of finally finding my beloved pairing. The way she compares how Tezuka makes Oishi feel here with the way he's just as demanding (but not in a harsh way) and intense on the courts was beautifully done and, again, avoids being cliche and is, instead, just lovely. Oh, and, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, the hint of "later", ahahahaha, I love her even MORE! >:D It's probably good that this fic is in its own quantum bubble, because it would be hard to fit into the story proper, but in a way I like that because it gives it a sense of freedom. The potential is there, but because of other factors in the story proper... but here they're a bit more free to do otherwise. ....ahahaha, I'm incoherent, forgive me? .___. (TezukaOishi, R rating.)

- Prince of Tennis - Fidelity by Katchoo - Noel pointed this story out to me, so I actually sat down to read it, as I'll usually give everything Tezuka/Oishi I see a shot, and just... holy hell, the pace, the feel, the atmosphere, the style, the characterization of it, it was all just... it's hard to explain exactly what I like in a writing style, but this is it. It doesn't depend on or ignore a pretty turn of phrase, instead balancing them and focuses more on the characterization. I barely notice there are words here, I just sink into the story and... for me, because these are some of my favorite characters and relationships, this was like a two-by-four to the stomach for me. Yet, at the same time, I enjoyed it because I DO feel that sense of SOMETHING between Tezuka and Oishi, because a part of me wanted to shove Oishi at Tezuka right from the moment Tezuka softly asked his question. Because, in this story, you can just FEEL that sense of... wanting to be with Tezuka, you can even feel Tezuka's wanting to be with Oishi as well. And yet... Eiji... who isn't ignored, either. And just... god, this was a gorgeous fic and made me react in all the ways it was supposed to. Well, and the whole fangirl sensation of feeling like I'm about to flail myself right into a wall with the fic-joy, but. (Tezuka/Oishi, Oishi/Eiji.)

- Prince of Tennis - Demonstration by Branch - (Note: SPOILERS for Genius 250, both in the fic and probably in this rec.) So, I saw Genius 250 earlier the day this was posted and I was all bouncy and squee'ing and happy, right? Because, well, yes. Tezuka and TezuOishi and OMGSUCHPRETTYART all in one great chapter. And then this fic was posted and it's just... on one level, it can come across as entirely a PWP, but what makes the author's writing so sparkle-inducing for me is that there are insights litered into the story everywhere, especially in regards to Tezuka and Oishi's relationship dynamic, how these two interact. The intensity of the sex, the way Oishi wants to draw the same passion out of Tezuka that is present on the court, the way the two are paralleled with each other is something that always makes my fangirl heart skip a beat. It's not even quite an "obvious" parallel, it's not about serve and volley and drop-shots, it's about the more vague experience that both sex and tennis bring about when Tezuka is playing. Which probably only makes sense in my own head, but, enh, that's all it needs to. >P Plus, very nice sex and Tezuka/Oishi sex at that. *flutters* (Tezuka/Oishi, NC-17.)

- Prince of Tennis - Grasp by aki_omoi - The author writes TezuFuji and TezuOishi? Some part of me expects this to be too good to be true. Especially when she writes TezuOishi the way I wish the fandom wrote it more often, with a subtlty that made me sigh happily and a delicate, deft touch that rarely finds them. The way this fic lightly touched on all the things that define their relationship, the way it captured these flashes of moments that put me right inside Oishi's perspective, the way I felt this fic rather than saw it, the way the characterizations were just... it was such a lovely fic, both for each character individually and for the way Oishi sees Tezuka, the way he realizes the weight of what Tezuka carried for so long, the connection that's there, the way they balance each other out as "father" and "mother" of Seigaku, the way the metaphor is beautifully used instead of being cliche. Eeeee, this fic just totally hit my right buttons. ♥ (Tezuka/Oishi.)

- Prince of Tennis - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by marksykins - Oh, my. Tezuka/Oishi fic that's not just readable, but actually good? Watch me attempt not to gibber all over myself now. I'm not even sure what to say about the fic, other than that it both satisfied a craving that I'd had lurking around my brain for ages and made me painfully hungry for more of this pairing, because, yes, this is how I can see them together. The quiet strength of their connection that's not about romance so much as it's about friendship with romance in it, the way Oishi just somehow understands Tezuka maybe without really needing to understand, the way Tezuka doesn't just tolerate Oishi, he likes Oishi, all of it. And, okay, I blinked a lot at the DDR thing early in the beginning, but when the fic explains it? Awesome. Seriously. So much love for this fic like you wouldn't believe. (Tezuka/Oishi, maybe a light, light content warning. Maybe.)

- Prince of Tennis - Illusions of Compromise by poutonly - I only read this fic recently (and I'm not sure why, I thought I'd checked the author's journal, huh) and it's just... it's such a short fic, but every time I look at the 305 wordcount, it surprises me because it felt far more complete than just 305 words would have given. It's such a beautiful look at the Tezuka/Oishi relationship, the way it's not perfectly smooth, the way things go out of whack sometimes, but how they quietly work somehow anyway. It's just. Yeah, I could totally see it like that. (Tezuka/Oishi.)

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