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- Prison Break - One Big Happy Weasly Family by clex_monkie89 - You know, after the massive amounts of angst and tension in the series itself and how it's floating around all over the fandom, I was rather glad to stumble over a fic that was happier and didn't make my heart hurt for the characters. The pile of people all crammed together here, practically snuggling or just making conversation with each other, the dozens of little details or moments that I could perfectly see, the way Lincoln, Michael, and LJ sat together the way they did, the way the girls sat and discussed girly things together... it's one of those fics that I'm so glad I read because it made me happy, it helped balance out some of that tremendous angst. Also, the writing is lovely, the author has a way with words that makes the fic able to be pulled off somehow. (No real warnings/pairings, but perhaps some implications of canon if you're looking for them.)

- Prison Break - Defense by clex_monkie89 - I will admit that this fic felt a little strange to read because of the lack of context for why Michael's not fighting back, which made it feel like a plot device, a vehicle for character angst rather than how he would actually react. But I wasn't really reading the fic for Michael, I was reading for younger!Lincoln's character and the way he reacted to his brother, which the fic totally gave me what I was looking for there. The dangerous side of the character, even when he was still in school and still basically a kid, the darker things he'd be capable of doing that are hinted at here, the way it blends together with his protective streak for his little brother... that was all really well done. (No warnings/pairings, maybe a little violence.)

- Prison Break/John Doe - Opening Credits by clex_monkie89 - Ever since I started watching Prison Break, I've been wondering how a crossover with John Doe would go, if it would be possible and rather curious about the mechanics of it because I like Dominic Purcell as an actor a lot. This fic? Was lovely. It was a great trip inside John's head, the weirdness of all the things he knows and strange patterns he thinks in and then meeting up with Michael and noting the reactions and wondering just what's going on. And, eeeee, omg, it's so cool and actually does the concept justice and this rec is terrible for a fic that's really neat and I totally, totally hope there's more of someday. *__* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Prison Break - Having the Answers by HalfshellVenus - Oh, what a lovely Michael fic. There's something about the way he's written here, the not quite getting the social interaction with people while not being too over the top about it, it's just a little bit off and it's so very, very Michael. So smart and thinking just a little differently from other people, trying so hard and wanting all the right things, not quite sure how to solve the whole 'mystery' of love and He still thinks there should be a dictionary, or a blueprint, for all of these things he just doesn't get. I loved this fic, such a wonderful peek inside the character's head. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Prison Break - You're Not Helping... by HalfshellVenus - More post-escape fic that just made my heart happy again after all the drama and tension of the series itself. Michael and Lincoln somewhere in Mexico and a great little fic about Michael's obsessive personality and Lincoln just sort of rolling his eyes at his brother when he can't fix the toilet. It's great because I can completely see Michael becoming quietly fixated on something he can't fix immediately and Lincoln's reactions were just so... half-laid back and a teeny bit, "God, I can't believe I'm related to that." and now I'm kind of grinning like a moron over this. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Prison Break - Like A Kid In A Candy Story by HalfshellVenus - Okay, see, I meant to make my recs post as soon as I gathered up all the URLs I needed. Then I happened to stumble over a summary that read: Five first things Lincoln did after escaping Fox River prison. and I just had to stop and read the first section at least. Which promptly turned into reading the entire thing because it got better and better as it went along. I love stories like this, those things they do when they first get out and have that taste of real freedom, when they can start living again, just a little bit. And I love that it's not just cuteness with Lincoln downing junk food or playing on the beach, there's still a heavy weight on both the brothers' shoulders without being too oppressive. These are things I could totally see them doing, the kind of things I want to see them doing, the kind of things that make my fangirl heart ache because I want them to be happy just like this. The emotion, the relationship between the brothers, the way Michael is getting what he worked so hard for, the way Lincoln is starting to live again... this is exactly what I wanted. *is goo now* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Prison Break - Soundtrack by clex_monkie89 - Okay, clearly I'm just going through the author's memories and reading all her fic rather than branching out, but, dammit, I've found one good Prison Break author, I don't want to go back to combing through piles and piles of fic again just yet! And this was just... ouch. Lovely and sad and perfect. The songs Michael can and can't listen to, what each of them bring to his mind, the good and the bad, and everything in between. The emotion of it, while not being too over the top, really hit me in just the right way. ( real warnings/pairings.)

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